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This is to certify that the project work done on POSSIBLE EFFECTIVE SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT AT HINDALCO,RENUKOOT NEHA SINGH in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree Of MBA is a bonafide work carried out by him/her under my supervision & guidance. This work has not been submitted anywhere else for any other degree/diploma As per my knowledge.


The summer training is an integral part of curriculum. During the training a Student gets an opportunity to understand the practical aspect of theory. training makes the concept clear. This project report is the outcome of the summer training that I have undergone At Hindalco industries limited for the partial fulfillment of Masters of business Administration. The topic allotted by the company to me is POSSIBLE EFFECTIVE SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT at HINDALCO , RENUKOOT. I have tried my level best to make a god report .However, no one can claim for perfection entirely. So I apologize for the discrepancy, if any crept in. Preparation of project requires perseverance, initiatives, proper guidance and direction. So it is mandatory to take the aid of various department. Actually a project is a summarized from of the following seven activities. Planning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Resource collection Organizing Joint efforts Efficiency Communication Transparency


I have NITU DUBEY, student of MBA 2nd year hereby declare that the project entitled

Possible effective sources of recruitment HINDALCO, RENUKOOT is my original work

And the same has not been submitted to any other institute / university for the Awarded of any degree. The suggestions given by supervisor have been duly incorporated in this report.


Guided by:Mr. Gunjan Tiwari (Assistant General Manager) Hindalco Industries Ltd. Renukoot


It gives me great pleasure to present the report entitled possible effective sources of recruitment Hindalco, Renukoot. First of all, with profound pleasure and proud privilege, I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to the Hindalco Industries Ltd. Renukoot, Sonebhadra for giving me opportunity to undertake this project. I would like to express my sincere gratitude of Mr. S.K. Das (Gm- Trg. & Dev.) for giving me this opportunity to complete my internship in this esteemed organization and for their kind supports. With great sense of gratitude, I also thank him his experienced judgment, endless interest and constant encouragement without which it would not have been possible for me to accomplish the project successfully. There is saying hundred miles journey begging with one step it was my first step in the industry so that with immense gratitude and heartful appreciation, I am grateful to Mr. Gunjan Tiwari (Assistant General manager) for providing esteemed guidance and valuable support throughout the project. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Dhananjay Bhandari for his co-operation and help. I am also thankful to all members of training and development centre for their friendly attitude and making all the resources available required for the completion of this project repot. Last but not the least, I find my self-lacking in words to express sense of gratitude to my beloved parents for their encouragement, moral and emotional support. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The importance of personnel management is being increasingly realized in industrial and non- industrial organization both in India and abroad .The realization has come about because of increasing complexity of the task of managers and administrators. In most organizations the problems of getting the competent and relevant people, retaining them, keeping up their motivation and morale ,and helping them to both continuously grow and contribute their best to the organizations, are now viewed as the most critical problems.

It emphasizes on the importance of a clear-cut organization structure and culture to avoid any confusion in order to achieve maximum result with minimum resources. The project is aimed to cover maximum knowledge of the HR practices followed in the organization and how the performance is evaluated of the employees, what primary factors are considered, how data is maintained and finally the evaluation done. Here the HR practices of the company have been explained to understand how the company follows these practices and the Recruitment process adopted. The practical knowledge has been gained mainly by observing all the activities taking place in the HR dept. This is brief study to have understanding of the subject HR,how it is practically implemented, why it is necessary, its implications and the benefits . With reference to the HR practices brief knowledge has been gained how the Recruitment cycle functions, selection done, what does compensation and cost to company means and the steps of the Recruitment and selection process.


Chapter 1
y Aditya Birla group overview group companies y Hindalco overview y Achievement

Chapter 2
y Research Methodology

Chapter 3 y y y y Introduction of recruitment Purpose & importance Recruitment process Sources of recruitment

Chapter 4

y Sources of recruitment 1. Internal sources 2. External sources

Chapter 5

y Recruitment process in hindalco y Categorization of employees y Process of recruitment Chapter-6 y Effective sources of recruitment 1. For management cadre 2. For supervisor cadre 3. For workman cadre

Chapter-7 y y y y Conclusion Recommendation Limitations Bibliography



Aditya Birla group is Indias first truly multinational corporation. The group has an annual Turnover of US$ 24 billion and has over 1, 00,000 employees belonging to over 25 different nationalities on its rolls. Aditya Birla group has its presence in 20 countries India, Thailand , Loas, Indonesia, Philippines , Egypt, Canada, Australia,China,USA,Germany,Hungry,Brazil,Italy,France,Luxembourg,Switzerland,Malaysia and Korea.

Group vision
To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business .

