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The KUSD Zero Based Model

FROM: DATE: Bill MacDougall, Superintendent Laurie Desimone, Business Manager January 27, 2012

The financial challenge with which we are faced is not one of the districts choosing, nor have we created this problem. The current financial distress has been created as a result of the state and national economic circumstances and governmental decisions and given to us to resolve for our district. Governor Brown stated in his budget presentation, We cannot spend money we do not have. He has developed a proposal which includes deep reductions across all facets of the state budget including K-12 education to present a balanced budget. The four main budget issues facing the district include: 1. complete elimination of state transportation funding, 2. a mid-year trigger cut of $370 per ADA which exceeds $1 million for Konocti. 3. In addition to these cuts the Federal Jobs Funds are now exhausted; a loss of $571,000. 4. KUSD also has the responsibility to provide for step and column advancement and other bargaining agreement associated costs for staff at an estimated cost of $400,000. These four factors total nearly $2.8 million, in excess of 10% of the districts general fund budget, needed to balance the 2012-2013 budget. Along with these unprecedented cuts, the Governor proposes the greatest budget flexibility seen in decades. These changes if adopted by the legislature would pool nearly all state categorical funds into a single revenue stream for districts to utilize in the manner decided by the local district, without the strings of the past program guidelines. In an effort to prepare as wisely as possible for the worst and continue to hope for the best, the Board has directed that the district develop a Zero Based Budget Model. This process begins at zero and then places the absolutely essential programs and personnel into the model and builds upward from there. This Zero Based Model has been reviewed by the Management Team which will meet again on January 31, 2012 to finalize its recommendations to the Board for presentation at the February 1, 2012 Board Meeting. This will be an opportunity for the Board to receive clarification on the various components. At the Saturday February 11, 2012 Board Workshop, the Board will delve deeper into the Model and make decisions. Staff and public input is welcome and encouraged. These decisions will have far reaching impacts on our programs and most importantly on staff and we recognize many of the budget decisions will have negotiable effects. We want to be sure that we can give earliest notice possible to staff who may be laid off or will have their hours reduced. We anticipate that action by the board on lay off notices will be made no later than the March 7th regular board meeting. Together we can make the tough decisions necessary and do what we must under these difficult circumstances to provide the highest quality education possible for our students.

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Essential Positions and Programs for Operation

I. School year move to 5 staff development days (from 3) and work on collaboration among teachers: grade levels, curricular areas and schools. Charge additional staff development days to appropriate federal categorical funding. Eliminate all other staff development activities (Dennis Parker) but continue the Strategic School Model; II. Class Size at contract limits district average of 27:1 in K-3 eliminate K-3 Class size reduction currently at 24:1 student to teacher ratio. III. School-year classified staff will work a 175+1 day work year.

I- III Eliminates 8 10 K-3 teaching positions (CSR eliminated) Reduce days for bus drivers, paras, BIAs, SMAs, Cooks from current 180 or 181 to 176 work days. IV. District Office Zero Base: Superintendent, Business Manager, Director of Maintenance and Operations and Classified Services, Director of Educational Support Services, Administrative Assistant to Supt/Certificated Personnel Technician, Payroll supervisor, Fiscal Assistant, Confidential Clerk, Classified Personnel Technician/Software & Data Specialist, 2 special education secretaries (1 11-mo 1 10-month) one truancy officer, one nurse. Eliminates 3 6-hour LVN positions 1 Truancy Investigator or partial position at LCOE V. Director of Food Services Position becomes 11 months retaining all necessary paperwork, reports, and distribution/notification of all compliance requirements. Department will ensure that all compliance issues are met and that the vision of healthy, scratch cooking, farm-to-school meals are served in a safe, healthy, timely manner. CNO Clerical Assistant at .40 fte, 10 months. Diabetic student services will be determined and added as-needed. Eliminates 1 month of director salary

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VI. Create a district technical support position and eliminate the Director of Technology position. This person would be in charge of maintenance of the web, district level technology, and security issues. Personnel issues would remain with the Chief Business Officer. Student Assessment System will be a comprehensive, cost effective, integrated system. Current Site Technology Support Staff of 3 fte remain at 11 months 8 hours/day. Fully implement Active Directory network support. Eliminates Director of Technology Edusoft Add/Change: Add new CSEA Position change to Aeries Analytical or Data Director

