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ul ‘ isargadatta Maharaj was one of the great sages of modern, MUMCLUDINUCINTINI Nissi MESURE CMEUEM nlsttn trean But the Jean Dunn, a close follower of Mahar} volumes that make up trilogy of Maharaj talks: See : - solute: The Final Talks of Sri Nsarg dutta Mahara. Jean, wi with Maharaj during his last years, : * observes that during this time Mahara did not entertain any que: Peg idly lfeanditsimprovement, and exclusive Even anisiaa" He was very blunt and shaxp in his answers and did not — in fact, his stated purpose was to destroy ‘a ‘Ta be in his pr a5 to feel the vibrant ible to describe ‘amazing to watch... One could only gaze at him in total love and awe.” Jean Dunn died in March 1996; she made an invaluable contribution in compiling the teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj for posterity Ina tribute tothe fist collection of Maharajs talks, Am That, a % . this collection of recorded questions and answer : isto the inner ear... love-song, out ofthe beyond, chanting the " highest wisdom in the simplest down to earth language, a cal di ‘ne for the yearning human child lost in the wilderness of igno- rance, To those who know how to listen, Lam That proves itself a modern spiritual classi of the highest rank sentation Volume 1980), Prior oC revealing and illuminating dialogues which began & SBN a1-asz00~35-4 WU) 7a3300/000356. Chetana Edited'by Jean Dunn : Prior to Consciousness Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Edited by Jean Dunn em datas Chetana The Infinite a sudden guest Has been assumed to be, But how can that stupendous come Which never went away? — Emily Dickinson Bolts of Melody — New poems of Emily Dickinson (New York: Harper and Row)