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My name is Max Jones. I m one of the now 3,000 homeless on the streets of New York. The year is 2030. In this year the economy has hit rock bottom, there are more homeless people than ever and anyone not homeless are poor so everything has gone to hell. America is no longer rulers of the world. The Chinese population has grown over that of the American and that also has resulted in more workers to build new technologies and such. China has traded with many other countries for their tech. The money given to China let them build bigger and better stuff then America. So you see there was no need for a war to happen for someone to overtake the U.S.A. their economy just grew bigger and better. Ok enough about America and all that other shit going on. Let s talk more about me now. I was born on the street. My family were gone or dead or whatever. All I remember is living on the streets. At 10 years old I was selling drugs on the street which does not sound like the

greatest occupation in the world but I was only doing it so I could rent out a small apartment. I sold in Queens in New York and i got lots of money but it took almost 3 years for me to get enough money for an apartment or a car or anything. Since everyone was poor hardly anyone bought from me. At age 15 I had my first problem. A new gang came into town, The Roll ups, a Chinese gang. They wanted to be the only ones selling in that area so they made an example out of me. They met me at the corner I usually sell. Hey, punk, how much of that stuff you have Said the gang member. It don t matter, why don t you just piss off I said confidently. Listen kid, we want you to stop selling here okay. I m a reasonable guy so I ll give you a chance. Go fuck yourself ok I don t take this threatening stuff lightly. Please just do me a favor and go away. I felt like if I only acted strong and tough they would not bother me but that night while I was sleeping in

my new apartment they broke in, beat me up and robbed me of everything. I was homeless once again but this time I was an enemy of a gang so I was screwed unless I got some protection. I decided I needed to get a gun but with no money and no idea how to get the weapon I was at a dead-end. I saw a metal bat on the floor and got an idea. First thing in the morning I fixed up the bat so it looked shiny and I dressed up in the outfit of the Roll ups so I would look like I was a serious threat. I waited in the alleyway for a person to come along. I didn t want to hurt them so I was just hoping my appearance scared them into giving me their money. A woman came down the alleyway, maybe 18 or 19 years old. She looked so innocent, she probably had never been stopped for money in her life or anything but I needed the money. My heart was telling me no but my brain was going to do whatever it took to get the job done and out of both of those organs my brain is the smartest so I went with my brain. I got up and grabbed her on her shoulder. She

turned around. She was beautiful, green eyes, blonde hair and a Childs face. Listen I need money fast but I don t want to hurt you so just give me what I want okay. Okay, okay take my money but please don t hurt me she was crying now but I didn t break and I got what I needed. I didn t feel good about it but all animals must do what they have to so they can survive even humans. I had taken more than 1,000 dollars from the girl. Everyone walked around with that sort of cash now that banks were all closed down so anyway I paid for the gun and gave the gun store owner a little extra so he would not care about any gun licenses being given. I worked out now how I was going to get revenge but I would need a plan. The leader of the Roll ups was a 20 year old Chinese kid called Zack Moon. He was heavily guarded at all times by 4 of his men. I needed way more firepower then a pistol that was for sure. I started my old business up again. I sold 20 bags of weed in one day and got about 2,000 dollars. I

also stopped people on the street for money and that earned me almost 4,000 dollars. I spent the money from the drug sales on a sniper rifle and the rest on food for myself. I had to learn how to blend into a crowd so I could follow him around to see his daily schedule. That part was easy enough. In the morning he goes to the Burger King and then after that to his girlfriend s house in Manhattan, he stays there for an hour then goes to the gang headquarters for the rest of the day. Since I am a man of the streets I knew where everything is set up. Construction was going on two streets down from the Burger King. From there I could use my sniper and kill him without being spotted so that was my best bet. The problem was I had never killed anyone before and was also very nervous. The Roll Ups would eventually find a new leader anyway but it would send them a message. I sold a few more things here and there and I got enough money to buy another room in an apartment. I had everything sorted out now finally.

That night I slept in an actual bed. It was so nice but I couldn t get to sleep because of my plan suddenly out of nowhere I heard a scream of a girl. I ran down the stairs as quick as I could and out the door. Hello, hello, is anyone there. No one was on the street so I peered around the side of the nearby alley. Still nobody was there but then I heard HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME . I turned the next corner and saw a member of the Roll Ups was holding her against the wall by her throat. Listen bitch, no one talks to me like that . The guy slapped the girl in the face. She fell on the ground. She had a scar on her belly from a knife wound he must have given her. She looked around my age, 16 or 17. She was yelling and rolling on the floor in pain. I ran out and before the gang member could see me I slammed his head against my knee. I started punching him and punching him in the head so he would not have a chance to get up. I pushed him against the wall and hit him in the gut with my knee. You re going to stay away from her okay. I kick him in the head as he crawled around on the floor. I picked up the girl

in my arms and walked back to my apartment with her and put her on my bed. I sat in a chair by the bed waiting for her to wake up. She was very pale skinned, she had a little black skirt on and a blue buttoned down shirt. It looked like a school uniform. She probably went to a private school. Private schools are very rare and most of them had closed down so they were very rare. The shirt was ripped by her shoulder. She had black hair, blue eyes and her face was pretty cute I would say. After a while I went to sleep. In the morning I woke up and she was not on the bed. I got up to look for her but before I knew what was going on I felt a hard object hit my head and I fell to the ground. I turned around to see the girl with my baseball bat. I just thank god that it was my wooden one and not my metal one. Stop, hey, listen I m the guy who saved you last night I blurted out. Who are you she asked. My name is Max. I heard you and that Roll Up guy fighting and I got rid of him . Did you kill him?

What, no, of course not. I told him to stay away from you and from what I did to him I wouldn t come back What, I need to hide, shit. How could you be so stupid? What s going on? Why did he want you dead? None of your business Listen, I ll tell you what. I will let you hide out here for a while You don t know anything about me. Why would you help me? Well, I m thinking you want to hear kindness but you re pretty hot I got to say . You think you re pretty funny don t you. Well I got to say your not The girl helped me up and I sat down on the chair and she sat on the bed. So what s your name asked Max.

What is this, a background check ha-ha? I m sorry that was me trying to be funny. My name is Isabel. Isabel Bloom and I am 16 years of age. Is that enough of a background history. What s your name? Jones, Max Jones at your service Keep on coming with the jokes huh? You go to a private school Isabel? Oh so you noticed my shirt and skirt huh? It is the first thing a guy would notice. So are you how did you piss off the Roll Ups since they will be looking for me too? Fine I was the girlfriend of Zack Moon but he saw me and this guy kissing and he killed him and wants to kill me. I got up and took some soda out of the fridge and poured her some of it then sat back down. Your good at not showing emotion aren t you?


Listen you barely know me. Trust me I m not a squeamish person. Okay Isabel, listen I don t have much food so you just stay here and I ll go get some food. I grabbed my pistol on the way out. I could not grab my sniper rifle with Isabel in the house so I was going to have to work out another way and also I was pretty sure that he would change his schedule because of the bad news. New York in 2030 was a horrible place. It was dirty and mucky. 10 years ago we had cut down all the forests and jungles on the planet so Oxygen was not something to take for granted. Every house was equipped with an Oxygen mask. At night Oxygen does not flow like it does in the day so everyone must wear a mask at night. I don t know why but I never needed one. It must have been something to do with my blood or DNA or genetics or something. I m no scientist so don t ask me. The city also had huge barricades either side of it. Global warming has become so serious now that America gets 5 hurricanes nearly every


month. England has had 10 tsunamis this year. The price of cars had gone up to the millions. Buses do not exist anymore. We are trying to save our planet but its way too late for that. I waited near the Roll Ups hideout in the Diner across the street until I saw him come out. I quickly got out of the diner and started to follow him. I had been following him for an hour until I realized we were going in the same way I would go if I was going back to the apartment. I could not be sure so I would not blow my cover yet. We were now on the same street as my apartment and I could see them getting out their guns. I was sure now so I aimed at one of his bodyguards and shot. His head exploded in a million pieces. I was shocked I didn t know it was that strong. Zack Moon opened the door to my apartment and ran in to escape. I ran up to the second guy and disarmed him then shot him in the leg. I then went around to the alleyway and found the fire escape. I climbed up it. My figuring was that I could sneak up on him from behind. I took out my pistol and peered into my room s window to see


Zack threatening Isabel and pointing his gun at her. He then grabbed her and pointed the gun at the window I was at. Whoever there, get the fuck out and face me or she gets a hole in the head. I heard her crying and it made me feel even better about killing this idiot. I turned around to face him and I shot. The bullet went straight through his head. Blood was everywhere, Isabel was crying but I felt pretty good after killing the idiot. What the hell was that asked Isabel in an alerted voice That was me saving your ass okay. A little gratitude would be appreciated Listen Max, do you know who his father is I don t know the king of England I wish. His father is the head of the New York Chinese mafia This is going to bite me in the ass isn t it?


I sat on the bed feeling worried about what I would do next and how I would protect Isabel. Isabel sat next to me on the bed. Don t worry Max everything will be fine. We will get through this You were not kidding when you said you re not scared of anything huh? Listen Isabel I m not going to let him get you okay Thanks. You know I have not known you a long time but you are a sort of cool guy. Thanks So now what are we going to do about the dead guy Max Oh I forgot about him I got up and grabbed the body. I then brought it down by the fire escape into the alleyway while no one was looking and dumped the body in a nearby dumpster. Isabel came down right behind me.


Isabel, stay right behind me and do what I do I led Isabel into a swarm of people. I could see the police cars outside the apartment but it was too late. They would never go after a kid. We walked a few blocks until we stumbled upon an abandoned building. There was a table centered right into the middle of the room so I took a bag that I had on my shoulder and poured out all the money that I had. It was a lot of money, nearly a million. More money than anyone else had. I should probably explain why earlier I said that everyone was poor but I made so much money off mugging people. Well a couple of years ago everyone started pulling their money out of the banks. Putting the banks out of business so now everyone either holds it on them or keeps it hidden somewhere in their house. That was enough to get us maybe a small house somewhere. I was thinking maybe going to New Jersey; they won t look for us there because only old people and idiots live in Jersey. That was pretty rude


of me to say but I have never been one to apologize so don t expect me to. So, what are we going to do now Max I was thinking Jersey. I know it s not the most romantic place but we will get use to it. Ok but we need to change our appearance so we don t get screwed Well, this is so unmasculine of me to say but let s go shopping Isabel and I went to every cloth store in Manhattan; I got a cool black leather jacket and some dark blue jeans, a haircut and some sunglasses. She got light blue jeans, a white t shirt and some new shoes like many women would get. We were walking around New York like we owned the place. Everything was good until we got to the corner of 42nd street. Three black cars swerved right in front of us. Two guys wearing tailored suits came out of the cars and without warning knocked me on my ass. The last thing I saw was Isabel being dragged into one car at the same time I was.


