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Of the Scale of Tr&hfnuUtion*
Ranfrnutation is an alteration or changing of the forms of natural things into other forms , as of Metals or Wood^nto Stones or
Glafs ^ the changing of Stones into Coles, &c. It hath been


found out, That_ Metals that have been fi rfe coyned jgto MoneyJIlhajrfcheen by Slture Cmpgecliun o>r t\\* CiT^AJntib* ftnny fuhftance ; and yet have retained the impreffion of tKelmage that hath been ftamped upon then and , That the Roots of Oaks , being (mitten with Thunder , or fome other infiueacc of the



by Water and Air : Thefe are the Inftrurnents of Nature . This we fee frequently done in many Mountains .may be made Earth by Fire. he is not worthy of the Name of a Philo- fojjhernorPhyfitian. and they are for the Matter. and that made Water by Air . or denieth thefe things. is done by Fire in the Earth . and have thereby learned like wile to do the fame things by Art . into hard Stones. how learned or wife foever he would feedl to be. The vulgar and ignorant fee not thefe things .by a certain natural poperty . the other before ipokiin of. have many places. that. and fact-like works of Nature . Thefe. the Motion for the Form. That Coles are generated of Stones naturally by a certain jEtnean fire. do transform all things whatfoever are can into them . firfli Whence hath Phyfick her fodridacion ? out of the appearance onely. and that again defcending. So that this laft kinde of Tranfmutation . Vghat therefore if a natural Compoiition. may be made Air by Air . of which Carpenters havefrequen: ule. ther with them is ignorant of . or .2 do mutation Of the Tranf been turned into true Scones. you would know it. There alio arife Springs of Rivers in Stars. and then this be made Water by Water. and that for noothcr caufe.and adaft-that may be reduced Jttro Eartft by Fire ? what Tranfmutation I pray co thou think will come thereof ? if you were expert. but becaufe they do not confider the Whofoever therefore togefecrets of Nature. wife men have contemplated . by obferving the fame Order which Nature teacheth by her Inilrunaents. and this made Fire by Fire . which Nature hath let before the Eyes of all.

with a middle Fire. and . wherewith . jrence between materia Elements .occult and hidden iecrets of Nature. Solution 5 Putrefaction. Diftillation. in all Operations* all things are turned into Chalk or into Afhes.OfzIMetals* or manifeft fuperficies of natural things ? thing lefs : but out of the moft . of which: by the way we (hall fpeak* for thefe are external? tot the other are jaternah Members . B Therefore in the firft Degree of Tranfmuta* tion. But to return to the purpofe: The Scale or Ladder of Transmutation . compared to the moft manifeft effe&s. and the Sun and Stars have been moved by a ipace of time.or No the Sun or Stars move ? No bod/ : But that the Trees have grown. which are. Under Calcination are contained thefe hi* Cimenration . Reverberation : -Incineration . Calcination.the elementative natural bodies are conf verced into Earth. although they their courfes are the Directors unto us . Who ever few a Tree to grow. Sublimation. as the Increment. Wherefore as Nature herfelf is undi* fcernabie by every fence . Co* agulation andTin&ure. rather then in the Eyes or the other Sences. who knoweth not ? Therefore Operations in Phyfick do more chiefly confift in the Underftanding . And here firft of all is to be noted thecriffe-. no otherwife are all her Operations. hath feven Steps or principal Degrees . and inftru* mental. that we m may make further progrefs : otherwife between the Philofopher and the Clown there would be no further difference.

then it is convenient to ufe Sublimation thereof in the fifth Degree. but remain confifting in thembftance and form of Oyl of or a Stonerfor with So* lution by the Air. that i?. whebe by Calcination or Reverberation. according to the Nature and property of the thing lb to be converted :for if it be of dry things . then chiefly is to be ufed the elevation of the Volatile parts from the fixWherefore Sublimation is convenient for ed. and on the contrary. But if there ought to be made a reparation of moift things. for that in Sublimation fucceffively be' comes Stone. to wit. Therefore the Volatile part is to be fublimed. with the addition of another lubtfance. and with Coagulation by Fire.4 as Of the Tranfmutation when the it ther firft Operation is compleatcd. the order congruent to their Natures is like wife to be obierved. Alfa . and mollified . Diftillation.is converted either into Water or into Air . now being calcined. Cimentation or Incineration. things of tfcat Nature.as of Vegetables or Animals. and remain within with the parts fixed. and afcend no more. macy corrofives are dulcified . into a Stone. By this Operation of Sublimations. Sublimation fucceedeth out of the order of Preparations which Earth. as'in moirt things by Cohobations. until they become fixed. Let Sal tArmonUk^ be an example for every Metal . But becaufe in this place it is chiefly intended to treat of dry things .and by iterating or ieparating them over again. as Metals and Minerals .by reconjoyning of the pans feparated. they are turned into Oyl .

the fame is coagulated by the coldnefs of the Air: On the contrary . neither is there any thing cold. or with other things prepared after this manner.of <S\4etals. being placed upon a Marble-ftone or Glais : But fat and fulphureous things are diffolved by the heat of the Fire . and the other two arc herMwifters . 5 Alio many (harp things are fweetned. is coagulated by the heat cf the Fire. but Water diffoived by Fire ? Wherefore from one part thereof. are coagulated by Fire. and from the other part . Afterwards happens the third Degree. Whatfoever is befides B 5 eottS . calcined. which feems to oppofe and contradict the Opinion of fome Philofophers : for they will have it to be hot andxnoiftrbut they copiidec not whereof the Air confifts : doth it not conlift of Fire and Water ? for what elfe is the Air.which is nqt alfo neceffary and naturally dry . the other of heat. or in the Air . in a moift place. Water or Oyl. Solution . Corrcfives . are reiblved into Liquor. and many fweet things on the contrary are (harpened: fontimes by themfelves . and that is twofold : the one of cold. to wir. for there is nothing hot by Nature. coldnefs and moifture : for they are the two chief qualities thereof. to wit. as a Cellar. that which is diffoived by the coldnefs of the Air. the Water. the Fire .which by the fame jeafon is not mgift. and whatfoever things arc and then by the coldnefs of the Air . Salts. Note here the Reafon wherefore we call the Air cold . and that which the Fire diflblveth by heat . it borrowed heat and drinefs .

^ fj #nci byittonrofive Spkksaredttlctrled .whercthe Captive detained iti . not by Nature y but by It is no otherwife amongft the Elements : the Fire and Water have trie chief place. the Water.(he • dry ttsfrom their Parents .$ Of. and the £arth borrows her coldnefs from her Companion.and again acquire life by the Trinfrrfatatl*&of their Generation into them. A nd thus far of the natural In- flmments and the Matter. if one be wanting. nor cold. as the Wax lubmits to every Seal. if it Were not repugnant to the true order -' and a fecret in this place hidden to many. and her drinefs from the Fire: is never hot. The fourth Degree is Putrefaction its : This for excellency might defer ve the firft place . and cold and moitfure from his -Mother the Water . its due Scri'eifiven as the links in a Chain. and being dead . theypuSfefie. nor but foveth her two other Princes. the Air Mafcnline.and manifefted It ought therefore to remain placed in \b few. or rather a Hertnaphreditey and the Earth a Female. the Fire and Water . the Tranfmutation is contingent hereunto . therefore they are generated for her felf. andfomerimes pfoduceth •Truir of another Generation : for all living things <<Ke with corruption . In like manner we are to judge of the Air 5 for lb the Air receiveth heat and drinefs from his Father the Fire . accident.that confnming the old Nature' of things^ itimro-du'eeth a new Nature . therewith efcapes and flies*way. moift. f *iffd ^felHficd •no: *tvd aliColoiitt ire- thcretyWhcd into . The property therefore of Putrefaction is.

Imbibition. feparatect Now ftion the Members of PutrefaaipTvare DL e- and Circulation.that is. and car mum then putrefied by the ipace of a Month. anfwering contrary to Solution^confifting of heat and drinefs. which concludeth all the reft. After the fame manner alio may any cither Minerals and Waters. The fixth Degree is Coagulation. As Vitriol with Cohobatio. Cohobation and Fixation. and then it is called AlUmev Sac* which being diffolved into Liquor. Thefirft of cold is made of ccmmqn A&V^ktout-$fcft**i t. Cohobation. as having parts'pf g-qW. Again. after the manner of Sugar which is a moft excellent Medicinal fecret . zsSalNitmm^ be fixed by Cohobations. and du ftilled . Coagulation is twofold. which is nothing eifebut a Separation of the moiM from the dry. which is largely fpoken of in the Book De tMorbu Fcjforum Mintralium » 0\ the Difeafes of the Diggers in Myncs. The fifth Decree is Diltillation. Lotion. and the thin from the thick.hs k&> of the fu.ns is fixed by its own proper Water. and as many of hear.of<£\£xtals. which happeneth to the Diggers of Metals. The Members hereof are Afcenfion. .p$s*0* Firma-. yields a moR fweet and pleafant Water. is an often effufion or pouring of the dialled Liquor to its fefesy and often diftilling it over.which alfo i£ twofold . 7 is into others . and thereby the pure frornthe unclean. far above others. : • WO aaentiby djtHfctrcidfc&o&e j wbi<&tf)^aledi B4 all . to extinguish the Microcofmical "Fire. of Air and Fire.

colour and perfe&ion . Alchymy The later Coagulation of heat jfctnean Fire and Mineral under the Mountains .8 ill Of the Tranfmutation Waters into Snow and Ice. is TinSure. and are thereby reduced to the higheft Degree of foundnefs . . The feventh and laft Degree of the Scale or Ladder of Tranfmutation. natural Arch of the Earth. which being gradated by the Art of Alchymy. is made by an under the Earth and and is gradated by a What foe ver is coagulated by this £tnean Fire . whereby all Metallick and humane bodies are dipp'd into a far more noble. is made by induftry in Art Fire. &c. but the other Degrees of cold are not fixed. all which confift from the beginning of certain Mufcilaginons matter coagulated by the jfctnean Fire . Various are the kindes and fpecies of thefe Tipdujres . as is manifeft by Metals and Minerals . Salts. into Stone?.the moft noble Medicine above all others that are procured by the Chymical Art .and excellent fubftance then before they were naturally of. and in is obferving the gradations of the fixed . Metal s. But the firft Coagulation of heat . Artifice of the Earth and the natural Arch and under the Mountains. bettcr. remains fixed . Pearls. in this place leaft of all intended to Retreated of. Not unlike to this is the Fire. ^ne Metallick bodies ought firft to be removed |>y fire from their CoagulatioD^ind to be liqoe- fcd. and to a more ftrong and excellent Nature. is excited and brought to Coagulation.

nto a white and red colour . of So- :ome to and then by Putrefaction and DiftiL may be fixed and made incombuftible. lation. wherewith is calcined and reverberated the bodies of all Metals and other things : another is a continual heat of there Lamp. in the iecond Degree . and fcon penetrate he Metal without i'moke .they ought to be drawn from Gold. Pearl. Gold and Silver are : thereby brought to t higher Degree refined . Antimony. they may low forthwith like Wax .to ted . Sulphur. they acquire an eafie liquefaction . one Fire made of the flame of Wood. Vitriol. and this they call living Fire .w herewith they fix Voiatiles another Fire of Coles . as Oyl dotrrPaper. they will not receive any a&ive . conferve. or renew the Health of humane bodies. and purged from a Candle or is their Excrements : alfo. wherewith bodies are cemented. hat being poured upon a fiery Lamen. and thev have feveral and divers Operations in Chymiftry : as. coloured. Various alio are the Subjects of the Fire . remaining in ihe Fire. Vtnus is and all other Metals are renewed : the fiery . recover. afily fufible . the Metals being Drought into Alcol . Therefore in thefirft Degree of Caldnation. Alfo all the rinftures of Metals ought to be fixed fubilances. to wir. rin&ure thefe Tinitures . or fo they dye that :s Water enters into a Sponge . and the colours un variable.of^Metah otherw ife. their Tinctures or the like. and of an incombuftible Nature. lution . unleis they be opened. But to reriore. and enduring every trial.

ana-! ther in Bdneo Ultari*.bringing them pnly But we for the probation of Tranfmutations. in which are made the chief Putrefactions and Digeltions alfo. the three Principles of every thing may be feparated upon a Table of Wood.which fometimes I have clfewhere called. by the filings of Iron . without any fear of flagration or aduftion . another in Afaes . . cannot be very well done without the Stone or Tincture. to bring the imperfect to perfection. as by a Speculum or Chryftal. and all combuftiblcs confamed into Coals and Afhes. wherewith are mads many Diftillations. But the Tranfmutation of Metals . whereupoa bangs the hinges of all the Art: and Witch fome procejs of the Stone of Faracclfm Chip. which plainly appeareth by his Operations. another in Salt . And of this the Ancients have not made mention. thereupon is made the trial x>f Tin&ures. A* nother heat is raited by Fire. Balneum Va^rofum^ wherewith many Sofor lutions of corporal things are made : Then the. hath an Operation the beyond thefe that is. far the invihble all Fire . of which we will hereafter treat in their due places : And we will aMb fay fomethingof the Tranfmutation of imperfe^s into imperfe#s. Venter Equina hach another Operation. By this I ire. 8nll firft treat of the Fire. and all Metals liqueked without any vifible Fire . and coagula-> tions : There is alio another Operation made by Balneum for#. . of Beams of the Sun . Sublimations .io fiery Of the Tranfmutation Lamens of Irons have another Operation.

!£. is the Fire. £>$. is not viviafter. left that the rude and unskilful (hould flrft ule the foot in fkad of the hand. for the feet and theflefhly eye.to propofe and lay down the manner of the Inftruments. that ic bath power and vertue to vivifie whatfoever elfe lies hidden in other things. HAving now fufficiently fpoken to the wife and ingenious. Let them not therefore approach hither. by any other Fire. As the'Sun in the World is created by God.£." without a found and uncorrupted underftanding. ii tbefimple Chjmical Fire. that the order before fpoken of may be kept . before the matter it ielf . and whofe hands cannot ierve them.is altogether ignorant.asof ttie D. From hence alfo it comes to pafs . Chap. it will be neceffary in the firft initiation. of the Art of Tranfmutations by the Scale and Degrees thereof.whofe undertiariding hath no eyes . The chiefeft Inftrument ligently to be fought its ing living of fied own which ought moft diwhich beproper Nature .to vivifie . and T? : and that he might heat the Spheres of all the other Stars by his Fire . Of IT. fiir up and quicken the Fire refting in all other things.of Metals. which otherwifc have no heat ••ofcheirpmj^ beithcr can they give forth any of .

not wanting any of the other : but all other Operations whatfoever. illuminating every other natural Light. without this fimple Fire . Even fo is the Fire of the Philofophers fecret Furnace to be accounted in the Spagyrick Art. ^ Paracelsus fpeaking elfe where of the fimpleFire. for the Fire alone iiibej ajosk Work + and tat complete p4rt. for they are dead of themfelves but being kindled by the Solar heat . they live. onelyfrom God that created and ruieth him. without which nothing can be generated therein.iz Of the mutation Tranf of themfclves .i and Fire which he hath. but. for it confifteth of it felf. even as the Sun is feen to operate in the univerfal World. Some do build their Fire (imply of Coals: they .. and is comprehended parts thereof of nothing . together with the matter it felf. Life. from any other Star. it being the chief part and Operation of comprehending all the other fche whole Art . faith thus This (faith he) is the Opinion of the nufi excellent Philofopheru The Fire and Atsor are Mfcient . are made ftand in need of this (imple Fire . For the Sun doth not receive the Light. which heateth the Furnace and Sphere of the Veffel.< and give forth their Operations according to their feveral proprieties. In like manner nothing can be effe&ed or brought to pafs in this Art . and the Fire of the matter . from which they receive Life. fo that he alwayes giveth Heat and Life in himielf. in it felf .

as. Vitriol. And again. Nitre. See alfo that you be not feduced by Arnold de villa nova^ho writes of the Fire of C ojls. and be without all the other Creatures when he pleafeth ? doth he ftand in need of any of them ? All thofe Heat* that are ftirred up by the means and Fires now fpoken of . Almadis faith. That the invijible Sun-beams are He produceth another [ufflcient for our Fire* example. What blafphemy is this ? is it not a manifeft lye ? cannot God want or be without the elementary Fire of hot Water. Make a vaporous. continual. ing Thomas Aquino* falfly fpeaks_of this Fire. **d that . Now I have told -. That the celeftial Heat by his reflexion and conttrnal motion doth chiefly make the perfection and coagulation of Mercury. fayThat God and his */4ngels cannot want iu . and diffoivc it not : others have ftirredupHeat wich Lamps . with the Fire of Coals they fublime the matter without any medium. and others have fought this Fire in Calce vivay in Tartar. averting this to be t he lecret Fire iof the Philosophers . containing the Veffels therein or thereupon : others in vain attempt it with a (Fire of Horfe-dung . he faith . andfet this in an Emmet *s Neft : fome have placed it in Afties of Juniper . to make their Stone : oithers have placed it in Balneo. but not flying or boy ling up. for in this thing he deceives you.and the like others have thought it to be in hot burning Water. digeftingifepa* rating Fire tering .of Metals ::hey erre. are altogether unufeful for this purpofe. but al- and penetrating.

Salmana^er faith . •which bringeth an tAiry Cloud over cur Veffel 5 in which Cloudy the Beams of this Fire are hid. Again. conftantly without intermimon. temperately urgethk forwards to *he motion of perfect Generation. above our Philofophical matter : which Heat waxing above our Veffel. neither of the white nor red Stone. thon well under flandeft : this u jr. Our Fire is a corrofive Fire. to wit.i^- Ofthe Tranfmutation . In brief. there is error commttted. All thefe things do fufficiently demonstrate unto us t he occult Fire of the wife men. which again expelleth the hot Cahos . this is the matter of our Fire. Almadir faith . as from its oppofite . Unlefthe Fire heat our Sun by his humour. Thus faith Faraeelfmol the fimple Fire of the That Philosophers. by the excrement of the moun tainyWtth a temperate Afcenfion^we foallnot be par* takers. that truly this the whole Tire: if thou an way offlirring up the Heat of a true Philofopher . . Chap. it be kindled by the quiet Spiric of a fecfible Fire. This due C aloes and humidity ef the £loud being wanting.

and that more copious and cleerly then of the other before . nor two . In this manifold Fire . there is nothing in the Nature of things that can be feen in all things . have a mediate Heat flowing from an immediate into the Subjeft-matter of the Inftrument . i$ 0\ the multiplicity of the Philofopbers FIRE. another Satmny Venn* . as well becaufe of the diversity of the Subject in which it floweth.Bafoei) LimatHres^8cc. and their members of the fame individuals : as one Metal produceth Gold from that which generateth Silver . as through a Cafement. HAving fpoken of the Gmple Fire it . Fire therefore is manifold . we hold convenient to treat alfo of the multi* plicity of Fire. Becaufe in all things . as that afterwards it is excited in divers other Subje&s : it is varied and changed. III.of Metah. there is a difference of place . and every one of them is varied according to the difference of the place from whence they fpring and are created • neither are two men. Mars . like one to another . Chap. or two members of one body. as the Fire of Afhes. and by all things. for by this later we may attain to a perfect fight . and this is the Reafon . although they are both or the fame Species. and from hence into the matter fubjacent to the Art. Smd.

not only in Metals. and the feventh fluxible and thin . but in all other Creatures.\6 Of the Tranfmutation wo Leaves of one and the fame Tree found alike to one another . . Venm : and lb of the reft . there is generated Sol . and (b of other things. . And thus much of the manifold Philofophical Fire. the Reafon is given in Philofophy . Reafons. and cot in Cbymiftry . The diffimilitude proceedeth not from the firft Fire of C reatures . where they are a little more mix'd and impure * Luna. But why there arc in ufe feven Metals and no more. deduced from Phyfical difpofition. that we digrefs not from our purpofe. the heat is For by this the Elements every momenc . and not by the changed in and alfothe form of decompounds from the compounds. no multiplicity intervening. fix whereof are folid . Where there is not fo great a mixture of the Elements . but from the various Rule of the Elements by the Planets Sun. which is to be reiervedto its proper place. Chap. there would be no difference of their properties and forms . according to the mutation of the mixtures. and not from the fimples. and whtre they are more imperfe& . the Mine of every Metal is unlike one another : neither do their Spirits agree in all things one with another* for if they were generated of fimple Fire alone.

no lefs then Varacelfm of f agyrick Medicines . is he Fire .enerate a Sun like to its felf : but every one will lot confefs hath this Generation in its Centre. Hermes Trifmegiftm^ although he was not the nventor of this Art . but that the Sun doth . That thisSpagyricl^workSwhich « be Htmofi point of the aketkits exordium and firft beginning from Utative contemplation of the greater world hand of humane Vhilofophj) theme" : intl- nating. theDifciples of thofe .There s noPhyfitian will deny. Athanor : this referreth to the Afomb in the Spagyrick Generation. of the Spagyrick Womb. which by the Ancients is called by this 'hymical Name. and efpecially . yet he dcferveth to be tiled theReftorer thereof. That it £ Phi^ . thereby I may happily profit theReaders. Of the vifible 17 TV. Chap.I (hall not hink it amifs a little to examine this comparison. He afferteth.of Metals. k that we proceed in order to de- BEfore we come is requifite larewhatlnftruments a&ualand local are neeflary to be ufed in this Art : the firft a&ual. But for the cxercife of the ingenious. that the Spagyrick Athanor ought to be >uilc from the imitation of the Foundation of leaven and Earth. the firft local Inftrument istheFurlace. and local Inflruments : and firs?. to fpeak of the matter .

hm& or Furnace. containing the Matrix of af the Elements wherein' . let it be made! fmooth within . to • bear the or. the Tran] mutation that can give no other Reafon of Fires. I need nor fpeak it to Philofophers : wherefore I (hall not need to urge it any further. To every Furnace let a Copper be fitted . according to the appearance thereof Philosophers to their carnal eye?. that is. : may fpeak- more Womb reverently. let it be fomewhaj larger and bigger towards the bottoms hen at top . bearing a fimiiitude and reiemb lance with the. ^ then what Rufticks and che JEtneajj Clowns do. This Terrene or earthly Sun is kindled and bred by the Fire of the fuperior . Therefore iye proceed t a fpeak of the manner* of the contagion and buiidinf* ot our A." the Seeds of the Sun and Moon.do nottiick by the way*butmay fall down To this Furnace y on may cloie to the Grate. as you fhali think fit. with Water : the ether matter is to be! inclofecl . from the Centre of our World or Athanor \ which is Fire. that Coals or fuch things as are put in. that I Gmilkude and likenefs of a Furnace.for the Generation of arl things? But this is plainly manifeR to Children. conco&ed and dige(ted. two or three mouths .to fay. let a Furnace be built fix i'panS hi^hj round whhin 5 andof the bred th and bignefi of one fpan. make one .lS of . natural Sun. Fir ft. Who feeth not the form and frame of the univerfal created World. even fo is kindled the Centre of our matter. by their various aftral influences are corrupted .

