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Industrial Training Report

Having completed the internship programme due for BSc Engineering in Textile and Clothing Technology in the faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, I wish to present this report on the enriching experience I gained at Silueta from 28th February 2011-15th August 2011. As I look back into the past three months of this pleasant experience I remember with gratitude the training division of University of Moratuwa, National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) and the management of Silueta for giving me the opportunity to harness myself with experience and knowledge for field of my professionalism in my future career. In fact, today, I look back to the past to recall the moments of life enriching experience of Silueta and present this report with every single moment of refreshment as a stepping stone towards my future.

This report will basically contain schema of work and programmes that were assigned to me within the framework of my training experience. They are basically fourfold. 1. The work experience within the area that was assigned to me in Silueta 2. The work experience within the walls of Silueta other than the area that was assigned to me in Silueta 3. The work experience outside the walls of Silueta, in other factories 4. The work projects carried out Within the confines of these four areas I wish to elaborate upon my life with MAS Holdings family throughout the period of my training. It is assured to myself that this experience of training will take me through a journey of life where professionalism and experience will open new and lasting avenues for a brighter tomorrow.

Industrial Training Report

As I mark another milestone of my academic career at this juncture of industrial training, it is with deepest sentiments of gratitude that I remember and thank those who have been instrumental in many ways to make my way clear to me by way of their untiring support. Let my thankfulness therefore reach out to, y Training Division of University of Moratuwa and National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority for preparing such opportunity to experience the industry. y The Staff of the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology for their guidance and support to take the best out of my internship. y y Ms. Madhavi Wathsala - the Human Resources Executive of Silueta Mr. Thushara Perera - Director, Close Comfort Project for being such a great pillar of strength to me y Mr. Shyamal Jayawardane - Planning Manager and in charge of my project for giving me such a clear vision for preparation for my future professionalism y Mr. Sanjey de Silva - Senior IE Executive for his untiring efforts to train me in line with my professional career and giving me guidance in my project preparation

and last but not least, to all my companions and friends at Silueta for being with me , encouraging me and sharing their friendship and companionship with me to draw the best out of my internship programme.


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