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. Engine number . Engine data

Engine numbr

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(engine andserial Theengine number code nlmber) is gearbox engEved thefrontof theengine on block, side,anow-below themosht hou6ing. the Additionally theris a Bticker thotoothed guard on belt with Engihe code Srial and number -arow-. Theenging codealsoappa6Inthevehicle docurnentF. Theangine numbr@nsists to ninesymbols ofup (alphanumeric). fr8t part(a maximum 3 aodeleter9) The ot represntl part thg'ngins code'and 6cond (six{igit) the the"serialnumbe/.rnoro 999,999 lf than engines have benproducd he ssmengine wilh code, firstnumber the b subetituted a ltter. by


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ldontffcation lottgra
tulfil Exhaust emissions Displacem6nt



EU4 standard 1390 7416000 124t4400 76,5 75,6 10,5 4 98 leedfree

BKY EU4 standard 1390 55/5000 126/3800 75,0 10,5 95 leadfree 4TV Yes Yes 2 pobes

EU 4 standard EU4 stiandard 1390 Z416000 124t4400 76,5 75,6 10,5 mtn, 98 lead fee 4MV Ye8 Ye8 2 probes 2 catalytlc convrterg Yes

1390 55/5000 1mrc800 76,5 75,6 ,10,5 4 95 loedfree 4MV Yes Ye8 2 pfobs 2 ctlytlc convngls Yr6

Powar ouhut Engine toqu

Cylinderg Stroke Compression pgr Valvea cylinder RON Injoc'tiqn, ignition Knock control Slf.dlegnosis regulation LEmbda Catalytic conveder gas Exhgugt rcirculatlon

kwmin Nmat lhin g mm mm


Yer Yes 2 probes

2 catalydc 2 catalytic @nveneEr @nveateft| l':1'r'l Yes Y6/No

1) Excrptlonally, powdlo.r mlnlmun but odina, 95 OCT, wlii soma 4 Era.Diionally, lcaa mininum ocianc. OcT, bulwiti iom! powor 91 3) ltlhoul axh.u{ ga! iaclrcuLllon anolnat coda trom br wllh nanuLclu.ad BKY. 05t2005

Engine: removing installing and

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Engine:removing and installing

dismounling, Chaple. . Enolno: . Englne: b Sccur lho lngine $amblybrnch 'Chapler . Enginc: .&mbly - chapter . Englnobr.ckts - chapier . Vohlcl.awith gir cgnditioning/hodting: addlllonl iNtruciions and alllmbly information . Chapter

60...3d, m

20...imNm 5..,25m

sp.cLl toob .nd rc*.hop . . . . . a . . oqulpmont riaquhd

TorqG wtlnch -SAT801G Cankgukle -T20O7G Countedold-T20127Ty -T20173Locldng -T20174.or pliB -T20029. tool Work8hop cren catalogue sparc parts) of Lubricatin!gr6a.q G 000 100(vrhldc! with manud ggsrbox)+ ETKA(electronic Csbb tie

Engine: dismounting

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To aarryout this wotk it ls ,cessary to disconrectbafteryedfth slrap. Io t is en4 ff,s ,ecessary to check whetherthe vehiclehaaa coded ndlo. lf so, rofer to the anti-theftcgding. Theenginais rcngved foNatda bgcther with lhe gqatuoxand wiing llart6ss. Allth6 cabla fixingsthat arc apenedor c!1tdudng@movalof the engine nusl bo fiftedin the sane placawhenrcinstaltingthe engino. TheextQcled coolant nust go into a cleanrccaptacle,whatharfor

or disposal rccwing. Wth ignition switched disconnect off, battery earthstrap. retainer Remov bEttery battery and -anows.. . Rep
Gt 2l

protEcllon with Renove enginE together airfiiter -anowspipe Separats exhaust bresthgr from engineOpen expension sealing to release the tank, cap pressu.e cooling in system.


proteclion ' Rep Gr 50. Remove lowerengine the Romovefrcnt exhaustpipefrom 6xh6ustmaniicld

hng|ne: dismounting
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- Separate pehdular support -arrows-. - Remov-e,teft right_hand and drive sh6ft from the gearbox ano support a rdisedposition _t.i,,l (, ,rrr in coolaht - Empty - Sparate upper the and lowercoolant hosesfiom the raorator ' Separate Larnbda lhe prob_G3g-conneqor unoemeath rne9taftr motorsupporl. Remove reveBegearswilchfromthegerbox. the Removo frontbumper . 1rr:r.r:r i I. the Remove headlamp fog tightconnectors. the and ohlclgswith air condlfioning/herdhg Observo additional infomation Inslallauon and rnsructtons


cootant circuitmusa b not

aer d :"_:!?!o_! " q".. crne o nden and ret se6 nt i! arto rhe c rpevsaeovs, notto bend, twistor stre,ch
ne ptpas/steeveaexcasalvety. RemovePoty-Vbelt Separate air conditioner the compressor secure ljo and tl me boatylvofi. Intinuodfor r[ vhicto. Placethe lock cnier plate into Eerviceposition , pe;l Removethe startermotorand altematoreleclncl conneclons


Xe),i6o3 o16 5

the from control unit. - Extract connectoG theengine the connector theleft-hand on side - Remove 14-contacl oftheengine block plac cEble and the harness towards theengine. Vohlclsr wlthm.nualgrarbox the masler without cylinder opning the - Remove clutch hydraulic pedal circuit, leave oneside(the and to clutch should bsdop|essed) Rep cr30 not glctor mechanism gearbox l6ave from - Disconnct and
to on side ' ll.ro Gr 14

Vlhlcl.! wlth automrtlc garrbox the lever - Remove cabl$ fromthegearborB6lec{or and leave oneside Reocr37 to Continuod all vohlclo! fo. the ftom box. - Remove 6ar$cablE itsfxinginthggear spring clipsandandremove cootant the hose - Lo@en pips thehsatoxchanger to theexpansion tO and tank fromtheir fixjng thengin6. to the ieederpipefromthe - Separate tueldistributor connector besido shock the absorber turret,-arow-, press buttons hose on couplings dolhis to

. | . wAR Vrrvc
Fuelsystemla undor presaurqlWetr satotl gloves and glassaa ayoldlnjury tnd cqract wttt sktn. b Bslarc opaningtho systamplrce a cloth aroun.t,he connactlon,fhan raLasa pnasuraby caraluly pu ing tuel hogalrcm cqrnectlon.

Engine: dismounting

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Fitsuspension -T20127- indicated the tool as in illwtfation lifrslightly theworkshop and with crane. Pullvacuum bfeather and fexible hoses ofthe engine. Disconnect otherelctrical all connections necessary as from engane l8yto on6side. and

Remove fixingboitsfromtho ongine the mounting -Aand -B-,lo do so, partially separdte coolant the expansion tank.

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Removoboltsfrom the gearboxmounting-A- and -B-.

Engine: disnounting

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- Lo|lr endrr'nqra ha dElns a!!6nDly ugrads by

Ulhan tlr^aleni/'y.k.lit|Ed if nurtrb Cr'rol'llty on gtutlrcd a p|pwnt damaga b{dywlr*_ b

f ,v"o


Engine:Secue to the engineassembly bench

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Engine:Secureto the engineassemblybench

Spscisltool8 rnd worishop .qulpmont roquirsd . Counteftold -T20127-


. Support -T20172- Adsptsr tool with -T20172/3. \^rorkshop crane lryorklcquonc. . Gsarbox separated sngine. is ftom

T20172 t2

@ ror"

Toalignthe assenbly ctntrc frtttt6countethold to -720127thc cgreaponding anchoageo@,ints.


ot device into - lnsertBlruts theretaining -T20127. the points. conggpond anchorage ing / I , DANGERI Ensui.,h.t tho h@kt ara clos.alwlth ,he securltyl nnga.

Bn *

. lf opefttiana to becaried outon theqankshaft on arc or the sealing f,enge, engine th6 flWhoelandintemedhte platenust ba rcnowd belo attachnent the to countehold . -720172. h vohicles fittedwithan autonathgadtbox, after sepdrcting goaftoxftun itsmounting theengine, the to thetotque cgnvefter must fixedto prcwnt it frcm bo fa ing.

Engine: Secur theengine to assmbly bench

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v.A.G 1202 A

To porform rspalr8 theenglnc th6adsplertlt with T2017213-thelocldng -T20172-. b tool


Engine: assembly

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lnsiallation caniedout in the reveEeorderto removal, is obsorving the follot,vingi . t,, Cau{ad Wh*t doing aoy rcpat wo''., espgcialty in tho engino compertmant pay ttlEnton to the fo owing due b ha clElmpcd conctldons:

ll!:!!ulq coolor ancl.cooting atenl brakefluid, low pressure) and the erecldccaDres rrust bo placadln sucha way that ahE,tdum ao thelr orrglnalposldon,
Ensuroturllclant ctaaancorgaall movtngor hot comr/anon&'. Vehlclor wlthm.nuatga.rbor

(to!.exanet. fuet,h@autics,catuon for frtft,r,tiqut.,

wearto theclutchretease - Check bearing .plac6 necessary. and if - Li ght gre a s e. t t v t t -. ly , o ,:. ,r,o J.n thectutch r eleage Deanng. retoase baring guide st9eve thinput and shaft teth. V.hlclor wlth .utom.flc gorrbox a9 - Orly usboltssuthorised sparepartsi fEstenhg torque the convederthedrive plate, EIKAletectron to c parts-cataLlqLre). Contlnuod lll vghlcle6 for whether dowel the slsev.s cntring - Check br engine/gearboxin are thecylinder block, install ncessary. if
Fit intgrmediate ontio ptate sahng fiangeandstideonto oowets|eves-taows-

th9 - l/lhen inserling ngine, ensure thatnough cleeranae cxtstswith the drive shafts. 6nd theengine - Fil thgngln bEckts. and tighten bolts to thg specifiedtoroue - Fitthgdriveshafrs . Reo Gr 4l ,ohlclg! s'lth alr condtdonlngrhedlng aif - hstalling conditioning/heating cornpr6ssor: :ontlnuod igr rlt vchlclo! - Electrical connections routjng: .Rep cr97 and /9hlclo. wtth mlr!{|al gortbqx " hstallthclutch mastar cylinder , Rep cr 30 . Installgearbox selector mchanism .Re[, cr34 /ehicloswlth iutomatic aordox - Chgckthe fasteningof the tcrque converter. . Rsplacthe cablesof the garboxselectorlever and adjust wlrereneces8ary , Rep Gr 37 ;onthuod tor all vehicls6



- Fl[ coollng rystom-.Chapter cootrot b thcthrat{6cootFtunit unit - Adaptthc engil|o anogrr exhrugt916rgcitqrLti'l valv , Chapteq Funcqiona componcnbadapdaE and - In whid3itbd wih 8n aubrrEticaoarbox, i! allo it rDadaptthegsaroox contrct unit _Chapte[ f:?9ry and Funcront componenb: sdapting - Cary o!t-a bst ddw andInbmgsi! fauttrFmory. ' unapler nght.olng io{quar

Boltsrnd nub It'18 M8 Mt0 M12 Exc.ptlhr thc lbllowing: Bolb Finingltpnto(hru|t dpq b a(h.ud mtl trotd


45 00
' Chapter

40 Nm


I),16(t om 2 I


@ rvot"
Theaaembly mounting scrning boftsarB6tstcl, boltsandmustbe pans (electrcnic catalague). rcplaced ETKA Engln! bnckat!, englnoiido r ... 20 Nm+ 90. (rL tum) A" Bf.rrl . 30 Nm + 90" (t/. turn)

Englncbrlctrtr, gcrrbox 3ldo A - . i,. ,, S0Nm+ 90"(1L tum) B- rr .40Nm+ 90.(1/. tum)

o-\@ UU


A_ B_ Ni,.,,, Nm+ 90. (14tum 30 r..,..40Nm+ 90"(11 tum

Enginc brackets

Ea)'i6a ar!62 2


Vehicles with air conditiooing/heating: additioralinstructions sssembly and information

E,,i6a 016 I I

Vehicbswith air conditioningrheating: additional instructions and assembly information


Atroo''drdot'/f'offi'o M a,rritltm.d rct b gF|t.,t lo.wld.tun'oa b,tn @n bt'tr 3t t r*le..uta W/.lav-, trft. carf ||oato larfd,ffi or rtu6,h thaplrylt/fivr. axcarrrnfy.
Tobdllbta n pvlne 8ndlnablllng cminc wlthout lha opanlng tha Efitgc nt clrcult |tiilning cl!mp(r)for coolrnttubo8. - Unbolt bclt - Rrmorc Poly-V -- Chapte( (hrsnrB)comgnuor Rep. - Pffdrillyrlrrovr th! ah oonditonlng Gr.87 b |o - Sqrlt t|a como|alor th! aro6 mGmhar hat all 0r tubrJhoeaa thacooh ar! notln trnrlon. fbr

Engine: assmbly disnan itrg and

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Engine:assemblyand dismanfling
I r . r I r r Componcnb ovlwiqr chapter Padli N,otndbttmachanbm Compo|tant3 owrview Chapter p|n ll; Cl nd.r block- Conpomnb or,.rviorr chapter Rqm\,lngendInltellng Poly-V bdt Chapter ChGcklng dittlDqtlon timing- Chapter Ramo\rlng Inrtrlllr, bnsloningno6l.d balt Chapter ard Chccklng noElcd brlt tanlloi r!lr| Chapter -

Componnts overview

!el,i6c I oro I

Components overview
ff laoe quAntfties rned shavlng' pafticles fwM in theengine of or arc cil whenrcpaitngtheengine, or7 fre passsgcs musfDecrared carctuIy, theoil filterEnewedin oder to ptownt fwtherdamage and ocaltup lat . a BefotB catrying as6lmbly oil wt wottt be awlied to the suppott andsride sudbcse 'houtd . Partl; Notchsd mechanlsm belt ovwiw . Chapier - Componqnts partll; Cyllnder block Componnt8 owrviow . Chapter -



Panl: Notched mechanismComponenls belt overview

Xei,i6o I aa6 2

Partl; Notchedbelt mechanism Components overview

I . Notchodbclt gurrd - upper pan 2 - 20Nm+ r/. turn(90") o Renew o Uselcrcking _ spanner T10016to toosen andtighten 3 - Crmlh.fr gg.r o Note position th6 when fitfingthetoothed belt 'l " ftnglon roll9r ol tho dorlygd b]inch of ih9 notchodbctt, o Testing q Tsnsion notched the belt. 5 - Sgcorda.ybrrnch notched
b.li o Ma.kD.O.R. before removing q Checkforwear o Do not kink o Removing, installing end t6nsioning

j. .*t"'{1\Q,ffi,,'}i

j i ,-1.:-..'''.,m,d*l'
1 2 3 4 5 23 6 7

6 - Sqppo.t 7. 10 N m I - Front of coolant pump q Completely replace cagc in of faultor lekage o Removing installing and I . Ro., notchodbolt guard 10. 20 N m 11 . 50 N m

iJ'1 ')i ,o i -T.t,ij'.., tl .1-$1,.")'-_ :-*,1'1. t,: "'i....1 X... ''-;,-l? 'ti, r.,r "=i' '=bl! t-.\,-, "'\: Tf "'11--t'":' . \,. ' Ci,.l=,Li -'
7 -.

''*Y, H ii -*-- ,r"'*-il[t,u ii 3;'=";"\.:'|.

22 - - s:.o iu r .i'
\t{. \;l.



t' \


' ' 1 . i. ''1.i -' :





t ,t ,t
A ^.

I [1 " .\\r. 1 2 ie 12 El.R'.. "'\' 13 "o'r! '. ', ,'' '')l :\ | ,4.'e\ ''is$ .. '.,ta .. tt.. "' '| T',,U*., - 16) t 18 17 -r
f\ l'' i
\ #--,1r r


14 Tl/r-or

12 - ldlar ro e. tor prhclpat notchedbolr 13 - Prlnclprt notchod belt i.naion ro{.r tr Tgsting o Notched btt, fitting, tensioning 14 - C|anklhafr toorhod bett wheel o Obsrv9positior when fittingthe bothed bett 15. Princlpalnotchodbottl B MarkD.O.R. beiororemoving o Chockfor wear

Pan I; Notchdbelt mchanism Components oyerview q Donotkink o Nobhrd bslt toirung Fig o Rcmwlng,In bfling.d tln6lonlng* Chaptef la-1 2 m o Ran6w {7 - PutLy q Nob locadon whrn Insbl ng q Rdmvfu andtffng Chapteq Notcf,ld llnorlng sndfitng, bndonlng balt ll -t0 m i rr.tum (C0.) Ranor Lubrib bctbn idng Tlghbnlng b. donoin $va..l lbgaa c.n Ih6 dghhn[ sngb rry ba rfidurld withe ptot|cbr, br axrmpb mearudrg ..noosobot ll - Poly-V!.lt o lLrk dirtc0ond rctruonbion rmoving o Raman .nd imttlllng 91.1st1., hg e Poly-V roldng -- Anchor ball q Vahlclcs lltbd tfffi aiaoondi0onlt'lg havr ftGaUng) an dduomlldlcroflcr m- otchadlaft gu||{ - lou|r patt 2l - Engha moundng 211- m t0 o Rcnax 2t - 2t t{m ,!4.ldL wh..l q o c e

Xll6o2 ar!62

PartII; Cylinder block - Components overview

Eel"i6oI oa6 2

Partll; Gylinderblock - Components overview

fl rvot"

ClutchrcDa,'s - ReD Gr30.

I . Englno block o Ahminium cylinder block Components / oveNie\ q Piston conrod and Components overvie'!v 2 .50 Nm q Tjghtening order: First tighten upper the righthand bolt, then lower the righthand andfnally one lhe lett-hand bolts( viewed in direction t.avel) of 3 - Oll filbf o Loosen thehexagonal, at using universal the oilfilter wrgnch the rotstion or tool -u-40078o Tighten filter hand the by a ObseNe Instrallation the printed the in8tructions on flter 4 - mE: Nm+ rl turn (90.) 20 5 - Comp.ct bnckot o Foraltemator, heating gnd compressor Poly-V belttensiongr o Removing installing and compac{ brackot in vhiclos withair fitted conditioning /heating
' Rep Or 87

s //

6 -1 3 N m Loosn tighEntho boitson the sideotthe flywheet and uslng spanner the -U-4O05iA7 - Oil .ump o Rcmoving installing End o Fitwitha silicon based (eleclronpans sealant 176404A2, ETKA D c catatoglrel o Cl6ansealing Eurface beigrqinstalling I - Oll pulgo bolt, 30 Nm o In engineswherethe bolt and ring form a Binglepiece, replacethe unit. 0 - Tohsioning eloment o ForPoly-V belt o Onlyfof vehicles fittedwithair condltioning (heating) o To reducetensionin th Poly-Vblt, use a wrcnch on the tensbn roltersecuringbott.

PanII: Cylinder block- ComponenB overview

UJ'16.12 2 aft

o Removing installing and Poly-V belt


Nqichod bolt .outlng A - NqMed belt sec.ndary bnch B - Principatnotchedbelt:

Removingand installing poly-V belt

Ieli6o I q?r6I

Removing and installingpoly-Vbelt il"""[;;"out"

Romovlr|g - Ma.kdirection rctation poly-Vbelt. of ot - uae _sptnner thesecuring gwivel on bolt tensioning ror|ea otrection arow -a In of poly - Remove V{ett .

o"""nbcd rctqr!to vohict!.flttod rir condtflonor wtti

II J ,Yot!
poty-Vbett.ensure att 8tolr.fitting-the that mechanicat dswmbttas aN [altematot ai conditbner (hedtit{,) corpresso/it/arsferpa/mpl ficurely lnslatd.' arc . ,Vl1en fittingthepoly_V beft,ensun thatit is fitted with me-@opct diectionof tdation andthatit is @rew sd.o thepulleys. on . fit - FiB-t th.Poly-V ontothccrankshafr and bett pulloy |aslly onto ten8or the roll6r . Sbrtengine check bqltrun!pDpe.jy. snd $at 'oly.V bllt routing |eltrouting aircondltioning with (heating) compressor 1-Pulley-alb.nator 2 - Ai. conditoning compressor (heating) 3 - Crankehaft/puley 4 - Tenslon rollr

Fttlng a-'r


Checking distribution timing

Ielido I olt6 I

Checking distribution timing

proleclion - Remove engin together air filternows_ with uppor notched guard. - Removo belt


Placeihs crsnkshafr cytinder bp deadcentre in 1 lhe notchon the pulley shoutd matchtheedgeof the mark_

Th6lockhgspaceg thecmshali on sprockets should Ine up w[h me spaces the csmshafr on hou6ng_arows-

! rvor"
Ih6 md.ks 6E on o@ositesidesol the notchddbett )tbct<ets. the dankshaft onemo(e tum tum

Removingand installing,tensioningnotchedbelt

!.elLi6a I qll6 2

Removing and inslalling, tensioning notchedbelt



T 20 0 1 8 8


Sp.cl.l toolr .nd worft.hopoqutpmont requl.ld

Removing installing, and tensioning notched belt

2cJ"i6a2otw 2

a . . .

,SATBO10Toque wrnch Counterhold -T10016Counteftold -T200188,U-30025E, Support


4 !sl,i6q I o?16

Romoveengineprotection togetherwith air filter -armwsRemove uppernotched guard. belt


Place crankshafrcylinder topdead the in 1 centr. The notch thepulley on should match edge themark the of -

spacas thecamshaft - Thelocking on sprockets should lineupwiththespac$onthecamshaft ho$ingnows-


lf tha ma*s are on oppoaitesidesd the notchedbaft sptDckets, lho cmnkshaftono morc tum. tum lmmobilise camghaft both sprockets usingtho counterhold T10016-, follows: as


lsl"i6q 2 oz6 4

lnsertbothtockjng pinsth.ough locking the spaces on tne camshaft sprockets. far as the end pointon the as spaceson the camshafthousing.

S rvor"
T-he tocking..pins conectty fifledil thetinat pafts_D_ arc .two ae tn lino wilh lin6 -AInsort support as fEras possibte th6Intake -Bin crmshaff spocket-c-

T-o remove notched separate engrne the belt the consote as lollowsl

Conneci support the -U-3OO2SE-shownIn the as o|agram. Remova upprsecuring ofthe lowernotched the bolt belt guarobcatedbelowthe@nsole Release @olantresg.voir leaveto one sroe. the and

Slightlyprotension enginand removeth botts_Ath secunng engine the consol the rylinderneao to rnountrng the bolts-8- secunng enqine and lhe console ro m6 Dodywork, remove console and th6

Remove bolts-A- fixtng console thecylinder the the to neadand separate.

Removing Xei.i6a3 tr26 4

Removethe right front wheet. Remove lowerengine thc proteclion , Rep c, SC rehovethe frontright-hand wheelhousing guard . D.j
. t at)

poty-V before y:I D 9 R of.the bett removrng then and dEmount icllows: as

Use_a-spanner the securing swiveltensioning on bolt ror|er otrecflon errow ln of Remove potyV-belt.

v 3.r?86 Loosen bottfixingthe pulley the and thewheetot the notched btt.Securcpu y wtthretaining toot_T2OOi0B_ pulley. Remove Screwbackthe boltwithtwowashers to noE notched sprocket olace bll in In vehicles fittedwithairclnditioning (heating), remove the tenlionrolter the poty_V for belt.Install tower notched guard. belt Markthe toohed beltD.O.R. principat emoving notched belt

Rele,slhe principat_notched tension er, by bett o loosen|ng -1- and release notched by iuming bott the belt


Eel"i6o4 on6 4

theteBion rollerantictocloise -snow_. ngtched - Remove bett Remove branch the dedved ftomnotched bert.

R6lasthe ten8ionroller from th branchderivedfrom gle notchedblt and reteasethe notjchod -.1 bett by rgtatinglhe lansionroller clockwie. Removetensionro er of the de.ived branchof the notched belt Removenotchedbslt.

Fitting andtensioning

Icl,i6c I qno J

Fitting and tensioning . Thenotched sprooket thecrankshaft fred to thecrankshafr belt for is witha boltandtwowashers. . Thecamshafrs shoutd tocked be _T1OOj6_ using counteftold the Inthe exrsflng lockrng spaces th6camshafl in housing. 6ecur6d and to pGvent tuming.
.l Placethecrankshafl cytinder top deadcentre. m The notched toothshouldtineup rviththe markon theoil pumD.

Donotconfu'athe marks the seat on rctaineloilpump.lhe notched toothshould up withthona* codetjwitt;4V. tina bett - Fitthenotched of thederivGd branch clockwise, first above intake the camghafl sprocket thenabove and th xhaust camshafr sprocket. slacksection the The of notched shoutd bett hang blowtf reusing notched a belt ensure reft following original to the direction rotation. of Fitthnotched tgnsion er ofthedgrlved belt ro branch, as followsl

@ rva"

Tum thet6n6bnrollerof the dedved branch the of notched usingthe intdor blt hexagon clockwise -tlowaro6 marker the windou/ row_ (thetenslon rolleris slack) Pregs upwards low6rpartof thedenved the brsnch ol the notched withthetension blt roller and screwin lhe secunng of the tension bolt rolter. Tighte-n.the scu.ing by hand.Theprojecling roller bott partof the basptate should in the cytincter frt neao drilld soace-2-_

- N6xt,teGionthe notchod trelt,by tulningthetenson lotteranti-ctockwise, the interior using hexagon pos _ in 1-,untilthemarker arm-2- coincides th; protuding with pan on the markerwindow -anow-_ the - Tightgn tosion rollernut

fhe camihdfts shouldbe tockedusing lhecountoftold .10016-.until theprincipatnotchod betti6 fitted. - Fit the principalnotchedbelt anti-clockwise, stadingwith the water pump,the tcnsioh roller,the crankshafr, the idler roller and lhe intakecamshaftsprocket.lf reuginga

Fitting andtensioning

tre].i6a az6 3 2

notched beltensure relltbllowingthe original to di.eclion of rotation. lfthe tension roller wasdismounted earlier, install follows: as

l-\ rt:n6El
Tum lho tnsion roller th princioal of notched to the b6tt pogition shovirn usingthe interior hexagon, -Enow-, turninganti-clockwlse.

