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The Institute of Vedic Astrology

Institute of Vedic Astrology has been established with the objective to impart systematic education on various disciplines for Futurology and harnessing positive Energy. In just a decade, Institute of Vedic Astrology has evolved as India's premier educational center of Futurology and allied subjects. This is largely due to continuous and rigorous Research and Development process and consistently updating ourselves with a focus on social involvement. Today IVA students have distinguished themselves as ambassadors of change for every stagnant society that seems to be upwardly mobile. Our learned Scholars and pioneers have designed seven courses through distance education programs by who are aware of the grasping power of an average student. They are increasingly becoming popular throughout the world with every passing day. . I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. ASTROLOGY PALMISTRY VASTU SHASTRA FENG SHUI NUMEROLOGY GEMS AND CRYSTALS TAROT CARDS

Orientation Program for Professional Practice We ensure practical utility of these courses in terms of reasonable remuneration. What separates our students from that of conservative pundits is the sense of self marketing vis--vis the prevailing prejudices against astrology and allied sciences. The institute offers a one month program free of cost to every student who successfully completes the Post Graduate Diploma course. Thus, the leadership style that we develop is aimed at an instant manager who not only explains the wisdom of an Astronomical phenomenon but as someone who is adept at psycho-spiritual counseling. Our correspondence course enables you to read the study material at your convenience and to seek clarifications through fax messages, e-mail or the snail mail. Prompt response is ensured through our electronic network. Scope of Study

The courses are designed in a language which is very easy to understand. On successful completion of the Diploma and PG. Diploma courses students are entitled to practice as Consultants and Master Consultants respectively. Thus, you not only qualify to be a professional Consultant but will also nurture pride for the noble cause of human welfare. Quality Assurance Institute's continues commitment to Quality and Research has resulted in the conferred of ISO Certification Vide No. RQ91/2887 ICS. Institute of Vedic Astrology is the only institute of its kind to be awarded ISO 9001 in India and possibly, the world. Institute's Advisory board and Panel of Experts take a critical overview of our correspondence program on a periodic basis so as to strive for constant betterment. ASTROLOGY

Institute of Vedic Astrology has a vision to encourage people to adopt Astrology as a career and guide them to a better life style, destination and business areas. Vedic Astrology course at IVA makes students confident and creates a sound plinth for their success. VEDIC ASTROLOGY Specialisation Astrology and Medicine. Disease. Planetary influence on body parts. Zodiac signs and disease. Diagnosis of disease areas based on horoscope. Mercantile Astrology Market forces, Occupational tendency and professional aspects. Matters dealing with job, work, profession, business, service and industry, Introduction for predictions stock and commodity markets, emphasis on various businesses. Our course also covers the useful topics like Muhurata Shastra and Prashna Kundli for over all view. PALMISTRY

Palmistry is divided into two branches. First is Chirognomy (study of shape of hand.) Second being Chiromancy (study of lines.) Specialisation

Body language is the physical approach of knowing a person's characteristics based on behavior and reaction patterns. Remedy Remedy in Palmistry consists of various aspects that can help in changing the lines of hands. Face Reading Reading features of face, forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, etc. VASTU SHASTRA Vastu aims at creating structures that heal, balance and nourish. Buildings that are built with respect to Vastu feel more peaceful, gentle and supportive. Vastu combines the five elements of nature and balances them with man and material. Practical Course include plot selection, soil testing, constructional plan, placement, layout, interior design, measurement, house warming and Remedy. Specialisation: Commercial Vastu Industrial Vastu Environmental Vastu Geomancy FENG SHUI Feng Shui aims at the appropriate balance of five elements which is essential for co-ordination between the energies of the earth and the heaven. Feng Shui works not only in homes but it helps also to generate positive results of nature's energy at factories, offices, schools, hospitals, godowns and shops etc Advantage Institute's Feng Shui course comes with a package of ancient Chinese Astrology that enables students to make suggestions based on that. Practical Practical orientation on map reading, examples and illustrations on placements, real life example with applying cures on map, course on basic chinese astrology. Feng Shui Kit Magnetic compass along with other instruments kit is provided to Feng Shui students for drawing zones on maps.

Specialisation of Remedy and Cures Flying Stars Chinese Astrology I - Ching I-Ching method (is a system of future telling with a combination intuition, skill and knowledge.


Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. Based on Numerology calculations of a person's name and date of birth details four major core elements and about ten modifiers can be derived. Evaluation of these elements and modifiers provides a remarkably complete and accurate character analysis of that person. Advantage: Numerology is most successful and used for making or adjusting names of individuals or companies. Many film-stars, politicians, industrialist, production houses, people, etc. have changed their names based on this art. Consultation Book: PG students will get ready to use astro-numero consultation guide for success in their readings, analysis and practice. Numerology Match-Making: Learn to match people's numerological compatibilities based on their date of births. Casting Numerological Charts and Reports: This capsule course shall train students to cast a person's Numerological chart, similarly as it is cast in Astrology GEMS AND CRYSTALS

Crystal is both a receiver and transmitter of energy. It is a protective ally that balances and attunes the surroundings to human vibrations. Crystals develop affinity with the wearer and create spiritual links with him. Crystals possess an inexhaustible treasure of healing and empowerment for human beings. Advantage

Institute of Vedic Astrology is possibly the only institute in India that offers such a vast blanket of content on Gems and Crystals. At Institute of Vedic Astrology we teach students the unknown and hidden yet very powerful applications of Gems and Crystals. Crystal Kit Crystal and Rudraksh Kit will be sent to all Post Graduate students. It will contain healing stones for Star of David arrangement as per the course manual Specialisation: o Remedies in Astrology and Numerology o Gems Recognition o Divination Methods o Ratna Adhyay TAROT CARDS Tarot is a very powerful divination method through which a native can know answer to all his questions and the path one has to follow. It is a very effective and popular system of answering one's questions and helping one to take correct decisions. Advantage Specially designed spreads for Astrology, Vastu, Gems, Disease, Feng Shui, Remedy, etc. Analyse a horoscope or map without any knowledge of Astrology, Vastu or Feng Shui. Ready reckoners provided to logically understand the cards. 5000 years old Chinese Art of I-Ching covered Advanced Dowsing technique related to answers to many questions covered at length. Practical Small supplementary booklet includes real Tarot case-studies by experts. Spreads Altar Charged Tarot card spread altar will be sent to all Post Graduate students of Tarot Reading along with method of using the same. Specialisation Mystical Spreads Chinese Tarot Remedy

Advanced Divination methods

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Institute of Vedic Astrology

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