CHAPTER 2: A NEW BREED OF WARRIOR I woke up tied to a chair in a basement somewhere. As always shopping with a woman had ended badly. I could see Isabel tied to another chair on the other side of the room. I could see that her shirt was full of blood. They had beaten her within an inch of her life. I felt rage pulsing through my vines. I wanted to kill them all. A Chinese man came down with a cigar in his hand. He had a mustache and his hair was cut so neatly. I looked outside, it was getting late. An alarm went off and the man took out too oxygen masks. He put one around him and one around Isabel. Hope you like carbon dioxide little boy . Said the man. The guy punched me in the face. I felt my nose snap as he punched me. Blood dripped out my nose and I was getting really dizzy. Well you re going to be disappointed because I can survive on carbon dioxide I said


What the hell, that s impossible It s called evolution bro I think or I might be some failed genetic experiment. Pick your poison The man walked around me as if trying to see how I was breathing normally. He punched me again. Boy, you killed my son Zack moon. I was going to kill you but now I see that you may be of use. I saw how you handled my son s thugs and I might have a position for you here. You kicked ass kid and you can breathe normally at night when most people can t. Whatever your fucking deal is I want Isabel to be let go and have nothing to do with this. I don t care about the girl. You and she will be moved into a safe house I have down in Brooklyn so I can keep an eye on you The man kneeled down next to my chair.


You will be my new hit man and by doing that you will undo the damage you did by killing young Zack. My name is Ronald and I look forward to working with you . But I don t know how to Then you better train or something or you and Isabel will die. So Max you will work for me, that is your name right? Okay you got it Boss Isabel and I were dropped off at the house in Brooklyn. First thing was first. I needed to clean up Isabel. Max, I m so scared she said to me on the doorstep. She held my hands and started to cry and leaned her head on my shoulder. It s going to be okay. Listen to me Isabel. When I m done doing this, they will pay . That night I could not get to bed. I had helped Isabel wash off some of her scars but every time I looked at her I felt anger. Now I have to become these fucking idiots Hitman. It would take a lot to get him to


fully trust me. Isabel and I had just met a month ago but I felt like I knew her forever. She was scared, more scared then she had ever been but I was going to show her that there was nothing to fear. After I helped Isabel I checked the house. Cameras were located in the corners of the walls. I just went to bed after I checked out the house. The following day I woke up early and went down to the local gym. I had been there for an hour when Isabel showed up. Hey Isabel, what you doing here I m scared to stay home alone I thought you were all tough Shut up Max, I think the mafia is a pretty big thing to worry about I took Isabel to Manhattan to get something to eat. She was cracking. When I met her she was strong and not afraid but now she s terrified. While we were walking I felt my phone vibrate. I had gotten a text from Ronald and he had giving me a target. The targets name was Ted


Stephan, a drug dealer who has got more money than any other in the city. I guess Ronald wants me to start on small time guys to see how reliable I am. I dropped Isabel at home and went to the abandoned warehouse where Isabel and I had hidden in before we got nabbed by the gangster s. I had one Advantage. I could breathe in carbon dioxide but no one else could. So I would have to do it at night. The place he lived in was a huge mansion. The house was behind a whole lot of grass land and golden gates guarded by four men at all times. The men were all armed with AK-47 s. 20 years ago it was not that good of a gun but since the United States military upgraded the bullet penetration it has become much more popular and way more dangerous. I defiantly would have to use stealth and I needed a silent pistol. I went to see my new black market contact Mark Whelps. Mark got me a Desert eagle and a silencer to go with it.


That night I travelled to Ted stephs house. Surprisingly, everyone was asleep even the guards. My luck had finally become good luck. I sneak around the big gate onto the fields. I spotted one guard walking around the field with a pump action shotgun. I took out my silenced Desert Eagle. There was no way that I could get up close to him so I bent down and aimed my gun at him. I could not risk a shot being heard. I was too far away for it to be accurate enough so I layed out on the grass and started crawling forward so I would not be seen. I was close enough now to aim accurately. I had to take this shot fast so he would not have time to see me. He walked right past me without noticing me so I took my chance and I shot him right in the head. He dropped dead and thankfully with no sound what so ever because of my silencer. I checked to see if any other people were around then I got up and dragged the body out of sight. I peered inside through the window and I saw Ted sleeping in a chair. He was wearing a baseball cap and an oxygen mask designed with the New York Yankees logo. I


opened the window and stepped into the room. I heard a voice hey, somebody help. We have a man down . The siren went off across the field and house. Ted woke up and turned around but I shot him before he could grab his gun. Two men with shotguns ran down stairs and shot at me. I was hit in the shoulder so I jumped over the table to take cover. I used my other hand to hold the gun and I got up while they were reloading and hit them both in the chest. I had escaped but was heavily wounded. I scrambled to the old abandoned building and also called Isabel to come to the building and to hurry up. I fell on the floor bleeding out before I blacked out. I woke up to Isabel shaking me and repeating my name over and over again. Max wake up please Max. Okay stop shaking me, I m not made out of whatever I said. I stood up. I felt like I was going to puke but I also felt so light headed I could have been flying. Thank god you re okay Max So you do care


Well not really I just need protection from the Chinese mafia . That s pretty cold, even for you Isabel. Isabel saw my gunshot wound. Max, wait here. I m need to go get you some bandages for that wound No, just stay here with me. Please. I sat down on the desk still in pain. I looked at Isabel to see what she was going to do. She sat down beside me and smiled. Thank you Isabel Just don t get use to it. I m not always this nice she said sarcastically. The next Morning I left before Isabel woke up to go for a walk to clear my mind when I got a call from Ronald. Is it done Mr. Jones? Yes it is done, now am I out?


Nowhere close Max. The TV is right. American kids are dumb. I did what you wanted I wanted a Hitman. I will tell you when you re out but anyway I want you to come down to the Chong Diner as soon as possible. So I don t get any fucking gratitude. You re a happy guy aren t you? Max, max, max. This is not about gratitude but I will say that you are a new breed of warrior my friend. The Chong Diner was a crappy little place. About 10 years back it would have been considered a shit hole but since all of New York was now a shithole it s probably the best looking place in the city to eat. I left a text message for Isabel saying I was going to be out for a while and then I started walking to the Diner.



I waited for an hour at the diner before Ronald finally showed up. He sat down in the chair opposite me. Congratulations Max. You have proven that you are a very strong willed American Strong will my ass. I m just lucky I didn t get shot in my chest. Also you are very funny or at least try to be What s that supposed to mean, I am a very funny guy. A waiter comes over to the table. May I take your order? asked the waiter. You can take mine but the American will be leaving soon. I will have two eggs and bacon. The waiter took the two menus and walked away. I took a sip of my water and stared at Ronald for a minute. After this it will be done I said. Trying to sound in control.


Shut up, just be quiet. When I say it s over then it s over. This is not the beginning of the 21st century anymore. Americans don t hold the power. When this is over, watch your back Get out of here and let me eat in peace. The waiter came along with Ronald s order and set it down and he started eating so I got up and left. The next day I moved mine and Isabel s stuff out of the house in Brooklyn and decided to go back to the little apartment. I told Isabel to meet me at the old apartment instead of the house. I dropped the stuff off and then went for a walk in the park. I went back to my little apartment to tell Isabel the bad news of the day but when I got there she was gone. I tried calling her but no one was answering. I was getting really worried now but the mafia was on our side so they would not have taken her. I found a note stuck to the


fridge. You ever want to see your girl again. You come by the old clock tower in Brooklyn. It was signed by The Roll Up gang. I guess they didn t forget easily. The note gave a time.12 O clock noon. I called a friend of mine the black market dealer Mark Whelps. Mark, listen brother. I need an automatic gun or something like that. Dude, I m in church right now so call me back in a little while. You know man I don t know how you can believe in that stuff about angels and demons. Sounds like a fairy tale to me. Stop being such a fucking atheist prick. When you going to give me the fucking guns Meet me at the back of the St New York church in an hour. Ok thanks. I hung up the phone and got on my jacket and left the apartment. The church I was going to was made two years ago as an attempt to turn the population of New York into Christians but with all this shit going on


it didn t work. I personally am an atheist. I was never raised in any religion throughout my childhood and to be honest I don t give a fuck about the start of the universe anyway. After all this global warming stuff everyone else turned atheist because Christianity was wrong about so many things. Plus all the prophecies about judgment day never came true so that shifted the stakes a little bit. I met Mark being the Church. Ok Mark, you better have something good to give me Oh stop being a sorry sack. You got the money Yeah I do, now what you got You know bro. If you just opened your heart to the church then you life would be a lot simpler and nicer Yeah ok. Why don t you go back to 2009? Bro listen to me Are you going to give me a fucking gun? A young girl s life is at stake


Ok fine. I go an UZI for you. It s an old gun, made a couple decades ago but it will put over a hundred bullets in your target. Thanks here is your money I handed him $2,000 for the gun and took it from him. I then put in my jeans and rolled the end of my leather jacket down so it would not show. Walking through the city is really depressing. I heard stories of the great New York City The most popular place on Earth. Now it was nowhere popular, it was just a slum for people with nowhere else to go. The streets were now filled with litter and dirt. That was not my most alarming problem anyway. Isabel s life was at stake and I was not about to lose her to a gang I got rid of a few months back. I arrived at the tower and readied by sub machine gun by taking it out and carrying it in clear sight. I climbed to the top of the tower to find a note on a door. It said open up punk and see your future. I knew this had to be some trap so I rolled out of the way and the door leaning by the wall next to it and kicked open the door. I quickly got back into


cover to see bullets flying out of the room. When the bullets stopped probably because they needed to reload so I took my chance and turned around and shot the guy with the biggest gun. I then ran to the old turned over table in the side of the room. I switched my UZI with my pistol and aimed through a hole in the table and shot a guy in the cover of a wall on the other side of the room. I felt coldness at the back of my head. Turn around slowly punk. I grabbed his arm and kneed him quickly in the stomach before he could use his gun. I kneed him again and threw him on the floor and started to choke him. I punched him in the face and then stood him up and then gave him a massive head butt. Where is she you fucking moron. She s in the next room just don t hurt me man I exited that room and entered the room right beside it. Isabel was in there but she was covered in blood. She looked like she was a minute away from dying. She was tied to the chair in the middle of the room. I


ran to her side and untied her. She fell off the chair when she was untied. I checked her pulse and thankfully she was still alive but she was not moving at all. I had to get her to a hospital fast so I swung her over my shoulders and started running down the stairs as fast as possible but being careful not to drop her. As is stepped outside to the sidewalk two black cars and one van drove by and stopped right in front of us. I took Isabel off my shoulders, lay her on the ground carefully and pulled out my pistol. A man in a black suit came out of the van. Mr. Jones my name is Walt Smith. I am with the FBI. He showed his badge to me. This girl needs a doctor okay. Please help me get her to the Hospital. He put away his badge and looked at Isabel. He banged on the van and 4 men came out with a stretcher. They put her on it and put it in the van. Before I knew what was happening they had drove off leaving the 2 cars behind.


