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Profits from trust and reciprocal cooperation

Add: No. 12A4, Ly Nam De Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: +84-4-6270 0022; Fax: +84-4-6270 0020 Email: hoa@daitin.com.vn; Web: www.daitin.com.vn

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Introduction

Daitin & Associates, a full-spectrum of legal services law firm in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, was founded by famous and experienced lawyers. Our goal is to provide packet, exact and high-quality services to Vietnamese and International clients. We are proud of our professionalism, devotion and creativity manifested in every single work entrusted by our clients and that are also the hall-marks on the way we build the firms prestige.

Why you chose us?

Our professionalism: We are proud that all our operations and activities, from a minimal form to prime counsels, are standardized with stringent criteria. All of this is for our pledge to present to our client the highest respect, for that what we expect to receive is clients satisfaction and desire for a further and long-term cooperation.

Our devotion: With us, every client will be served with the utmost respect, kept fully informed and consulted of the progress of his or her issue at any time of request. Furthermore, monthly and annual reports of completed and ongoing work will be provided to our clients without any further charge. Combination of creativity and academic study: With the application of dynamic of young people combined with high ability to learn, we are ready apply new modern technologies in our operations to bring to our clients counsels and services with high level of knowledge and technology. To meet challenges of a dynamic and rapid-changing world, our people, from senior attorneys to junior associates, constantly update their knowledge on legal, technical and business developments for staying on the leading edge of innovation.

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Our philosophy

All for the TRUST of the clients: The firm has always considered TRUST to be our first priority, seeing it as a vital factor to the firms development and prosperity. For this goal, we pledge and work hard to bring to clients our package and high-quality services with reasonable expense. We try to accompany the clients sustainable development.

Long-term co-operation: In relationship with clients, not only do we wish onecase cooperation, but we also want to establish a long-term, mutually beneficial co-operation, in which the first co-operation serves as grounds for further cases in the future. Sustainable development: Along with the highest priority of the clients trust and long-term cooperation, we recognize that little things can make a big change. To promote sustainable development not only for the firm but also for the community, we have made our policies and actively carried out activities in order to protect the environment and prevent global warming through Green activities, including:

Saving energy and water; Printing materials only when absolutely necessary; Recycling paper, plastic and stationary; Providing free bus passes to employees who take public transportation; Using only glasses and cups which are can be used repeatedly in meetings and conferences.

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Organization

Electrical and Computer Technology Pharmaceuticals Biochemistry


Industrial Design Board of general management Trademark

Materials and Nanotechnology

IP services in Laos

Outbound group
IP services in Cambodia

Infringement & Anti-counterfeit

Law Consultants group

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Practice areas

We provide a wide variety of legislation services in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, among which we most focus on: Intellectual Property: Patent: o o o o o o o Providing patent searches. Advising on strategies for patent protection. Preparing, prosecuting patent applications (inventions, utility models). Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions at the court Advising on patent validity and patent infringement Enforcing patent rights through judicial and administrative channels Advising on patent related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising o Providing patent annuity payment and reminder services. o Managing patent portfolios Industrial Design: o o o o Searching for industrial design information; Consulting before filing application; Filing application, responding and granting activities; Completing post-granting activities.

Trademark o o o o o o o o o Advising on strategies for trademark protection in general Managing trademark portfolios Providing trademark searches and watch services Prosecuting trademark applications Undertaking opposition procedures, reviews on refusal and cancellations Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions at the court Conducting market and company investigations Enforcing trademark rights through administrative and judicial channels Advising on trademark related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising

Copyright Infringement & anti-counterfeit


Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd.

Other law services Enterprises o Consulting on criteria, procedures for enterprise establishment; o Compiling legal document: regulations and contracts. o Counseling on trading register and license, domestic and international investment procedures etc. Contracts o Consulting on commercial and civil contracts; o Compiling contracts drafts; o Representing in contract negotiations. Labors o Consulting on labor relationship (contract, policy, termination and compensation etc.); o Consulting and acting as an attorney in negotiations, dealing with issues related to labor; o Consulting on procedures and registration on labor for foreigners.