Group mission
To deliver superior value for our customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

Group values 1. Integrity 2. Commitment 3. Passion 4. Seamlessness 5. Speed

The Aditya Birla group is Indias first truly multinational corporation. GLOBALLY THE ADITYA BIRLA GROUP IS


A Metals powerhouse among the worlds most cost efficient aluminum and copper producers. Hindalco novelis is the largest aluminum rolling company .It is one of the three biggest producers of primary aluminum in Asia, with the largest single location copper smelter.

No. 1 in viscos staple fiber The fourth largest producer of insulators. The fourth largest producer of carbon black. The 11th largest cement producer globally ,the seventh largest in Asia and the second largest in India. y Among the worlds top 15 BPO companies and among Indias top four. y Among the best energy efficient fertilizer plants. y y y y

In India
y y y y y y y A Premier branded garments player. The second largest player in viscose filament yarn. The second largest in the chlor alkali sector. Among the top five mobile telephony companies. A leading player in life insurance and asset management. Among the top three super market chains in the retail business. Rock solid in fundamentals, the Aditya Birla group nurtures a culture where success does not come in the way of the need to keep learning afresh, to keep experimenting.



y Working in 3,700 villages y Reaching out to seven million people annually through the Aditya Birla centre for community initiatives and rural development, spearheaded by Mrs. Rajshree Birla. y Focusing on healthcare, education, sustainable, livelihood, and infrastructure and espousing social causes. y Running 42 schools and 18 hospitals. The major companies of the group are among Indias leading corporate. These include: include:

Grasim Ultratech cement ltd

Viscose Staple fiber, rayon grade pulp, cement, chemicals, textiles. Ordinary Portland cement, Portland blast furnace slag cement, Portland pozzolona cement and grey Portland cement Aluminum copper Garments, viscose filament yarn, carbon black, textiles, insulators Cellular telecommunication Life insurance Mutual funds Mutual fund distribution Private equity advisory and investment management, for Indian and offshore investors Leading player in broking space Application development, maintenance and enhancement solutions Customer relations managers (crm), integrated marketing services, knowledge process outsourcing Asset based finance, corporate finance and investment banking, capital market and treasury

Hindalco Aditya Birla Nuvo Idea cellular ltd. Birla sun life insurance co.ltd. Birla sun life asset management co.ltd Aditya Birla money mart ltd. Aditrya Birla capital advisors private ltd(abcap) Aditya Birla money ltd . Aditya Birla minacs it services ltd.

Aditya Birla minacs world wide ltd.

Aditya Birla finance ltd.

Birla insurance advisory & broking services ltd. Madura garments life style retail

Non life insurance advisory and broking services Apparel retail

Group companies
y Grasim industries ltd. y Hindalco industries ltd. y Aditya Birla Nuvo ltd.

Ultratech cement ltd.

Indian companies
y y y y y y Aditya Birla minacs it services ltd. Aditya Birla minacs worldwide limited Essel mining & industries ltd. Idea cellular Ltd. Aditya Birla insulators Aditya Birla retail limited Aditya Birla chemicals (India) limited

International companies Thailand

y Thai rayon y Indo Thai synthetics y Thai acrylic fiber

y Thai carbon black y Aditya Birla chemicals (Thailand) ltd. y Thai peroxide

y Indo phil group of companies y Pan century surfactants inc.

Indonesia y y y y y
Pt indo bharat rayon Pt elegant textile industry Pt sunrise bumi textiles Pt indo liberty textiles Pt indo raya kimia

y Alexandria carbon black company s.a.e y Alexandria fiber company s.a.e

y Liaoning Birla carbon y Birla jingwei fibers company limited y Aditya Birla grasun chemicals (fangchenggang) ltd.

y A.v group

y Australia y Aditya Birla minerals ltd.

y Birla loas pulp & plantations company ltd. y North and south America, Europe and Asia y Novelis inc.

y Swiss Singapore overseas enterprises pte ltd.(ssoe)

Joint ventures
y y y y Birla sun life insurance company Birla sun life asset management company Aditya Birla money mart ltd. Tanfac industries ltd.

y y y y y The worlds largest aluminium rolling company World leader in viscose staple fiber. One of the biggest producer of primary aluminium in asia Fastest growing copper company in asia The Aditya Birla group is the 11th largest cement producer in the world and the 7th largest in asia. y Fourth largest producer of carbon black in the world y Fourth largest producer of insulators in the world.


Sectors of Aditya Birla group Aluminium

Hindalco major products include standard and specialty grade alumina and hydrates, aluminium ingots, billets, wire rods, flat rolled products, extrusions & foil.