Thank you Mr. Smith. I appreciate this but whatever you want I can t help you. Your friend will be taken to Brooklyn hospital. She will be given the best room and the best service. You will see her again when she s ready to be seen. All I ask of you is you get in the car. I owe you so I will come with you. I got in the back seat of one of the cars and Walt Smith got in the front passenger seat. The driver started driving down the road. We know you know the head of the Chinese mafia Ronald Moon. We also know about the killing of Zack Moon. You killed Zack with only one bullet straight to the brain, you snuck through Mark Whelps house and killed him and escaped. Listen Smith. Those were lucky assassinations. I m sorry but I m done with the Hitman stuff. We would not just ask you. We are going to train you.


But Take a look at these pictures. He handed me a photo of a Chinese man in a tailored suit holding a suitcase and walking. Who is this? Ronald Moons right hand man and 2nd in line to be head of the mafia family. When you are ready you will kill him. Wait but I just said Stop being an idiot. We need your skills and we can solve your problems with the Roll Ups. Oh boy, fine I will do it. Good. We will drop you off at the bureau because I have to do something.


Chapter 4: FBI agent Max Jones

I was dropped off at the FBI bureau. I had no idea what I was doing here. I was way out of my league here. Walt had driven off with the other guy and left me at the door step. I walked into the main lobby and went up to the receptionist.


Ummm hey my names Max Jones. A Mr. Smith dropped me off here about 2 minutes ago and I don t know the rest. The Captain has been expecting you actually young man. His upstairs on the 4th floor, room 203. I looked up at the hallways leading upstairs. I was actually nervous for the first time in my life. Don t I get a tour guide or something or whatever? I will show you the way then. The receptionist was a 20 year old girl. Pretty cute but I m out of my league with government women. She led me upstairs to a room. It was marked 203 so I guessed this was the room. She left back downstairs. I opened the door and saw a 40 year old man in another black suit sitting in a chair behind a desk and another chair on the other side. You can sit Mr. Jones I sat down in the empty chair.


My name is Ernest Brown. I am the captain of the investigation unit looking into the Chinese mafia in New York. Well I guessed you had something to do with the gang thing. And may I say you are doing a great job. That s why the bloods and the crips are still terrorizing New Jersey and also is the reason the Latin Kings are kicking your ass in Chicago. Stop with your smart ass attitude okay. Plus those gangs we have been making progress on. They have been doing drug deals and whatever gangs do for like 30 years. Maybe more but I don t keep track. That s very funny. Well I think now that we have you the Roll Ups and the Chinese mafia will be a thing of the past I have heard many people use that phrase for a lot of things Listen anyway do you know why we all need you to help us.


Well I have been saying that your bad at your jobs but I will go with another reason if you have it. It s because you are the next step in human evolution Really. This is it. I was expecting super strength or super speed or something cool. It s not a joke. You don t need Oxygen like the rest of us. It s really quite amazing and if the government got their way they would experiment on you in a lab but I see what you can do to benefit us outside of a lab. Well thanks for not making me a lab rat but I don t think I m into this stuff. Ok I didn t want to play this card but you leave me no choice. If you don t help us we will make sure you never see your friend Isabel again. Wait what. You touch her and you will pay. I said with an angry face replacing the happy laughing face I had on before.


Then do we have an understanding Ok fine you got it. I start Monday then. See ya. I stood up and was halfway out the door when he asked so you want to see Isabel now or later. Smith told me I could not see her yet. Well, she won t be capable of talking back but you might find it comforting . Fuck you. I will be back I left the building. I was so angry and I needed a way to get my anger out. I went to the nearest bar. Laws about bars had changed since the economy hit rock bottom. Now kids were allowed into bars and anyway I had a fake ID so I could drink all I wanted. I had gotten so drunk once that I pissed on some guys car while he was still in it. The good old days were fun. That night I needed to get rid of my anger and it so happened a stupid drunk ass guy was harassing a waitress. I walked up to him and


tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around I punched the fucker right in his face. He fell and collapsed on a table. I picked him up and threw him on to another table. People screamed for me to stop but I could barely hear them. I punched him in the face when he tried to get up. I picked him up and kicked his ass out the back door. As the door closed I could see him gasping for air and bleeding all over his face. Get out of here kid. The bartender said. I did not say anything. The anger was pulsing through me. I was about to try and beat up the whole bar but I didn t think I would be able to so I just left through the front door. I wanted to go see Isabel but I could not until I calmed down a bit so I went to sit in the park. My head hurt. My lungs felt heavy and I could barely breath I was so angry. I had been sitting there for a while when a girl jogged by. She looked at me a little confused. Are you ok


No but thanks for asking She looked about my age; she had blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing jogging shorts and a headband. She sat next to me on the bench. I know you probably would find it weird if I asked what s wrong Well my parents would have told me not to but they re not around so go ahead and ask What happened to your parents? I have no idea Oh I m sorry to hear that. Wait a minute. Why are you talking to me? Why do you give care? Remember I was drunk from the bar so whatever I say from this point on don t blame me. You re cute


That s funny. So what s your name? I think its Max but I m so drunk I m not sure Ha-ha now that s funny. I think you have a talent for comedy Do you know the definition of comedy? Do you Hahahahaha. That actually cheered me up a bit. She extended her hand to me for a handshake. My name is Cindy by the way. Nice to meet you. Ok well I am going to go now Cindy. It was a pleasure to meet you Wow I thought. I am a real ladies man. First Isabel then Cindy. Both equally attractive. I guess that s the all part of my charm. Talking to


Cindy totally calmed me down. Now that I was calm I could go see Isabel at the hospital.


Chapter 5: In a Coma
The next day I went to the hospital to see Isabel. I sat in her room for hours just waiting. The doctor said that she would be fine but I was feeling so guilty because she had been kidnapped by the gang after me. I was sitting in her hospital room when I got a call from Ronald moon. What do you want Moon. I m with Isabel. Your stupid little gang tried to kill her They are not my gang anymore. After your little incident with my son one of those White American punks took control of my gang. I am a man of honor. I would never give an order to kidnap a man s woman Man of honor my ass but do go on. I don t care what you think of me or what I do. Ok whatever but guess what Moon. FUCK YOU. I m done with this shit ok I am done. Remember our deal. I will have you killed if you don t do what I say.


You can shove that deal up your fucking ass. Do you want Isabel to die for your foolishness? I guarantee she will suffer. Ok fine you fuck. What do you want? The right hand man of the new leader of the Roll Ups Martin Shaw have been plotting with the rest of the gang to try and overtake my mafia family I m going to need more information then that He hung up right after I asked so I was guessing he just wanted me to make up this shit as it went along.

Chapter 6: A world full of Assassins

I had been on the streets for weeks trying to get information on Martin Shaw but it was harder then I had expected. Between visiting Isabel in


the hospital and trying to get the information I did not have enough time. I decided to go to the FBI to get what I wanted. The head of the FBI which I met before was not really a nice guy so I went to see Mr. Smith. I sat in his office talking to him for a while until he told me what I wanted. So do you have any information for me on this fuck head? Yes I do and I will give it to you but I m sensing that you are angry. I know you have been dealing with a lot of stress so I m also giving you the name of a very good therapist that I know. I got even angrier then I already was and felt like I was about to kill Smith but killing an FBI agent might have really bad ramifications. What. Why the fuck do I need a therapist I can sort out my own fucking problems


Listen. All this shit that is going on with the Roll Ups, the mafia and even us is stressful for you I know. Please just tell me what I need Ok. He is real easy. He hangs out at the Brooklyn diner all day with the rest of his gang and then he goes back to his house at 6:00pm in the east side of Brooklyn Thank you Smith He passed me a card. Please just check this guy out. I think you will need it and also when you re done with the mafia hit you need to see Ernest Brown. Why the fuck He needs you to do something and that s kind of why I am referring you to the therapist. I walked out not saying anything. I was mad at everything. I was losing my mind here. I was better off homeless. I had never killed a guy in my


life but now I m bumping off people for the mafia. In the mist of confusion around me I had lost myself. One thing for sure is that Martin Shaw was going to have hell on his hands. I got a call while on my way to the diner that Isabel had woken up but I was so close to the diner. I told the doctor that I was not going to make it but that she should wait until I get there to go anywhere. I got to the diner and saw my target through the window with his friends surrounding him. They looked back at me but did not do anything. I went around the back of the diner and opened the door. I waited until three people past and then I moved into the crowd. I put the hood of my jacket over my head so they would not see me. As I sat down one gang member walked up to me Take your hood off for a minute bro the gang member said. I didn t want to do this Do what


I got up and kneed him in the gut. He tried to punch me but I blocked it, took his arm and twisted his wrist and then punched him in the face. The rest of the gang members turned around and all pulled out their pistols. They started shooting so I pulled over the table and ducked behind it. I got out my pistol. I waited for the shooting to stop then I got up quickly and shot two in the head and then ducked behind the table again. I then shoved the table into the other two. Martin Shaw had been hiding behind a wall. He ran the first chance he got. He ran outside so I ran after him. Half way down the street he climbed over a gate into an alleyway. So I thought I could cut him off at the other side. He ran out of the alleyway as soon as I was about to passing so I tackled him down on the floor and punched him in the face but he head butted me and started running again. I was a little dizzy when I got up. Shaw was nowhere to be seen. He had escaped and I was screwed. I ran into the crowd so not be recognized. When I got away from the crowd I checked my watch to see what time it was. I had been knocked out for at least half an hour. I decided to go back to the abandoned building to


regroup. Isabel was there. She was crying on the floor. I had totally forgotten about picking her up at the hospital. I walked up to her and sat down beside her. I m sorry I did not pick you up. I was doing work for Moon. I waited for you every day at the hospital I thought. I thought you were a good guy. I m so stupid. You re just like all the rest of them aren t you I hope you don t mean that. I don t have any other friends that I can count on Listen I made a mistake don t let that ruin our friendship I said desperately. She looked at me. Her face was full of tears. I felt so guilty. What happened to you Max? Nothing that should of distracted me from taking care of you


I m sorry I said what I did. You were working so those mafia guys would not hurt me Well we might need to hide from both the mafia and the Roll Ups. I was asked to kill the leader s right hand man and I failed and he got away I have only known you a couple of months but you are the bravest guy I know Isabel got up off the floor and started walking towards the door. We should probably find a motel or something to hide out . I stayed sat down on the floor staring at her and then the floor. Isabel, this is going to sound weird and a little corny but I think I might love you. I don t know what to say to that. Isabel left the building and I was left to think about what had just happened. I totally screwed up. I felt like a complete failure and I was


not far from it to be honest. I had been hanging out with Isabel for months dodging all kinds of trouble. I saved her life twice and the best answer I got was I don t know what to say . My life had just all blown up at the same time. I needed help from the feds to get me out of this. I called out for Isabel. Listen Isabel. I m sorry for what I said but let s go find a place to stay I didn t get a reply. At first I thought she was just ignoring me but then I heard footsteps. I felt something behind me so I turned around to see a man pointing a gun at me. He was part of the mafia family. He was Chinese, black hair and had a really mean look on his face. Where s Isabel I demanded She is outside waiting for you. She is presently unaware of the situation. You are not the only assassin for the mafia. There is a world full of Assassins.