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Our expertise

Daitin & Associates is operated by partners and supported by a network of associates who have committed to work with Daitin & Associates. Before joining Daitin & Associates, our partners most have worked for prestigious consulting firms in Vietnam, delivering advisory and consulting services to both local and international clients. Apart from a numerous supporting positions and professionals for each specific case, our permanent key lawyers and consultants include: 1. Attorney at Law, Mr. Kieu Hoai Nam, one of the firms founders, has more than 13-year experience with in-depth knowledge on legal issues gained when he worked as a leader of the Trademark and Infringements Department and IP director of well-known law firms in Vietnam. Before founding Daitin & Associates, he had handled more than 1,000 cases in the field of Trademark, Infringements and Commercial Law. Mr. Nam graduated from Hanoi University of Law; Mr. Nam is one among limited number of IP agents as admitted so far by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). Mr. Nam is a member of Hanoi Bar Association, Vietnam Bar Federation and Vietnam Intellectual Property Association. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English 2. Attorney at Law, Nguyen Hoa Binh, one of the firms founders, graduated his Master course from Hanoi University of Science and Department of English in Hanoi University of Foreign study. Mr. Hoa Binh completed the Advance course on Biotechnology and Intellectual Property hold by WIPO Worldwide Academy, Training course Patent Drafting techniques by European Patent Office, and the Intellectual Property training course by NOIP. He accumulated 10-year experience on legal consulting when he worked as a team-leader of the Patent Department of a top-ten law firm in Vietnam, during this period; he processed more than 120 patents and industrial design applications.

Proficient at: Vietnamese and English; Korean (reading)


Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd.

3. Mr. Bui Vu Cuong, one of the firms founders, graduated Major of Business Management of National Economic University. Before joining with us at Daitin & Associates, Mr. Cuong accumulated more than 15 years of experience on Enterprises supervision, management and development, particularly

investigating and processing infringements of trademark protection. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English

4. Mr. Trinh Xuan Dat, graduated from Hanoi Poly-techniques University with the Major of Electrical and Telecommunication. He gained substantial experience during the time of working as a technician in two Vietnams leading companies FPT and VTC - before joining us. With his in-depth technical knowledge, Mr. Dat has handled 50 of patent applications. Presently, he is also in charge of manager for the firms computer system and database. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English

5. PhD. Nguyen Minh Phuong, graduated her Master course from Hanoi University of Science and PhD. Course from Kyungpook National University, Korea on the field of Pharmacy and Cancer. Ms. Phuong have deep background on pharmacy and biochemistry, before working as a patent consultant. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English,

6. Mr. Le Tuan Phong, graduated from Hanoi University of Law and has 10-year experience in the legal field. Currently, Mr. Tuan Phong is working as a senior official at Ministry of Justice and has prominent knowledge on administrative, notating law, and commercial contracts. At Daitin & Associates, Mr. Tuan Phong plays an important role as a legal senior consultant. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English

7. Lawyer, Master in Law Doan Thu Nga, graduated her master course from Hanoi University of Law and had a variety of experience in the legal field when

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd.

she worked as a legal specialist at a top-ten company in Vietnam. Ms. Thu Nga is a member of Hanoi Lawyers Association and she is working as a senior consultant on the spectrum of commercial contract and foreign investment at Daitin & Associates. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English

8. Phung Thanh Phuong, graduated her master course from University of Hanoi and has 10-year experience of investigating, processing the infringement of Intellectual Property. At Daitin & Associates, Ms. Thanh Phuong is responsible for the field of counseling, enforcing protection of IP right and issues related to the Enterprise law. Proficient at: English and China

9. MBA. Le Thanh Ha graduated from National University of Economic and English Study Department of Hanois University, she has four-year experience at National Institute of Information and Communication Strategy and Vietnam Commercial Bank. At Daitin & Associates, Ms. Thanh Ha covers the Enterprise and Commercial Law areas. Proficient at: Vietnamese and English

Daitin & Associates Co., Ltd. Contact us:

Add: No. 12A4, Ly Nam De Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: +84-4-6270 0022; Fax: +84-4-6270 0020 Email: hoa@daitin.com.vn; Web: www.daitin.com.vn