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Jasper De Meyer jasperdm@gmail.

com Hertogenveld 6 67 Blanden 3052 Belgium January 24, 2012

0032 (0)16 84 66

As a recent graduate who has studied Economics and Development Studies for four years, and who was awarded for his research abilities, I am more than equipped to assist Triple Line with its research activities. During my time as a student, I quickly discovered I had a penchant for writing, editing and analysis; something that is reflected by the firsts I received for both of my dissertations. Nevertheless, my studies focused on the theoretical angle of development, and I am now at a stage where I am deeply interested in attaining a practical understanding of the development world something that I feel Triple Line can provide for me. In return for such an opportunity, I would be more than willing to provide that extra 5% Triple Line is searching for. Indeed, my capabilities are not limited to the research side of matters. On the contrary, as a person who has created and run his own websites I would be of obvious use in assisting with the maintenance of the website, and my work experience at Amnesty and BT have allowed me to cultivate the drafting abilities, and media skills you are searching for. Sincerely, Jasper De Meyer.

Hertogenveld 6, Blanden 3052, Belgium Tel: 0032 (0) 16 84 66 67

Jasper De Meyer

2010-2011University of Leeds MA Global Development and International Political Economy Passed with distinction Modules: Development Theories, Issues and Strategies; International Political Economy; Politics of Trade and Industrial policy; Political Economy of Resources and Development. Thesis: After The Crash: The Prospects for PostNeoliberalism in the United States was awarded a 78. 2007-2010University of Manchester BA Economics and Development Studies Passed with an upper-second class degree Modules: Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; International Monetary Economics; Money, Banking and Financial Markets; International Political Economy; News Media and International Crises. Thesis: The Impact of Economic Globalisation on the Policy Autonomy of Koreas Developmental State was awarded a 70. 2000-2007International School of Amsterdam International Baccalaureate Passed with 35 out of 45 points, UCAS equivalent of 501 points. Classes: History; English; Information Technology; Mathematics; Dutch; Physics; Theory of Knowledge (Philosophy).

Key Skills
Information Technology Skills In high school, I created and managed several websites. I am more than familiar with several pieces of website-editing software, and I can code in HTML. Moreover, I attained a first for my undergraduate module on MS Office. Drafting Abilities As a part-time volunteer at Amnesty International, I composed appeals and petitions for the victims of the human rights abuses. At British Telecom, I composed daily reports on the quarterly results of BT competitors. These reports would be sent to all members of the

BT Wholesale division. Similarly, I edited official texts which would be used on the BT website. Research Skills I tremendously enjoy conducting research. At BT, I researched into competitors by reading financial analyst reports, and the quarterly and annual financial results of competitor firms. At Amnesty, I researched into selected human rights abuses. At university, I conducted award-winning research for my thesis. My thesis cited more than a hundred original sources, and was written in an independent manner, with little guidance from a supervisor. Administrative Skills At Amnesty, I was required to maintain and update a contacts database, and I had to keep correspondence by e-mail and post with all Urgent Action members. This required strong organisational and teamwork abilities, as I was required to coordinate these tasks with various Amnesty departments.

Work Experience
2010 2009 2008 2007 Summer Intern at British Telecom Amnesty International: Urgent Action Team Volunteer Flower Transporter at Flora Holland Grape Harvester in the South of France

2005-2007 Chair 2004-2007 Model United Nations Participant and Website Designer and Owner of JumpStartPunk.com and imgVault.net MS Office, HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Online Website Management (CPanel). English (native), Dutch (native), French (conversational, with a keen interest in becoming fluent)

IT Skills


Awards and Qualifications

2010/2011 POLIS MA Dissertation Prize My masters thesis on the political economy of the United States was awarded the MA Dissertation Prize, as it was judged to demonstrate the highest standard of scholarship among the MA dissertations submitted to the School of Politics and International Studies that year. Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals

To qualify for the Award Scheme medals, I volunteered at several charity events, committed myself to a variety of afterschool projects, and taught web design classes. The Scheme took me on multiple hiking trips, and culminated in a six-day ascent to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Academic: Dr. Christine Harlen, Director of the MA Programme in International Political Economy, c.m.harlen@leeds.ac.uk Work: Saskia Grootegoed, Communication Officer at Amnesty International, s.grootegoed@amnesty.nl

Interests and Hobbies

Current Events, Economic and Financial News, US Politics, EU Politics, Politics of the Middle East, Reading (mostly nonfiction), Writing, Squash, Running (I have participated in several long distance races, and I am in the process of training to partake in a half-marathon), Snowboarding.