Suddenly I heard a gunshot. The Chinese hitman dropped down to the floor. Isabel was standing in the doorway with a smoking gun in her hand. She was shaking. I guessed this was her first time carrying a gun so I didn t want to make any spiteful jokes or anything. She fainted right after I saw her. I ran to catch her before she fell. I called a taxi to take us to a nearby motel. She was awake by the time we got to the motel. We rented a room out for about two weeks. I thought about going back to the FBI for protection from the mafia and the gang but if you watch old mafia movies. The mob always can kill a guy in police protection. I also was frustrated about the situation with Isabel. Should I have opened up like that? She saved my life so does that mean she cared for me. I don t know and I m way too afraid to ask. Isabel went to sleep before I could ask her about anything. I was getting more frustrated by the minute. I was going to blow up any minute so I went out and left Isabel to sleep. The night is so beautiful and peaceful, the peaceful roads, the silence and it gives you time to think. Looking


up at the stars I feel like the human race ruined this great planet and if we ever make it up to other planets we will ruin this great universe. This city once was a paradise. People use to run around at night to do all those things. It was the city that never sleeps now it s the city that lays on its ass every chance it gets. I never went to school but I think I know that the human race is dying one step at a time. The sunset rose up and I could see pollution fill the sky covering the stars and space. I was getting hungry so I stopped off at the local caf to eat. I ordered a glass of water and some eggs. As I was eating a girl came into the store. I could swear that I knew her. It was Cindy, the hair, the eyes yep they all matched her description. I tried to act as if I didn t know her but she saw me before I could look away. Oh hey max. Funny seeing you here. How you doing. She said. She sat parallel me. Hey. No offense Cindy. You are a very attractive young woman but


Oh thank you Max. That s so nice of you to say. Ok listen I m going to go I got up taking my water with me and left the caf making sure Cindy didn t follow me. Something really scared me about her. I had to get back to the motel to Isabel. I was nearly at the motel when I got a call from Mr. Smith on my cell phone. Kid hey kid. Listen do not come back to the FBI ever. Brown was going to call you in to experiment on you. Wait why. Just meet me outside the empire state building in half an hour. No, tell me what s going on I can t do it on a phone. Just meet me He hung up and I was really confused about what had just happened. A month ago I had met brown and he had no intention of making mea lab rat. I turned around and I saw a man. He was on the other side of the


road talking on his Bluetooth. He was wearing casual clothes but that made him all too suspicious. I started walking faster weaving in and out of crowds. I saw the man cross to my side of the street and walk even faster then I was. I then turned into an alleyway and waited for him to come. As soon as I saw his shadow I ran up and kicked him straight in the face. He was knocked out so I took my chance and got away. I got to the empire state building. I saw Mr. Smith waiting outside of the building. I walked up to him. What the hell is going on Smith The CIA has taken over the investigation on you. They control the FBI now. Wait. Why the hell does the CIA want me Let s walk and talk Smith said. Mr. Smith and I started walking down the road.


Oxygen is decreasing in the planet s atmosphere. These global disasters are destroying plants, plants that we need for Oxygen. What does that have to do with me? They want my blood duplicated or something? Yes but what they do not know is that your personal evolved blood stream could affect people in different ways. We tested on two subjects. Both were under 48 hour watch Did they volunteer to be tested or what They picked two random guys off of the street. One had a family, a wife and two kids. I am not happy with what I was a part of but this world is unfair like that Wait. I never gave them my blood. Some of our agents were following you around waiting for you to lose even the tiniest amount of blood. When you were fighting in the diner we took the little piece of blood that you dropped. We duplicated it but


we could only make a limited amount with only some of your blood. We had enough though to inject two subjects. The first subject was fine the first day. That night he could breathe normally without any oxygen mask. He could breathe in carbon dioxide. Then that day he started going insane, he talked to himself, he started twitching and then he died. The second one was not so lucky. He tried to breathe in carbon dioxide and for 1 minute he could breathe it but then he passed out and terminated. If that shit happened to them why are they still trying. You are missing the big picture. These subjects, before they died could breathe carbon dioxide. The government thinks a stronger dose could remove those fatal side effects. So now I m on the run from the mafia, the FBI and the CIA. Great, maybe we can get the secret service into this party too. It gets worse. The mafias know why the CIA want you so bad. The Italians and the Chinese are after you now.


I didn t even know there was an Italian mob. Well the point is they want your blood as well so they can breed super assassins. Anymore great news? I am still an agent for the FBI so I can get you one step ahead of whatever they are doing. Wait why are you helping me Smith. We have only known each other for a short while I read your file, Homeless, then a criminal then a wanted man. I sympathize with your situation and plus the CIA are real jerks. I will contact you in a few days. Thanks Smith I walked away from him. I could not believe that this was going on all because of my blood. I ran all the way back to the motel. Isabel was still sleeping when I got back. I opened the Minnie fridge and took out a


bottle of beer. I now was a dead man walking basically. Everyone was after my blood but if even one of those groups got it then the whole city or the whole country would go insane. Isabel woke up a few minutes after I had come in. I was sat at the end of the bed when she woke up and sat beside me. I m sorry I ignored what you said in the abandoned building. The truth is I have never really let anyone become as close to me as I have let you. I dated Zack Moon just for his wealth and then I had a fling with this other guy and he got shot and then I got involved with you. So what happened to your parents? See Max you don t even know me and you say you re in love with me. Ok maybe it was a little too fast to be putting that on you. I do care for you though. All the shit that we have been through is not normal Max, I care for you too very much but.


We have all this shit to take care of so we will figure out who loves who later I got up. Well anyway it turns out that the CIA wants my blood to keep the human race alive a little longer but if they succeed they will turn America into an insane asylum. Wait the CIA. How did they get involved? You don t want to know but do not trust the FBI either. Are you fucking joking Max? We are already on the run from the Chinese mafia and the Roll Ups. I will protect you from them as long as I need to but when this is over we can go our separate ways I looked outside. It was getting dark. I looked at my watch. It read 8:00pm. Ok Isabel I m going out stay here. I m going out again.


Why. It s late I work better at night Ok fine but be careful Max I always am. I left the motel. I decided if I wanted to be in charge of the situation I would need to go on the offensive. I would start first at the China mafia s rackets. The local bar Swans Lake was run by them. In was night so it was closed and no one was around to guard it. I broke in through the window in the back. I was just going to rob the place but then I saw gasoline outside right next to the truck in the back of the bar. I unlocked the door after going outside to the truck so I went outside to get them. I checked the truck for matches and believe it or not it had 5 boxes of matches. I poured the first canister of gasoline all over the inside of the place. The second canister I poured over the outside. I lit the matches threw them on to the gasoline. I decided to get out of there so it ran across the street and into the next one. No


one was really out at night tonight so I was not worried about people but I was worried the street cameras would spot me. I know thought I would go after the Italian mob racket. They owned a very old bank where they stored their own money and no one else s. The bank was heavily guarded during the day so I would have to hit it at night but I was not going to do it alone. I would need to call in some favors. The next morning I called Mark Whelp up. Hey pal. Now listen I got a big job going on and I need help. What you need I m hitting the Italian mob bank with a friend if he agrees to it. If we hit that bank we will have all the mob money in the world and we will hold the power. Ok I m in Just like that


You are complaining? No. I ll call you tomorrow and make sure you have your oxygen mask. Ok see ya I hung up. Now I had to call Smith. I had no idea what he would say since he is an FBI agent. Smith, listen I got a job. A job like you pulled on the Swans Lakes You saw that huh? Yeah I did but why did you call I and one more guy were going to hit the Italian mob bank and we need a third person. Are you insane? We will do it at night when there is hardly any guards.


Ok fine ill do it but since I work for the FBI I m in charge of the operation just so things don t go south Sure, whatever man I hung up. I was ready to take the fight to the attackers. After the fire though I doubt they would of loosened security even with though it was a different mob. I bought 3 skee masks so no one would see us rob the place. Mark Whelp was my black market dealer so obviously he bought the guns for the job. Mr. Smith would be the tactical specialist.


Chapter 7: A plan goes south I was walking to the abandoned warehouse to meet up with Mark and Smith. Smith called me on my cell when I got there. Kid listen we got a bit of a problem. What CIA is now working with the Italian mafia. How did that happen? They are getting all the allies they can to take you down and plus the CIA wanted to take control of the bank. We cannot hit the bank. If we do the CIA will be on us like a lightning bolt. Then just go with another plan. We cannot afford to quit. If they are working together then we can hit two birds with one stone showing them that we mean business.


I will discuss this with you at the warehouse. He hung up. I was a little more nervous but with Marks connections we were going to have good equipment on this mission. I arrived at the warehouse. Mark was already there with all the guns he had bought. They were laid all over the table in the middle. There were M16 s, AK47 S and shotguns plus a few pistols. Where did you get this much shit Mark Dude we are going to be robbing the last bank on the face of the Earth and it is controlled by the mob. It s the Italian mob so really their power is weakening but the worsted news is that now the CIA are working with them so we will have to destroy the alarm or they will be all over us and we will be fucked. Leave that up to Smith. The CIA being involved only gives me a few more people to kill. You like killing don t you?


Love it. Mark we are not going to kill anyone ok. We are going in, robbing the place then leaving. Fine but if there are any guard s I m not giving them a chance to pull the alarm Mr. Smith walked in with a suitcase. Max, if we are going to do this now we have to be careful so keep your dog on its leash during this mission please. Smith put the briefcase at the other end of a table. An alarm went off outside in the streets signaling oxygen levels dropping so Smith pulled two Oxygen masks out of the briefcase, passed one to Mark and put the other on himself. The Oxygen masks were made out of plastic, transparent and so little that it only covered the nose and mouth. It gave them just enough space to fit the masks over them.