Fitthetension roller tighten boitbyhand, -2and the bolt of lhe sealretainer should inside g.oove the fit lhe on plate support -1-of th6tension rcller. lf reusing tension a rollr, relBase securing the bolt. Turning tension the roller clockwise, tsnsion notched the beltuntil marker -3. lines wilhthenotch the arm uo on thebaseplate-arrow-. Tightgn lension tho rcllerscr.ring bolt

Remove counterhold the trom -T10016- thecsmshaft sprockets.

Fitting and tensioning

Ee?'i6a qrd 3 3

lhe - Rotate crankshafr lwicein the DORof theengine untitthe Dead Top j Centre ofcylinder |s reached. - Nextrecieckthe notched adjustrnefi th6 belt and of Posrtbn thetension mllers lf necossery, repeat tensioning the notched the of belts. lnstallation.is canied inthereveFe out order removat, to ooservtng following: the notched guard. - Re-install bett crankghaft pulley - Re-install obseNlng blowing: the . Replace boltholding crankshafr the the pultey/sprocket. . V\hn fiting th pulloy checkthefxing withrespect to the notched whot_ bett . Tighten newgreased cent"al to a tightening bolt -the torque: Nm+ 1.tum(9f). 90 cllindor hesd - Installing console assembty - Fitthoenginc suppoft, ongine eqe


llj --1


lhe_assembly mounting sgcuri4g borfs st/ofD|, sr Oons ard

nust D6 '!,DIACoCI. xpanSion - h8tgllcoolanl tank. Poty-V belt - In6blling . .


)n fltting^the dbbed bett, make sue thatit is @ne(xty oczleo on thepu ew . Fitlho fiontright-hgnd wh6thousing guard . R.p Gr66 ' Installthe lowerenglne prctection . Rep cr 50_ ' Fit the right font wht.

Checkingnotchdbelt ,elsion roller

ttr16q (r'16 I 1

Checking notchedbelttensionroller
pdnclpal Chacking not*rd baltbnsionroller_, Chapter Chccking bnsbn ro sr ol fie d6.ivd brandtof ths notchd bolt.
- C h e Dter

Irtrttfi:______q "
fitlttiE -q , ,. N"

,, ^-


,Dacltltoob andwo rllop.qulpmantnqulnd ' Toquef,4snch gOtO-SAT counbrnob -T200188Support -U-30029E-

Checkingprincipal notchedbelt tensionroller

letri6o I on63

principalnotchedbelttensionro er Checking protec{ion engine together airfilter with - Remove -arowsRemoveuppernotchedbelt guard.


To removethe notchedbelt separatethe engineconsoleaE follows:

Connect support the as in "U-30025E- shown the o|a9ram. Rmove uppersecuring of thetower the bolt notched bett guardlocated below consols. the

Sllghtlypretension engingand removethe bolts-Athe tho scuring n9in6 console the cytinder to head mounting the bolts-B- scuring engino and the console to the bodywork,and removethe conaole.

Checkingprincipal notchedbelt tensionroller

Ie?"i6q2 qz6 3

Removethe bolts -A- fixing the consoteticthe cylinder headand separate. Removethe rightfront wheel. Remove lowgrengine the pfotection , Rep Gf 50. remor,/e frontrighlhEnd lhe whelhousing guard . o. I

Markthe directionof rotationof the poly-V bett.Use a spanner the boltsecuring tension on lhe roller andtuft the rollerclockwis. Removepoly V.belt .


-:N r.\\

LoGnth boftfixrng pu ey andthe wh66tofthe the notched belt.securepu 6y withretaining toot-T2oo.!68Removepulley.Screwbgckthe bolt with lwo wash6rsto holdnotched sprocket place. btt in In vehicles fittedwithairconditioning (heafing). remove the tnsron rctter the poly-V br belt. Installtower notched guard. bett Rotat6the crankshfr twice in the DOR of the onoino untilthe Top DeadCentre cytinder is reached. of 1

Memorise position thetnsion th6 of rcller marker _ arm arrow-. Press notched hard thethumb. the bett with The

Checkingprincipal notchedbelt tensionroller

!el,i6o 3 o116 3

marker ahould am mov. belt. - Sbp pre$ingthe noEhed two of - Tumthecrankshafr comolebtumsin thedi.ection raialion theengine. of the of arm. - Check position the indicato'r Thindicator position. armShould haw retumed ib original to lf he indicator doesnotretumto theodginal poeition: 9rm th roller - R6placs tensign lf thetension rollctr corect,check teNlon |ollerof the i3 tho derivd branch the notchgd of blt

Checkingtensionroller of the derivedbmnchof the notchedbelt,

Eel.i6s 1 on6 I

Checking tensionrollerof the derivedbranchof the

notched belt. the of rcller am - Memoris position thetensaon marker 1-.Pressthenotched hardwiththethumb-anow-. belt Themarker should arm move. the blt- Stopprsssing notchod two tumsin thedirction ot - Turnthecrankshafi complgte rotation theengin. of the of am. - Check position theindicabr Theindicator positionam should haveretumed itsoriginal to position: lftheindicator does return theodginal arm not to the rollef. - Replac ignsion lf both tnEion roller8 conect, are canyouttheinstallation in therverae oder to moval,observing following: the notched guard. blt - R-jnstall pulley fiankghafr observing bllowingl the - Re-irctall . Replace boltholding c|ankshsfi pullEy/sprocket. the the pulloy . Vlhenfittingthe check fixingwithresp6ct the to th notched whe|. belt . Tlghten newgrgased the scuring bolt cylinder consol head - Installing guppo.t, a6Embly engine sid6 - Fittheengine

UU [vo,t
Theassemdy mounting secuing bolts stra6 bolts ars and mustba replacad, coolant oxpsnsion tank. - Install PoV-V belt - Installing
--1 LlJ t{olo

Onfittingthe dbbed belt,makosutgthatit is conectly located thepulleys. on guard Rep right-hand wheelhousing - Fitthefront
Gr66 p.oteclion ' Rep cr 50. Installthe loworengine Fitthcrightftontwheel.

ylinderblock,sealing flangemd engine flyrvheel: removing fiuing and

>ll6a I ar!6I

Cylinder block, sealing flange and engine

flywheel:removingand fifting
o . . I . . Aluminlum cylndafbhd( - Cdnponantr ol,ofll6r chapter chaptef Crloklhei o[ !rel, pu[ty !ita: |lpkcrnrllt * Ramoring inltrnhg flywl|el chapter and DdvcpLb: l! novw andlmbllhg chapte. lbrgo lbr c'rnktlle'l fiM|d dda: rtplalng chapter Saafing Cnntahgftd[r|.r|lbn8 Chapter -

Aluminium cylinder block - Components overvrew

!e),i6o I on6 2

Aluminiumcylinderblock - Components overview

I Caufion The c'ankaho{t musa not bo rcmoved. Just loosening tlt maln beadng caps wlll cause ddormalon of the cy ncter block bearlng pedstals, fhls detorrnatton wltl ctuse a reducdon ol tha b0arlng clo'''',nce. Evanll tha b.adng ahdla trc ngt bearlng damago coutd occur due to a dfiferent beadng cto',|nca. '9plaeed ff ths beating cap bdla arc loosgnd, the cyltndq block must be ,sptace.t comptete wlth tha ctunkshaft n.asurlng ahafiatn beedng cl9''nce ls not pGllblo vlth nofinal wo*shop equtpment


Clutch Epairs ' R(tDGt 34. 4 "l0 Nm pipe 2 - Oll Intake Clean if soiled filter 3 - Alumlnlum cyllndor block ,[ - Knock aonrorI GOl. 5"20Nm o Tightening torque afEcls thfunctionlngthe of knock | sensor .G61I- 80Nm + t t t u r n( 9 0.) o Rnew 7 - Flywhely drlve plrte tr Removing insblling and flyvrheel o Driv6plate:removing and inslalling 8. t 2 Nm o Renew I " Scallng tl.ngg wlthlendgr whool .nd rlnglorl o Only replace unit the complote thesealing with ringandgender wheel o Sealing iangefor crankshaft side: , iywhel replacing l0 . Ga8k9t o Renew

,=.,:t I

v /' .- /'--

i":., )('.
.-./ .t'

I ..)

ll 10 ..t1!,


'* :i

13 12

ri 't{:5 y.j),

t',) t iir;i:-\ ir ';: Iil l:li\

-' -';,'
_.1,r l:i


i.i r";

Vo.j- l.l


I 10


fF13{44, I

Il - O i l p u m p o Replace completely fitting, rcmemberthe crankshafr e \ryhen tractionelement o Shouldfit into ihe adjustrnent slegves o Removing installing and

Aluminium cylinder block Components rew oren -

le).i6c 2 ord 2

12 - Oil seel o Renew t3 - Traciionelorngnt fitting oil pump o Oilwellbefore the

pulJey replacement Crankshaft seal, oil side:

fe?'i6o I q?t62

Crankshaft seal,pulleyside: replacement oil s T 8010 gennF=;-::aJ1j ".**


t15 - 10010

Sptcl.l toglt andworl(.hop aqulpmcntraqul|td . . . . Torque uEnch -SAT8010Counterhald.T200'188" Guide eleve -T2008'lBExtractor "T20143-

Romovlng principal notched blt ' chaFter. - Removing t|e blt{,rnk8hafi cogrigel ,llei-rl - Removo notched the and the - Insort extractor -T20143- extract seal-1-. Flttlng lubricate seling ot theoil 6eal. lip lhe - Lightly

Cranksha-ft oilseal.pulleyside:replacement

l*Lilrl2 snt 2

Slld sealovEr oil 6daot6r -T2008182-. joumal. Plac Esombly crank8hafr onto U8oth6depbr.T2008Bi/1andpr8s guld 1 . the sleve.8sal untilfie sslfrt8svenly,using old unit lhe scuring to do 90. bolt Removo adapbr ths -T20081BE-. Fithe whslior thnqtah6d on thc crnkchafr, belt immoblllsingullng thecounbrhold it 88-. -T2001 principl Fitling nobhed blt Chartcr.

Removingand installing flywhe.el

Iei,i6o I ord 2

Removing and installingflywheel

Spgchltoolr md rcrl(rhop equipm.nt roqulrsd . Torou w.ench 80lG -SAT





5 t5 nr

I l- ',rocri6o
. Counterhold -T20176Ramovlng . Gaabox aemoved. wllh to - Markth6nywheel tespct thengln.


in hole and - Fitcounter-hold -T20176- thectlinder block ilywheI. align fwhccl. - unbolt Ftttlng lrctallation carrled in the rsveEordrto lomoval, ls out ob6erying following: the the of to - Invrt po8ition thecounterhold -T20170. immobilbe qMlelwhen tightning bolt! thc ths and to torque - Us6newboK's tighten precribed :-r".

Removing installingflp{rcel and

!e),lic 2 om6 2


Eel"i6qI crd 2

Driveplate:removing and installing

Spochl toob rnd rorklhop equlpm|nt rrqdrud . countEftold -T2008tgeugB . Depth Rcmovlng


I woczsr5 I
b - Atbch thcounterhold -T20064- thedivs olate. th! the - Looscn boltsholding driveplte. Fltgng

wilh - Flxthedrivephb uslnglhellat w8her rgcslss-1new of - In86rt boltB andlighttnb a torque 30 Nm.

Drive plate: rernovingand installing

le).i6a 2 oro 2

Check dimension in 3 points calcutate and the avenge. '19.7... Specificstlon: 21.3mm.
,Vo!e { /3 measuredacloss tDo holeol the dive date to the borod suiace of the cylinder btock lf th6 specifications not mgt: ere

Removthe drive plateagain and ua tho compenaation washer-2-. Tightenthe boltsagain -3- to a torqueof 30 Tighlen bolb -3- to a torqu 60 Nmand rtighten the of 90' (l/atum)(thretightening be mad6in stage6). may

Sedingflange craukshaft, for flywlreelside:replacing

tli6o 1 ar6 I

Sealing f,angefor cr.nkshaft,flywheelsde: ,eplacing sAT8010



20...100 Nm


s..-zs Nm

. LrS.tma lpacl.l ioob |nd wo*thop |quhrn t rtqulnd , Cotlr 0{ld6 -Ti@l7' Countrhou -T20i76Tolquo wrnch AT 80tOTolqu. wllncrr Al eOlOA4CThrlo hlx.Omal bolb M6x 35 mm Thbkn.segaugc Dialcaliesr

Removingthe sealingflange with the sender wheelftom the crankshaft

!e?,iDo1 qn6 2

Removing sealingflangewith the senderwheelfrom the the crankshaft

To showthe wo& sequencemorc dearly, tho sequenceis descdbedfar a

rcmovecl enqne. the - Remove flWheel

or the driveplate Position at 1: crankshaft TDCcylinder.

Thenotched toothofthe notched wh6elshould up belt iine withth markon the oil oumD -arow..

fl mr.

Do notcantuso ma*s on the sealrctainer/oil the DunD.The notched toothshouldlineup withthema* cded with4V. oilsumo - Remove

Rgmove cngingspgadsondr -arow-. Un6c.ew attachmGnt tromthe sealing the bolts flange

Scrswthree bolts M6 x 35 mm into the threadedspaces of the aealing flang-erows-. (max.l/2 tu.n (180") Screw downthe bolb, altematety per screw),on the salingffangeand removoit ftom the crankshaft with thg snderwheel.

Removing sealing the flangewith thesender wheelAomthecranksh!ft

*)'inn2 arb2

wheelonto the crankshaft nsertpressingthe sealingflange wirh the sender

leli6c I ar6 I

nsert pressingthe sealing flange with the senderwheel )nto the crankshaft

with ol , ProgFssiruseof e newgeneration &aling f,angcs PTFEseal to (fetton).The&ating lange witholastbwaslrer @ntlnuos bo peft as available a sparc 8s typeof f,ange frange, ue frE same only litting newseating a I When prcviously frtted. nng wllh with I Thesealina f,anae he PTFEsealis designed a pressu.a of on the@aiingtip.Ihis prgssurt,itg frrr,tsthelunctton an asstrmdy lltting. be slesveandaannot rcno,ld befo.g flange thesendar and the assemtg4 do not sepercted sealing I Onc wheel nodw therosltion. ot washer the igndel of llangewithelastic , Thewat sufa@ of thg seatlng law This hasan elastomoic wheet ref{,cltothe c'r.nkshalt with alwalsbe keptfrgeof M andg|asp tayershould y autonatk] whanfiftedtg the frnds pgsition its wheot . Thasender guide-710017' posltbnpinof the cntrc camponcnt nakdup onainscparcble . Thescalhgiangpand6P s.al rcplacd alongwiththasndet wtteel. andcenonlyba dthe centegui e -71N17' wlthtewctto . Theposltkm in by is ths cnnkshafi dotemined a guiddpinin68fted a g4,aee tl' c'8nkehoft. in threadod bolt A - Hxagonal gurface B - Attschment bell C - lnstllation D - Allsnkey pin E - Guide pin F - Po8iton


guideTlool7 A - Fittingthesaiing flangewith sender wheelon thecantre

Ir'i6o I on63

A - Fitting the sealingflange with sender wheel on the centreguide-T10017- Tighbn lhe hexagonalnut -A- tc jugt befofethe hreaded spindloattachmentsurfac-B-.


guido holding in plac a it in - Fixthecntr -T10017bnch vica,b ths thFadsdEpindlo surfacs -B-. downon lhe insEllstion {-. sothstit resb on bll - Pr633 ttlc hlxagonalbolt-A-rtow-.

pad Thainteriot of theftting devio the tnstalatfui and be mwt be st the Earno l?bht,

the clip - Unsc{s\f attachment -A-frcmhe ns.r s6.ling flange.

UU wole
DonotBitow theeondet wh/ fromthe salhtg f,aryeo. chcngeits positbn.

Removing installing, and tnsioning notched belt

2e)"i6a2 ori 2

r . . .

Torque wronch 8010"SAT Counterhotd -T10016Counterhold-T2001A8Support -U-30025E-

A - Fitting the sealingflange with senderwheelon tie

centreguideTl00l T

t),i6o 2 ord 3

lhe attachmnt -B-on the snderwheet-Chole must cornctde the malk-A-on the seeling witn llange - Secure sealing the iange by th6 honton a flat,ctean SUnace

Presslhe sander wheel(s6aling pregsure nextto lip ring r, r.fE seal)-A- rnthe directjon the arrowdow;wards of unu rt rest6 the flal sudsce. 0n

|e upperedge of the senderwhetand the front edge of e gealing1lange mustcoincide-aarows-.

A - litting the sealing flangewith sender wheelon the

centre guideTl0017

Iel.i60 3 (r?16 3

fanse cenrre 9l?i,.",9"Fl:lt!: seatins onthe suide *sitionpin sirs thehot;_B_ -A- in of ,i,1,"!,ij;;I",li$ir"

=nsure s'aling flanga tieafldt on the assemDty the toot.

Wlentightning three th knurted botts-A_ rnesurrace on orth_e assembly device, pregs senaer ttre wtreet iseitini lp pressure next PTFE ring _B_, to seat) sothat pos|r|on cannolcome of thesonder the prn out wheel hol.

| ,v"r.
1sut6that tha.sendetwheel rcmains securcdin thefifting tv,c.e M6n frttingthe seating f,ang'.

lJ - frt thecentre guideTl00lT with thesealing llangeon thecmnkshaft flange:

tel,i60 I qn6 2

B_-fit the centre,guide _Ti0017_ the sealing with flange on the crankshaft ftange:
Prereq!lsiles . . The crankshafr ffange mustbe cjean( of oil and grease). Theengine shoutd in TDCcytinder be I

,iHl"": s:#j*"nar

bort tothe ofthe end -A-

in u?gffliTt;t",f"trfiy;nuntirrthe_hexaso;ar
- l^olllt]rg f9t eart_of instaationbe towards the the seanng surface oftheoilsumD.

ortheassembry _in device "pindte _A_ nur is


usins Arren -A- the the borts to

1f rvor"
lnl!!.Alt", bat" -estums thectanr'shaft inb "oorr.

on ensine to the brock ;"ffJ;lgiff'nil::35 -A-

B -.F-itthe cenfe guideTlo0l T with the sealing flange on the cmnkshaftflanee:

>'rj'i6a2 M 2

--- -- la


u - rjolt the centreguideTl00lZ to the crar*shaft flanee

!el.i6o I cz6 I




guide -T10017- thecrankshaft to

your - Using hnd slide insb ation the be orec'tonof thearor /_until sender -A-in the the wheel(seatiigtip pressure next_to nng PTFE seal)_B_ res{suponthe cfanKshan flang6_C_.



- Mainta_in insia ationbellin thisposit/on tightn the tne lwo Alten bolb of the assemblydevice and by hanir. - Tightenby,iand the hexagonalbolt -E_on rhe threeded sptno|e untilit @mesintocontiact he inlta ad;G with

-D-.of assenbty clovice nsefted is .the

D - Press sender the \r{reelwith lhe c.enlre guideTtoolT ontotheoratksbaft flange;

EXl5aI 0r!6 I

D -.Presslhe senderwheetwith the cenbo guide _Tiooi7_ onto ihe crankshaft flange:

oc wancii' Sf#ffilBlStff F'fr;no roiruc Imo.

tf,tt6f,n cyttn&t bt.xj< l-'11!!! 2t Cq ?ufdU ,f.asF'd aM 8darng flangaat|l8,r tbh&/ni,ghox'otrnuib 35 Nn.

- TlghEntn6hrgonal ol hs aElambly nut dcvicewit l

sAT 8010/24C

lffi'71 Tt1111z

E - Checkthe fitting position oftlrc sender wheelon the clankshaft.

Iel"i6o I oz6 2

E - Ctectftthe fitting position of the sender wheel

Unscrew|he hexagonalbolt -A- to the end of the tnGaded soindle.

on the

RemovescrewsM6 x 35 mm _B_ tom the cylinderblock. - Urscrew the three knurtdbolts _C_ from the sealing nange. instaltation _D.of the a$mbly device - Move-the be DacK tar as the hexagonal _A_ (onlyfoi sealing nut _as etaslic nange wth washerl

rrhet inthecor.ect Ihe,sender is position ne crankshafr on diolancg bgrween crankshafrltenge the nejr_tjt9 _-a-. -A-anine senderwh6l-Bis 0.5 mrh

! rvor"
9!-y:l:.?h centrcguide_T10011_ lraE unsqew..the andrchove the sea ng npprcsaurc fing. f,anse is /.!istan9E -a-.the cnnkshaft l?H.il:lti snown wtnoutthecontre gui.h _T1(n17bdted down. q ryse yilh seat, conptetety

Fitadial cstiper against cr8nkshafi the llanqe-A(marker surfsc)

t - check the fitting positionofthe sender whelon the crankshaft.

ti"i60 2 0r.-o 2

- U_singthickness a gauge, _A_ measure the orstnce _aDervi,een dialcaliper the sender the and wheel. fdistance is too small: -- Pressthe sender wheelagain f distance is attained: -a. Remove installation the sleeve. Boltthe newboltssecuring sealing the fisnge|n diagonal patrs.

Install engine speed sender -arrow_. Fittheoil sump Fittheantermdiate plate. Fittheflywhet orthedrive ptale

t - Rechtyingthe position ofthe sender wheel

Id,i6o I ord I

F - Rectifyingthe position of the sender


- Mov-e-the inst ation bell _A_ hand towarosthe sealing by nange-E-.

- *.xlvJ-t!g ? b"tF M6x 3s_ ontheensrn to btock gutoeme seating flange_B_.

Iighten by.h,end hexagonat the boR-D_on the thEadd spmo|euntitit cprnesinto contactwith the inEbllation bell

- I9!Fj !" lg"".SolShur thesssmbry with of devic

. C_hactlhe ftting position whegt th9 on qankghan m(Ve . of thesnde. on@ r i ,, r. i distgnco i8stilltoosmall: T-igl|ten tt_e-hragonal of theftttngdevrce a bolt ro loque of 45 Nm. C_hccl frtting politionot thc send.rwheet tha on .the cr8nxshsn mOrc L h .nl,.r. once

ant toirue ttre 5X+"#i3lXH:+;mt"flot,!- w[ncri



sAT801@4C T10o17lffil

Lrfikshalt dinEnsions :1,{60I or!6 I

nonrngdtlrnalon |nmm Earlcdlmarub|t 1"Gc0flod 2'rlcdlld Coo|pdbxrlm O on loqmrb-

4,t22 47,80 {,037 4,022 .0,Gt? 4,t2 47,30 o,0tt7

4,M2 47,05 {,037



Pistonandconrod- Components overview

Xel,i6o I on6 4

Pistonand conrod - Components overview @ roo

Beforc catrying assembty out wo*, oirshourd epptied thesuwotl and stidesu,far*s. be to a Piston cylinder and measurcments I - Saf.ty rlng 2 - Plrton spdng pin o lf dificultto move, heat piston 60.C to o Removing instaing and wth thetappet -T200193 . Pkton o Testing o Mark instaation position andrespective cylinder tr Theanowon th6pigtcn point had should bwards thepully o hstall usingpiston ring InsEatpnsleeve 4 - Compro|llon .lngt q Oisplace cutouts 12Oo a Remove insbtl and compresaion using riogs pBtonflngptieF ,TOp'must o Thelabelling facE lowaldspiston crown o Piston ends:check ring ctearance o Checking piston side ring clearence 3 - Ollrcr.pgr rlng! q Caaefully remov and install hand oil by the scraper rings made of 3 up pans o Thelabelling "TOp'must facetowards paston crown
o Pistgn ends:checkclearance dng o Checking piston ringsidedeance 6 - Conrod o Renew set only. as o Markcytinder assignment -A_ o Fitting position: marks-B_should The pointin thedirection the pu ev of o Piston axialguided 7 - Conrod bearing cap o Rodsdiv'rded fracturing'cracking"can onrybe fitted h one position by and onrywth the corresponding conrod


rrslonandconrod- Components overview

Ie)"i6o 2 an6 4

8 - Conrod bo& flghten to 20 Nm +1/4turn (gO.) tuihor o Renew o Oilthreads contact and surface. o To measure Gdialptay, tighten 20 Nm,without to reiightening I - Enginebtock q Interior cylinder diameter: checking o Piston cylinder and measurements l0 - H.lt bgartng o Do hot interchango usedbearing shels o Centrally alignbearing jnsedaon she s on o Checkthe radialptay using plastigago: a New:0.020...0.061 mm t /eartimit 0.091mm vvh6nmeasuringthe radjal play,do not rotatje the ,ilton rlng onds: chock clqarance lpoclal toob .nd wo.tahop oqulpmanf Fqutrad ' Gauge . lnsrt-ring rig.ht gt anglesfromaboveintolowercylinder openrngftom_of approx.t 5 mm fom the towei 9;g;;; tne cytmder. insealion, For theae mustbe no sgm;ntson


rhlon rlng llmcnslon! in nm

Now 0,20...0,50
0,40.. Q,70

W.ar llmn 1,0 1,0

compression rings , comprgssion rings I scraper ing


It is nol poisibteto giv6 !n i.diclion ofth rar tinil

|gcklngpiston rlng sids cloan nce oci.l toob and worklhop equlpmontrgqulrod Gauge st cleanpistonringhousing groove.

