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Liz Osban Photography

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Wedding Photography Contract

'ate of the Wedding ___________

Location of the Wedding _________________________________

Wedding photography starts at ______ and ends at _______.
Any other events and locations of the events that need to be photographed:

This wedding photography agreement is between _______________ and __________________. The
contact details of the client are given below.

Bride's name: ______________________ Groom's name: ____________________
Telephone no: ______________________ Telephone no: _____________________
Email id: __________________________ Email id: __________________________

1. The photographer is responsible for providing photographic services at the wedding and
products after the wedding, referred to as coverage. The client wants to engage the
services of the photographer for coverage of the wedding.
2. As per this agreement, the client will pay the photographer a sum total of _______. A
deposit of ________ will be paid by the client and the balance of _________ as decided
will be paid on the delivery of photographs by the client along with the discs and
copyright release of the images/footage.
3. The photographer will be the sole photographer at the wedding. Friends and family
though can click photographs for personal purposes at their own discretion after the
photographer finishes photographing images due to the extreme difficultly of
directing friends and family for group portraits in consecutive order. Also note, the
photographer is a stranger to most guests and does not know the names of guests
nor the relations to the bride and groom. Please assign someone to know which
group shots you desire to have (immediate family of bride and groom, parents of the
bride with the newly wed couple, wedding party, etc) and direct those who belong
in these group shots. The photographer will provide direction on where to stand and
4. While the bride and the groom gain a copyright release for these images, the
photographer retains the copyright to the images clicked at the wedding, including
the copyright of footage, electronically produced images and any reproductions.
5. The photographer will take formal, group and candid photographs as deemed necessary.
If there are specifications, the client will inform the photographer about the same.
6. The client needs to ensure that the guests at the wedding do not interfere with the job
that he/she is trying to do. This includes interrupting the photographer in between
portrait shots. Friends/Family are obviously more than welcome to photograph their
own portraits, but need to be aware of the job the photographer is being paid for.
With any interruptions, it can deter the images from ever happening.
7. In case the images are undeliverable due to an unexpected mishap (such as ALL digital
files lost and/or corrupt, equipment breaking, photographer is for some reason
unable to attend, etc) then all payments previously made will be fully refunded.
8. Clients disinterests or distastes in the images/footage does not constitute a refund and is
the responsibility of the client to research the photographer`s previous work to
promise the photographers style suits the clients needs and also to discuss the
particular theme, vibe, lighting, poses, shots (candid or formal), footage, songs and
any further desires with the photographer to ensure the clients satisfaction with said
images/footage. Also note that weddings are not a controlled environment and
without the photographer being notified of a certain event (cake cutting, bouquet
throwing, the 'I do`s`), it is difficult to capture.
Often it is helpful for the '- to announce events at the reception.
9. Images and prints will be available 2-3 weeks after wedding. You will receive 2 copies
of each the film(2) and photos(2) on a disc viewable on computers. Any additional
discs requests are $5 each. You may view images and order prints on
LizOsban.Zenfolio.com and you may request a password to view these images if
you would like for privacy.

Signature of the Client: _____________________________
Name of the Client: ________________________________
'ate of Agreement: ________________________________
Signature of the Photographer: ________________________

Name of the Photographer: Liz Osban