I have enough idiots at my job in the FBI so don t be another of them idiots Mark Listen Smith I m going to do whatever it takes. Why does this involve FBI anyway? The CIA has teamed up with the FBI so the FBI will be securing the bank if we set off the alarm. How do we know this guys not lying with us Max? Listen both of you need to stop being wimps. If you re going to survive in this world you have to be strong. Everyone calm down we have to work together on this okay Said Max. Max you don t get it. When my parents died I was only eighteen but I realized that the more people you kill the less likely you will get killed yourself. You want to hear my plan or not Mr. Smith said sarcastically. Sure let s see what you got smart ass Mark blurted out.


Well what we will do is first use the rope I brought to get on to the roof. From there I will disconnect the alarm while you two break in and take the money from the vault located in the back of the building. You should come back up to the roof where you will meet me and we will escape down the rope and then get into the car I have parked behind the bank. What if we run into trouble asked Mark You have guns for that. Said Smith Ok fine let s go get this done I handed both of them skee masks to wear and I put mine on. We grabbed the 3 bags that I bought for the job and headed out. The bank was only a block away so we sneaked along the street to the building. It was night so everyone was inside and off the street. Mark tripped and his oxygen mask slipped off under his skee mask. I ran over and helped him put it back on. Mark and I had been friends for months so I was


really worried when his mask slipped. Thanks Max Mark said. We got to the bank quickly after that. How are we going to climb up Smith? I asked since there was nothing to the rope to grapple to. Don t worry, it has a two hooks attached to it so it will grab the edge right before it s about to fall. Smith hurled the rope up onto the roof. The rope attached itself to the edge of the building but it was not steady at all but hopefully it would give us enough time to get up. Mark went first and he got up fine. He made sure the rope didn t fall when Smith was going up and then it was my turn. It was hard climbing up. I had to use all my energy and muscles to climb up. When I was at the top I was totally out of breath. Smith tied the rope some exhaust pipes. The building was designed very nice. It was easy to break into. It was a big building and it was beautiful marble


Smith opened the lockbox with a screwdriver he had and then he snipped the wires for the alarm. It didn t only destroy the alarm but also the cameras and vault defenses would go down. Okay guys. Go in and I will stay here. Be back in 5 minutes that s when the backup generator will come online and the alarm will sound. Mark and I took our guns in hands just in case we ran into trouble. In the bank there were no guards or people since it was too dangerous to come out at night. We found the vault and I opened it. It was not difficult because the defenses were down. We collected most of the money and stuffed the bags. We heard footsteps. We peered around the wall and saw a security guard. He was in the way of our staircase so we were screwed. He was unarmed so he was no threat unless he called someone. Suddenly the lights flickered on and off. Guys, the backup generators are online. Get out of there Smith said over the radio.


We sneaked behind a table in the next room. Listen Mark. I m going to shoot this guy in the leg and then we run for it. Screw that. Mark stood up and shot almost a whole clip into the poor guy. The bullets didn t only hit the guard, it hit the alarm. The alarm sounded. What the fuck was that Mark I pushed Mark down on the ground but there was no point fighting him. Crazy guy I knew he liked killing but Jesus what the hell. Was I even safe around him? I had no idea it would hit the thing. Suddenly my radio started buzzing like crazy. It made me jump out of my skin. What the fuck was that. You better get the hell up here quick. We have to go. I can hear police cars approaching.


We grabbed the bags of money and ran up the stairs as quickly as possible. The doors opened and two swat members came in. Mark shot them both with precise headshots. I was surprised but I could not stop to think. We burst through the door to the roof. We dropped the money bags down into the alley before we went down. Smith went first, I went second and Mark jumped down last. We all crammed into the car as fast as we could. Smith drove us away. We were done and the plan had worked after all. We all took our masks off. The cops has found us. Smith swerved around the corners of the streets. A blockade of cops were barricaded the street so Smith turned a corner and into a dark alleyway. Smith turned the lights off and the cops went right by us. Which one of you did it? Which one of you fucked up Said Smith in an angry tone. It was me okay. I say it proudly said Mark. You know Mark you need to fuck off okay. You nearly got us killed.


How the hell did the cops get so close so fast? How do we know you re not an undercover cop? argued Mark They are cops. They have fast fucking cars you piece of crap I then intervened. Okay that s it everyone calm down. The main thing is that we did it but Mark you need to stop being such a dick okay. I said. Okay sorry Bro. I just got a little carried away Said Mark. Chapter 8: Secret of Cindy s I walked through the park the day after the robbery and I could not get that security guard out of my mind. I had been able to not care about Ted steph or Zack moon but they were scumbags so their deaths were good things. That security guard was innocent. He was only doing his job and then he got shot and died. That was not the only thing bothering me. I had opened my heart to Isabel and she just pushed me


away. I could not go back to see her. I kept my cool when we talked at the motel but I was boiling up inside. You need cheering up a voice from behind me said I turned around. It was Cindy again. What are you doing here Cindy? Jogging. Listen Max I noticed your always so squeamish around me but I don t want to make you feel nervous around me. No it s not nervousness it s more like a stressing feeling that I have in my chest. I chuckled. I walked along with her. I looked into her eyes and I felt kind of felt attracted to her. I loved Isabel but could I ever be with her. Would she ever let me be with her? Half of my brain said forget Isabel but the other half was saying stay faithful to her. Listen Cindy I have to go I m sorry we can talk some other times. Fine whatever what the hell.


I grabbed her and then kissed her. The kiss was only a few seconds but it felt like it had been for centuries in slow-motion.it felt so nice to finally get out all my emotions. She took out something from her pocket. It was a dart gun. She stuck it in my stomach and shot it. I woke up in a room. It looked just like an interrogation room in a police station. Cindy walked in wearing an all leather outfit with another guy in a suit and sun glasses. Cindy sat down opposite me. Everything was still dizzy. I noticed I was tied to the chair I was in. she looked very Hot in the leather suit I have to say. What the hell is going on I asked. My real names not Cindy its Samantha Blue and this is a CIA interrogation room but you should know that I don t work with the CIA. I am representing a separate organization. I can t tell you anymore. I m sorry


Listen if your saw what happened to the two test subjects then you should know that if you take my blood then this whole place will go insane. I told her. Our scientists have told us that since the blood we had was contaminated by all the outside gases that it caused side effects. Yeah trust whatever a scientist says because they have never been wrong before. Listen Max I don t want them to have to come in here and draw the blood their way. I actually think you re an Okay guy a little too confident but an Okay guy never the less so just cooperate please Well since I m strapped to a chair and I don t have a choice take my blood.

The man in the suit left the room and returned with an injection needle. He stuck it in my arm. I felt weird. They took like a vile of my


blood. It hurt very much. I then heard some shooting. The guy in the suit ran outside the room. While all this was happening I had untied myself by undoing the knot. I got up and grabbed the blood and put it in my pocket. Samantha turned around with a round house kick right in my face. I fell to the ground. Ow what the fuck Didn t know I could fight? She said. I rubbed my face. It hurt so much and I was still pretty woozy from the blood. Actually no I rolled over on the floor to the side of the room and grabbed the dart gun and shot her in the arm. She fell down like a tree in the forest. Smith kicked open the door and then helped me up. Mark was right behind him. They were both wearing bulletproof vests and holding assault rifles.


I would ask what are you doing here but I want to get out of here so let s go. Wait, take the girl hostage. We can learn who she works for. Smith told me Okay. The building we were in was part of an old warehouse. It was probably one of the CIA s safe houses in New York. It was easy to escape since all the guards were shot already by Smith and Mark. We stuffed Samantha into the back of a car outside, hotwired it and then left. When we got back to the abandoned building we had been using as our safe house we tied her to a chair. Listen guys thanks but I can take it from here I said. Are you sure you can deal with her by yourself Max asked Smith. Yah I agree maybe we should stay and examine her a bit said Mark with a smile on his face.


What the hell is wrong with you Mark. Aren t you supposed to be a good religious guy? Smith yelled at Mark. Just go both of you please Ok let s go Mark They left so I decided to wake her up. I got one bottle of water and poured it all over her face. She woke up instantly. Looking dazed for a minute but she soon got over it. Where am I You re tied to a chair in my hang out Well I guess what goes around come around I guess so? You re not going to hold me for long


How does a young girl like you get involved in government stuff anyway? I don t know but anyway back in the park you said you had a girlfriend so who is she? Wait what. A bit personal isn t it? Just a name. Her names wait I m not going to tell you. Why did you let me kiss you if you love her so much? Just shut up already You tried so hard to avoid me because you wanted to stay faithful but you kissed me anyway. I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to get into my head but it won t work.


I m not trying to do get inside that thick head of yours. I m trying to understand your motives. I walked away. I left the building and got my cell phone out of my pocket. I called Smith. Listen Smith I need help. I can t take it. She s playing with my mind. I m leaving and you better be here when I come back in the morning. I will go over right now. Okay see you in the morning Max. I walked back to the motel. When I got there I saw police cars everywhere. I ran up the stairs to the room I rented out. The windows were covered with bullet holes. Isabel was talking with one of the police men in the parking lot. I walked over. Excuse me sir but I rented this place out with this lady and I was wondering what happened Oh sir I m sorry to say but it looks like you have been a victim of the Italian mafia s random violence Answered the police man.


The police man walked back to his police car. I turned to Isabel. Are you Okay What the fuck was that? Why is the Italian mob trying to kill you? They nearly killed me tonight What happened here? I don t know. I was out and when I got back everything had gone to shit and the cops were all over but if I was home I would have died. Shit listen I have to go but you will be safe until I get back. I will send Mark over No I don t want that insane guy here. Just go and do what you do and I will be here. I called Smith on a payphone just to be careful if anyone was listening into my cell phone calls. Smith hey Smith


What s going on kid? The Italian Mob just attacked the motel I was staying at. How did they know where you lived? How the fuck should I know Smith. Ok meet me at the warehouse. We will sort this stuff out. I ran all the way to the abandoned warehouse. Smith was waiting standing next to Samantha tied in the chair. Ok so what the hell is going on? I shouted They tapped into the FBI s news feed. Wait, how did the fucking FBI know? They had a guy track you. I just found out about it So what are we going to do? They hit us so we hit them back So I will call Mark


Fuck that stupid ass. He will get us all killed. We can t do this just the two of us. Why don t I tag along asked Samantha What no way you stay here I argued Well actually we could use her Smith I think you are going insane. She cannot be trusted. It s the only way we can do this successfully Ok fine but If Samantha betrays anyone I want it to be known that it should be you not me Smith untied Samantha. Samantha stood up and smiled at me. So what are we waiting for lets go Smith and I walked into the next room and brought out 3 assault rifles. Smith had two in his hand. He threw one over to Samantha. I m driving declared Smith.


