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Short historical view of the psychiatric abuse in the Soviet union and Romania.

The practical report of Tismaneanu omits the crimes from psychiatry.

For Rusia one find a solid historica concerning the politic abuse in psychiatry. Long
ago, in Rusia, just in 1836 found out first case of politic psychiatric abuse, when the
Russian philosopher Piotr Sadeev were characterized of Tzar Nicolae I as ails"
disturbance and insanity", reason for were he was arrested in his house with the
weekly visit of to a doctor.
But this don't the age still a real politics of the government, but just an insular case.
After communist revolution from 1917, the utilization of the psychiatry in the , first
years, he did sporadically.It is knowed the case of political agitator,Maria
Spiridonova, with a big popularity through the criticisms bringed the soviet
management. Revolutionary Court from Moscow, in 1918, punish she through
exclude to from the life the politics, for a year. in a isolation special hospital.
Spiridonova realized as in this way tried the disgrace of his politic ideation a date with
his removal the physics. Is punished the in the same time as much the man, quotient
and his ideation, this meaning a reala" attainder". The problema they shall be all the
some finalizated through the dispatch in Turkestan, to the of a statement the
electioneering train for politics propaganda.
His period Stalin remains nice and and unknow, from the viewpoint of the psychiatric
repression, the isolation of Rusia be then complete.
Near in 1931 appears a special legislation an which in asserted frankly as the
psychiatry is due to has as the aim helped Comunist Party in what they numed the
class struggle. Yet, comparative with his terror of Stalin, the psychiatry shall remain,
just as underline Bukovski, a humanitarian territory. A like case with the internment of
the miners in psychiatric Spitalul from Zam he spent to Moscova in the weather world
Thus, the of a workpeople factories from Moscow denied to does the volunteery labor.
All the workpeople were arested. All received the diagnosis of schizophrenia and then
were leaded to psychiatric hospitalul from Kazan. The psychiatrists were submissive
the pressures declared ill, considering as their were an act a humanist, the alternative
be concentration camp. Considered as, begining from 1956, after get the power
Hrusciov and after the launch of idea of " Peacetime Coexistence ", the psychiatry
shall confer a role an important maul. Holding his secret speech to one of XX-lea pPC
of US congress , Hrusciov you denounces the horrors of Stalin anh he shall pledge
liberalization of communist a regime, but, in the same time, Red Army enter into
Hungaria and distroid the revolution.
The Soviet union below Hrusciov, as and in his another strong communist Romania, ,
is shall learn now between twoa contradictory currents assert as in these strong the
conquerable definitive socialism as the don't the maul exist the prisoners politics and
no the necessity of repression maintained the system and, in the fact, the
intensification fights against the communism, chiefly from new generatiei.
In this the context, the role of the psychiatry becomes primordial, the mavericks
becoming the ill mental automaticly, thing on which, just as I saw hereinbefore,and
was well expresed by Nicolae Ceausescu in 1965. This thing shall do as from the
years '60 the psychiatric hospital becomes an alternative commode for concentration
camp and prison. Hrusciov be helped in this way by the academician Snejnevski,
alike how and to us in this the period come from the studies from S.U.and enter
directly in the management of the psychiatry V. Predescu and St. Milea. As and
Ceausescu, Hrusciov consider that in socialism don't the maul can appear a
consciousness against the socialism. Base upon on his dogma which Marx he
considers as a date with the socialization of the economy andof all society, these burn
precludes to else appear ideation anticomuniste. From this reason the damger may
appear from" the diversion of world imperialism" and the mads. in conversely but the
complaint psychiatry can offer a very solution hello.
The task of the psychiatry of advanced stage of building the communism is to
reeducate on these" invalids".
From this moments, in the socialist countries appear a systematics of internment in
the psychiatric hospitals. The advantages of the repression through psychiatry were
represented the in first of secret acction( without noisy process), which question
seduces on Hrusciov, as otherwise and on Ceausescu.
From 1970, the use of the psychiatry of the in politic aims becomes well use, as a
veritabila institutions an which is involved the state.
Exist obviously connected with Spitalul from Kazan, but hardly from 1970 this
hospital shall get his real bad fame. The hospital from Kazan found out below
supervised KVD, here be bringed the bolters politics from whole S.U. Many
amongpacients were just ill but with the political themes, but existed and a little group
of which individuals weren't invalids,they were internees there for their political
convictions. The years '60 the maul characterized through the creation of specialised
institutions , inclusively through the manner of belding.
Quotient and to us. Thus, to Cerniahvsk, Minsk, Dnetropietrovsk, Orel, to us
Balaceanca, Poiana Mare, Raducaneni, Cula, P. Groza all realized a true field of
psychiatric hospitals for the bolters politics. The numberof bolters internees is very
big, but Iron Curtain don't you permits knew this amplitude of the phenomenon
among to the citizens of the country also for Western. In Soviet union appears the
great Serbsky Institut, and to Romania, through symmetry, Serviciul VIII of Gh.
Marinescu hospital.
Now appear the name of bolters knowns by reason of notoriety on which like: Naum,
Pisarev, Volpin, Naritsa, Samsonov, Sultz, Belov, to Romania Rosoga, Nestor Popescu
etc. These phenomena caused a world reactions remostrant which culminated with
the exclusion soviet psychiatrists from World psychiatric Association, in 1982.
In Romania the communists have no found a traditions in a victimization a bolters a
politics through the utilization of the psychiatry. First signs of anxieties appeared in
the years '70, when foregathered in different psychiatric hospitals a lot of bolters.
In 1977 there were knowns already first bolters of notoriety internal and international
and who were below the power of the abuse of politic psychiatry, be take in the
evidence of to organizations for Human rights( dr. The Cana, V. Paraschiv, Nestor
Popescu etc).
In 1978, in the way independently, Amnisty International had confirmed the existence
of the abuse in political psychiatry in Romania, publishing a list with 30 of cases of
psychiatric abuses proved.
After this gived Romania was present alongside beside Soviet union to all the world
psychiatric, reunions, convicted for the use of the psychiatry in the aim of persecute
the bolters politics. Come into existence the protest motions, and in the Romania
organized Anticommunist psiychiatric Liga, carry the in illegality dealt to dun
wherethrough the Roumanian his psychiatry comes out from under influence of
communist group of there what sympatised SU. As and Hrusciov, Ceausescu created
adiabolic legislation can interned a bolters a politics.