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Issue # 8 Nov/Dec 2004



Chips are no longer only something to eat Kamau Makesi-Tehuti
ASAFO A Warriors Guide PAGE 3 to Manhood Mwalimu Baruti BLOWING THE jesus LIE PB $16.95 AWAY, ONCE & FOR ALL: ISBN:0967894336 www.akobenhouse.com excerpts from KUKUU-TUNTUM:The Ancestral Jurisdiction Baba Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Ahkan PAGE 6 Yaa Asantewaa & the Asante British War of 1900-1901 A. Adu Boahen PB $27.95 ISBN:0852554435 Fighting the Slave Trade: West African Strategies editor:Sylviane Diouf PB $ 26.95 ISBN:0821415174


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Reinventing Africa: Matriarchy, Religion & Culture Ifi Amadiume PB $25 ISBN 1856495345

UBEN-HYENG: The Ancestral Summons Kwesi Ra Nehem PB $11 www.odwirafo.com

Maa Adwo, Habari Ghani, Hujambo, Inisogoma & other phrases of Afrikan greeting. This is the Chief Editor of AFRIKAN WORLD ANALYSIS, Kamau MakesiTehuti. Can Afrikan people FINALLY move beyond the voting thing now??? If I see another dumb ass Vote or Die T-Shirt, I am liable to catch a case. (that means be arrested for the older generations reading.) Voting for local matters ...that has merit. Outside of that, it is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & a major distraction for the REAL work that needs to/must be done. And before you raise that tired old Our Ancestors died for us to have the right to vote, blah blah blah, I say most died so WE COULD BE FREE, most died so WE COULD GOVERN OURSELVES, most died so WE COULD BE A SOVEREIGN PEOPLE AGAIN. We tend to forget that when we get caught up in the voting rhetoric. Besides, voting ties us into having faith in this system of politics, faith in amerikkka and basically faith in caucasoids. We still AFTER ALL OF THIS DAMN TIME & HISTORY believe that amerikkka will take care of us. We silfe ta tl el ht amerikkka will be fair, honest & upstanding to us. The voting distraction keeps us from doing the hard work of building our own. Again, before you dust off the but what about the meantime..., if more of us come back to our Afrikan senses & do the work, the meantime becomes the present time very quickly, but since there are only a

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Chips are no longer only something to eat

Kamau Makesi-Tehuti
Oh my God, officer, I have lost my child! Can you help me!?! Calm down maam. Yes we can. Did you have him chipped? Well of course I did, its the law, right? Yes maam. Can I have your sons last known location & his 16 digit number & well find him for you in 10 minutes. Thank you VeriChip. I dont know where Id be without you!!!
While Im sure some readers chuckled at the above commercial, on Oct. 13th, 2004, the f.d.a. brought it dramatically closer to reality. Let me introduce you to the first, LEGAL, implantable HUMAN tracking device called the VeriChip.. The VeriChip, as described from its makers website is a subdermal RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] device that can be used in a variety of security, financial, emergency identification and other applications. About the size of a grain of rice, each VeriChip contains an unique [16 digit] verification number that is captured by passing a scanner over the VeriChip.. The Associated Press report on the 13th continues. With the pinch of a syringe, the microchip is inserted under the skin in a procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and leaves no stitches. (www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6237364) I can already hear some labelling this a conspiracy theory or the mark of the beast. However, when we Afrikan people come back to REALITY and use a bit of our historical interaction with these people temporarily oppressing us, the real threat can be seen. Before that though, lets share some more history on this health information microtransponder system. Applied Digital [Solutions] is the owner of a majority position in the Digital Angel Corporation, which is located in Delray, FL. The names Applied Digital Solutions, Digital Angel Corporation and VeriChip Corporation can basically be used interchangeably but the head boss is Applied Digital and their CEO Scott Silverman. The technology for the VeriChip has been around since the 1970s, such as InfoPet, which is an implantable microchip for animals. Around 2000-01, ADSX, their nasdaq symbol decided to expand to the human market. Another reason why this writer strays away from calling this a conspiracy is because while those are mostly secret and below board, largely all progress leading up to Oct. 13 is all on their website for ALL TO SEE (This writer has personally been watching these developments for about 2.5 years). Some of their other highlights include: Display[ing] the first generation of Digital Angel wristwatches at TechShow 2001 at the Harvard Business School on Jan 18th; entering the test phase of implanting wanderers or Alzheimers, autism and dementia patients in August of the same year; signed an agreement with the California Governors Office of Criminal Justice in Nov. 2001 to chip/implant and track parolees for one year; in 2002, created a partnership with BI Inc. a leading provider of electronic monitoring and treatment services for community-based parolees and probationers. They (BI Inc.) will incorporate Digital Angel Corp.s advanced GPS technology into products that will allow continuous 24/7 monitoring of offenders who are under community supervision; made national and international news in May 2002 as the world witnessed the first human chipping on The Today Show, Inside Edition, Fox News, CBS Evening News, SAT 1 German TV, Univision, CNN, Nick News, Tech TV and Telemundo; and as already stated on Oct. 13th, 2004, the f.d.a. approved the VeriChip to be implanted in humans for health care applications. As James Bovard from The American Conservative explains, ... medical providers will be able to tap into a database on the Internet to access all of a persons [medical] information. Now, of course, the VeriChip will be promoted to the consuming public by creating emotional-filled, heart-string pulling images of finding wayward elderly, rescuing abducted children, locating lost mountain hikers, tracking child molesters, etc. And if that angle doesnt sway enough people, the highly effective convenience card can be played. For instance, the Calgary Herald in June 2004 reported that, ... the VeriChip was NEXT PAGE 3

