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Quadratic Functions Performance Assessment

As a final project to finish off this unit, we will be doing a drawing. But not just any drawing, a drawing defined by the functions weve studied in this unit. As a warm up, I have an example drawing that I created. Now, because this is a drawing, I dont want my lines and parabolas to go on forever. I want them to have end points. So underneath each equation, Ive put a domain. You should graph the function only over that domain. Try graphing each of the equations below over the indicated domain and see what picture emerges. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Color the area created by the inequalities below blue: (a) (b) and and          

17. Color the area created by the inequalities below red: and

Now I would like you to try to create your own picture out of functions. You need to make your picture as clear as possible, and youre writing these functions so that someone else can make your picture. You will trade final products with each other and try to create each others pictures. Your picture must include: 1. At least 1 line and the domain you want your line(s) graphed on. 2. At least 1 parabola and the domain you want your parabola(s) graphed on. 3. At least 1 circle. 4. At least 1 absolute value function and the domain you want your function(s) graphed on. 5. At least 1 section defined by inequalities that you want them to color in. 6. At least 7 functions total. y I recommend drawing a sketch of your picture first out of the shapes above, then trying to find the functions or equations that define the outlines of your picture, then finally determining the domain you want your functions to be graphed along. y y Please use the coordinate grid provided below and all the blank space to do scratch work on. The page following is for your finished set of instructions. Leave the big grid blank on the next page. That is for the person you trade papers with to use.

Write in the functions you came up with along with their specified domains Function Domain Function Domain