Key products and brands





Renukoot (Uttar Pradesh) Belgaum (Karnataka) Muri (Jharkhand) Aluminium Renukoot Hirakund (Orissa) Extrusions Renukoot Alupuram (Kerala) Flat rolled Renukoot products Belur (west Bengal) Taloja (Maharashtra) Mouda (Maharashtra) Redraw rods Foil and packing Renukoot Kalwa (Maharashtra) Silvassa (Dadra and Nagar

700,000 tpa 350,000 tpa 180,000 tpa 180,000 tpa 143,000 tpa 33,000 tpa 13,000 tpa 100,000 tpa 57,000 tpa 50,000 tpa 30,000 tpa


75,000 tpa 6,000 tpa 30,000 tpa


Foil rolling

Haveli) Kollur (Andhra Pradesh) Kollur

4,000 tpa

4,000 tpa

Birla Copper, Hindalcos copper unit, is located at Dahej in Gujarat, India. The unit has the unique distinction of being the largest single-location copper smelter in the world. Birla Copper also produces precious metals, fertilizers and sulphuric and phosphoric acid. The unit has captive power plants for continuous power generation and a captive jetty to facilitate logistics and transportation. Birla Copper upholds its longstanding reputation for quality copper cathodes and continuous cast copper rods by assuring its management processes meet the highest standards. It has acquired certifications such as ISO-9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems), ISO-14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) and OHSAS-18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).




BIRLA COPPER (HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD.) Copper cathods Dahej (Gujarat)

500,000 tpa


Continuous cast copper rods sulphuric acid Phosphoric acid Gold (Birla gold) Silver(Birla silver) Dap and complexes (Birla balwan) Hindalco industries ltd. (Aditya Birla minerals limited) Copper cathodes Copper in concentrate Power Copper concentrate

120,000 tpa 1,470,000 tpa 180,000 tpa 26 mt 200 mt 400,000 tpa

Nifty mines Nifty mines Nifty mines Mt. Gordon mines

25,000 tpa 60,000 tpa 28 mw 40,000 tpa

Australia Australia Australia Austraila

Hindalco acquired two Australian copper mines, Nifty and Mt. Gordon, in 2003. The Birla Nifty copper mine consists of an underground mine, heap leach pads and a solvent extraction and electro winning (SXEW) processing plant, which produces copper cathode. KEY PRODUCTS AND BRANDS ESSEL MINING & INDUSTRIES LTD. Iron and manganese CAPACITIES COUNTRY

15 million tons



KEY PRODUCTS CAPACITIES COUNTRY AND BRANDS GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD. White cement 560,000 tpa India Birla white Ready mix concrete 5.6 million cubic meters plants

Grey cement National brand ultratech cement (formely Birla plus)regional brands vikram cement,rajshree cement,Birla super cement Ultratech cement ltd Ultratech

16.75 million tpa

18.2 million tpa

India (bulk terminals in India and Colombo,sri lanka)

Ultra concrete ready mix 3.9 million cubic metres concrete plants (22)






GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD. Caustic soda Caustic soda Liquid chlorine Hydrochloric acid Tanfac industries ltd Aluminium fluoride Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride Sulphuric acid Aditya Birla chemicals (India )ltd Caustic soda (100%NaOH) Liquid chlorine Hydrochloric acid(100%) Sodium hypochlorite(cl2 weight) Compressed hydrogen Aluminum chloride Stable bleaching powder Captive power plant Aditya Birla chemical (Thailand)ltd Sodium polyphos Triphosphates, epotech tetra ,sodium Birla sulf-ss,sodium

2,58,000 tpa 82,125 tpa 50,340 tpa 5,475 tpa 15,600 tpa 15,600 tpa 14,400 tpa

India India


92,750 mt 56,000 mt 43,750 mt 1,800 mt 17,42,400 nm3 12,000 tpa 17,500 mt 30 mw



sm,hexametaphosphate,Birla sol 35 sodium acid pyrophosphate,mono sodium phosphate,disodum phosphate ,trisodium phosphate,speciality phosphate,epoxy resins (bisa and bis-f),diluents,curing agents and allied products,sodium sulphite,sodium metabisulphite,sodium bisulphate,epichlorohydrin caustic soda chlorine thai peroxide co.ltd. 15,000 mtpa Hydrogen peroxide,encare,peracetic acid,calcium ecare,peroxide aqua-x,birlox 5,birlox 12,ocare Pt.indo raya kimia 50,000 tpa Carbon disulphide



Carbon black

Aditya Birla nuvo ltd(hi-tech carbon) Carbon black Birla 230,000 mtpa carbon Thai carbon black co.ltd Carbon black Birla 220,000 mtpa



carbon Alexandria carbon co.s.a.e Carbon black Birla carbon Liaoning Birla carbon co.ltd Carbon black Birla carbon

285,000 mtpa


55,000 mtpa


PULP GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD. Rayon grade pulp av cell inc. Softwood / hardwood pulp av nackawic inc. Dissolving pulp Fibre Grasim industries ltd Viscose staple fibre Birla cellulose (vsf) Vsf Birla cellulose Thai rayon public co.ltd Vsf Birla cellulose Fibre modal Pt indo bharat rayon Vsf Birla cellulose Thai acrylic fibre Acrylic fibre texlan Alexandria fibre co.s.a.e. Acrylic fibre Yarn Aditya Birla nuvo ltd.