Then I m shot gun and Samantha can sit in the back. We all got in the car. So Smith where are we going A warehouse just like this one across town. It s the Italians drug processing building. Isn t that a little dangerous. We can t bring Samantha their Smith presses the gas and we are off. I can take care of myself Max. I have more training then any of you combined anyway Samantha says. There is a long silence in the car. I stare out on the streets as we pass. This is no place for a woman don t you agree Max asked Smith I stare out at all the homeless, dirty alleys and old burned up buildings. Are you Ok Samantha asks. She looks at me and puts her hand on my shoulder.


I know you use to be homeless. It must have been hard on the streets. Samantha give it a rest. His trying to think blurted out Smith. Did I ever tell you about my childhood Max? asked Smith with a little grin on his face No but I would love to hear something cheery answered Max There is nothing cheery about my childhood. Most of my childhood I spent studying stuff. My parents were CIA trained. They wanted me to follow in their footsteps. They gave me these video games as they called them. They were really top of the line CIA training games. They also brought me hunting and since I spent a lot of time on those games I shot like a general. They died 3 years later. What did you do after that I asked. After that I joined the police force. They fired me because I was willing to do what was necessary


What was that? I was on a big drug dealing case. I brought two cops along with me to watch my back. Long story short they both got shot and I survived. I beat the fuck. What happened to those two was a sacrifice. A noble sacrifice to stop another criminal. I heard you left them inside the building and you ran away. Listen Sam I killed the bad guy. When the goal is completed then you are expandable that s how it works. The police would never think like that. Murder, betrayal and sacrifice are all foreign words to them. Wait, murder? I asked confused. The order was to bring the drug dealing son of a bitch alive but I snapped and I killed him. That s breaking the law you know Sam said You have to stop thinking about this from a CIA s agent point of view Sam. Smith was right to do what he did. In this period of time it s all


about survival of the fittest. Look out on these streets. These people could avoid being homeless by robbing stores, dealing drugs or anything like that but they would need to break the law and that is not in most of them. They won t do it because they feel in their heart that it s wrong. Ok guys let s get quiet. We are getting close We parked across the street from the warehouse. Smith and I got out of the car and talked over the car. So how we going to do this. We are going to go in and set a bomb and then get the fuck out. We grabbed the guns out of the truck. Samantha got out of the car and grabbed one.

Chapter 10: Boom it blows


We were all ready to start our assault when the warehouse exploded. All of us took our chance and ran into the parking lot for the warehouse. Two guys in the roll ups uniform came out of the smoke but I could see they were too old to be roll ups. The roll ups only let in people up to the age of 21. I lifted my gun and aimed it at them. Freeze what is going on here? Smith lifted his pistol and shot the one on the right straight in the head. Take the other one bro Stop we need them alive. The other guy dropped his gun and ran. I ran after him down the road. Down the street there was a car and a motorcycle parked. The guy got into the car. As he drove away I jumped on the bike. The keys were already in the ignition so I turned the key and off I went. I had never driven a motorcycle before so it felt weird but kind of awesome at the same time. The car sped along the road fast probably at around 60


miles per hour. I did pretty well at weaving between the traffic. He drove right on to an acceleration lane leading to a highway. I followed him on to the highway. Their barely was any traffic on the highway maybe 10 other cars on there as well as us. I got up real close to the side of the car but he took out a pistol and shot the front tire on the bike. I jumped off my bike right before it tipped over and landed on the roof of the bike. The car drove off the highway and into the middle of an intersection. Suddenly another car rammed into us. The car skidded along the road and I was launched off the car on the road. I looked around once I was on the floor and I could see that the man was trapped inside the car. The car door must have broken. Are you ok a voice said. I rolled over on my back. I saw a figure approaching me. Wake up Max. Come on Max don t die on me here The voice said in a worried tone.


My vision was coming back slowly. It was Samantha. I was still light headed and I felt like I had just been crushed. Oh hey Cindy no I mean Sammy or Isabel. Wait whose Isabel I don t know Ok whatever I m getting you to a hospital. No, No I don t need I tried to get up. Samantha helped me get up. Smith got out of the car that rammed me. He tore off the door to the car door and grabbed the guy by the neck and punched him in the face. The man was knocked out from the punch. Smith then carried him over to the other cars truck and placed him in it and shut the lid of the truck. Samantha helped me get into the back seat of the car with her. We drove off as the cops arrived. One of the police cars started following us.


Drive Smith the cops are coming Samantha shouted. Smith sped up the car. I lay on Sam s lap barely able to breathe. I could barely move but I could not go to the hospital or they would ask too many questions Come on Max stay awake Sam said. She slapped me around the head to keep me awake. I passed out right after. It seemed like her method to keep me awake really backfired. When I woke up I was in the motel room Isabel and I had rented. She was sitting in a chair beside my bed. You feeling okay Max Great. You okay. I was so worried about you. Well I would have made a joke out of that but really I have to get going I got up and put on my jacket.


I m sorry I ignored you when you told me you loved me okay. I have feelings for you too but I don t know what they are right now. I don t care anymore okay. I just need to finish this business with the mobs of the city Why don t you take me out? Listen you don t need to suck up Isabel. Once Smith and I get rid of the Chinese mob boss you can go back to whether you came from and I can get on with my life. Isabel got up and hugged me and then looked straight into my eyes with her hands around my waist. Listen Max you are my best friend. It does not matter if we are together or not. You helped me so many times. When I was being beat up by that Roll up member you saved me. So let s go out please. Ok fine. You really know how to guilt trip somebody you know

Chapter 11: The Date


I decided to take Isabel to the newly built pier made right off the north side of Manhattan. Isabel made me forget about all my problems. I have to ask. I have wondered a lot. If you never met your parents then how did you get your name? Why don t we talk about something else? Come on you can tell me. I won t tell anyone. I don t even have anyone to tell. I lead Isabel to a bench and sat her down and I sat next to her. Before you met me I was homeless. I didn t have anything so I robbed people. 2 years ago I first tried to rob someone. I held him at gun point. He tried reaching for my gun and I shot him. I opened up his wallet to take his money but then a picture of his family dropped out. I felt so bad so I checked out who he was. His name was Max Jones so I wanted to keep his memory alive by taking his name.


Thanks for telling me Max. it must have been hard to find someone you trust with this. I m not a good guy Isabel I have dealed drugs, I have robbed people and I kill in cold blood with no regrets I have dated harder and evil men. I know how to tell an evil person from a good one. I thought it was only Zack Moon. No not only. I dated right before Zack a blood member but then he got shot one day. I was kind of relieved about it. It meant I would not have to take his crap anymore. They were both evil. They killed women and kids and felt proud of it. That s an evil person. What you did you did because you were desperate. Now everyone wants my blood or DNA or whatever. It s such bullshit. Maybe these motherfuckers should have stopped polluting the world instead of trying to find a way to beat death.


That s human nature Max. Destroy the thing better then you and don t leave any evidence. It s funny the sane people now a days are not good people. The only good and true people are the psychos. They are the only ones you can trust in a world like this. Can you buy me some ice cream Max? You know I would. Come on I walked over to the ice cream parlor with Isabel. I bought two cones and gave one to Isabel. We started walking across the pier towards the end of it. You ever looked into the sky lately Max. It s beautiful. I just have one question. She looks up and I see a shocked look on her face. I look up to see stars. It was the middle of the day and the stars were shining bright. I looked around. Where were all the clouds? It looked as if the Ozone layer was


gone too but oxygen was still flowing like normal. It must be invisible or something. Hey Max I don t want to be a party pooper but where the hell did the clouds go. Listen I have to go make a call I went over to a corner and took out a cell phone. I put in a number and held it up to my ear. Smith are you there? Oh shit Max we got a big problem Yeah I noticed the clouds are all gone and the Ozone layer has disappeared. What the fuck. We got an even bigger one. Without the clouds the water evaporates into the sun and guess what the sun is way too hot to give out any precipitation. Meaning we are going into a drought soon. You re just


lucky the Ozone layered is not completely gone or you would become the last man on earth. Is their anymore great news? Well I m sorry to ask this of you Max but we might need your blood Wait didn t you say it would turn people insane if they had it in them Ok listen we need it. We are all going to die if you don t come in. without water we will all die I m not going to get blood sucked out of me and anyway I m not immune to thirst. When is the last time you drank water. I think a month ago maybe. Human beings don t live for that long without water Oh well I guess I do have evolution superpowers.


This is not funny Max. I need you to come in. Think about how this will affect Isabel. I can save her if I have your blood. Ok fine I will come in Max be careful bro. it won t be only America trying to get you. Everyone wants to survive and they don t care if it starts a war. I heard a crashing noise. I looked around to see a swat truck driving into the ice cream parlor. 5 swat guys jumped out of the back of the truck with assault rifles. I grabbed Isabel and jumped off the pier with her into the water below. When I came up to catch my breath I saw a police bout coming toward me. I scrambled for my pistol in my pocket. I got it as the policeman took out his gun and I shot him in the head. He fell in the water. Oh my god what was that. I think that s his brain. I replied to Isabel s screaming. Follow me I cried


Isabel and I swam all the way around to the other side of the island. When Isabel and I got to the shore I saw she was out of breath and about to be sick. Isabel listen I think you should leave Wait no I want to be here with you. This situation has gone out of control. We are not dodging Mob bosses anymore. We are now against the whole fucking country I can help you. No you can t. You will only get into the way and get yourself killed and that s not helping. You are the only thing I have been fighting for this whole time so go. Where Jersey. If you stay here they will find you. If you go to somewhere in New Jersey they will never find you. When this is over I will come to get you. You can bet on that.


Ok thanks Max for everything. I love you. She ran up to me and kissed me. We were looking into each other s eyes for a few seconds after the kiss and then she left. I felt a little heartbroken that I let her leave but I knew I could not let her get mixed up in this. I ran on to the street going down alleyways. I was crossing across Times Square when I heard a noise like a plane flying by. I looked up. Air force jets were circling the area. I tried to make a break for it but one saw me and shot a missile at me. I ran as fast as I could into the next alleyway. I made it just in time. I only felt a little wind but there were about 200 people on that street that were not so lucky. I took out my phone and rang Smith again. Smith they just blew up a street killing a lot of innocent people. I told you to be careful Max. The government is doing whatever it has to do. Martial law was passed in Manhattan 24 hours ago. Ok whatever. Where do I go to meet you?


Meet me outside the bureau. Go now. I broke into the back of the building. It was a small coffee shop. It had a nice design in it but I didn t really stay long enough to examine it. I stupidly ran out into the middle of the street just to get shot in the shoulder by a dam sniper rifle.


Chapter 12: A war between worlds

I awoke in a military jeep. An old looking guy in military armor sat next to me. What the hell is going on here I asked You have been trying to dodge us for months now and we finally got you. That s great so you going to drain my blood. If you keep up with those smart ass remarks ill drain you of blood myself. What smart remarks. You know what s smart taking months to catch one teenage kid. Captain turn on the mini screen in the back you might want to see it. The person driving said.