MA ny Philofophers . and till up the Turrets to the top. V. rafhly prefuming upon own Judgements. and they confume and burn all together. which the Matrix or Philosophers Egg?. Wherefore even as the Sun illuminates the great World.and kindle them at the door beneath . work or operate herewith.and all the matter of our Furnace. and giveth Light and Life to all the Stars. for the Then when you will having all things break you Coal' about he bignefs of Walnuts .ofMetals. The natural heat will excite and ftir up the ferment and the matter lying hid in this Egge. animates the young. fo is a Glafs to be in this induftry of the Magi-lery. diligently prepared. left the Coals being kindled at the top or in the middle . as the feting of a Hen over her Egges . nave mif-underftoodthe right and true occult and fecretVeffcl of the l&ilofophers. deftroy the whole work . Moderate therefore your Fire with a juft proportion . And worfe is that which C 2 their . C H A P. womb. is [Of the fecond Spagyrick Instrument . fo doth this Spagyrick Fire illuftrate and vivifie our Inftruments. and let the top be kept frmt . inclofed 19 is within : as the Egge within the Hen . as Nature teachtth in all things. Elements and Creatures.

to the perfection of the red Stone. may be elevated in the altitude of their Heaven. by any means . that That the matter in thefirfi feparation and fir degree . a Glaj?Veffel . ought tt be included in a ft which another faith .20 Ofthe Tranfmutation And more amils is which sAriftotle theChymift ( not the Greek Academian ) faith . * fj j ter being feparated from their body. thefe they underftand onely one Veffel in all Operations . That the matter is to be dccooled in a treble Veffel. Fer if the Veffel be more ftraight . large. by all tion ^ a Veffel of Earth. R I Perfian. and the invifible impreflions of the Stars. Since therefore our Matter is our Radix and Foundation both of the whue and red. whereby the Spirits and foul of our mat. and that according to the true Geometrical meafure and proportion . our Veffel neceffarily ought to be made after this manner . high . by which Anaxagoras knew the vermes and power of the whole Firmament. are chiefly neceffary for this work • otherwifeic is impoflble to attain to the excellent Oriental. which is Fixa- Neverthelefs . UMetaliickfejfel . & prefaged. He did very much make known our Veffel to the Cabalifts. and how it ought to be built of a certain Quadrature in a Circle. C \ That the great Stone fhould defcend from Heaven upon Earth: which alio happened after his death.Chaldean. in the fee end Degree ofitsfiagulation and "Dealbation of the Earth . and Egyptian Stone . and in the third "Degree . that the matter therein may be ruled by the Celeftial bodies : for the Celeftial influ- ences.

yet it ought to be of fnch a form as Nature her felf requires . and then the ruling and operating Spirits and Soul of the matter do defire . to operate upon the matter according to its proportion. The manner of defcribing this Veffel is difficult . if the Veffel be too capacious. Let the Operator therefore diligently note what he takes. who in the fiift Solution of our fixed and perfect matter. and fometimes the Veffel will flieinto athoufand pieces. muft be fuch . which is to be fought and inIn brief. and more large then for the heac. It ought to have this form . and wkat he refufes. ( which is moft acute) will too violently excite and provoke the matter to Operation . That when the ?KJ? C 3 . the heac of our fecrec PhLlofophicai Fire . being elevated above the Philofophical Earth. in the Solution of the firlt matter. that from the altitude of the Philofophical Heaven. it veftigated from one and another. But they onely underftand what the mat- ter of this our Veffel is. 21 high or low then its due meafure and proportion.it may operate to bring forth the Pruk of its terrene body. have reduce^ firft Effence and brought the fame into their 2 of which we have fpoken c- nough. Therefore our Philofophical Veffel fabricated with greateft induftry is to be and diligence. not without danger of the body and life of the Operator. the work will alfo be fruftrate and in vain. On the contrary .of ^Metals.

for an error being commit* ted thereby. be produced be too narrow or little. According to all tliefe things which have been faid.2Z Of the Tranfmutation Fire forces one from the other .-nce : If Corn. it ought to have a proportion of roundnefs and altitude. or therein. and that the Sun and the other Planets may exercife their Operations about the terrene Element. that is. the matter . or under the droppings of an Honfe. which the laft arealfo neceffary for the projection work : but as concerning the Veffel ufefnl for it is neceffary that you have a Glafs and duly proportioned . are melting Veffels. and that their courfe be not irnpedited in their Circuit. may betaken from h. >ie which appertain to the firft cleanfing and muncUnWion of Mineral bodies. there may be a reparation and purification of the Elements fo that every one may occupy his own place wherein he remaineth. the humidity. or any thing elfe. for if it be too capacious . be fown in the fhade. and comprefling the matter. what Fruit can be expe&ed therefrom > Wherefore our greateft care ought to be in the adopting and fitting of the Glafs . (o that nothing can therefrom. nor ftirred up with too violent a motion. that it can produce no Fruit. fo thac by the: impedidilated . and GUiTes for aAqun Finis . rightly proportion is . Cucurbites . the growrh thereof will be fufTocated. or more large then its juft and due m this work. Crucibles 5 lementing Veffels. is not ea(i]y corje&ed and amended . An example thereof. And if it ment .

the concurrences of the two Metals . until tha^ .or the PhilofophicalEgge . now hearken what Matter you are to chufeto begin this Spagyrick HAving hitherto Work : after that the Vegetables are mortified. you fhall avoid error in this thing. This being obferved. of Vegetable b taken away . not brought to the wifned end. fufficiently fpoken of the Chymical Initruments.I of Metals. fo that from thence at length re- fults a perfect Mineral. aGlafs of that weight having regard to the due thicknefs of the Glafs.. and a continual heat . that they may be after* \ wards compelled to receive their Aliment from thcSuiphujandS^ s*i the C4 Earth. Chap. ment thereof. And this rnoft efperially happens. they are tranimuted into a Mineral Nature . Wherefore to two Ounces of the matter. that is . Of tkSubjeB 1 «- VI. have puc off the vegerable Nature of Sulphur . fo long. For in the Mineral Caverns of the Earth 5 fome Vegetables are found. that is. where the naoft proper Nutriment of theie kinde. Salt and Sulphur. which by a long iuccefiion of time . or PbtLfopbical Matter general. take two Ounces and a half of Glafs. and put on a Mineral Nature. the work is 2.

i S t ij \ . mdihc Nuies from the Mercury . yet fo. that in feme they arc voUtile. that is. the matter whereof is moft difficult to finde out and underftand The manner and moft certain Rule of this Inveftigation. Much availing hereunto. whereby is found out Radix the knowledge of the matter.which (he hath in ftead of her Vetfels. . and/** Xre&atcs the Earth from the Sal. n pies whereof Nature createth all things. and diligent Examination of the and Sperm thereof. and animate Sulphur^ then Nature begins to operate in thofe Subterranean places. referving the firft parts. i and in others For as often as the corporal Sal is permixed with the fpiritual Mtrcfory. To which confideration it firft of all conduceth. But that we may return to fpeak of the Philofophers Stone. which feparates the craft and impure Sulphur from the pure . become a And from this Mineral con* perfect Mineral. dition. iii : U other things whatsoever. ! 5 into one body. naturally permixed fixed. by the feparating Fire. firft t Princi-. a certain Metallick perfect Effence fometimes arile. i 1 i.which Nature deco&eth again together into one conWhich fUnt Geogamical body.z^ Of the Tranjmutatwn t that which before was Vegetable .and of is a careful all doth and that by the progrefs of one Y J .i and CMercnry.is a due and neceflary confideration of the beginning and original of Metals . how and after what manner Nature firft bringeth them from imperfe&ion to the end of perfection. Degree unto another. the perfeft knowledge of the three Sal> Sulphur.

as is manifeft by the. from thence Mercury . 1 This Union being compleated. nor are depraved by the force of the corruption of the Metals. Body. to wit . So that by the Diffolution of that natural mixture. are the Matter of the Metals .That Sol and Luna are the Roots of this Art. the Cktercury and Sulphur of the Philofophers are incorporate and innate in perfect Metals.according to the condition or the Sulphur. But neither vulgar (Jttercury . The Son of Hannel faith .our Mercury out of perfect bodies. and Spirit. l 25 Which Operation is had from the greater raixture and conjunStion.and the vertue of the terrene Planets cometh to be extra&ed : which alfo Hermes itterts in thefe words : he &ith. From thence this vulgar Opinion received its original .of Metals. our (Jtfercury is tamed and fixed. it is ftill Volatile. that Sulphur and LMercury are the Matter of the Metals . infomuch that it is fcarce decoded into Metal in twenty refults pure ycers afterwards. by the onion of three. Relation of the Diggers of Mi- nerals.fay the Spagyrick Philofophers. Soul. Therefore under this form 6f Words. nor common but Sulphur . Yet neverthelefs. to wit. That the Philofophers Stem is * C94£HUtcd water t9 witjn Sol md L« na^ y Trcna . it is coagulated herewith. and in the Forms thereof: fo that they never fly from the Fire . and be made obvious to the Sulphur . which if it flow through the Subterranean Pores and Veins.

26 Of the Tranfmutation it From whence plainly appears . and to affttme mto it [elf the nature and propriety of all Elements. either natural or artifiand Woman cannot generate nor produce their like.and hi Female Lxna-> cannot conceive nor bring forth any Generation. our Male SV. without which they judged their whole work vain and ridiculous. rcceiveth and uniteth their Nature into their proper cial. which Mam) . the white and the red .without the mixture of both their Seeds . From whence our Philofophers have gathered. afferted their Stone to alfo they called their Wherefore they have be an Animal . This hath moved our Philofophers to fay. That the Matter of our Stone is only SoUndLuna. at length. And as we fee a Man • ' himfelf. Then. The Sperm hereof. apt tion for . is the matter the congretfive Work and Genera- by the Mafculine and Feminine force and vertue.That this Mercury is comvofed of Body y S only And Spirit . without their Seed and Sperm. is ^Mercury . which is confirmed by this. fo in like manner. and not before. That there is a third thing neceffary. Sol and Luna*. That every like naturally brings forth and generates his like. And as we know there are two Stones . coupled together in Matrimony. which by a natural ConjunSion of both bodies of Sol and Luna. the Animate Seed both of the Male and Female of theChymifts . to wit. fo there are alio two Matters of the Stone.

zndMtcrocofme* 7*rffmc0W) This tne wifeft of Philofophers . the matter of the Stone is underftood to be Adamical . the Homogeneous and umrfd matter of thePhilofophcrs. are tneeriy Golden. That there is in Mercury whxtfoever • men do feel^ after. the Microcoirnica! Garment . and to be had alwayes in great eiteem . For which caufe ic may worchily be laid. • By this place of the acute Philofopher. artificially prepared . Briefly therefore : The matter of thePhilofophers Stone is nothing elie but a fiery and perfeci Mercury extracted by Nature and Art.J^ T { There . with two perj e& : natural #nd incorporate conditions caRy produceth %is perfection. and is the true Herma- fhrodite-) Adam. who bearcch his occult and invifible Eve own body 5 from which moment they are united by the power of the Great Maker of all hings.but an abftrufe is nothing compofed LMercury^nd not the wife that vulgar Mercury. that fore is. becaufe they contain in them nothing Superfluous. Thefe Sayings of the Philofcphers . We pxirM our This extrirfe- Body . nothing invalid. c allcth the Stone zxxO r °m.t That the Mercury of the Philosophers elfe. whereb] herefifteth the force of the fire . ar.of Metals in his 27 tAdam.d by this his perfection is extrinfecally and intrinfecaliy defended fr$m all imfer- fettwns. Mercnrius afferting. Therefore they have wifely faid. which bewe have made mention of. Almadir thePhilofopher Mercury out of one perj\U faith.

to the ingenious • but notwithftanding in Parables. and fuch who arc apt to apprehend this Art. The Arabians . The Philofophers Stsne. Secret of the Philofophers : and ^^thagoras . Greeks. might be found out. Neverthelefs fome few . fo that little or no Knowledge thereof. Perfians. denoting them by certain occult ChaSome have called this. he which contains power and vertue of and runneth through the Houfes of all the Planets : and in his Regeneration. and hereof. and under Enigmatical Words and Figures . with various enigmatical Figures. that the Matter thereof might remain occult to Pofterity . and deceitful Similitues and Companions . Whotbever have attained to the knowledge have adumbrated and fhadowed the fame . which everywhere OCCuriCth in the invegiy .i8 Sol. and Egyptians . with its preparation. heappeareth cloathed in their candor and beauty. acquireth the vertue of the fuperiors and inferiors : and by the Matrimony thereof. but with exceeding great labour and intricate difficulty . The racters and Figures. h*vekept thefe Myfteries fecretand abtfrufe. feigned Words . and the true Stone. have fought out the per* petual Balfome of Nature. that they might expel the unworthy from attaining to fuch a myftcry of Arc and Nature. But neverthelefs fome have fufficiently de- tected this matter and the knowledge^ thereof. mutation Of the Tranf is Therefore our tMercury in himfelf the perfections .

inveftigation hereof. leaftof all pertaining to our univerfal Secret. The Fire thercare fufficient for theew fore and Azor The Philoiophers make mention ©f other Preparations.its to be noted. Sublimation.That thofe common Preparations of Geber.of<£\detah. Thomas Aquinas. Chap. F reparation of the Spagyrick Matter in general. For the. white and the red proceed bothfrom one Radix. Of the VII. Moreover. Ceration. Diftillation. Albertm Magnus. and at length to be regenerated into the Oriental Sol. and Lunar Stone. which you are to underftand onely to be certain univerfal Operations to compleat Nature in the laid matter . are nothing elfe but particular Solutions. Polydor . Sublima- tions . and not onely a working in the Philofopbicai Veflel with the like Fire . Rupecijfa . which wanteth onely the fecret Fire mod of the Philoibphers. without any mean : it is diffcived in . as Putrefa$ion. and not with common Fire. Calcinations. and the like . 29 attain to And hence it appears why mindes never the this flugsifti and flothful work. NAturefirftrequirethof the Artift. &c. that the •Philofophical^^w be* brought into a Mercurial fubftance . Fixation .

thus feparate*d . every Metal pulate . is Yet ibme Philofophers have diffolved the Body of Sol. as by terrene Glaffes and Inftruments. but will alwayes remain a certain . The caufe why thefe can never .made white and red. and conceived in it felf : it is decoded and infunded. attain to their Becaufe by this way. afcendcth and defcendeth : all which i Operations are made by the Fire alone. Nature will not be extra&ed nor feparated with humane dif-jun&ions.and copulated by it felf. . whole Separations.again to co- them into one but in vain. as they intentions.^o in it Of the Transmutation felf. thinking this to be the true Volatile matter of the Philofophers .black & yellow by it felf* it defpoufeth it felf. that it would afcencT by an . maybe feparated again into another.by Circulation and Re£tin"cation. whereas it is not although it be ajecret not to be deipifed . For although one Metal may be feparated from another in feme fort neverthelef?. Volatile Matter.' fpiritual and elemental venue : and after their feparati• on. by the Prong eflence of Win e* and made it Volati le . which parts afterwards by a Pellicanical Circulatioivor Pirtillation r can in no wife copulate into one. Alembick. That onely hath known its Operations and the weight of the Element?. Reftiis this. to reduce a perfeS: Metallick Body into a Volatile and fpiritual fubftance : yet they erre paration of the Elements this ^ in the re- for they thought by way to feparate Goldjnto a fubril . and t/fvram Totabik call it.

This is the Opinion of the Phiiofophers. and Ferment . Rectifications 51 . And this Blacknefe.That when they have placed this matter into their fecret Fire . it waxeth black. This Opera- tion they call Tutrefattion . are the Apella- tions of the Philofophica 1 Operations to derftood. Coagulation and Dcalbation. are executed without the Heip of any Operator or Manual Artifice. Matter. that beginning to tranfite into corruption. the matter foft and fluid.and no otherwife. The Head 1 of the frew. ©or Work is in vain. Calcination.they tion. whilft the matter is contained in the lecret Fire. and Copulations. They Call the afcending and defcending of this matter. it is cherHhed round about with this Philofophical heat. is Andbecaufe by a continual heat . But when it ceafeth to afcend 5 and made remaineth liquid in the bottom. we proceed in order to the Weights . Afcenfion.of <£\4etds. their DiiUllation . call it Fixa- After this manner therefore . and in the occult Veffel. they make mention of Ceration. beun- Thus having declared the Inftruments. andDefcenfion : they call Exficcation. . Chap. without observation whereof.

fee that you take .nor no Fruit. if there it will be fuffocated as be taken more of one then of the Seed fown in the Field . with their Female Eve. and Form of the Spagyrick Stone. is made after the tsfdamicJ^ iMercury of the wife men . and the Spirit or Tindure of Sol. T He Formal Therefore the Compofition of this facred Adamic^ Stone . fo that it cannot live lb long until it be united by the Mercury of the Philofophers. and perfected in the Fire: or on the contrary.by the Matrimony and union of the One and the other Mercury on the third parr. but the living part is another material. part of our birth is the Mercury of the Philofbphers. corporal and animal Mercptrj* The ctures. VilT. a due proportion ferved: to be ob- For Other. Wherefore. Of the Proportion cf the Matter.there can be no Solution. corporal CMercnry fpiritual is the fubjeft of Tinexhi- The : and animal tJMercwies • .yt Of the Tranfmutation Chap. confiileth of fpiriiual. Therefore the onely matter of the Philofopbers.if it be too littlc. as much of ig- the one as of the other left by your norance . bit the means of conjoyning them is but in their conjunction.

There fliould is a double Reafon why the Weight be obferved . the other artificial. 55 work be de- the Let there be taken therefore one part of the Seed to two pares of Earth . the matter burnt . renders it too dry and too hard. norance in the proportion stroyed. and the efe&orwant thereof. natural followeth the effe& in the Earth by Nature andConcordancy $ of which Arnaldut If there (hall be added more or tefl Earth then Mait will faff ocate the Soul . a pale body evades: if the Fire be made too vehement. is ture wtllfuffer fruit tfor fixation perceived. folving. and there will be no error . If the VelTel be too little. The fpeaks. and no . fo as the reft be moderated accordingly.of<£\fetals. or three to four . . and calefying the other Elements. Scul and £> Body ( fay th: . too large . if it be judged of the Water : there be taken too much or little thereof. Between the Spirit . but the artificial is moft occult : when as the Ponderations are included in the Magick IArt. the one natural . but the work will be brought to itsdefired end in this behalf. the Tincture is too much prefled is if . . if too remifs it hath not power of exficcating. like is to The rings an inconvenient lofs : for the fuperfluity ereof makes the matter too humid . In thele confifts the elemental Weight.

I ted. it ought to be very well concluded and fealed up in the Philofophers Veffel .^ rily Of the Tran]mutation » Sulphur. and committed to their fecret Fire. . and illuminate all things which expeft his Light fire. and by all things. and confifteth of an equal Weight with the matter it felf in all things . or hope can de- j l cannot rightly be underwithout a perfect knowledge in the Metals Rood of perfefl Tin&ures. without any variation of any Degree of Tranfmuta- Which underftand after this : * tion. by Reafon of the Weight. the Philofophers ) confifteth the Weight with as it were theRe&or of the work: for the Soul defireth the Sulphur. and After therefore the matter is prepared and fitmixed with its proportionate Weight. manner Our matter is united with red mixed Sulphur . to which is committed the third part of the Regiment until the la!* Degree . and neceffaobferveth it. we proceed now to fpeak But becaufe this of them. in which the Philofophical Sun will fpring up and arife. Chip. . that it maketh on the infinice Operation of the Stone : and perfifteth therewith together with his Fire.

but tHac D . : but rather thereby gains more it is . conttantly in the fire. as others luftre . perfifts is there no doubt but the fixing thereof by the fpirit.of the Metals Ttafture of the Sun. Spirits of the And Sun obtains the fuprcrae and which is derived of tubal. : TihBwet and firft. that all Corrup- may alfo endure the fire with him without lefion. 35 Chap. will in> preffe the fame virtue in its felfc What gift and office therefore hath it in Mercury\ but that when it is freed from its own body. itfbould work aodopcrate its effects thereupon ? who * vvill deny . but immediately flyes therefrom.vf Metals. Wherefore this fpirit fltetb not from the fire. and fplendor . it ccmes . fubje& to no Corruptionnor any other quality. . that the body of Sol is Mercury \ which can in no wiieindure the fire. but remains therein fixed f triumphing and rejoycing : it is not confumed nor burnt principal place : T^He Tin&ure of thereby. and difeafes. Since therefore being in gold. and flyes Mercury not . the efficient caufe thereof. His body hath not thefe virtues from himfelf. It is certaine. Whereby accidents . and taken into a humane body . Of the IX. pure* and moft perfed fire. can : neither heat nor cold bring any detriment thereunto to pafs . but from his fpirit alone. ic that the body which it it once putteth on defends and preferves from tion.

preferve the body to a long and found life . The fpirit of Luna lyeth in this white Tin&ureJ as the Red in Sol : And it is alfo borne of a fubtil fpirit . and all other and render the fame fixed and conftant it is eafily gathered from hence . to from injury of the fire. the fame it will do in a humane body. how much more efficacious and powerful will it operate. Never theiefs'in purity and conrrancy it farre excelleth the not otherwife to be experience.and all other Metals it in the fire. and pic je&ed into a humane body ? will not that be alfo defended from many dicertainly whatfoever it feafes and Corruptions ? operates in Mercury. but not fo perfect as that of Sol. Seeing therefore the to preferve the witi Mercury. Tinctures of all the other fubfequent Metals. fpirit or* the Moon is of power body which it once puttcth on.7fi Of the it Tranfmutation that alfo Corruption and keepeitfafe from all and accidents whatfocver> and . but by certain and true and not by any other reifeaof a Subtile intellect x for this wifdom which is conceived by opi« nion only > is metre fooliibnefs before God and the truth . and are deceived. For burnt with it lead con fumes it felf. wherefore they that hope and believe therein. being free from its own body. if it effect this in fo iaftable and volatile a body as Mercury. except Sol and Luna • to which brings no detriment. as our firft parents of old ? The virtues and propertyes of all other Metals are preferve difeaies 1 may known . accidents. do erre. and preferve the fame to a long and found life. Thus farrc of the fpirit and Tin&ure of Sol : now let us fee what Tincture the Moon hath. expelling .

The of more it is Spirit of Venn* derived of a permtxtion : crafs elements then the former wherefore and fubje& unto them 5 but it is more perfect then the other Spirits andTin&ures which follow. which are not permanent . it be 'mixed with any other Metals bodies . but they go about fixed Cures with uncoaftant means . The like effect hath io humane bodies. according to the degree of nature : for it defendeth wounds and ulcers from accidents. inferiour the fame focsrer it hath in its Mercury] doth alio in humane bodies. fubtile and perfect every Medicine is by fo much the more the . it breaketh tneir perfect that they will not be malleable any more. But what (hall I fay more unto is thefe ? they hayc never yet learned otherwife in their Academies. and expelleth fuch difeafes as What operation it are under If its degree and power . but from a Spirit. excelling them in fixation and conftancie .of Metals expelling alldifeafes 37 which a re comprehended under power thereof . not yeelding to the fire. undertaking that which is impolfible for them to perform. .efpecially be taken for any Difcafe* not deftined unto its degree 3 D . and difperfeth the root thereof. tf tt until they it be freed from it. Certainly by how much th: more fublime. nor (o fubje& to be corrupted as the others fubfequent : andremaineth more fixed in the fire : which vertue Vcntu hath not in her own body. as Vegetables. according to the degree thereunto prefixed by nature. perfectly it cureth in its kinde. found Wherefore ignorant are thofe Phyfitians who their Art chiefly upon corrupt Medicines.

man . of the Elements. Carbuncles. as well perfect as imperfect. and fuch* like . bringech Contractures of the members.ee of Fire . Cancers. pains. if applied to any becometh its Nature yet it wanteth nor power and vertue granted to it by God and Nacure in its fpecial propriety. havisg a more . it difcontinueth and mixeth wkh them. ruft : eafily fubjeft to it be confumed with but in hardnefs and drinefs abounds above all other Metals. Wherefore the Phyfitian ought perfeftly to learn the Natures and Tinctures of Metals how they 1. by nature intractable with the hammer. of Saturn is created of an ebfeurei and cold perraixture of Elements whereby it • . The Spirit of Jupiter is created of a white pally fubftar. before they venture to give them. tradable fubftance fufiblc. cfpecially with Ltma that it will Jt torments the body of difca(e. but not fo much as Mars. gree with the Nature of Bodies . which exceed not the degree of its Niture it is he btft remedy expelling every evil. t The Spirit tenebrofe. The tin&ure of and bard and perfects .38 Of the Tfanfmution* it degree by nature. that they cannot exercife their natural faculties being outwardly applied to Fiftula's.other then • » hardly be feparated hertfretnt ic The like to operate operation : if it hath in all other Metals. Mars crafs perrnixion lefs confifts of an aduftible . then the other im- hardly but corruptible both with Air and Water. except in Saturn its be taken contrary to Nature . left they endanger their Patient. body. it affli&s the members with cruel andgnaweth them with fuch burning : upon mans paffions and . Bang mixed with others.

but to the Spirit is fubje& to feal • • Mercury hath no certain deall the o:her> as wax for it receiveth impremon of a i: every whatfocver ueko fclf as when the Spirit of Sol is imprefled into it. faculty to heal Fiftula's. then at length he exhibits his tranfmutation therwife then a dead female of Metal . by it comss to pafs any other. and cmbraceth every Metal* His body may be compared to the Spirits of other Metals. as the Female to the Male. and how it naturally ordained for Medicine. which with the ctafs Spirit of work remains fixed & Mtrchrj cannot be dones D4 Ancj . the Spirit of terminate form. no cit although be as an female in untitled Field or Earth . and fo of the reft : he putteth on their nature. firit is the Phyfidan. . chat defires to make ufe know with what difeafes it agrees. Laftly. and many other infirmities. more then Tin or Iroa . it tranfices into Sol* if Lun* t into Luna . and after the preparation projected into Mercury . together with the difeafe . that it left cndutes the Fire then Ic mundifies the bodies of oVand Lm<* : it and pnrge:h them irom fuperflukies becaufe tber $ it sffr#cth the body taken inwardly. but icis coagulated with more cold then theooperates not (o fharply : it hath an excellent and fuch-like ulcers.of *5\fetals. if it be macerated or vivified with the Philofophers Plough this . ( which and uncorrupt) it is united to the faid corporal Spirit by the degrees of the fire. > 39 . not by a corporal mixture . Bu: having performed its operation unlefs it depart from the body. Cancers Wherefore kt hereof. but when a Spirit is educed from its Metal.iato his nature and fubftance * this with the dead body of Metal . it doth more hurt then good.

if the fire be too ftrong. and the medium whereby the tin&ures are promoted to their generation. concubine legitimate iflue. For the Remrreftion of Metals is an immortal Regeneration. as the common Mercury Spirit of is fubje& to all Mcin no wife no more then % tallick Spirits. C HA P.tf<r. never comcch to its Refurrec^tion.and is fixed • nevertnelefs. X 'Of the plain Manifeftation of this Art. Wherefore into fixation .0 And Of the TranJ mutation although the body of 5o/exift of Mercmj or Argent t/. For the crafs Mercury doth generate this tincture in fubftauce. imor which you will j but let there not be too much oihunfk . but add left ^hereof then of the other. it cannot generate • if too rcmifsi the fame event happens. to any good and perfect work in tbefe kinde of tin* dures : moreover. Saturn to run with all the life pofe thereupon Placers » Pcnafc . are to judge in like manner of the crafs Spirit of Mercury So long until the metallike and corporal We Spirit ter : is made by this the medium it is of the natural mat-? impoflible to attain without medium. common Mercury not fixed or mortified . it cannot be united with dead bodies but only with extracted Spirits of the corporals before fpoken of. which are fubje& to Metals . VLTHen thou wilt mike the Heaven or Sphere of upon the Eartfc.4.

made cerporal.ofMetah. and this for this is . . it is well : for fo it ought to remain all. or undctftand the fame. by which the (aid Planets are again firft. they have nets will remain of fuch a coufiftency put on a new. * not vulgarly and indifferently laid open to Vini* de TrtnfmutAtione Metriorum* Of . "After this manfler thou Haft the whole Arc made manifeft and plain but if thereby thou doft not know this Take new body from keep • Earth. perfect and incorruptible body* This is the Spiric of Heaven . Permit them all 4.1 fee the to run until : you Heaven of the Pla- Saturn quite to vaniflh by this means. all that their ancient and corruptible bodies being dead . and living as ac the Life and from the Sol and Luna.

firft. then by a perfect knowledge of the end for which God The firft example we ceived to tend. of them . I had diligently and accurately read . from Medicine. whereby a diieafe is to be known from the iflue. if . that the may be turned » fcto . as to created it . and by confequence . other wife . from whence they ail dedu& their original. WHen Truly. the beginning of any matter certainly the I written end thereof tmy rightly be may yery fitly be have therefore in the firft place decreed to propofe unto you tfie ultimate matter of all Minerals s whereby you may eafily underftand the declared. Furthermore. it true ufe of the Creatures of (Sod may come to pals.4* Of the Genealogy and Gene- ration of Minerals. Chap. and not from the beginning .but mult be bliade likewife but the end is vifible from the ififue. I. nothing can be better known. the writings of the Ancients concerning I appre- the Generation of Minerals dendcd. to which it is per(hall bring its end propofed to it. that they underftood not the ultimate matter much lcfs the firft. in which there is no Science introduced by biindenefs.

