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Sex Abstinence And Spiritual Bliss

Quite often, there is a certain question that seems to tether most of us who are seriously interested in living a spiritual life. We wonder if it is necessary to live a life of sexual abstinence in order to discover God. Is it necessary to do without sex to attain spiritual fulfillment? With such questions we are faced with one of the most controversial words in human history. It is truly amazing that such a small three letter word brings about so much discomfort just to speak of it. Although, it is forever on our mind. Sex is the one thing most of us are so consumed with on every level of existence and yet no one is willing to discuss it at all. Throughout the whole world, all the religions and all the school systems avoid this topic as much as possible. The Christians and Muslims are virtually terrified of it. So, I would like to go deep into this one thing that has us in its grip. Why are we so terrified to even talk about sex which may or may not have any recreational meaning? And I wonder why we are so obsessed with sex. We all may understand the need for clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, wholesome food to eat and sufficient exercise which contributes to ones health, vigor and vitality. But, what is the role of sex in our everyday lives? Is it a necessity? No one will resist the fact that sex is a natural act. Sex is not an action to be rejected but understood. Surely, that is the wise thing to comprehend. Only in the understanding of sex one finds freedom of it. So one may have sex or not have sex. Why be obsessed with it? Whether one decides to have sex or not depends on you. Let no one coerce or persuade you in either way. Besides, why are we so obsessed with sex at all? Why are we so preoccupied in our hearts and minds burning up with lustful thoughts? Many may advocate moderation but what do you know about moderation when you are raised in a society where promiscuity is so prominent and chastity is a thing of obscurity. There are no rules and no regulations; proper education of every aspect of sex is to be examined and so that as an intelligent human being, you may give it deep thought and understanding. You must decide with great deliberation, what are the full implications of having sex or not. So you must be aware of what takes place when we do indulge in sex. Sex in and of itself is not a problem. The religions of the world have made it into one. We must come to understand the full implications of sex without any prejudiced perceptions of it.

We must simply look at the every aspect of it and not just the physical implications. As in our thoughts, lustful desires and sensual pleasures, much energy is consumed. Why lose all this vital energy for a mere momentary gratification that will become a memory? In a single act, one loses such a great amount of essential energy. Have you ever thought about why one should have sexual experience at all? Have you ever wondered what is the profit and does it have any meaning at all? We all may understand the need for sex in procreation. That is rather simple to understand. What I am asking is; does it have any meaning to have sex as a recreation? For the sake of pleasure or the mere joy of life. Of course, sex in and of itself is considered a very normal, beautiful and natural thing. That is not the issue. I am asking; why should I ever have sex? And if I have ever had sex, why should I ever have it again besides the need to procreate. Now, spiritually, there may come a time when you are interested in fully understanding yourself. And as a part of understanding oneself, there is sex which is an integral part of ones life. So, can I be obsessed with something and at the same time understand myself? As long as I indulge in sex without understanding it, I am a slave to a passion I do not comprehend. I am not concerned with what anyone says about sex, I want to understand it for myself. Irrespectively of what all the religions say or my parents say or my professor says. I want to understand it without all the ignorance, fear and anxiety. I am not interested in suppressing the sexual urge or cramping myself with the idea of renouncing. The nature of sex cannot be renounced. It is to see that sex is a potent energy that may become distorted if one denies or indulges in ones nature, thoughtlessly. I must watch it within myself without any censorship so I may see and understand the full meaning of the sexual impulse. Only in the understanding of sex can you be free of such a fixation. To be a slave to anything has no meaning. Only when you master a thing are you free of being obsessed with it. To master anything is to go beyond its entrapments. So, when one is ready to discover something truly divine there is that need for the conservation of all ones energy. And sexual energy is a very potent energy. One does not have to become ascetic. Asceticism and abstinence is not a choice but an outcome when one is determined to seek something that transcends oneself and ones desires. It is up to you, when you see the importance of conserving necessary energy to go beyond oneself. If one has a passion to live in abstinence, if one is interested in such a thing, it is not about pushing oneself into some unnatural cause or vow. It is a movement of freedom and of being drawn to something beyond pleasure and its entanglements. The lifestyle of abstinence and austerity is the art of transforming ones sexual energies by conserving it inwardly and not projecting it outwardly.

It is up to you to understand that, sexual abstinence creates wonderful advantages such as the preservation of energy and the development of intense sensitivity of the mind and body. Only when one is truly sensitive, do we know what it means to love unconditionally. When there is the essence of love in which there is keen sensitivity, lustfulness comes to an end. Lustful emotions creates chaos within the physical body that throws off ones equilibrium if one does not understand the full implications of the sex act and all it consists of. With such pleasure there is also pain. The desire for the act to continue in one way or another. One longs for more. In the absence of more, there is mental anguish and disappointment. As human beings, part of maturity is to respect oneself and be aware of the possible consequences of every choice in ones life. In sex there is the possibility of contracting a disease, pregnancy and emotional attachment. The frustration, possessiveness, jealousenvy and emotional dependency all must be understood as being part of the whole act. Of course, prevention is greater than cure. The art of abstaining from sex of any kind, transforms the sexual urge and energy before it comes into being. It is the science of conserving energy through vigilance. It is the desire to channel all ones being inwardly through contemplation before the need of sublimation. In asceticism, there is the alchemy of the sexual energy to convert ones potency towards immortality. It is the conversion of the sexual energy that transforms the physical and mental being into holiness. In spirituality, austerity is not about avoiding or refraining from sex but to ponder ones interest in discovering the sublime. It is to cease, even temporarily, from sex to preserve and not repress. Through acute vigilance, one watches and regulates the process of the sexual urge and all its demands preferably before the desire even comes into being. The understanding comes without effort when one ceases identification of body and ego to seek that which transcends mere pleasurable gratification of the flesh. As a preference, the abstinence of sex is a movement of freedom and empowerment not might and discipline. When we are forced and strained, austerity becomes a destructive act of control and desire for the opposite of pleasure. The act of asceticism is an expression of chastity to be free of the confinement of the mundane to discover the mystical. Then one may awaken a great hidden power within. And the activation of such latent powers must be handled with great care and delicacy. When at once you are seriously interested in discovering life beyond death, the fuel required to take such a spiritual adventure is a great necessity. This power is greater than anything you could ever imagine. In fact, the process that utilizes ones sexual energy is one of the greatest spiritual secrets of all. In fact, it is the secret of the Christ. It is the secret of the Buddha and all enlightened beings.

After discussing this deeply, it is clear to see that there is no need to be a celibate for the rest of ones life. To have sex or not to have sex is ones own decision. It is simply part of the groundwork when one intends to discover something beyond oneself and the need to conserve all ones energy. And if you should awaken in this life, perhaps you may or may not want to have sex. That is up to you. No one can decide this for you. Besides, who says you can not have a sex life and a spiritually fulfilled life as well. And if so, one learns to be moderate in the true sense of the word. Not overly indulging and wasting such potent energy. So it is up to you to discover the preservation and transformation of all ones energy. Physically, mentally and sexually, there is the necessity of preparation for the awakening within. With the consummation of all energy awaiting the union with the Beloved. If this should ever awaken within you, then you will discover a great mystery beyond all religions. In this spiritual awakening, there is ecstasy without measure. This joy transcends that of mere sexual gratification. In this spiritual fulfillment, there is the glory of ecstasy and the perfume of love, beauty and the immeasurable bliss beyond sex.