Pistonandcofiod - Crmpotnts overview

!e1.i6q 3 aL6 4

Fllton rlng Olmgnrlon! In mm


Worr llmlt

1.comprgssion rlngs z. comprcsBion rings ort$.eprr dng

0,04...0,08 0,02...0,06

0,15 nol inaaSrralble

rbton: chGklng p.cial tool! and wo.tlhop oqulpmant f.qultld Oute.micrometer 75...100 mm

1omm rrom edge, l9i"-lf -1".:!p...rshsfiofthe thelowe. psrpendicutarto thg pin.

spring terancewithrespect max.nominal to measurement O.O4 m,
Omlnal meagurement I i In,

bdor cylindordlamgtor:checklng rcl.l tool! .nd wodhop oqulpmrnt rrqulrod Intemal gauge dial SO...1OO mm Measure borcsal threepointsin bothdireq|ona: acrcss mc engmc and in lincwithcnklhai _B-. -Alrancewith Gsp6ct to max. nominalrneagurement O.O8 minalmeasuremnt. r'r..:rr: l

PltstotandcoErod- Componsnts ovgrview

Eel,i6c4 o16 4

whanry:r]rg, rylytwr c),tttrdr.D,ock ,t (!d tD t'f,,6tr/l.1'lfiiaidl-m172_,;- 0p ir nco?ttct t|rcarenlg'|tt r|q/d 0t DapostDb. ' b,rE nust. b dorq lot

l,t$on alld cylirder masulenents >6ll5a I 0r!6 I

Piston and cylirder n|eesulrnents

Removing installiag and cylindcrhad

:1,{6a I 0r!6 I

Removing and installingcylinderhead


. U-},ry! tntt"flWan axchatlf|' indcthaad, UE@n s{rrfEs ct an f!c, De|yren sttfpott tho otenen/E- er rw/n,innge'! caniiira oe tu na
. . . . a . r a o$adbatolhtstatN he cf,,mshalt hous,ng. fhe ptaddc p&:keq pie(rs torp,&div olcn vatws mudrd be Emow<tun l hmtodar/ty tF/6reftt V-tb cytkthr hcftrj, -'-A{br Edadng AE cyt rderr'E,sd., @olantnug-b *,aufi.. aI Ol th&Wft anddW s;/bcE &/.o$ @tryingout |{,!|,ntrify wotk tunovlng md insfi,iN AD h&,t6matwd eN l,r,o ,rhrt s . Lnape4tqetua ry*n _@mpanenb ' cn,'otif,/w Cyllndlrhaad- compon$tovlrvlofl , Chapter Cridrsft houllng:ranovlng ining r Chapter and Removing Inltrllhg cyllndaf and hed , Chapter ComprBJon:vadicdm chapter -

! r"r


Cylinder head- component overview

X6),i5oI 0n6 3

Cylinderhead- component overview

I - Notchod belt guard . upper pan 2 - Principetnotchedbelt: o MarkD.O.R. beicre removing o Check wear for o Oonotkink o Notched routing belt o Removing, installing and tensioning 3 - Socondarybr.nch notchgd bolt o MarkD.O.R. before removing o Checkfor weaf a Do not kink o Removing, instaing and ren6Dnmg 4 - 10 Nm + tl turn (gO.) o Renew o Tightenfrom centre outwards 5 . lgnltlonc.btg. suppo.tgutd. o Onlyengine cod6letters AUB o Enginecode lotteIs BBy, BBZ,BKYwithcabte support ignilion for coitsin rod fom a Tightenthe camshafr housingto a lorque of 5

6 . Flexlbleconnoctiontube

o Only engine code tetters BBy,BBZ, BKy 7 -l 0 Nm E . Non-Eturn valve o Only engine code letters BBy,BBZ, BKy I - To lir cleaner gBy, BBZ,BKy a Onlyengine codeletters {0 - Camlh.It houstng o Removing instaing and a Remove rcmnants otoldsealant o Beicre fttingappty 188003Aj- , ETKA -D c catatoquej leieclron paa(s

rylnder head- compoDent ovewiew

>li6o 2 0,t63

q V\ihen installing ver&lally fit ftomaDove studsanddowelDins onto ll - Support 12- Plns 13 - Rolbr tockor ..m! o Check th9 rclterbeadngs smoothtv that tum a Oilsliding surface o Usescuring to ctipontosupport dip elgmgnt wheningtallino t4 - Suppor$ng olomcrf o Donotmixthsmup o Wth hydraulic valvsclearan@ compnston. q Oilsliding surface l5 . Cyll||drr hr|d bott o Ren6w o Follo\,v insbllation instuc{igns sequence and whenloningandtghtenlng , chaoter 16- Cyfindrr h..d g$kot q Ronw q Metat gaskt E Rengw coolant afierplacingcylindgr hadgaskt t?. Cylnd h..d o Removing in3lalling, ch:pro, and o Check dsfo.mation , Fq frcr o Rnw coolrntsfre.roplcing aylindcr headgaskgt 16 . Tondon ro[o. of th. d|'lv.d bnnch o, th. notch.d brl. q T68ting, Dhapter q Tnion nobhed the bslt. , Chaprer 19- 20Im :m - R.|r notchld brlt gurd 2l - Llltlng .yo tllndrr held dlioml0on; varlllcdlon gllor,tEble anmurn debrmafion: mm O.O5

Cllinder head comporrcn overview -

lli6q 3 a,!6 3


Lamsnafihousing:removing fi fting and

>l.i5q I an6 I

, t:!:.?!!,:y..th" omshaftsarc hous,eo n a c.asrng. o$mounting casing renow theprincipal Berore tha first ,ia.nui i.tt . rne can\shafr housing sealing sur.face nolbo t?wort<ed. must . Valve - ConponenE gear owview , a.r.t:,,,1 Specl.l toolr an.two*ahop aqulprnt tlquFqd . To.que wrench -SAT8010_ . Twostude 6 x 70) (M sAT8010 . D 186003A.tSeatant

Camshaft housing:removing fitting and Q rvore


--' -. ' , ,

, . r(e N' n


0094-(onlyengino -T1 codetetters BBy, BBz,



Ie2"i6o I azr61

Firsl see if the vehiclehas a codedradio.tf so, refer to the anti-thefr code. Wth the ignitionswitchedofr, disconnectbatteryearth strap. Firstremovg principal notched bett Remove sparkplugs the together the ignilion wjth cabteguide. Remove 4-pinconnector the fromthe lgnition _N152_. transformer Disconnect connector terminal fromHallSender -G4O-. Undosecuring -anow-ftomthe cableguidesupport. bolt Remove 4-pinconnectors the ignition the from hansicmers_

EnginecodeAUB -

Enginocodo tottsrsBBy, BBZ,BKy -

ignition - Removing coils.To do so, usetheextractor T10094the - Remove air duc{fromthe camshafr housina.

- undo securing -arrowbott fromthe cabloguidosupport. ;ontlnudtor all vghlclor Undothe securing of the rearnotched guard.in bolt belt the region ofthe rightringtor the toadhoo( Remove boltsfxing the coolant the pipeto the camshafr noustng, Loosen camshafr the housing bolts, fromoutslde to Instoe. y. o|a90na Carefully the camshafr lift housing off.

I rttrng Xd,i8q I ond 2

Prcrrquisite6 . . Thepistons mustnotbe positioned TDC. at The.camshafls shoutd locked be usingthe counterhotd -T10016_ extstlng tocking spaces the cmshaihousrng. secured in the in and to preventturnino_

::T::.,,::"^t::ll:Tllnb flatsciaDer a commercially available

oncyrinder andcamshaft head housms with

Prevent nd sealant dirt remnants fromenienng cylinder head. Cleancontactsurfuces,which shouldbe ftee of oil and grease.

- Apply-a evencoatof sealant thtn ontothecleancamshalt nousmgJealing surhc4._See shaded areaon

@ rv"o

T-he sealant.must be apptied thicklyomor,viro not too 9xclsssea/arfcouldertet theoil channeis cause ano ,amage theengino. b

Ensure rolle'-r all rocker fingers contact valveends_1_ the

!lllnT;|":f ""0*o ","

their respective support

B,olt studs(M6x 70)on the cytinder tw! headbeicre lnrng thecamshafr housino

Caretully thecamshaft fit housing vertically ontothe cyflnoet headsludsand pins_arrows_

caTsl?ft secunng (eventy rrotls lsj9iInsdeto outsidelousins rom Ty diagonally).

Takecarenot to tilt thecemshafl housing


Eelltn2 q.6 2

S rvott
nsra ng cahshaft housino continue insblhtion iclloriing reverseorder lor removing.

Removingand installing cylinclerhead

ter"i6aI a?r6 I

Removingand installing cylinder head

60...300 Nm

20...100 Nm 8L 12L

nn'D--=--..r-? s...25 Nm 720029




pocld toob rnd wortriop.qutpm.nt l|qut|td StAT 1m6ZTorque wEnch AT gOlOCounbrhold -T1O0t4Tlay -f2U73Pliers or -T20029- counbrhotd -T20174Support -U-30025EO 188CO3 Satant Al


Xe),i6oI oro 3

Removing Prcrequisite. . Engine tepid at tempeture most. at . Thepislons must bepositioned TDC. not at - Firslseeif thevehicle a coded has radio.lf so,ref6rto theantltheft
code Wth lhe ignition switched disconnect of, battery earthstrap. Remove camshafr housing,

- l:l1)f T,ll1.q"r fingers togsther support with etmonts tay and asroe cleansurfece on
Engure the rollerrockeffingeEanclthe support that elements not are mtxeoup. Removebatteryand batteryrctainer-arrows_. Enpty coolaht Loosen hoseclipsand pullcoolant hosesofi the rnermosktt cover Rgmove dipstickguidepipe the

the - Remove fuelsupply hosein the fuelran.

Fuel ayttam ls unatorptosauttltWeaa safotyglovea ano grasso.to awid lnlury .nd cont cawtflr-rkln. Eeforcopenlngthe sys'i,tm ptacaa ctothafound aho connec{on..fhe/r neteata proasurc carsrutty by pultlng fuel hoslrom connac{o'..
or - Loosen separate bllowingcomponents: the ' the hos from the intEkemanifoldlo the actNecarbon ter , lhe loxa-pressurc hoseto the brakeso.vo from the inl6t manifold. the2-pin of the Knock sensor 61- (rear | section -connector and the 4_pin ofcylinder block) connector the of pressuae 8ender the intiake in manifold, tlow the intake manrcE,ront nghtsection theconneclor the engine of spedsender below the guidepipesupport. remove connector dipstick and tne rom [s positionon the BuDDort the connectors ofthe coolant tempeEturc sender, otl pressure sw[cn andexhaust gasesrecirculation valve the.connectorsot th injeciorsand the throtflecontrol unI ngln9codo letteE BBy, BBZ,BKy the-connector th heatedlow pssure valve of the oil of deflectcr. the hosetrom the intakemanibld to the acdvecarbon filter


Is),ibo 2 on63

Continuodfor all vehlctes Partially.emovs the elechicfitings and pu to one side. Removefront exhaustpipe ftom exhaustmanafold . Und,o sTuring boltof the rearnotched guard,in the belt ne regonof tho rightringicr the loadhook. Fit the support--U-30o25E- raisengine and stighfly usmgspindte-A-.

@ rvor.
Aoth rings for the.toadhookaE frftedin thocy'inder head; ror^mrs/ea-sonis ,ocqsary to fix an addihonat ,l suppottio n@Ept he engineat the cylinderblock

As sho,nn diagram-screw counterhotd -in _T1OO14_ the rnr.o thr9aded me holeabovethe cootEnt pumpin the cynnder block Tightening torque: Nm. 20 Lifrengrne stighy usingscond _Bspindte untilspindle _ A- iSr6lievd Remove spjndle -A-. Remove_secu.nng clampof coolantpip to coolantpump rromnermostattcovr

Loosen cylinder hadboltsin the sequence indicated and remove usinga M12spanner ftomthe kit _SAT 1006t2Caretully remove cytinder head. \'tien separating cylihder the head,ensure lhatthereare no connectorgsupporls a(ached. and if necessary still o|sconnect them.


tr,l6a 0{6 3 3

I xrd@


tei"i6q I qn6 I


@ rvot.
. . y. ,:w cytndet head gaskotfrom its packing until Y!!:p,y:r: beforc mmedratety ils installation. Handlenew gasketextrcmetycarqfu|y. tf damaged,leaksmay result. so can :1"_":^:-"9i! gl9th'n cytinders thatno dirtor partictes ger in oerween walland oiston ryttnder

- Carefully cleanrylhder headandcylinder btock sealing surfaces. Ensure bng grooves scratches produced ur-sing no or are (if sandpaper. mustbe at leastjOO I grain) - Carefullyremoveany abrasivemetal particlesand then removethe cloths Position crankshafl mC cylinder. at 1:

Thenotched toothotthe notched wheotshoutd up bett line wr$ the maft on theoil gumo_anDw_

@ rvor"
y.lpr,p!ryy !. !l1rk" ontheseat rcteinedoir pump. The norcnedboth shoutdtineup with tho na* cododwith 4V.
- TurncrankEhafr stighy. back Fjtthenew cylinde. headgasketso thatthe lettering (spares number) be aeed can

- Fitthe cylinder headobseNing centring th6 pinsof the cytrnder block. - hsert newcylinder headboltsand tighten hand. by

Tighten cylinde. head bolts using wrench ftomkitMl2 SAT10062following sequdnc the indicateo Tighten botts 30Nm. alt to 1/a Then tighten bolts tum(90.) turthr atl using rigid a wren6h. Finally re-tighten bolb1/.( (90.) further all turn using a rigid wrench. Install support etements cytinder andtit in head aespective rocker roller fnger ontorespective valvestem enoandsupport elements. ;ontinue installation following rcveBe order removing. for Fitcamshan housing Fillcooling system


'(r, ..4



i l. I {Ej

Compression: cation verifi

:li6o I 0r!6 I

Comprcssion: verification sAT80!0


2O... Nm t00 *'---"ta 5...25 Nm fm175

vAs 5051

Lrtt(nrt pachl ioolr d werl(.hop aqulpm.nt Eqrlnd

Tofquo srnchAT AOIO. Extrector (onty -T10094ngln6 codolatters BBy,BBZ,BKy ) Wtsnah "T20175Cofip.e!3ionbbr -VAG176$ oFVAG 1381_ Vhiclc Diagnosl!, TrstingandInbrmsdon _VAS S.ystom OO51_ tr|lqublb Uinoilbmprratur. murt br at lclt 30 .C

r e$ sequence t1.i60 I ott6 2

Testsequence - Remove engine prctection together airflter_arrcws_ with

Enginecode At B - Remove sparkplugstogether the the with enlton cable gu|oe.



- Remove 4-pin the connector thelontt|on from ransrcrrner -N152_arlow :nglnocodotettoEBBy,ABZ,BKy



6 \r

) rRemove 4-pinconnectors lhe On|tron the from ransbrmers -arrows_ f;go;nO ignition To do so, use the extraclo."oit".

J))' J



Remove air ductfrcmthe camshafr the housing. ,nlinucd for all vohlcloc Remove glowplugsusing all w.ench-T2O17S-.


tura - Ro|rtolre -2S frlm ttlc fi!. box

,t/$.?C rr{inrrpis veg, qepry 0r, dr. io
Alk snod|ar rnrchanlc dap|ts! scccLrabrb $! b maxlmum, thtththrotteb btefiyop6n. !o



* comprlsioo _vAG bbr 1381-


qgsnit gpo,rdtpit sfrw6o,,8 i,t*t&,rj W 9t!9tnt o0 nowb ua &A uni. - Op.abltrtur unfl batff !iou,! notuihlr ptllEur!

Conprlsdonvduq: . thw: 10..0.15 bsr r Wbarllmlt 7 ber I Tolrr.bL dtfbrlnc! betrrun a[ cytinda 3 be, !p|rk plug!with$rft ptw rplnnrr to -T2O1ZS_ Sghbn bninu! inlbtbilon folo'vho rlrraru ordcrlbr tlmoving. - lnbrrogbrnd arac lbui mdrory ot anglna cofltrolunit

Servicingvalve gear

Iei,tdq I on6 I

Servicingvalve gear
a a . . . Valvegear- Cornponents overview !-.. :;.,,. Rewo*ingvalveseats . i_1..,,,:... Renewing camshafi oilseals (]..rj,i_r Checking valveguides , ,, r-,r., Replacingvalveshat sals.

Valve gear- Components overview

lel"i6o I our6 5

Valvegear - Components overview

I - 20 Nm+ t/. turn (90") o Renew o Uselocking _ spanner T100i6to toosen 8ndtighten 2 - Camsh.igoa. o Notetheposition when fttingthetoothed bett 3 - Oileoal o Onty reptace camshafr with fttd o Lighfly lubricate sealina the tipof theoitseal q Renew 4 - Socondary b.anch notch.d bolt a Mark D.O_R. before removing o Check wear icr o Donotkink o Removing, installing and
lenS|ontng 5 - Camlh.ft houllng o Removing jngtalling and o Removeremnantsof old sealant o Beforcfitting apply-D 188 003A1- . Er^A (eleclronparis c catalog!el q V\Aeninsta ing fit vertica y rom aboveontostudsand dowelpins 6 - t0 Nm + r/. tum (90.) o Renew o lghten frcm centreoulwards 7 - Covo/supportfor tgnttiontEnatormer 8. l 0 I m 9 - Rollor Eckor tingor o Checkro er bearing o Oilsliding surface o use securing to clipontosupport clip element wheninstalling l0 - Somicones -N152_








o f Nlsom-l

Valve gear- Cornponmtsoverview

tel,i6o 2 qn6 5

It . Plug t2- 2 0 Nm t3 - Llttlngoye 14. Prrtaurr rrt lnlngv.lve,6 Nm o Clen thadandfitwith.D 104102 the (etectronic 41- ETKA catatogue pa[s] of o Donotovg' lighten; valvcouldsize the 15- Suppo lngot.mont o Check oatinjection the hole o Wh hyd|aulic vdw clgaranca compGation. q Donotmixthemup o Bebrs ingblling check camshafr clearsnce , Frq axial q Oilsliding surEca l8 " Vrlyo plrto tprlng lt - Vrlv! rprlry q Rmoving Installing and . Digrnounted ghaft cllindr hEad ahaprer, vatue seals: replacing . In8tallgd cylinder hed . ChalrF,r, Bhafi VslvE ssals: replacing lE - Valvo|trm |..1
q Rsnlv Ch?pLer '

19. Vrlv. Ooldo o Tegting Ch.ptef 20 . Oll ptt tutt awlich-Ft- 0.J- O.? 25Nm b.r,
o T9$lng Chaplel

o h ca8ot lEakage, outandrplac cut saling ring 2l - Vllvor o Notto be reworked; grinding-in ont prmtesible q Valvdlmneions Frq 22 - cfllnd.r ho.d o Roworking seb Ctrapror valv q Rewerklng cylinder headseating surface , Frg 23- lt Nm 2a . T.nrlon rclhf of tha drrly.d branchof th. notclrd batt,
o T6gling ,Chaptei o Notchd bslt,ftting,tEnsioning , Chaptcr. 25 . sc|l boft,.6 t{m c Fitwilh-D 154 102A1- ETKA(etectronic partscatatogue) o Do not sc|!w too far o Marimumdopthof enfance blowsupportsurfaceof cemshafrhousing:2mm 26 - Ca'r|rhrfit o Checkaxialdearance ,Frg o Oil bebre ffling (atsotie bearingof the axiatbush)


Valvg gear- ComponeDts overview

Xel.i6q3 crll65

o ldentifcatiofi of the camshafrs, distribution timing o Replace sealrings the behind assembly the tr Renewing camshafr oilseals 27 ' O.ring o Renew o Oil bebre ftting

Camshatt lprockots whh thGcountorhold-Tl00l6.l lmmoblllrs pinsin the locking Inse( the locking holeson the camshafisprocketsand in the holeson the camshafr nousng.

[!J iro.e
Thetwolockingpinsarecniectly fittedif thafrnalpatts-O arc in linewM line-A-. support asfaraspossible theintake in - Insert -Bgprocket camshaft 4-. are the sprockets - Oncebothsprockeb locked, camshafr maybeloosned tightened. or

Rowo.king cyllndor haad laallngauaface . Cylinder reworking head dimnsioni= minimum a 108.25 mm

Chockingcamlhaft axial play SpeclaltooL and workshopgquipmenlroquir.d . . Support -T20020Dialgauge

Measure whenthe camshaft housing removed the is and coveris fitted. . Wearlimit max.0.40mm

Valve gear- Components overview

t?'i6o 4 on6 5

|dontmc|tbn ot tho csm.hrftt, dbtrlbutlon tlmlng

2 2 l3 a a

Englno codor ldgntlficatlonbctrf,ccn cam tho prlr!

htak9 cm -E-

AUB,BBZ BBY,BKY cyllnd.rI .nd 2 cyllndor 'l .nd 2 "03AF "0364G'


Exhaust rAcam

Valva dlmdralona

Valves notb be rcvrod<ed. y gnndiwln is parmitted. are Ot

Valvegcar- Componcnrs ovewiew

fIi6a 5 ar!6 5

Dim. Oa


lnH v.hr. 29,5 5,973


5,953 100,5





Calculatethe max, permissible reworkingdimension

I?.i60 1 07Io I

Calculatethe max. permissiblereworkingdimension - lrcertvalve press and firmly against valve seat.

S rvor"

l:#uru;I:.is to ba Ehewed paftof a repair, a new as use valw for the distance - Me8suae betwen of valvestemandupper end eoge cytindea ot head. maximum permicsible - Calculate reworking dirnension rom measured distance minimum and diiension. Minlmum measurements: . Inlet vdw 7.6mrh . Exhausl valve mm 7.6 Msguret distance minus minimum = dimnsionmax. poam|sstble machining dimension. Erempl.i

DistancE masured Minimum distanc

= Max.permi$ibte rEworking dim.

8,0 mm 7,6 mtn 0,4 mm


drn.nlron.rro{,n i[u,rlltiom i! on for ine varvo '!l,o

Kworking valvesat inlet Eal{6aI ars6I

Reryorking inlgt velv6 aaat

.928.7 mm EMocprn||blhtaruwortino dhlrnlha . 1 .5...1.8mm . towcr rdgaot crlld.r hr& .

Cdo{Un! r|0. p.||n.|bb iafirth, dtnarr.ton , - Chaptr

. 4E vril! $t lnola


KeworKng exhaustvalvg seat

f1,i6at an6 I

Rewoddng exhaust yalve reat

r-?-t -

6m ' O2S.O = M!x. parmbdbbr!*lrktng dlnl.ndoo _ . appEx. mm 1.9 . to*!f adg! o, cylindlrhra( , 4b . vah,o taat anob 30 . hlghar - ou - tflraf sngb d' comcflon engbof corudlon Cabuhthem& painLabL |tslatt|3 *finrloat -, cnapler

exvwrng carnsnaltoil seals :r!i6o I 0r!6 I

Renewing camshaft seals oil

o r^7"


rchl toob rnd wo*rhop aqutpn nt nqutrld TorqurwEnch\gqT SOIOCounbfiotd -TZOOIgBGuldslrsvc -T2009,1 BEldracbr -120143-


Xel.i6q I qn6 I

Fi6tremovethetwonotched . (.r,rr,,:, betts - Turncrankshafr backslighfly. -

Q rvor'

'#igffi##f::d\i,r/!J".l,iiff ui,iir,#,"0*"

- Rejnov-s camshft sprockets. toosen To bons, holdthe cansnafr sprockets thecounterhou usjng _T,lOO16_

In6e.t ext actor-T20143- extracl the and theseat.


Eel,i6q. ad I I

Lightlytubricate seatinglip of the oit soat. the P^osition.oil _T2OO81B/5_ p|ace seatinadapler ano assemDly camshafr onto joumal.

and rhe Y:.1!"-1ipi"J !oo81B/1- press guide .aximum,

::?"r?rfl,iil,j: g:

usins sprocket the

- Remove adaptcr the -T2OO8 i B/S-. - Fitcamshafr sprcckets.


Lockthe lspoctivE6prockt with the counremotd _ I ruuro- anotgntenlhe new boltsto 9 torque of 20 Nm. uonthuetightening V, turn(gO") boli ..j;, ,i

Notetl positionot theq@ctG?j6 with respoctto the pinsin ne cad,sratls.

notched - Fitting bett

lontinueinstallation bllowing.evErse ordsrbr romoving.

Checkingvalve guides

Ed,i6c 1 orc I

Checking valveguides
Spoclaltoolg lnd wor*lhop .qoipmant rgquked . Support -T20020r Dialgauge Tolt sequonco


I w00-2300 | a - Ins9n newvalv6 9uid6. gndofthevalve into The stem musr o,tush thedge theguide. to the with of Due drgnt ofiBtence st6mdimgNions. in en3ure onlyan that |nrEr vatue uBd thintst ia In guide anxhsust and JaN |nIngexnaust guid. amount Eidolr,ays of plgy. - Debrmine I lry'ea.lirnitt mm 0.8 I the rockis excssivel the - Replaca cylindEr head.

Replacing va.lvesbaftseals.

tl"i6a I on6 I

Replacingvalve shaft seals.


lz(re4c e\

E q e,', *



ffil H



lu -\


pachl ioob md wodchop.qulpn nt |tqulr.d Torque wbnch-SATgOlOMessuingbot -T20033. Pr8sure -120034Ctoot Installstion -T2m39bot Exhactcr 0058A. -T2 V\,tsnch 75-T201

r I

Kemo!1ng (wlth cylinder head in plac) Iei,l|q I o116I

Removing(with cytinder head in ptace)

Firstremove principat notched beft , Cf:r!!e, Remove camshafi housing, ,ltirrpl:r.

*, ffi g:ff ;":H[f,"5r T,s;:Hi#;:iir#i:Tr:i"ino

spa* plugs spaftplug - Remove with _T20175-. spanner - Setpiston the rspedive of cylindef .bonom to d6adcentrE,. - Fittheadaptof -T2OOg4p7-. - Screw.the measudng _T2OO33- thesparkplug tool into - gonneclthe msasudng -T2OO33_ compressed toot to a rt'nit" 6 bar)' andrernove vatve the "t[l]'!]o*

Pullofi valvegtEm 6eals extraclor _T2OO58A_. with

Removing (wirh cylinderhead removed;

XeliSo I o16 I

Remoying(with cylinder head removed)

- Atbdl the counbrhotd-T20034p_onto a workbench. Removevalve springswith the pressuretool _T2OOg4tj_T20034p2_. eno theadaptor

- Pullofi valvegtemsalswithextractcr -T2OOS8A_.

