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American Priest Advises OBNHS


Students About HIV/AIDS

Printer from
Rev. Fr. Randolf
By Joan Mayames & Ellen Domal-in
Frew, an Anglican priest By Jefferson Batawang &
based at New York, USA Charo Ayeo
who funded the AIDS Action Otucan-Bila National
International (AAI) conducted High School received eleven
an information dessimination sets of computer and a printer
regarding Human Immuno from the Department of
Virus / Acquired Immune Education (DEP-ED) last April
Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/ 7 this year.
AIDS) in the school last July Acording to Principal
26 this year. Clara S. Alipit, said equipment
The activity, which was cost P 386, 666. They were
conducted at the P.E. Room brought to OBNHS by the staff
was attended by the senior from Dep-Ed as part of their
and junior students, faculty computerization program. She
members, and barangay was very grateful that the said
officials of Otucan Sur. office chose the school as a
The information recipient of the computers.
dissemination started at 9: 30 These equipment will
in the morning with an opening be added to the computers
prayer by Kristine Pilingan already used by the students.
and the singing of the National At present, the school has local
Anthem conducted by Clarice internet connections, which
Santiago. It was followed by Fr. make it easier for the students
Arvin Amayag who introduced Let’s dance for unity. Diamond-IV students dance a Cordilleran unity dance energetically to do research and some
the visitor. After that, Fr. Frew during the program for the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika last August this year. communications.
preceded with his discussion
that he begun with the four
OBNHS Students Garner Awards in OBNHS Celebrates Nutrition
basic questions regarding HIV/
AIDS. These are: What is HIV/
Entrepreneurial Competition Month
By Blessie Bilayon By Janine Agustin
AIDS? Who can get HIV/ Otucan-Bila National life is eating the right kind of
AIDS? How will you not get Three OBNHS students Boco, 5th place in Dish
garnered awards during the Gardening. Meanwhile, High School celebrated foods. Junk foods are very
HIV/AIDS? How do you get Nutrition Month last July unacceptable.
HIV/AIDS? 8th Students Technologists Kyndree Padsing and Abel
and Entrepreneurs of the Bawayan trained for Fruit and 25 this year at the school After the morning
According to Fr. ground with the theme, “Sa program, cook feast followed.
Frew, said disease could be Philippines (STEP) Skills Vegetable Curving for Welding
Development and Competition and Iron Works respectively. Wastong Nutrition ni Mommy, The teachers and
transmitted through sharing Siguradong Healthy Si Baby.” visitors tasted the different
of needles, using drugs, and held at Sabangan National Sixty five persons composed of
High School in Tambingan, pupils, students, teachers, STEP The celebration began delicacies cooked by the
through sexual penetration at 8:00 in the morning with a students. Poster making contest
such as vaginal, anal, and oral Sabangan, Mountain Province and TESDA Coordinators, and
on September 24-27 this year. school supervisors attended the Doxology led by Health Scouts and nutrition quiz bee were
intercourses. “Everyone or (Little Doctors and Nurses also simultaneously done after
anyone can get this virus,” he The winners were said event.
Jefferson Batawang, second The theme of this Club (LDNC) followed by the lunch at the PE room and the
added. singing of National Anthem 1st~Ruby Room respectively.
People develop AIDS place in Project Proposal for event was “A STEP HIGHER:
Animal Production; Blessie Upgrading Skills, Improving conducted by Arlyn Dalasen There were ten students
because HIV has damaged and the opening remarks by who participated in the
their natural defences against Bilayon, third place in Cake Lives.” The guest speakers
Decorating; and Au Charise were Hon. Donato L. Principal Clara Alipit. poster making contest and 34
disease. (pls. turn to page 3) Presentations from participants (who were divided
Danglose, Municipal Mayor of
Sabangan, and Mrs. Mary A. all sections of the freshmen, in groups) in the Quiz Bee.
Lang-ayan, Schools Division sophomores, juniors, and Below are the results of
Superintendent. seniors and the Health Scouts the activities:
A search for Mr. and made the activity more Cook feast which was judged
Ms. STEP 2008 was also enjoyable. Lourdes Polled by Dr. Penelope Domogo and
conducted. introduced the guest speaker company:
who was Dr. Penelope Domogo, lst: Bila group of 2nd year
Education is the Provincial Health Officer Ivory
I. Jared Padsing delivered the 2nd: Bila group of 4th year
learning what you closing remark. Pearl
Dr. Domogo 3rd: Otucan group of 4th year
didn't even know emphasized the significance Pearl, Otucan group of 4th year
of good nutrition during her Diamond, another places of 4th
you didn't know. speech. According to her the year Pearl
No to HIV/AIDS. Rev. Fr. Frew emphatically discusses HIV/
AIDS with the faculty members and students attentively Daniel J. Boorstin way to good health and longer (pls. turn to page 3)
OBNHS 4th OBNHS Elects Classroom Officers
By Gladys Bilayon & Nelly Batawang
Year Student In recognition to the fact Second year- Sapphire

