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Theme 8: Modeling

Description My modeling artifact is my Teaching Philosophy. This was an assignment I completed in February of my junior year at SUNY Plattsburgh. The assignment stated, You will declare your educational philosophy by describing what students should learn and why and what your teaching role should be in public education. In order to complete this assignment successfully, I had to take time and reflect on what is important to me and why I want to go in to the education field. In my philosophy, I broke down what it means to be a teacher and how I will affect the lives of my future students. Analysis Theme 8: Modeling states, Effective teachers exhibit professional commitment which is evident to their students. Effective teachers exhibit multiple dispositions and are positive role models for their studentsThey demonstrate caring as evidenced by professional behaviors and commitment to studentstheir teaching is transparent, collaborative and cooperative, involving students as partnersteachers are life long learners who try and a spark a desire for knowledge This theme expects teachers to be a role model of desired behavior. It requires the teacher to be an example of learning and the benefits of education. In a sense to practice what they preach. In my Teaching Philosophy, I expressed this same need of being a role model and positive representative of education. I explained, I want to foster the individuality of my students and teach them the importance of learning and how youre never done. I want them to know the relevance and importance of English in everything that they dothat through positivity and enthusiasm in teaching I can shape thinkers who apply their knowledge.

Reflection The theme of Modeling is probably the most important theme to my teaching philosophy and to me. I already feel the importance of not only teaching students so they can pass their tests, but also so they can apply their knowledge in other areas of life. I have already experienced that teachers can be role models and mentors in my own academic career. The notion, that one is never done learning, is my personal motto, and I hope that I still remember it after five, ten , or twenty years of teaching. I dont want to forge that there is always more to learn and that my students are individual people with individual ideas and interests. That every year there will be a new group of students ready to teach me just as much as I have to teach them, and we will learn together. Goals In order to meet all of Modelings sub themes, I need to be more involved with the surrounding community. I also would need to join professional associations and conferences. For more immediate action I aim to join a club on campus that is involved with future educators or with education in general. I need to get more involved with whats going to be my lifes work. Id like to get more expierence with being a role model and educator in little ways before student teaching. In the future, when im a teacher, I intend to join in associations and be an advisor for a club or cheerleading. The more involved I can be with the community, the more I can understand the students values and adapt my teaching to them.