inserted into the upper right arm of revellers at the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona. At the nightclub, the tiny capsule can be detected by a reader used by waitresses. It gives server access to the patrons payment information and instantly processes a transaction. The technology also allows the clubs VIP members to be differentiated from others to open doors to special rooms. So the VeriChip can be used as a SpeedPass basically eliminating the need for credit cards and physical money. Some reading this are probably thinking, Great! Theft will become obsolete. Where do I sign up? Well, while the process will run you $200 for the chip, 9.95 to have info stored in an FDA compliant database, plus $40 annual fee not only do us at the A.W.A. advise against it, Mr. Bovard warns [a]mericans need to keep a close eye on where the government is going with this draconian new technology. There is NO REASON to expect the feds to be more honest about tracking chips than they have been about Carnivore, Total Information Awareness, [The Patriot Acts] and other intrusions. It is vital that we never permit our rulers to treat all [a]mericans like criminal suspects all the time. The governments incompetence at protecting [a]mericans must not be converted into a political entitlement to destroy all privacy. (pg. 20, emphasis & additions mine) Also, with all of this information, nothing is discussed about if one wants it removed; does it float in the upper arm or is it stationary; does the radio frequencies it emits have any short term or long term side effects on the physical body or on ones emotional & spiritual state? Who can guarantee that chipping wont be made mandatory for all americans, or if not everyone, what about just newborns as a new social security number? There has already been talk of chipping all foreigners entering america to track their whereabouts in the wake of 9/11. CEO Sullivan [the previous CEO] advocated that the [u.s.] inject foreigners with tracking chips to allow monitoring of their movements by government officials.... Though the feds are not talking about implanting the chips YET, such a policy becomes far more likely in the event of a second major terrorist attack here. And once implants become obligatory for foreign visitors, it would only be logical to maximize public safety by forcing [a]mericans to participate. (18) Given our history in getting to this country, getting burned, lynched, getting bombed via M.O.V.E and Tulsas Black Wall Street examples; being eaten, chopped up and pieces being saved and displayed as souvenirs; being exploited and experimented on via Tuskeegee Syphilis tests, on and on and on, myself nor no staff at A.W.A. trust europeans enough to have them tracking us, our family or our future childrens every comings and goings 24/7. Given COINTELPRO and their Agitators Index, spies within the Afrikan community and the AIDS implantation into Afrikan people (whether it be an actual disease or the humanly toxic so-called preventative medicines), NO AFRIKAN PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS SHOULD EVER EVEN THINK OF BEING CHIPPED. We must stay vigilant on this because as one very enlightened conversation I had with a friend on this elucidates, They (the govt) probably wont press hard for this right now. They will wait for the Baby Boomers and more of the so-called Generation X-ers to die off. These groups have too much information to block and /or impede its progress. But the younger generation, which is almost totally devoid of historical information regarding Afrikans and europeans may eat it up and rush to get chipped, so the government will bide their time and wait probably 20-25 years and then push it on an unwitting public. Knowing europeans mentality, this is probably very close to their plan. Spread the word of this to all you know, stay informed by regularly visiting the websites below to monitor progress and above all DO NOT GET CHIPPED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!! Applied Digital Solutions website : www.adsx.com Digital Angel Corporations website : www.digitalangelcorp.com To read the msnbc report mentioned above : www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6237364 To read about the 1st chippings : http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/chipsons.htm To read the Calgary Herald article : http://www.4verichip.com/nws_06272004.htm For a listing of news reports on the VeriChip : http://www.allencaron.com/clients/applied/media 4