Of the (jenedogy. hath the chiefeft place therein. If a Metal be diflbl ved in the Fire. . as of feme terrene ftonesis ieen to be. even as the Earth is not Wood . and not Su!pher. It is demonfttated not to beSalt. So likewifc are and Iron created by the Water . But it feemed good to God the Creator . nor the Wood Earth . Earth alfo is made of that which it is not in it fclf* and fo hkewifc is Man.. yet they are not of the fame cxiftencc as .becaufe the firft beginning of its Refolution is not Friation. Sal and Mercury (hould be deco&ed into Stones and every Mineral fubftance . according to Therefore learn the laft is and firft matter of things from the fire • Ark of fecrcts aifeft. the key that unlockech the and maketh every occult thing ma- For example . in him. 43 for every thing which God it. &c. 1 Wood Water. but Mercury .befidcs Liquation and Flagration. hath created. to create a watry Element and from thence to produce every Metal for the ufe of man . alMetals though the birth be not of the fame cxiftencc with the Mother.* (hews the firft beginning thereof to be a Mercurial water. into abufc . for this . that it fhould be the Mothe Minether thereof. as in her wombt ral Fire. in which. Neverthelefs every Metal hath Sulphur and Sal it prefently . So that the water is unlike its Metallkk iffuencither is the Son like the Mother . So .becaufe the resolution thereof flameth not like Rczio. although it fpring and bath its original from the Earth. and poflefs the right ufe thereof. he would have us enjoy.

it is made or feed is which the Element of Water which refolved. So wonderfully hath matter of Nature . thing fogreat an Artifex in every as hath none before him . as the mofthardeftand (iurable from the moft m . according to his own nature. . and laft matter of Minerals. and whatbeloigs to Metal . the corruptioa man begins of Nature by Art. neither (hall have things any after. &c. foe fegregates into Metal. every one by bimfelf feveraliy. fo that it is made Water. Chap* Of the firft II. is the ultimate matter of man. under her power and fcparation.44 So God laft Ofthe is Cfenealogy . was firft . beginning with God . there the Art of for the ultimate matter of ? Nature f is the firft nature of man : again. yet from thence is created the moft folid and durable fruit . into fperm . the laft matic ter which he made the as the fruit fclf the feed ftiould bricg forth other fruit that hath in : and this feed is in the firft matter. made . one all in every thing : 2nd the firft and matter of . Therefore where Nature ceafes. with their fevcral gentu and fptcies congruent there- unto. Likewife is in the ultimate matter of Minerals. Therefore Nature taketh that which is in water. God created Water the firft which. though it be fo tender and feeble a fubftance. as Metals and Stones. THe which firft . the firft matter feed is 5 that is.

is beyond the reach of humane capacity .of zfMineralsi fofc 4. Metals. ought moft exactly to imitate Naall her Operations : And whofocver under- Hands not thi?. and feeble : ' icrat'ion Thus having in the firft place handled the Regcand Chymical and Natural Operation of . but of Nature j and it (ball be done* F J n 1 s. we efteemed itmoft neceflary roaddtbefc few words cf the natural Generation of Miaerak. (hall never attain to the accomplishment of his defires in this thing. Therefore let him that fearcheth a thing fo fecret and difficult .$ and that Fire ftiould be produced from Water . This is the Opinion of all Phiiofophers and Students in this Art. that he that would be an Artift in this ture in ProMion . whereby the Operation thereof may be the eafier known. be a Scholar not only of Arc. yet not beyond or above the work of Nature. Vr'm .

and Beauty beyond expreflion. it brings forth little Fruit poflible for but it is great. For if we confider wherein the Celeftial and Terreftrial Bodies agree. with the Univerfal Spirit. and prevaileth. which prefident Art doth imitate. for in common : fenfe and reafon. to pro* duce a glorious fubftance of connexed Forms. corporate and fixed.4-tf illlBflili Vrim and Tbummim to be fliewed are made by Art . becaufe . that the treasures of darknefs may be opened . and the fame. and cuts •(under the Bars of Iron. The . all agree in myfteries never (o thac Wt may not fpeak of Science without Knowledge.we (hall finde fomething objective in the inferiour Bodies. which turns every way to keep Tranf- greflbrs out of Paradfo. before the eyes of Undemanding . whereby they communicate their Celeftial Vertne and Influence . to make all things manifeft men . Vertue. THe fofar as is Truth feems buried. and of Cieernefs . and the bright and fiery Sword discovered . which breaks the Gates of Brafs.

%)rim and Thummim.


The Mathematicians fay , The Celeftial Influences do hold and govern every natural Body, and by many unities collet a quantity (unfitting without ftiadow : for the real Venues affe& to be fpecificate ; and as living Fire gives life to other things : which central fubftance of Celeftial Vertues or Form of Metais is the Subject of this

That Urim and Thttmmim


which were given

in the Mount, cannot be proved that they are the potential from the Creation, may appear ; for

they werefubftances*,whofe Name aniEffences did predicate each other , being convertible terms, the Name andEffence one : the words fignifie Light an d Perfection Knowledge and Holinefs, alfo Manifeftation and Truth , even as

Science and Effence make one Perfection. Jt is likely they were before the Law given ; for the


to make a Ark , which fome take for a Window 5 others , for the arching and bowing of the upper Deck , a Cubit : but fith the Text
cleer Light in the
faith, V>aj

God commanded Noah

and night jkall ho more ceafe ; Itfeem?, then ceafe : and whether this were one oc it did snore Windows , is uncertain : but when the Windows of Heaven were opened, and the Air darkned by pouring out Rain, the Sun not giving his Light , but prohibited the generative Spiric of the Creatures in the Ark,what exterior cleeroefs could be expe Aed ? Therefore fome of the Rabbins fay , The He* irew word Zohar, which the Chaldee tranflate Nelier, is not found m the Scripture , tut in this


Vrim and Thummini.

the word,it Teemed to be a rare and that which is generally doubted to be , The Creator commanded 'Hgah to make by Art. Other Hebrew Dodtors fay, It was apreciens $tone hanged in the Ark^ which gave Ughsjfi all living Creatures therein. This the great eft Carbuncle could not do, nor any precious Stone that
place: To that like

only natural.

But the Univerfal



xed in a t ranfparent


the Sunjn Glory , and gives {Efficient Light? toUl the Room to read by therefore it is moft probable, this was the Light
fhinej; like

that God



all living

Creatures : fork

to make, to give Light is of perpetual du-


And whereas Tttbal-Cain is faid to be a perfect Mjfjerofe very AjxificgrJn Brafs and Iron »whkh fomeTiold 7 doth contain the whole and perfect deco&ionof theMetallickVertue, wherein the Central Vertue is moft abundant, and makes the happy more admired, who walk in the E&ek. midft of the Stones of Fire ; For 28.1 6. where there are two things of one


Nature,the chief is robe underftood Therefore in the mention of Fires , pure Fire is


The Scarlet Veil in the Temple feemed ever moving, and (knified pure Fire , generative and fixed in deer Bodies , as Vrim and Thttmmim: Although EfFences are not without great difficulty made manifcft in themfelves , yet the cleer Vifion thereof^nakes the poflibility unqueftiona* ble ; as at Elijba 9* Prayer, his Servant few the


Vrim and Thummim.


Chariot , andHorfesof fire, about bis Mafter, which before he fawnoc ; fo are they apparent

made vifibie,


Some think, that Urim and Thnmmint were not Artificial , becaufe they arc fiid in the Text to be put in the
breftplate, but not to






but this point

mty be cleared by obfercb


the feveral kindes

©f making, as betwixt thofe thing*; made with hands, andthofe things that are or! v made vifible by effect: for where natural and habi.ual Vertue do meet together,the perfection i more abfolute by a kinde of new Generation , as the pure Sulphur of Metal, by an inward power doth purge it felf by ebulition ; not by the firft and remote caufes , but by the fecond and neerer* whereof the Philosophers fay, The fecret of aU
fecrets is of fuckaJifpojttion

which cannot be per-

fected with handstfor

it is

a tranfmutation of natural

from one thing to another* Alio it is faid, The Artifi takes impure Spiri ts, and by Sublimation^ Nature and i/frt , clean feth them into bodiesjtiz^

Sndjixed: fo that the bodilj Nature doth eternally ; and being more then perfect^ doth give

ferfe&ion to other things. that thefe perfections have their begin-


nings from two Lights , both the Text and the antient Philofophers make plain ; but ignorance and the matter of the Elements are the Iron Gates, which muft be cut in pbee s , before the

be made vifible. For the natural Urim and Thummim, the Phi-


lofo pliers

Silver and Br afs The Lord gave Be^aliel Wifdom. to extract the inward part . and therefore doth the celeftial Sun communicate moft vertue therefore the incorrupted quality of pure Sulphur being digefted in external hear* hath alfo re^al power over all inferior bodies for the Sun doth infufe his.50 and fore. and thofe things which come neereft in vertue and temperature. which come neereft in vertue and temperature. underftood according to the found of wards. Vrim and Thummim. and manifeft the central vertue : for where the perfeSion of the matter is glorious. the perfection of the form is are as the Parents of all and things . Affation. The end is dire&ed to invent work? more glorious. are more excellent : the Sun 's Motion and Vertue doth vivifie all inferior bodies . The Sun and Moon inferior bodies ttttft- . are more excellent The Sun's Motion and Vertue doth vivifie all inferior bodies . and the pure form of the terreftrial Sun is faid to be all Fire . Exod. what they have feen and done that they did nothing fave that they did beefpecially requifite to fore we knowledge is Art : thereare to confider the means to attain to : fo that a perfect make a perfect this end.Undemanding and Knowledge : thefe * re tne m eans : for Gold is diffolvcd by Wifdom. 3 x • 3 A* which is not to be . but according to the intent of all Diftillation. in Gold. ia Contrition . influence into all things • but efpecialW inco Gold : and thofe : 1 and Fire. and knew lofophers affirm.

they might make up all the eight Ornaments although they did not inquire by them. Earth undergptth the name. they enquire not by. So purifieth^and caufhumour fo to abound . becaufe the Holy Ghoft was not there . and fo doth Fire: \VtHisboth* U S Thus . There was much mor* then thej myfieries in the Flamines Ceremonies^ 6 \ underflood. Vcftifigntfied pure Earth. Vefta is Earth and Fire. and internalFire: of which ft is faid . they might give what they will* and when they will . One 51 natural bodies do never fhew forth their virtues. and every Prieft that fpake not by the HolyGhoft>$t on whom the divine Majefty reftexh not . without danger of diminution . fecond Temple of the Rabbins faith .Vrim and Thummim. Others fay . But thefe men had the fpirit of Be^aliel . : which foveraign Tin&ure. till they be made fpiritual. and made thefe natural. to the end. at a man that hath Ftrt may give to his Neighbour without hurt to him* ! UWarcus I Vaffo faid . which hath »o (igniftcation before Confecration./ia the tentfyfhall perceive theeffett effuchperfett health [ \ of their Anceflors. that the Chilthe fourth Cjeneration^Ciits fome fay. fpiritual Bodie. him: fo it is with Sacramental Bread. eth the radical dren in fome fay. That if they have oncefinijbed this Arty andjhould live a thoufandyeers . They made in the Urim and Thummim .

and thefpiritual corporal . as well jubjeft to i'cnfe. *»*• the four Element^ But here beginning s muft The Rabbins hold . andWifdomes central Body is the (hadow of Wifdomes central Effence . is invifible . abundant in for that which is of sreateft durance.51 Vrim and Thummiml "flout is (hewn forth in a worl^done by Fire> The mighty Vdta. and beginnings of Compofa ion* and beginnings of Operatio n : for the Artift was commanded to dTeuie work in Gold \ that i?.*»^ her fare Autre. . and without Faith there is no knowledge of any excellent thing j for the end of Faith is Undcr- dom ftandiog. is the whole fcope of the intention 5 yet the fpiritn?l U not firft. be every natural beginning to either matter t or caufe oftfe matter. and the moral Interpretation can never exclude the real effe&s from ocular demonftrationrbut where Reafon hath experience . Faith hath no merit. but the natural : for corruption muit pat be well under/Tood on incorruption. the farm murt be more glorious: and though the fpiritual Nature be more operative. yet the bodily Nature mutt predominate eternally : fo that to make the corporal ipiritual . for there are beginnings of Prepara tions . and mortality immortality andmoft veuuc^oih moft excel in Glory and Beauty.f rom the obje& to the poflibility : for if the matter be glorious . and confequently material . Philofophy is nothing but the flndy of Wifconsidered in a created Nature .

with Glory and. becaufe it is of degree of heat with tfte hoitett Vegetable. heat. bright and deer Water of Putrefa<SHon : for the peitefHon of eve*/ Art. but by predomination ard vi3ory of that pure Fire. T¥\ Vapor is called.Beauty. and not for rotting under the clods. (properly fo called' requires a new birth . that is a pure.nm* <*re mm by a : for venter and honour arc in hvjSanftuar/. like the Oleftial Si|n enters not materialbut by help of E m -r tal Fire . £ rtLt feek* to dertroy Life.: for although ye have tain of cosopleat white . greaieft things B'lt became the not done ftrertgth. now the Founyet yoa arc not neec 1 E your .or habit of fingering /as alfo bcraufe the intellect doth fo far excel the fente : this is work of a fecond intention. you fliall ice great and marvelous fecrets . as that which is lowed it rot quickned except h die : hue here death is taken for mutation. Beauty . and (o fiiteft 55 to make Vrtp* and Tl. Now therefore we muft take the Key of Art. not by the reparation of Elements by themfelves . and being decoded till it fhine like bri^hteft Steel. an i confider the fecret of ev cty^th ng is„the Life thereof: Lifejs£Vapo?7 and : in Vapor is placed the wondcPot Ait whatfecver hath nal Tranfmutation.Vrim and Thummim. fends forth his influence and impefltou o* f nn # Here we mutt obiere d ffcrence of per- te&ion§. which ly . agitating and moving in it felf by the interis faid to live : this Life the and retiore an eternal . and the beginning upon the vertue of Elements . Trie vegetable Spirit.

led. The Philofophejs advife to take the like matter above Earth . with the Greeks. with the Arabians. which is the Fountain of Life.which lives in the radical humidity. the universal Spirit. by exa& diet . the Celeftial Gold obuin e^th. Qrim ahd Thummim. Others affirm *sfz>och and Ignis to be fuffident for this high Sperm of'Gold '% -by perfe&ion : mans is Stiver the which A&och among the Gej> with the Macedonians .^/*/. Iron . are potential in ©ne competition : and by the duel of Smiths. your chief delight. Tin i with the Tartars . and Divine there ar e three tofts . . and is the mafculine Seed of theCeleftial Sun : here is that Rule made good? Exceptye fow in Go Id e do nothing* Therefore we mult tafe heed wnat we underftand by J Gpid. The JTheofophifts are periwaded. tofearch the moft precious from a vile thin g : all which is elfily agreed. vi^ory oyer all^the rejt^ and is made ( tnoii«h 7iiot Witti hands ) a body finning like the Sun tofclory . for in the lines following. Utferettty • with the Hebrew?. Satttrh. Brafi . and with the Indians.c $4. The vile thi n? treafure JLJLon* the Mercury cafi in the matrix of a prime corqmttion. . and Centre of the Heart. All which being. the fame Author faith . to obtain the Angel of the Sun to be their Guide and Director. Which is c*)r. diverfe in Nature . and doth naturally viviftcate . whereof C&qnkaia. V"lg*ft which is therefore 16 s callednbecaufe it is a fpcc'ial Gift of God . that Nature hath made Under the Earth : Others. if rightly underltoorf . and by certain form of prayers at certain times.

is Water by his proper mixture. is as certain as that which is made with hands. or what power -E4 when . parts of a fucceffive courfe neither the honor little in is not a fmall thing. the right ule of the Creature.in a fucceffive courfe. rather then the remote : notwithftanding . and (hall be. fave in a body of his own kinde. (he became one with him> and yielded him all glory • who by his Regal power. he is much miftaken^ for a glorious Spirit will net appear. . know what . Air turned into ter. and afterwards eternally a thing fully fixed. Although pure Manchet be made of the fined This is Meal. After we fell from unity. and the fame Wood . firft temporary is.but three makes up the union. that which is made by the effe&. and of it was made himielf .%)rim and Thurnmim. 55 Ens ornnU frivationis expers . raigneth over the fourfold Nature eternally : but if any (hall underftand either common or Chymical Gold to be the fubftance of this facred body. . or Thumm'm. the Key that made the pure cleer Fountain. fo to know the feveral muft . He that knoweth it was. A Spring in Italy called Clytintts may attain makes Oxen whitethat drink it s And the River in Hmgaryy turns Iron into Copper. yet Wheat is not excluded . becomes Wood. we groan under the burden of divifion. What excellency things by habitual vertue . by Waturned into a Stone. and fo Bread is faid to be of the fecond and neerer caules. led . the fait Woman fo loving the red Man. and foveraign Quality.

cleernefs and brightness is the centre of each thing.and odor. Therefore thofe are the fiueftfubjefts to make the molt precious perfume in the world : and confidering . where thefe are moft abundant . and dry . to exalt into fuch excellency : the proper quai'ty of Fire and Air is fwcctnefs. and thofe Spirits corporated again . perfection. And although the crude Quality be coin. or like to ir. and thofe bodies have both centre and fuperficies clccr and bright . and the bodies made fpiritual . fayThe more a man excels in venue. yet they are moft abundant in Tincture. thofe bodies are moft abundant in pure Fire and Air . & feme hold for the excellency of its temperature. it is but appropriate in Earth and Water 2 what bodies (hall we finde. you will take a fubtiance of like quality . whofe proper Quality is fweetnefs. exprefs ? when Nature and Art make one who is able to If ycud -foe by Art to have a thing of admirable fweemef.Thai it is all Fire. whenfoever they are purified by Art . to be wrought upon ? AstheCeleitiai Bodies give no Tincture.!^ ic at large proved . . whereby it is diffolvT A : however. Air is caufe of Life • (Jl'terwry is coaled Air JEther eahand truly Hcmogeneal % which doth after a fort congeal and fix : it is called a crude Gold^nd Gold aflRv^j aq d mature CMer cury. But the work cannot be dy to ing.$6 Vrim and Tbummim. the pre Jter er kffer was the Taper. they muft neceffarily be Bodies of greateft or cleereft Light and Perfe&ion : as one compareth a glorified Boa cleer Lanthorn with a Taper in it .

and upon molten Gold ic turns all into powder .Vrm and Thummim. And although one Veflel is'lufficient to perfe£t the Infant in the Wombe "" yet Nature hath provided fcveral brcafts to nourifn it. and different means to exalt ic to the flrcngth of a man. and the reft itut ion of a better. which is the glorious fubftances of Urim and Tbummim^ihkh in their being. openeth the Understanding. is quellionabie . Some obfervc not jult difference between Liquidation and Solution : but ail Corrolives or violent Operations . And j It leems ihcProphetTe^eemof tbefeStepesof Fire* . 57 bemanifeft without the deftruction of the exterior form . which being drunk in White* wire. How Gold fhould be burnt. The Truth of every thing is faid to be his incorrupted Nature . Nature hates . which. but every exaltation of this foverai°n Spirit . Truth and Science is of not led by chance or Fortune . but that which is of pure vertue and effential purity. becaufe there can be no Generation but of like Natures. and ftrengtheneth the Memory : for here is the Vein of Undemanding. preferves the Temple of Man's Body incorruptible. ©either can you have the precious Sperms without Father and Mothers. for nothing (hall reft eternally vifible at the laP fire. is become asinienfible as dud. encreafeth Wifdom . Fountain of Wifdom . which the^F ire cannot confume.and Phyficai ufe. and River of Knowledge. adds a tenfold vertue and power : then take one pare of this Spirit. but the Spirit God guid esjby the Hand of Re^afo .

andE^£/W. they that wade in deep Waters. Therefore let mode^y allow the the for Iff whereof he underftands not termination and degrees : neither refute Waters of Shiloah. or. and the Purifica- have like decrees of Preparation and Operation. doth cjqalific tbecoidnefs anddulDCfS . The firii beginnings of Tranfmutation or Naturation . in*hewell sition.Hind. In natural Generations the form prepares the matter. the S tones of Fire attained by Wiidom : which he differeth from the natural precious Stones . as i' ome lay.- go To IfMah 8. as pure Fire from common Fire. fart.58 Vrim and Hoummim^ Fire : fomc meaning the Stone of Darknefs and as it were. and length in the right. •. who yo u mult follo gives not the like time to every Generation but as the Mare hath ten months. for thereunto onely promiied Vi£tory and the chief errors in Art . Fire turned up: Others. theStone of Tin . is the fmaiieft meafure of pure Sulphur with both Riches and Honor in the left. cannot chatpoffible. and forae are begun of CompoBeginnings of Preparation . : and is fiftv T before conjuncti on . Be patient there- fore in a work of Nature . obtain the Treafures of Natur e t Nature onely . to their higheft Perfection. nine yeer? . yet there are precedent Preparations. are hafte and dttlnefi. becaufe they go flowly . w the El ephant three .6. The Regeneration of Man tion of Metals . of Tears. The beginnings of Tranfmutation mutt be diftinguiftied : fome arc begun of Preparation.

and tinman to white ad infinitum. and purineth the fublhnce but onely to a pale white* uefs . being preferved unhurt in weight and purity. Water by Water . though it beaneceffary preparation to the alteration following. and by help of the external heat . and adding heat by the internal Sulphur of the Homogeneal Body. which it is is by means of changed Water becaufe j yec .Sulphur muft be diftinguiflied : white Solphur. not doubting : within the centre of cosrpieatewhite. . This hath caufed men juftly to condemn all GOfe . temperate and patient . and healeth almoft ail difeaies . and tame and fub- due the fearfui quality of fwift flying. canonely beextra&ed A^ain . (hall afterwards ap* pear. turning the infide outward . and is perfe&ed by retraining. the internal Sulphur is excited by Operation . and :hangeth the colour of this eternal Liquour. more hurtful then profitable to the Body of Man : what thefe are. . excluded in the conclusion: for. become fober. and living or reviving Sulphur : white Sulphur is of like Operation. refts the red Stone of moft delight. By knowledge hereof. that follow after that fcalding deluge.vnm md '1 hummim. even meet natural meo nave befrevfcd the Refurre&ion . whin by mixing with fixed Sulphur doth diffolve the ftubbomneis of this Urne . yet is but the fervile and paflive. which hath the firft operation . Beginnings of CcmpqGtion are thofe inward Operations and Changes . fiefs 59 of the crude difpofition .

in feeding. for they do not onely buc purifie a pure body.kning it eflenual form . and the glory of the whole world . (hiring as eternally fixed in a tranfparem Body the Sun. Reviving Sulphur i< the iecret of fecrets. and Citrinati je& . if he have not of this reviving Sulphur . being cnlightned wich the glorious obwnich is as eleer as a Chrilhl Looking- Glafs.no ror« ruption ro refill the Spirit . ons . Let us icarch therefore ce- which is the centre of all things V lo will \k be eafie to manifeft the foverai^n Spirit of Health and Riches : for the vegetable Sulphur. the creatures of Health and Riches. qui. with thi Spirit. and on-*ly the Me-curial Nature bath power of McUllieaJ Life and Death. he is as fa from? he precious Spirit. with the frm • ture 5 being wholly fubj"6t. but the bodily Namortific . because thtre i. rtue. and oreiv pro per tofuch whom the Creator hath apted b way of natural difpofition . A Synod of Philofophers advifeth us. leftial Crude .and not of the firit though a man have never fo much wh te sulphur. is the firft Mover in Nature . which hath power over all inferior bodies . as any other : for pnely : that which is of the Nature of the Sun. Therefore the concluhon mu'ibe unfor derstood of the fecond. is . Ca inaiions. and arc laid to make a ipirhual Body . like Richer were given to him a«? advantage. (hall (nine like the Sun in glory. (hew affeShons to Solomon^ asking Wi'dom and Prudence .60 Vrim and Tftummim* Ccmenaaots. we (hould juftice .