Joins Super that teachers need officers to Pres: Sheryl Padsing

Vice President: Yvonne Agawin
help maintain peace and order
Secretary: Joy Dalasen
Quiz Bee inside the clasroom, the school
held its classroom officers
Treasurer: Mara Pagiyen
Auditor: Frena Sharon Malecdan
By Jared Padsing election in all sections of each P.R.O: Bernadette badongen
Jared Princel Padsing, a year level for the school year Business Manager:
fourth year student of Otucan- 2008-2009. Kent Peis
Bila National high School Ian Liclican
Below are the elected Sgt. at arms:
joined a super quiz bee held at class officers: Sheikha Kidicdican
Bontoc Central School (BCS) First year-Jade Jaypee Palpal
last September 12 this year. President: Alfonso Bissok
Enjoy when you cook. Eladio Ayeo Jr., a senior student, attends Vice Pres: Harry Osboken
Padsing was Second Year- Ivory
on the chopsuey he is cooking amidst the scorching heat of the Secretary: Gladys Bilayon
accompanied by Mrs. Emilia Pres: Daisy Batawang
sun and the smoke that makes him cry. Treas:Crystal Mae Docyogen Vice Pres: Adam Yoga
Badongen, Physics teacher, Auditor: Ira Manadlang
Decreases by 4%
Sec: Jeanne Cayabas
OBNHS Population during the competition. Said P.R.O: Brenda Efat Treas:Charo Ayeo
By Aepril Pilingan & Julie Ann Domal-in quiz bee was joined by 32 high Business manager: Aud: Yves Agluya
school students. Manny Buguilles P.R.O: Eden Wangdali
The population of Otucan-Bila National High School Melvin Doroteo
Questions on the Bus. Manager:
(OBNHS) decreased by 4% this school year 2008-2009. Last Sgt. at arms: Felly Patong
competition came from Dalifer Lagseng
school year, the school’s population was 287 compared to 275 Ariel Ligos
the organizers and were Paul Elowan
this year. Sgt. at arms:
categorized into four. These Ivy Buguilles
are easy, average, difficult, and First Year -Ruby Fremalyn Bangsail
The table below shows the population of OBNHS based President: Joffel Sabado
clincher. An easy question is Luzviminda Sanoan
on year, section, and gender. Vice Pres: Mark Bon Layugan Jhonny Ondong Jr.
equivalent to one point each Sec: Jenny Rose Yadyadoc Ernie Lataben
Year Section Male Female Total correct answer, average is two Treasurer: Julie Capcapen Jomar Pagiyen
1st Year points, and difficult is three Auditor: Michelle Ticangen
points. Clincher applies when P.R.O: Jasmine Dalasen
Jade 12 18 30 Third year- Pyrite
Business manager:
Ruby 13 17 30 two or more participants tied Bea Depollo
President: Jaypee Baclili
2nd Year up for the top five positions. Liza Badecao
Vice President: Catherine Potpoten
Clincher questions with 5 Secretary: Rachel Gumiyao
Sgt. at arms:
Ivory 14 22 36 Treasurer: Anchoco Dayangadang Jr.
points each Bandolf Payacda
Auditor: Madelyn Togmoy
Sapphire 14 22 36 will be asked to break the tie. Martin Solimen
P.R.O: Aepril Pilingan
3rd Year Luckily, Padsing got 10 Lester Quaquin (Pls. turn to page 3.)
Onyx 18 21 39 points from the 20-point quiz
Pyrite 18 21 39 bee.
4th Year Snacks and foods
Diamond 14 18 32 for the participants and their
coaches were donated by the
Pearl 15 18 33
Mountain Province provincial
Total: 118 157 275 government.
LDNC Members Three Carpenters Repair OBNHS CR
Gather for a Seminar By Marta Bangsalud & Rachell Gumiyao
By Janine Agustin & De Ann Sapil
To answer the the girl’s CR with two toilet
With the aim to raise their complaints of students and staff bowls donated by the Otucan
awareness of their health, 35 members of the school due to constant Sur Barangay Rural Health
of the Little Doctors and Nurses
Club (LDNC) gathered for a half-day
clogging of the comfort room Unit.
seminar about Healthy Lifestyle last situated near the library, three According to Principal Smiling prettily but thinking heavily. Muse Michelle Ticangen
October 1 this year at the III-Pyrite carpenters were hired to repair Alipit, more than P 3000. 00 was and Adonis Luke Ivan Fadchal lead Unit-III, The Wildcats,
Room. it and to install new bowls and spent for the repair. However, during the parade for the 2008 Intramurals.
Hon. Lacwasan
Said seminar was conducted
Seniors Take
urinals in the said CR’s. the convenience of the students
by the school nurse, Patricia
The carpenters changed mattered most which prompted
Donates Balls to
Wangdali, with the members of the

LDNC who attended the Healthy the old pipes into bigger ones them to have the CRs repaired.
for it were clogged with papers, Most students expressed
Lifestyle Training—Seminar last
school year at Guinzadan National napkins, and other dirt. They happiness and gratefulness to By Sheena Mae Doligas
High School, Guizadan . They were also cemented the flooring this. As part of the By Bernadette Badongen
Kristine Pilingan, Germalyn Luscaw, requirement to all secondary In support to the
Jefferson Batawang, Joan Mayames,
outside the CR and installed
graduating class, all senior sports and athletic programs
Mary Ellen Domal-in, and Junel
Kadatar. XTask Force Montañosa Conducts Film students in the Philippines of OBNHS for the students,
simultaneously took the Theodore Lacwasan Jr.,
Wangdali focused
discussion on the saying, “Don’t
Showing at OBNHS National Career Assessment Barangay Captain of Otucan
waste your health to gain wealth By Joellie Zapatero
Examination (NCAE) last Sur, donated volleyball and
otherwise you lose your wealth to gain As a part of their of the students on the Insurgency
August 27 this year. basketball balls to the school
health.” On the other hand, Pilingan follow up program, Task symposium conducted the
and Luscaw facilitated a group work OBNHS senior students last September this year.
force “Montañosa” headed other year and inform the
which focused on alcoholism. took their examination at the The balls were used
by Colonel Bonifacio Talde transferees before they showed
During his discussion on school, and they were assisted during the intramurals. This
smoking, Batawang emphasized that conducted a film showing some documentary video files
by the three teachers from donation implied the full
a chain smoker doesn’t grow old. attended by the third year and that contained testimonies
Bauko Catholic School. They support to the school by the
Mayames and Domal-in discussed fourth year students last July 30 from those who once joined the
pre-marital sex where she identified were Mercedes Day-ong, Letty barangay officials especially
this year. group especially the youth.
the reasons why young people engage Gubat, and Enrique Lucaney. Hon. Lacwasan who is a
Talde gave a brief “Your right ends, when
on pre-marital sex. These reasons Said examination will basketball lover himself.
were categorized into five: curiosity, history of NPA (New Peoples’ the rights of others begin”, he
help the students determine With this, Dexter
outings, environment influence, Army) to refresh the memory stressed after the film showing.
what courses are appropriate Panisigan, SSG President,
financial problem, and relationship.
“Yet in our enthusiasm for the idea that everyone should be able for them to pursue in college said that the students must take
To give his co-students tip to become
healthier, Kadatar discussed the right to read and write fluently, we may be missing a crucial point: or in university. There were 62 care the balls and any other
foods to be eaten. in today's culture, finely honed literacy skills are simply not as senior students who took the donations from other people
The club provided snacks important as they once were.” - Hugh Mackay examination. so that they will continue
for the participants.
supporting the school.
Garner 5th
Timbulan Holds
Orientation Community News
Forty three students
Place in Pop- of Otucan-Bila National High
School joined the Timbulan
Otucan Sur Officials Brgy Officials Ask
Students to Join
Ed Contest Organization Orientation at the
Third Year Onyx Room on the
Issue Ordinance for the Community Services
By Ida Cobcobo & Maricar Sapil
By Kadatar, Lomasoc, &