The old guy turned on the screen and it showed helicopter footage of a tsunami hitting Manhattan. This was taken 3 hours ago captain He closed the screen. Excuse me what time is it? I asked the driver. 17:00 hours he replied I m guessing that s 5pm then Right then a thought hit me. I looked outside. We were somewhere in the desert. Also another thought popped in. I hope Isabel got to Jersey in time. When she left it was 12:55 so she probably made it out in time. Suddenly we stopped for some reason. Everyone looked confused so I knew it was not planned. I saw a little thing on the ground outside. It s a grenade I yelled but it was too late. It went off and turned the jeep upside down. I crawled out before anyone could see what was happening and I ran for it. I hid behind a nearby rock and peered over


to see what was happening. I saw a Chinese soldier. This was bad. The Chinese had a military you did not want to fuck with but I had the advantage. They could not let me die. I ran out, punched him in his face, slammed his face on the ground and kicked him in his head while he was on the floor. I picked up the M16 he was holding. I heard footstep so I turned and it was the old guy from the jeep. When he tried to reach for his pistol to shoot me I aimed and shot at him. He dropped down into a pool of his own blood. I knew the shot would be heard by others so I turned and ran as fast as I could out of the area. I had been running along time before I found out where I was. I was in the Mojave Desert. I know this because I ended up walking all the way to Vegas. Vegas actually was a lot cleaner then Manhattan. They had really made it shine. I could see my reflection in the side walk .I had ditched the gun before entering the city obviously to not attract attention. I just noticed the wound where I had been shot. The bullet wound was sowed shut and anyway the bullet had not even gone all


the way into the skin as I could see. A black car pulled up next to me but instead of running I decided to see who it was and deal with it. It was Samantha. Get in the passenger s seat Max we have to go now What s going on? You re supposed to be in New York. While it s under water now so I would not call it the best destination site. I slid across the hood of the car and got into the passenger s seat. We drove off. So where we going Sammy First of all don t ever call me Sammy again or I will cut your throat out and two we are going to hide in Vegas somewhere. We should probably look for something low key like an apartment or something. Where s Smith?


I don t work with him anymore his gone insane. He wants to use your blood on people. Wait if the whole species needs my blood to survive then why don t you want me to give up. What I m telling you is highly confidential. Around the time of the Revolutionary war. 1776 April 8th people woke up to no clouds just stars. The English were worried about what this meant. They didn t know about all that scientific stuff back then. But the files on that day show that it only lasted 48 hours. I told Smith and others in the FBI and CIA departments but they would not believe me. Where s the files. Why didn t you show them? They were destroyed in a fire a couple of months back. My organization thought it was an accident but I have a feeling that Smith might have had something to do with it


What makes you think that? Smith is a good man. He helped me several times and he has no motive to betray me. He knows about that day in 1776 and he knows no one else knows about it and by selling you he could earn big money. That s the motive and the reason in think he is involved is that I found his license at the scene. We parked up by an old little apartment. Away from the bright lights as to not attract attention I guess or maybe she just wanted to punish me for tying her in a chair in an old creepy warehouse. The apartment had only one bed, a mini fridge and no bathroom. The bathroom was down the hall from our room. I collapsed on the bed as soon as we got in. Ok don t get too comfortable because I m going to get changed into my casual clothes and then I m going to sleep on the bed So you want to sleep in the same bed?


You would love that. Well too bad I m getting you the sleeping bag out of the car. Sam got a white polo shirt, jeans and some other stuff and left down the hall for the bathroom. I looked outside from the window at the bright lights and tall buildings and it occurred to me that maybe I should stay. I saw 2 plain white cars driving up to the apartment. They parked outside. I looked in Sam s bag and found a desert eagle. I took it out and creped downstairs as quietly as possible. 2 military men were got out of one car and 1 guy in a lab coat was in the other. I stood right beside the door waiting for them. When the first man was about to walk in. I turned around and kicked him down on the ground. I took the desert eagle and aimed it at the second military man. Put the gun down. Who are you? We work for Smith and we have been sent to kidnap you so please just come with us. The military guy said. Let s just go the lab coated guy said.


No not you. I want the military guy to go back and tell Smith I m not here. This will happen to you if you tell him I am. I aimed at the lab coated guy and shot him directly in the heart. Now scram I said. Both of the guys ran into the car and drove away. I ran across the street into an alley. I put the gun in my back pocket of my jeans and stretched my shirt over it to hide it. I noticed a crowd assembling near the body. I had to get away for a while. I went to an old bar. I didn t have my fake ID so I just got a Pepsi. They had a TV in the bar. A flat screen hung on the wall. The news was on so we all watched it. It showed a recording of a shot over the London Bridge. Out of nowhere a huge tsunami covered the bridge destroying Big Ben and the London Eye. Holy crap I heard from the whole bar. It looks like the great city of London town has been destroyed only hours away from the disaster in New York. It seems like now two of the


world s most popular cities are gone forever. The reporter said on the TV. I called Sam to see if she was doing Okay. As soon as I called her I heard a ringing right behind me. I turned around and saw Sam standing behind me. So you just left me with a bunch of dead bodies. Well to be fair it was one and you are a Government agent so whose going to suspect you. I sarcastically Anyway I think it s time we talk about all of this. Follow me She led me out the bar and we started walking down the street. So you heard about London? That does not matter we need to talk about something serious You re saying tsunamis are not a serious thing Remember the warehouse. The two guys dressed as Roll Ups?


Yeah they nearly killed me They were undercover operatives of my organization So does this organization have a name? Enigma Wait what. Is that the name of your organization or a new type of drug? They are above the President, Congress, and the CIA so don t make fun What you going to do if I do Sam and I stopped walking. I m sorry I got you into this Max Well I m just glad you re here so I don t have to do this alone


We kissed once again. I had no idea what I was thinking. I loved Isabel but my feelings for Sam were getting stronger each moment we were together. I pushed away from the kiss. I m sorry Sam. I m going to go back to the apartment. I walked away.


Chapter 12: Riots of 2030 I did not know where to turn. Should I get back to the apartment and make up with Sam or do I leave and try to make it on my own. With Smith and the rest of the country after me I doubt I will survive ten minutes. I was homeless before this whole thing and everything was good and simple except for the hunger and such but I dealt with it my own way. I really should have got a dog. People always give money to homeless people with dogs. I then felt my wallet in my jeans. I opened it to find 3,000 bucks. Holy crap I shouted out load I thought of the one place in Vegas that I would love to go to Caesars Palace. Vegas might not as bad as New York but things were getting cheaper. A room in the hotel was only 1,000 dollars so it was easy to get. The room was awesome, flat screen, king size bed and a huge closet. I heard a yelling outside and saw some


lights. Looked like fire light but really I didn t care that much so I went to sleep in the king-sized bed. I was so tired I didn t even take my clothes off I probably should of got my ass out of the bed because the next morning I woke up and the flat screen and everything else was gone except from the bed obviously. I ran downstairs into the main lobby. The whole lobby was trashed, burn marks, torn down posters and he doors were totally torn off. I went outside. Police were surrounding the building. I tried to walk away without being spotted but a swat guy saw me. I started running. When I was halfway down the street I heard police sirens so I ran into an alleyway and climbed up the fire escape of the building next to it. I climbed until I got to the roof and ran to the edge of the building and jumped to the building next to it. I looked back and it looked like I lost them. I looked back and was scared to death. Sam was standing right in front of me.


Sam what the hell? How did you? How did I find you? Yeah that s one thing I would ask if I was not having a heart attack. Well I followed you to the hotel and then I went back to the apartment and then I came back just as you were leaving So what had happened there? They were not just after me right? There was a huge riot of some kind. Not just here but all over the country. So are we going to talk about what happened yesterday? We have more important stuff to do now. Come on back to the apartment. The whole walk back to the house I was thinking about the kiss. Sam or Isabel was my big question that I needed answered soon or I would explode. As we were walking I heard my cell phone ring.


It was an unknown number but I picked up anyway. Hello I said. Hey Max I know I should not be calling you but I don t care about the risks anymore. The voice said in an excited tone. I recognized the voice. Isabel? Yes Max obviously it s me. Who else would say that to you? I don t know. I m stupid obviously no one else would. Are you ok? I m fine. Just having the whole country after me gets a little scary. Listen please come back to me. We can live together in the suburbs. Sam took the phone from my hand before I could answer. Listen Isabel Max is on a mission here and he cannot get distracted


Sam shouted over the phone. She hung up and stuck the phone in her jeans pocket. What was that about? Enigma has a mission for you. Wait I m not these morons poster boys. Listen we have protected you You have not protected shit. I have been in constant danger and then you try to hit on me. I have enough stuff going on in my life. You think I hit on you. No listen my life has not been all great Okay. My parents actually were not part of my life and I did go to a foster home. That s where they found me okay so just shut up. Sam shouted.


We both stayed quiet until we got back to the little apartment. The apartment was destroyed. The rioters must have come through here too. The apartment was livable but many of the wallpapers pulled down and walls destroyed in the lobby so we went straight to our room. Max take a seat you might get a little crazy when I ask this of you. What is it? Enigma wants you to help us. For America to be great again Enigma has to take charge of this country but for that to happen a certain someone has to die. Is it someone important? Kind of we need you to assassinate the President Holy crap America s president?