70,000 tpa 119,000 tpa 540 tpa

India canada Canada

333,975 tpa 35,000 tpa 110,000 tpa 13,000 tpa 192,000 tpa 100,000 tpa 18,000 tpa 16,400 tpa

India China Thailand Thailand Indonesia Thailand Egypt India


Pt elegant textile industry Rayon ,polyster,rayon- polyster ,blended Viscose filament yarn ray spun yarn one,kalor one textiles Pt sunrise bumi Aditya Birla nuvo ltd.(jay shree Viscose rayon,polyster textiles) viscose,spun Flax yarns jay combed Polyster ,polyster shree Worsted yarn nuvo lana cotton,anti pill yarn,sewing Pt indo liberty textiles synthetic thread,high twist yarn,reverse twit spun yarn in yarn,flame retardant yarn ,rayon 100% rayon & polyster ,polystercotton blended yarn,micro denier viscose and open end rayon yarn , polyster rayon yarn,rayon silk yarn ,slub yarn,lycra core spun yarn Indo phil group of companies Cotton yarn,poly viscose blended yarn,poly cotton blended yarn,polyster yarn ,high bulk acrylic dyed yarn,non-bulk,acrylic dyed yarn Indo Thai synthetics co.ltd Synthetic yarns Fabrics Grasim industries ltd. Fabric grasim ,graviera

168,088 spindles 18,696 spindles 15,340 spindles 8,000 tpa 18,500 mtpa(single Indonesia yarn) 4,500 mtpa(double yarn)


Indonesia India

26,400 tpa


32,500 tpa


148 looms



Aditya Birla nuvo ltd. Linen fabrics Linen club fabrics Branded apparel Aditya Birla nuvo ltd.(madura garments) Ready-to-wear garments Louis

107 looms


philippe,allen solly apace van heusen,peter England.

5.2 lakh sq ft retail


KEY PRODUCTS AND BRANDS Indo gulf Urea Birla shaktiman Birla copper(hindalco industries ltd) Dap/mpk Birla balwan complexes CAPACITIES COUNTRY

864,600 mtpa


400,000 tpa




An industry leader in aluminium and copper, Hindalco Industries Limited, the metals Flagship Company of the Aditya Birla Group is the world's largest aluminium rolling company and one of the biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia. Its copper smelter is the worlds largest custom smelter at a single location. Established in 1958, we commissioned our aluminium facility at Renukoot in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India in 1962. Later acquisitions and mergers, with Indal, Birla Copper and the Nifty and Mt. Gordon copper mines in Australia, strengthened our position in value-added alumina, aluminium and copper products. The acquisition of Novelis Inc. in 2007 positioned us among the top five aluminium majors worldwide and the largest vertically integrated aluminium company in India. Today we are a metals powerhouse with high-end rolling capabilities and a global footprint in 12 countries. Our consolidated turnover of USD 13 billion (60,000 crore) places us in the Fortune 500 league.


To be a premium metals major, global in size and reach, with a passion for excellence.

To relentlessly pursue the creation of superior shareholder value, by exceeding customer expectation profitably, unleashing employee potential, while being a responsible corporate citizen, adhering to our values.

Hindalco Industries Limited has long been a leading integrated producer of aluminium, among the industrys top companies across Asia. The aluminium operation extends from mining of bauxite to the production of not only primary aluminium but also the value added downstream products such as flat rolled products (FRP), extrusions and also customised consumer products such as foils. The objective is to play optimally in the aluminium value chain balancing between the more volatile high margins upstream products and the steadier low margins downstream portfolio.

Quality policy

We, at Hindalco, shall aimto achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities. We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction by providing products and services which meet or exceed the Customers expectations. Modernization of the manufacturing facilities, stress on technological innovation and training of employees at all levels shall be a continuous process in Hindalco. A motivated workforce with a sense of pride in the organization shall lead us towards total quality.

Today Hindalco,at Renukoot,operates across the aluminium value chain from bauxite mining ,alumina refining,aluminium smelting to downstream rolling and extrusions.