E1{6o1 0116 I

Fitfng arcid dlmsgaot rlv6 Eab, pbcatna phldc daay! {_ovr. ygtvs - T^o dam (thislharrc i! Induded wi0r'the roarci. - Fltfir mw vatvr EbfntGlqio thc inlidtrlon bol -T2003$. Oll.rrsi,e lbm laql laafingllp endstit! tharet c.tlftflv ontc0tc vdv guklauling thc kltbfitionbd| 1!H3r;:] - Fitc.ol!f|' t houalng Chapter - Fltandlnrbn notchldb.lt Chapter, Cootlnu.lmtdbtbn blowlne rlvqla odar 6r runovlng.

Lubrication systm componetrts: temoving fitting ard

Er,f,tdcI 0,!6 I

Lubricationsystemcomponents:lemoving and titting


ff bea quanlltle's nt6/'/drri&rs or partitar re loundln tllp a'r'8lna d d wr'/-t oflpalsrgps|7|n{ te cbrned @nrg tha ',ut'f,.,lae eraw at'dtlp oI ll16rJ/!.rf,dtu otdprb pt"vcntfitt',er .tfiloe wnnng btar ftta oI bwl mu'M ba alow theM ( np/tk - N<d dnqe lo tll c!t'/Dtb @n&tot1 . W rdd<nwls Fa. Engh. o{ lUru k b rd lDrdllatlom chapter Lubiaanon !y!bm - Cornooorr|t! ov!|vbry Chapter Rc|novlru hltdlng annp + Chapter and ! Rmovlneandhltrlflng oil FJrfp - Chapter H6try tholtrt (o||rrlitf amp b[.lhrr) 7T:dr.cldng + Chapter Oll t[rcarl! andoll prt!trIr! ryldr fl-: draohne* Chapter

bngineoil filling levels specificarions and

Xel,i6o I oz16 I

Engineoil filling levelsand specifications

Oil cepacity w'thoil filtef3_2 ltr. Engineoil gpecificadons or S0200. Onlyin speclal cases:Multi-gEde conesponotng Apl_SF orts to or SG spectncatons. use engine oilto VW standard OO, Ol 5OO 5Ol

Lubrication system Components overvtew

Iel.i6o I oz16 3

Lubrication system- Components overview

1 - Oil prsllure switch -Fl _. trom 0.3 ... 0,7 bar.25 N; o Testing o ln caseofleakage, out cut ano reptace sealing dng 2 - Connector o Onlyengine codetetteG BBY,BBZ,BKY 3 -1 0 N m /a- Oll deflgctor o Onlyengine codeletters AU8 5 - To.lr f,ltot o Onlyengine codeletters AUB 6-l 0 N m 7.P||lg o Replace gesketif it shows signsof damage 8 . Oll dlpsflck B Oil levetmust b6 above not m8x.markon dipstick! o Marks I - Fllllngfunnol o Remove caseofoll in evacuation through absorption l0 - Guldoptpo ll - Prlnclp.l notchodbolt: tr MarkD.O.R. before removing I Check wear for o Do not kink o Notched routing belt o Romoving, installing tensioning and t2 - ldle. rollo. tor p.inctpalnotchodbolt 13 - Oll filtor o Loosen the hexagonal, at usingthe unjversal filtrwrench th aotation oll or tool-U-40078o Tighten hand by o Observe jnstallation the instructions prjnted the flter on 14 - Oil pump o Reptace comptetely o \/vhenfitting, reriembeathe crankshafr tractionelement

12 345

10 11


ll lr 32 3 31 30 29

13 r4 15


ln E{

22321 3 20 19 1E 17 16
i-NTi {rbtl

Lubfication system Componenb ovenlew

snn 3 'L16{I2

o Should intotheadjuaknent fit steves o Removing instalting. Cndt:e. and l5 -12 Nm a Renew 16 - Cr.nk ha|l toothodbdt wh.ol o Observe position whenfting thetoohedbelt , Chapter l7 - Oll..al o Rend/v , Chapter l8 - c!.kct o Renew o Should inb thead.iugfnent ft sleves 1 9-2 t Nn 20 - c!!k!t a Rnw 2l - Suctlonltnr o Clsanfilterif sollod 22 . Tan.lon rcllar o Te6ting , ()haftc' q Nobhed fitflng, bstt, tnsioning, Charrter 23 - Oll t.v.Uolt trmporatuo land.r G2EE_ o Dgpsndlng vrion on 24" Odng a Rgnow 23- Oll.ump o Removing insb lng , Chaple. and o Fitwiha silicon based salant 17640442, ETKA D (eteckonrc catatogue) parls E Clan gu.bcbsbr installing sallng 26 - Oll pu|!. bott,30 t{m q Insnganeg whsr bolt dngtorma singl6 ths and pl6cr, feplacs unlt. ths ?-13N m o Loosn tghtnths botbon theBide tle ftywhet and of usingthc spanne. -U4OO51A2 8- at Nm 28 - Tr.cllon aLmcDl o Oilwe beb.e fittingtheoil pump 30- Odng q Renew tl - Ho. ng .haod.r (cnok hrfr ruDp b|r.thar) +{79o Onlyengtne codetetters BBy, BBZ,BKy o Testing , Chapter !2 - O{lng o Replace damaggd if

Lubricatio! syslem_ CompoDDb overview

Efl.i,tio0!6 3 3

3i!-To Int .m tbld o Ont ngine cod! tfrqtrBBy,BBZ,BKy hrtlnf! on o|l dtp.tht

1 - Max.maft 2 - Min.maft

yepyddg pdnrld end or at! lmx " 35. *_!P:taddoll rEfi: do not
b - |f th6 lcvll b wlthinth finbd al!a, ottmey baddod c - Zom bhrln min.r|8tt andqpparod!6 pdnbd of rll: addat molt 0.5 ttr otott


Removingand installing sump

Eei,l6q I qno 3

Removing and installing sump

Spcclrl tools . d workshop oqulpmgnt iqutlrd TorquerrrenchAT 6010-


@ 0 f| *.r ,,

2 c,ia xm

5 25 ttF

r V'r,/tnch-U-400S1Ar Hand drillwith ptestic brush r FlatscrspEr Probctive glasEes ' , Silicon based satantD 404 116 A2 , ETKA (eteclron c parts catalogue) t movlng

R6mov9 lowsrenging the protsction, Rep cr 50 Drain engine oil.


Remove ftontexhaust ftlm theexhaust the tube

L ] rrrr,,

Unscrew bolts the fixing sump geerbox t.r. . b Romove fixing sump liquid bolts oil with seal . tlr.., Rqmove sump. maybe nceasary reEaa oil lt to sump Dytapping lightly a rubbr with had hammer. Remove satant feaidue cylinder on block wrtha flaf scmper

Removingand installing sump

Ee),i6o ord 3 2

- Rehovethesalantresidues theoil sumpusrng at a roing brush. e.9.a handdri machine withptastic (wearpaotective Drusn goggles) " Cleancontactsurbces, which shoutdbe free of oil and grcase. rlltlng

if ror
Obseve use+y dateof seatant. The,ol sump mustbe insta edwithh S minutos aflal aPPtYhg silbone seatent the

nay I? !:!p !.h:! De tnsertect two pointsin the cylindetbto;k ftanoe. in

y,rs q" oit sump, thrcaded M6 pins

Cutoftube nozzle uppermarklng at (nozzEapprox. 3 mm). Apply_ silicone-base the salant the cleansuriace to of


asshown. searins compound

2...3mm thick passnextto the bolthotes, through innersidethe

I rvoo
e-soatngcompoundbeadmust not be thicker,otheflvA,e corypoun.tcoutdenter thesump and =:::u-eott sudtionpipe tcKhe -y?!ng strainer. Fitlhe oit sumpimmediatety tightening tighfly ofthe a anachment bolts Tighten boltson the sump. the Tighten boltsfixingthesumpto the gearbox the

.\smol'ug andrnstallingsump !).i6a 3 on6 J

Puttheffontexhaust tubeon theexhaust manifold

[f ror"

t3'ii":,i3!:f ilfi:i"!,#;y:,2"#:fl :!,Uy:;|::;

Rernovingand installing oil pump

Xe].i5cI orc 3

Removing and installing pump oil

Spqcialtools and wortshop equlpment ruquird . Iorquewrench SOIO-SAT


L -u, :+--,



60..30O NF

2c roc N,n

5 25 Nr

. Guidesleev.T200818. Flatrasp Rrmovlng principal - Removing notchd belt ir ,r; -., Notched belt removing fitting, and tensioning


A{A"^.^ w(h-<"
\y [ /A


Fl a

1\/_ ts

-.\s,./ FrvoGrsfl
- Fixthe notchsd beltrrankshafr sprockgt the to c.ankshafr, using irrmrsecuring the -1bolt_2_. . Position crankghafrTDC at cylinder. 1: lle notched_ of thenotchd wheet tooth belt should up tine ,m themi(ontheoiloumD -erow_

! ,vor"

)o.notcor1ft1se mafts on the aeat the rgtainor/oil pump.The oEhedtoothshouldtineup withthena* caded 4V. witi

Removing installing pump and oil

Eel"i6s2 qa6 3

the or belt - Turn crankshafrthenotched sprocket anticlockwise threeteethtromTDC:Thethridtoothfor arrcw- theright thenotched -A-should up to of tooth line withtheTDC ma* ontheoilpump housing.

@ ru"r"

Thisadjustmentestablishes assemblypo$itionof the the c.anl/ohaft otder to hou* the oil pump. Oneof the in crankshaftcam todsis up. Remove principal the notched roller belttongion Remove oilsump Remove)draction hose Removeth notchedbelt cogwheelfrom the crankshan Remove pump. oil gasket. Remove Usinga natscrapea, remove sealant rcsidue tromthe cylinder block. Cleancontact whichshould freof oil and surfaces, b grease.

Fittlng Prs,oqul.lte One of the cam lods -anow-isin the crankshaftin the upper secton. Fitthe newgasket the guidepin. on Oilthe crankshafr rods. cam

Removingand insalling oil pump

tsl,i6o 3 on6 3

Lineup arrow-A-ofthe interior rotorofthe oilpumpwith position the assembly mark-B-on the coverofthe oil pumphousing. Lightly oilthe sealing of theoil pumpsa.. lip

Place adaptor the over -T20081B/2- tho oil pumpseal guidethe pumpontothe crankshaft andcarotully cam rods. lfgiven,lineup the interior rotor,slightly offsetting with respect th driverodin the crankshaft. to Next,caretully theoil pumpon the guidepins. ft Fixthe oil pumptightly with newbolts Remove adaptor the -T2008182-. Fit extractionhose Fitthe oil sump Fitnotched sprocket tension belt and roller Notched belt Fitting tensioning and ;


fteatmgfteostat (crankshaftsumpbreather)N79: checkins

Xd,i6q I on6 I

@ rvort

(crankshaft breather) sump -N7e-:

(can/('haftsump Drcdther !!:!?ati!S Rheostat ) -N7s-has mom at aempenture resistanaa 3...l A a of

the ' !tr:,Y# *Z#{:s;e:rstance isatNontemperatue. vehide

Tort aaqugnca - Remgve double the @nnectoa-Arrow- measurc ano the reststance belween pinsof theheating the resEtance. . Specification: 7 e 3... lf thespecification notobtained: is - Reptac oil deflector heating the with resBtance. f thespecified valuei9achieved: po^/er - Checking suppty yolt g. ruppty :hocklng


\\''li\ \ JL

Remove dol|ble th connector and,withthe -arow_ rgrtlon,connected, mEasure voltage the oithE re;;ved conneclor pina blwen .1+ 2l Specifi cation: 1t.5V min. thspecification notobtainEd: ls Check cablsB theaidof theelectric lhe with ci.cuib


: i "f i :T , :" ; l'" '. "

oa o " \ b ' a . ro r r ) L r , o ..q '

\\'='!i\ =, f f -JL\

P{f' A-

vx pressure oil pressure and switchFl: checkins

Xel.i6o I o16 2

Oil pressure and oil pressure switch _F1_: checking v.A.c 1527 B


v.a.G 1504 C

rocl.l tool. rnd wo.trhop equlpmont r.qulrgd Oilpressure teste.-VAG1342_ Voltage tester-VAG10278_ Measuring e6t-VAG tool 15g4C_

] rvor"
t;tffig opeetpn ol and @ryicingvisuatand aca/slic o,l prEssure tgcntl vunentflavldtagran)s Eleclncatfaujt hndngand.Ftttinq tt ttoquence R_em-ove prcsswe switch_F 1_and screw oil Into oil pressuretestef -VAG 1342-

i:::-,""J,iETifi "'Tn;yfl".,"1i#"'311"*'"0*

Oil gessure andoil pressure swilchFl: checkins

2*],i5s.2arb 2

brcwnwireI of tesbr to edh(_). - Connect - C_o"nnec{ voltage bster -VAG.t5278_ suxiligry with 'to cabEstromthe measudng set-VAG1594C_ toot posnveof battery andto oit pressure (+) switch. Th
LEU mu$ not t6ht.

r' .A .n

,L -i 1l

- lf theLEDtighbup,replace pFssure _F1_. oit s^,itch lftheLED doEs tight not up: - 9jld.9lgrl9 an9sto{/ty increase engine Epeo. LED the snourolgnl.up beileen0.3...0.7 ifnotrplac bar oil prggurE switcll. - !:]:::: :pf turthr. Bringup to 2ooorpm "p..d to |se$e oitiempratu.g0 "c, theoilpressuri and should b2.0barat last. Al highgr-engin6 speds oil plagurc thg mu$ norexced r,u oar.|r nc$ary, feplEce oilpump theretie, the with

Kemoving installing aod pansofcoolingsysrem

>l"i6o oro I I


and installingparts of cooling



@ rvoo

Enaufaaarrflctdrt ctearanca attmovtngor hot compoaco'.. lor . lhe @lingPystemis underpressu,i9 when is ,rgretbrp,ttlsprossu/amustde a,ducxld theengine wdtm. befga,w;;4;..-"' , hose ctunneclions aE withspdng_type ctips.Atways u8 spnng dips when -secuBd peioming npai..!,:

, ,::Fjlp:p.,:ryVe9d,ps,,rrseddsaDro ptierc _r2oo2s rot/so or E@ntpntoot-T2O1fd-

insteling,rc,'rte ' Utthe-n @lant holr,swithout tension nottoudtino and omet@mponents (notema*ing on @otant con;r;di;;;;;;;;;;):."" Bodywoft gystem,Componsnts cooling o\rview . r)lrnr rl,i Engine cooling sysbm, Components tew . lh r.r l ovs Coolant connciion hoso diagrEm, (j ,;,4c D|ainlng offand filling coolant . athanrl]r Rsmoving in8talling and G|diabr . itir;!,,ij Removing insblling and coolant pump . .,,ra1,r,_ Radieb. -W- andRirhtredi.tor _VAS_: fan fan dleaktng , ch.ptel Engine aooling sy8bm: chgcking leaks . rljn.il.l br

rrodywo* cooling system,_ Componenb ovenrew_.

ll,i6a I ozro2

Bodywork cooling system, _Components overview_ .

I - Radiator o Removing instalinq and
.t r : : . , nn


o Retewc@lant af,er reptacrng cylinder head 9asket 2 - O-rtng o Renew 3 - Upporcool.nt hoto o is fxed to theradiatcr with a ctamp o Check it is sated that Securely o Coolant hose@nneclion diagGm a , ,i,: 4 . Alr duct 5- l0 Nm 6 -Aux rry |hn a Invghicles optionsl with equpment 7 - Sacudng p c o Check it is sated that scurely 8 - Suppon o Forelectric fan g - Conneclor l0 - R.dhtor ftn ll - Towa.d! thgno.tat cove, o Coolant conneclion hose diagram rtl .rt,t,.,j 12- Exprmtontlnk




sv:thTr,cl'eckthe with cootant sv6tem -sAr 1274-.ada$ot 1274tste6ter -vAc ed

13- Plug o PT?gure.relief in fillercap:check valve withcoolant systgm tester_SAT 1274no adaptjer -VAG127419_ l,t - Slpport o To connect ian brminel to 15- Loworcoolanthorc E is fxed to theradiator a ctamo with a Check it is seated that Gecurly o Coolant connection hose diagiam alf:rL:i,j

Dr.,syworK coormg systet4- componenrs overview. ta - R|dhr ||o th4|o.uttch +t!_, !r o Fgrole(ticfan o Switchtng bflDo.atuns:


: ]:sFd . 2r lpaod.ng!gd: 99..0. .C, iOS or.nlngod: tt - auppoft o Forrrdirbr q No6lnltr auon porlton g Nobtha f|!|! ar! vltbua r lons It - l 0 N m

cngagd, s2...97 dbdsasld:s4...91 .C r,

91..0.96 f

Engme-srde cooling system,- componenrs overnew

trli6o I 0116 3

Engine-side coolingsystem,- Components overview

The.moltat .ide I - Connoction hole 2 - Shortthir.dod boft,9 Nm 3 - O.rlng o Renew 4 - Cooknt thormostrt o Checking working: Hat ne nermosiat water in Theendof the thermoelement should begin open (apDrox_ to at ' 84.C)andfinish ei (app.ox. .C). 98 5 - To hort grchrngo. o Coolant @nneclion hose . d iag r a m . . r. , . . 6 . From9xpgn.ton tank o Ciolanthosconnection
oEgaam . ,. .| 1

6 7 8 3 910 11

7 " Thomort t hou.lng 8 - Fromhrat oxchrng.r o Coolant @nnection hos diagram ,, ,,t, I . Coot.ntptpa q Coolant connection hose olagram , .,;,, l0 - Rlngg..ket o Renew 1l . Coolgnt pumphoualnq ln cyllnd.rblock 12- Socu.tng clp o Check it js seabdsculy that t3 - 10Nrn t,t - ptug o Betore rcmovhg, casually rduc cootngsysE pressure m 15- Coolant tahpaEturrtondar.GB2_ o Wth Cootant temperature sender 2o Beigre removing, casually reduce coonng system pr6sure o Resistanc values @olant for gender tempeEture 62_ I l . Scuring 6 cllp o Check jt is seated that scurely 7 - Bolt G Nm

t5 3 14

13 12 3

Engine-side coolingsystem- Components overview -

Eel.i6o2 az6 3

'18 Support l9 - To radl.tor, upporprrt q Coolant connection hose diagram i'.: i ii, m - F om ndhto., lowo. p.rt
cl i-r'rl

o coolanthoseconnction diagram . i-ir:it)lr)'

pumpllde Coolant I - P.lnclprl notchcdbolt: o Mark D.O.R. before lerYroving o Check wear br o Donotkink o Notched routing belt o Rgmoving, installing and tensioning1rii,rIr' ' ' pump 2 - Frontot cgolant o Check aseof br movem9nt o Completely replace cas in of faultor lgakag q Romoving installing and
, i,i,rt)iil

3 4

* *l

i -\




3. t 0 Nm 4 - Rolr notchadbrlt gurrd 3 - Notchodbelt gurrd - uppor p8n 6 - Notchgdbolt guard- lomr

hr",li ) i i j't$lff
I i I'vr
13 t 2 11 109


!,rz /-6



7 - Pulley o Notlocation whon installing o Removing fitting and Notched ' Cr,!Drer; belt: removing frtting, and tensioning o Removing inshlling and
PolY-Vbelt a:i:rirl"


TNr$orsl 1

8- 90Nm + r [ r u m ( 9 0" ] o o o o Renew Lubricate fitting before Tightening bedone severalstages can in Theangleof -tightening be measured a protractor, example may with for measuring -T20030toot

9- 10Nm

Engine-side cooling system, Componenis overview

t).i60 3 0116 3

'10 50Nm " It - Support wlthidterrocker ,r2 20Nm 13- Crankshafr toothodbelt who.l o Observe position when fittang toothed the belt

Coolant hose cormection diagram

Ee.1"i6a I I aro

Coolanthoseconnection diagram
I - Erp.mlon trnk 2 - Cool.nt dgld tuba o Fixed he camshafr on howing 3 - Hxtlng h.rt archrngor ,t - ATF r.dldor q Onlyicr vehicle6 with gggrbox autodlatE 5 - Lowcrcoolantl|oe. 8 - Rrdlrtor 7 . Upporcoohnt ho.. 8 " Thrmodrt houtlng I - Coolrnt rlgld tubc l0 . Cyllndcr Uockh.rd ll . F ant ot coohnt pump 12 . hirk! mrnliold



6 firre.68-'l

Draining otrand filling coolant

Xellio I o16 I

Draining andfilling coolant off T10(x}7



Sprchl bob md uod('hop aqulp|||.ot [qulrrd . . . . . Measuring -T10007bol Tray-T2017$ counbrtpld -T20174Adapbr-VAG127418ChaEcr-VAS809&

Draining otr

Esllda I an6 I

Draining ofi
- Opnf capof thecootsnt o@oeiontenk. Rep.cr5o. coolant titough drainags lcrai, now- ot radiato(. - Bld lttr - Removo loft. c|lginptotldion


@serwdrwosat gu,ador|8t





Xe),i6cI oro 4


p roo
. . . . . Ohly use antifrceae additivoG 12accordingto specifrcanon VW TL 774 F. ldentification: purDlecolour. Thopuryle @lourodG 12 (according specification VW 774 F) to TL nay be mixed with the eaiier Bd-calouredG 12 antifteozeadditie G 12 is heverto be mixedwM other antitreezeadditives. fffluid in expansiontankis btortth,c 12 hasbeen mixed with d diffarenttype of c@tant.ln this cas' dlt the@olant shoutd be rcpaceal. TheG 12dnd the anti fteeze with the indication"ac@rdingto TL VW 774 F' avoiddamagedue to c{/nosion,l6ezing ot tine daimentation. I.neyatsoncrcdse the boitingtempeftture ot [re liquid corrant.For thts reaaon,the coolingsystefi must alwayshsve tho prscr'bd mixfuft of antiheezeand antitust Es@ciallyin c1cunties with topical ctimates,antifreezehehs to gudnntea tetiabilityot runningwheh tha engineis subnitt;d to hiah srross,t arks to fte ,{rher boitingpoint that it Drovides. Antifteezdpjotecdonmust be gud'e,nteod aryrcL _2SoC to (in ciuntries with arctic dimates,to apprcx.iS .C) Thecoolant concentfttion mustnot bo lgducad by adding waterln hot seasonso. in courtrreswith hot climabs. Ihe peicentqie of antitreeze additiw must be at least40%. f, for rcasonsof ctimate,greater antifieezeprctection needed,the is .t1z- percenngp can be incl9asad,but ontyup to 60%(antifrcaze prctectionto -40 oC).ff the ntio is grcav the cding and antiteaze ptolocton capacia is /.gctuco(l. The measudnglool -710(nl- is tpcdnnendad fot detemining tp cuiont anti-hgezedensity. Old c@lant is not to be rc-usedfo outing /F/placement ndiator, haat of exchanger, cylindq head or cytinderhead gasket.

. . . .

. .

Recommond.d mlxturg nllo.:

An0+.o?o protoctlonunill "C -25.C -35

Antlltr.r. par9cnt go
40% 50%

G 12


Ou.ntlv of

2.25 | 2.8|


Cool.nt quantitymry vsry d.p.ndtng on lh. vonicb 6qu,pn.nl

Clo3e drainage forthecooling the bolt tiquid -anow-.


Xetr"idoozro 2 4

protection Reri Gr 5il Installthe lorverengine

lf the charger -VAS 6096. l! not us.d

Fillwithcoolant to -max-malkon expansion up tank. Closeexpansion tank. Startengine and keepengine speedat approx. 2,000 rpmbr 3 minutesRunengine untilradiator cutsin. fan Switch offengine. Checkcoolant levlandtop up if necessary. Vtlhen engineis hot,the coolant the levelshouldbe at max-. l,lihen the engine is cold,the level shouldbe betweenmln-anq -max-. I. DANGERI Hot st9,mor hot c@lant can oscape whan the cap on lhe expansion tank ls opqrad. Covar ahecap wlth a cloth, and opon lt carelu y.


letri6a 3 on64

lf the charger -VAS 6096-ls qssd Fill coolantreseNoir-VAS6096/1,withat least8 I paemixed coolantoI the recommended mixtureratio Fit adapterfor coolingsystemtester -VAG 127418ao lhe coolant exparcion tank. Fit charyer-VAS6096-onto adaptor-VAG 127,y8-. Introduce discharge air hos6-1- in a smallrecipient -2-. \ hen llashing a smallquantity coolant carded off of is away,which i8 to b collecbd. Connectboth valvea-A- and -B- (levef arm transveGeto direclionof flow). Connecthose -3- to compressed air. 6... 10bar oressure.