For James Bovards article, Chipping Away The American Conservative Nov. 22, 2004 pgs. 18-20 For those who are so moved, here is the physical address Applied Digital Solutions: 1690 South Congress Avenue Suite 200 Delray Beach, FL 33445 phone #- (561) 805-8000 To monitor their stocks, their symbol is ADSX, which can be plugged into any stock-based site like nasdaq or wall street journal. Digital Angel Corp is listed on AMEX as DOC

Here is an actual picture of a VeriChip. As stated, it is no larger than a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin, usually in the upper right arm between the elbow & shoulder.

Here is a picture of Applied Digital Solutions current CEO, Scott R. Silverman speaking at the ID World International Conference 2003 at The Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle. For a full listing of presenters at this conference, go to http://www.idworldonline.com/index.php For those keeping score, their 2004 conference is Nov 17th thru the 19th at Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel in Barcelona and yours truly is slated to speak on the 18th.

BLOWING THE jesus LIE AWAY, ONCE & FOR ALL: excerpts from KUKUU-TUNTUM:The Ancestral Jurisdiction by Baba Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Ahkan We have deliberately chosen now to bring forth groundbreaking information which, hopefully, lays to rest the jesus distraction, so we can come back home to our traditional Afrikan spiritual systems. Below are short, short explanations regarding information from his 3 CD set in which previously featured AWA writer Baba Kwesi exquisitely, WITH OUR OWN DOCUMENTATION-OUR MDW NTR (medu netcher or what the greeks called heiroglyphics), dissects, dispells & discards ALL non Afrikan religions. To purchase these CDs and his 2 other works or to address questions regarding what you have read, Baba Ras website info follows. CAUTION: Read forward with your AFRIKAN MIND!!! Jesus/Yeshua ben Pandira - Fictional Characters The entire story of jesus is a deliberate perversion of the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru (Osiris, Isis, and Horus) Let me begin with the proper etymology of the name jesus/hesus/yeshua. Many of us know the letter j entered the english alphabet in the 1600s. The latin and so-called hebrew way of pronouncing the name is whats relevant here, to wit hesus/yeshua. Of course, those who speak spanish say hesus. The greeks and later romans took one of the forms of the God Heru from ancient Kamit and corrupted His name into hesus. The form of the hawk-headed Deity Heru that they corrupted was that of Khensu. Khensu is often written Khons or Khonsu. This is as misleading as writing the name of God, Amen as Ammon or Amon. This was done by the white egyptologists and others in order to conceal the fact that Amen/Amin in christianity/hebrewism/islam comes from the God Amen (Amen Ra). The same goes for writing Khensu as Khonsu. The kh metut/hieroglyphic symbol in the name is often interchangeable in the language of Kamit with the metut/symbol for sh. In the Twi (Akan) language we have the same sound and it is written hy. In both languages (Kamit & Akan), the meaning is the same. The kh in Khensu, is pronounced similarly. Khensu thus becomes Shensu, Tchensu, Jensu, Yeshu, Hesu-s in greek. The n in the name is nasal, as it is in Twi. Khensu is a hawk-headed Divinity, and as a form of Heru, He is the son of Auset and Ausar. Does His name indicate this? Yes. Kh or Khi in the language of Kamit means child. Nsu (nesu) means Divine, royal, King, King of Southern Kamit. Nsu is the title of the King (Per aa, Pharoah). It is the first part of Nesubat (nsubat), meaning king of the south and north. Kh-nsu, Khi-nsu, thus means Divine royal child. Heru or Khensu Heru is the Divine royal child born of Auset and Ausar. He was born to become King. The whites and their offspring used the descriptive title of the God Heru (Khensu) and corrupted it into Khensus, Shensus, Shesu, Yeshu, Hesus, and in english jesus. You must hear the pronunciations of Khensu (Tchensu--Tchay-nsoo) and Yeshu (Jay/Yay-soo) and Hesus (Hay-soos) together, and you will see the connection. Im assuming you all know the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru. But briefly, the God Ausar and the Goddess Auset were King and Queen in Kamit. Their brother, the God Set was jealous of Ausar and murdered Him. He took Ausars body and threw it in the river. Auset was then removed from power and Set took over the rule of the country, reigning as a tyrant. Auset searched tirelessly for the body of Her Husband. When She found Him, She performed ritual. Through ritual, the Spirit of the God Ausar came to Auset, and through Their Divine spiritual union Auset became pregnant with Heru (Khensu). Of course, this is the origin of the story of Auset Merit (Mary) being impregnated by the Holy Spirit of God the Father (Ausar) and conceiving the Son of God (Khensu/Hesus/Jesus). Auset was told by Tehuti (the God of Wisdom) that Heru would grow strong and defeat the rule of Set. Tehuti then directed Auset to hide in the swamps of North Kamit to raise the child in secret. Set (the red-evil one) was corrupted by the whites into Set-an/Satan/Shaitan, the red devil. He sought to kill Khensu Heru, because he knew of the prophecy that Heru would grow to defeat Him and restore the kingdom of His Father Ausar. I.e., this is the origin of mary going to northern egypt with jesus to avoid the wrath of the evil king who sought to kill all newborn boys. It is also the origin of the angel gabriel coming to mary and telling her that 6