1. Hindalco has won several awards for community welfare, environment protection, and also for quality and export performance.

2. Hindalco Renusagar's power division bagged the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award during the Global Convention on Climate Security. The convention was held at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh from 12 to 14 June 2009. Dr. Madhav Mehra, President, World Council for Corporate Governance honoured Renusagar's power division with the award in the services category.

3. Greentech Safety Gold Award 2008 for outstanding achievement in safety management in coal based power sector.

4. Hindalco Hirakud Systems ranked runners-up at the state level IT Competition 2008 organized by CII in association with the department of information technology, Government of Orissa.

5. Hirakud smelter was awarded the state level safety award for Best Occupational Healthcare 2006 presented in February 2008 at Bhubaneswar.

6. Talabira coal mines won a host of safety awards, namely, first in working face and maintenance of Dozer & Payloader and second in dust suppression at the Annual Coal Mines Safety Fortnight 2008 organised by Directorate of Mines Safety, Bhubaneswar and Chaibasa region.

7. The Golden Peacock Award 2007 by the World Environment Foundation for its remarkable achievements in occupational health & safety. 8. The Safety Innovation Award 2007 for excellence in the field of occupational health, presented by The Institute of Engineers India. 9. The National Energy Conservation Award 2007, second prize, awarded by the Ministry of Power and Energy, Government of India. 10. Renukoot was selected for the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award 2007 Silver Trophy, presented by the Bureau of Indian Standards, in the large scale manufacturing (metallurgy) category. 11. The CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management (Beyond the Fence) 2007, for its land and water management projects in neighbouring villages. 12. 13. The IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2007 special award for excellent performance in the service category.

14. The CII Human Resource Excellence Award 2007 for strong commitment and significant achievement in the field of HR.

15. The Greentech Environment Excellence Silver Award 2007 by the Greentech Foundation. 16. Renusagars quality circle teams VAYUDOOT and NAVODAYA achieved the Par Excellence Quality Circle Award at the National Level Convention NCQC 2007. 17. Hirakud smelter - National Energy Conservation Award first prize 2007. 18. Hirakud smelter - National Safety Award for performance year 2005 (presented in Oct 07) by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. 19. Hirakud power - CII - Orissa Award for Best Practices in Environment, Safety, Health for the year 2007. 20. Hirakud power plants Jeevan Jyoti and Aryan quality circles won the Distinguished Award at the National Convention of Quality Circles 2007. Other Hirakud power teams, bagged awards at the regional and state level QC competition. 21. Hirakud power plants Shakti and Prerana quality circles also bagged third prize in the operations & production category and repair & maintenance category respectively during the seventh Supervisor Skills Competition organized by CII in December 2007. 22. Muri alumina plant selected for CIIs National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2007 for both within and Beyond the Fence 2007. 23. Belur was selected for the National Safety Award for outstanding performance in industrial safety as runners up for the performance

year 2005 in achieving the lowest average frequency rate (presented in October 2007), by the Ministry for Labour and Employment, Government of India . 24. Winner of the Green Tech Environmental Gold Award in the metals and mining sector for its outstanding achievement in environment management during 2007 - 2008. 25. Earned the National award as an "Energy Efficient Unit", presented by CII. 26. Belur sheet plant was adjudged the winner of the "CII Eastern Region Energy Conservation Award for 2007 2008". 27. Alupuram complex awarded the Outstanding Safety Performance Award 2007 in the small scale engineering industrial category, presented by the National Safety Council, Kerala chapter. 28. Taloja sheet plant was presented the Metallics Systems USA Maintenance Award for best operation & maintenance of molten metal pump at its recycling plant. 29. Hindalco awarded the CII-Sorabji Green Business Centre "National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2007". 30. Hindalco won the prestigious D.L. Shah National Award for Economics of Quality given by quality council of India. Chief manufacturing officer, Mr. R. P. Shah and Mr. Arun Kumar received the award from the President of India, H.E. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 9 February 2007 at New Delhi. 31. Belur sheet plant was presented the Good Green Governance Award 2006 from Srishti Publications. 32. The prestigious National Energy Conservation Award-2006 was awarded to Hindalco by Ministry of Power, Government of India. 33. The IT department of Hindalco received prestigious IT certificates BS15000 (IT services), ISO 9001 (Software development) and BS7799 (Information security). Hindalco Renukoot IT department is

the first in our group as well as in India to be recommended for all these certifications in an integrated manner. 34. The prestigious Greentech Safety Award came Hindalco's way for its outstanding performance towards organisation health and safety. 35. Hirakud Power Team earned the "Distinguished Presentation Award" during the 14th Chapter Convention on Quality Circle, Rourkela, during September 2006.

