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1. Idea Name

: Radio Broadcasting of Elevator Status To Smart Phones

2. Team Size


3. Name of the Team Head& Designation:Kondeti Sriram Bharath

Designation: 1. Student 2. Research Scholar 3. Faculty 4. IT Professional 5. Others________________(specify)

4. Address of affiliation

:M.S(SOFTWARE ENGINEERING) School Of Information Technology and Engineering VIT University Vellore-632014

5. Proposed Idea

Scenario: Let us consider a student/employee uses elevator often in his day to day work.
During this process the person has to wait for a particular amount of time, leaving his work aside to get into the lift. The wait time is negligible, compromised for a Construction with few floors, in turn increases exponentially with the number of storeys.When it comes to skyscrapers it wouldnt wonder the person may wait up to a very long time though equipped with the speediest Elevators available-considering the elevators halts at many floors during its travel.

According to a recent survey by IBM The cumulative time that office workers spent waiting for elevators during the past 12 months. New York City topped the list (16.6 years), followed by Los Angeles (8.7 years), Chicago (9 years) and Houston (6.8) years. Workers in the same cities also logged thousands of hours stuck in elevators during the past 12 months: New York City (5.9 years), Los Angeles (4.3 years), Chicago (3.2 years) and Houston (2.9 years).

Solution: we propose a solution to the above scenario as integrating the FM Radio

Broadcasting Technology with the Elevator signaling system. Our aim is broadcast the Elevator status by coupling a FM Transmitter to the Elevator Signaling system. Once a FM Transmitter (a mid-range) is put on, it broadcasts the Elevator Status with in the region. The client is provided with a Mobile application to receive the broadcasted signals through his in built Radio hardware, interpret the data and display the Elevator status. The FM Transmitter is configured to broadcast the Signals with a range of 30-50 feet. If the construction comprises of two or more Elevators, Different Frequencies are used to each of them to avoid collision. The user/employee need to just open the application and the application displays the status of all the elevators within the Proximity. Now the User has to decide which lift to catch on, remains occupied with his work, till the Elevator arrives, instead of getting frustrated for the long waits.

6. Benefits of the Idea

Easy to Implement: The Elevator Signaling

Systems, FM transmitter is already in use. All we need to do is little Integration. Cost Effective: a basic FM Transmitter doesnt Cost much. Zero funding on Elevator signaling System as it comes with the Elevator itself. Radio hardware comes in low cost mobiles too. FM Over Bluetooth/Wireless: Since the signal is Purely FM, the user is not constrained to have a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi hardware in his Device. As of Radio, its available in low cost devices too unlike Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Connection vs Connectionless: since its a broadcast, it wouldnt require a connection as Bluetooth (pairing of devices), Wireless (access point connection). Avoid Employee frustration: As the employee has an Elevator status within a device, it would make his work flow smoother, instead of frustrating for long awaits for the Elevator to arrive. Organizational health: since the Employees find the work flow smoother, feel the work environment most comfortable in turn increasing the overall organizational health. Multi-OS Support: The application will be designed in such a way that it supports multiple OS like android, Windows Mobile 7, IOS, Symbian and Java (low cost devices). Diversity Of Users: This application is not only intended for the Employees, but can also be used by Elderly public for avoiding the long waits near

the Elevator and also public in Shopping malls ,hospitals, Educational Institutions etc.

7. Hardware/ Software infrastructure required for implementation :

Hardware: A mid-range FM transmitter (analog) Elevator Signaling System (analog) A Tiny circuit to integrate both the technologies Any Handheld device with inbuilt Radio hardware Software: A client side application to display the data being broadcasted.

8. Approximate time required to build the product: Since our idea is an integration of two

finished product and configuring them to communicate as required, it wouldnt take much long to make it work. An application on the client side isnt that complex.so It may cost at most 3 Months.