V.A.G 127418

valvs (lver pointing direction fiow). arm in of - Open -Bjet Thesuction pump creates vacuum thecooling a in system. . Thedisplay instrument needle must move thegregn to area. openvalve-A-(turnleverin direction 0ovi,) of - Alsobriefly 90thatthecharger -VAS609& hos6canfill withcoolant. - Closethevalveagain-A-. valve ooen futher2 minutes. fur - Leave -Bjet . Thesuction pump crcates fudher vacuum the in cooling system. . Thedisplay instrument nedle remain thegreen must in

- Closevalve-8-. . Thedisplay ingtrument needle must remain thegren in area thatthevacuum thecooling so in system is auffcient continue therefilling. to with / lf theneedle belo\ thegreenarea,.epeat procedure. is the lf thevcuum d.ops cooling the system l6aking. is pssure hose- Pullout


2efui6a osi 4 4

valve-A-. - Open Thevacuum thecooling in system makes coolant that is gut sucked of th6 coolant resrvoi. 6096/1andfhe -VAS cooling system filled. is coolant levelandfill coolant to -max.uD maft. - Check expansion hnk- Clo6e 6ngine keep and enginE sped approx. at 2,000 - Start lpmfor 3 mlnutgg. until fan - Runengine radiator cutsin. off - Switch engine. coolant levelandtcp up if nec$sary. - Check . Vlrtenthsnglne hot,thecoolant b lgvelshould at be max-. . V\rhen ngine qold, levelshould betu9n the is ths be rntn- -max-, ano /I\, DANGERI tlot afamu hot o'dtna cm otcaF whm tha capon the oxparclu bnk E gfr?d, Covorthe crp utt',i a ctoth,and op/'L ca.f/tu y,

Removing installing and radiator

Xl.i6o I 0?16 2

Removing radiator and installing

sAT8 0 1 0


T2 0 0 7 0



Spocial toola and wo.ftlhop equipmenirequiEd

Removing installing and mdiator

2el.i.6a2 an62

. Torque wrench -SAT8010. Masuringtool-T10007. Pliers or -T20029- countertold -T20174guide-T20070. Centre . Tray-T20173RofioYing



Tocarryoul this wotk it is nocossary discgnrectbattetyeafth stftp. To fo lhis ond, il is necessary checkwhetherthe whicle hasa c.dd Edio. ff to so, rcferto the dn$-theflagding. bstteryeaflh gtrap. - Wth tho ignitionswilchedoff. diEconnecl coolant r:hrr;r'r. - EmPtY Pull coolsnthossoff radiator. Pullconngctora lhermo.swiich radiatorfen. off and PlEcolhe lock caader date into 36Mce poilion G r5 0 Rep

Vthlclo! wlth alr condltlonlngrhdtlng


Alr condt lonln lh.atlng coot n clrluft muat not ba opanad fo evahl dafirra b,ha condanaar and ralrlgcl. plp6/.leevat, &,ke caft hot agbqrd, twkt orlbrtch plp$lalaova axc.d,ttvaly, Unbolt rlaining clamp(s) coolant for tub8. Unacrew condongof ths from ib atiachmnt the radiator to and seculEit to th6 brak6lockcanier. aha

Contlnu.dtor.ll v.hlcl.o: Removeradiatorductingend oloctrcfan! unscrew radiator tolb andtEk radiator f6n. oul end

Flttlng Installation cafiied out in lhg revolro od6r to removal, ls ob8erving follo\ding: the Fillcooling Eystem i'r' :r: .

Removingand installing coolantpump

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Removing and installing coolantpump

sAT 8010
60...300 Nm 2 0...100 Nm 5 ...25 Nm




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Spcial toob and woaklhop equipm.nt rqulrud

Removingand installing coolantpunp

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Torque wronch -sAT8010Measuringtool-T10007Plie|s or -T20029- counterhold -T20174Tray-T20173floto

pump sealmustnot be sepanted fmm tho a Theintagratedcoolant . Damaged leakingcoolantpumpsmustbe completelyrcplactd with or seal a Bolote rcmovingcoolanlpump,covertoothec! witha clothto ptolect belt agdinst cooldnt.

Removing Emptycoolant '

principel notchod blt - Removing Remove idlrpulley To do so,uscrew bolt-5- on idler -. puney. Unscrewboll8-1- and .4- and removlhg rear notchedbelt gurd-2-together thecoolant pump-3-. rvith

Flttlng Inslallation carded in th revorso is out orderto .omovel. observing iollowing: the pump-3- in ihe cylindor Fitlhe coolant blockwiththe rear notched guard belt andtighton securing bolts.4-

w,-^ trob I trt-


Fil the scuring -1bolt Fil the idlerpulley andtighten securing -5the bolt -& Notchd bell,Fitiing, ien6ioning Installing Poly-V bell Fillcooling system '


RadiatorfanVT and fught radiatorfaDV35:checking

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Radiator -V7-and Right radiator -V35-: fan fan che c ki ng

Spoclaltoob and wo.kshopequipmentrequirod . I Measudng toolset-VAG1594C-. Cunent flowdiagrams, fault electrical finding fitting and locations.

v A.G1594 C

Test asqulttmsntg

. .

Basicfusesshouldpresenl problems. no Radiator thermo-switch hn -Fl8-. OK.


Pull3 pinconnector radiator thermo off fan switch -F18-Bridge contacl andcontact with -1-2-ofconnector cables measuring set -VAG1594C-. Radiator of tool The fan -Wnd the Righthandradiator -V35-should fan gtartat sDeed 1. Switch ignition. on Bridgecontacl-'!- and contacl-3-of connectorwith cablesof measuring tool set -VAG 1594C-.

TheRadiator -V7-and Righth6ndradiator -V35fan the fan should sbrt at speed2. lffan 1stor2nd speeds not run: do Usecuffent flowdiagram locate to and eliminate open

Radistor fanvTendRightradiaorfaV35: checkirs


cilqlitinwiring , Cunent diagrams, flow Etectricat fault lrnding Fitting and locations. lf nowiring lbuttir di6cbd: hc - Roplaco Rediabrten-W- or theRlgtrt+rnd rEdiator fan-\135-.

I Er9{05a I


EnAine coolingsystem: checkiDg leks for

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Enginecoolingsystem:checkingfor leaks
v,Ac tr?a/!


Spachlioob andxodahop .quborr quh.d . Cooling lylicm bsbr .sAT'1274. AdDior 12ZU& -VAG . Adeoior 127U$ -VAG T6t nqulrmnta . Englnr opffating at tmp.rstuE T..t trq||.nca ttoatun qrplcpfrtr,{t |,'f.vl'r'r atuqn dr tt op.{'rd.covJi'! clpvt't, ctdr,.ldqt W$lo''',,* cad.rtty.

2\ orrcea

Enginecooling system:checkingfor leaks

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Opencapon coolant expansion tank. Insert coolant the system tesbr -SAT1274wjththe adapter VAG 127418- thoexpansion into tank. Use hand pumpon tester-SAT 1274-to createa paessure appror. of 1.0bar.

lf tho pressure drops: Locai,e leak and rectifythe fault. the

Testingpressuerelief valve in frller cap

Ee),i6aI oz16 I

Testingpressure reliefvalvein filler cap

- Insert coolant the system tester 1274- theadapter with -SAT VAG127419- thecap. into pump thecootant - Operate vacuum hand of tester -sAT1274-. . Vvlen pressure exceeds 1.4...1.6bar,thepressure release valve should oDen.

Kemovmg installing aod partsoffuel supplysystem

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andinstallins parts fuersuppry of

to q ' E[T# N:y;p; *r", ttie advtsabbus dte9_noo2u , ot punp the dt'.'tbut,t, tud ot tuet !!Y-!:!Zllc nud,.ny,the aE wwy Ey$n _ ba
bbd ihapter

The@ncflorc bt dD extbtetulr's e B &atnct usit'geping W orPso.scrpwd|!'g . Alwefsoptrrcc clarnO-tmo wttt ry,drr-t/)o d&c-. criq . I na ug d dampq sr,rew tyrp dipsis nu pem[6fbf..


I F:eHil:?nd tu.tittorwth componnb ovrvtf,,. - conpononb *.n wortdngtultsuppty .. chapter o.r rylbm : *Y.ryq*
) Kut clEnlinoga ChaDler lbr ) Rsmovlng Insblling snd fucldliwry unlt_ Chapter , Rmoving Insblling end i|ctdrtiwry Bendr Chaprer Rrflpvlngendinstalting bnk * Chapterli|ct ' , Fuel{lltlrtrtnrwing Chapter FusldellrryEy!i!m; bl9ding Chapter Opcfedon cEshfiJ.l shut-olf Chapter ot Fu.l pump fuctEylbm:cNrocUng Cnapter and _,

luet tank and fuel filter with components _Components overview.

ll"ida I oTro 3

Fuel tank and fuet filter with components

I - Socudng cup 2 - Plug 3 - GGkot o Replacs damaged if 4-1 , 6 m 6 - Flllor crp s.t o Wlh dusiguard a Removing ftting and , RepGr55 6 - G.|vtty vrlv. o ForEnoval, rsmove th9 tu61 cep . Itentundo tank mesecu.ing andpush tab theinlet valve out, upwards. o Chck valve cgntinulty . Perpendicular open valve: . 45ovslve:closd 7 - Errth connocton o Chck it is sgsbd t|at 8Wrly 8 . Vmt plpo gc1ive o Bgtwen cErbon flbr , ltenr vgntpipe and o Chock it is sated that gculgly

- Componentsoverview.

30 E

4 5 6 7 8 9

27 6 25 24 23 22 21 20

10 1l


18 17 16 t5 ,',' /
14 12


'ilt.' I - Actlva crrbon fitrr ry.tam 1r \' tr Location: rlghtrear in whoEl houslng q Aclivgcrbon filtersystm Components overvlew . Chapr,j l0- 10Nm
ll - Ventptpe o Housd lhefuElbnk h o Ch6ck it is sated that securEly 12-23 Nm

I N200506 |

13- Fu oltnk q Removing installing Chapter . end o lf $ tueltankhasbeen r6ptaced, tuel6uppv the sysbmmust bled, Chaprer be 14- Socudngrtrsp q Notethedifbfentmeasuremenb 15 V.nt plpo -

Fueltank and fuel filter \ir'ithcomponents _ Components overview. a Forthesolenoid .t forths. valve **n tr checkthatit is seated *"rr",, '*"t 16- Scudng cfip o Check it is seated lhat securely t7 - Fuot flltar q Renw , Chapter t8 - Fuet r{pply llno tr black o To th6fueldiskibutor he inbke manifotd in q Check it i8aatisd that sscurely 19. c|skot o Replace darnagEd if 20. O.dng o REngw 2l - Fu.l p.qrurs ttgulrtoa: o Tting , Chept.,r 22"5 Nn q Forfuelfilte. securing fange 23 - Rlnggnk.t o Rplac! ifwom o itoietenvtithtuetfor installation 24 - Fuolgrugg !!nd!r e Rsmoving Ingtalling Crj.,rtt.rr and , 26 - Fuotdo vrry untt o Removing installing r | .l ,... and o Fusl pumpandfu6lsysbm:chcking, Lt,r!i.l o Nolo fttingposition fultank , t rq on a Clean strainer the ifdirty 28 . Rotumptpo o Blue o Botwen tu91 th pumpunjtandthefu61 filtr o Check it is seated that securely 27 - Supplyptpc o Elack o Btween fuelpumpunitandthetuetfiltr the o Check it is seatd that securty 2E- Conmcdonnut, 81, Nrr a Removing insb ingwiththerobtionioot_U-4OO5SA_ and 29- t 0 Nm t0 - Vgntvalvg o Testing F .. E To rernove tocking pull latchtighffy inside pullvatve io and out

!l"i6o 2 o,Tr5 3

oeposil system (puls6d) in -N8o-, the.nginecompartment

Fuel tank and fuel filter with components Componenls , overview.

!el.l6o 3 our6 3

Fltting posltion of tuol d.llygry ||nlt f,ange The mad(son the fuet tank and the fange mustcoincide: . . Blueor bluemarked rtumpipe-1_ @nnec$on to wth dentifcation R Elacksupply pipe .2- to connec{ion with identifcationV

@ rvort
Af,er insldllingtuet detivoryunit ftange.choci that the suwty rctum an t braatherpipesarc sti ctippedonto the

Vontvrlvg: chocklng a Leverin rest position:closed a Levrprcgaedin the dlrectionof the anow: open r-t

[!J 'vo,e Beforoinstalling

ventvatve rcnove tuel tank cap.


Darery precautions &.henworking on fuel

supply system

>1.i60I 0116 I


when workins fuer on suppry

!!::W.ny "*"n, *, rcCahwork, especiay tn the engtne a thetott6wing iue-i;e cnnpea "*rtion

Enaufoauffic/,nt ctoa.ance a movlng lor or not co.|'pgnen5. lryhen.dlsconn*dngbaatary, obrerve,afealtmoaru rs , Rep.

wffi#Fffi {,#rfr!!ii#wtp,.^

ffi:,fi Tffi rd'ffi 5l'ff"t?i,fl "il:i*Tf;;gs"lf",[0,,"$f I

an hosctosero theopenino P".to:.l-:q,l]l,rp r n ptace xtraction rnln6-ru4 tankto extErcl escsping fum6s fu91 anA on exuaclrcn system. noexhaust lf xtraction sy6te,"*n"r, "i1.,-"r"t" is tan(a.s asmotor notinEirflow) ; dispfa""."ni long is "ua "Of","]"-O]"f with g[#i-'"' than15mqhcanbeused. Prevent contacl tuellUsfuelresistant 3kin wjth gbvesl

f9l-T! oeroE openingtho fuel syslom aa the fuel pump hotder can De adrvated lhe daive/g by doorcontact switcir.

.Eranlq_remove no. from tuse 41 tuse

Kuleslor cleaDliness

fi,{6a t ard I

Rulosfor cleanliness

hi''di'r ffi,fi?'i3flrffffffiHlupprv and !v8br','s

sr!a! bafor! dirco : IT[:y.y: 1 . rlacalqnovcd plrtr on s claonlurtlca andcowr Oona urc'rcrns. nuiy' unbns.and diaconr
. Cororcaro u y do|r any.)foad psn! f hc rlpalr b notb b rnaoc|mmcdlalst.

. tt?|cnthr"aydrmiaop.n: Donotrc.k wltt cofitpr!!$d etr Ar frr |! poaEtDb, notmov! thr t ilcL. do

' ffiffi"mffi,mrylffi,m,lH,sm*

Removing installiq fuel delivryunit and

Xel,i6oI an6 I

Removing installingfuel deliveryunit and

Spgcld toob andwortrhop .qulpmant r!qu||!d . Tuming -U-4OOsSA_ bot


r Torque wrgnch 80i O_ -sAT

'x rj 60...3ooN|n


2orm Nm

5 ?5 Nn

Ed,i6q I a,ro I

- Firstseeit thevehicte a coded has radio.tf so,referto theanti_theft @oe. precautions - Nob safety beforo starting work - Wth theignition switched disconnect off, battery earthstrap. - Moverearseatbrward. - Remove cover from delivery under seat. fuel uhit rear Fuel systemia under pr"ssurel Wearaaloryqovesard 'auoktinl.try.andconbct wi{r shin. Belorcoioning tne grrsses to &sten' ptace. a.clodr flre conn*tton. l:hen ier*"; p;;i;;i -a,oun.t carcfu y pullng fwl hosefrcm connactton.

coupttngs do this. to

n_, pips 9,"I:og.*"l9agt fengo return (btue) and -2_ suppry (btack) press prpes buttons tu;tho;e -3-, on

Plsition rotation -U-4OO5SA_ toot oncouplng and nut unscrew llang.


Pullfueldelivery andsealout unil oftheopening tuel in


u Note
q.e.tu-el delivoryunit is to be Enewectthendrain theotd 1r Debre d,sposal.


Ed,i6o I oro I

Fifting - Theinslallation thetueldelivry is caniedoutin the reverse of unit oroer.

fl rvor"

Onfrtting finl delivety dE unit,ched< thefuettevd sendor not flrat is

to blod

Coatf,ange Odng withtuetwhenfrfring. Checkthatthefuelhoses frtmtv. sit NoP instaladon position tuetdeliwryunit f,angc. of Mad< on ndnge must altgnwilhna* on fueltankrows-. tuet Yt:! lnstall.itv detjwryunit.&eck ft|atthewppty. tetumandb@ather pl,s aE sti ctip@d ontotuatt;nk. Aflarredacingthetueldeuvery the system unit, should

t(emovlng installing deliverysender and fuel

Xd,i6a I cnd I

Remoying installingtuel deliverysender and

Romovlng - Rmove delivry fuel lnit , Chapier. pips - Release connec{or -3_and-4_ pullofi. lugs and - Ln tehlningtabs-1-and-2_ u/ifi a screwdnver and oEconned geug6 gender fuel _aalow-_ dowrwarua F|t{ng ln3tallition canidout in the tBv6r9e ordrro .smovat, oDservhg.ls bllowing: the - hsort_fusl gendr thoguid6 thefueldlivsry lgvt in on u anopush unul sngageg. up it fucl - lrctall dslivsry unlt , ath;rplef.

lmol'rng and installing fuel tank

Xli6a I o,& I

Removingand installing fuel tank

gpscl.l toob md uo.t top oqulpm.nt ,tqut|td . Torqus wrench O_ -SATSOj



20 loor,i,n

5 25 Nh

, Hydraulic -SATt04O_ lsck

sAT 1040

Removing Ed,i6o I oz6 I

Removing precautions starting safety - Note before work

- Firstseeif thevehicte a coded has radio.tf so,reierto thesnli-theft - Wth the ignition switched disconhect ofi battery earthstrap. - Remove.cover fueltankfillerneckandunscrcw capfom from the the fuel - Drain tank, clean llller surrounohg fuel and area. - Move rearseatfo|ward. cover - Romove from dljvery under seat. fuel unit rear
Renoveconnector fromfange _1_. - Removeactive carbonfilter guards - Remove undemeath tank. fuel - RemoveJrom bodyall fixings foft aear partot exhaust systemThenlowerlhe exhaust system litfle,hsnging a tt tromthe bodywithwre. - Remove rearaxle . Rep (jr .4:).

Pulloff6upply hos-.t-and vgntpipe-2_,prcssbuttons on nosecouptings do this. to

Fuel system ia und& pr8{,aurtWeer selsty gtovos .nd- gressenaoevold inlury .nd con''lca wtih-sktn. ?,efttrsopontng Uta ayg'3,mplace a ctot ercund the ,onnoqron, .fhen tr/ease pfo'sufe by cardu y ourttngfuet hoaa r,om camnec{on- '

tuer with j::f:.fiftXHn "tos rrom tank hvdrauric

Removing tank. tuet

f ittmg :s1,i6u I qr!6 I

ln,8g|llr i! cariqt outin thatlvlrle ordcrb rqnoviC, oos$ringthc rol(wtng: . &lEtirrfld nd hoor! ar3b bc toltattad tdnk+ee. . Slcurs ttolswfu|lpriry"dlp3. . Donc{-contllathc tud Cpr! wfitt$oae o, thal!tum pha or thc Dlltlnaf oDat. . Fltalsr ardc Rep_ cr.42 -


. A{tcr.ln(afl*Io gauga fual e,rdtlt, cltr,dt

ot wtorpt'{,c ffi clpg *, *'ff eo

ire.awU'r*n na


aofi",tr,nc a,rtuc s*rysyen$oudro

tuet ttlter: renewing Xel,i6a I ozo I


Kemovlng Xl,I6oI 0r!6 I

- Srperab .[ hoaaa ton tie furl ,tt!r -t- Ronol,ctha !.q/dng chflp bolt{- lhom thc - Rdnovrfurt tthr.

t|cl nfiar


Xd"i6o I o,Io I

Fitting [ifl'f,X9" t *"'"0 outinthereverse to romovat, order observrng the

Thetightening torque the securing is 5 Nm. for ctip

Afrar rcplacing (tfring)thefuettilter, thefuetsupptysystom should Aed be

@ rvort

Iuel qellveDt sygtem: bleding

X1,{6oa&63 t

Fueldellverysystam:bloeding sAT 13.8&3 v.A.c131820

tacLl ioob ||rd roriJro9 lqd9|||.| A&pbr hed AT 1349r$gAdaptor -VAOt3l8n& Rrnob @ntd -VAG1946/3A" n ltqulnn .


Futaarr! OK. Bltb|y vofblr, ,ti.5 V mhimum. Furl FllrF lltry OK. tt taquanca Ror|q/! cd|cr lfom futc hotdlr P![ ol,t n !a no.41 lhom fula canir. t|!

lltrt oertverysystem:bleeding Xel.i6q2 qrd 3

,51,il;#i *"*##"Tfl?i3Tl-""S911flffi

. Rmov engine protection together ar.fitter_a(owswith


breodins cover the vrve from H5:1:lffJtxl.*" tne


! :il!:&;!H 'WJ# E ;fr#H:;it:t"

ii." f! I#H Iil i !,i!!{; * !ii!!,iif H,

Fitladapter -VAGi 3.18t2G1- adapter _VAG onto

luel deliverysyslem: bleeding

I1"i6a3 qno 3

untir 3il#i"i':;9":L ""dockwise' the is ""rve

11 30,,0-the l|3,1[X'g,THfff95J"-:* to tuel



\,t. !\ . a: '. 31,8

C-onnct,hose j b adapter -VAG 3j6l2o_'_ no3e in a containgr collect fuel, anonsert ond to the seefgure. Tm_th-shut-off of theadapior tap y -VAGI 3t Eno_tu crocKtyts Oprate.rmote conbol-VAG1348/3A- tuetitowg unttt reg ol airbubbleB bleed from valve Tumthecut-off anti{lockwigE. thevatv6 tap until is compbtety oD9n6d. .t31820_.1_ _vAG andthen I{"_qg ho:g,oj!!g melaptgr "gepte. -VAGi 31E/20_ thefu61 ofi di6Mbutor blredr Fitengino protecflon togBther air flter with Tskererotcontrot-VAG 134g/3Aofiwith adaptor csblor-SAT 1348/3-3- insd no.41 Inthefuse and tus

vpcrEuonot cfash/fiEl shut-of

tlf6a I ar!6t

Operationof crash/fuetshut{fi

At $r r!l||. tkno,hb !y&m bctb, Ardhg pcrli rr'|c., Bovldaa

2 in trffiffi frffi *,1"r3"*#.i*'* br $condr

l^hcn oprningthatuallyrbm: Oblan/. labty p|rcau0oo! Chapter. - Chcd(_h.Ftl.t pump]!hy.Jtt_ _ Vehrcb diagnosis. testing and Inrormation system sOSj VAS

tuel punp andfuel system: checkins

Xel.i6oI o16 3

Fuel pump and fuel system: checking



v.A.G 1594 C

v.A.G 5 171

.citl toolr .nd rc.tlhop qutphontrrqutr.d

FuelputrDaadfirel systDr: checking

El"i6a ar6 3 2

. . . r . r

Ad.dor bld At ,t348/:tjTuming -t La0OSSAtool Rcn|olrcontot-VAc t3i{&gAVolbgoblbr -VAGi527& Mr.ludng bol lct -VAG159'iCMunm.br-vAG1?i5-

t t-t! @ ::.r;--..

vt6i l fi

I tz0{02 |

' Toquaw.tochAT SOIO, Prlrtun brbr.VAG 131& 13ttut' Ad.pbr-VAG Ad.pbr -VAG13i6/$ Adrpbr-VAO l3t8/1iAdeiof -VAG1316/17Adlptor-VAGl3tE23. Maa!|rrlng conhncr Cumntlb!, dh!.rnr, alrctic.t tult fittdtng frft|g loc.tbnt .nd naota -t B.tilry wlblc, ,t I .5V mlntrum. Fs.r no.41, OK. A[ cooqrTtcr drcf|c!, fr. rxmpta: liOhb, h.aild rur wnoqw.lho{ld baoft In whii.t wlthair condlirnk! (hratino], mu.t ba thi! o|3@nnactr|o. [qul


Fuelpunp andfirl systcm: chcking

ErJ6c 0116 3 3

,Vobf,rliflrdloig on c|!dt ,trl dtdf

,{ob chapteL

Operationandvoltagesupply: checking

Xel"i5q I clto I

Operation and voltagesuppty:checkrng

D " * theselasks,th.ebafteryearth peiotm T.o

stap must ren ovec!. thisend, be To t E necessary checkwhelher vehiclehasa codedftdio. lf so,rcferlo to lhe the enti.,thaft cding. - l\rovereErgoalforward. coverfiom fuldelivery und6rrearsat. - Remove unit Fuel - Sx,itch_on-ignition. pumpmu3trunaudjbty repeating test,a ow (if the at leagt103cond3 pa33). to lf lhefuolpump doe8 run: not - Switchofi ignition. covcl ftornfusehold6r. - Remove - Pulloul fuseno.41 ftomthc fule cenior. .t emote controt - Connect withadaptGr -VAG 346/34cabte '|348/3-3- cont ct 4t to tuetpumpandbattory'positive -SAT to (+). controt - OperEt thc acmota -VAGi348/3A-. Fuelpump runs: activallon oftheFuolpump - Check rclay-J17- . vehrc e 0,rgnoss leslrng rnformarron VAS a'rd sysrenr 5051. Fualpump do68 run: not

conn.ctor ofifucltank - Pull4-pin iange-2-. -1multimgler - Connact with csbl6 t omlho -VAG1715- auxiliary measuring sct -VAG1594C- .xterior conlacts tool b of connector, the - OpcrEie remolecontrol-VAG ll4O/3Ar Spcifedvalueiapproximetcly bafleryvoltage. lhe f the specifcation nol obtained: b where ceble brokan . CLrrlent draorams is - Find llow Etecrfical
'd I t,l o .q a , d - , r ilg o. an o -s , e n d e l i m i n e to -fa u h ,

f the spcified valueis achieved (voltage suppty OK): - Posilion rotalion -U-4OOss/q- coupting andunaqsw tool on nul fange. that - Check the eleclricalwires between ffengeandfuetpumpere connec{ed. t no opencircuitcanbe found: . Replace fueldelivery unit 'ti :,,.

Uheckrngdelivery mte ld,iid I a,rd 3

Checkingdelivery rate lost requirsmonts . Voltage supply thetuetpump, for OK . is measured 3 bar,thereto,e, at l"_!:-t_e]1""ry Fte measunng th.delivery it rsnecessary check before rate to thefuelsystem pressure theretaining ancl pressure
Toat rgquonco Removecover from fuse holder. Pulloutfuseno.41 fiom the fusecarief C-onnctJemote @nkd _VAG.1348/34- adapter wlh cabE -SATj 348/3-3-to contact41 to fuel pump and banry positive (+).