Of Mgr€*ry is Nature fet on work. is 61 frcm Spirit Crude ^Mercury Water d\ d Mr. The Artift his intention contraries. They exclude Gold and Mercuryfroj& materials* j4ftw. The Philosophers do n»t agree the vegetable Sulphur created tmongft themfelves. aflure us.r c\tcT Orim and Thummim. Etheriai ana H >mo ene having the Spirits of heat and cold . Mt rcur. jinfw. then by painful induftry to finde them confcnt. They fay. with a. But it*s objected . and the For the Authority of the ancient Writers . originally a vapor of moft ilron<> ccmpofitica cotj*ed_. . Becaufe their crude marter is frcm the deftrn&ion of the exrerior foim. univerial Spirit fix:d. Objeft. wherein the Creator hath heaped up venue and power.al by Nature. doth congeal and Alfo GoIdisafixedFir e. the fixed Body v looted. fiVins. Objed. The venue of Elementsjstheir_ is to agree Objed. if they be well tuned : bu *:<eir Readers do rather feek to o^er-ru^ them.or marure tMercury^ tnd may be made more volative then ^Mercury . Divine and Natural Reafons. this. or Air k ielf. but onely by di ers ^Mercuries made. xhe creation of the Stone. and by \ exterior fix. and no other is the true ccurfe to manieft thofe Lights. j4nfn>. Affirm Contraries? 4nfy*. . and interior hears. Inftruments of divers firings make fweet harmony.

b je£h Out of one Root proceeds white and red* Anfw. member the Biffaop of Otrecht « who loft his life ~for~difcovering his fe aet. and hath much ufe of Calcination or Dui*. are moft vile. and Science is common to rich and poor.6l Vrim and Thummim.when two things of one kinde are apted and conjoyned. *eral. becaufe his originaiisfrom Metal or their Mineral. one G Ufa oneFurn&eufaffic/enf. Right in refpeS of upon pure bodies. becaufe it encreafeth his own kinde • and it's faid to be Mineral . Object. One thing. Why fhould we pre- "vent the higheft diftfibution. thing AH their fecrets fprino from one vile common to rich and poo r Anfw. but wrapt things in iecret.that we might difference things in being. As no part of man to the niaking of man. and in being and ufe? Mature is even jealous of bee . Object. The Stone U vegetable) animaly arArrn- ' Anfw. Anfw True. Object. Even as Male and Female from one O Womb. who hath not made knowledge hereditary . Here we may re. Object. becaufe in thematuration it is multiplied in vertue and quantity : it is faid to be animal. Precious things corrupred. Right: joynt and feveral it is faid to be vegetable . their beginnings * Anfw. the Stone* No Metal is required to the malting of Anfw.

by you may know delighting. ye delight . whic^ doth vivifie and preferve all living Creatures. their t/fdam from rheir Eve. the incorrupted ufe made vifible. from their proper Earth only. from her only the foveraign and univerfal Spirit . fome at four. conri- I by meditation you may fee . from both their Virgo. Lux fata eft jttftocHmreftu ammo Utitia: . *Abei from both. Eve from *Adam. . And fart thy better part may teach thee how 'Part of thefe things thy minde may prompt thee to y to i§* \ r l The making of Urim and Thttmmim . ye enjoy the Truth : that is. And yefow^for fach is what vertue der . Mark what Light is fown your harvett on pure Earth . and JefusChrifl from a Virgin : p man called alivingftoggxproducetb that eternally ftonv and fiery conquering Spirit called the Elixir. and fome Grain begins to pun forth Ears at three joynts.Vrim and Thummim. ye adhere . by knowing . and the perfe&ion of the Elixir is aptly compared to the fourfold Creation of Mankinde r %4d^m from Earth. for . ajnd abhorreth_to fee the fenfible before the Tnteile&uai Treafures preThis Chews the beginning and end of Art. ye poflefs by poffefling. • 6$ her fupremacy. Therefore take heed hew ye value: for. this knotting or fixing gives . ferred. by Teeing. and j| I I I raifeth the Artift from the duft to fit among Life Princes. but the Ear never buds until the joynts be grown.by adhering.

and to make juft difference between corporal and fpiritual things . becaufe Science and Effence are one . both quality and quantity : the perfect and diftin & knowledge whereof . It was held of old. yet they fail not every part. a Body without (hadow . which all that rife to glory (hall do. Urim and Thnmrn'tm were holy Signs within the breft-plate to enquire of God in the Temple.6% Vrim and Tbummim. by contact of their vertue. Body . Natural Urim and Thummim is a vifiblc quality in a eleer fcrveth the tible. and from the caufes to the effect . confider the Pfai. andTucceKive are apparent. which preTemple of Man *s Body incorrupall Is it not prophetical. that men (lull wifely works of God. and corpoFfaU ^4. the time need not be limited (like the men of Bethnlia^) for onely at Eltjh* his Prayer . a&: which and where the feveral works. and in the ufe alters. his Servants eyes were bpened to fee invifible things . doth neceflartly manifeft the things fought after by . Life without fious yvifdom manifeft in the flefti. 8# rate Spirits ? for although Spirits poffefs no place. Nothing defirvts the love of an . and alfo fneweth the terminate particular . openeth the internal to fill Beauty of a true and natural Effence. 1 11 . as by feeing that yc fee .to the end they may know how to value them rightly. as plainly. p. is the universal Spirit corporate.ihe proper and appropriate qualities . privative is and perfe& end of every the richeft of intellectual Treafures.

and are conferved .V rim and Thummim. is not againft Nature. grow live ftellations . have not feveral beginnings . fall and droop .and the Neighbor earth begins to encreafe in weight the feventeenth of June. Moon and Stars : Therefore that is to be diftinIguifhed inReafon : iois diftant in place .although beyond ordinary reach. all their force being inoft in imperfect things . by reafon of the long decoction under the Sun . Therefore for a leading caft. and of the whole Heavens. and different things in being. they mourn and wither. which. and a I better change Renovation. by the power of Heaven . Inftrumen^Digeftion* and Mafculine and Feminine vertue. ( and not before) even then when the River begins to rife: which fympathy of the diftant Water and Earth . becaufe the Earth received vertue before the Heavens were adorned with Sun. which. ail 61 0m honefl wan. and in being and ufe : [for change of quality brought confufion . connexing proper and F ap- . let us obierve the concord of Metallical Bodies . but are all from a Sulphurous vapor . for a body of equal temper receives little alteration from the Con. and by their Influence and Rfdiation all things encreafe. by help of Influence. fave the internal Beauty : Therefore they held Love or naturalAfFe&'on to be the firft cauie^or motiocrlike as the heat and vercue of the Sun. . yet they do not neccflitate any. The River Nilns vaporeth not. yet is the Water moft wholeiom and Me- dicinable. like the firft Male and Female . hath power in things created under Heaven . Hiftorians affirm. and by their recefs.

(not in diverfe)and time makes the number infinite. In Geld. But to gain this precious Treafure of Life and Health . are ten farts heat. on by appropriate qualities. doth multiply himfelf infinitely. although feldom . no compofition is like to Gold . we muft make fufficient provifion. fo every Metal yields not like central vertuc : Therefore according to that creating command . which . for it is a moft perfect temper . and nobleft of Metals . ten farts ksmidity^ten fartsficcity : which triple perfeSion makes an absolute unity. ten is the moft perfect : and for the natural fubftance. every thing (hould encreafe in its proper letade . infinite and difficult Then Sun Exaltation. finde no abridgement to aiSmilace the Majefty of Nature . becaufe they onely are capable of true* temper which is certainly pofiible.66 Vrim and Thummim. Therefore Geber in his Book of 2)*- rniddtion^ faith. for Gold is Lord of Stones. SouU and Spirit .Living Stones : whole original Mortification . ©bferve alfo a Celellial and Terreftrial are of vertue. and is a» effe&of the Form which doth produce it: for of allkindeof Governments. and by his proper Regiment. The Ancients reading the great Volume of the Book of Nature . which they parallel with Man . enjoyed. Purification. Body. becaufe unity is a generical quality of all that is one . they obtain their per fe&ithe power of God t Ordinance : yet as every Earth yields not like Metal. like men that do deal with great perfons . fave Man and the Stone . being eternally vivified . both which are called.

fair. where it is moft abundant : but whither (hall we mount to aa atch this miracle of Nature > The Hiftorians tell us of an eternal Liquor of notLftrong Coa&ion > rained down fromHea* ign: here is like descent : Ihe is called Hyperion) ' I orDaughter of the Sun . before vertue be moft: i matched . quick . only / :oa&ed and brought from the Empire of humi^^T* to fuitthe perfon . and Soul of the World . And as Light is the Centre of Heaven . and turns *I the F 2 a ' ' . a Body of like weight ind vertue with Gold . the Mafculine and Univerfal Seed and powerful of the Sulphurous Nature. dies . nothing meerly natural can ditfolve . or like to that in which it is # diffolved.cleer.Na. it is faid to be all Fire . the Form of Gold . .the the Centre of the Heart fe- crec vcrtueof all Celeftial and Terreftrial Bofirft. enters potentially. a Celeftial Scar. doth nourifh the Heart : yet it is not vifible. and dwells in the radical humidity . ihe miracle of . a Terreftrial Sun. for there is beft concord . fo moft Vertue and Operation : in it the Elements ate elementized. whofe admired mixion. ture. and no other thing. whether from Heaven or Earth. and Celeftial Vertue . 6y Founthe . and do remain with it in the recongealation. which in her crude Mature (hews ftrong Affe&ion. and Sulphur-Fire : yea. the great Secret of the Aimignty Creator. It hath moft Form and Entity. It is called Sulphur. nor any thing artificial. and equal mixion tain of Life. except it agree with it in matter and form . fo Brightnefs is the Centre.Vrim and Thummim. This vertual Influence. temper.

And firft denudateth the Lady of her frofty Garments .mXt matter of contrary quality . da&ylus or Hy drome]. Others fay . (yer not to be profaned.68 Vrim andThummim. the weight is of greater wonder. that (he may have the firft a&ivity.) Others call it an immature Gold. what Identity (he holds with the Metallical Urne . what Similitude. being the original matter aed lubftance thereof. It is nal heat. Confider. the nobleft of Metals into her own colour. with Mercurial Spirit. Her names fignifie. compofed of the Spirit of the World. and liquefie her fettered Lord : then are they both in the power of Art to better* 7hU Heaven-born HermoIt is obje&ed . corporate in the womb of the Earth . jbe will b) no means receive thebefl imprejfion. and external cold. fubfifting of interOthers fay . is of a Nature fo obftinate and incorrett . as wax imprefiion and being compofed of Spirits . Therefore the Artift ihidies how to difponfate thefetwo. which kills it felf. and may be coagulated to the equal temper of Gold. and the Father and the Mother. : f j : I \ as I . or Air . is fubfiftance an Airy Body itfelf . It is a crude Sperm not furficiently decoded. therefore may be feparated : and although her becaufe it is original obfeure condition. to bring forth a pure InfaritT'Kyhefthey overcome the Fire flbe is the whtt perfe&ion of the Univerfal Medicine Conformiry. and apt to receive the qualities and properties of all natural thing?. unknown by the for it is innate affe&ions and .

and the natural property of fcalding The fre(h Waheat . and become more apt for durance : extension to the natural .Vrim as the md Tbummim. This glutinous fubftance hath natural heat. Therefore the An- cients magnifie the moft Bleffed . from which is the Life and Death of the Elements. feparable and inieparable Accident?. fo the external working upon the internal heat . who created fuch a fubftance . and like by but heat is contrary to cold. Therefore as common Fire bringeth all things to his own Nature . his like . ter adds power and heat : heat augmented becomes Fire . Therefore the feparable may be removed: to which end. . Therefore drinefs (hall if you can believe that heat and overcome cold and moifture. congeal. as it were. which hath . Then doth fix . that li. fuperfluoas Humidity . through long DecoSion by Drinefs vanquishas no other thing in yet we fee it is a virions matter ed. is to weaken and dry. and gave it fuch properties Nature doth poffefs . and for whatfoever is contrary doth debilitate : . and it. near/ and fucceffive courfe hidden to all the F 3 world. (he is included in a Well of Te^rs. it doth neceflarily obtain victory. in 6p whitened Snow. and Time turns Strength to Coris nouriflied ruption. proper and appropriate Qualities . or that the Watrinefs may be vapored .

jo Vrim and Tbummim.


open to you.

Therefore, as Nature delights in Concord , fo the Lovers and Searchers into Natures Work , mult be of conftant mindes , and Gideon-like refolve to race the Cicy LMeroz, , not refufing to affift the publick good, and then the Marriage: for the Princefs never unmasks her Virgin-Beauty , except to him that hath skill and power to efpenfe her in a bed of Love ^ which none can do , before the despoliation of the exterior form : but the Obfiacles removed, and Nature fet on work, the exrernai Decree doth neceflitate the effe& : for being now warm , and blyth , and apt for new Generation, and pounded with her Lord , grated to Duft , his unnatural foftnefs deceives the fenfe , and they paffionately condole each others Exile, and in their imbraces fall in a found , until their dhTolved Bodies fhew corruption ; and the more pure, being corrupted, are more vile.

The Artift finding them out of their Indian Taradife, corre&s their central virtue-, and raifing them from the Earth , leads them the thorny path to threefold happinefs , and by fiery trial, purifieth the Quantity, and changeth the Quality , and fo brings them to pcrfeft rett, whereby they have power over the bodies of Men and Metals , and are crowned in token of their dignity and boundlefs Territories.


Vrim and Thummim.


conGdering the rarity of true KnowHonor and Dignity of things de. what Spirit is fo ignoble to thinl; fired much either. of Coft or Time, when that which is fought is of all Terreftrial Treafure

mod excellent





&&&& &&s^
of the Vermes

An Appendix
life of

an excellent EC*

Water made and approved by Stephen Trigge^
Student in Phyfick and


and by him gained

and experimented



alfo in


both PelVilential Apoplexies, and all Epidemical Difeafes , it is a perfe^ and certain Remedy : and in Quartain and Quotidian Feavers , where the Difeafe arifeth from Choler. It perfe&ly remedies the Bloody Flux, and all other Fluxes , either of the Stomack or Belly, Vomiring, Scowring, and Excoriation of the

INand ethers; Calentures

manner of Fevers




Bowels : and where the Stomack is fpoiled for want of Appetite , this is a lure Fortification



wonderfully firengthens the Stomack, both and animal Spirit , and mightily fuccors the

: there be loof. reviveth the Hearr and quickneth all the digeftive Fa. that doth caufe putrefaction of the BicoJ. The way take of i to take it is thi?:in a burning Feaver. being either caufed by the heat [of the Sun. till the fenfes come.and the ing In the Calenture. ic curcth fafely andfpeedi'y. take it in Betony. nefs in the Belly of Clove-Gilly conftant Drink. y$ the Heart that is oppreffed with heat : And.Water . that will the Slafs of God's detertnina* in this tionbe not quite run cuuthis will help.bemade far fharper then white-Wine -Vinegar. it in Planten. and it (lull be holpe in forty eight hours. and the Patient remain cured which will be in few dayes . In the Apoplexy. makes : it and Brain culties. it doth fpeedily help the extream beating and panting of the Heart : Convulfion-fits and falling Sicknefs . and fweeten ic with Syrupe Flowers and drink it as your if is abated. » the Calenture If there be any thing if preferve Man .if the Patient be able to bear it. : and mixed with Syrupe of Cowflip-Flowers it muft be drunk very often. and all manner of heat breaking out in the Face . for it penetrateth the Blood. till the Feaver Appetite recovered. Drink-it in Ba!m-Warer. or thereabouts.Water. thin.with Syrupe oSStcecha: as take the Dofe or ttronger. or by tome noifcmc Food taken into the Body . Though . and e/^#4 P/i<*. World.quencheth the Feaver. . and any ether [part of the Body. being taken in Aqua UWeliJfie .(tAu ^Appendix.

Wmde. pi/epticMfind In the Falling-fcknefs . being made very (harp in f Egnmony. and the Gums very much fwelled and annoyed. In an evil Stomick oppreffed with Heat and it with Conand a little Mithridate. If !! InConvulfion-fits. and lightly touch \ the places with it.water: and the Patient (hall be afI furedly holpe . Squinancy and Inflammation of the Uvula . put it either in Cowflipflower-water. or black Cherry -water. though the Patient it had many hatfa J yeers.and dip a littleLiac in it upon the end of a Probe. and give it often. In the Scurvy. Senfes gone. and debility In all and . loathing of the Stomack.as dead ryetthis precious Liquor will in a wonderful manner reftore them fpeedilv J and lately. and tempereth well the Blood and the Spirit: as.and mofr of the Teeth be putrefied. ^ and mix tf it with Syrupe of red Poppy . although he were judoed paft cure. his In the Scurvy.74 -«» Appendix. . his Speech 16ft and to the judo*. . mix it with *A*ha £Syrupe of Pionies. merit of many. Canker. mix serve of red Rofes. all- Though he be lame over his Body .if it be all over theBody. and it is a fure help. and ready to drop out. and rub the Teeth all over ^ once: then drink the decoaion often for eioht or P nine dayes together. and it is a fure help.andlofsof Digeftion. take a little of this Oyl once. this doth excel all ordinary Medicines : for ir doch after a wonderful manner quench all Inflammations.

In all manner of Purges that arefullbme . or evil Puftula% proceeding from Morbus Cjallicpu^ great Carbuncles. but it doih alfo corre& he working .&An : (^Appendix. As firft. Cancers. is this : it doth both cleanfe . give it in Mint-water.that there fall np accidents : for it doth marvelloufly defend either from the Humors flowing to the Sore . 75 id vomiting. mix it with Barlytter. pure and perfe&. or Gangrenes. In all Lotions for the Mouth or Throat . as e<5tick Fevers . though found. and any other not here related . Thefe and many more Venues hath this woriOt hy Medicine. and Syrupe of Violets. old Sores. nor iurt the Stomack nor Bowels by bis working. too nany to relate . unlefs I here meant to write a /olume thereof: But I ftiall here leave the relt :o the Experimenter. doth onely amend that . and fiFending the Stomack wi*h their noylbmnefs wo or three drops of this Liquor put in . but yet very and biting. In all manner of Ulcers.confolidate. and fpeak fomewhatof xternal Cures done by it. Fiftula's . (iccatrize. mix with Planten-water and Hony of Rofes. fothat it fib all not corrode. and the like . incarnate. or from all Inflammations which do often happen. In all heatings and burnings above Nature. and doth immediately help its own biting and gnawing. I (hall commend this Soveraign Medicine.Impofthumes . flisrp if it I I . and Cankersj 2^//' me ta#£*rv. The order to ufe it. and drieth it. with Syrupc Ciove-Gilly-Flowers. in working internal Cures. and foder up the Wound.

then do it again as you did before : the fmart will be tedious for a time. or Roof of the Mouth there where it is. Alio for Ulcers which are great. the Matter or Core . * With ufing this two or three times . ?' . but it will bs over in an hour Take a little Lint . the longer the Cure will be before it be perfe&ed. Take . 1 ' not this way defended. and drink it morning and evening .! there where they feem rotten . where the humors are apt to flow. and very much eating into great holes . and wafh it two or three times a day : then make an Emuliton to drink with Egrimony-water and Syrupe of Violets . and there will no more Cankerous nor corrupted Flefh ingender there . That the more dangerous the Sore is. and in nine dayes the Cure will be perfected : and with this order you may cure all thefe Difeafes and Sores above mentioned. there this Oyl excclleth all other Medicine*.and the fuller of corrupted and dead flefh it is . either in the Root of the Tongue. and all the putrefied fubftancc will fall out : then once more touch the place . and lightly dotheSore ail over : then let it remain twelve hours . % { ? tin or lefs. without any addition . it! :i ^ and dip it in this Liquor. for it will defend ic : then make a Lotion to wafh it with Plantenwater. But you muft underftand. old and dangerous. in the Legs. In a great and dangerous Canker in the Mouth. and make it fljarp with this Liquor. or Hony of Roles.j if it be An Appendix.

This Medicine is now prepared.and fpread it upon a linen-cloth. take he crude Liquor . and Bees-wax. and feparate the bad flefafrom the good. I And you need not ufe any Inftrument to fcale Jthe Bone • for this will do it of ic feif . But when there is reparation made. and make a Salve of Candlegreafe dropped in water. Inhere you finde fuch a defperate cccafion. and by me Stefhon Trigger over a°ainft Baymrds-Q&\e.and iet it reft as before: then do it again . this will aflurediy ieai . With this thou flhalt perform great Cures. yj Take this Liquor.An Appendix. then touch the part afflicted once more with this : then make a Lotion to wafliit. and yet [not hurt in the leaft : as feme may conceive. and to be had Thefe . ibis excellent and many more are the Vertues of Liquor .that do not know the true Operation thereof. if it be a Gangrene that atsahands-bredthinaday . Jordan of Sowewlde in Suffolk^ Daughterto Do&or Barnes of Amfterdam . & at 3 or 4 make feparation. nd bring quicknefs again in the gangrenated and defend the good flefh from being >art 5 ©uched with this venemous eating Malady. at .& fo let it remain 1 2 hours :then do it again. being made a little (harp with this Water .& prefervthe good. gangrened will come away together. and moiften it very well with t. and apply :imes. in a fortnights time.of equal parts. which otherwife may not be cured in a quarter of a yeers time.it will 8c all that is itasaPlaifter. experienced very well by Mrs. with Planten-watet and Honey of Rpfes .

a t£ ©5f Th( * . Houfe cf Mr. Tifltcks . for all Venereal DiftemPills. Hepburn Minifter. by &c ^o. Electuaries. pcrs. Where arealfo prepared excellent Pumiciis. especially . Afthma's. Confumptions.or the like which are alfo to be had at Mr.ta cleanfe and whiten the Teeth.fatten loofe Teeth. : Lozinges for all Coughs.in the Carpenters-yard in Little-Brittain. Moons fhop at the feven Starsin Pauls Church-yard. with Diet-Drinks .78 at the An Appendix. and make the Breath fweet.

19 The SECOND PART O-F. • -- - MUMIAL. of Chrift Adam.. .to wit. The Gabaliftical Concordance of the Tree of Life & Death. TREATISE TE^J°ZELIVS: Being a natural Account of The TREE of LIFE. . _ "~L Myftical Interpretation of that great Secret. With.The . Of the Nature of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil : fof L they being_pbfcure . this h a Lamp to dilucidate them. And of The Tree of Knowledge of Good A & Evil. & Tf Having committed to the World fomePrecepts and Examples about Mumy fpiritual. though Myftical Treatife .! ML hold it no Solxcifm to anne& this Pleafant.

hath eaten of the Tree of Know ledge . fufncient 1 whatever knowledge we have of this Scieniifical Tree.in all other refpecTs it is categorical and affirmative : as if God hadfaid. which faith Cxprefly. That the Tree of life was in the midft of the Garden . tri-nne God. and thereby acquired the knowledge of Good and Evil .80 them . we decerped it from holy Writ. and . but that that is Philofophical and Communicable' . Becaufe Adam? by the enticement of the Serpent . That thofejh^jeat oj the jruit thereof] fhallbe at God % infao^noww<r food and evi l. 2 verfg. Yea. . A natural Account fcarce credible . The Qphtrcn •f this world are wifer in their fenerations then the . as it Seeing might at the firrt^gkflTeHeem to be t hen a double and contrary meaning (h. : it fo !. may not bethc^ghfc-ifO"nical . declared another : pronouncing that for verity » which could be taken for no other -then fiat talli tylbut let God be true for though orvAdaws part it be Metaphorical.ould b e Ji^pjiedjnthe wordr« as if God hadJ hy a mental Kefervation^ hinted one thin s and by an oral Expreflion. (ipeaking to the reft of the Now N \i Godhead) attefls. To which thePerfon^ot the Matter.GWf. God the Son elfcwherc ufes the like Elocution . not that that is competiblc oncly to the Deity. falfe Authority to vindicate Teftimony. faying. he emulates the Qmnifcients Panfophy in his Meafure and Degree. LoyAdam u as one ofus^ Which Elocution of the knowing good and evil. them. and apparently toverifieihem. he is a* one of ju » that is . L oj. and zlfo^the "" Tree of knowledge of good and evil .- G 1 1 .

but of .WheJier this Faculty was infufed into it in theCreition. as lad power to confer ettf&fotar . It is therefore true and mpraegnable . difdren of lip 8 hu And that this Interpretation words evince irrefragably is mdtherefore he thruft him out of Parody left snowing the Nature and Facultie of the oher Trees . Hie labory hot pus eft. Which words ire here inferted for no end. the following ior ever. that I can finde. That the Decame not to Eat in form of an Apple . 7 be Ser~ *nt was morcfubtil then any haft of the ftela\ *hieh the Lord <jod had made. And here alfo the Scripture (though )f this jfcientifical io way feigned points out a mean to rethe words are thus . I think. (as without doubt it did) the Faculty Tree mutt alfo be true. vil It is further obfervable.' \nd to loofe this Gordian knot . and I need not urge . and eat.ofthe Tree ofLife. and live true. unefs they portend fomething of moment in this bmewhat obfeurely) blve this Quaere : natter. and ake alfo of the Tree of Life . acquired by it after the Creation. immortality to r$ Takers. and . or comnunicated to it by fome other means and way. If then the Faculty of the viyifical Tree was jue. and fuch a Tree truely natural exifted . he fhould put forth his hand . rhat Adam and Eve would never have believed he Serpent to iheirruine. if the light of their Sature had not alfo difcovered the Fruit of this rree to be fcientifical. So that the Queftion will now be. That this Paradifaical Tree was ndued with this fame Faculty of giving knowedge.