INTRODUCTION OF RECRUITMENT Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting
qualified people for a job. For some components of the recruitment process, mid- and large-size organizations often retain professional recruiters or outsource some of the process to recruitment agencies. The recruitment industry has four main types of agencies: employment agencies recruitment websites and job search engines, "headhunters for executive and professional recruitment, and niche agencies which specialize in a particular area of staffing. Some organizations use employer branding strategy and in-house recruitment instead of agencies. Recruitment-related functions are generally carried out by an organization's human resources staff. The stages in recruitment include sourcing candidates by advertising or other methods, screening potential candidates using tests and/or interviews, selecting candidates based the the results of the tests and/or interviews, and on-boarding to ensure the candidate is able to fulfill their new role effectively. According to Edwin B. Flippo, Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. Recruitment is the activity that links the employers and the job seekers. A few definitions of recruitment are:

y A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applications from which new employees are selected. y It is the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the requirement of staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force.

Recruitment of candidates is the function preceding the selection, which helps create a pool of prospective employees for the organization. So that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool. The main objective of the recruitment process is to expedite the selection process. Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop a pool of qualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though specific vacancies do not exist. Usually, the recruitment process starts when a manger initiates an employee requisition for a specific vacancy or an anticipated vacancy.


Union list:- Sometimes trade Unions list maintain list of candidates

seeking employment in the concern. Such candidates could be recruited in consultation with union. Limitations:1) Lengthy process:- It takes long time. The business has to notify vacancies & wait for applications to initiate selection process.

2) Costly process:- A lot of money has to be spent on advertisement & processing of applications.

3) Uncertain Response:- The candidates from outside may not be suitable for enterprise. There is no guarantee that enterprise will be able to attract right kinds of people from external sources.

4) Dissatisfaction among Existing staff:- They may feel that their chances of promotion may be reduced.



y PLANNED i.e. the needs arising from changes in organization and retirement policy.


anticipated needs are those movements in personnel, which an organization can predict by studying trends in internal and external environment.


Resignation, deaths, accidents, illness give rise to unexpected needs.



y Attract and encourage more and more candidates to apply in the organization. y Create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best candidates for the organization. y Determine present and future requirements of the organization in conjunction with its personnel planning and job analysis activities. y Recruitment is the process, which links the employers with the employees. y Increase the pool of job candidates at minimum cost. y Help increase the success rate of selection process by decreasing number of visibly under qualified or overqualified job applicants. y Help reduce the probability that job applicants once recruited and selected will leave the organization only after a short period of time. y Meet the organizations legal and social obligations regarding the composition of its workforce. y Begin identifying and preparing potential job applicants who will be appropriate candidates. y Increase organization and individual effectiveness of various recruiting techniques and sources for all types of job applicants.


The recruitment and selection is the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time. A general recruitment process is as follows:
y identifying the vacancy:

The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. These contain: 1. 2. 3. 4. Posts to be filled Number of persons Duties to be performed Qualifications required

y y

Preparing the job description and person specification. Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of employees (Advertising etc). Short-listing and identifying the prospective employee with required characteristics. Arranging the interviews with the selected candidates. Conducting the interview and decision making

y y



1. Identify vacancy 2. Prepare job description and person specification 3. Advertising the vacancy 4. Managing the response 5. Short-listing 6. Arrange interviews 7. Conducting interview and decision making

The recruitment process is immediately followed by the selection process i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities.


RECRUITMENT PROCESS IN HINDALCO: Categorization of employees in Hindalco 1.Managerial level 2.Supervisor level 3.Workman level 1. MANAGERIAL LEVEL Vacancies in upper level management can be filled either by hiring people from outside the organization or by promoting lower level Managers . RECRUTMENT PROCESS The three steps in recruitment process 1.REQUISITION MANAGEMENT 2.SOURCING 3.SCREENING





components early in the process and hold off using lengthy, expensive, labor intensive components to be used only after initial screening. Effective screening includes making certain that the applicant has the basic necessary experience and background as well as determining if they posses the core traits and attitudes you have found to be predictive of success in that job. It is important that each company determine which process is best suited to its needs, but the example below can be a good initial guide to consider.


Every organization has the option of choosing the candidates for its recruitment processes from two kinds of sources: internal and external sources. The sources within the organization itself (like transfer of employees from one department to other, promotions) to fill a position are known as the internal sources of recruitment. Recruitment candidates from all the other sources (like outsourcing agencies etc.) are known as the external sources of recruitment.

Sources of recruitment




TRANSFERS- The employees are transferred from one department to another according to their efficiency and experience.

y PROMOTIONS- The employees are promoted from one department to another with more benefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and experience. y Others are Upgrading and Demotion of present employees according to their performance.

