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Soul Delighteth in the Words of Isaiah"

A.D. Christ
is born among the tribe of Judah

Timeline for the 12 Tribes of Israel 925 B.C. 721 B.C. 701 B.C. 600 B.C. 587 B.C. 537 B.C. Assyrians Assyrians attack Lehi and Babalonians King Cyrus capture the Kingdom of his family allows the Divided Kingdom Judah (south) leave capture the Kingdom Jews to & surround Kingdom of Israel Jerusalem of Judah return to Jerusalem, but do (north) (south) Judah not conqure it (10 Tribes) Places to Know: Babylon - the cultural, commercial center to the East of the Kingdom of Judah
Israel Syria

1. Pray before you Read 2. Slow Down 3. Use the Footnotes 4. Think about it Isaiah the Prophet:
Prophet: 740-701 B.C. Lived: Kingdom of Judah
Isaiah the Seer Isaiah the Prohpet of the Restoration Isaiah the Messianic Prophet
B.R. McConkie

Kingdom North of the Kingdom of Judah, in an apostate condition Kingdom just North of the Kingdom of Israel

Assyria - Military superpower of the North East Egypt #1 #2 #3 #4 Kingdom to the South West of the Kingdom of Judah The Term ISRAEL is used in Different Ways:
Jacob the Man (later called Israel) Jacob's Posterity, often called Israel, House of Israel, Covenant Israel Kingdom of Israel, now divided Holy One of Israel - Jesus Christ

"Read ponder and pray - verse by berse, thought by thought, chapter by chapter"

The 12 Tribes of Israel (read Bible Dictionary "Israel, Kingdom of")

The Kingdom Divided Northern Kingdom of Israel - 10 tribes Southern Kingdom of Judah - 2 tribes, Judah & Benjamin