I (hould very much derogate from mans prsecellency .81 A natural Account . - ( ^ but . that Explication mul^b€ admitted. a Serpent. and impreffed in them. affeft their adjacents.and Experience j 0! Who is he then that can conor what Diver into Natures fecrets hath met with the like Myftery ? that he can by fome weak refemblance evince the World. That in things obfcure and dubious . For in Nature we finde. if I ihould in the leafti doubt . forbade man the ufe o{ its] Fruit.Reafon. which alfo Sve\ judged to have fpoken naturally. Moreover it is confiderable . whereof. \ Tree and its Fruits had both the fpirktial . That the Serpent had his Cavern under or about that Tree .how by the eating of a fingle Apple. That this Tree became fcientifical by way of Tranfplantation from the Serpent 5 that ceive ? give fuffrage^ if Rule of Faith.Thus the Magnet doth not onely attract Iron-Rings.L . &indue them with the fame Faculty. It is moreover alio probable . whereto Senfe. that the acutenefs of his Imelleft .. Whereas on the other fide.f| t „ [ {. could not finde out a way how this Faculty might be acquired : and lb clofe with our Sentence . but alfo infafe their Vertue into them. by vertue of the Serpents cohabitation with them. That many Bodies do notonely by their qualities . communicated to them . which he knew for fubtilty worthy to be preferred before allBeafts. j. in fc n 1 d g no wife ignorant . is. her children may fuck in more then humane Knowledge. God being. and the fpiritual Vermes of the Serpent. it fpeak not contradiction to the. this Effence a : |« .

He hath-fpem his Oyl. in his Manual of admirable biags. ie adds further in the fame Book (ervice : . if he ferioufly perpend the foreqioted words. 8j and but communicates its Vertue to them > makes them Magnetical . & for this purpofemoft tmly-ufeJul pair of little Books.if he take G 2 tkn« . the diligent Searcher of Nature hall finde . treating in his iffirms . 5ed the wifer fort. and with unprejudiced thoughts.one treating of Time. not only this Treadle affords us many Examples . Of which fame Argument. to caft more Pearls bebeing perfwaded he hath fatis^ By what Art then. bre fuch Swine .of the Tree of Life. and yet not tranfgrefs the Bounds cf Nature : of which rank. udicioufly confider that noble £ *"f3$ 7»W^pm [ito&Stwxfitm. this incomparable Treafure nay be effoded. And thus Vegetables may tranfume and poffefs the Proprieties and Affections of Animals. Theophraflus alfo Book of the origine ot Sciences. as I can upon Ocular Teftimony aver. That it the Ampler fort thinkjhemfelves nothing bettered by this bis and therefore he judges not Work worth the while. butSmol^ ltHsj2£&<> (who was our Manudu&or into this Ch pinion ) records fome . That our .the other of the origine of Sciences : neither will he have caafcxo fay. hairy and white Serpents in Germany are indued with fuch admirable^ and $£p <p\!aivaei&i< t fuper naturally excellent venues^ hat they are and will be of Jpecialufefor the attain* A nd ment of Knowledge^ both natural and occult. and afligns the Reaions thereof.

as in the B&ok of Time. where treating of the fpirituai Mumy of the Serpent. I dare affirm. and judge. And hence any wife man may eafily collet. and after- wards. takes up the former Treatife . and . is diftin£tly handled : the four corporal Mamies. how the Ape. enters league and amity with its utter Enemy the Serpent : nay. the one effential and fpirituai of the Microcofme : fo again in the Book of the origine of Sciences. That he that hath the perfect knowledge of the Mumyfpiritaal of the Microcofm. he gives us an account . and differs not according to the di* verfity of thofe things whence it is extracted. the fpirituai Mumy of the Serpent. is in all the fame .S^- tt>f natural ^Account time to confer one of them with the other. how ic may be tranfplanted into certain Fruits. but efpecially of that which he accurately delivers in the firft and iecond Chapter of his Book of the origine of Sciences. tr%%\>&* mz* *'*& Tnptf&biFHrpkbjFHrplefatcaufe. That the extraction of Mumy fpirituai . as Thtophrafitts (hews in his Book of Time . and its Confequents. by means thereof. and the later is dettined to the corporal Mumies of the Serpent. fliall eafily attain the knowledge of all the kindes of terpentine Mumy . and according to this former Treatife to tranfplant kinwforac Fruits or Grains. to make them fciehtifical for the good of man . which Theophrafim handles in his Book of Time . the Mumy of the Microcofm. being firft treated of . The way then to get this fpirituai Mumy of the Serpent.

with like fwecefs. whofe Vertue and Quality will appear in the Cherries . you may elicite the Spirits. isjthe efflMMt. that Eggs of the Serpent. or the one and the fame with the forementioned wayes : take then the fperm . and after the fame manner .and therewith roborate and acuate th^ Brain. tranfplant them into fome Fru-it appropriated to the Brain : Plant therefore a Cher' ry-Tree in attract the this Earth j for fo it will magnetically Mumiai Spirit of the Serpent into its Nutriment .h<i or feminal part of the Serpent . may. the Theriack. may. and include them in fome till they be fuffocated and putrefied inta feme vifcid matter . and fow ibme Seed. out of which .or plant fome Herb fitteft for your purpofe. bfc ioferted into the fame Fruit. Fire. by Vnlcaifs Hammer. and no Little advance Knowledge. which ekher tranfSlant into fome Tree . of unite with fome Earth t fQj the weption of Herbs for yoar purpofe* Glafe-Veflcl. p*wt»Va %% and with them co confer ic to ibme man.which will i>e there* by made Theriacal. and all its Faculties.thus Take Serpents . be tranfplanted into a Vine'. in conferring knowledge . .mix them with fat Earth. which are to &yf& £ the Elements and Principles both of their corporal and fpiritual Mumy. But for greater efficacies fake . in that Earth. out of whofe Grapes you may afterwards extra& their Spirits . that i?. is.of the Tree of Life. This 7V c£iju& 7* opoi vm$vAvt. like. by way of Tranfplant ation . There is yet another way of tranpltming pentine fefy Mumy into an Herb.

and in the Spring. that its Fruits or Berries. and occlude the hole with a knot of a wild© PlumTree : for thus in Winter-time . will conduce no little hereunto. the vegetable Spirit of the Juniper.%6 A natural Account extraft You may alfo by like proceffion. which is temperate. but with that alfo that is proper to the Univerfal Medicine which they depofe with their glifcent Skins . ( which are elfe of much ufe to other effe6ts. till they be reduced into dcc mixed Mafs 2 for which purpofe. that incomparable Remedy for the Morphea. whofe Cure can fcarce be hoped for from any other Antidote . cut oft their Heads and Tails. Take Serpents then. &c. Leprofie. will attrad the Balfam thereof to its Nutriment infomuch. Tike the Berries of the aforefaid Juniper. theEflenceof fulphureous Vitriol . as well as the other parts) and caft thole away 4 but put tbeir flefh under the ftock. and detra&ing their Sweat and Collunies from them . Mu- indued not onely with other admirable Vertues. agitate rich their Poffeflor with a moft admirable dued with moft eximious them . I fay.) my from Serpents and Snakes. pour warm Water . I mean . becaufe I verily think. the Flefh will by the natural heat of the Juniper. will be inFaculties . be redacted to its firft entity . ( fcarce. amongft the Roots of a Juniper-Tree . and enand excellent remedy againft the Leprofie : for which end. with a convenient quantity of Leaven upon them: and thus let them macerate for eight dayes .

and then the great fecrec may proceed in Save drops. that they will not onely prefenre from it 5 buujfo in its initiation. through a well-beaked Retorta 5 two of the Berries into the Let your Fire be firft flow . till you may make it into Paftils . and then again through 3 Phiola . hotter that the Retorta for fo and may be made all . and the fore-extra &ed Spirit . for the . whereof take one pound . and make Salt thereof by Evaporation . . Then calcinate the dead Head into Lees . with Phlegme . and refolving it in the former Phlegme . which take. at laft. but gradually with a hotter Fire . <JW m through a Cucurbite . Make Sale J which mix with Argil.of the Tree of Life* 87 : then diftil the Mafs through a Vefica . and then diftil it again into Spirit:then fo draw this Spirit through a Glafs Retorta in a dry Bath . . red therewith you may extra& the Spirits. till all the Spirit be And now becaufe this Spirit is mixed diftilled. And thus you have that altogether praife-woragain of the dead Head thy Remedy : for the Berries of Juniper being of thetnfelves fo conduciblctotheCureof the Leprotic . profligate ic .dried Argil . which you muft (hue up in a Glafs with the Seal of Hermes^ and then infolate and repofe it. it muft be re&ified in B. fo hot. Phlegme afterwards. they G4 * re . and diftil in a clofe Furnace putting a handful or Reptacle. mix it with a Efficient quantity of good and well . atfirft with a flower. that the Phlegme may be colle&ed apart. and fo you ftiail have the true Spirit of them once or twice a day Juniper.


A natural Account

are now by this myftical Art,and the participation of the Terpentine Faculty ,fo much advanced, that they will eafily overcome it in its height and

But thus much toourpurpofe.

»f hfaw^nd by the way: now

Knowledge of Good and was, by the mediation of the Mumy-fpiritual of the Serpent, tranfplanted into the forbidden Tree ; fo alfo by the prefidy of fome ocher fpiritual Mumy , eternal ianity, or immortality , was from God granted to the Tree of Life, That he thattafted thereof, fhouldlive for ever : for which we have God's Teltfmony, Gen. 3. who therefore cafttheProtoplalt out of Taradife, left he fbould fttt forth his hand , And tafte of the 'Tree of Life, and live


therefore the



for ever.

And now we cannot expe&, iyy&w'**f<hi&ut 9 a written Teftimony , to prove that this Tree received its $wB*v*-n4eiV, its power to give immortality,

from fome








, that Scripture in things natural gives rather a hint then a defcription : for what com-


munity hath ^Athens with Hiernfalern ? yec Philosophers , thofe Merchants in Natures

Commonwealth , after much toffvng to and fro, on thefe rugged Seas , arrived at a twofold Port
of Verity.
For, fay they ,this Tree of Life either received this
vivifical faculty,


immediately from Cjods

father \\wA™><&ythe mediation offomething nMttraU And further feeking into Natures Siore-houfe,

they conclude with Trifmegittm ,


of the Tree of Life.
it is


Gold bj whofe Vat He Life was implant ed d&vaim* iminto this Tree ; and this is not pojfible: for (ttnlefi the Almighty ordain the con* trary)Goid is of vert He fttjfcient to give immortality





or at leaf: to prohibit infirmity',


the prB-

deftinated term of his Life be come: and the ufe of this Tree for this pftrfofe^ was in no wife prohibited.

And it is moreover probable,That the firft entity or

Sperm of Gold, may,

as other


tranfplanted into ibme Vegetable and


by whofe Energy, they may
efficacy of the

attain the vertue


Tree of Life : which confideration is founded in Nature ; for we fee Metals by the mediation of fome Vegetables, fuffer various
Tranfmutations, as this ftory may evince. A certain Metal-melter accidentally plucked a flower out of a Field , which , through negle& , he let fall into his Caldron , where it turned ail the melted Brafs into pure Gold without any Drofs • wherewith the Copper-fmith being amazed , he* inveighed grievoufly againft theMelter,as though he had dealt Magically with the Metal. And here, though we cannot difcern how in the common courfe of Nature, Metals (hould be thus changed by the mediation of a Vegetable, yet if 7ii* bwiAs ttYpa&'o. , with the flrength of our Intellects we ferioufly and accurately weigh the way and vertue of Tranfmutation , thefcalesof ignorance will
fall from our eyestfbr as

Grapes which participate not of any propriety of the Theriack, or of a Viper, are by means of Tranfplantation, eximioufly Thenacal; even fo it is in this cafe, Theflower indeed in its own N«ture,was not of


A natural Account

of power to work this fubftantial Tranfmutation;

when the

fpermatical vercueof the Metal,

was tranfplanted into this Flower , and united with the vegetable Nature , (for Minerals and lib Vegetables are not fo different from each other, U but they may conipirc in fome potential relati- i on, and fymbolicai, though occult, affe3ion)then Ci might the Flower communicate its received ver:


tue unto,and

work a real change in other Metals* n

and that not by vertue of the Vegetables Nature but of its Metallical Tranfplantation : , And by this means, we may not onely tranfplant the Effences of other Metals and Minerals,L#/M, Mars, Jupiter, Venm, Saturn, Sol, into fome Tree, Flower, or Plant • but alio with their Faculties, by the mediation of fuch Vegetables , profligate moft Difeafes incident to man. But it doth not a little reflect upon thefe myfterious Arts and A&s of Prudence, truely Philofophical, that thofe fluggifh Drones, cut out of the dung of this Ag<*, as Bacchus of Joves thigh, who think our Myfteries main vanities, will not be brought to believe, that the Flower otSalendi»ey that SwaUowwort,zxii Gamandrta, wherein the Sperm of Metals is either naturally or artificially impreffed, participate of any eximious faculty, or can profligate any great Difeafe : but let fuch obferve Nature , how ftie is one in divers

things,and various in one thing ;

how flie is vege*

and Animals;and fo on the contraryrwhich we having fufticicntly evinced in our Treatife of the Plague, wc fhall not further enlarge upon fcj jc»qnbrinT~
tative inMctals,and metallical in Vegetables


teeth-aches . be aaturally or artificially conferred on them by the mediation of Celeftial Seeds .which is a Mineral direafe ?ari(ing from :hc refolm ion of the Arlbical Yliad : how fhould iny Vegetable conduce to the cure of this Dilsafe . . but by influence alfo. or fome Agronomical Trarfplantation .thofe things they call Charaaers. The fanative vertue of the Roots of Succory.of the Tree of Life. that the Queen of the world intercedes.he that denies this conjunction. by fome Mumial fyrapathetical vertue bccanfe. of which Herb. This kinde of Tranlplantation is natural to Cjamandraa .I think. feeing the Cure muft be Analogical to the Caufe. which cially in the is moft eximious therein. nay. both in the minde of the Giver and the Receiver.very efficacious . or by the co-operation of thisMumy fympathetical and truly fpiritual? without which influence. Let fuch again attend to thole things that cure :he Plague. unlels fome Magnetical or Mumial Imprefion. if ea- ) tcnVcure anfwound tKaPHnfeftcd with no fynv ptome. grows : the like Celeftial Tranfplantation appears alfo in Arfmarr. Tkeophrtttus hath a whole Book. and the like affe&ions proceeding from the fubtil fluxions of Salt. that thefe are influenced from above.cure all wounds and ulcers. efpeClimate where it.were of no efficacy.which yec we fee by Art and InSuence. :hat 9 we do not now declaim. is.working ftrong imagination and credit.but Philofophize. for the cure of the Plague. muft needs confefs. artificial. a which doth not onely by a natural attractive faculty . if they be digged up in the houxand day of ffew*) when the j Sm hin Leo± they will.

And who doubts of the foveraign vertue of the Sambucus or Elder growing on a Willow. And now. Gonagry. that this Spiritual fympathetical Mumy may be helped by artifice.cnt it into fplinters.but it will cure the falling ( Abbas indeed would have the Root thereof evelled on the Forenoon of St.Tooth-ach alfo and all kind of wounds. becomes. ga . They rub the teeth with it. as P©dagry. fo this Diaz. which hath in it the Spirit of Iron. is by fy^rcouscompoITtion. the red in Ottober^ a little before new Moon. and imbue it only in the blood of the wound. we take to be this: Some Magpy having before denounced the feeds of an Elder. by mediation of the Mumy of the dung.a Remedy for this difeafe.Chiragry. The like whereof was of late experienced by the Magnetians f as I was in a Letter informed by a Friend of mine there : thus : A Boy of nine yecrs of age . and ufed for an Amulet ) the reafon ficknefs ? whereof. htth feme refemblahce of peftiferous poylbn. ( which is of efficacy againft the falling-ficknefs)on a willow.and cut into nine fplinters.pi A natural Account ptome.ftrongly t attracts Iron . they ufe it with a form of words to » the cure of all joynt-dolors. andlormationlnto certain-jfigures wil- der the Dragons ht*b ot Sgnfion t ( when cither . is plain in Paracelfuss Zenechdo againtt the Plague . and it cures them all. left them mixt with its dung.where the Sambucus growing up. was to take the Wood of an A(h t and looking towards theEaft.yet as the Loadtf one.tree. for though that lame c onfifting chiefly of Arfnic k . which done.cnechJ having in it thd agive Spirit ofthe Plague . John Baptifis day .

it would be ready to comra& it felf to fit the leaft. till by the influence of Scorpio . and all things fablunary.& other Difeafes? infomuch. but.tome opportune feafon were chofcn compofuion. or rubbed on fome fucri part. in the hour Mars reigns .that the great capt.of the Tree ofLife. yea. it is Solar^nd therefore efficacious againft Povfons.but not fo efficacious unlefs it be uled when the Sun is predominant. P&ony t which is alfo called Fhosbea^h very good. yet not fo valid.and know its true manner of formation. (a Brother otS. if this fame were formed of fome long Horfc-feooe-nail. who have been cured by its prae(ady. Thus the Bezor-ftone received power againft Poyfon from Jupiter at Erft . Whereas. as that it could com- municate that faculty to others. will allay & cure the pains of the Teeth and Head.Plague. And how famous is that Martial Ring.Apoplexy. But the common Theriack alfo. 9j the Sun or Moon t poflefs either of thefe Signs) made a moft excellent deletery agaioft thePlague as many by experience can demonftrate .are fydereal.Quartain-ague. the Cramp.Augttftines •rder) To fell none to any bnt himfelf for fome jeers.and amplifie it felf for the great eft finger as you would.of Hetmria commanded the Inventer thereof. it would be more efficacious. whicb^ car ried in fome fit place. pulled out of a Hcrfes hoof on purpofe.falling-ficknefe^ Vertigo. if for its frost the obfervations of the heavens. wherein it . under whofe power it muft be formed into the refemblance of i Scorpions upper parts : it is not able to communicate its faculty to Maftick or Frankincenfe. & all epidemical fluxes : yea.

and received into life eternal . whereby the Almighty dife . being now ready to die . That Adam. That Sibylla prophe.ftanding in the Garden of Paradtfe^ in to theMafsof Adam s \r\iSLp^fif tne true an d nsyftical Tree 'of Life . to newnefs of life. as we may learn from the ftate of corruption. Rogerius % Bacho+'thwrnhenferHS) Crollita^ and the reft of thofe dexterous Searchers of Natures fecrets. fo is he redeemed from death eternal. till fleep : but that tranfplanted the n«uialTree_ofLife.H it A natural Account might receive the fympathjeal faculty of the fuperior Bodies. and therefore fm one of . sied of Chrift. Chrilt Jefus. It is more then probable.as PtolomjtfheofhraftHt+AlberttiSs Marfilm* Fixintu. and therefore they adore the GoddefiS'loth^ inftead of theE* HJian fie Ids getting themfelves in their Fools Para- fome Patient rouze them out of their we may not feem too tedious. and Life it felf.dead in fin. and reparation of Adam ^ for-as-4- dam by tranfgreffion upon the perfwafion and enticement of the Devil and Serpent. God is indeed wonderful in all his works . attra&ed tohimfelf. and all kindes of torments. who was fufpended on the very andjtft erwards wood of the natural Tree of Life. de fired earneftlj a Branch of the Bough 'J Life* in Partdife . eternal damnation . and afcend to a more my* ftical Tranfplantation .we (hall leave this natural. death. do all along obferve. by the Tree of Life. by tafting of the forbidden Tree . audio citates refuf- both Adamfind all Mankinde. Though fome are of Opinion. when (he faid . That Medicks fliould not trouble themfelves herein.

but in the mean time . n the fipgular number. he faith. the place of a Skull. to that he who perpends the matter well. Adam had changed ife -with.a little after Chrift. Moreover. getting fapy grew into a great Tree .as defervid to be kept. Noah andpreferve the original did with aU obfervance: and when Noah fent his three Sons forth into three parts of the world. That the Tree of the Tranf* plantion of Adam. where he buried Adam*/ Skull in a little Mountain.of the Tree of Life. becaufe Adam '/ falvaria or Skull was there in* terred\ which the Evangel therefore calls Golgaft tha. his 95 this Som inent r thither to fetch one. and his Head and Skul to his eldefi . fhall f nde. death : and therefore hit Son implanted the death : hit •t Bough on his Fathers Sepulchre . is recoile&ed in and under the Crofsj . t*j«ia>Vtfg.. andfo attracted the whole Nature of Adam to its nutr intent. that whole tf4m>*s it were.he divided AdamV bones amongfi to his them his . where. Now alfo an ancient Do&cr in theEaftern Country . that he might efcape f Sen received a Bough from the ngel . and ereileddireUlj in that place where Adam'j Skull was buried. was by remarkable and admirable Providence preferved .amongft many others . Now his Firfl-born betookhimfelf into the parts neet Tgrulalem. as fuch f acred r clicks of the Father of Mankjnde. which was therefore called Mount Calvary. dete&ed this venerable myftery alfo: Noah (faith he) was com* manded byCjodjto carry AdatnV tones and theTree on his Sepulchre into his ff Mankjnde: which Ar\ . and made into a Crofifor Chrifts crucifixion . giving his Legs and Feet to his joungeft Sony Br eft and Arms mtddle Son.and4uBiQiop of the Church. or .

and Chrifi to Adam.and full of confolation. for better and more fecundity that fo j^ m dam and his Pofterity eating of the Fruit of this r tranfplantedTree. yea . tranflated ta Life. and hnful man . n FINIS. . The . and he that repaired Life . is prefent in and under the Crofs.wt without the fuperinfufion of Blood . efficacious. like Celeftial dew. > Tor which ineffable Grace and Mercy ofthe Deity. to the Tri-nne God. how pleafant. &c. and made Heirs of Happinefs. allPraifey nor and Benedtttiony Ho- Amen. the true Concordance of life and death. and by a certain celeftial magnetiftn and fympathy. attra&ed to Heaven. is affixed to the Crofs . of afinlefs Saviour. . and fo with an admirable tie. let each one confider : for he that deferved death. that is Life it felf. might be really tranfplantedi i into thrift . whereby Life is united to Death. conjoyned to the vivifical Nature it felf : which. be rendered. Crofs.p6 An Account.

nd made of no account among the rich of the mm iorld^ that no man hath . ivers envious perfons have written Books filled with number of lyes and painted gloffesjo draw the mo ft ainfulmen which have labored in this Science. to the Reader or Worker.§§§§ mmmmm mmmmm The Preface Gentle Reader. this moft ex* . nde out the dor kwriting of the Philofophers. the which they have done only ofmeer H % malke . although it be contemned. ever come to the perfett end knowledge of it nt Sjto hinder^m much illent with a number of untrue reat in them lieth. and lofi f their goods . Vhyficl^ . which the caufe that many times they mifithe great tfit) be that they madejuft account of\ and moreover. unto ivers errors. the % others: | 'ofit of the ufe of the Medicine. that they cannot perceive and. for want of the true knowledge of this cieuce. That there be many things ivers men tofinde the end of any Science-pot onely in but divers others. have brought themfehes into great poverty^ To the which I tifery and contempt of this world* that do let and nfwer . r which hath beenjiJohn Fauvere in the which he left for a teftament to his Sou 9 as the and godly Science many perfons^and by this had wrote it with his own hand:but true it isJThat men. with infinite eaufe many men be offa this is the chief tndfirft . as Aftronomy. LEt not vfd thy heart be turned frem this excellent Science of t/ilchymy. to the utter undoing of them . ifted\by faris. eft 'nder w *v/? undemanding .

gentle Reader . no . ence but many times fo (haft thou Kernel or Marrow of tht Philofophers therefore thinks not the reading andftudying of tht Science or Treatife to be tedious unto thee. $/4nd God will noi have the Science wrought by fome men. fault. and fe have loft left offcon- and fo have all not only their time. Laftly.confiderm the great profit thou (halt reap by that thou maiftfinde God. which is their owt.or who have written them . which is thee anfe that they would never attain Hnto the depth of this mofi learned Science. and bUme Science.* fnde the free. or from whence the receits do come orfpring. and righ . Anc . without feeing or making that which they do workj* whether it be agreeing with tht Nature of the Science. Church. Al o ! there be many fufedly men that will begin things . and profit it. Science of Tranfmutation of Metals that be bafe into mofi pure Metals of Gold and Silver. there fo many men that worJ^daily upon receits that they gather here and thete.without attending • the end of any one oj them . An willworl^ it therefore . which is their own fault. and yet they and thus they lofe their goods. and not the Science. if you w ill keep y our fel^ from damage or loft^ fo reai this Treatife over . alfo. Raymond LuIIy . but alfo confumed fo to this that they had: which tfthey would have it . itegun one thing.maliC-e 5 becaufe they did not under and the darl^ ft Writings of the mcft ancient and learned Fathers . and have ended they needed not have done : and then they cry out . The Lord grant and ufe it to the honour o of thrift and his poor afflittec it . wherebj they alfo confume their fubftance .