afternoon of June 20 this year.
Said orientation covered Students To enjoin the youth
especially high school students
News, Editorial, and Feature By Junel Kadatar
Junel Kadatar and with community affairs in
writing lectured by Helen Barangay Otucan barangay ordinances
Joellie Zapatero, both senior the barangay, Bila Barangay
Calde, one of the two Timbulan Sur Officials, headed by its especially in gambling Officials made an ordinance.
students of this school advisers. The orientation
grabbed fifth place during the Barangay Captain Theodore issues and selling of liquor The council
aimed to enhance the ability of acknowledges the vital role of the
Population Education (Pop- A. Lacwasan Jr. issued to minors and students.
students in writing articles. youth in building communities.
Ed) contest held at Kidla-a Executive Order No. 02 for Through this executive
Before said orientation, Thus, their determination to gain
Hotel and Restaurant, Samoki, the benefit of the students last order, Hon. Lacwasan has all the youth’s participation with
Jennifer Lapinas, another
Bontoc last August 23-24 this Timbulan Adviser, distributed
June 23 this year. the rights and power to order these endeavors.
year. some articles to former school This order was all stores , videoke bars, and Students should be present
Kadatar won in the paper staffers for them to approved and recognized due game halls not to allow during assembly meetings; plant
Pop-Ed Quiz Bee and while study. to some complaints of parents students to hang around 10 tree seedlings every year;
Zapatero in the Poster Making to authorities that some within the vicinity of their participate in the clean and green
Category 13-15 years old. Alipit, Mentors students have been observed establishments during class project, which is picking dirts
On the other hand, Desiree Facilitate Symposium along the roads; join in the sports
wandering or hanging around hours on school days and not
Lomasoc joined the Poster By Au Charisse Boco league to develop their skills, and
in stores, videoke bars, or to sell liquors or cigarettes decorate during barangay fiestas.
Making for Category 16-18 Clara Alipit, the school even in game halls. They to minors and students.
years old. The students were principal, and four faculty were often seen smoking, Students were being
Communities Join Tree
accompanied by the school members facilitated a symposium
drinking liquor, or engaging instructed not to wander Planting Activities
nurse, Patricia Wangdali. on school policies, programs, and By Arsenia Palpal, Daisy Batawang,
school rules and regulations last in gambling activities. outside of the school
This year’s activity’s & De-Ann Sapil
August 22 this year held at the Said order appeals premises during class hours
OBNHS Celebrates... P.E. Room attended by the junior to the parents, the schools, unless possessing a written As contribution to the
and senior students. and the whole community permission from their parents international plight towards re-
The faculty members greening and forest conservation,
Poster Making: to cooperate and share or their school, and they constituents from barangay Bila and
lst: Lomasoc D. were Jennifer Lapinas, Simeon responsibilities to administer were also being advised not Otucan Sur conducted tree planting
2nd: Zapatero J. Day-ong, Brigida Langtiwan, and
discipline among students to engage in gambling as it activities from March to August this
3rd: David J. and to request for a strict was prohibited by laws and year.
Wangdali. Through the initiative of
Quiz Bee: The Principal talked about implementation of ordinances. Hon. Calixto Gamlosen of Barangay
lst:group 7 - Dalasen, A.; school policies or school rules and Bila and Hon. Theodore Lacwasan
Dalasen, J.; Pilingan, K.; regulations and emphasized the Jr. of Otucan Sur, they were able
Domal-in, M. punishable violations. Lapinas, to source-out Germilina and Pine
2nd: Group 3 - Kadatar, J.; the Timbulan adviser, covered Tree seedlings that they planted.
Mayames, J.; Bilayon G.; the topic about the importance of Bila got from Eengan, the nursery of
Bila, while Otucan Sur got from the
Batawang, N. attendance and punctuality.
National Irrigation Office (NIA).
3rd: Group 2 - Boco, A.; Furthermore, the
Becyagen, F.; Pilingan, A.; rights and responsibilities of American Priest...
Ayeo, C. the students were discussed by HIV is a virus. Viruses infect
Simeon Day-ong followed by the cells that make up the human
Group 6 - Kunayon, H.;
Brigida Langtiwan who taught the body and replicate (make new copies
Kidicdian, S.; Potpoten, C.; students on how to compute their of themselves) within those cells. A
Petina, N. grades and the ranks of honor virus can also damage human cells,
Group 8 - Bilayon, B.; students. Lastly, the school nurse, which is one of the things that can
Togmoy, M.; Wangdali, E.; make a person ill.
Patricia Wangdali talked about
HIV can be passed from
Paguiyen M her role in the school. one person to another. Someone can
OBNHS Elects... become infected with HIV through
contact with the bodily fluids of
Bus. Manager Treas: Je-ann Joaquin
Oliver Cris Tegwa Barangay Bila at its best. It is where most of the students in the someone who already has HIV.
P.R.O: Kent Cadcadap
Someone who is diagnosed as infected
Fay Becyagen Aud: Jerry Bawayan school came from.
Sgt. at arms: Business Managers: with HIV is said to be ‘HIV+’ or ‘HIV
Junila Ticay Jared Padsing positive’.
Joyce Paayen Mary Ellen Domal-in PTCA HONORS INDEPENDENCE DAY In addition, it is hard to
Ida Cobcobo Shane Paul Bastian -Junel Kadatar and Joan Mayames detect whether a person has HIV/
Wilson Dangsian Sheena Mae Dolligas AIDS because there are no outward
Third year- Onyx Sgt. At Arms: signs. The fact is that there is no cure
The Parents, Teachers and Community Association
Pres: Blessie Bilayon Rowena Guineo for this virus.
Vice Pres: Argie Rasay Atkinson Wangdali (PTCA) of OBNHS honored the 110th anniversary of the He advised the student to
Sec: Jemabel Osboken Marta Bangsalud Philippine Independence on June 12 this year. share these information with others
Treas: Kyndree Padsing Rex Dalasen The activity started with a parade at 8:00 in the morning such as friends, family, at church,
Aud: Julie- Ann Domal-in Arsenia Palpal athletic team, and to other social
from the frontage of Napat-a’s residence to the OBNHS ground.
News Bits

