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Welcome to Microsoft I-Spark Center of Excellence!!

"If you can dream it, you can do it", said Walt Disney. Similar is the vision of bringing the best of the lot from the youth on a single platform by the name of VIT innovation Lab. VIT University in collaboration with Microsoft proudly presents the I-Spark- Center of Excellence Lab to launch Microsoft I-Spark, a unique program that is going to lead the light of instilling a culture of science, technology and innovation among the youth of the nation. It aims in bringing up some of the best solutions for the mankind to the fore. About Microsoft I-Spark Center of Excellence Lab Microsoft I-Spark Center of Excellence- a platform, not for the common technical brain but for people with the bent of mind to look at the world from a viewpoint which is beyond the presumed physical laws, it is about logic and faith in your abilities. It beckons all the loquacious minds to scream out their ideas and learning. It provides you the opportunity to showcase you comprehensive knowledge and your ability to make people understand it. We strictly emphasize on originality. Start with what is right than what is acceptable. Highlights
1. Selected ideas will be given a period of one year for developing the product. 2. Selected ideas will be funded by VIT University.

3. Infrastructure facilities will be provided by VIT University. 4. Mentored by experts from IIT, IISc, IIIT, VIT and leading MNCs like Microsoft, IBM etc.., 5. Ideas are not confined to one particular field. 6. Participant can be a Student/Research Scholar/Faculty/IT Professional. 7. Can be Individual / Group (Team size 2-3). 8. Necessary training will be provided by VIT. 9. Attractive rewards. Rules
1. Ideas should be relevant to the ecosystem thereby throwing a potential to start a

business with the idea or to capture the attention of an industry. 2. Ideas should address a need and solve a problem. 3. Ideas should be innovative and should either integrate/adopt/modify/aggregate or create technology, process, design or their usage leading to efficiency, productivity, simplicity or convenience. 4. Benefits should be tangible and measurable. 5. Realistic in cost and time to delivery. P.S: As the platform is being supported by Microsoft it would be good if the ideas have an IT component and preferably use Microsoft development or designer tools as a basic prerequisite.

Selection Process Proposed ideas will be scrutinized by the Steering Committee and will be shortlisted. Shortlisted teams should deliver a one minute presentation to the Steering Committee regarding the pitch of the idea that articulates the following:
1. Need for the solution provided (Problem Statement). 2. Relevance (Is the solution worth solving/is there an existing solution) 3. Realizable (Time to complete, Cost, Resources required to complete, Technology)

Further scrutiny is done based on presentation and second shortlist is prepared by the Steering Committee. Innovation is NOT a product. Innovation is NOT just technology and is NOT merely a concept. Innovation is a sustainable process and is a manifestation of originality - originality in thinking, and originality in conceptualizing natural inventiveness of the mind. Stretching minds little further than the normal thresholds have resulted in great innovations. Take up the challenge to drive home your genuine ideas and understanding. Who knows, this could be your first step to name, fame and glory!!! Appendix

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Contact Details Send your ideas to the below mentioned email id or address on or before 28th of October 2011. Email: sathya.renu@vit.ac.in with CC: director.site@vit.ac.in
Subject: Innovative Idea

Postal Address: Director, School of Information Technology & Engineering (SITE), VIT University, Vellore - 632014