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Press Release

Community BrandTailors launches the new Albalact corporate website

Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist

Bucharest - February 14th, 2012

Alina Crang Client Service Coordinator

Community BrandTailors - the first digital branding and digital content consultancy division in Romania - launched the new website of Albalact, the largest Romanian dairy company.
Community BrandTailors launched the new website of Albalact, www.albalact.ro, aimed to further build the companys corporate image via digital means. The site is addressed to every type of stakeholder, providing major interest information for investors and distributors, as well. Additionally, the media dedicated section provides an extensive archive of press releases and company news regarding Albalacts past and current performance. The newly launched website reunites information pertaining to the companys history and vision, as well as extensive details about Albalacts management team, to whom the entire company owes the success it registered for years on end. At the same time, the new website offers the end consumers the dairy producers entire product portfolio, comprising the four brands launched across the years, namely: Zuzu, Fulga, DeAlbalact and Rarul.

The main challenge we faced during the development of this project was the organization of the large amount of information we had at our hands, in such a way that it could be easily accessed and followed by the companys audiences: end consumers, business partners and journalists.

Alina Crang Client Service Coordinator

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In terms of graphic design, the website is respectful of the corporate websites paradigm: the brief color palette and carefully determined contrasts ensure that the attention focuses upon the relevance of information. As far as the companys public openness is concerned, Albalact takes one step further by means of its new website, ensuring a constant flow of updated sets of facts and data regarding the company, its brands and products. The online platform also integrates a human resources portal providing real-time information for everyone interested in the career opportunities available at Albalact.

Starting with Albalact.ro, Community BrandTailors opens the new series of digital branding projects developed for our clients. We estimate that the brand communication and digital branding services we offer will take up an increasingly more significant part in BrandTailors income, having already ensured 30% of the revenues last year.

In 201 BrandTailors concluded its internal reorganization process on four main lines of business product 1, branding, services branding, brand communication and digital branding. The Community BrandTailors team members who contributed to the development of this project are: Beatrice Dani, Ionu Militaru (former BrandTailors Community Account Executive) and Monica Dumitriu (former Community BrandTailors Brand Consultant) - strategic approach, Alina Crang and Ionu Militaru - project management, Mihai Vulpie (former Community BrandTailors Brand Designer) graphic concept and web design.
Follow us on LinkedIn There are some words that mean everything to us, BrandTailors professionals: strategy, vision, methodology and effectiveness. These words have guided our steps over the last seven years, whilst we have completed over 100 projects and changed the paradigm for over 50 product and service categories. This is what sets us apart, BrandTailors, the first brand strategy consulting and design firm in Romania that applies and promotes a strategic approach as basis for the branding process. Our professional approach has enabled us to gain an outstanding client portfolio. The list has grown year after year and looking back we are proud to have partnered with reputable companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Intersnak, Pepsico, Lactalis, Tetra Pak, Albalact, Caroli Foods, Kandia, Azuga Waters, Titan, iriac Holdings, Intact Media Group, Smartree or Petrom, to have revitalized famous brands such as Kandia, Mgura, ROM, Silvana, Zuzu, Fulga, Rarul, Lptic LaDorna, Perla Covasnei, Eurovita, Peak, Antena 1, UTV, Europa FM, Radio 21, BCR Open Romnia, Class Living, Ambasador or Igienol and created ground breaking brands, namely Azuga Apa de Izvor, HapiHap, Grania, Generis, KandOr, Vibe FM, Naturlich or Yammix. As true explorers, we have always believed that our role within Romanian branding industry is to redefine its boundaries by stepping off the beaten track and charting out new territories. Looking back now, we pride ourselves with being the pioneers that separated product and services branding operation in order to set unparallel effectiveness standards. To this respect, in 2009 we took a step ahead the pack and established Community BrandTailors, the first Romanian digital branding consultancy. Early this year, we re-launched our website following a novel on-line communication strategy based exclusively on social networks. Follow us on Twitter

Beatrice Dani Brand Strategist

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