VII. Eliminate Director of Student Services position. These duties would fall upon the Superintendent and his/her administrative assistant. Assistant Principals at each K-8 school will become half time curriculum coaches, and paid out of categorical funds. Expulsions, re-admissions, Professional Development, Title III Compliance and EL Services distributed to site administrators and Superintendent. Certificated hiring oversight returns to Superintendent. This position received nearly unanimous prioritization as a zero based item to include from the management team. Dr. MacDougall supports it remaining in the Base, there was discussion of this position possibly taking on the responsibility of an alternative ed principal duties as well (similar to the Dir. Of ESS (Spec Ed)). Eliminates Director of Student Services Contractor Services for re-admissions. VIII. ELL one secretary/clerk 2 hours/day at the district level IEP Translation performed by ELL Secretary IX. ELL Teachers: one per school LLE, Pomo, BV, 2 sections LLHS, Paraprofessional to provide universal access to English Language Learners. CELDT Test administration including training provided by district. Eliminates All site bilingual paraprofessionals All site bilingual family liaisons CBET program

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X. Transportation Zero-Based Model: Special Education transportation as listed on IEPs (priority are SH and OH students). Follow Board policy of requiring 1 mile walking distance for K-8 and 2 mile for High School students. See attached Exhibit A regarding Transportation. Mechanics: Due to the significantly reduced number of busses in operation, one mechanic can serve the district bus fleet and the white fleet Eliminates 1.5 hr Clerk position: have duties completed by secretary of M & O. 1 8 hour Mechanic 7 to 8 bus routes eliminated 5-6 routes reduced in hours SMAs and BIAs to monitor student behavior on busses Alternative Education and minimum day students all leave at a time so that they can be transported with the K-8 students, public transportation, or utilize private transportation. XI. Special Education: Director of Educational Support Services, 4 Psychologists, 2 office staff (1-11 months, 1-10 months), special education teacher staffing will be based on site enrollment (for RTI implementation) and will not exceed State caseload or KEA contract maximum limits and requirements, all other staffing, (certificated and classified) will be based upon IEPs. Teacher costs will be pro-rated between special education and appropriate categoricals based on ratio of student served (regular education vs. IEP caseload). 3 Speech & Language Pathologists, one classified Speech & Language Assistant and .8175 Occupational therapist (current model) RTI model: Make sure that there are many interventions taking place within the classrooms and that students are receiving their core instruction in the classroom with other outside interventions provided as defined in the IEPs. This provides for the individual academic and instructional needs of all students while still having a focus on the needs of our identified special education students through the IEP process. Transportation provided as listed in the IEP (priority given to SH and OH). Director of Educational Support Services is the principal of Highlands Academy.
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Special Education classroom paraprofessionals for resource and non-SH classrooms will be reviewed for program delivery and may be reduced or eliminated. Eliminates IEP Translation performed by ELL Secretary Current Intern position becomes a full psychologist position .5 FTE Education Specialist position at LLE is eliminated Undetermined paraprofessional reductions/eliminations Additional certificated staff potentially hired for RTI delivery XII. Truancy/Safety - eliminate one KUSD specific truancy officer and share costs of all truancy with LCOE administered program; eliminate district funded SRO position (grant funding for part-time SRO with other district in county). Maintain cross walk and meal supervision for elementary schools; minimal recess supervision; Retain one campus supervisor at LLHS; XIII. Alternative Education: Carle High School (5 teachers, 12 mo. Secretary); Teaching Principal model used with administrative stipend. Eliminates Principal CaHSEE Para 2 hrs. Blue Heron (grades 9-11) moves to a single session (BV Bell schedule), one teacher, one 7 hr. aide, and is moved to Burns Valley BV administration acts as admin and BV site secretary is the secretary) East Lake Opportunity Class (grades 5-8) one teacher if numbers warrant (eliminates major distances for alternative education transportation) As of 1/24/12 2 students at Highlands from EL boundary. Konocti Adult School closed funds remain in Tier 3 Eliminates .5 fte contracted teacher.

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Lewis School 2 teachers and .5 fte secretary/ .5 fte district testing coordinator, LLHS principal is the administrator Eliminates Teacher in charge stipend. Highlands Academy: 3 teachers (1 with Special Education Credential), 3 6 hour per day Student Management Assistants, one 7-hour Alternative Education Site Secretary, one psychologist (counted in ESS Staffing) who provides services to Highlands, Carle and Lewis Schools. Itinerant Special Education Teacher: one for Carle, Lewis & Blue Heron Eliminates 1 8-hr librarian/BIA 3 6-hour SMAs 1 7-hr SMA 1 2-hr Site Secretary Adds 1 7-hours Site Secretary XIV. K-8 Schools Principal, Assistant principal (also acts as curriculum coach), 2 11-month site secretaries. Teacher staffing at contract class size maximums. (EL: Principal = .15 fte Curriculum Coach and .35 fte site paid; 1.25 fte Site Secretaries) Eliminates Librarians K-8 music teacher 7-8 drama (2 sections), band (2 sections) and athletics including stipends Playground Supervisor time o to be determined XV. High School Principal, Assistant Principal, Counselor, Staff at maximum class sizes (30:1 for staffing purposes), utilize teacher credentialing to fill positions (no add-on teacher staffing: no zero periods), .67 fte Curriculum Coach,; All other certificated staffing will be within allotted teaching sections; 3 site secretaries 2 12-month, 1 11-month, 1 High School Campus Supervisor. Modify Athletics -