Delach fuetretum pipe-1-,pr6$ing in thecoupting keys WARNING

Fud syttam b unalor prarrurcl tloar sateay gtova, .nc.gsaeato awld tnlurynd cont ct urihlkln. ,e'ont oFotryl tha aystamptacea ctoth around tho aonaecuon, piersurgby carfrrrty .fhan 'g,/lraae ,unhg fuat hqle ,aomconnectton.
.131g/17_ pressure Connect adapter -VAG fo lesterand pEcadapta in a moasuring end conlains. OpeEte the rcmote controt-VAG 13ut8l3A- s tor seconds,tjofi the tuet ftter Emplymeasuring container The^qua-ntity tuetdetiveredby the tuet pumprs ol oopenoentupon bafieryvoltage.Thercforeue mu&rneter should connected lhe two -VAG1715_ be to oulerpns.onthe fuelpump, usingthemegsuring sot iool -vA\r rcv4u_ (ll|e pumpswitchremains conneaed). Operatethe remotecontrol-VAG 1348i3A_igr 30 seconos, mea$re fuelpumpvoltage. and Comparethe quantityof tuet deliveredwitfi specifiction.

Checking deliveryrate

Xd"i6c 2 o16 3

delivery -"-Minimum cnf/30seconds in -'.-Voltage fuelpump engine with ofiandthepump working (approx. vottstessthanthe baflery 2 vottagei. Readout example: During test, tuelpump measured 10.5 the the is at volis. Wlh thisvoltage pump prcduce mtntmum the should a delivery of540c.c./30 rate s. lf theminimum detivery is notattained: rate the - Check tuetpipes theftterforpossible to restriclions (kinks) blockages. or lftuelpipes OK: are delivery range - Check before fitter.

Fud sy5Jtem unaterpr4asurol Woar galoty gloves Is and gtaases a0avoial Intury analcontact wtth sklnBdorc o@ning ths sys.F/mptace a ctoth.rgund aho connecUon, lrran ,l oale pEssuro by cara,futty pultlng fuel hoae from connectton. -

supply hose offintet fuelfilter, - Pull to press -1buttons on hose couplings dothis. to fuel pipe - Connect supply to p.essure lester 13.18_, -VAG usrng adapter 131 7-VAG 8/1 - Connect adaptor 131E/1.1-and t3.t6/1_to -VAG -VAG pressurc tester place and edaptor in a [asuring end cut{fi tapon p.ecaure - Open gauge 13.18_. The -VAG bverthen points thethroughfow _A_. in direction - Operate.remote control-VAG 1348/3A-, slowty and close shut{fftap, unhlprcssu16 -VAG gauge 1318_ shows approx bar.Frcm point do notnoveposition 3 this on of cut-oftap. measuring - Empty container. of - Thequantity tuet deliverd thetuetpump by is oepenoent battery upon voltage. Therobre the multtmeter 1715-VAG shoutd connected thetwo be to pins outer onthefuelpump, using themeasunng set tool 1594C- pump (the -VAG switch remains connecled). - Operate .emote the conkol-VAG1348/34- 30 for s@nds measuls pump and fuel voltage. Repeat delivery check rate 'theminimum delivery is nowatiainod: rate Replace filter. tuel 'theminimum delivery is again atbtned: rate not Remove tueldelivery andcheck stinerflter the unit the forsoiling





Checkingdelivery rate

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Onlywhenupb nownotaulthasbendetected: tueldelivery .Chi:pter. - Replace unit f thedelivery hasbeer attained neverthgtess ratg but you suspect tuelsupply a system fautt(e.g.intermitbnt iaitilraof ruer suppty system): the - Check curnt drawof thetuelpump follovi,s: as - Reconnect disconngcled pipes. stt fuel the - Using cunntpinca6.connedthe Multimebr _VAG cabtes rhetuetpump of lL]c-.9 contaclg _sleply 91te.or.rte (gxrerEr of thel?ang connector). - Stadengine runet idling and sped. lhe - MeasuG curEnt consumptionthEfulpumD. of . Spcification:amD E mgx.

@ rvor.

ff there a temptury tuetsystem tauft, check atso the can .is o.-cAnpdoutduing a testdtw. withthehdp ot a s@nd It thecurqntdw is excded: fusldliv6ry . . i ,,1rr.,,. unit - Replac

Checkingfuel systempressure regulatorandresidua.l pressure

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Checking system fuel pressure regulator residual and pressure

Teatrequlroments . Voltage supply thetuelpump, for OK logt soquenco supply hose and leaking - Uncouple tuel -anow- collect witha cloth. I WARNINo Fud systamls under presgurelWearsaletygtoyos and glastq b avotdtnlury and conbct wtth skln. EetoraoDE,nlng syt'F,n ptac. a ctoth arcunt the tl' connactlon,fhen ralgasopr9gsuro carctu y by pullng fuol hoseftom conn*tlon.

Insert pressure the tester-VAG1318- the suppty on hose usingadapter 7-, -VAGI 3'l8/9-andadapter -VAG1318/1 as shownin the illustraton. Opencut-ofi on pressure tap geuge-VAG1318-. The leverthenpoints thethroughfiow in direction -A-. Startengino and runat idlingspeed. Measure fuelprcgsur6. the Specification: approx. bar. 3

v.A.G1318/17 v.A.G131tU!) v.A.G1318

lf the specifiction notobteined: is Switch offengine. Chsckfuelpumpnon-return valve

aegulator - Venfythefuelpressure lfthe specified valueis achieved: Switch ofiengine. Che6k hosesfor l6aksand holding pressure, do this to observethe fall in pressurein the pressuregauge-VAG 1318-. After10 minutes pressure the should drop not below2.0 bar.

lf the pressoredrops belor/ 2 bar: and run at idling speeduntila pressure - Slartengine has builtup ot approx. bar,sloptheengine 3 andctoseshutofi valve-anow-in the pressure gauge-VAG.131&. dropon prGsuregauge-VAG1318-. - ObseNeprcssure

prssrrre pressure Checking system fuel regulator residual and

LELIia2 ord 2

After10minubstie prBsureshouH dropbelo$, not 2.0 oar, lf the gBssure drcp6again: O-fings tueldlsftibutor on and - Chsckpipconnec-tons, injeclors leaks. br lhEt bstar -VAG13'18- adapters and - Chck t|e press{lr arohgnnoticqlly saled.

ffi r"o

Nors nnoving p,Drsuegauge-VAG131&,Naca doth a arcund c!,nnedbns bo loosened. the to It thprsaur doanotdrop: non-Etum valvs 'chapter. - Chrckfuclpump th tBgulabr , chapter - V6dry fulplBEEurB

Fuelpressure regulator:checking

Xel.i6q I on6 I

Fuelpressure regulator: checking

Check condltlons: . Check pump fuel non-retum is O.K. valve Toataequerce cover from fuseholder. - Remove no. the carrier - Pulloutfuse 41 from fuse remote control with -VAG1348/3A- setof - Connect cables frommeasuring set-VAG1594C- contact tool to positive (+). 41to tuelpump battery and

..I waRlvrrvc
Fud ayafurrls undor prosaurolWoarsahty gloyes and gla.a$ to ayoldlnJuryand con.'cawl h skln. Bofor. opq ng ths tystem placea cloah argundtho connectton. rclaate$oasura by carcfu y pulthg luel ho^to ':hqt tom connc$on.

ofi hose ofioutlet tuelfilbr,prgss to - Pull supply -1on buttons hose couplings dothis. to gauge the 1318- thetuelfilter to - Connect pGssure -VAG ,|3i823-end withthehelp theadaptor of -VAG -VAG 1318/17-. gauge cut-ofr (levsrat rightangle tap to - CloseprBssure direction flow-B-. of the conkol-VAG1348/3A- about10 tor - Operate remote secondg, fill thfuelfilterandcrat pGssure to a of aoDrcx. bar. 3 prssure on pre$uregauge. After10 drop - Obsrve minutes oresaure the should droo not below bar. 2.5 lf thepressure drops again: in that are connections. - Check there noleaks thepipe lf noleaks obseNed thepipes: are in fuel regulator - Renew pressure

v.A.G 1318

v.A.G 131Ur7

Testingcheckvalve offuel pump

Ee)"i6cI oro I

Testing checkvalveof fuel pump

Telt soquonco coverftomfuseholder. - Remove - Pulloutfusno.41 from fuse the carrier remote - Connecf @nkol-VAGl34g/3A- adapter with 'l3481/3-3-conbct41 to fuelpumpand cable b -SAT (+). positive battery I WARNING Fuel syatom underpreg,surut Is Wearsaletygroves an.tgtassat aoavod hjury anctconhct wtahaklnBato' o!nlng tha sygaem ptdce ctothatgund dre a connecfion.Tho, /graseprslsrrrq by carutu y pulttng fuel hosofrom connacrlon-

Pull off supply hoseI - from tuel filter, pr6ss buttonson hosecouplings do thiE. to Connect pressure lh to 9au9-VAG 1316- thefuetfitter vriththe htpof the adsptor -vAG 13.18/17_ Connect adaptor and -VAG1318/11- -VAG13i8/1_ to pres3ur6 tester-VAG131&and placeadaptor in end measunng contjainer. Closecut-off of the pres6u.e tap gauge-VAG1318(|ever nghtengleto direction at offiow_B-). O!-erateremote@ntrolat shorl intervalsuntrra pressure of 3 bar hasbujltup.

v .A.G 3 1 8 1

v.A.G 1318/11 v.A.G131Ul

,i weawa
It ng.r spr.y wh.n oponlngthe shut-df tap, halct of conblner ovaf the praaure gaugelrce connec on.
. If pressure buildsup loo high.lowerexcesspressur by caretully opening shut-off the tap. . Observe pressure g_. dropon pressure gauge-VAG131 After10 minutes pressure th shoutd noadroD betow 2.s bar. 'the pressure droDs further ' Check thatth6reare no leaksin the pipeconnecrons. 'no leaksare observdin the pips: Replace delivery tuel unit

Electronicpower control (EPC)

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Electronicpowercontrol (EpC)
. Operation . Electronic power @nbol(EpC)- ComponenB oveav|ew


>s?'i8o on6 I I

In the EPC, throttl notopeEtdbya control is the cableftomthe accelerator. Thereis no mechanical between acceleEtor t|e link the and throttle valve. position transmitted theengine Theaccelerator i9 to contlolunitby means (variabl positjoned a position in of twoaccelerator sendsrs resishnces; housing), connecied theacc,elerator. to (decided thedriver) oneof the mein Theposition thgaccelerator by is of paaameteas ongine input to the unit. conlrol Theth.otug opsrabdover$e complete is revolution lodrangebyan and positioner) thelhrottle part. eleclric motor(throttle in control valvepogitloner valveeccording the to Thethrottle actugt9s throttlo the commands fEcsivcs it f1)mtheEngins control unit. Vvith ngine ofiandthignition unit the connected, sngin th @ntrol positlonsr opsratos throttle the according ihe dataprovided the to by position acclerEtor 3nderForsxample, whentheaccslertor prcs8d i8 do\rnhaltway,ththrottl v9lv9poEilionr the valveby9n opens throtlle i.e. halt squivalgnt amount, about wgy. (End Vvhen ongino running und.load), ngine the i9 contEl cn unit the pGition openandclosths thottlq valveindopsndently thacclorator of

Fo. example, ihrottle vslvomighial.Bady fullyopeneventhough h b i9 theaccolcrator onlyprg$cd do\mhaffway.Theadvanlag thb is of hat lossE8 through bottencb cussd f|e thottle argavoidEd. by (e.9. Afrrevalugting to.quergquiromenb varioug of thg aompon6nE air (he6ting), gearbox, conditioning ABS/ESP thengine contrcl automatlc ), th.attle vatue opening anglefor the r6Bpective unitcalculabs optimal lhe sihraton. give! va3tly Thi8alEo improwdconsumption exhaust and emb8ion levsls load 9tcgrtain conditiong. It is incg.roct bll9ve th6'E-Ges'is compdsod onoor two to that of whiah comprisd all b of components TheEPCis I system, only. whichhaw an Iniugnca. or comoonsntg control monitor poBition the th6 ot pdslposnion valve th.otd, ths accelgrstor s.g. sender, throttl the lamp, enging unit... control thgEPC unit, wsming thg conlrol

Elcctrronic po\rMcoltol (EPC)- Componnts overvicw

I.1,{6a as6 I t

Electonic powr control (EpC)- ComponenEoveruiew

I . &pporl e Rfi|olring andi0ng Reo. Gr46 2 - Coonacbr E Blr|( 6+ln I . Acc.lr{or Fdal Da|ttoo trx'.r t$ rid rcc.L?ator padd loallloo

..|xt r -2lta

c \rlhai r!flrovlng, tllmv! locnwdl Drobcflorlrnd Dadalduabr, q Tedlng Vhicte - t3ting diagnosis, and inicrmationswlem VAS 5051

{. t0 n

Aative aarbonfilter system

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Active carbon filter system

a ODeration o Activeca6on filter system- Componenboveryiew . Checking fueltankbreather


t1,i6d I 0Jr6 I

Depending theairpressuG ambient upon and temperatJre, fuelvapour willformabove levelof fuelin thetiank. the prevents Theactive filtersystern to cIbon theseHCemissions escaping theatmosphere. pass (which Fuel valve vapours through gravity a clos3 anangle at ol45 point valve the into ") located thehighest in thetank8ndthrough vent at a quantities. active carbon filterin limited likE Theaclivcarbon absorbs thesevapours a sponge. Wrenthecaris being driven the lambda and control aclive(engine is (al8o warm), active the carbon filtersolenoid valv61 (pubd) -N80-, known regeneEtion valve), actjvated theengine is by contol unit as period The depends depgnding load ngine upon and speed. opening on theinput signals. Intiake manifold vacuum draws fre3h airthrough vent th opening th on filtrduring puqingprccedure undErside theaclivecrbon of ths (regenerating active th carbon). tuelvapour8 The 8torsdin thEaclive quantiti*. crbon feah ah aretEdto combustion mtered 6nd in TheprEaauE tEbntion valvprvnts vapoura tuel trombsingdrwn from whnth6solnoid valve1 tg. theEctiv6 carbon filter(pubd) lhetiank N80- open intake iE and manibld vacuum pr8nt.th6r6bre is lt ensures thatthegvacuation theacliveca6on flter hasprio.ity. of filter(pulsed) TheSolenoid valv1 fo. theaclivecarbon -N80-is closd power (for wlthout eupply s)mplethe.eis a bnak in the power supply). Theaclivecarbon flter will notb6 purgod.



fot fubes socured arE usingspritutype thecgnnediona thotexribre dips ot screw dips. in must . Fuelhoses theongine conpattmant W be secudwith spdng tW clips. . Fot ftfting spdng-lype c,ips, is advisab/e it tcusop eB -T20029ol rctmtiontool-T20174-. gbtypBcautions ObservE . Follow for rules cleanliness , :. , .'.

overview Active carbonfiltr system- Components

!d.i6o I czroI

overview Activecarbonfilter system- Components

t " Ventpipo valve o From thesolenoid 1 forthe active carbon filter (in (pulsed) -N80- the engine compartment) o Check it is seated that

2.1 0 Nm 3 - Throfrlovllvg modulo -1338o lf thethrotde valvecontrol partis replaced, nw the part control mustbe adapted theengine to controlunit ; Functions compnents: and adapting. fdted withan o h vehicles gearbox, is it automatic alsonecE3sary adapt to thegeabox control unit . 8nd ; Functions adapting components: o Testing ,l - Solonoldv.lvo I tor rctlva erbon filter(pul8.d)-NElr. o Inengln compaftnEnt, nght with o Valve cloged ignition switched ofi o When engine warm the iE thevalvewill bactivated from engine th6 control unit (pulsed) 5 - Connoctor pin o black,2 I - Actlvocarbonitrr ry.tom
in o Location: rightrearwhelhousing . and the vent vake o Filledby lhe gravityvalve q To remove: Remove rearrightwhl Removethe rear rightwheei housingproteqtion Removepipes and and detachtank by bottompart Remove bolt

2 _. . - 3 Hf , y...o ..

...-' t1-

4 -'-

Tsjj-oosu I

7 - Vontplpervnftprosuforttrntlon v.lvo vatue onthetuel19nk o From gravity the scurely o Check it is seated that

Checking tankbreather fuel

Eet',iloI ord 2

Checkingfuel tank breathel

sal lflart


v.A"c lst

Sprcld ioob md work hop rqutpm t ltqulrad . AdapbrAT136U1. , tland pump.SAT1390.t , Vacuum tg3t6r -VAG 368I.!t raqulDmant r lgnilion OFF frlt aaquanca frgm - Remo\rE theSolcnoH vslve1 fti h activsc.bon flt6. (pulsd) -N80-2-ltle v6ntho. -1-fiomtheactivg ca6on flter. to - Connct hose-1-thehandpump-sAT 1360/1and th-e va@um bat6r -sAT | 390-wing the adaptor -VAG 1388-, shown illustreton. a8 in

Checking tankbreather fuet

'f,Lif,a2 tsbr to -AlB-position. - Stvacuum handpump.sAT l3gGseveral times. Vacuum - Op.ate must build not up. lfa vecuum bulld8 up: breather connection located botomof on - Check -3ctive carbon filter.4- soiling; igr denif neceEsary. lfa vacuum does build not up: 8sal conneclion andop.ate - Temporgrily breather -3pump vacuum again limes. vacuum A must !vral build up. (Ih vacuum cloautB valvot h aclivgcarbon filts should clGe). lfa vacuum dos build not up: sc{ivscfton filtr. - Rensw

ari 2



Servicing injectionsystem

tr,i6a I 0r!6 I

. a . . . . a . . Cincralno@ Injcdon Chapter on lnjcdon ryetrm - Componanb owrvlaw chapter Inlccdon tylbm - Componcnb ovc lw Chapter Intakg maniiold Componcnt! o/rrylg^, - Chapter FuclRsllwilhInldo-Comlonnts o,srvie$,- chapter glad wllhalrn|t!r - Componcnb Englnc ovgrvbw' chapter prcautlo0E chaptef Saiety RulrEfor clrnllncS! J chapter , Trchnlcaldata chaoter

Generalnoteson injection

t?'i6q 1 qn6 I

General noteson injection

sysiem equipped is unit and . Thecontrol ior lhetuelinjection ignition the out and withself{iagnosis. Beiore carrying repairs faultfinding, iBultmemory mu6tbe intenogated li\3rl -r. Also,thelo'r,pressure air). hoss conneclions bchecked and must 0nfilhated muslbe immobilisd using comparfnent . Thefuelhossin theengine qlips. clips spdng-type Theuseof lcrcwof clamp-type is not permissbleoff and th . Beiore disconnec{ing feconnecling batbry,sl.vitch the unit is the control maybe ignition.thisprecautionnottaken, engine lf oamageo. componenb, midmum a of . Forthe perbcttunclioning Eleclrical gf voltagg 11.5 is ncessary. V dt-awn theengine into salants. ParticlEs silacgne of . Donotusogilicone probs. and the will notb9 bumtin th9gngine damage Lambds and afrgriault sbrt8,runsbr I thort period thenstop8, . lf thegngine repairs @mponent iestg,thenlhe faultmaylie withthe finding, or mustbe control unit.Thgfaultmemory immobilher blocking ngin th interrogatd it nc,9ssary conbolunitmatched and, the Functions componnt8: and adapting detected thecontrol and by unit . Cartain tst8mayladtc a faultbeing if and mugtbe inte.rogatd dlgted sbrgd.Thgrbre, taultmemory the I' . and ncsasary, all teEt8 rspaic havebencompletBd afr6r with This ars . Vehlclog an airbag frtted s crashtuelshut-otf. with ofa in bumlng theevent crash in syslam reducas d8k vehiclg tir ola At rlay. thesamo is ofi thett| tuelpump swibhed bythetulpump whenthedoori8opnd, the b time,bctterengine Strartingschleved. in In fuelpumpis activatod 2 Bconds orderto brlildup preSsurs the br tulEystem.

oveNiew . lnjection system- Components

!e)"i6q 1 orlo 2

Injection system - Componentsoverview .

I . Solenold vrlva I ior acuvo c..ior flt r (pul8.d) .N80o Activgcarbonfilter sysbm ovrview - Components 2 - 3.pln connactol o For enginespeedsenderG28-

3 . Intako mrnlioldprrrruro aond.r-GZl- dr lntakc and t mp.nturt ..ndar G72ll :,',

,l - Intrkr mrnliold 5 - Inl.cto6 N30..,N33 o cylinder injec{or -N301 q Cylindor injector -N312 o Cylinder injclor -N323 4 o Cylindor injc1or-N33O i!,



I - Knock!.nror | -O6lpoint Cylinder o As8mbly block, intake sid

o Testing 1 ri:r'r,'l

-"',// ...-- -.1 z'

/' t\

- l((t'" ...',

i \

o Connec{or contact gre gold{lated 7 . Englna conbolunlt

A i.' rl

I - Thlotlo vrlv. modul. .J338O ii,,' r'

\r:/l + Z,r\ )5 ;,., \. '-../ I i' ls] ii i \.,7

\ \-.__._.,' \ ,/ \"--l \..__-./ TsJ4-0333l

i,, )

o lf thethrottle valv6control part replcd, nw is the confol partmustbe adapted thegngine to controlunitiiir''ir'"r' Funclions compnenb: and adapfng. gearbox, is alsoncssary adaptthgearbox fltted it lo control unit o In veh{cle8 wilh an automatic Functions componenb: and adapting
o Tgstlng . i'i rrLr,i 9 . Englnglpod $ndor -G28o Assemblypoint Cylindorblock,intakeside q Testing (:f ?llr'i 10 - lgnldon trangtormer +{152o Wth markingsfor fte ignidoncables: . 1 A = cylindef

Injection systen - Compongnts overviaw .

>.8\itu2wd 2

. B = cylinder 2 = cylinderS . C . D = cylinder 4

o ' ltem

I I - Connoctor probe3$.and Heabrbr tambda o ForLambda orobe-219. o 6 pins o Goldplgbd contacts 12 - Erhrutt ga. l|cl]suLdon vrlva .l{18- and podandomatgr axhrult na ]lchruhdon .G212for
E ' ltem

q It rgplacd, adaptthecontrol to theexhaust recirculation unit gas vafue , charrlet Functions @mponenb: and adapting tA . Coolanttamf|Oratuta a.ndar G62a Beforg rcmoving, possibly Educcooling pregsurr sygtcm o Ri8trance valussfo. aoolant t6mper9tuB sender 82- , Fq t/t - Hdl .ond.r aO" o Testing chi)ptr.l
o , I0 r!i

15 . Lrmbdr prob. :tt-, l0 l{m o Location: sxhaultmanlbld in a Rsmove in8lall wsnch -U.40080. and with E O n l y g r e a 8 6 $ r a d w l th 'G0 5 2 i i 2 A 3 ,,ETKA( eeclr onr cpar tscataogue) .The.G052,l 12A3,m us rsachth9 probsbodygroovsg o In c9of lak999, ouisndrsplac cut saling ring 16- hmbd. pl!b! dt r c.trMlc conv.rtlr t3O-, !0 m a Location: princlpal in elslytic convortsr q onlygrqasc firdwith'G 052112A3" ' ETKA (erectronrc cataiogue). .G os2i 12A3' must parts The not .echths pDbebodygrogves q Rsmove insbll wih wrnch and -U-400E0E In carc of l6aks99, outandreplac cut seling ring

Injection syslem ComponenLs overview -

t),i6o I on63

overview Iniection system- Components

I - Plug o Replacegasketif it shows signsof damage. 2 - Englnogurd whh elrfllte. o Air filter: removingand ftting q Componenb oveNiew 3 . Condultr guldo o Clippedove. tuel rail 4. 10 N m 5 - Blocdvalvo sysleml o Fueldelivery bleding 6 - Fugl irll wlth InlqctoE tr Components oveNiew 7 -2 0 N m 8 - ot iho braka loavo I - Connoctoa o Black,0 contacts o ForThrottle valvemodule J338o Connector contracbarg gold-plated l0 - lt como! trom Solonold valva I tor actlvoctiton flltrr (pulr.d) -N80o ll - Intlk9 mrnltold o Components overview 12 - Gaakot o Renew 13 - l 0 N m lil - lt corte! trom Exh.ult gra6! rocirculatlon valvs -Nt8gas replaced, adaptthe exhaust rcirculation valve-N18o lfs|e controlunitig components: adapting ', ::Functionsand

29 2A

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

24 23

4:;-\ --tz


-- 13


'l 5 - Lambda prgbg aftor c.tatdlc convo,tor l 30-, 50 Nm o Location:in principalcal,alytic converter grease 'G 052 112A3' , ETKAie eclronc partscaiaogue). The'G 052 11243' mustnot o Only thrad wilh reachthe probebodygrooves and wrendr-U-40080o Redrove installwith o In case of leakge,cut out and replacesealingring

lnjection sysiem CompoDents overview -

Eel,{ta2Mn 3

16- Connoctor prob1, aftercahlyticconverter p.obeaftercablyticconverter 30-andHeater lambda ior o ForLambda 1 -229protoclive platecovsrwith o Located a boxonth6floorof thevehicle, in o 4 DrnS o Goldconneclor contacl 3 lt . Lambd. prob. G39-, 5{,Nm E Location; xhawtmanibld in o Remove install wrench and with -U-40080greas 112A3',ETKA(eectronicpartscatalogue).The"G052'112A3'rnustnot o Only hrsad with'G 052 reachtheprcbebodygrooves ring o In caseof leakage, outandrplece clrt sealing tE - Connaclor prob prob o ForLambda 39-andHeater lambda ior -Z19o 6 -oin llt ' r i

o GoldDlated contacls l9 - Enllna.p!od !.ndor 28. o Fittlng location lir',' o T$ting al i ' ' intake manitold ', ,1 o gEfors rsmoving, remove 2t - 5Nm 2l . O.rlng o Ronew 22 . Cllo 8cutly a Chgck ii i8satd that 2:l - Conn ctor o ForCoolant temperahrre 8nd9r -G62o 2-pin,goldcoloured 2,1-Coollnt tampc.atur! randar 62possibly pG38ur rduc cooling systEm o Bsiorsremovlng, | r q Registanca v.luesfur coolant tempsrature sgnder 46223- Plug possibly plgssure reduce cooling 8y8tem o Bgbrergmoving, 26 - O-rlng o REnew 2 7-1 0 Nm 28 " Thormoctrthourlng 29 - Supplyhor. o Black, whitemark with clips o lmmobilis spring wilh securly a Check it is seated ihat o F t tu"l flbt ' '"' '" 30 - Conncctor