9 The living and dead S ol and Luna ."pHe Compofition of the Philofophers * Stent. Ghap. Of the Key of Sciences . The difference between the Elixir$ and Pbilofopbers Stone. The G*li. Compofition of the red Elixir. And Proper- of Salt.7. 2 .The projeftion with the red Elixir. Chap. 3 ties . hap.4. To make Silver heavy as Gold.&&& JL sfesfesfesis &&&& The Contents of the firft Part. The Contents of the fecond Part. The C . 5 . Chap. To fublime Mercury to the red E. Ghap. 8. To fublime Mercury lixir* to the white E- H 3 Chap.3. 2 The Elixir of Life. lixir.To make the Elixir to the white work. Chap. Compofition of the Cement for Chap. . Chap. i.4. rT^O prepare the S ah for the red and white Elixir. 1 . 6. Chap. G hap. Chap. C hap . Chap.

T'o prepare. To make the Lutement to losophy. To twderfi and moral and natural PhiTo draw Spirits out of a ponderous Body or Earth by DijHHation. the white Stone upon all Chap. Quiaand the matter of the tiniverfd Medicine. Bodies. 6. Upon Saturn-. Traft. all works. Phi- E . uk.Ghap.7.5. Chap. teflence the Tinfture of Gold^ the and Aurum Potabile .

then diftil it b^ Filter . Philofophical and Chy mical EXPERIME NTS OF The Famous Philofopher 'BJYMV^CD Chap.~hang a jag Felt or Woolencloath. take faiall : good quantity and ftamp very : then take Cucurbites of Glafs. that the Water may drop into H4 ih . intheCncurbite . and let your Salt refolve into cleer water. and pour your Salt therein then take fair ell-wate r. and let the other end hang in another Glafs befide it . how I. Teachcth. fee as ic into a ftone-Morter W were under it . TAke a > in the ic is jalt as Name of God. being all diffolve d. LVLLY. that is to fay. to prepare.io.the Salt for the white and red Elixir. great Baymade out of the Sea.

104. till it be cleer or Chriftallin e and when it is fo. and fet them into the Oven . and then fet k in the Fire of the Oven . fet it upon a Sand-O ven. and fee that they be no hotter behinde then before if they be. therein . Thilojophical : it. look to it if that it be very cleer. till thatlt do come above ike unto white Salt : then take ftone-pifs-Pots . or Pots made of Cullen. put it again into your and break it as fmall as you can . which an Oven that the Gold-lmiths do enamel the ir Ringsjl n : the Oven being very hot . and lee it vapour away • and while that k doth dry. and when that Pot is red glowing hot . and put in another to be calcined. till that it be l very dry. put it into a Glafen Pan. and put the Water and the Salt that remain?.• may do them the better . and then put it into a melting Cruc e . or Say-Oven. and let them ftand until they be glowing hot . it will come into a lump or mafs : and this being well dried . as you did before . take the Cruies that be filled with Salt . and and when that all the water is dopped over. then turn them round with a pair of Gold-fmiths Tongs : put but one Pot in the Oven at a time . And then. if it be not % filter it again in to another Glafs . that the Felt or Cloath will that fhall be cleer as silver draw out. and let the Water vapo ur away. ftir it with a ftick. that you . and let them is into a glowing Oven . take it out. and fet upon the faid O/en.othervvayes. the time . beat it in a ttone-Morter very fine . Tuch as the drinking Pot s be made of.Earth. Morter ihirej . when cold .

fet it to calcine a- as before'aid iheSand-Oven. be then take them out. and wffen that all the Pots that have the Salt . until be as cleer as then let again upon your O* ven to dry . that which is the Riches of this world. and fuch a preparation doth appertain jjecret : to the Salt . to diftii fay. you muft dhToive. as aforefaid . and then by Filter . and then congeal it into dry Salt. and all glowing hot. as before this thou do fo many times. dry in . that it is .diftil. For otherwife thou (halt never come to the perfect end of any Elixir . as before folve into Water. congeal. And when gain . to fay . diffolve imo Water. into Well-water to diffolve^ill into cleer water. until that it will come to that point or perfection : and you muft be careful . glowing it by Fire : this do without refting u ntil it come to be fau and that it will melt upon a hot glowing Plate of £#»**and if ic will not melt like Wax . without fuch Salt prepared . beat them to Powder. 105 Two it or three every time in a it and then put in be all dhTolved it Then diftii Chriftal ^ it by Filter it . to the white Elixir. times glowing. Oven 10 glow as aforefaid . and ftir it with a ftick as beforelaid. and breaking of ftone-Morter until feven times . left: that it fhould melt in the Calcination . and again : dif- Then (halt diftii it again by Filter. and the Water to vapour until that it be Salt ./experiments. for then Keep this for a grga t all your labour is loft. . .

all diftil by Filand calcine . until it melt upon a hot glowing Plate of Silver. diftil. diffolve. Diftillation and Calcination. that is to fay . Therefore let not the labour in preparing of this Salt be grievous unto thee . Chap.and can well under(tand. and leave not off to work. congeal.io6 Elixir. So that you come to the principal work. Therefore. to Science. Thilofophical nor yet to the red. as Wax in the fire for without this Salt thy labor is in vain • for it is the Key of this Science. for without great coft ter. you be to feek or to learn Therefore bz patient . . how and in what manner he ought to diffolve.my beloved Son. and calcine. until thou halt brought thy Salt to that pafs as I (hall not : h3ve taught thee before .knoweth the whole Secrets of Natural Philofophy . congeal. bis Congealation . ( to fay ) his Solution. and wife men alfo .he that doth know the Secrets of this Salt . andtoforjn the works that be needful unto thee in this you may learn herein.

\ I This do until all your Luna be diffolved into green . Then take of your prepared Salt fo much as you will fee to work.Experiments. t o life . and djlUl thereof a ftrong Water. as aforefaid. and one pare of Allome . And when your Lma and Salt is diffolved in both Glafles. 107 Ch Elixir a p. then will diffoi vc them . and (bake it in your hand . and you (hall fee your Luna as a greejGL Water. II. Teachetb with this prepared Salt to make the to the white work. put the two cleer Waters together. and let it ftand.in a Glafs by faid ftrong it felf. w hite* like Milk : take the Glafs properly. and take as much fine Capel Luna as you have of your Salt. and note that you put no more Water to the diffolution of thefe two matters. and do as aforefaid. ^^^ . /^^ ^^ (TvU^t. above the which you (ball pour properly off into another Viol of Glafs: then pour upon it more ftrong Water . *J*Ake of Salt-Pete r two parts. putting the green Water off in the firft green Water. Beat your Luna into thin Plates. that hath not occupied. (haking it. and diffolve into the tfrongWater a part. Likewife your Salt you mult diflblve in the Water bTlt felf. and you fhall fee your Luna fall to the £M*jtz bottom of the Glafs.

pat a clout in the mouth of the Alimbeck and when the clout doth begin to look yellow. your work will not b^perfe&ed s and when yon have all into cleer Water without Feces.or with white Wax: then fet it in your Sand -Chen.and look that no Air go out of your (51*fe that is diffolved And nor Cement. left your be too hot . put thus let your Glafs ftand in warm A(hes. ' This .en ftand and* cool two hours long : then take off the Helm of your Cucurbite . that there (hall re-: main no more ftrength in it then common wa• ter : and to know : this. otherwife you (hall fail in your work. that no Spirits come out of your Water .1b increafe your fire a little to diftil of the flame .io8 Thilofophical ' 1 green Water. not very hot. otherwife. Then lee your Glafs and 0. and when fire alfo. that no Feces remains . in more till it be diffolved . and make faft to the bottom of your Glafs a round Certel of Lead . and have a Cover of Glafs that may pafs juft in the mouth of your Cucurbite . then fee your Cucurbite in Balneo. faft luted to with Lutement. or warm A(hes . put the fame into a Cucurbite of Glafs with a Helm and a Recipient* and Lute it ftrongly: and when your Lutement is dry. and put in a little at a time till it be diffolved . Therefore loo\ well to your work. Then take fair Capel Luna beaten very thin into Plates and cut into faull pieces. pull all the fire out of the Oven for then the Spirits of the ftrong Water do begin to come. wherein yoyr Medicine is in . like a Fol and as your Lutement doth dry .

let it (land longer until it be di£ folved : for this is the primeft of all the work for the diflbjution is done by heat and moiftwre. for in every Diffblution and Congealation . the which I will Then may you (hall learn thee in a Chapter apart . This Point being obtained. but lie in the Glafs undiffolved two or three days long : and then is your Medicine nourifhed like a Child in the Mothers Womb. and he is bleffed of God that hath this point. fire the Glafs in Balne* <JWarid£o putrefiefourty days long to hold it in it feif . and underftand. and if it be not diffolved in forty dayes . that may indure againlt Water .Experiments. and congealed by heat and drowtb. without this nourishing the Medicine cannot ingender . and let tbe Lute- ment dry by fuchaheat.lute your Glafs well with goodLutcment. within the forty dayes your Medicine . then fet Sun in Summer: for great Therefore let your fire be alwayes of one heat : for in that there doth remain a great fecret of the Meas the may deflroy your Medicine. and diffolve . you let your Glafs wax cold . that it may gee ftrength of Generation : and when your Glafs is cpld. dicine. and therefore it is needful that it be nouriftied . you have the Key of the Chamber . you do augment your Medicine and Degree : for the firft time it (hall And be diffolved will do projection one ounce upon feven . iop This isourHhing fhall continue until it will dhTolve no more . For this is a token of goodnefs .

and rejoyce . And (tend longer . whenas your Me. Beat your Venn into thin Plates . and ait it in fmall pieces. then that you may hold your finger in theAfhes : and fo let it (tend twenty four hours tocoftgeal . is no perfect Congealation j but it ought to congeal in the Glafs or in the Ampule with heat . on . warmAfhes dicine Glafs. and when you fee that congealed. Take white Arfnick and grinde it on a Marble-ftone with Oyl of Tartar . give God thanks . which ferveih not in the work : the which you (hall do after this manner. Fair red Copper the beft that you can get. it is may let it and take from him his rednefs . for it is ready to do projection in this manner. Take to prcjeS. our of your &*/**?. if not congealed in that time. fo it goeth forth double in projection e- very Diflblution and Congealation. you clofe. is : and therefore. And . But you fhall underhand that the Ccngealation thac cometh of warmth.1 then fet it in your Sand-Oven in Afhes : then -Z put fire in your Oven .no diffolve ject Thilofophicd and congeal again. and let your fire be no L greater . (to fay) [tending in . one ounce will proupon fourteen ounces .aod anoint them with this pafte or pap. and dry your look well to your Lutements that they be without any clefts to let out the Spirits . and the ihird time upon twenty eight ounce?. that it be thick like .K diffolved in your Glafs it then take let it cool .

and ftir them with your >ot tfand and that until the pieces be clean . and round like a Ball. nd put iome part or* ic into a melting . and make a round Cover or the Pot. as it drieth . Clay that is mixed with hair . tus 9 fo beaten. Then put the round Ball of (Copper) Venm into another melting. and beat them in an Iron Mor}ry them .Pot. and when he Lutement is dry. that ic may dry . take & fatil wooden Pin . into a Canvas Bag that is fowed Then take :lofe up. the wooden Pin down- . that the fmall end may remain within the (Copper )Venut. flreak it over and over again . fo fmall as you can. arid lute it weli too . and thereFat withal ftreak over your Bag . until your Clay be as thick as a Pot. and caft the matterthatisinyouc Pot in warm Water. and when that ic is dry. ihs and uppermoft in till all your Pot is full : our Pot . fet it in an Oven in «! of Calcination for twenty four hoari Then let it cool . . ike : In Pap • and with this matter anoint your Copper) Venus pieces then take great Bay-fair.* Then.Experiments. and put through your Lutement into the Bag .and lay your (Copper) Venm pieces upon hat : and then Salt upon ihem^nd (Copper^Tpieces upon that. Then he Water comes frefh from them. thinly .Pot >ottom. let there be a good quantity of ak : take a tile-ftone . Stratum fvper Stratum . and then break your open. when /our Clay is luted faft about your Canvas. Then put your Ve:er .

would not be as you fhould do your projection. put to it one ounce of your Medicine or Elixir. and caft it into an Ingot . and fhall be profitable in this work : the which. fo you have the beft Lnna in the World.HZ peter^ Thilofophical downwards . and nimbly (Ur it with a woodei* ftick . to abide all Proofs and Examinations • and it is far more fine then When you that that comes out of the Earth. wherein it doth lie : and then the' Venus (hall be fair and white like Lma . without this work of Preparation. butletnolroncomeuntoit: and when it is well corporated. then take it out. in a wide Furnace : then put to it one ounce of fine Capel Lima . Take feven ounces of this prepared Venm% and put it into a melting-Pot . as aforefaid . give God thanks. I Tuui i* I tcvtL Ghii . buc you muft remember top among your beaten Venm9 Sandever^Verne^Salt(Ana?) fee this Pot in a wide Furnace to melr melt and run out into the Pot. finifhed this Work . and flow it in the higheft degree of fire that you can. and when it is melten . and \& have Then and the Venn* will remember the poor.

and therefore they muft be all three joyned together . or elfe there will be no Tranfmutation. I Chap. faving Sol and Luna : they be called living. and full made . before you do any proje6tion upon any imperfeft Metal . For all unperfeft Bodies be called dead. as then mud the Body that you will project upon. But when you have prepared him by himfelf. and now will begin with the and after joyned fine fore written in the other Chapter • I red Elixir. without joyning with his Sol or Luna . although he were made melting as Butter. or proje&ion withal. yet can he not do any good . and the fame living Body that we caft on him. be made clean as aforefaid . there is no Generation . the Properties of-the Salt. we call Featen or Ferment. to make them perfeA. Thns I do (hut up the Compofition of the white Elixir. and thgn made living with Luna joyned thereto. 113 Chap. and that doth make our iaiperfe& Body perfeft . how it is the this Science.Experiments. although our Salt be the this Science . MY beloved Son principal Key of therefore he murt be prepared by himfelf . fapelLunA with him. Of Key of III. and then joyn unto him Sol or Luna . otherwife . .

thai . and one part :t of fine Saltpeter . Teficheib) IV. Take two parts of good Vitriol. fo (hall it diffolve it the better into eleer Water. T Ake. as forefaid : then put in your S<?/. and that there doth not remain any fub(iatjce in the bottom undiffolved. the which (hall diffolve well in the faid Water : and when your Sol is diffolved. then fet ycur Glals upon warm Afhes . the red The Compofitioa of Elixir. and put fo much Salt int your Water as your Water will diffolve . but that it be dif-i iblved and turned into clear Water : then fine Soly that is paffed feven times through the Ce- ment^ which I will learn thee in the fixth Chapter : take one part of the Sol that is fo paffed through the Cement . Then put of the cleer Water in another Glafs apart . and diffolve j in this ftrong Water. there be no Feces remaining . but let your Salt 6e firft diffolved in the faid Water . Then work therewith as you have done in the . and two parts of your prepared infuftble Salt . and put other of that firong Water upon your So// This do untill you have put it all over into clear Water in the other Glafs apart . it in the Name of God .n^ Tbilofophical Chap. as much of our prepared Salt as you think good.

That he have weight of Sol y and deaflefs of found . with fine So!9 that you have paf- ed feven times through the Cement . n? he white work. This ed . the which ine L**<rprepared >ur Elixir fliall give him. through the Grace of Bod. the which will be done in wenty four hours. making ic is thin as you can in Plates . . fet it Then to putrefie fifteen dayfrin Balneoy making your fire too great • for in the fifteen layes it ought to be diffolved : then congeal ic >n warm Afhes . like Saturn 5 fo that he fhall lack lothing but Colour and Fixation . do ic in all manner . Elixir ought not to be projected but upon . and draw thePhlegmate out rvith Balmo in fuch a heat that there go none :>f ind the Spirits our. and then etit lot on warm Afhes to congeal.as much as it will eat . or any ftrength or fharpnefs. as heareafter fhali be learnto fay. as in the white work tnd you rnuft nourifh the Medicine in his own natter. and feed yourMeHcine therewith.Experiments. for his fall upon Diffolution andCongealation one ounce for twenty eight:and fo or the doubling. Do loth in all things as in the firft white Elixir afore- aid. is ctup. that is.

put into ounce of your red Elixir well ftirred it one and mingleci together. put unto hone ounce of fine 5fl/that is pafled feven times through the Cement . this. Elixir. and caft it into an Ingot . made without founding or ringing. to pafs all to God for his wonderful works. Teacbetb tbee to do projeftion with the red MY beloved Son. for it together with a wooden ftick . for that will hurt the proje&ion. more finer and bette then any that comes from the Mines. Were it augmented in Colour by our Cement and when it is well melten together with the Luna . as I will learn thee hereafter : for there is no Sol in the World finer then. V. and heavy in weight : the which I (hall learn thee. to ferve this Science. with a wooden ftick : theil take it out . being. as aforefaid. take fine Cape I Luna that is pre- pared. and yot (hall finde it to r a&s be fine Sol of twenty four Char proofs . Chap . in the Chapter hereafter written.lid Thilofopbical Chap. but no Iron. Take feven ounces of this Lmay and melt it in a melting pot: and being well melten. Theft two being well mingled together.if thou wilt ttanfmute Lund into Sol. Give praii! .

and with a pair of Goldfmiths (beers cue Plate. and rubefie it as I (hall (hew thee hereafter : then take good red^wine-vinegar. together. VI. and paffed through a fieve : then take vinegar.hxperimmts. diftilled in a ftillatory of Giafs : and in that Vinegar . and make them into fubtil Powder . 117 Chap. them in pieces of thebignefs of a Royal of and put them into ftrong red Wine- 'Tiles that then take old : have lain a long time in the Sun . one ounce . and once well-glowed in the fire . and melt with one ounce the reddeft Venus and faireft that you can get. beat it into thin Plates . and fee it on a cool 6re . and youfhall finde your Vi- anew very fair in the bottom : then take earthen Pot or Pan. and fift them through a hairen fieve then take common Sale that is once diffolved . that the Water may vapor away . diftilled by Filter . you (hall dhfolve your Vitriol then diftil it by Filter. very cleer : then fet it on warm A(he. of the fineft Gold get. and flir h wtll 1 with . : and when thefe two be well molten .s to triol to reft congeal or dry .in that it the you can name of God. no thicker then a Crown. twenty four hours long : Homane Vitriol . cart them into an Ingot and when it is cold. the Doth teach the Compofition of for the Sol. and beaten into a Powder . Cement TAke. and put your Vitriol therein.

and dry it : then glow it in the fire. or elfe the Salt Armoniack will break your Pot. and lay in the bottorn of your Pot a good Ground of your Ce-^ ment. and fo Stratum fttpef Stratum .powder upon it . and firfr give itafmali fire two hour3 long . anctt v let there be as much of the Salt Armoniack dif. or Verdigreece. fet it into your winde-Oven. till that the Pot be full : let the uppermoft lain be : 'ft Cemenr. and fo let it ftand in the heat twenty four hours long : then let your Oven . take a Tile-ftone. doing all things as the Vitriol aforefaid: then take as much Salt Armoniack. and make a Cover juft mouth of the Pot. making a little hole in the Cover. and fo it fhall rubefie. lute it faft together : f\ and when yourLutement is dry. the next two hours more Wronger y and thus Rill augment your fire . then let it cool. and cf your SolVenm Plates upon tb/ Cement . and make it into Powder. or blew up the Cover : and when you for the Then jdr fvl ii Soi have made this vent-hole . and wax red as blood . as there is of any of the other parts then take a melting-Pot . fo that the Plates do not touch one another : then put more of your Cement. you (hall take Spanifti Green.n8 Tbilofophical with a flick . and diflblve it in diftilled Vinegar then vapor it . the Pot be glowing red. and diflblve it in red-wine-vinegar that is not diftilled theUj take of all thefe fubftances of Powder alike much^ and fprinkle lightly over with the Vinegar wherein the Salt Armoniack is diffolved . and pafs it through a Sieve : and in the lame Water . till that you fee. folved .

but the Tin&ure and Colour . lofaMfaood. of dry wood. ore look well to thy fclf . and fee that thou ufe tf after . every time new Pots. it would feem to be But I counfel thee not to do it . you will make this work fo : make your fire the of coals . and you (hall underhand. for in every Cement your ^emu (hall be confumed. every time melting your Sol with newfma . my Son . that if there were fo much Lma> being ade without found.and conu Jvhite as afore . and pew frefh Powder or Cement. that may be without fmoke and work in the high Ovens a yard from the ground : and in this manner you muft cement: your Gold feven times.or medium. it will lofe its colo«r. in the Reverber half hour. is not put to ic : therefore I counfel thee not to do ic . fmall fire eked with the faid Sol . ne Sol.experiments. and open your Pot. . and augmented in weight. for in the end it will (hame his and peradventure bring him in perill of Therelis life. and the other time. Oven if . up and cake ic out and you [Colour. ven cool . becaufe your fixed Elixir. I 4 Chap. your Places augmented in The firft firft. and your Sol (hall keepalwayes his firft weight. for in ivers meltings . and beating in Plates as aforelaid . if he fliould fell it for fine Sol. and in ihe Sol no more hall remain of the Venn* . but his colour (hall be fo high. that none (hall judge it to be Sol . (hall finde .

Take Vimol^and diftil thereof a ftrong Water . then fet it upon warm Aflhes.and put into much .n. you (hall call: one Ounce of fame^owder upon it. as there is Salt it ArmoSpirits niack and then (hake and fet it together with your ! hands go out . flopping your Glafs well. and diffolve therein Salt Armoniack . Lma^ and melt : Ounces of Luna . and fiop the pipe of the Helm fall. as much as it can diffolve. that no then vent come forth . and this (hall make your Luna but no Iron heavy of weight . and make a proper fire under it. Teacheth thee to VII. and take away the Water . till the Water be diftilled forth of the Glafs : then let it cool .no Fhilojophical Chap. (as it will be) that is a good token then caft it out in an Ingot. that if you have ten . and quench it in Water. of founds fa A. ATVh*> MY it as beloved Son . and it (hall corac blue: this : then . upon it with : into the Helm keep it well : then take fine Cafe I and caft of it in a melting-Pot . like Sol: andyoufh-Uunderftand. and deaf of clank . that fublime upon your Lma three times. flirring it as aforefaid and if your L/.) make thy Luna deaf weighty as JL and heavy of Sol aforefaid. living Sulphur. and make ftronger fire (hall the Sulphur and Salt Armoniack fublime up . and lute a Helm .t be black. Birring it well together in the Pot with a wooden ftick. that a recipient no upon Afhes.

is. « it is . how if it thou fhalt make it. : |nd it |our (hall come whke as at firft and thus Luna prepared to receive your red Elixir. Elixirs Elixirs de Saley that they Jbe compounded of Bay-Sea-Salt . as is our great Stone of the Philofophers . but the Elixirs and no Stones ^ but we call them. for if he be prepared into Lma . as before learned another Salt that is by dhTolving and and alfo with . for in manner to ipeak . there is no Stone fo full made. and to the white. called Saltpeter > the which doth .water ( that is made Tartar and Salt-common ) one hour long. . or Lapis Philofopborum major . Salt . of Salt .VIII: Ifeacheth thee the difference between the Elixir and the great Stone of the Philofophers. becaufe to fay . Stones called Lunary . that is called (Major : for the great Stone is full made.Ibcn feeth (trith ic in Goldfmkhs. of great that is clarified is congealing. The great Stone that doth ferve for the red to Sol) is called. \A Y beloved Son IVJL be called and tals : a perfe£t work ferving to all unperfeft Me- for to tranfmute them into true fine Sol and Luna after the preparation hereof . (o fhail he ever fet them into Luna : for every one of them doth engender his like : the which great Stone I will learn thee hereafter. in his place pleafe the Almighty God.be called . work. is Chap. Our Elixir white and red Stones and no Stones .

and of Spirits. and they have named ic their fait. and the molt coming . that is. A King. andanke pcrfe& the Phiiofophers Gone. he doth bindc andunbinde . the fame is the Mercaryo? the Phiiofophers and he diffolvech all Bodies of Metals . and that noble Salt. as the Child is in the Mothers womoe. Our Stone is Stone and no Stone > for they have meant the Elixirs. had well underload the meaning of this Salt . and mikes of Bodies. when ic is prepared : our Menftruum . for with the fame our Medicine is nouriftied.- . : : \ Char. he doth joyn the Man with the Wife . they have changed the words of the Phiiofophers . and the molt precious Water of the moli iecrets . he h the Lord and Matter of all Salts . and it is living Water and living Sulphur.! or Oyl of Grace. in times part. Bodies : and this maft all be compounded. when the Tindure i: And if the peopk given hicn by the Cement. They call it alfo . and the fitft beginning of the Stone . that is our Salt of Nature that we have ipoken of before our Salt of Wifdom. Spirits. they had come to the end of theii work : but for lack of undemanding. he doth change one kirrde with another. the which ditfolveth Mercury . that fay . the which the unlearne d have noc underlfood . and it is a Medicine. and that living Water.U2 Thilojophical doth conjoyn himfelf to the Salt that is in th<} depth of the Body of S<?/. and without him the other have no full power to make perfect any thing .

that is. the which one alone annot do . for our So/ hath in him three hings . That our Sol and Luna be living . and thefe that are of he Mines are dead . That no man can do any Tranfmutation '. iz$ Teach eth) That our Sol and Luna is living. . (to fay) a Soul a Body. the Sperm of the unperfe& Bodies with her menftruum into her Body fo fhali it receive no life before the Soul come into its fo do we as Nature doth ask. and the Sol andLuna of the Mines he dead. there can no Tranfmutation be made . Y Son. that for we take the Spirit of the is Sol and Luna : perfeft Bodies . till he come to cleer Water without Peces. and a Spirit vithouc the which three things.you (lull understand with the corruption of the perfect Bodies. IX. or neurtth it with Sol or l**** . Chap. which is our menftruum: for where the Mother hath received the Seed.we conjoyn this together. that is. and then we draw out the fimple Phlegmate in Balneo or Afhes • and after. and this fame Spirits is holden in cur Water.Experiments. and therefore the Sol of he Earth is not fo good as our S<?/that is made >y this Science . therefore they mull be all three together^ any good fhould be done. that we put in the S$ul .our diflblved Salt. or our ftrong Water. through our Sperm . And underfond .

thewhich then doth make it perfe& . and thofe in the Earth or Mines be dead : and alfo. that thou maift know. anc ^ then. in the Name of God . and a Body* & which is then living. According to the making of your Medicine. when it is cz(\ updead body with the Soul. that our Sol and Lma is living . and perfectly to make ic. which in the Earth ic did lack (to fay) that fcknefs which is got in the earth . then thi^ Spirit or Medicine doth take to him a Body :^ and then it is called a Spirit. and the copulation is done . and a living Body or Metal: but the great Stone of the Philofophers . the which I will learn thee hereafter to compound it. We take.® fe&ly made . the which fpiritual. and in him is fulfilled that through accident . And this Inftru&ion (my beloved Son ) lit give to thee . it is made living.or a Spiritithe on a . that fame then is multiplied and augmented in goodnefs and perfections . is taken away through our Medicine or Elixir red or white : the which we do in this manner. and melt it with a perfect Body or Corpw y the which is our Leaven. our Earth or Metal. the which is our Spirit . are not other then written : then is fC which. . thet be they ready to ingender her like j andther^ we do put them in putrefa&ion the time afore^ the Spirit and the Soul per. when that we (hall do proje&ion upon any unperfe&Body or Metal fo called .124 Thilojophteal . a Soul. an unperfeft Body. with the which we do prepare our pafte or dough . and then we caft upon it our Elixir . that thou maift know . that is. that our Elixir white or red .