Retired and Retrenched employees -may also be recruited once again in case of shortage of qualified personnel or increase in load of work. Recruitment such people save time and costs of the organizations, as the people are already aware of the organizational culture and the policies and procedures.

y The dependents and relatives of Deceased employees and Disabled employees are also done by many companies so that the members of the family do not become dependent on the mercy of others.

External Sources Of Recruitment


y Press Advertisement -Advertisements of the vacancy in newspapers and journals are a widely used source of recruitment. The main advantage of this method is that it has a wide reach.

y Educational Institutes-Various management institutes, engineering colleges, medical Colleges etc. are a good source of recruiting well qualified executives, engineers, medical staff etc. They provide facilities for campus interviews and placements. This source is known as Campus Recruitment.

y Placement Agencies-Several private consultancy firms perform recruitment functions on behalf of client companies by charging a fee. These agencies are particularly suitable for recruitment of executives and specialists. It is also known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing).

y Employment Exchanges-Government establishes public employment exchanges throughout the country. These exchanges provide job information to job seekers and help employers in identifying suitable candidates.


A descriptive and conclusive type of research is conducted. On the basis of the emphasis laid on the analysis of the information and the data on type of research used in descriptive research. This kind of research is needed to provide a theoretical framework and background on which, total knowledge and operational practices can be used and judged. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs, as it exists at present. Research Design The study is carried out on the basis of information and data collected from training and development centre of Hindalco Ind. Ltd. The following procedure is followed y The research includes interpretation of welfare facilities at Hindalco. y Analyzing the effective sources of recruitment. y Evaluation and conclusion. Sampling plan: There is no sampling plan as the study involved in understanding the various processes and analyzing them. The study involved in the detailed analysis of secondary data calculated from various sources and therefore no sample size and plan has been considered. Sources of data: Data has been collected through literature survey and expert opinion. The part of data is collected from various primary sources and secondary sources.


Primary sources: Information gathered through interview and discussing with departmental members.

Secondary data resources Sources of secondary data were various books and websites.


















Sources of recruitment for management level in Hindalco 1. Poornata system 2. Internet 3. Promotion 4. Transfer 5. Up grading 6. Re-recruiting 7. Placement 8. Consultancy 2. SUPERVISIOR LEVEL Supervisor level divided into three sub category  S1  S2  S3 Process of recruitment for supervisor level



Source of recruitment for supervisor cadre


1. Employee son 2. Data Bank 3. Promotion and transfer WORKMAN CADRE Two types of workers 1. Badli workman a. Temporary badli b. Parmanent badli 2. Workman a. Temporary workman b. Parmanent workman i. Special grade ii. A grade iii. B grade iv. C grade v. Utility man Recruitment and selection process





In Hindalco every year ITI apprentice get training with in organization. In these ITI apprentice find out and identify potential candidate take interview of selected candidate. If candidate are selected then collect information and keep record of selected candidate. Keep record like resume, email and phone no. according to organization need or vacancy in workman cadre to inform that candidate and hire them.

y Will be aware about the Groups culture as such less time will be taken by them to adjust. y Suitable candidates are easily available. DISADVANTAGE y Shift towards other organization when not provide job opportunities. THE UP WITH DIFFERENT ITI COLLEGE ITI College is most effective source of recruitment for workman cadre. In this tie up of ITI college for potential candidate. ADVANTAGE y Fasily available potential candidate. DISADVANTAGE y Expensive source y Rule and Regulation of that institute.


Limitations of study
y The duration of practical training was just of four weeks. It was not sufficient. y Due to heavy engagement of the top management people and other personnel, much other information could not be cololected within the limited span off time. y To maintain secrecy, the company people do not provide various types of information, such as actual sales to carious costomers, zone wise sales, depot setup cost, depot handling cost etc. y Their recommendations are the outcome of an analysis made individually. y Another analysis may arrive at certain other recommendation after using same data So, that it is advisable for the company to examine the various recommendations, before going ahead with any of their implementations


1. For management cadre A. Networking professional site as LinkedIn India is one of LinkedIns largest and fastest-growing countries, and recruitment plays a big role in that. Social networking sites are quite useful on a global basis. The purchase of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. Valuable networking opportunities exist for participants of groups. By joining groups gain accesses to resources and information that may help reach business goals. As continue using the many social networking services available, network should expand making it great way to keep in the people from now on. To learn more about groups, select the groups option from the top-left navigation. LinkedIn targets professionals: most people that create groups establish criteria as to who can join. Read discussions that you`re following, search the groups` directory, or create a group interest and to expand professional connections. LinkedIn groups are especially useful, allowing following topics that as a business tool, LinkedIn has many advantages. The social networking site provides users the opportunity to tap into a rich source of casual and professional connections. Groups can be jointed and started, allowing for like-minded individuals to share their personal experiences. Social networking site they have software to help build your profile page and then start developing contact network. The software will organize the information enter into profile headlines, like education, company and summary and job vacancy. Many cite these more focused profile headings as the reason the process of finding and being found is more efficient on LinkedIn than on other social networking sites. A June 2009 survey conducted by jump start social media found that 75 % of hiring managers researching the credential of jobs applicants use LinkedIn to perform reference checks.