Injection system ComponDts ovsrview o Fofqlnr conbolunit o Onlydhconnrd or conndwilh lgnlto.r!fl,ibhadoft

f 6 a3 o r 6 3

3l . Enlln codrol mlt OnnpLcamni, thacoartol rrult ba mfrfFd b thaoLci,onlclmrpblltscrj ChaptetFunctoruand unit co[pon6t!: adlptng 12.3upFft q Foranghcconfol unlt !t - 2 l{il

Intake manifold Comoonents overview -

Eel.t6oI o116 I

Intakemanifold- Components overview

1 . Throttlevalvs modulo.J33E" tr lf thethrottle valvecontrol partis replaced, new the part control mustbe adapted theengine to I r.i. COntrOlunitr,:: '; Functiong compnents: and adapting. o In vehicles fittedwithan gearbor, is it aubmatic alsonecegsaryadapt to thegeabox unit control ,,; . .,.,,,,. Functions and components: adeptin9 o Tesling ', .'i ,r, 2. 10 Nm 3 . Grlkct q Notthe instrallalion position o Renew 4 - Intrrmodlatoflrngo

5 6


^ro6e ln engines @dosAUB, Mh f,ange iE BBZtheintermediate peft en integral d theintake manifold

5 . O-.lng o Replacedamaged if 8.2 0 Nm t . Gr.ket q Renew pht I - Gulde po3ition o Noteinstallation q Replace ifdamaged I . O.rlng o Replacedamaged if l0 .3 Nm
I I . lnLko m.nifold Orliurr .cndor .G7l . wllh 9ir Intakg tomperature tandor Gl2I l valuesof th htake air tmoeraturesender42o Resistanca 12 - Inirka manlfold o Injection system Componenb oveNiew (l'_.i'l.r

l-N24n46 I

Fuel Rail with injectors-Components overview

!el,i6o I oro I

Fuel Rail with injectors- Componentsoverview

I - Supplyho.. o Black, whitsma* with o lmmobilie spring with dips o Chck it iesested that gCUrgty q From tu6lfilter , lem 2- 10Nm 3 - Furl l|ll o Jet proJeclion lr99 and . seal: Checking a h.rnrer o Removing insblling snd
, Chapter

4 5 6 7 6

a - BLcd vrlv. o Fueldclivsry sygtm: bleeding, Chapter t . Socurlng cllp o Ensur!s6atd conrcflyat lnjc,tor fuelrEil and o ReplEce dernagod if 0 - O.rlng o Ranw o Bebrs insblltngmobtn withclcnengine oll 7 . InlactoE N30.., Ntt o Cylinder Injeclor .N301 o Cylindsr inisctor -N3.t2 g o Cylindsr Injctor -N32o Cyllnd6r injsctor -N334 o Rcd8bnc 12...17 O.



tngrneguardwith air filter - Componen6 o\ervrew

Xd.i8a I oni 2

Engineguardwith air filter _Components overview

I - Airclear6ruppcrpart 2 . Ringgarket o Notthe installation position o Replace ifdamaged 3 - Flltorcerbtdgg o Removing instaing and

4 - Air clcaner lowerpa,t 5 . Rubbor support S- 3Nm o Obsrve nots on instaation 7 . Rlnggslket o Notthe inEtaationposition o Replac damaged if 8 - htske ho6g wlthcontrct i.p a Checking iniake air preneating I . Cover

3 2

f NZ4r 46tl
aatatlnco valuc!for Cootant tgmperatur9 londor.c62" 16olagram divided twotemperaturc is into rangsr A - frcm0...50 "C B - from 50..0.105 "C (amples:

n to of fT..c;";Xpno""no-reaponds a resisrance onn" toa resistance of !91" i"# "oresponds " "nO

tngme guardwith air filter - Conponenrs overvrew

It),i6a2 an6 2

aoo .00 to0 !00

a@ 2!O


v.tu.! ot thr Intrko .tr bmpor.tu'! !.ndo,


lhe diag.am divided twotemperature iE into rangs8: .C A - from0...50 B - f.om S0..O.1OS.C :x9mp|3l


too ,fr


*nesponds a rBsisrancs to or "nc


lao a!o lott imo


80oC i angeB andcor$ponds to a rosistanca b of

rxwr caxmcge:rgmovalandassmbly Xl,i6q I 0n6 I

Filter cartridge: removaland assemblv Rt rovlng

- Remove engine protction yi,ith Iogether air filbr nows_

- 5,'il)?'i"i:'s y#ff;ff "'*".u'"'"n, ffi'fi xg";' Fittlng - $3ilT;-jff **,* :#lit;i ffiT;""#;'"
! ror"

- Separate exhaust breather fromengine_ pipe

naximumrcvolutions {rltcwdiwt, 2OOnn. ot naximun tightaning toeue 3 Nm.


.4rcry preqtutrons

Xe),i6aI quro3


damage rhetuetinjeclion to ,11,1:l::lllty,,:" g leEonsand/or and rgnruon syst6m, foltowing the

mustbe noteol

ienition with cabres the 3""r1""i :ff""i"!'#ilffi the

au?"""il,it'l"j1T;J:?,["J,f*Fgff fl 'si"T., ]ffi

./l'. cautlon

w# :,{!ffi.i: f,i#li!:i,!;:{" ffi i

7:Y#:#*'"*rance roratt movtt or hot E
)tth6followingtesteB measuaing if and insrumnts have oeused du.ing rosdtst: e Tg^sters measuring and insLumgnis atways must b6


*"t and operated 2nd by a person

e$ and measudnginstrumnts operatod are $engers seatandthe vehicle invdlved ftom hoht is in sn accident,

be injured '#ffHg!1Ji,lili,ffit courdseriousr',

X*;ngn'n" '" to o" ,urned starter at speed wirhout

Rmoveengineprotjeclion togethgrwith air filter .arrowslhe cod. AUB

precautions Sal'ety

Ee?rido oz6 3 2


the from - Remove 4+in connector thelgnition tGnsformer 52--arrow--N1 Englno codolotel! BBY,BAZ,BKY

Removethe 4-pin connectors -aftowg-fiom th6 ignition transformeB.

Conlinuodfor all vohlcle.

fuse - Remove 25 homthetusebox.


Xd,i6o 3 oro 3

Removingtusa25 interrupts wttagesuppty the the to inlectots.

S rvo'-

Kutestor cleanlinss

Xttda I ors6 I

Rulesfor cleanliness
For onthefust uo.t supw3y!tgm, bltofling.s the rut8, be nuet . mt*"?:" ,t unton! thaadient *.as befor end

. Placorqno\rd parb on . deansurfaca co\,!r_ and Uslint fe6 clolhsl

'3ilY.lgm#ffiTml:fff"s,iff$",, ',,",.$flr#f"ff
' x"ifiilH',iL,ffli11fl,,trft"g1trffitr#,$"."n o.


*l oprn componcib irr'pai. cannot oaniJ be

r sluDcal


Xel.i6c I qr!6 I

ldlingsped chsck ldling Engln contol unit Spr penno.: SpecO limiblion
, i,{otaditr.i.bt


r ETKA(etectronic partscatatogue)


fom approx. 6600


l^e).i6oI olo I

Checking components
. . . . . Throttlevalveconkol unit -J338-tverifcation . i ' : ' , Injectors N30... N33:verification projection Jet imsgeand sealrchecking Checking intake preheating air Engine speedsender verification -C2E-:

ThrcttlevalvecontrolunitJ338: verification

!s?'i6a I qE63

Throttle valve control unit J338-: verification

v.A.G1526 E v.A.G1504 C

v.a.G1598 |r

Sp!3hl toob rnd workrhop cqutpm.nt |tqutrud I Hsnd hldmultimeter.VAG 15268. muttirtr or 17iS-VAG . Msasuring toolst 1594C. 'VAG . Tester 1598/31-VAG . Current diagram8, llow lclrical fndingandfittinglocations fault

S rott
. lf lhethrotda vatue @n|ol pattis replacad, new@1W paftmust the bo sdapted theeryino @rttgl unit . ahdplecFunctions to aN @Wnents:adspting. . ln vehid.s frfiedwithan automatic geafto&it is alsorocossary to ddaptthegaaftOx @nfuOl unit . Ct 1p'prFunlti'tls anct @mponenb: a.taptirg. Talt |tqulltmenb

r ororuevatve coot ol turitj33g: verificarron

Xeli6c 2 oa6 3

. Thfottle neither damaged dirty. nor . Coolant gO ternperature,"C minimum. lort rcquonco - Remove engine probction together a,rftte. with -arows.

Pull6-pinconnecior throttevalveconlro, off unitr.gw_. Meesurg throtfle th+e valvedrivr3ist6nc between

.1.0... e Specification: S,O hespecification obtined: is not Replace throtfle the valvecontrol -J338-. unit hespecified i6achivedl value Chect,vottag suppty thrctfle of vatve control and unit rh wlnnglo conhol
unit L rereare no faultsin the voltage supply wiring: or Replace engine the controt unit ..r ,jr i, .

llrottle valvecontrolunitJ33g: verificafion

Ic,)'l6c3 ar6 3


vnEr&llB volErge supply and wiring to control unit

!e).i6q I ond 3

Tg3t,squi|bmont8 .

Checking voltagesupplyand wiringto controlunit

Battety vottge teast V. ''1.5 at Tgslsgquence - Pull6-pinconnector throt{evalve off @nrotunit_arow-.

9:.11:5lJ!1l3ld_ 'urtimeter 15268_ !9ldto.pins _vAG or 2+6ofiheconnector br IiIiHS,l -Yi9-lil9;

Switch ignition. on Specjfication V minimum. | 4.5 Switch ignion. off

measure toconrad vorraee 2 3i,ilt,lH#,,jffi,:: ro

Switch ignition. on Specificalion: V minimum. 4.5 Switchofi ignition. le specificationis not obbinedi v(,nnecr Egrer_VAG 598/31- conkotunitcable i tro nd|ress!wlnout @nnee{ing enginG control un|t,

\ necKtng vottrage supply andwiringto controlunit

Iel,l6o 2 czto3

-vAG fl,e;!f :?fl,s.fiBffir6 tesrer


Fcrnete vAG roc*er ridii


i I
wrae resistanc: x. 1.5O Ma


118 9l

llSltlol8lly.check wiros for shods ro one another,riovehtcleearth or ro Danery posttive. . Specification: O l wiringfautt is detectedl checkengine control voltage unit supply . veh ctedragnosrs leslrng

Checkingvoltagesupplyand wiring to control unit

le?,idc 3 oro 3

an0 rntorrfatcn systenr VAS 505j.

InjectoN N30 ...N33: verification

le),i6a t oro 2

Injectors N30... N33:verification

V . A . G1 5 2 6B


v . A. G1 5 9 4 C

v .A .G1 5 9 8 t3 1

v.A.G t7r5

SpocLl tool. .nd wo*ahop.qulpm.nt Fqulrod

Injectors N30... N33: verification

>E)\i6(I2Mb 2

. . . r .

Handhetdmultim6ter _VAG .t 15268- huttimeto. _VAG 715F or Voltage .VAG15278tester Measuring tootset-vAG 1594cTesier -VAG1598/31Currenl flowdiagramg, electrical fino|ng fittihg fault and locataons



llf6o I a,i6 4

Checkingenergising Tad ||qulran|n|lr . Fuleno.29, OX.

#ff#--H ' 5,Yn'ff"m,fnH,?f;X}iffT,"?X"llii"*., HH##Hr' flihflfi',#*;ffS(trc*'

r Fuotpump OK llby frat raquanca

"1?fi.iiggg;ptrnt . Ea.lhconnrcdon phoum in crEmbar OK . B8tbryvoltogc, 11.5V n{nlmurn


(s6rrtoxhou!rn!) brrr

vhicre diasnosis,



Renoveangina prctrdtonb$tiar wtth8ir fitt!| -smtv!. ngln. aod. AUB




r.m renitron hc

dn. co(h h|b|| BBy, BBZ,Bl(Y

Checking energising

le).i6o 2 trr6 4

the connectors theignition from - Remove 4-pin transfrcrmers -anows-Conflnugd all vohiclo3 ior

Pullterminal connectors nows- off injectorg.

Connect voltage tester-VAG15278-withauxiliary hom cables themeasuing toolset 1594C-VAG


Iel.i6o 3 o16 4

betweencylinder 1 @nnectorpins. - Activatestarier motorand checkthe voltagesupplyto cyl. 1 injector. LEDshouldllghtup. The Repeatcheckat the injec{orconnectors Cyls. 2 ... 4. for Switch ignition. off

lfthe LEDdoesnot lightup on any cylinder

diode lamp Cyl.1conndor, t6st io contact 1 - Connect andearth. LEDmust The light. check theinjector at connectors Cyls. ...4. br 2 - Repeat lfthe LED does light not up: off - Switch ignition. wirbetwen 2-pinconnclor contact andtuel 1 - Check pump relay open circuit uEing currnt llow -J17-br oraglam. . Wre resisiance: 1.5n MEx. lf theLED dos light ononsor sEveral not up cylindersl

'159881- control cable tester to unit - Conneqt -VAG harness, without @nnectin! engine conlrol unit.

wiringbetween boxand2 pininjestor - Check test (to connectoG @ntrolunit)for opencircuitaccording to


t*),ita 4 an64

curent flowdiSgtam.

Injoclor conbcl2 1, Injector contacl 2, 2 Injeclor contaci 3, 2

F.m.L rockrr VAGltg8,3t 96 68


Injeclor conbqt2 4, Wt9 r$isbnc:Max. O 1.5 check wir$ ior Ehort onoanothsr. !o - Addltlonally .

Specilication: O. Check wiringbqtwrsnconnclor cgntiqb 1 gf Injsclo.s opgnai.c1|it br io oneenothgr, I Wl9 regbtance: 1.5O Max.

lnjctor rcsistence: cheking

Eel"iic I s?roI

Injector resistence;checking
T6!t loquanco . Check tesi6tanceot injectorsbetwgencontacb. Spcification: 17 O 14...

[.jll tvo.o
Thereeidance valuels valktfor awrcx. 20 "C. Resistanae valueincrcas,s highar with tedparatures approx. ... I A. 4 lf lho spscificaton notobtainodl ie dfctive injctor .lfc'll. - Renew Ingbllatonof thg Injc{ors caflidout in th reverse is ord6r to rgmoval, obsrvlng blkrring: the . Renw O-ring8 all Injector8 lightlymoigten on and wifi clen Englng oil. . hssrl injeclora veffclv andin theconectpo8itlon inb thetuelrailandtcurewih retaining clips. . Fittuelrallta thecllindsrheadwlihall f|e inledols conc{ypleccd boltunlformly. and

Jetprojection imageand seal:checking

t)"iio I oro 3

Jet projectionimage and seal: checking


v.A.G1594 C

v.A.G 1630


Spoclaltoola and workahopequipmant roquiied

Jetprojection image seal: and checking

Xe?'i6o on6 3 2

. . . a

Torqlewrench -SAT8010Measuring set-VAG1594Ctool potentiometer Digital -VAG1630Measuring conlainer

Teatlcquircments . The fuel pressuremustbe in order,checking

Toataoquonco Removeenginprotgction togetherwith air filter -arows-.

Pull2-pin connecior coolanl off tempoEturo sender -G2-

potentiomoter Connectthe digital to -VAG1630- pins1 + 2 of connector, uringauxilaary cables frommeasuring loolst Bnd the to -VAG1594C-, adjusl sideconnected 15kO. Unclip wiringharness the injectors the for fromintake manifold thormoglat and housing. Remove tailcomplete all injectoB fuel rvith fromcylinder head(fuelhoses romain connecled)

Jetprojecrion imagcandseal:checking

Xe),i6o3 o16 3


underthe injectorto be chockedand - Holda Bmallcontrainer pullconnocloE all othrinjectors. ofi starter.Injectormuslsprey in - Havo2nd pgroonopeaate puls6s. check wiihotherinjeclor3 ensuring the injeclor that - Ropsat io be chock6d theonlyonc @nn6ctd. is for - Thncheckinjectorg loaks.No morathan 2 dropdmin mayleakout. lf lhe fuel los3is grestgr: - Srvitchoff ignition. R6newdefeclivoinlector In8tallation the injec,torg carridout in the reversorderto ot i! removal, obsorving tollowing: the . R6n6wO-ringson all Injectors and lightlymoistenwilh clan ongino oil. injoctors a Inserl veniclly in theconectpoailion the and into fuelrailandsecuro withretaining clips. . Fitfuelrailto th6cylinder headwithall the injoclors placed boltuniformly. carrec{ly and

Checking intakeair preheating

Is?.{601 cz6 I

Checkingintakeair preheating
Spdclal toob and worl(lhop qulpmrnt lrqulttd . Chilling spray(commercially available)

To.t lgqognce . . Removeair intakehosetrom air flter. Checkconfol flap pogitionI -. Above +23 oCfiag mustclgse wa.m air cgnnection Blow+10 rc fraDoDenswam ak @nnection

B "ott The wvrkingof thg heat defiBnt .2- may easilybe checked
applyinga conwnttumalcodant spfty.

Engine speed senderc2S: cation verifi

Xel.i6a I s?ro3

Enginespeedsender28-: verification
Theengine sped 86nde. 28-is a spod rgfsrsnce and marksndr. th.ei9 no6pd lf signal, gnging notstari.lf ths will thegped failgwhsntheenginsi8 running, engine 8lgn6l th stall8.

v.A.Gr 5:It 3

v.ac I se4 c

v.A.G r5eull

I !?qq!-s'r
Sp.cblloob rnd rcrl(thop rqulp|n.nt r.qulEd . . . . Handh6ldmullimetsr or -VAG15288- multlrnobr -VAG1715Measudng sat-VAG1594Ctool Tester -VAGl599/31Cu.lentllowdiagremg, ftult indlngandftting locationr ebctrical

Ioat r!qul|t|mr$! . Battery vohage, V minimum 11.5 Ttat $quanct prolclion engine bgethorwithair filter-anows- Rrnove


Enginespeedserderc28: verification

Xe),i6o2 ozro3

Disconnect 3-pin the connector theengine to sped (in sender manifold, thedght). -6rrow- theintake to

Connect handheldmultimeter or -VAG15268mulhmeter measure -VAG171s-to voltage usingaux. cableg frommeasu ng toolset-VAG15g4o-to contacts 1 (positive) 3 (earth) engine and on speedsnder @nnector. Switch ignition. on Specification: V minimum. 4.5 Switch offignition.

. -

lf no voltage present: is

Connect tester-VAG1598/3'l- conholunitcable to hamess, without connecting engine control unit-

Engine speed sendefi28:verification

ti'i6(r 3 ono3

Check cables the betwen tggtboxandthe3-pin the plab br anopEn conneclor circult frcllovi/ing current the circuits diagram.


Fomdo lock t VAG l508r3l

87 10E

2 3 lryire rEsistancei 1.5O Max.

- Additionallycheckwires for short to one another. . Soecification: O '1+3: lf no faultis bund in wiring nd thereis vottge between contacts Rqplac engine the speedsendr -G28. . ll.,r'r.

lf no tault is found in wiring and there is no voltagebetweenconiacts 1+3i Replace engine the conholunit

Enginecontml unit

le),i6c I oro I

Enginecontrol unit
. . I Engine conlrolunit Roplacement cl.-Dl.f Adapting tunctions @mponents ilr;ri.]i.;f and Intenogaling erasing and ehgin cohtrol faultmenlary ' .i :pic unit

Enginecontrol unit: Replaaemerf

t1,[60 I on6 I

Enginecontrol unit: Replacement

Removlng pint outor memorise control identification alsothe - First the unit and previous conhol @ding . .. .rr t r. uflil ofr - Switch ignition. conneclors control andpullofffor unit - Release

the lugs A. th6 - Separate bracket -anow andremove engine control fiomtheEngine unit fonvards r.ow 8-. Fltting the unit frame. - Place newcontrol intotheretaining unitconncto. lock. and - In8tllcontrol th ooding adjustthe nwcontrol and - Check previous

d leslngandnforl1ratron unit VehLcleagnosrs systern V AS5 0 5 T,

Finally, inte.rogate faultmemory the newengine thg of @ntrol unit and erasthe iault memoryit nocessary.

- Take vehiclefor a le3t drive. IntenogatB newcontrol faultmemory the unit again.


Adaptiryfunctions components and

t6l.l3o I on6 2

Adaptingfunctionsand components
Spsclaltoob md work*op aquiprnant requirld . Central diagnosis 505'l-VAS

r. .4i:; : lr: I

. 3m.cable-VAS5051/5A- 5m.cable-VAS5051/64or Wolk laqutnca

vAs 5051/5A

w00-r0104 the diagnGis-VAS505't withlhe 3m. - Connct central cable-VAS5051/54. 5m.cable-VAS50516A-. or "guided finding' thevehicle tunclion fault in - Select diagn$is testing infcrmation and 5051/syEtem -VAS Onc interDgatd: allcontrol have units b6en - Pre$'Go to' key. slec{ion'. - Select'Function/component engine'. - "Selec{ cod'. - Select'Engin ' Select'01 Systems cpable self{iagnosis". of 'Engine management. - Select

Adapting finctionsandc.omponents

EeLltu2 attd2

Selecl'Funcdons'. Sslsct'Functonor componanf.

lntenogating erasing and engine controlunit faultmemory

Eel"i6qI crrt62

Interrogating erasingenginecontrolunit fault and

Spschl logh .nd wodGhop equlpmont . Cenkal diagnosis-VAS 505'l'r.'A:.1:i 1r: I 'oqullod

. 3m.cable 5051,/54- 5m.cable or 5051/64. -VAS -VAS Woatlaquencc

vAs 5051/5A

w0-10194 centraldiagnGb 5051- the3m. wilh - ConnEctthe -VAS cable.VAS 5051/6A- 5m.cable or 5051/6A-. -VAS engine runat idling and speed. - Start Only when not engino do6s start: - Switch ignition. on th self - Brigiy presg key"vehicle diagnGis".

lnterrogatiDg erasiogenginecontlol unit fault memory and


lndlcffofl - VAS5051-: or v6hicls '01 systcm - Engln leclronhs'ln menu - Sl6ct - Wbituntilth" bllowineb dllplaysd.