P.R.O: Au Charisse Boco Sanitary Inspectors: Alfred Sawad gatherings and affiliations. Follow
Bus. Manager: Eden Bernardez Each student raised a paper-made flag. Teachers, barangay
the A, B, and C wherein A is for
Elyka Polonio Dexter Panisigan officials, and the community joined the parade. Abstinence; B is for Be Faithful to
Jeff Palpal Muse: Margaret Baiwes OBNHS, being the host, prepared a short program to One Person, and C for use condom
Sgt. at arms: Adonis: Terence Gosingan
Abel Bawayan
entertain the crowd. Simeon Day-ong delivered a message about always, consistently and correctly.
the Philippine Independence History and threw some questions The activity ended with an
Teddy Biswek Fourth Year - Pearl
open forum, where students asked
Jhon Mark Wangdali President: Junel Kadatar to the students.
Cheenelyn Espinosa Vice President: Joellie Zapatero
Euly Jean Andres
Secretary: Clarice Santiago
Treas: Arlyn Junie Dalasen
Cherilyn Ticangen Auditor: Janine Agustin By: Clarice Santiago, Sheryl Padsing
Eric Jay Las-igan P.R.O: Germalyn Luscaw Dr. Penelope Domogo together with Estefania Owaban, members of the Philippine Health
Jeebird Bangang Business Managers: Office (PHO) at the Bontoc General Hospital conducted “Healthy Adolescence to Safe Motherhood”
Marcelino Cabelan
Workshop at OBNHS last July 7 this year.
Pres: Kristine Pilingan Sgt. At Arms: The workshop started with team building activities. After the activities, Dr. Domogo
V-Pres: Desiree Lomasoc Joey Bawayan discussed balanced diet and gave some reminders in relation with the celebration of Nutrition
Sec: Joan Mayames Kim Lacwasan Month. After the discussion, students asked questions regarding her topic.
What is Responsibility?
There are three days in one’s life. The very first one is yesterday.
It is gone and we can’t bring it back no matter what we do. The second
day is today. It is where a person is right now. A person should utilize
today to prepare for the future. Enjoy the present, do your best and
learn from your mistakes. The third day is tomorrow. It is when the
children become adults and would have many things they wished they
have done yesterday and today but the opportunity passed by and
will never return. In order not to have many regrets, do your outmost
today. Today is the most important day in a person’s life. Enjoy and
do your best in your studies for a better future. Nowadays, it goes not
only a matter to graduate, but also to excel in order to have an edge.
Your future lies in your hands, you can either choose the
way leading to sorrow or the way leading to joy. You are given the
capacity through education. Grab the chance and make use of it for
betterment not for gain. Remember, the failure does not lie to the
VALUES: Does It Really Help?
By Blessie Bilayon
people around you, but it’s your own fault. Responsibility connotes
a very big meaning to every individual. We are all different persons, We are in school because we want to learn. The knowledge
and we have unique talents. we gain is for our own benefit and not for someone else. As such,
I challenge you fellow students and youths, it’s not the other we have to relate it to our goals or ambitions in life.
people who will make you successful, but you, yourself! The inclusion of “Values” in the school curriculum is very
important since it serves as a guiding torch to us, student. In the
first, second, and third year levels, it is conducted once a week
Alumni Corner while in the fourth year level, it’s twice a week. This is fair enough.
More importantly the facts, ideas, and principles we want to learn

The Paradox of Our Time Anonymous

in this subject should all be tackled until the school year ends.
We hope our own OBNHS students will realize and apply
what we learned in real situation. For example, on how they
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter
tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less; interact with their peer group in school, with the authorities and
we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more in the society as a whole. Let’s remember that the most important
conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, part is how we apply values in our lives and how satisfied are
but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less
wellness. we with the results. Do we see positive effects? It is not simply
We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, learning, but it’s the outcome that really counts. We are learning
drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch so that we have something to apply.
TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced
our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
In conclusion, the values we learn should be practiced. This
We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life will be of great help to us throughoutour lives.
not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have troubles
crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner
We've done larger things, but not better things. We've cleaned up the air, but
polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more,
but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to The TIMBULAN Staff:
wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies Editor-in-Chief: Kristine Pilingan
than ever, but we communicate less and less. Asst. Editor-in-chief: Blessie Bilayon
These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small Associate Editor: Jared Padsing
character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes Asst. Associate Editor: Madelyn Togmoy
but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. Managing Editor: Clarice Santiago
These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throw away morality, one Asst. Managing Editor: Jefferson Batawang
night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to Feature Editor: Junel Kadatar
kill. Asst. Feature Editor: Cathrine Potpoten
It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the News Editor: Arlyn Junie Dalasen
stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you
Asst. News Editor: Mary Ellen Domal-in
can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete.
Remember; spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not
Sports Editor: Sheena Mae Dolligas
going to be around forever. Asst. Sports Editor: Fay Becyagen
Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because Circulation Manager: Joan Mayames
that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Asst. Circulation Manager: Aepril Pilingan
Remember to give a warm hug to the one next to you because that is the only Literary Editor: Eden Bernardez
treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent. Asst. Literary Editor: Rachel Gumiyao
Remember, to say, "I love you" to your partner and your loved ones, but most Lay-out Artists: Joellie Zapatero.Je-ann Joaquin. Desiree Lomasoc. Anchoco
of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside Dayangadang Jr.. Martha Bangsalud. De ann Sapil. Arsenia Palpal. Janine
of you. Agustin
Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person
will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak and give time to share Advisers: Jennifer Lapinas, Helen Calde
the precious thoughts in your mind. Contributors: Julie Ann Domal-in, Ahmal Compitay, Sheika Kidicdian,Yvonne Agawin,
And always remeber: Nemfa May Ann Joy Petina, Maricar Sapil, Joy Dalasen, Frenna Malecdan, Mark Bon
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments Layugan, Charo Ayeo, Au Charisse Boco, Bernadette Badongen, Megan Cayabas, Harry
that take our breath away. Osboken, Luzviminda Sanoan Sheryl Padsing, Greshena Cholalos, Nelly Batawang,
(Contributed by Florence L. Batawang - Batch 2002)
Live a pleasing life to God. Junila Ticay, Ida Cobcobo, Maricar Sapil, Gladys Bilayon
Kudos to the Timbulan
Staff By Mary Ellen Domal-in & Kristine Pilingan
If there’s a will, there’s a way.
This adage was proven by the Timbulan staff of school year 2007-2008 by successfully
raising money to turn their innermost desire to make the Timbulan, the school newsletter, into
broadsheet style from a mimeograph style.
This style limited the school for long years to compete during the Division Schools’ Press
Conferences. Thus, last February 2008 this year, the Timbulan staff conducted the Search for Mr.
and Ms. OBNHS to raise the funds they needed.
Through the initiative of the organ adviser, Jennifer Lapinas, and the previous staff, the
search was successfully conducted with eight charming ladies and nine gorgeous gentlemen as
Each contestant was given soliciting papers. It was agreed that whatever amount solicited,
50% will be used by the project while the 50% will be kept by the candidate.
Each officer was also given soliciting papers but didn’t have a share on the solicited money.
Anchoco Dayangadang Jr. and Aileen Wadingan assisted the contestants in all the presentations.
Mr. Allen Wangdali, a sophomore student, and Marcy Batawang, a senior student, were
crowned Mr. & Ms. OBNHS.
It was a tiring but rewarding and fulfilling experience for the staff and organizers, but like
Dora the Explorer, they could say: “Yeah, we did it! We did it. Hurray!” Indeed, they really did it.
A broadsheet Timbulan newsletter is now in circulation.
Kudos to your success!