Experiments.The Compofition of the Elixirs e a dead yhite and red.bich is 125 of fo great ftrength and power. totranfmute any other onpere& Metal into a perfect . to fay. and is . The . but alfo maketh of the fame vletal Medicine. that be Body or Metal . . ierewithall do we conclude the firft Part of his Bock. The Riches of the whole World. and it doth the fame n the twinckling of an eye : fo that he may be railed. doth not onely make iving and perfe& .

Part Chap. II. the which is the beginning and entrance into the Great Stone of the Philofophcrs . al I. MY beloved Son . without leaving any thing needful to be known of the Cotnpofnion of the Elixirs. I here before opened unto thee the Truth . and this Stone doth convert all Metals unperfeft.n6 -**. The true COMPOSITION OF The Great Stone OF THE PHILOSOPHERS. into perfeft Metals of Sol% of twenty four Caracks fine . the Metal being melted that you will transform: andthea caft .

into the heft Gold that may be in the World.then caft ji to th© greatnefs of a Peafe of your white tone. that is^ I you will melt a hundred ounces of unperfect letal . and heavy of weight .Experiments. or hundred ounces . [ke as of the red is declared. and then being well molten . inich is Gold . as hereafter I fhall learn you. of twenty hur cara&s fine. \ . hen you have melten the Metal that you will transform . when lac your Stone is made in the red work . and (ball pafs all the proofs that . caft no more but the quantity a Peafe or Fitch of the red Stone upon it : fo j Hill you fee. nj jftupon him his Leaven. and put s> more but one ounce cf Gold to the Mafs of fetal . that i? 5 Gold . that is to fay. and augmented in colour . And you frail pderftand that our Elixirs that we have before tentioned . and incorporated together. then caft upon it Ferment or Leaven. and you (hail finde it transformed into try fine Lhm* .en can do upon it. and liat Gold muft be cemented as aforefaid in the Iher Book. for better then that thac toth come out of the Mines. better then any t hat ccrres out of le white (hall transform all . are not come to their full perfe&in . Metals into Silver. that this Stone (hall turn this |afs of Metal . then you muft caft into it one ounce f fine CfipelLnfta . that you have made deaf of Mind. liir it well together . but it is the beginning of the white and bd Gone of the Philofophers : but if you will r 'lake ! it perfect . as it is before declared in the other Book and when you have [fell mingled them together with a ftick.

l8 Tbilofophical 31 of the Earth : and if in cafe you did caft onef) ounce of your white Scone or of your red upon a hundred ounces of unperfeft Merals .I will learn thee the compofition of bott w thefe Stones to the red and white : and I will® firft be°in with the red. and not hotter one! time then another. you need pur to it no more then one ounce of this fame laft^ Medicine. night and day : and the fa mx&bcdoaciu BslntoAfdrU: this lime being lixir THou (halt take jj i ended. fo fhalF that be transformed Into the Elixir orMedi-[? wherewith you tmy transform all unper-"j Metals into perfect Luna or Sol. after the" fe& beginning of your work : for your white dotb s engender nothing but Lm<* . Tin Elixir of II. to pafs all proofs and examinations that may be done upon it.* thing but Sol. and your red no. Chap. And herein now fol-i . and fet it in putrefaction the time of forty dayes . and it (hall fet it over into perfe&K cine.and then with the white^ which is called Lunaris.! . li (my beloved Son) the red Ehere before written .f *> lowing. and his proje&ion one upon a thoufand : that is to fay. fo that yom fire be alwayes of one heat. '! jf LunAQtSoly better then any that comes outolt the Earth. if you will melt a thoufand ounces of unperfe6t Metals.

look if all be diffblved.let ftand longer till it be diffolved. ioldingthe fire of one heat continually the time )f forty The dayes and nights as aforefaid.and dry your Glafs. md being all duTolved. as the Elixir Lioth weigh: and fee well hereto. without taking any :hing out of it . that the Spirits K % . and make your i&fhes no hotter then you can fuffer your finger 10 i:hruft it down to the bottom . anoMet it fo ftand :hetimeof twelve dayes . without opening the piafs . fee you take it not out hot. that the Lutement be not broken in any Slafs break place • if it be. as aferefaid. and lute the Mouth of the Glafs fad wich Lutement that is ilrong . it f it benot. that it may endure the warmth of Balneum . but let it remain alwayes in that Glafs wherein it was putrefied : and fee well to it. and when the Mitemcnt is very dry. and take heed that your Glafs break not through the force of the Spirits.then fet the Glafs in Balneoy I - \ : o putrefie the time of forty dayes. li that you have kept the fire all the time of one heat : and your Elixir >eing diffblved into cleer Water. then fhall you liffolve therein Mercury that is i'ublimed * as I trill learn thee hereafter . without opening : the which I will learn iihee hereafter in a Chapter apart . you (hall findc your Elixir to be difblf cd into clcer Water . left your : then take it out. and diflblve therein s much of the fnblimed Mercury .let the Balneum cool: and n any cafe. that the Spirits Jy not out as neer as you can then (hake it ibfe|y between your hands.Experiments.lutc k well again. orty dayes being ended. u<? Inded . tnd fet it upon Afhes to congeal .

My Son.» Sol) that is'.it doth projeSion in wfinituwy as here before is written : whereby ikdoth appear. and give unto Almighty God a good reckningof the health of thy Soul. And therefore. that the Mercury is.and mingle our purified Mercury . if fo be ye do it as we 6 have written it. God grant that you may obtain it. and conjoyn thefe toge ther with our purified Salt. till it be congealed : and when ic is congealed. that now.and perfectly ended . &c. with the Salt and the or Ublercury . but they cannot do any high proje&ion . without Mercury be joyned therewith : there may be made it £ . thou (halt underftand that Mercury is called a Fountain .we take the Elixir. and therefore cannot be done any great Tranfmutation. for they do clafpe and ihclofe together . if your fire be well governed . to fay. can they be parted afunder . fo friendly as doth B the Body andthe Soul. then is the Stone fully made. the beginning ic & eff-fpring of all Metals. therewith my Son. if it be not. ^e joyned together .130 flie Thilofophical not out : and the twelve hours being ended.andit is the riches of the whole world.like as we have fpoken before in our Elixir . And when thefe three. cai . for they do but one upon feven:but when Mercury is put thereto 9 and fo perfe&ly made. nor never. and the firft matter of all Metals i as in Truth it is. let it (iand longer. then do they make perfeft all things they be caft upon . as aforefaid. not ^ onely it doth take away the ficknefcof the Mbto . which is our Sperm fo be they fo faft bound together . | |t ? fmall Augmentations and Tranfmutations. Ferment . ought to be congealed .

it Incon- leniencies of this mens Bodies as one grain of Stone.that do bring it to a right :nd : for it may be that it is not God's will : but :hou . the right Treatife and Truth. and well can keep it fecret . . and in three dayes he (hall be made whole of what ficknefs foever he have. for they 5e not all Matters. that bufie themfeives in this . if it pleafc MmightyGod : for I have written thee in this Science . for by diligent labour thou &alt come to the end fooner : with ftudying and fading there can come Bone of the knowledge of K2 . fo long as :hou follower! theie Precepts that I have left written in this Treatife . hot . have thou no donbt. and chen the party to go to a warntV bed . which (hall be incontinent. that hath gotten him :his Treafure. and brought it o a perfect end .Experiments. and afe ic godly to the help of the poor . being. like as though he did lie in Water. and think not :hy labour long . as many people do know it in :his City of Paris. although I have alwayes kept t from thee till now : that have I done for cerain caufes that I will not open. There be many Science but very few. he may think hinifelf happy in this world. Therefore :"hee elf :omfort thy felf. and to fweat. tal . and thon halt foon come to a perfe& end of it. i^£ heals all and doth heal it . being drunk with Wine. and continue thy alwayes in labour and exercife . that do advance themfeives in made this Science to do many things : fcr many are cal» W. Therefore. but . and be patient . as I have wrought it with my own hands . bntfew are chosen. my Son .

© tha . that you fee the Mercury no more .wine-vinegar. one pond of Roman Vitriol. and break the Vitriol to powder . ftirring. loft in bu' .l: ( that he fhall is wholly the other fubftance. the# you make moift with red. that is well luted beneath. and fo long let your Gi remain open : and when you fee the mouth your Glafs to look white in the fablimation .iyi Thilofopbical 5 of this Science but onely by labour : the ftudy doth give a follow Nature and how he (hall in his working: for the end and profit of this Science .and vapoured and calcined as aforefaid is learned . . take one * : ? : folved and dirtillcd by Filter. but he muft put his hands to it . tofublime red Elixir. bu'P not too much $ and dry it then by the fire [A or by the San . and then break them to powder in a ftone-Mortcr : occupy nc Iron or Metal in this work . III. a: fetitonwartnafhes.r furj/ . is the handy-work : for a Cobler cannot fet a piece on his fliooe with I reading. to a pcrfefl end. i. and labour to bring it mm how to work. then nut the fame in Glafs to fublime. ilpl will mar it : and when that your iMercmrjW mingled with the other water . Mercury tc the Teacheth. with continua n . and then take one r pound of common Salt that is two times dif«^ beloved Son . Cm ap. MY pound of Mcr. for if you fhall .

then take a Mncn cloath filled with Gotten.Experiments. and herewith you (hall flop the hole above. or made your right i take the iMercftry fo fublimed. ^ JJcta . it will irft weight: for if it be truelydone. flown awaj then is there of your iMercmj weight comes with die moifturt. ounce in the pound weight . but youiGlafs muft high . and that that lies in the bottom on |ihe Feces.wool. if ic ^ack but one you have l^ant more. it is not well done : for at the laft fire at the firft too great. that the clou: with the Cotten that is in [he mouth of che Glafs do not burn. and fee what is diminifliedof the 100 fmall.•31afs is well (topped tie two hours long : and then four hours greater. and fome part (hall lie below hpon the Feces.as furely be fomewhac is you can . then . and break it open . :hat yotjr 133 CMercurj begin to flie up. md at the laft fo great as your Glafs will joear without melting j and fo hold your fire in khat degree four hours long: then let it cool. \ I is flown up . is way be that your Glafs And if at the firft your fire were too ftrong. ind weigh it. both that which : .ake it out . and you (hall finde your ^Mercury above in the Helm as [white as Snow . fothat the too tort : and if at the later end your fire were is great . very fair and white: then Lake it up as clean as you can . to Now know whether that you have done or no . for then Lyou (hall confume your (topple : and then the fo augment your fire a lit* [. kind when your Oven and Glafs is cooled.

and in every fublimation after the firft. Chap. it fhall diminifh one quartet of an ounce. and fublime it again and thi? muft you do feven times in all points. MY beloved Son. that there is but one ounce lacking in a weighty being rightly fublimed. pound Then take frefh powder of Vitriol. that the Sublimation of ^Mercury . there t$ too other difference. as before. as you have done before . as aforefaid and written 5 and do in . Roch-Allom. is done as the other before in the third Chapter : for the red Stone.that I have found it.134- Thlojefhtcal crackt with the force of the fire. Thus fhall you underftand. you fhall underftand. or at the firft .. and thereby is your weight diminifhed. Saltpeter. IV. to make the Philofophers (tone therewith. but that you muft pot in the place of Vitriol. and no more : and when it 'is iublimed in thi> manner as aforefaid . then is there of your cfl&rcttrj on the Feces . Teachetb thee to fublime Mercury to the white Elixir. &c. and then is youf fublimation loft : and if at the laft your fire were too fmall . then it is ready to put into j^ the red Elixir. and mingle your'fnblimated ^Mercury herewith. if you have done it right as aforefaid. ferfring co the white Stone . and prepared Salt.

and inttut time>wili be diffoked .Stone of the Philofophers. you (hall take . to make the white . fly out % fat This done. and fet it to putrefie in Balneo forty days. your white Elixir .have done in the third Elixir or Stone . in the of God . if that your fire be all that time well governed . fo much as your Elixir doth weigh. to prepare tie white Sio-^e upn all bodies'. Teach eth thee V. as you. Then take it . 135 unto feven times : and then is your Mercury ready and perfect to put to your Elixir. that the Spirits by no means they do. or elie it muft ftand longer until it be diffolved without Feces : then put of your fublimated Mercwy thereto.Experiments. for it luth much m K4 the . your Elixir (hall be diffolyed into cleer Water . Chap. and • to putrefie. in all points as in the third Chapter. if that you have governed your fire all the while in like -warmth . that it be well luted or fet ic in Balneo _^_*«^ if flopped. the fpace of fourteen dayes and nights and in that fpace. MY Name beloved Son . you (ball fet it well luted with the Lutement I have fpoken of in the red Elixir. and fhaSe it proper ly Be tw eeh your hands y tKaTy^SrGlafs bfeaks not? by the force of the Spirit 5 and look well to your Glafs before you do (hake it. it wiirmaTyoTiTwork.

and it P ftiall be better and more finer Luna. NO w to make the Lutement. commonly called in places beyond h [\.& it (hall be congealed in twelve days into ft the white Stone of the Philofophers : the which for will tranfmute all imperfe& bodies into perfect p Lwuty to pafs all proofs and examinations.\7fi Thilofopbical the government of the fire : and when it is well ihr diffolved. fet it to congeal as you had in the red $ Stone. eleven ounc es^ Boj-Armoniack one g »i^rt e r nf fl"qpra. make the Lutement fetyja^ to theft ivorks. then .till that it : be deer as Fountain. take the Flower crthe Mea l that hangech or fiicketh about the walls of the Mill or j^ J fc Backhoufe . Qdcbetb thee to VI. l white hard Cheefet \ me. Stuff-Meal. the Seas. and alibianothcr Lutement that iTiall keep your Glaffes from breaking in the fire . one'ounce :"V>feat all thefe into powder. for it muft hold againft tffe heat of the fire 5 and in thefirft place you ftiall take the white of Eggsfo much as you (hall need. Chap. parings bcin^ done orr . fo that (hall not often fpokeh of before let ic through a ipunge with yourhand.water of this fame take as much as (hall be needful to temper the powders hereafter . and fcarfe them finely through .e* S h tntm^aMu an_half quarter of an ounce. then any B that comes out of the Mines. untemper in the moifture and warmth of Water. ^ and beaithem till they be all thin as wat er.

in •brm of a plaifter. and beat f them . will ing and ufe defend them from melting and breakk to all things that you do occupy in . an<l then temper them all together with twhite sof Eggs sve ll beaten. that they hall noc break nor melt • for then were your ?nrork loft : you (hall take to this Luternent pood IfatPo^earth . for it . This luternent doth fcrve to lute the Helms upon the and alfo to lute the Glaffes that liftil ling-Pots t ou do putrefie in. and icrape off the]Lint r till you have as much is h he7W-^|pfli/*gl doth weigh. then take Linen-clouts.and there withal lute your Glaffes vith Linen-clouts clipped in this Luternent . And now to the other Luternent fpoken of jefore .anddiffolve. and mix with it a little Sanguisprafr#»*S Bol'j4rmowackj> as much as the half of the (feafrh ot trie softer doth come unto . till that it be as fofc h$ fine Pafte or dough • and with this Luternent^ you (hall lute your fublimations under that r • p > | part that ftandeth in the fire • and alfo your Glaffes wherein you diftil your ftrong Waters. to defend them from great heat of fire . that doth ferve to lute your Glaffes.8c let it dry by it (t\f. 137 Through a Sieve of Hair.experiments. a nd untucked ^ime as much as half the Potters Earth ake all tfaefe into fine powder apart by themrCelves. & temper them with the i hites of Eggs. and rthem with a piece of board.& fo bound about the helm and nouth of your Glaffes. whereof the Potter doth make his Pots . you fci lv take Sheeps-blood. and then mingle temper them all together .& alfo to congeal. 8c the Mood ofQjccn [alike much . ©rlfybu cannot get Ox-blood.

that do think themfelves Matters of all Sciences. \A Y Son this . and declared : the Philofo* nt phy. VII.. but the fauli fhojjld be in thy felf .forifahac 1m fhould . and in nb~man elTe for I have written it in right 'arid plain Words and Reafons : but take heed that thou be not as many men be. i P hi Teacheth thee underjl and Pbilofophy y as well % en moral as natural. if that thou (houldft not come to the right knowledge of this Science . tdideCfaHCthc fame. when that they never faw th« Door wherein the Science was learned : but I would have thee ufe thy felf to reading and ftuthis fault to |u make : dying of this.i$5 in great this . that thou flhouldft impute nc% me. ThiloJopbiCAl fire : for you cannot have a better ther ? to defend youGiaffes again!* the force o\° the fire. I have written you enough oMs Now : the Lutements and in this Chapter I will write av in brief a part of Philofophy zs well moral as off & UK mini. as well to the red as to the whiceyfo Fighjdl] for if I could hav$ fim-ple as poffibly I may lefc to thee any briefer.tnd print fhy heart .Book. I have given thee to understand all it of Book. all thefeReafqns in and then thou rmift go co work wWl .I would-not-:. thou couldrt never have underftood it and therefore I have thought it good"Rflfhew*i|fc thee in plain Words ancMleafons. tp make thee perfectly to underhand ten: and ihi jii work. Chap.

that there be re- many Books (written by thePhilofophers) after their deaths .when they were furtbeft from it. that I do leave after to the end error .thee. that thou mayft take heed of the dark fayings of the Philofophers.Therefore. and have written it very darkly.experiments. )r die through the great gift of God. there in anot her Tthe which » : . as it is thy duty to do . & that thou do this Book for if thou do-obexercifitttiy felf ftty&lfcfepy precepts . both of thy |ody and minde. I have thought it good co open this Science unto thee. and God will blefs thy :oceeding v if thou wilt ferve him and pray to . «ny written the Truth. that it is almoit impoffibleto come : & o the undemanding of them. My Son. my beloved Son . without nftrucYions of others . and diligent labour. that thou (halt not fall into my but to come to the right end of this Science. Therefore have written this Book. and alfo thou mutt ive a diligent care to keep God 's Command* f ients : for as I have often faid . thinking they did underhand the meaning very well. through the great love I have to . • 139 I I I A good and glad courage. thou (halt bring this Stone to for the Philofophers have hidden perfect end nis Science. great Matters of this Science. with bodily fains taking. yon (hall not come to. of the which they he re have brought divers men unto great errors. and ave coloured it over with many parables dark sntences .im . that thou maift learn :he Tie Words and Reafons . but in a very dark fenfe » in one word. gaining aave thou fhalc underftand. .

and faftea the Thred above the mouth of the Veffel : fet thereon a Head. will turn to thy hurt : for I have declared to thee .thc ftidPltws will wax foft. May 7th. and lute it fad and furcly . the thing that my eyes have feen .o Philojophical any error. and fee to my name . as thin as a penyand hang them on a thred. as I. and my fingers have pulled forth and I have written this Book with my own hand. as I did lie on my it L\ i c death in the yeer 1431. that you may alwayes foffcr your hand under the bottom thereof. fohannes Strangunere. To draw the Spirits out of the fonderov* Body or Earth by Distillation. and nut thereto a Reccptory. that thou do not forget the poor and in lay cafe to look well to thy felf. and put it in a Furnace with as cafie a heat. upon my Salvation. chac thou do not difclofe the fecrets of this Science to any covetous worldly man • for if thou do. and my hands have wrought. But I defire thee upon the falvation of thy Soul . and water foall diftil every day from it . V£ Ake a great many plates of new Lead of the quantity of Groats. and fill a Body of Glafs full of tnem . . fair andclecr as Rofc» wacerundat the laft. or fmali Wy re . as I trufl to be faved .u|.

and in greater fecrct * come to man . UNderftand . which altereth Luna* Bodies bto Sol and In the Name of God 5 Amen. which afterwards hall wax as white z$ Snow . Medicine. he doth proje&ion as well in a mans body as without. 14. That of all difeafes tals . afiefire. the which is the Vhite Elixir. as upon Memany vegetable Books . purple-red all all the great Elixir that fixeth the which is Amalgems into . that it : eces that . continue it with more Fire or heat .1 they were mire . the white inaFixatory luted up. lie there-under : for as Pbilofophers . and fall down to the bot: and then take the Glafs. when he is throughly made. is no then this is « for we fade not in Gold that . Upon Saturn^ PbHofopberof Holland. firft . and after that citrine as a yellow Flower and finally. fet it in Bafae* or imoEqHtno) until the mire be dffolved into lack Pitch-Liquor : then put it into your Philo- and mix it . till it gray .Experiments. ay Totum quod [tibtile eft afcendit furfur* in vafe9 \H9<L ffifftttn Then put md 3e nMntt in fundo. the which you QaalJ take from the jphers Veffel . and continue it in may by Circulation become a rry earth as black as a Raven. out of Lead comes the Scone called Lapis 'Pbilolcphorum : and therefore .

and that is his crudenefs • and then is he Sol: for vulgar Sol cannot be fo lightly as Lead. and turn his inward part out. and he fuffers his Mercury quickly to be drawn from him & that Mercury which is drawn from him . That that Mercury is as good as thzMercury drawn from the Sun in all manner of works.! tell you. and have kept *.and is truth therefore print this in thy heart. and it is ay good as the other : and if you (hould come to pen the body of Sol yeer . you (hould be contained to o• Dd le< a : m :c ™ pi for the fpace of. for Lead will quickly be diflolved and congealed. and ferve God. as the ufe is to fublirne Mercury. but that his fuperfluity be taken away from him. if you fhould take Mercury out of Sol. h fecrec : for if the thing w«reknow&. and is a fhorter work . one whole before the faid Mercury of a body could be drawn or come out of Le. Alfo. to alwayes yoa mufthetwo do it well . and then be fully ended : the one is as good as the other. :: make a work of yeers about it . The fame Lead is called of the Philofophers Sol . many would . and Lead colts little or nothing. in his inner part Sol for f and therefore do f : lf Philoibphers agree: for he lacketh nothing ] die. Sol. but of Lead you may perfect it in thirty or two and thirty weeks at the moft.d : you may draw out this Mercury in fourteen dayes .14.Z Thilofophical like perfection as Gold a Lead all is we finde in Lead .and of one goodnefs. and is lefs labor. and thai isfcisuncleanneis: therefore make fj him clean. and it is better in our work then the Mercury of Sol. if it be well clariSed and iublimed . whereof they had the name until this day.

though fmaller then a bote. (hould to wicked perfons be a ueans of greater wickednefs.And jbis is altogether concluded in Lead. and put it in your eye .thac le name might be known. ic vill neither pain you. 14. \ury^ in i and him are I that . eVhich (hall (lie w it felf openly . for in him is the ijrue blacknefs .Experiments.or harm you at all.but there is no need to joyne any range thing. whitenefs and rednefs : he is tx>tiderous . neither is there any man fo poor. but that |'c may be able to compafs this work : for you •lake of the Salt of Lead with little labour Lmay :nd with a little longer time Sol 9 and then they hay proceed to make the PhilofophersLead.of all imperfect things tfce eye of man cannot abide or Bear. and ib much urm might have come thereby. Ind all is Lcad. As concerning the lead of So/ and £#/7d. and eafie. yet it will trouble a mans eye terribly put if you cake Lead clean fcraped . for in all him is the perfect Mer- the colours in the world. and made I he bignefs of a Bean.3 and the thing would be comiion : for the work is friort. how little foever . that come out of ?aradifey running in the flream : and in like manner S<?/. and in him is the perfect red and fivhite bodies : look and take example. and this holy pence which God hath given to thofe that love tad fervehim.becatifeitsuttcrmoft is not perfect like Sol oz 'other pretious Stones. as much as ) [i neceffary for us . and little T value. ould work it .they havefet three GlafTes. left it might have i)me to the hands of wkked men. and therefore was it kept lecret. and that jis. but that onely which cometh from tin .

that his name . and vou (hall know that the And know if men water wherein our Lead (hall be wa(hed vinegar. therefore I charge you.little charge. to keep his name fecret : for knew it. militude and many other more.^- Thilojophical that io him is . our Mercury and our Philo* fophers Mercur^thu is.our golden^tfr^nr^with cunning.i/j. much milchief and trouble would be done. you may well perceive by the fi. and all of you. but there are divers and many works in the Mineral This Lead* An .and little little labor. That Lead is out Philofophers Mercury^owz Laton : for out of it is drawn ia (hort time. is the Philofophers Stone whereof all the Philofophers have written many dark Books. And therefore you (hall know our Lead by its hidden name.

and is fome vertue cc be humane difeafes. there aelpful to ture. which byic felf might cure all Difeafes.$ 4 AnAbftraffc out of Dodtor Homodlm l M S* De Elixir folk Medicina unwerfali. Of the I.animal and miufe. *nd prolong the life of man to a long age. Matter of the Kniverfd Medicine. Since God bath created alt things for mans chat in all vegctable. and turned to a Celeftial and Spiritual Nature . called a Quinteffencc parated from within the Anrnnt Fotabile. 14. Chap.I thought there might dc fomething among thefe of incorruptible Na- neral creatures. keep- L ing .Experiments. fe- Of the Tincture of Gold> its body.