Social networking sites vs. job sites Networking sites as well as job sites cater to different spectrum of skills and levels. Find good opportunities for partnership Forging partnership with the right people or companies can yield fantastic benefits for both sides. Joining a group that has professional that are in the same field can reduce the likelihood of partnering with the wrong people especially if you and the other group members have their profile filled up. The more groups you join, the more options you can weigh in so you can find the perfect business partner. Great place to post or look for job openings There are plenty places that allow you to post job openings or give leads on where can find good ones. If you post a job openings in an active group, you are sure to get more interested people since they are most probably waiting for updates in that group. Any other people that share job opening will likely attract you as well.  Utilizing social media tools enables hiring managers to assess whether a candidate is an appropriate fit for their organization.  The site allows you to take old-fashioned networking techniques to a new level.  This can be used to gain an introduction to someone a person wishes to know through a mutual, trusted contact.  It can then be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in one`s contact network.  Employee can list jobs and search for potential candidates.  Wider reach as large number of people post their profiles online.

 Ability to identify both active (job portal) and passive (social networking sites) job seekers.  Attains significant cost reduction.  Assesses the candidate to greater extend like behavioral attributes, as individuals tend to open up more in their social network.  Reach out to candidates with niche skills.  Access to different international talent pools.  Provides instant credibility to a professional`s profile with the referrals and recommendations on the person. It can help you keep in touch with industry leaders. You don`t have to just add the people you know on LinkedIn, you can have others introduce you to someone that you many want to know. Someone that can help you with your career or possibly someone that would like be willing to go into a business venture with you. I have been contacted by multiple people about blogging ventures recently through LinkedIn. Stay in touch with other professionals You many have the best job out there or be an industry leader yourself, but LinkedIn is an easy and professional way to stay in touch with other professionals you have worked with or for. it is also an excellent way to stay in touch with other professional in your industry that you may have met at convention. It is better than sharing youre my space or face book account and other professional getting to see how unprofessional you really are.

Get recommending by other professionals


You can easily get recommended by other professional that you have worked with by just asking. These recommendations ass a lot of power to your ability to get hired or your caliber of professionalism within your industry. The more people that recommended you the better your profile will look to others in your industry and connections list. Get answers to your questions from other professionals You can easily ask a question on LinkedIn to find help from other industry professionals. Their answer area is very helpful and there are always quick responses to your questions. It can even be a way for you to further network beyond the normal benefits of getting a quick and reliable answer to your questions. LinkedIn is professionals online resume There are more and people learning towards a paperless method of doing business. Global warming is a real issue. I would personally almost prefer to see someone. LinkedIn profile before they are hired then a regular resume. There is a lot more information available on a LinkedIn profile than would be available on a resume. You have your work history, school history, bio, web sites and how much work you have put into networking with other professionals. LinkedIn is like having a website for those don`t have a website or a means to have peopled locate them on Google. LinkedIn fills that void. I know that I see my personal LinkedIn profile come up in Google near the top of the results. This can help other professionals find you if they have lost your phone number or email address. It can even help other companies locate you if they are interested in hiring you for contract or full time work.


y For example, many members utilize the site to selfpromoter, primarily spamming user groups with messages about some new product or service they offer. This selfpromotion can be annoying and even disruptive.



From the above data it can be observed that the Human Resource management system at Hindalco industries Ltd is extremely effective. Application is satisfied with the Recruitment and Selection system and the coverage given to various factors of Recruitment and Selection process.


According to my observation following suggestions should be taken into consideration, y Training need identification should be done half-yearly, so that it helps the employees in improving the performance in the remaining time period. y Recruitment proper planned, structured according to openings in plant new vacancies. y Goal setting programs undertaken with schedule to find potential prospective employees for higher posts giving training, discussing the on job responsibilities.



The study might not be all perfect because of certain limitations. The problem of time scarcity was an important want for within a short span of time, the project had to be completed, and hence much information could not be gathered nor evaluated



y www.adityabirla.com y www.hindalco.com y Other training documents available at the HR department. y Report and manuals available in the training centre. y Wwww.wikipendia.com Aswathappa K, Human Resource Personnel Management

y www.google.com y www.citehr.com