I Won!By Jefferson Batawang

First Day High
By Eden Bernardez & Sheena Mae
Search for the most nutritious food. Sumptous and nutritious
foods, mainly vegetables, cooked by the students are displayed
for the scrutiny of the judges.

It’s a lovely day, beautiful, and perfect. That is

Thursday, September 25, when my companions and I went
The first day of school
makes the student’s school life
complete. It’s high, the highest
Babies and the
Nutrition Month
to Palatong, Sabangan to participate in the yearly Students
day of a high school student in
Teachers Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) Competition.
the school.
At the gateway of the school, we were greeted with The first day of school
By Nemfa Petina & May Anne Joy
happy faces and pretty smiles of other participants. Oh! I is high for it is the day for
was too nervous that time. I even felt the fast beatings of “Sa wastong nutrition ni mommy, siguradong healthy
students to be bombastic or
my heart, so fast and so loud that I can even hear it, and I si baby”, is the year’s theme in the celebration of the nutrition
artistic. Why? During this day,
can’t take it anymore. “Oh God, please help us!”, I said to month.
students get their chances to
It says here that, with proper nutrition of mothers, it’s no
myself. I have to pacify myself. I breathed so deeply, and be fashionable. This is the day
doubt that babies will be healthy.
fortunately, the fresh air that soothed within me gave me they wear new clothes and sort
Have you watched in television shows that some babies
comfort. After a minute, we proceeded on our way. of things that are “new” and
have abnormalities and that others are weak and sickly? Well, I
As usual in competitions, we had a getting-to-know- show supposedly new fashions
guess the cause of these are: while the babies are in their mothers’
each-other activity. On the second day, it was my time to such as new “attitudes” and new
wombs, maybe the mothers smoked cigarettes, drank liquors, and
prove my ability in making a Project Proposal. We were “styles” like new “hairstyle”.
ate junk foods. The fact is that whatever a pregnant mother takes
See how exciting the
three in the battle ground. I looked at my competitors and in, the baby in her womb shares, even the air she breathes in
first day of school is? This
confidence was written all over their faces and they seemed is the time for meeting new
affects her baby.
to be very intelligent, unlike me. I felt butterflies inside my If we try to compare a healthy baby with an unhealthy
friends or acquaintances and
stomach, and I thought for a moment that I lost pounds of baby, of course the healthy baby will surely grow quickly while
most specially searching for
my weight for it seemed that I was floating. All I did was the sickly baby will be skinny and will not enjoy playing with
“special ones”. It is the time to
look at my coach and co-participants from our school and others like the other healthy children do.
talk with old friends.
So, for babies to be healthy, strong, and have a better
remember what I was fighting for. Students like us can’t
future, mothers should not drink liquors or take in drugs that will
I’ve tried my very best in that activity, but I didn’t deny how exciting first day
destroy the baby inside their womb. They should eat nutritious
expect to win nor to achieve the second position. But what of school is, but we have
foods like fruits and vegetables and drink at least six to eight
is this, a miracle, a gift from heaven, or a grace? I really to consider others who feel
glasses of water a day. They should as well feed their babies with
didn’t expect what I heard. I, a first timer, compared to other nervous and shy. In order to
their breast milk because breast milk is the best milk for babies
contestants whom I think are veterans in this event, can make them feel how we feel,
which even money cannot buy.
we endeavor to make the first
succeed to grab a position, which is the second place? I’m And remember, health is wealth.
move and get acquainted with
proud to have this award.
Even though I defeated one of the participants, I am
them. By doing this, I am sure Int’l NGO Gives Gifts to Otucan
we will enjoy the high feeling
really proud of having this award, because I earned it, I on the first day of school. Sur, Otucan Norte
gained it, and the most important is, I gave all my best. By Je-Ann Joaquin & Desiree Lomasoc

More Community News... Heifer Philippines, a part of the Heifer International, in

partnership with Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) gave early
GOSINGAN LEADS SK LEAGUE Christmas gifts to interested CCF members of Otucan Sur and
Vina Dalasen , Grishina Cholalos, & Junila Ticay Otucan Norte last July 24 this year in Kapayawan, Otucan
Bila SK Chairman Terence Gosingan with the SK Two pigs, a carabao, 13 chickens, fruit trees, and
Kagawads led SK League every Sundays after the mass at seedlings were awarded to the fortunate recepients. The program
Bila gym, starting July 27, 2008 was attended by some provincial, municipal , and government
Games played were basketball , volleyball and employees, barangay captains of Otucan Norte and Sur, and other
badminton. Other barangay like Otucan join said SK League. NGOs.
“Through this activity, we hope to invite youths in participating The purpose of this program is to help the CCF members
in sports rather than in hazardous activities . Let us achieve: who are needy. This program was not only held in Otucan but
no to drugs, yes to sports!,” Gosingan said. also in lowlands particularly in Pangasinan.
Independence Day, July 4 or June 12? Indigenous Literary
By Jared Padsing & Harry Osboken

Every 12th day of June, all Filipinos all over the Philippines and the whole world celebrate
and commemorate the Philippine Independence Day.
It’s on this day that we remember how our very brave heroes and forefathers fought for