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Eliminates 4 periods of in school suspension teacher 1 ROP teacher 4 sections CaHSEE intervention teacher 2 sections Athletic Director LLHS 1 11-month Site Secretary 1 8-hour librarian 1 8-hour Career Center Clerk/Site Testing Coordinator. 1 8 hour High School Campus Supervisor 12 hours bilingual para 1 5 hour bilingual family liaison JV Coaching stipends 2 sections Academy Director XVI. Maintenance and Operations Director, secretary, maintenance workers and custodians based upon CASBO guidelines and/or CSEA contract. Also see attached Exhibit B Custodial/Grounds/Maintenance Shift Other - All outside organizations utilizing facilities must be based on no cost or must create revenue for the district. Eliminates 1 8-hour custodian Shifts costs of custodians doing recycling of cafeteria trays to cafeteria fund

The Management Team will meet again on Tuesday January 31, 2012 to finalize its initial recommendations for prioritizations above the Zero Based model. These recommendations will then be presented at the February 1, 2012 Board meeting.
Governors Proposal includes Greater Flexibility: Rolling current Tier III funding along with ROP, Ca Partnership Academy, K-3 CSR and EIA into an unrestricted revenue limit stream. Funds would be paid on an ADA basis with the rate determined on an incremental basis with the base at approximately $6,000 ratcheted up to over $9,000 if free and reduced meal eligible students and ELD students exceeds 90%. The restrictions previously tied to each state categorical funding stream is eliminated in the Governors proposal. Funds not included in the new model include Child Nutrition, Special Education, and Federal Funding (including Title I, Title II, Title III, EETT

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Anita Gordon, President Herb Gura, Clerk Bill Diener Hank Montgomery Mary Silva 9430-B Lake St. * P.O. Box 759 Lower Lake, California 95457-0759 (707) 994-6475 * Fax (707) 994-0210 www.konoctiusd.org

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Dr. William MacDougall, Superintendent Laurie Desimone, Chief Business Officer

January 23, 2012 Konocti Unified School District Board of Trustees 9430 B Lake Street Lower Lake, CA 95457 Dear Trustees, In light of the recent trigger cuts enacted at the State level we are at this time deficit spending in the Transportation Department for this school year nearly $800,000.00. As you know we have been working the last 2 years on reducing Transportation costs District Wide. At this time I am proposing taking the next steps immediately after the February 1, 2012 Board Workshop and recommending that we implement the reductions according to the corresponding dates as outlined in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 in order to start saving District money between February 13th, 2012 and June 30th, 2012. The following reductions will only be made after the Board reviews and makes recommendations. We will then send out a letter with the students in the areas to be reduced hopefully get a chance to talk with them, place a Connect Ed call to all parents regarding Transportation changes and then after a two week time period enact the reductions.

Phase 1: Beginning February 13th, 2012

Siegler Canyon This run is in the afternoon only has 1 to 2 students; we are currently not providing an am run. Recommendation Eliminate the afternoon run to Siegler Canyon Morgan Valley Road This run is in the afternoon only consists of 1 student and we are doing the bus run daily. Recommendation Eliminate the afternoon run to Morgan Valley Road Gooseneck Our mid-day Gooseneck run has 12 students, but the high school run only has 3. Currently we are not doing an am run. Recommendation Eliminate the high school bus run The above reductions would not be a reduction in bus driving hours, but a reduction of miles of nearly 42 miles per day. The driver time would be reassigned to an area in Special Ed that we are currently using time sheet to fill.

Phase 2: Beginning March 1, 2012

Turning the am Spring Valley Run to a Super Stop at the Spring Valley Store. Eliminate the Twin Lakes Joseph Trail pm bus run; currently we are only doing the pm. and not the am. Eliminate the morning Hwy 20 Clearlake Oaks bus run; currently we are doing an am and a pm all the way out to Harvey Road. The above would reduce bus driver time and mileage. Approximately a 1 hour daily and an additional 10/11 miles daily.

