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Data Warehousing.

National Conference on Emerging Trends & Challenges in Management Posted on: 24 March 2012 Rewa Madhya Pradesh India Organized by: Department of Business Administration, Awadhesh Pratap Singh Unive rsity Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 24 February 2012 Corporate World in India is at a threshold of a crucial transition when most global brands are entering India to dominate the market by rewriting the rules of the game. This has triggered the emergence of new trends and challenges in the ma the energy security in rural India. Knowledge Management and HRM : Issues and Challenges Posted on: 14 March 2012 New Delhi India Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 24 February 2012 The seminar aims to identify the issues and challenging problems posed by knowledge management for HRM in business and organizations which will help in creating framework and adopting measures to deal with the adverse conditions to maintain their original work towards research promotion. International Conference on Advances in Management Studies Posted on: 7 September 2012 tirupati Andhra Pradesh India Organized by: WAIRCO Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30 March 2012 ICAMS is a common platform to the management students, academicians, researchers and industry executives to share their innovative thoughts of their real work towards promotion of research. undergraduate and graduate programs. Emerging Trends in Banking and Insurance Posted on: 5 March 2012 Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India Organized by: FAPCCI & Matrusri Institute of PG Studies Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 20 February 2012 Current trends in banking and insurance sector Building Future Education India 2012 Conference Posted on: 5 April 2012 New Delhi India Organized by: UBM India Pvt Ltd The BFE India 2012 Conference is taking place on 5-6 April at the BFE India exhibition in Delhi & will provide updates on the latest innovations, best practices & the implementation of proposed reforms across the education sector in India Shipbuilding for Off-shoring MULTI BRAND FDI IN ORGANIZED RETAIL IN INDIA Posted on:

1 March 2032 ajmer Rajasthan India Organized by: Organizer: Government College, Ajmer, sponsored by UGC, CRO, Bhopa l. Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 20 February 2012 This seminar invites papers on organized and unorganized Multi brand Retailing in India, in the present multi-brand retail FDI scenario, current regulatory framework, governmental policy, its impact, challenges and the way International Conference on Current Trends and Challenges in Management, Engine ering, Computer Application and Technology (ICCTCMECAT, 2012) Posted on: 23 March 2012 Aurangabad (MS) Maharashtra India Organized by: Choice Group of Institutes, Pune and Deogiri Institute, Aurangabad Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 26 February 2012 Original Research papers accepted will be published in ISSN numbered International Journals ISSN-2249-7455 International Journal of Advances in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences ISSN-2249-7463 International Journal of Business . Biological tools International Research Conference on Management Banking and Finance (IRCMBF) Posted on: 5 March 2012 Mumbai India Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 27 January 2012 IRCMBF is an International Research conference on management,banking and finance.The theme of the conference is Managing in Turbulent Times. ontributory papers and posters will feature. Think Global, Global Perspective in Mergers & Acquisitions Posted on: 23 September 2012 Mumbai Mumbai India Organized by: India Law Offices