she would give birth to the sun/son of god. Death and resurrection of Khensu Heru. (See the Metternich Stele) Auset comes to find Heru has been stabbed by one of Sets associates. She embraces the body of Her Son and laments. Her Sister, the Goddess Nebt Het laments with Her. Another Goddess, Serqet, tells Auset to call on Ra in Heaven. Auset calls on Ra. Ra sends Tehuti down from Heaven to facilitate the resurrection of Heru. Heru goes on to defeat Set and take over the rule of the world. Heru, Auset, and Nebt Het then resurrect Ausar. I.e., Khensu (Hesus) has been murdered. The two Marys (Auset Merit and Nebt Het Merit) are there to embrace the body of the dead Son of God. The angel of the Lord (NOT gabriel/TEHUTI) comes to tell the two Marys (as the song goes mary(s) dont you weep. Khensu (Hesus) is resurrected. Anyone who studies the story of Ausar, Auset and Heru in detail will see the absolute forgery of christianity, islam and hebrewism. --------------------------------------------The Holy Bible Bible comes from Byblos, Pyplus/Pyprus---Papyrus. Holy comes from Helios. Who is Helios? The greek corruption of Ra. Holy bible = Helios Papyrus. Or, Papers/Papyrus/Book of Ra. Plagiarisms. --------------------------------Yeshua ben Pandera The talmudic character Yeshua ben Pandera is fictional. A major nothern sanctuary of the worship of Ausar, Auset and Heru (and this held true also very heavily in the christian era) is a city called Tata (often written with the metut/symbol for the soft tor d). It is pronounced Dada. It is often spelled Tettetu, or Tettet. The triad of the city was Ba Neb Tata, Hat Mehit, and Heru pa khart. (A bishop was sent from this region to the council of Nicea. Remember bishop is actually defined in by Webster as the head of a non-christian religious sect/group, etc.) Ausar was identified with Ba Neb Tata. Look at the names of Ausar in all the shrines wherein He dwells (See Budges Gods of the Egyptians, Vol. 2, Osiris chapter.) One of Ausars titles is Ausar Ba Neb Tata. Ba means Ram. Neb means master, lord. Tata (Dada) is the name of the city. Ba Neb Dada is th us the Great Ram, lord of the city Tata (Dada). The greeks called the city Mendes. Hat Mehit was identified with Auset. Heru pa khart, meaning Heru the child, was identified with Heru or Khensu son of Ausar and Auset. Ba Neb Tata or Ba Neb Dada became corrupted into Ba Ne Dada, Banedada, Bandada, Pandada and Pandera. Remember, the rolling r in our Ancestral languages (tongue tapping the roof of the mouth once) sounds like a soft d. This is why Tuesday in the Akan language (Benada--Beh-nah-dah) is veritably indistinguishable with benara (Beh-nah-rah), when the rolling r is pronounced. This is why Ra is pronounced/called Da in Ewe Vodoun. B and P are interchangeable. The n is nasal. Ausar or Banebdada/Bandara/Pandara/Pandera is the Father--symbolized as a Ram. Heru pa khart is Heru (Khensu/Hesus/Yeshu) son of Pandera. The son of the Ram is the Lamb. There is no historical jesus named ben Pandira. This was a major mistake made by Gerald Massey. All of this information is in the texts of our Ancestresses and Ancestors and in the languages and cultural/ spiritual practices of our contemporary Ancestral Clans (Akan, Bakongo, Yoruba, Igbo, Bambara, Nguni, Dogon, etc.) I didnt even go into the fact that every December 25 (after the solstice) Gods Sun (son) is born. The sun hangs on the cross (intersection of the equator and the ecliptic) near easter and then ascends into heaven (highest arc in the sky) at the summer solstice. You can watch the entire story of jesus play out every year by watching the movements of the sun. The story also plays out in the lunar phases, in your physical body and in the divisions of your spirit that are governed by the different Divinities mentioned in the story. Khensu Heru is the Deity from which the functions of the fictional jesus were manufactured. (The white iconography comes from Serapis). There was no brotha walking around in Palestine two thousand years ago telling people to turn the other cheek. Study Heru, Khensu, Khensu Nefer Hetep Heru, how Khensu and Heru were identified with one another. Study Auset, the title Merit. Study Ausar, Set, Nebt Het. Ba Neb Tata (Tettet)..... Ordering and Contact information: Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 312.371.0428 Ra_Nehem@odwirafo.com // www.odwirafo.com 7