And when I underftood by <Jtf*rfillU joyning with Metals. but I found the Calx and C*lcanth . . of a moft equal temperament and compofuion of Elements. There was no perfeft natural compofuion in them. mine. until it was de. That is was needful to open. being reduced to Aflhes. And finding the perfect Metals thus reducible again to their own bodies . this thing muft be of ic felf moft equally tempered of the four Ele- ments.^. T judged. could generate. I perceived that in them was fome firmer compofuion then in other things : yet are in all alike .± r. That In Gold there was a generative and regenerative venue : but becaufe I found the matter^. and by confequence. Now feeking this thing in the Vegetables of Animals. could not be brought back again to their former bodies : And fo I conclude . by a ftrong Combuftion . and that thereby this vertue was oppreffed and kept .I found there is it not.id reel from the hands of its bodily Impri. of Metals to be very grofs and earthy. for all the reft of the Metals. fome one humonr predominant over the reft a&ively or paffively : Therefore I turned to Minerals or Metal . That it was among all the reft incorruptible . infomuch that it could not work . I concluded.becauie that in all of them. except Gold. will be converted into drofs and fmoke but Gold is no whit the worfe after all Trials then I concluded.\J±6 Thilofopbical )iii log his humours in a mod equal temperament and by confequence . and other things .

1 II. that the vertue ight a&uate. Overflowing ition. confequentlyl ill open the way how to make the vegetable MenttrMm. the true preparation made. Exubeand Rectification . is the Therefore Silver and Gold are diffolved in things of their own kinde. Whence I concluded at laft thus hacGold was the remote matter whereof the aiverfal Medicine was to be made up . and how to '. is alfo a Phyfical preparation^© wit. H ovo to make the Mcnftruum^ andhowto circulate it. :rifie. and lat the Spirit of Gold and Lune . 14. Multiplication CMenHruum or Vegetable fater.Experiments. tabution .that . .7 body. ^Ince J \> I have declared heretofore the matter of the Univerfal Medicine. : that it be reduced into Quinteffence by that leans of this I iMenUrnum.ay circulate ir.is the matter whereof diflblvc the is and made up* Chap. and 10 fo* icj compound of the Soul of the Arc : 'tis i§ the matter by which all incurable Difidic'al Iffj Li eafcs . which %aymm<iM fpeaketh of in this >rce: for this odicil. and iat with the Confervative of the former Vegeible. and with the Multiplication of the Putrefa&ion. which is alfo died Lune Quinteffence.

as before . which will fend forth a moft fweet favour : take it and put it in another moft clean Veffel from the Feces : and then again yon muft pour it upon its Feces . you (hall take the . and there to be left a whole month. and as many afternoon: when the day is fair . the Minifterial Spirit of the fame heighten the fixth rank. or thereabouts. opening your Vcffels. and bray it. and put it in earthen Veffeis which are new and well glafled . which is the feventh and the firft day of the Reign of Corrocay. Therefore this is the way to prepare it Gather the Vegetable Lunary of the Philofophers .which time. After . in the time when the height of Goffer doth rule. After which tiwe . you fliall finde in the bottom of each of them . And fo you (hall have the fap of Lunary prepared in the fafliion. the fap of Lunary . for the fpace of eight dayes in a cold place. it muft be poured out again into another Veffel : and i: from thence again it muft be joyned to its Feces : which third time it will be done juft the lame manner as thefecond. But becaufe lunary is not found everywhere! if when you fliall have ceed of k. and which are moft carefully covered to befetina moft cold place. and fet it a gain . befl therefore.4-8 Tkilofophical under the confervation of their it cases arc cured own Nature. then take the Lunary it felf. and the sky is cleer. and it cannot be found.and laft three hours before noon. with its grains. pure and uncorrupted.

how little loever it be : then pour in again into the lame Cucurbite. Ivbich is a Great. is turned into the fimilitude of lweat. which is called [With handles on both fides . moft eafie fire. pour out the Phlegm from the Cucurbite. diftil it in Balneo <Jtfari<e . JftiUcd in a Recipient 3 whole Spirit is purified and reSifiecJ.9 he fapof it. and :he Joynts being well (hut up . but take of the belt : then pcur it eiiher way prepared into a Glafs. till the Spirit be ['gone out. and let it cool. a moli fubtil Spirit from it which being firft lifted up on high . >d 14.Cucurbire. (Circulatory . Now when the from the Phlegm. This being done. diftil in Balne& UWarid . take away the Cucurbite with the Recipient. and putting on the Limbecks Head |with a . take away the blind Head . iLembeck.experiments. transfufe the Spirit from . prepared in the common fafhiand called by B^aymttnd) Black baker.. as L 3 <rf . then . )lack . remaining in the Cuthe Phlegm curbite. and di- [ The Veffel being cooled. or into a Peliican-VefTcl. and let it which inhere be circulated a whole Month : i f:ime paft put on .the Recipient into the Cucurbite of Glafs : jLoofe then the firft. moft careully (hut in a Phyfical Vaporary . and joyn a Recipient to it. which makech 110 veins : but when the Phlegm (hall begin to 'diftil like rain . and then di&il again in Baine* with a moft eafie Fire. and put the Veflel . the Spirit .

and diftil it with a gentle fire . And hitherto have I imparted unto thee the beft manner of drawing out the Spirit from the Lunary : which Spirit being (hut up moft : ™ '} ' J a K « fj carefully in a Glafs . Therefore the way to prepare the Earth thus : is After that the Spirit is drawn out by Diftillaand feparated from the Lunary. you muft take the Cucurbit e . till all the Phlegm be gone out • which you fliall know tion.maketh the vegetable Menftrmnty which is the Bafis and chief Foundation of Spafubtil gyrical preparations. this . it willbtarn a cloth. Then having the Recipient . or melted Pitch. pour fo much by m . nay. though the other part of the tJMenftruum or Earth of the fame thing be prepared : which then being copulated with it? own Spirit.i$o Thilofophical ^ :l of the fame . like Honey. that in the degree of heat. is will vanifti away : it and heavenly. being made well. and put into it.will notieave any work of moitture behinde it . there (hill nothing more fall in the Recipient . perfe&ly re&ifted if it be fired. fo ofc till the Spirit be wholly purified from the Phlegm . and the matter in the bottom of the Veffd. as is beforefaid .fhall be funk $Jown . muft be let in a cold place it : P « through the Glafs (hue. wherein the fap of the lame thing was beft . and which Spirit fo prepared. and put it into the Bahteo cJWkr/rf .

that the Phlegm of the fame thing upon the >icrit fwim above at leaft four fingers . as be- and fore . and when the t^hlegm (hall have drawn its Tinaure out into breadth Then afterts felf. that it be . like unto Water in the bottom of :o aith in the We molten Pitch. Mercurial.urial part. and be brought to the firft Mercury of the Philofophers : and then converted into the Sul. it is altogether neceffary it. have called the thick Here muft be noted. theGlafs. . vegetable of Nature .he Phlegm with the thick matter . colourated Phlegm by Inclinathen evacute the tion. mix them. !>ut of it . that it. till the Phlegm hath drawn out the whole Tinaure.phur of Nature.Experiments. and with a wooden ipattle moving wherein . as (hall be confequcntly taught. tod the Earth rcmaineth in the bottom of the ± 1-11 And this work L4 Veffel . vard pour out the colourated Phlegm . left that the Mercurial part be poured out With it. when any will draw tially hidden in it . ^ecaufe that the Sulphur of Nature is potenwhich.covered the bredth of four ringers . mix them together by Agitation . or be feparated from the impure. fuffer it to reft a little. but only the Tin&ure of the Merenties .)f 151 . rather the pureft of moreover. but waily . and alfo Sulphurial. and. .which doth not ferve to our ufe. in the thick Water in the bottom pour on again fo much of the Phlegm. and alfo the Sulphur Is the potential Odercury. muft be fo oft repeated . as Raymond Book of ^Mercury.

above it. that it ftand three fingers breath : and having glevrcd the blind Head upon it. which fee out to be dried by the fire. which being done. takea- way the blind Head. and mBalneo tobedigefted the ipace of three o dayes .152. not violent. put it into a Glafs-Veffel. After it be well dried . and prepare upon it . and made up into a Powder moft fubtil . be exhaled . how little foever it be in the Earth. which Phlegm is to be caii away : for it ferveth to no ufe at all. pour again fo much of the new Spirit. but unto the earth itielf. continual courfe or order till all the Phleg-l marick moifture . and again calcined.and joyn a Recipient unto it : and having well (hut all the Joynts . put the Veflel into a Furnace? and giving it a gentle fire of the iecond degree. fhall be kept in a cold place : for it is an ani- mated Spirit. put it three dayes into the Phyfical Vaporary • which time pa^. or by a heat elemental of fire. Afterwards having encreafed the fire wich a. take away the blinde Head. tranfparent . and put on a Limbeck i >md from . feparate from hence the Spirit it fe If byDiftiiwhich inclofed carefully in a Glafs lation . rmiojopmcai \t Veffel white as Criftal. fet it that it may ftand four fingers breadth Then (hut the Veffel with a blinde Head. and pour fo much of the Spirit fit and clean : that I have heretofore taught you . Then when it is dried .and put to the Cucurbite an Aiimbeck.

/hut the Veffel with a blind to be digefted three dayes . rom thence diftil 155 . Then afterwards proceed to diftil. a p Then tfurler it fitill or fo long the Earth hath drawn up his Spirit : then (taking away the blind Head . mult of neceffitybe returned into a Calx . To one ounce of the . giving not a difTolving ^ut a digefting heat of the fire. you Qirfill put it in a fit Veffel '>f Glafs. give to the fame Earth of its own Spirit the feventh part .jpxpertmems. and putting on a Limbeck . Then again thefecond time. by Diftillation draw out the Phlegmatick and uniavory moifture. an animated Spirit which the oyn to the firft.:. and pidmoiftttre. it temperate heat the fire . Head . The Earth thus prepared .and keep. to be digefted three dtyes fpace then taking a way the blue Head and putting on the Alijnbeck. which mult be fei. and putting the blind Head upon it .you mult put one of the Spirit : which aniifnated Spirit I taught you heretofore to draw out the Earth itfeif by Diftillaiion. Thirdly. When this 'Truth is calcined . till all ^legtnbegoneoutjandcafr 5 and thofeopeations muft be fo often renewed.Earth. the firft degree : and in it unto the iHarth muft be poured one ounce of the animated Spirit : As for example . . till the Earth jcppear white and flowing like Wax upon a flowing Plate of Iron : give no fmoakatall. how little foever |be in it. fet the Veffel on the firft degree of heat. diftil all the infi.

that the humane tongue of man cannot exprefs them. Mer-. and after that time. the fpace of a natural day : and fojthe pure part of it will be feparated from the impure. vegetable. diftil the iuperfluous humidities. and the impure part of the Body be left in the bottom as unprofitable.i$^ Thirdly pare of its Thilofophical . and the pure to be gathered : and this is called by Ra)mmd and other Philosophers. evacuate the humidity. and put it in a is withheld. and of the blind putting on the Alimbeck . to be caft away . as I have (hewn before : and lb with the it upon the fame Earth . and Diftillations. till the Earth have drunk up all his animated Spirit. and will be lifted up on high. divided into three parts . All things being fcvcrally pre* pared. removing Add again the fifth part of the ani- mated Spirit to his own Earth. . and carefully (hut . profecute the operation by Unvivirtives. which being lured. digertit. Add to the fame Earth . then take the Earth which and white. | cury fnblimate. muft be put in a Furnace to the fire of the third degree. wherein are fo many and fo great vermes. Fourthly. Furthermore . and both be reduced to an Homogeneal Body . and let of Lunary vegetable . Fifthly. on the blue Head. the fixth own animated Water and putting . Sal Armoniack^ . fourth part of Veflel of Glafs. Render the fourth part of the Soul of the Body. days : let in digeftion for three Head . Digeftion. and by Dittillation. and digell it \ and draw out the moifture .

put k in the Balneo : it hath no and letitpu- then taking off the blind Head. the vege- mained here to (hew the way to table menftrmm. have flopped well all the Joynts. and diftil it again from hence. and put it inaCucurbite of Glafs. and putting on a Limbeck. that is. Air at ill . to wit . 155 the Spirit and the Earth. put it into the Cucurbite . till the whole] Earth as a cleer Water be brought over the Limbeck being done .with the Salt or Sulphur of Nature vegetable : but out of the con jun&ion of thefe two. to wir. and After you joyning a great Recipient to it . take yet one pound of Salt . and being rifie for the (pace two dayes purified . pared. (hall you do fo oft. if any of the Sale (hould remain in the bottom. may be made up : and the way to make it is this*: Take one pound of the Salt or vegetable Sulphur new prepared. you ihall again pour of Spirit newly diftilled upon And this it . bray it very fmall. and pour upon it the fame Spirit Ia% diftilled : cover the Veffel with a blind Head . and flpon it of the forefaid Spirit of Philofophical Lunary then (hutting the Glafs moft : carefully with a blue Head . take .Experiments. it recopulate the Spirit of Lunary . and all will go out by the Limbeck. you (hall diftil it in the A(hes with a gentle heat . and fet it to purifie . with the Earth of the fame prepared. till all the Sulphur pafs over the Limj beck with the Spirit and chat being diftilled. fo that . one organical Body. which is tfrong and thick . Nevertheless.

in the Cucurbite . The Crown of Heaven . The Qumteffencejjvhofe brightnefs and tranfparencit doth exceed the brightnefs of all Lunary things. and celeftial . put on your menftruum into another clean Veffel : and do this warily . left the fetling in the bottom by the Circulation be poured out together with the menftrHum^ but it muft be left in the Circulation : fo (hall you have the menftm*m purified.or at the molt rhe fourth. Fourthly . circulated. (hutting diligently all the Joynts. and let it circulate a whole Month which time expired. of new Salt vegetable one pound j and adding the lame Spirit . with the confervation of the vegetable form : but now it is refting to (hew how the metiftrtium muft be converted unto a celeftial Nature or Quinteffence : and the way is thus Take the fitnple menfirnum y and pour it into and nothing remain and ftrong Giafs-Veftel . and fo the vegetable ntenftrnum (hall be made. till and pour upon it the Spiall pafs by the Limbeck. as before. purifie and then diftil all. and all other Metals . rit lately diftilled. The Heaven . that the fifth onely be full. Take likewife frefh Salt one pound . or in the Horfe- Belly. and . and the fweet fmell of it excecdeth all otb« fwect . having power to diffolve both the light?. which the Philofophers call . being left the power of the menftruttm vanifti a great part of ic : (hut . and the reft be void: then (hut the Veflel with a blind Head. and perfectly ended.ii6 Thilofopbical take again. put it in the Phyfical Bath.

* . Elixirs. Whence it cometh. ( That the Spagyrfck can give to the Phifitians the 1 own Natures. Magi- beft Medicines. and arc Oy Is. This Quintcflence is the ground-work of lallSpagyrical and Physical Preparation : for by fthe vertue of it. ijy [Tweet favours prepared by Nature. Spirits. all folid Bodies are cor- rupted from their 'brought to Liquors.Experiments. I fteries.Stones and Tin&ures.

or of the vegetable Quinteflence. that every Heterogeneal thing^ be ieparated from it then being well purged. and alfoof exuberating or multiplying the fame. manner of compofm° t he vegetable being delivered . fhould be prepared with the heavenly menltrual. and alfo. of making it celeftial : it remaineth that you fhould be (hewed how the matter of the Univerfal Medicine. or the form from the matter. Gold. to wit. that it may exercife its vertue upon the Body of Man : the manner to prepare it is this Let Gold be cemented with Antimony. and put it into a little Cucurbiteof Glafs . reduce it to very iinall Leaves : then of the foliated or Leaf.158 Thilojophical 0( the manner of diifolving Gold. This being done . put the Cucurbuc clofed HaraicticaUy into a Fire of the . and of feparating the Tincture of it from the Body.Gold take an ounce . THe feft . and pour upon it two ounces of the heavenly menftrnum.

*/*/?r#/w»andCucurbite: then to the golden Jiarth . Now when all theTinclure of Gold is pre- pared . till you fee the werfirutm draws no lore of the Tin&ure of Sol. . left the Earth or Feces of old be not poured out together with the . and mtting the Glafs Hermetically . which will be one in feven times . if you do all tiefc things rell. pouraain two ounces of the menfirmtm upon it . and leaving ne Feces of the Gold in theVeflel. taking heed f it Then empty remain in the bottom white. ie lining. and that the body her Vcflel. trie and moft acceptable to the fight: then by and little inclining the Veflel. rft ijp • degree. pour again two ounces fit! the menftrmm .iz ex&ruum into another clean Veffel of Glafs do this warily. and flint oes his Seal and fet it firft in a fire the Glafs with Herof the firft egree. yet fo. which is fetled . and the merftruum (hall raw into it felf the Tin&ure of ir. and then of a fecond: and when the unftrnum (hall have the colour of Gold. then of the fecond deree. id it will become citrine. fet it in pe heat of the firft. refplendent.transfuiethe . biighr. bat the Earth be not mixed with the menflrnum^ Iut may remain in the bottom . and then of the fecond fofliall Gold be dnTolved .or the colour.Experiments.ejacuite it into another Vcffel of Glafs . the golden metiflrunm into anoleft the Feces go one #ith it together : reiterate thefe operations fo oft s before .

and exuberate from thence the moft precious Liquor of Gold : then you (hall have the Tin&ure of Gold feparated from the Body of it. by the way which I in the following Chapter. joyned with the Heaven or vegetable Quinteffence . (et it in a Furnace . And then laftly . having put on a blind Head i and having (hut carefully all the Joynts.160 Thilofophical pared from his Body . will (hew you The . and be put in afitVtffel: thenpurifie. and give it a heat in the fecond degree. it is requifoe that all the diffolutions be joyned together . and made volatile. from which it muft be feparated .

and incorruptible as the Heavens. 161 The manner how the Tin dure of to feparate Gold from the that it Quinteffence vegetable. or Celeftial Nature and Spiritual. and by Circulation is converted into a Quinteffence moft fragrant. and almoft Incorruptible.cleer we have Chewed you how to draw the Tin&ure from the Body of the Sun . which is Celeftial . To do this. proceed thus and infufe into it the vegetable kMtnHruum. which is circulated. and in ftrength meft eminent . to grit. M rcweb . of thelunaryof the Philofophers . in which h the Soul of the Gold t then add to it of the Element of Water in the feme thing. in a and open fpeech.Experiments. Now we intend to (hew how the fame Tin&ure may be feparated from the menftrHum . may be converted into Quintef- fence. Hitherto . io a Stillatory Take of Glafs . and the way to circulate the fame. and how they exuberate it.

put the Veffel . you (hall fee in the bottom of theGIafe an Earth like unto Slime . and to make it to a Quint effence by Circulation .and in colour moft like unto a Ruby. To purifie this Tin&ure from the fuperfluity of the Elements . and put in it the Tinclure of the Sun . exulerated and fcparated from the vegetable Water . mixed with the Tincture in the Phyfical Bath . extnSt the vegetable Quinteffence : and fo the Tin* .\6i Thilofyhicd much as is of the ntenftruum ft felf : then put your Veffel in a Ph/fical Furnace . which done. put the Veffel in a Phyfical Vaporary. which is done by the Diftillation of the mcnftrttHm with the Ths&ure in the fire of the fecond degree : which being done . containing the Quinteffence vegetable . aed putting 10 ic the fire of the firft degree by Diftillation . diftil from £ the vegetable Quinteffence . as a iuperfluous thing . or like the fluid gum . proceed thus: Take a fit Vtffel of Glafs . as of the Sun. mixed with the vegetable. which muft moft be feparated from the Tin&ure . fuffer it to be circulated a Efficient fpace . and pour upon it a convenient quantity of the vegetable Quinteffence : and having {hut the Glafs Hermetically. and the Element of Water acmixed to it : lb the Tin&ure of Gold ihall remain in the bottom like Wax melted. and with a continual heat . moft red. and putting an eafie fire of the firit degree to it.

Experiments.ftial and Incorruptible Nature . to which no 'arthly thing may be compared in fmcli or fweet ivour . lall be fetled in the bottom of the Circulit. The . The true Elixir of the Sun ^wer. Leep tte Quinteffence moft carefully. The true Diaphoretical and Univerfai Medicine. \6i induce of Gold moft beautiful . nor in venue and excellent operations. and Slime f the Earth. and into a Ce« . and made fpiritual and volatile. The true \MercHty of the Philobphers . as a moft >recious Treafure^ for it is the true potable and nutable Gold . being purled from the Dregs of the Elements'. onverted into a Quinteffence . without which there is no Tranfmutaion of Metals.

attain The way to make it is thus Prepare a Fixatory Veffel of equal bignefs with their heads . Perfection doth and efficacy to all effects both within and without the body of man. which by a manifold Nemay be furhow it may : Coagulation by heavenly Influences. and that the mouth of the one . I will now reveal be fixed into a Stone . that the head of each one may enter into the belly of each other mutually . having heads equally proportionable. Solution . unto the higheft degree. and volatile tranfparent like to a Rubie.with the multiplication of Celeftial Vertues.1 6^ Thilofophical The way and to reduce the liquid Quinteflence of Gold into a fixed Stone .and needeth verthelefs > no further preparation becaufe the venues of ther augmented. whofe heads muft be difpofed. ALthough I have fo that it hitherto delivered the true and perfect way to prepare S<?Iy and to convert it into a Quinteflence 5 all ferveth for Medicinal effects univerit fally.

and Glutting the Joyntsmoft carefully that here an Anchanor. and in the bottom of each Glafs you fhall indeaStone.by the Inclination of the Veflels . nd joyn theVeffels together as they ought to >e . which will be done in three Dr four weeks at the mod which time being paft . pour thirteen of the Quinteffence vegetable • which >eing done . and (hall have afcended and decended no more citrine in colour. and when you have feen the aforefaid fign. which is the potable Gold. [hall put it into a fit Vcffei very carefully. open chem .Experiments* [|>n« Veffel 105 head . and you )arts 1 : . may enter into its own but hat the t mouth of the other may receive within felf the mouth of its own head : then put in ach Veffel one part of the Quinteffence of Sold. hen fuffer the Furnace to wax cool of it felf. and having given a moft tem>erate heat of the other orfecond degree. you (hall feparate the vegetable Waters : then take out both the Stones out of both the Veflels without any moifture . that it no harm by the Air : and when you would have thisStoue to*. then taking the Veffel from the Furnace .c©ngeal'd through the vegetable vertue and thepureliof the vegetable Sulphur working upon the Quinteffence of Gold : from which Stone. but white like diftilled Water . let he Quinteffence be (o long moved.become more pregnant and powerful in operation by Ccleftial Vertues. proBray ceed thus fuffer . and to each part feverally. till the vegetable Water hath laid off the Tin&ure or Coour of Gold. likeuntoaRubie or Carbuncle. put the heads upon the Cucurbites.

put into tbe Achanor. put it into tbe Phyfical Bath.very red: which Liquor. you (hall finde agajn a Ston e moft tranfparent and like to a Ruby.and tranfparenc: from thence takeout again the Stone. and become a ftony fub! ance red. that no tongue of man is able to exprefs them. . put it into a Phyfical Bath the fpace of one natural day. in a ^ &c. and bray it to a powt der .itftf Bray it Thilofophical. fit to that effc& . Marble or Glafs-Morter with t and being brayed . and fufferit to be digefted five dayes in a temperate heat : and then again it will be conduced. put it into a fmallGlafs-Veffel. the fpace of two dayes . M^Mitt FINIS. in which time it will turn into a Water or Uquor. and leave it there three dayes .which time paft . and being Glafs-Peftel Hermetically fhut . and then again. whic h^tnay be meked~uponaj:ed hofPIa&eof Ifion^an^ this all . which again put into the Achanor to be digefted. Now fame fo^repared^aTiTfoTnatfy Vermes.and then again it will be diffolved into a moft red Liquor .

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