.: lndlcation - VAS5051 on '02 - Selrcttunctlon - Iniarogaigi.ult memory'. in contol unlt'0 fault(s) - lf nohult is 3torsd englno debcted'i8dlrplaysd. havcbqnrucodedin theenglng control unit, - lf iaultS thlsis disphyd thesqren. on tho - Prs8s E key. functon'05 - Erase faultm!rDry'. - Slcl tuncdon 'oGEndoutsuf. - Prs


n r s




padsofexharstsystem Rnovingandinstalling

tfi6a I qn6 I

Removing and installingparts of exhaust system

A{ts lnr,Mtloo <dt lto orAard lralrfr,.Sdd eb nw&b wot tEhn hal lrfor,ll nolCrairseN thatthctab stiIf/rot *!//]tloil fto.nthaW. lt t',c,l!c/',f,lo,tr,', (htM aN dMb darrF and pllp dlgn dlencFir axhaugf s th,/ aikffi oblr"rca le aN r'ln|lnrdto thaNWot <aN thaEup@/ls avaly Mled. an Feproca serf.lock ru6. lg Edraud mrnfibld, ltani axhn t pFa wlh cetrlyfic@rwrlbr $!d .!cc.a|ori!!: Componat! onarrlOr, Chapter Slllncarwl0l Nr!.mlcn dcntdtr - CongomntrolqMcw chapter -

Exhaustmanifold, fiont exhaustpip with catalyticconvederand accesso.igs: Components ove... ll,160 I o1t62

Exhaustmanifold, front exhaustpipewith catalyticconverter and accessories: Components overview

t - Wam alr collctor date 2.10 Nm o Follow corect the tightening order I -. 3 - ,10Nm 4 - Support q Scured cylinder to block 5 - Exh.urt mlnllold wlth bullt in prs{atalytlc convlrtgr 6 - Grtkot o Renew 7 - Lock nut, 25 Nm o Renew I - l,.rmbdr probo39-, 50 Nm o Location: exhaust in manifcld o Rgmove install and with wrench -U-40080gra99 o Only thread "G wilh 052J12 A3' ' ETKA (eleclronic parts catalogue). 'G 052 The 112 mugt A3" not.egch thg probebodygrooveo a Inca86 ofleakage, out aut andreplace dng ssling t - Conn.ctot prob o ForLambda -GsgandHeaterbrlsmbda probe l9-Z
l, o 6 { in o Gold platedcontacts 10 - Connsctol e ForLambdaprobeafrcrcatalyticmnv.6r-G130-andH6aterforlambdaprobe1,aftercstalyticconvener-z29o Locatedin a box on the fioor of the vehicl,coverwith protectiveplate. o 4 prns o Goldconnectofcontact3 ll . Ltlr|bdi .frot c.talytlc convg.tor Gt3lt- 50 Nm q Location:in principaicatalyticconverter o Onlygrqgs with"G 052 11243" - ETKAleleckon partscatalogLre). 'G 052 11243' mustnot c thread The reachthe probbodygrooves q Flemove and installwith wrench-U-40080E In case of leakage,cut out and replaceselingring

" ,z-\
/ 1j."

l N .--"


*1 ,-1 10
11 --12 r,13


18 ''t'.-


I N26-048ii I

piF Exha$tmardfold, frontexbaust with catalytic conveftr atldacssories: Componenls ovc.., h lfu2 odt6 2

l2- Do u t a c h m p 13.To lnt la -21 m 13- Fioit axhturt hrbau h catdytc coiyada. q Not! prtnumber ETKA + (elect.onic parlscatalogue) ll .s.curlo! rlng o Roplaca demagcd if l7 -40 Nn q Rene lE - Grrtd q Rqn6w 'mrd||t. lllrnc.r

tlghtanlnl aaqo c. wrnn d. colLcbr dab to arh|rd manllold 1 - Trghbnbolt-1-b hc bNuo of l0 Nm. 2 - Iighbn bolt-2-b ttr6brquo of l0 Nm. 3 - Ilohbn bolt-3. b 0rob|qu ol l0 Nm.


glements ComDonents Silenc,er with susoension overview -

Xe)"i6o oro 2 I

Silencer with suspension elements Components overview I - Frontllloncaa ' Note a Fitwithout tErclon 2 - 25 l{m 3 - irounilng o Be8urtc fit in conect poaltion o Replac dargEd if ,t . Cuidnolocrtlon , Note o Markad lmpEssions by on pipe connec'ting 5 . Rs|l rlloncr ' Note a Fitwihouttsnsion


3 I

1) A! ll|nd|'d, lh. ilnt .nd ar dlancao .|! | .lnglr cornponcnl. Wnantlpaldng. lha Lonl rnd |!ar llloncarr a|t auppliad individualt wli a doubL cLmp for c.iirctlng !ot.lh.r Cd ln. co.Dcllon lub. p.D.r$ioi.r ln lhc cunhg bc{ion, 'tenr!wlh lh! pli.r! -U-4O079 F!

goprn0no polnt on .xh.utt plpc pip in th - Cutthesxhaust prpndiqrlady cuttlng location,shown tharoyt,-2.; u8the-U-40075-. by installing double rpairdamp-4.placabotween - V\trgn sidsrnaftings anor/s-l- and.3.. . Tightening tcrqu: Nm 25

Silencer with susDemion elemen& ComDonents overview -



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gas Exhaust rcirculalion system

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Exhaustgas recirculation system

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gaa me eqtrp @nt/olunt E |r$onsDb tu actrvatirg oxhaust the gas t&tvllatloo Efrfon vla thaexhaur{ Bdranhbn valw .tt1&, Thoexhauffgastdtculaion vefue +'11&wfrh @tD dtaod dunwr cnsan"c vatouscroasradlmd Wnhgg areN$M at d lennt ttat plunger Blts. mmks b &Wd a('dvatlon, valvanry b novB<t tny ,ogil*m, th b a V|llnever exlnur' W t"{lJ/r{latk},t vdw ls rdad, 8dapttt|6 oteit' drtd unitb tlrdexhau{,988Edrwlatbt whtc chapteq Fur/kms nd cpr,n'pt'pr'']b edcpltng. ExhtuEt .EdGul{on 948 rylbm - Componotrowrvlcw - chapter

Exhaustgasrecirculationsystem- Components overview

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Exhaustgas recirculation system- Components overvlew



ThisowNbw ol theconponents tot all engines, pafticular ls the leatuos ot eachnotor willbe atealt latar with . In engineswilh co<les andBBZ,the intermcdiato BKY flango ,, " isan paft lntegrAl of the in.tako manifold . In aogines wilh codes BBYmanulactued ftom05n003lho intotmealiato flange tt rlt is an integlslpdno, the intakehantfold gas . Whout exhaust rcclculalionfor engines codoBKY,manulaclufta! wllh hon 0t2@5 1" 1 0 } l m 2 - Throid. v!lv. modul. -1338. o lf thethlottle valve controlpartis roplacad, nerf controlpaft must the b. sdapiodto the engine conlrol unit :. .ri'. ; Function3 and compnents: aaleptng. o In vahicl$ ffll6dwithan automatic g6irbox, is alsonec6aary il to adeptlhe ggarborcontrolunil ', ,; Functiotu end componcnb: Edepling o Tclting , ,, 3. Gr'k t posltlon o Notth. installation o Rencw a - Ol tfia Solonoldvrlve 'l for actlve c.rbon filt r (pul!.d'.110. 5 . Ad.pto. o Bawtcen Solcnoid thc valvaI for activecelbontill.r (pulrod)-N8G andthecylinder hcad 0'20Nfi 7 - 1 0N m I "10Im plpc I ' Conn.Gdng l0 - Flltor * (. ll . Erhruat g|l |rclrcul.llon v.lvg . 6 I40.and Pot nfofirt r to. exh.ual .G212ga. raclrculafon gas o lf replacod, adaptthoconfol unilto the exhauat recirculation valve 12-O" ng o Replace damaged il 13- lnto|moallate iango

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rf !,,, i; Funclionb componenb: and adapting

Ignitionsystem: repairing

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lgnltion Inlbflraibn + Chapter rydom gcneral . Co|nponrnb lgnltbnlyligm oyrM6r, Chapter prgcau0ons Chapter Sfty Spft plugirlt dats Chapter HallEandd.G40,:dEcldng- Chapter lgn on trandbfirr +{152-:draddng Chapter lgnltton coilswi0tou$d strgc!" N70,N127,N291 N292 y -: t/c'lllcetlrn Chaoter . lGod( lanBorl61-: vodficatbfl Chapter . a . . . . r

Ignition systemgeneralinformation

Xel,iSoI oro I

. Onlythecomponents relate the ignition whichspecifically to system aredEalt withhere.Theothercomponnts befoundin the may hjeciion system' Ohapier . Theconbolunitfur thefuoliniection ignition and sFtem is equipped withself{iagnosis. Before carrying Epairs faultfinding, out and the faultmemory musibe intenpgated . chirpt;i AlEo, lryi,pregsure the hoses connections bechecked and must {infltrated aid. gwitch the . Bb.qdisconngc'ting .gconnecting battery, snd the ofi ignition. thigprecution nottaken, engine lf is lhe confol unitmayb oamageo. . Fortheperfect funclionlng lectrical of components, minimum a vohage 11.5 i8nece3sary. of V . lf thsnginesbrts, run8 a shortperiod thenstops, iof and afrerfault finding, repairs component or tests,thenthfaultmayliewiththe immobilizer blocking engin the control Thefault unit. memory be mwt gnd, intenogated if necegsary control matched ' ahn,:1lc| lhe unit Functions component8: and adapting . Ce.tgin tegb mayleadto a faultbslngdetcted thecontrol and by unit stored. TherEfor, faultmsmory the mustbe intenogated deletd End if nec63sary, allb$5 andrrpairs afrer havg been completd' (--fntr,,' . Vehicl8 an airbag 1itt9d a crash 8hut-ofi. with are with fusl Thls systsmreduqeg .iskot I vhiclg ho bumlng theeventof a cragh in in pump thatthetuelpump switched i8 ofby thetuEl relay. theEame At time,bctts.snginsstarting achivd. i8 Vvlnthedooris op6ned, th tuelpumD aclivated 2 Ee@nds ordg.to buildu! Dro$ureln the 18 tor in fuelsystsm.

Ignition system- Components oyerview

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lgnition system Components overview Engln. code lsttcta BBY,BBiZ, BKY 'Anchor

Engh. codeAUB I - lgnltlor c.blc s lMth8uppre8sion connector 6paftplug and @nnoq@r q Rssbtence 4.8...7.2 kO 2 .lgnltlontr|nltormor.Ntt2o Fitting localion li.'r, a \Mthmafting8 lhe frc. qabl8: ignitlon 'l . A = cylinder . B = cylinder2 . C = syllnder 3 = cylinder4 . D 3 - Connrcior o Black, contncb 4 a Fofignition tran8lormor N'152a. t 0 Nm 6 - Conncctor o Black, contacb 2 o Forknock | s9neo.61o Connc1or contacl3 are gold+lated I " Knocl tomor | .CGlo Fitting location lt.:f. q Tcating . Clrnrrte o Connectoa @ntacts aro gold+lated 7 .20 Nm
o Tighteningtorqueafiacts th funclloningofthg knocksnsorI G618 - Conroctol o Black,3 contactg o ForHallsender -G40I - Hall !nd.r .G40. o Fitting location ' ltenl o Testing . alrapicr l0 . G.lng o Replaceif damegd ll . lgnltlonc.ble. .upport{uldo

4 10
l-NaB{161 I

Ignition system- Componnts oveNiew

>Liiio 2 0'163

12- Sp.rk plug,30 Nm o Remove install wrench and $/ith -T20175plugs o Elecirode andspa.ation. alhirft.r, typ lest data, spark

Englnecods lott r! BBY,BBZ,BKY I - Conngctot o Black,4 contacts 2 - bnruon coll 3 wlth output ttago.N29lo Remov extraclor with T100s4q lgnition I wjthoutsut coil stage -N70o lgnilion coil2withoutplt stiage -N127o lgnidon coil4withoutput Etage -N2923. Connoctol o 8lack,2 contacb o Forknock | sen6or61o Goldplated contacts ,l - Knocklonaoi | .GGl. o Fittlng location i-,, . o T$tlng {lrr.rtL,'r o Connector contacbaro gold-plsted 5. 20}{m o TighEning torque atfecb lhetunctionlngthe of knock | sn6or461 I - Connrctot o Black, conlacts 3 o ForHallsender -G407 - H.ll rondgr-G40o Fining location r,'i'l
o Testing (.li.r|r"l


J:-ol "0ll I,-iJ 13 12


,I tt



0 - O-rlng s Replace damaged if

9 -r0 r{ m
10- Sp.tk plug,3,0 Nm
o Remove install and withwrench -T20175o Electro<re and separalion Chir.r,:'., data,spatkplug6 typ Tegt {l - Cabloguldo o Tightenthe cm$hafrhousingto a torque of 5 Nm

lgnition system- Compononts ove iew

Iel.i6o 3 arc 3

12- E.nt cabl. o Tighten loosen whentheignition oIt or is only 13-10Nm o Tighten loosn whenthe ignition of or orly b


lel"iSo I oz16 3


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Fud syrstenls underpg9,sura!W.ar ialeaygloyard grr9sesEo ayoldInlW and conbct wrtl skln. Beforcgpaningthe gys'F,m placoa clolh aroundtha connectlon,fhan reloasepreasurc by car*utly pultlog fttel hoaetrom connectiot.
To preventinjuriesto personsand/ordamageto the fuel injectionand the mustbe noted nitionsystem, icllowing

Forsafetyrcasons fuseNo.41 rnustbe removed the from fuseholder the before opening fuelsystem, the otheMise tuelpump be activated thedoor the can by contact switch. . Donottouchor rmove ignition the cablsswiththe engine running idling. or g^,itch theignition . Always ofi beiore disconnecting or reconnecting injection ignition or system wiring tester or c:rbles. ;'l'., cautlan WhendolnEaay rgpalrwo*, earyla y ln tho e,nglne pey atundon b tho tollowlngduo b camp.fttrrant, ahocrompedcondldona: Att condul.' (fot axample tuel,hydraultcs,catbgn for , fr, quld c@ler and coollng ag.na,b/','keltuld, loy. ,tesau.l) tnd,ha desffc cable, mwt be placedln aucht way ahatthay rcaumtg ahelrorlglnalpoaltton, EnaurcsutftcLnt cleannce lor tll mavlngq hot comoonenta, Note followingtesterg meaEuring the if and instruments have to b usgd during road a te6tl a Testers measuring and instsuments always must be scudto the rearseatendopgrated 2ndprson by from location. this lf testandrneasuring instruments operated front are fiom pasengeCs andthevehjcle involved anEccident, seat is in theperson siftlng thisseat in could seriously be injured when airbsg triggered. is the . lf theengine to betumed starter is at spe6d without straning: protection engine together air filter-arrowswith - Remove EnglncodoAUB

precautions Safery

Iel,i6o 2 o,116 3

Remove 4-pinconnector the fromthe lgnition transformer 152-araow-. -N

Enginecod.l.ttoE BBY, BBZ,BKY

Remove 4'pin connctors the fromthe ignition -anowshansiormerg.

Conlinuodfor all vohlcle.

Remove fuse25 fromthe fusebox


Eel"i6o. o16 3 3

@ rvor.

Removingfuse25intetrupts vdtagesupply the the to injectors.

Sparkplug testdata

Ed,ibc I oro I

Sparkplug test data

Engin. codo l6tt rr lgnition ordgr


BBY wIh rutomrtlc gsarbox '1-34-2 101000062AB PZFR D-11 5 1 ,0 ... .1 1 mm 30 Nm




Parts rcfrenco

1-34-2 101,000,033 M

1-34-2 101,000,033 M BKUR ET.1O 6 1.1 0,9.., m m 30 Nm 101000041Ac

1-34-2 '101,000,033 M BKUR ET.1O 6 0,9...1.1 rnm 30 Nm 10100004r Ac

1-34-2 101,000,033 AA BKUR ET.lO 6 0,9... m m 1.1 30 Nm 101000041Ac

Manutactrtr's BKUR ET.1O 6 code Electrgde 0 , 9 . .1.1 m . rn


Tightening torque Parts frence

30 Nm
10'1 000 041Ac

Manufacturs/B 14 FGH7 code DTURX Electrodg 8sparation Tlghtening to|!u Parts rebrn0g M9n uigciursfs code
Elcfode 8pgretion

14FGH7 DTURX 14FGH7 DTURX 14FGH7 DTURX 0,9...1.'lmm 30 Nm 0,9... m m 1.1 30 Nm 0,9... m m 1.1 30 Nm 101,s05,803 B 14F-7HUR2 0,8...0.0 m m 30 Nm

0 , 9 . .. mm 1.1 30 Nm

Tightoning to.qu9

ret, UFlo-drt. 3p.clllc.tbnr .nd !p.rl plug changr lnla 6b , Book For updrt d Prtu llbianor a6. , ETKA(ere.(on c partscaralogue)

Hall senderG40: cation verifi

>1.{6o 0?16 I 3

Hall sender -G40-:verification v.a.c 1526 B

v.a.G c 15ea


l!P:!9Q I
Spaclrl tool! .nd wo*ahop rqulpm.nt raqulrad . . . . Hand hcldmultimter.VAG 15268- multimtlr.VAG or 1715. Mea8uring s6t-VAG1594Cbol .vAG1598/31T6etr Cunnt dlagram!, iow lctricl finding fittingloctions fault lnd

Tatt raqulrtmanta . \roltagc, least1'1.5 Battery V. tt Ta|t.rquanc. probclion ngine bggthrwithairfilternow8- Remove

Hall senderc40:vedfi cation

Xe).i6q2 o'163

Extraot 3-pinconnector the fromthe Hallsnder -G40-

Connectmultimetr measurevoltageat contacts1 to (positive) 3 (eadh) Hallsender and of the -G40-,using auxaliary cables of the meagurement 6et -VAG tool 1594C-. Switch ignition. on Specifcation: V minimum. 4.5 Switch ignition. off

. -

lf no voltageis present:

1598/31- control cable to Connect tester unit -VAG harness, engine without @nnecting control unit.

vedfication Hall senderc40:

tel,i60 3 on6 3

Check interruptlons thecables for of bgt!,veen test the boxad thtripleconneclor, following eleclric the clrcuh o|agram.

l- Ar4oors I

Fomrl. rock.t VAG160813l


86 108
Wre .$istanci Max.1.5O

check for to - Additionally wires short onanother. . Specifcationr - O lf nowiringfaultb detected voltage pr$nt bet\,.,een was and contacts I +3: _ Reotace Hall the sender -c40. . rerl lf no faultis icundin wiring thereis novolbgebetween and contacts 1+3: the lnit . -i ,1r1,: . control - Replace engine

IenitiontransformerNl52: verificatiol

Isli6o I on6 6

lgnitiontranstormer verification -N152-:

Only engin! code l.tt ra AUB

V . A . G1 5 2 6B

V.A.GI527 B

v . A.G1 5 9 4 C

v .A .G1 5 9 8 /3 1

v . A.G1 7 1 5

Sp.cl.l tool! rnd wgrk hop equlpmont ruqul.ld

IgnitiontransformerN vedfication I 52:

Ie)"i5o 2 on6 6

. Handheldmultimotor or -VAG15268- mullimeter -VAG171t . Voltage tester-VAG15278. Moa6urin0 set-VAG1594Clool . Tester -VAG1598/31. Cunenlflow diagramg, electricalfault findingand frttinglocations Tert roqullomontg . Allfusosmu6tbe OK. . Battery vollag6, 1'1.5 minimum V . Hallsnder co.rocicheck -G40-, . Enginespeedsender-G28-,conect;chck Tolt aaqucnco Remove 4-pinconnector tho lgnition lhe from transfomer N152--arlow-.

Ch.cklng volt|g..upply

Wth thehgndheldmultimetcr and -VAG'15268- the auxiliary cables ofthe masurement toolset-VAG1594C-, measuro pow6r tho supply the removed in connoctor btween:

Connactlon 2 Connction

1'1.5 Switch ignition. on Specification: V minimum.

Isnition hansformerNl52: verifi cation

Ee),iia 3 aro 6

Switchoff ignition.

lf ho voltageia present: for in Check, using circuit diagram, breaks lhe cble circuit

4.pln connaotoGconhct plate rlayholder WirgregiStancs: 1.5O max.

- Chqckbr oDncirruit btween:

4.pinconnoctor, contact
4 max. O Wre rgsi6tancs: '1,5

Connoctlon earth

contact4, and earlh to. gpen - Checkwiro botween4-pin@nnector, circuitaccording currentflow diagram. to a Wre resistanc6: 1.5Q Max. lf the powersupplyb foundto be conec{,chockaclivalion /. :: | -,:.


!el,i6o 4 on6 6

Activ.tion: checking !' DANGERI Durlng the noxt fcst, nolther aheUnlfron tansfonner connec&tt nor he test cabtaaahould ba touchedproteclion w engine together h arrfiller-arows-. - Remove

E 1L r . C077

connctors off - Pullterminal -afiows- injctors.

the t69ter using auxiliary - Connecl voltage -VAG15278tool cblea measurcment 6et-VAG1594C-, pin6I + 4 to (ignition output andcontacts + 4 (ignition 1) 3 output of 2) moveoconnector, starler check ignition and the signal frcmengine - Operate controlunit. LEDlampmusttlash. Switch ignition. off

lf the LEDflickers thereis voltage and between contcts +4 2 Replace ignition the tran6former 152-N

lf the LEDlampdoesnotfiash: wiring - Checking

tgnition transformerN 52: verification I

6 IIi60 5 0116

lrvlrlngchocklng :

lo Connect l6sle.-VAG159E/31- control csble unit herness, without connec'ting ongino conholunit.

Checkthe cablosbotweanthe lest box and lh6 4-Din platefor anopencircuit connector bllowing cunnt the chcuils diaOram.


Fom.le.ockot VAGI 598131 102

IgnitionaansformerNl verificalion 52:

tslida 6 0716 6

W|9 resiatance: 1.5O Max. checkwiles fgr ghortto one another. - Addilionally a Specificatioo: O lf no wi.ingfault b detgc{sdnd voltaggwag prrsnt bolweencontac8 2+4. R6placa ongin the control unil , chapter.

Sacondary Fabtanoe: chack r6si8tenc6 taminal 4 btw6n: in - Ch6cksecondary

| \aol31 I


Soocificstion: 4.0...6.0 (to2(PC kO lf the spocitication not obtainod: i! Roplsce lh.lgniliontrangtomer -N152- ' tem.

lgnition coils with output stagesN70, N127, N29l y N292 -: verification

Ee),i6qI olro 5

N291y lgnitioncoilswith outputstages-N70,N127, N292-: verification

Only engino code lett 13BBY, Bttiz, BKY

V . A . G1 5 2 6B


v . A .G1 5 9 4

v .A .G1 5 9 8 /3 1

1715 v. A.G


Ignitioncoilswith ourputstages- 70.N I 27.N29l ) N292-: verilication N

Eei.i6o2 o16 5

Spclal took rnd wo.kahop aquipmont roquiFd . Handheldmultimeter or -VAG15268- muftimeter -VAG | 715. Voltagetester-VAG 15278. M6a6uring sel 'VAG 1594Ctool . Te6t6r -VAG1598/31olectricltault findingand fitting locaiions . Cunenttlow diegrems, Ta3t rouitcrnanta . . . ThetuE6smustbe OK. Hallsender check ^r , .l ' conocl, -G,{0-. Enginespeedsender28., coned, check '


Ttt atquanca

LU no..
lgnitioncoilsand thair rcspectivo outpul stegosarc one unit. Remove ignitioncoil conngctor b tertd. th6 to

Ch.cklng volt.g..upply and - Wth the handheldmultim6l,ar -VAG'15268- th. auxiliary cbl$ of the ma3urement sst -VAG1594C-, tool maauro po\/v6r tho aupplyin the romovedconoeclor D6lwe9n :




11.5 Switch ignitionon Spgcificdtion: V minimum. Switch ignition. off

lf no voltagoia preanll for in using cirouit di6gram, breaks thecabl6circuit - Check, between:

N70, N127, N291 y N292 -: verification Ignitior aoils rvith output stages-

!l.ido 3 0?16 5

4.plncormacior, conbct
plat6 relayholder Wlrereliatanc: max.1,5f)

- Ch6ckbr op6nciaclit btwnl

+pln connactor, conLct 2

Wre resiEtance: 1,5O max.

Connacdon egnn erth

lf th6 powerEupplyis foundto b cor.ect,checkaclivation ' Anchor. Acdvador:chacklng - Pull out fuse no- 25 fromthc fuaecarigr.
t'E t

rro.r [_1U
tufioving tusa No.25 intetrupE the voftegeswply to tho

Ignitioncoilswith ouput sragesN70,N127,N29l y N292-: verification

>eli60 4 on65


flom Moasurcment set-VAG tool auxiliary cables Using 1594C-,connoctthe voltaget$ter -VAG 15278- to the 4pin + engineearthol the connector rmovd from cylinder

from6ngins sta the Bign9l - Operatg er andcheck ignition cont.olunit. LEDlampmustflaeh. Ropeattast on connec{ora cyl 2 to 4. of

off - Switch ignition. is lf the LEDllghtflEshes the power and aupply correct: Replecolh6 coftesponding agnition coilswilh outsutsttg6

lf the LEOlamodo8not fla3h: wiring - Checking Wlrlngi ch.cklng the lo - Connec,t t68tar -vAG 1598/31- theco.trolunitcable hsm6ss. Wllhout connocting 6ngin6 lhe cont|ol unrt.

Check cables the between teslboxandthe4-pin the for connector an opncircuitfollowingthe curenl circuits dlagram.

Ignition coils with output stagesN70, N127, N29l y N292 -: verification

Xe.?'i6tr oz6 5 5

I, Cylindor cont ci 4 Cylindqr2, coniact4 4 Cyllnd.f 3, conlec't Cylirdcr 4, contacl4

F.,r.l. rock.t vAG 1t906{ 102 103



Wiro r.sidanc.r M.x. 1.5O

- Allo ch6ckcabl8for thorl circullr brtwen lhcm. O lf no fault i9 toundIn wldngand thtq l! vgltrgc botweoncontacla1+3 and 2+3: I Splcficttlon: R6plEc6 ongino th conttolunit 'chapter

Knock sensor I : vedfication IG6

tr,i6o I on63

Knock sensor I -G61-:verification

B v.A.G1526



r.qq.!!o8 l
Spochl toob |nd we*.hop rqulprn.nt . . . . 'tqulltd '159E/3tTestr -VAG Hand held multirneter 16268- multimter 1715or -VAG -VAG bol 1594CMeasuring 8et-VAG fault Cunnt diagrsms, fiow eleclrical fndingandftting localions

. .

to lt is extpndy impottantto k6.p the tiJhteningtoque of 20 Nm to ensurottre ,@ocr( sg,rao/a-G61-peiotm pefiedly. whensetubing the knack Onlygold{lated @ntactsmay be us'd sensor -G61.@nrcctot 1 @ntada. Knocksensor 1 461- fault recognisdby selfdhgnosis ' chapter.

Toat |tq||l|tmgnta .

Knocksensor lG61:verification

Xe)"iic 2 aro 3

Te6t sequgnce fiom I - Remove the Knock sensor G61-arrow-the2-pin @nneqor.

Connect 1598V31tester to control cable unit -VAG hmess, without connciing engine control unit.

Check wiringbgtween boxandthe injeclor te8t 2-pin connectors opencircuit irr usingcunentflowdiagram:


Knocksensor IG61 voification :

Xe,X,i6aa't6 3 3


Fnmb rcc||tVAG lSe0rill

106 99

Wr! ruiStBnce: 1.5O Msx. d|rd( wlGabr lhort to onand|r, - Addfiooslly . Sprdicatlon: O lf nowi.ingfeultle da{adad: - Loolg|l knod(trNor | 81- andf8hbn agin b 20 Nm, - Tak6vahicbbr ! blt driv. Obl|valh! ncalary !bV prcaulibm wh!fl carrylng ! rod tert out - ' Chapter. mustbofulfrlldi ho oporeting conditions - Dudng roedEat thoiollotrlng . Thsoool8ribmDcrafirl!ahoukl sbota 80 qC. bc . Vthcnlha Wnpr|tu|! b rtchad,opactingcondi0on! ldhg, Pad thmffie,Fullthrot0a Ovrnunmud br sltrln.d larlrd tlrE!. .nd . At tul|thtour, llw mult lxcrad 3500rpm. agein chapter, - Inimogab th6contol unitlbultmmory lflhc faultoonlnur: ltem. ltrod( lanlor | 461- Rcolsca -