This dynamic young scholar/ lecturer/activist delivers 2 powerful lectures on 1 CD. First a 25 minute exposition on the sad state of education as it relates to Afrikan youth and then a 40 minute in-depth chapter by chapter analysis of Dr. Kobi Kambons masterpiece The African Personality in America, which Dr. Kambon has personally endorsed. He states : It is quite a complex piece of work...but you have done a good ...& creditable job ... on the book. I appreciate your recognizing the significance of the work... For the extremely LOW price of ONLY $15, you can own a copy either by: (If in ATL) 1--Going to Afrikan Dieli Import Warehouse 840 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, SW 404-753-8933 *Across from the West End Mall* Tues-Sat 11-7 pm OR 2--Logging on to http//manofmoney.tripod.com/cd or 3--Sending your Checks or Money Orders for ONLY $15 to MDE 4406 Arnold Road Suitland, MD 20746
In the DC/MD/VA area??? EVERY Wednesday night 6 to 10 pm The Reeves Center 14th & U St. UNIA-ACL DIV #330 MARCUS GARVEY STUDY GROUP Come hear the most Progressive Pro-Black/Pan Afrikan voices of our times and get active in the most successful All Afrikan organization of the 20th century. Call them @ 202-543-7023 or visit them on the web @ http://www.unia-acl.org ONE GOD, ONEAIM, ONE DESTINY!!!



Excellent site for Afrikan centered 24 hour Talk radio featuring our scholars, conscious music & thought-provoking ideas

Serious Afrikan site for information & discussion on our spiritual systems BEFORE the invaders came. Also specific Ifa/ Yoruba cultural information

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