The Otucan-Bila National High School Family
our freedom from the cruel tyrants and conquerors. Not only is Independence Day celebrated but
also the Philippine Flag Day. Do you want to know why? It’s because when President Emilio recognizes the importance of our (as Indigenous
Aguinaldo declared our Independence Day, he also raised and waved our very own National Flag People) non-material culture including literaries in
at his own house in Kawit, Cavite made by Marcela Agoncillo, and her daughters, Lorena and the formation, development, and progress of our
Josefina Herbosa de Natividad. community and our identity. Thus, we endeavor the
However, the question is, is June 12 really the day when the Filipinos experienced real preservation, revival, and documentation of such.
independence? According to history books, it was on July 4 1946 when the Americans gave us our
freedom. Months Based on Agricultural Calendar
Which date is more fitted to be called Philippine Independence Day, June 12 or July 4? Source: Health, Illness, and Culture in a Philippine Community: the Social and
Let’s try to go back to our history. Cultural Construction of Reality among the Kankana-ey Speaking Igorots of Bauko,
“Fourteenth century, the Age of Colonization”, the start of the sufferings of the Filipinos Bila and Otucan by Fr. Dominic Togni Gaioni, Ph.D. (University of California, 1994)
when Ferdinand de Magallanes landed at the island of Limasawa in search of Mollucas. For more Local Name Representative Month
than 300 years, the Spaniards ruled over our beloved country. For more than 300 years, Filipinos
Kiling Bird January
suffered from great pain, hunger, sickness, death and others.
Our forefathers didn’t want to be slaves forever. They didn’t want the Spaniards’ way of Tiway Bird February
ruling so they rebelled against them, which happened on all corners of the Philippines. They were Opok Plant/leaves falling March
able to defeat the Spaniards with the help of the Americans. And on that day, June 12, 1898, Bakakew Sorghum harvest April
Pres. Aguinaldo declared that the Philippines is free by waving our flag and singing our National Kitkiti Rice flowering May
Anthem. Ki-yang Rice harvest June
After the Spaniards, Americans followed in colonizing our country. But, Filipinos want Panaba Sweet potato July
freedom so Americans gave the Filipinos a chance to govern their country through Commonwealth. planting
They were given 10 years to practice and prepare leading our country. This is according to Tydings Uwa-u Insect August
McDuffie Law. And after 10 years, Filipinos will have the total control on our country.
Adawey Rice seed beds September
But before the 10 year agreement elapsed, World War II broke up. Because Philippines
was under America’s control that time, it became a victim of the war. Thousands of Filipinos died, Adas Bird October
hungered, and suffered. But still America helped us and we are able to free our country. After the Bugbugtong Bird November
10 years of preparing for leading our country, America gave us our independence on July 4, 1946. Adug Bird December
Now, based from our history we can tell that our Philippine Independence Day must be July
4 and not June 12. But, June 12 was declared by President Aguinaldo to be our independence day
and was honored by the presidents after him.
Whether June 12, July 4, or even March 30 should our independence day, it’s not important. Baey Mi
The most important is we are free, and our country is free. Daldalisig dalisig
“Long live the Philippine Independence!” Os-osdongak baey mi Entako makidisig
Adu-ado nan mangili
Brigada Eskwela at OBNHS PARTICIPATION Kwa, kwa aso mi
Ta entako tanggawan
Hi aman Bangkawayan
By Madelyn Togmoy IS A MUST Ayka ta ketketem di Tay nap-as id kubaban
Excited to go back to school? Have you checked if the By Kristine Pilingan Adim pay nan agi mi Hino han nakaila
school is ready for you? Are your things ready? “It doesn’t matter if Hi Papa-ila id Data
During the month of May, before the goddess Juno Tay um-umyali da’s ubi.
we win or lose for what we Hino han nang-itdo
celebrated her festival, all public schools held an energizing
activity to prepare their vicinities for a more comfortable place
conducive for learning. This activity is called the Brigada
just need are players who will
participate and will practice
Pippipingew Hi Papa-ito id Mokgo
Hino han agas
Eskwela. This was attended by parents or siblings of students, This came out after a Han dikdikking id
wherein they were given different tasks during the activity. controversy of who was the
Pippipingew Tuking.
Here in our school, the tasks given were more on the real winner during the OBNHS Ibagam ta ma-eg-
weeding, fixing of destroyed tables and chairs, and restoring of
eroded walls. With the proper assigning of tasks, works were
Intramurals 2008. Everybody
expected that Unit-1, the egew Tilin Tilin
done fast. The women used their tools in removing weeds while Giants, will be the overall
the men used their tools fixing some eroded slopes and removing champion. However on the day
Gatgatinak Tilin, tilin, amoklin
Ikotkotimak sik-a
of soil that clogged the canals.
During the said activity, the principal assigned teachers to
of announcement, everybody tagadew Nabsogka, binomtogka.
was shocked when Unit-3,
check the attendance of the representatives of the students. the Wildcats, seized the bacon Il-il-ilak, maeg-
Students at their line
egew. Ten Commandments
A Student's Prayer
By: St. Catherine
turn to the person beside them
and asked: “U-3, how come?”
individual sports. That’s where
the points came from. But, why
of Good Study Habit
By Eden Bernardez
Open my mind to your grace, O Lord, as I begin my study Well, well, well, point system? In the past, gold 1) Eat slowly, chewing food
here’s the answer. The school system was always carried.
today. thoroughly.
administration followed the However, participation from,
You are the source of all wisdom and truth: 2) Eat regularly.
point system instead of gold the students were gradually
so guide me along the right path 3) Eat nothing between meals.
system during the competition. decreasing that prompted
that I may persevere in my studies and scholarship. 4) Eat in cheerful surrounding
The point system is all about the school faculty and
May I learn well what I need to know; and with pleasant table
participation. It’s true that the administration to change the conversation.
may I understand what I need to learn; Giants won many gold medals, gold system to point system. 5) Drink water abundantly be-
may I remember what I need to explain. but they have no players in Now, may this serve as a tool tween meals.
Give to my efforts the success you would have for them,O some events. On the other for us, students to participate 6) Use simple methods of food
Lord, hand, the Wildcats didn’t not only during intramurals but preparation.
so that I may use wisely the knowledge I acquire garner much gold medals, but during all school activities? 7) Use mainly natural sweets
and thus live contentedly in your love and the service of they have participants in all After all, it’s not all about instead of sugar.
my neighbour; the events contested especially winning but unity and 8) Use natural foods.
in individual medals, but they participation that are essential.
and in due time, may I receive by your grace, the eternal 9) Cook to preserve food val-
have no players in some events Lastly, what is the use
reward you have prepared for me. ues.
of being grouped if we don’t 10) Be sure the fruits and veg-
I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
participate? etables are in good condition.
When Mushroom Kills
(Published on the Northern Dispatch)
Some Reasons Not to Mess With a Child