Phase 3: Beginning May 14th, 2012 after state testing

Enforce the 1 mile/2mile and follow the board policy for bus stops. By implementing this it would eliminate 7 bus runs both in-town and out of town. Continue 3 - 8 hour Special Ed Bus Routes.

In addition to the implementation of the 1mile/2 mile enforcement the following would also be included in Phase 3. Reduce the Spring Valley Bus Run to both am and pm stops only at the store. Eliminate the mid-day past the Gooseneck bus run. Work with school sites and parents to establish a walking bus for each elementary school site.

This would reduce bus driver time 46 hours daily and reduce our in town mileage in half.

Revised Bus Routes to consist of the following:

East Lake School 1 bus run with a Superstop at the Spring Valley Store and ELEM. Burns Valley School 1 bus run with a Superstop at the Mendo Mill area. Pomo School 2 bus runs Run A would be a Superstop at 40th & Phillips and Green/Olympic. Run B would be the Superstop at the Gooseneck and the other Superstop at 9th and Golf Club in Clearlake Park. Lower Lake Elementary School 2 bus runs Run A would be a Superstop at 25th/Phillips and the other Superstop would be at a location in the Village to be determined. Run B would be a Superstop at Twin Lakes and the other Superstop at Spruce Grove Road/Old Spruce Grove Road.

All of the Superstops listed above and bus runs will make a bus run for high school students for both am and pm.

Phase 4: Beginning July 1, 2012

Eliminate 1 8 hour mechanic position. Reduce Lead Bus Driver Time in relationship to the size of the Transportation Department - TBD Eliminate 1 hour daily clerk time. Revamp all Special Ed Bus Routes to reflect changes made in the Special Ed Department and school sites.

Even with all of the above the District will still be deficit spending due to the fact that we have to transport all students in Special Ed that are either Severely Handicap (SH) and Orthopedic Handicap/ Impaired (OH/OI) or currently on a 504 plan/IEP, but this would eliminate the deficit due to the mid-year cut of approximately $450,000.00. . Respectfully,

Dana H. Moore Director of Classified Services Konocti Unified School District


BOARD OF TRUSTEES Anita Gordon, President Herb Gura, Clerk Bill Diener Hank Montgomery Mary Silva 9430-B Lake St. * P.O. Box 759 Lower Lake, California 95457-0759 (707) 994-6475 * Fax (707) 994-0210 www.konoctiusd.org

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Dr. William MacDougall, Superintendent Laurie Desimone, Chief Business Officer

EXHIBIT B The Custodial/Grounds/Maintenance Shift

January 23, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: Beginning with 2011/2012 school year we made a shift in custodial time to include recycling at all the K-8 school sites. In this shift we lost Head Custodian time and night custodian time. In 2008/2009 school year we made a custodial shift to have head custodians deal more with bathrooms and the trade off was that they did not do light maintenance at their school site. The night custodians only did rooms. My proposal for the 2012/2013 school year would be to shift all recycling in the K-8 school sites to the cafeteria fund because it deals with 100% of the trays that are supplied with the cafeteria fund for the sole purpose of delivery of food to students. Look into doing the same for the cleaning of tables and floors used for the sole purpose for providing meals to the students. This would free up 3 hours of custodial time at each site. I would then follow the model for Head Custodians that both Lakeport and Middletown currently have and also what we have done in the past. Give the Head Custodian more responsibility like light maintenance and grounds. This would also give us the ability to reduce night custodian time by approximately 8 hours district wide. As you may know the number one problem in both maintenance & operations are grounds during the spring, summer and fall months. By using our shift as outlined above this would help both the grounds positions and the amount of work orders currently at maintenance not being performed in a timely manner.

Other Options: Change both grounds positions to 10 month, the months not being on schedule would be December and January. Use the savings to have an additional grounds person for 3 months.

Turn one of the current maintenance positions into a maintenance/grounds position. Consider having 1 custodian do nothing but bathrooms district wide, this is the most problematic areas in the district. Having 1 person as that being their only duty would be responsible and would probably have better coverage of the bathrooms. Eliminate all KBL custodial support currently we have KBL using all of our MPR during the week for practices, and the high school facilities which are very high maintenance during the months of January and February or charge KBL for all appropriate use and time. Have each site in charge of supplies needed for their school such as paper, cleaning products. Each site could be given an inventory for the school year. Streamline or come up with options to provide mail run support and deliveries. Create a custodial position that is in charge of all high school sports related clean up. This position would be funded through ASB or any other funds that may be appropriate. It would also eliminate overtime that our regular custodians currently fill. Respectfully,

Dana H. Moore Director of Classified Services Maintenance & Operations Konocti Unified School District