Are you fed up of dreadful houseflies roaming around your kitchen? Are you so irritated because aside A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The
from giving diseases, getting rid of them cost a lot from the pocket? Yeah, buying flycatchers once in a while is
teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow
so expensive so why not resort to cheaper but effective fly control method.
Here in the Cordillera mountain ranges lie mushrooms that are not only edible but also potential housefly a human because even though it was a very large mammal its
killers. Mushroom versus flies. What a duel! throat was very small.
The process is free, environmental friendly and 100% sure. Study conducted by Shelly Abag and The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a
Professor Bernard Tad-awan of the Benguet State University entitled “Survey, Characterization, and Evaluation whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not
of Lumsek Mushroom’s Effect on Housefly (Musca domestica)” proved this type of killer mushroom. swallow a human; it was physically impossible.
The study described the natural habitat and usefulness of lumsek mushroom in Kabayan, Benguet, The little girl said, “ when I get to heaven, I will ask
characterize the mushroom, describe the micorrizhal relationship of the mushroom with its habitat, and test the
fly control potential of the mushroom.
Lumsek, as locally called in Benguet and other parts of Mountain Province, is one mushroom that local The teacher, “what if Jonah went to hell?”
folks use as food and as traditional means to control houseflies, which abound in the vegetable-growing areas The little girl replied, “then you ask him!”
where chicken dung is commonly used as fertilizer. The children had all been photographed, and the teacher
The mushroom grows only in cold and moist mountain. The mushroom fruit under pine canopy with was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group
grass cover. The cap of the mushroom is white when young. Later, it has gray-black patches and turns to entirely picture.
gray-black when dried. “Just think how nice it will be to look at it when you
According to the result of the survey the researchers did in Kabayan, that involved 20 old folks who
are all grown up an say, ‘There’s Jennifer, she’s a lawyer,’ or
were knowledgeable on the lumsek mushroom with regard to its presence and uses, majority claimed that the
fruiting period is mainly in June followed closely by July. They further asserted that lumsek produce fruiting ‘That’s Michael, he’s a doctor.’”
body at the onset of the rainy season. A small voice at the back of the room rang out. “And
Results of the researcher’s experiment proved that the use of 10 grams fresh lumsek mushroom there’s the teacher, she’s dead!”
significantly killed houseflies compared to the use of Baygon and flypaper. However, when dried, lumsek, like The children were lined up in the cafeteria of a catholic
the untreated, did not kill any fly. The use of ten grams fresh lumsek killed 97% of the houseflies relative to the elementary school for lunch. At the head was a large pile of ap-
flypaper. ples. The nun made a note, and posted on the apple tray: “Take
The results indicated that the chemical found in the mushroom can only be poisonous to houseflies when
only ONE. God is watching.”
fresh and therefore the mushroom cannot be of use when stored.
While the fly agarics (large-capped fungus), Amanita muscaria, has been reported to be used for poisoning Moving further along the lunch line, at the other end of
flies, the compound present, amatoxin (poison from mushroom), as common among poisonous mushrooms, may the table was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. A child had
also be the toxin present on lumsek. written a note: “Take all you want. God is watching the apples.”
The result of poisoning depends on the amount of amatoxin consumed in relation to the weight of the A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of
victim. It could be deduced from the result that the amount of toxin present in lumsek is minimal that it only children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk
poison flies, being far less in weight than humans are. Thus, the beauty of this mushroom being edible to humans around to see each child’s work. As she got one little girl who
but poisonous only to flies.
was diligently, she asked what the drawing was.
So, stand up now. Prepare your materials and start culturing lumsek for free housefly killer!

Let’s play word games

The girl replied: “I’m drawing God.”
The teacher paused and said “But no one knows what
God looks like.”
Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing,
Analogies Anagram the girl replied: “They will, in a minute!”
Figure out how the first 2 words are related, then think of a Anagrams are simple
word that is related to the third word in the same way. For example, yet challenging word puzzles.
black is to white as night is to ?
The answer is day.
They have been played around
the world for centuries and to-
1. complete is to entire as usual is to______________ ?
day can be found in many daily Water and Health
newspapers, puzzle books and on
2. cry is to sob as job is to ______________ ? numerous websites. To play the 1. A person can live about a month without food, but only about a week
3. band is to trumpeter as network is to ______________ ? following anagram, rearrange the without water. If a human does not absorb enough water dehydration is
4. seventy is to seven as cent is to ______________ ? words to form another word/s that the result.
5. plenty is to scarce as graceful is to ______________? in some ways related to the origi- 2. A person must consume 2 litres of water daily to live healthily. Humans
6. snow is to flake as sand is to ______________ ? nal. drink an average of 75.000 litres of water throughout their life.
7. eye is to pupil as cherry is to ______________ ? 3. Humans cannot drink salt water.
8. Sunday is to Saturday as morning is to ______________ ? 1. Woman Hitler 4. More than 2 billion people on earth do not have a safe supply of water.
9. busy is to idle as simple is to ______________ ? 5. Water regulates the temperature of the human body. If you have caught
10. inch is to length as ton is to ______________? a fever you should drink lots of water.
2. That queer shake
6. Water removes waste from the human body.
Maze _____________________
3. Bad credit
7. You should never drink water straight from a lake or river, as it can be
damaging to your health.
Ben's Lost _____________________
Ben went out for a walk during lunch. He wandered a little 8. If you live in an old house with lead pipelines you could get health
4. Cash lost in ‘em problems. Due to weathering of the pipelines lead can end up in your tap
too far and got lost. He has a meeting at Independence Hall in half an _____________________
hour. Help Ben find the way back. water.
5. The classroom 9. Your drinking water may be fluoridated to help prevent dental cavities.
_____________________ 10. Water leaves the stomach five minutes after consumption.
6. Twelve plus one 11. Centres for Disease Control receive notification of more than 4,000
_____________________ cases per year of illness due to drinking water contamination.
7. Dirty room 12. A quarter of the world's population is without safe drinking water.
_____________________ 13. Water can cause serious health damage when it is contaminated by
8. Nine Thumps bacteria and other microrganisms.
_____________________ 14. In most cities and towns, drinking water from the tap is treated so that
9. A rope ends it people don't get sick with diseases such as cholera and typhoid, which are
_____________________ caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites found naturally in the water.
10. Here come dots
A lion in the winter
Education does
not mean teaching Sleeps like it was OBNHS
By Nemfa May Ann Joy
people to know summer Petina

what they do not Then the snow fall

Math Puzzlers O – Outstanding
1. Can you find four consecutive prime numbers that add up to 220? know; it means down
2. If I buy an apple and a banana, the cost will be $1.19. If I buy an B – Bailiwick &
teaching them to On the forest crown
apple and a pear, the cost will be $1.45. If I buy a banana and a pear,
N – Noble
the cost will be $1.40. What are the individual prices? behave as they do The lion roar like
3.Barry went to a sporting goods store with $100 to buy some golf H – Hub of
equipment. If he spent $40 on a new driver, 20% of what was left not behave. thunder
on a new putter, 1/8 of his original money on golf balls, and 31/71 of - John Ruskin (1819-
S – Scholarly and
what was left of his money on a golf cart, how much money does he
have left?
1900) English Critic Excellent Education
OBNHS Holds 2008
By Sheena Mae Dolligas & Fay Becyagen

Otucan- Bila National High School held its intramural

last September 16-17 this year at the school campus. The theme
was “Youth Sport Adheres to Sportmanship Code.” The students
were grouped into four units.
It started with a parade led by the color guard and the
drums and lyre band of the school. They were followed by the
different units wearing their assigned uniform color: Unit-1
- Green, Unit-2 - Blue, Unit-3 - Red, and Unit-4 - Black. The
faculty members and the public came last.
The program started immediately after the parade.
Every muse and adonis of each team represented her/his units
in the flag raising. Then, Dexter Panisigan, SSG president, with
the team captains lighted the torch. The cheering competition
followed with a maximum of seven minutes presentation from
each unit. Mher Becyagen, silver medalist in taekwondo in the
2008 Cordillera Administrative Reqion Athletics Association
(CARAA) Meet led the pledge of amateurism. Unfortunately,
the guest speaker, Barangay Captain Calixto Gamlosen of Bila, May the best men win. The night wolves and the Blue Fighters basketball players pose to jump
was not around. Principal Clara S. Alipit declared the official for the ball during the School’s Intramurals last September 16 this year.
opening of the school intramurals.
There were some alumni who came and joined the school
OBNHS to Compete in the 2008 District Meet
By Desiree Lumasoc
The following are the results of the intramurals:
• Cheering: (Girls)
Otucan- Bila National High school (OBNHS) will participate in the incoming District Meet
1st - U-3, U-4 Racket A 1st - U-1 to be held at Guinzadan National High School (GNHS) and Guinzadan Elementary School(GES)
2nd - U-2 1st - U-1 2nd - U-3 on October 16-18 2008.
3rd - U-1 Racket B Each student donated a cup of rice and a piece of wood for cooking. The barangay captains
1st - U-3 (Shot Put) of Otucan Norte, Otucan Sur and Bila gave financial aid for the said meet. Barangay captains of
• Games: Doubles Girls Otucan Sur and Bila will provide the transportation of 74 athletes and coaches. Barangay captain
BASKETBALL 1st - U-2 1st - U-2 of Otucan Norte will handle the delivery of the food of the said athletes and coaches.
1st - U-1 The purpose of the event is to select athletes who will represent Bauko 1 in the Provincial
3rd - U-2 (Girls) (Boys)

1st - U-3
2nd - U-1
Racket A
(Boys) Doubles By Sir Sam and Vic
1st - U-4 (Boys) 1st - U-1
2nd - U-1 1st - U-3 Being guided by the message of the article, OBNHS come out with a “Sportsmanship
3rd - U-2 2nd - U-3 (Girls) Code” designed, primarily to develop sport skills for effective competition as well as to
(Girls) Racket A instill favorable values worthy of emulation; coaching carries with it a moral responsibility
1st - U-4 TRACK AND FIELD 1st - U-1 to contribute to the healthy character development of young players.
2nd - U-2 EVENTS Racket B
3rd - U-1 Throwing 1st - U-4
This “Sportsmanship Code” is based from an article of Current Events Digest,
(Discuss) Doubles Teacher’s Edition, Issue # 8 of S.Y 2008-2009.
SEPAK TAKRAW Girls 1st - U-4 “Winning is Everything” philosophy results to poor sportsmanship. There is a need
1st - U-4 1st - U-2 2nd - U-2 to instill in a child the importance of good sportsmanship and affect the “Win at all Costs”
2nd - U-2 2nd - U-2 Boys philosophy. According to Carleton Kendrick, parents, teachers and coaches can start by
3rd - U-1 1st - U-3
focusing on these issues: Be the Child’s Model; you set the rule; obtain values through
Boys 2nd - U-2
TABLE TENNIS 1st - U-3 watching and learning; and, follow “Tips for Coaches”.
(Boys) 2nd - U-1 (Running) A coach must model good sportsmanship at every level one make it a core goal
Racket A Girls of his work with kids. Every youth sports coach could engage his players in a detailed
1st - U-2 (Javelin) 1st - U-3 discussion of good sportsmanship as soon as he forms his team.
Racket B -Girls 2nd - U-3 The following are the sportmanship code for the school:
1st - U-3 1st - U-3 Boys
Doubles 2nd - U-2 1st - U-1
- Avoid cheating;
1st - U-2 2nd - U-1 - As much as possible, control your temper;
- Refrain from negative criticisms of teammates, coaches, referees and opposing
Answers to the Math Puzzlers:

- Do not blame teammates for mistakes or poor team performance;
- Refrain from “trash talk” and taunting opponents;
1. 47 + 53 + 59 + 61 = 220

- Showboating should be avoided;
- Remove the possibility of arguing referee’s calls and judgements; and
2. pear = 83 cents, banana = 57
Mother-in-law - Woman Hitler
cents, apple = 62 cents

- And Congratulate one’s opponents after a game
Instill self-discipline, honesty, and teamwork. Be a good sportman.
3. $20.00. After he spent
The earthquakes - That queer
shake $40.00 on a new driver, he had
Maze: Mystery Corner:
Debit card - Bad credit $60.00 left. Twelve dollars was The Case of the Untimely Blackmailer
Slot machines- Cash lost in ‘em spent on the new bag, leaving
School master - The classroom him with $48.00. One eighth of Hobbs and Dough both know
Eleven plus two - Twelve plus his original $100 ($12.50) was
there is no June 31!
spent on golf balls. This leaves
Dormitory - Dirty room
Punishment - Nine Thumps
him $35.50 ($48.00-$12.50). The object of teaching a child is to
Desperation - A rope ends it He then spends 31/71 on the enable him to get along without a
The Morse code - Here come golf cart, or $15.50. He now
dots $20.00 ($35.50 - $15.50). teacher.
Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)

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