Well we are trying to takeover America. Okay well good luck with that. I got up and opened the door ready to go out. If you kill him everyone will be off your trail. The President is the one after you and with us in charge we will make sure no one touches you. I closed the door and looked back at Sam. You want me to kill the President Is it something about loyalty? You don t like killing your President. What the hell I don t care about that. He has not done shit to help me. He did nothing to help the people of New York. He drove the country into the ground. Even before him America


was never my country. My Loyalties are only to me okay. Sam sat on the bed staring at me. So why are you making a big deal out of this. Well secret service will be all over there. It s not like I m going to kill Ronald McDonald. I need to think Fine but be back soon with your answer. I left the apartment and started walking down the road when my phone rang. Hey it s Smith. Smith you basterd why are you trying to kill me? Trying to kill you? No I m not trying to kill you. Enigma is lying to you. Listen I was an agent for them years ago but then I found


out they were planning to destroy America by killing the president and destroying congress. Wait really what are you talking about. Why would they? They want to gain control. Don t trust Samantha just come in to us. I looked up into the sky and was amazed. The clouds were back. Sam was telling the truth. The clouds are back Smith. We don t need my blood. There is still the Oxygen problem so I still need you to come in. This is a matter of security. I thought everything through. If Sam was telling the truth about the clouds then she might be worth trusting. Smith is the only one who knew where I was that day at the pier so it would make


sense for him to be behind it. He also does not have the greatest personality. That story he told me about his police career told me that he is ruthless and will betray anyone so why wouldn t he betray me. No Smith I m not falling for your crap. Fine you don t want to come in quietly I will find you and save Mr. Jones you will come with us now. The commander told me. Umm actually I don t think I would like it in China. Funny funny man. He grabbed me but suddenly my luck finally came. 8 black Let the boy go a guy on a rooftop said over a microphone. Right then I realized that this whole situation had gotten way out of control. If I actually had a choice I would rather go with the


other guys then the Chinese. I stepped backwards two steps towards the guys in black. A shot went off and all three crew members on board the Chinese fell to the ground. I was shocked to see Smith get out of the cars. I was now practically crapping my pants. Smith came and stood right next to me. He put his arm around my neck like friends do but we were certainly not friends. Ok Commander this is what s going to happen I m going to take this young man and you can accept that or you can be sent to hell early. Smith said with a smile on his face. It is you who will be going to hell early. The Commander took out his pistol but before he could shoot he was shot by one sniper on the rooftops. At that point he dragged me by the collar into


So where are we going? You know since Manhattans now under water That s need to know information. Well yes its need to know because I need to know. Still as funny as ever huh? So where the hell are we going man Jersey so you can see your girlfriend one last time before we suck the blood out of you. I m just telling you now. If anything happened to her I will kill you. Don t worry Max we are after you. Everyone else I don t touch. She has been under surveillance for sometime though. Ok you better keep it that way You are not in a great position to bargain Same thing I was going to say to you


Chapter 14: Welcome to future jersey

We had gone from Vegas to a military base in the desert, jumped on a private jet and landed somewhere in Jersey City. I was handcuffed and thrown into the back seat of a car. I thought about everything and it just didn t make sense. I loved Isabel but I also had strong feelings for Sam. Before I met Isabel I was a cold heartless basterd but when she came into my life I became just a little bit more human. When Sam came along and told me her true identity I got kind of turned on from all the danger that surrounded her. Suddenly I felt a jolt. The car had stopped, I saw the car door open and I was dragged out. Come on little boy lets go see your girlfriend the man said. When we were outside the door he took away the handcuffs and kicked me into the room. Isabel was held up by two ropes tied to her wrists and also tied to two poles on either side of her. Max is that you?


Oh my god Isabel. Are you hurt? I ran over to her. I tried to untie her but the knots was too tight Max wait I want to tell you something important It s ok just let me untie you. I heard footsteps. I heard the door open and turned around to see Smith holding a gun to Samantha s head. I found this one trying to sneak in here to save you and Isabel but I thought you might want some privacy instead. Let her go. Please let them both go I cried. Tears were rolling down from my eyes right now. Actually I m going to let you go but only with one of them. No let them both go


You have 3 seconds to say which one you want to safe. If you say nothing Isabel dies and you keep Sam all for yourself he grabbed Sam and held the gun to her face. Max I love you Isabel yelled at me. 3 seconds is up Smith shot Isabel straight in the face and kicked Sam over to me. Smith had ran away before I even had a chance to look. I grabbed Sam when she was thrown over to me. I then ran over to Isabel s body. Oh crap no No. I started crying out of control. All that we had been through and she just died in a blink of an eye. No one knows the pain I felt right then. After that moment I knew I would never be the same again. Enough with the jokes it was time to act. We need to get out of here Max. There will be cops here any minute. I didn t care all I wanted was revenge for what had just happened.


I will do it. I will kill for Enigma but after that you bring me Smith. I stared in her eyes as I said it and she got the message that I was not playing around I wanted him dead and his head on my mantel. Fine but we need to get out of here Max please. You go please just leave me with her for a minute. Max we both have to go my organization can t lose you. Is that all I am? A stupid science experiment to you. I should have said Isabel Remember that kiss we shared in Vegas? Was that the organization who kissed you? No it was me and I don t want to see you go to jail. I know you loved Isabel but I need you to help Enigma. Not for them for me. I got up and stood next to Sam still looking down at Isabel s body.


I loved her. I knew it was too good to be true. I was perfect before she came into my life. I didn t need anyone and then she came along but I should have never let my guard up. Let s go. Sam and I escaped down the fire escape. We ran across the street into a nearby alleyway. I thought of that time Isabel and I escaped from the apartment to the warehouse. Listen Max I will call Enigma and they will send extraction for us. Good anything s better then here. Sam got a cell phone out of her pocket and dialed a number. Hello this is Agent Sam Worth. We need extraction. I interrupted her call. How will they find us? They have a tracker on all their agents Max.


She hung up the phone and led me the corner of the alley leading to the next street. She sat down on the ground. Come on Max sit down with me. I m good I will stand. I never wanted this to happen to her. Stop blaming yourself. Smith killed her not you. We will kill Smith. You and me against them ok. We won t let him get away. You don t understand. I have had nothing my whole life then I get a great thing and she gets shot. You are probably a winey rich girl who hated her parents and ran away. No ok I have had a tough life. I admit not as tough as yours but still hard. My parents died when I was eight and I was sent to a foster home. Enigma found me there when I was 14. I have never had anyone in my life. I just have been doing jobs for Enigma. I never had time for friends, love and the rest of that nonsense.


She started crying. Wow shit I felt bad but I just lost Isabel I had an excuse for being mad. I sat down next to Sam and put my hand on her shoulder. Listen to me you have me ok. I can t promise you I will forget about Isabel but I will be here for you. I smiled at her while I said it. I heard a chopper up on the roof. Here is our ride. We better go. Where are we going? We are going to drop you off in Washington so you can do the deed and I m going back to headquarters. Sam and I went into and up the stairs of the apartment building. We both got on the chopper. A man was sitting in the helicopter waiting for us to board. He wore a helmet and when of those suits you wear when you are bungee jumping. Sam sat next to him and then signaled the


pilot to go. The chopper lifted off. Sam stood and up and got a bulletproof vest and put it on and then put her hair in a ponytail. So what s the plan when I get in Washington. I asked. Sam sat down. The plan is that we will take you straight above the White house s back gardens and you parachute in, then we want you to sneak in to the oval office, end the president s life and secure America s future. After that we will go after Smith? Do not worry about Smith we will get him for what he did. Sam put her hand on my knee to try and make me feel better but it was not working at all. Do I get a gun or something? Sam handed me a silenced pistol. Is this it? I felt confused why she would give me a pistol when I was going to break into the white house.


If I gave you an automatic silenced gun then the bullets would spray and someone would notice and we need it silenced so the president does not get alarmed. Oh well if I die on this mission I will be happy at least. We know you have suffered a lose but Enigma must not fail. The man beside Sam said. Shut the hell up. You have no idea how I feel right now. You have to focus Jones or America will totally die Like I care I m not a patriot. I m just doing you a favor. Guys please stop we are all on the same side Sam told us both. An hour had passed and we finally had gotten there. The man opened the sliding door to the helicopter. Sam gave me my parachute and helped me strap it on. I stepped closer to the edge of the helicopter and prepared to jump. Good luck Max and please be careful. Sam said from behind me.


I jumped and started falling through the air. It felt so good, the air rushing past my face but there was a crushing feeling in my chest and belly. I felt sick and empty. It was a horrible feeling. I could see the ground now. Everyone looked like little insects from up here but then when I saw the White house all the images came back, of Isabel, of Smith and also Sam. I started getting madder and madder. The blood boiled with me and now I could barely feel the nice cold air on my face any longer. I was nearing the ground rapidly so I pulled the string of the parachute. The parachute opened and now I was gently gliding. It took a bit of time but I finally got into the garden of the white house. No guards were on patrol which I thought was really weird. I got a call on my cell phone. It was Sam. I ducked down behind the bushes and started talking. What s going on Sam? There s no guards. We might have a problem. What?


Smith is in the oval office with the president but the good news is we cannot find any guards outside or inside the Whitehouse. Smith is here? Yes

Chapter 15: The end of it all

Smith was here. This was my chance at revenge. I could not believe it I was finally going to kill that son of a bitch I ran over to one of the windows of the white house. I saw one guard pass and that was confusing me because he should have turned up on Enigma s radar. It was night already so he was wearing a gas mask so this was going to be easy. I waited until he was halfway down the hall until I opened the window as gently as I could and sneak up behind him and grabbed his oxygen mask. He turned around to me going to attack me but his breathe was going. He could not breathe. He looked so pathetic gasping


for air. Before Smith scared me maybe I would have helped him but I did not care anymore about life and death. The guard eventually choked to death. I heard footsteps coming towards me so I turned around and shot the other guard coming down the stairs. A ticking sound then went off. I felt like I heard it before somewhere. It was a bomb suddenly the ticking stopped and half of the white house just blew up. It was not the half I was in thank god but I was blown back by the explosion. I quickly got up. The White house was now half rubble. I saw out all the way on the street Smith and the president running to get into a car parked across the street. I started running. I jumped over the fence of the White house garden but they had got into the car and started driving away. I saw a motorcyclist at the red traffic light. I kicked him off the bike and got on myself. I had driven a motorcycle before and was actually really good at it so I could easily catch a car with it. I started the motorcycle and chased the car down the street. The car drifted around the corner so I had to make a


tight turn. I fell a little behind but I got started again and chased it again. I felt like hammered crap from that explosion but I was not going to give up if I could kill Smith. Two other cars swerved in front of me trying to stop the chase but I weaved in between them and got my line of sight back. I cut through a nearby alleyway when Smith s car turned and I came into the street right beside the car. I saw Smith in the driver s side of the car and the president next to him on the passenger s side. A bus was heading straight toward us so I had to move over so I would not be hit. Again the distance between us got longer but I was still going on. The car crossed a nearby draw bridge. A boat was heading for the bridge so it started to rise. I went even faster than I had gone before. I was going about 100 miles per hour. The bike drove right off the edge of the one side of the bridge. I landed safety on the other side. I saw the car parked outside an old abandoned shop. The windows were covered with wood and the building looked like it was rotting. I parked right by the car. I looked through the window and saw that Smith and the president in there. The president was hiding behind


Smith who was pointing a gun straight at the door. I decided then to look for a back entrance. I found a window round the back leading to a storage closet. I opened the door t see Smith pointing the gun in my direction now. Hello Max so how are you recovering from this morning he sniggered. I raised my gun and aimed it at him. I loved her. Why would you take her from me? That day we spoke on the phone I realized that Enigma already had you on their hitman list. Listen to me Max if you kill for them then America will totally fall apart. I don t care about that anymore I just want you dead That s not going to happen Max. You lack to see the big picture. I don t give a fuck about the big picture all I care about is watching you die.


It s funny that you have not noticed something yet. I don t have an oxygen mask on. I hesitated for a minute I didn t get it how was it possible. How is that possible? The vile of blood we took from the interrogation room. I stole it off you behind your back and drank it. I am now just like you Max. I looked over to the president. He was the only one in the room actually wearing an oxygen mask. Smith then grabbed the president and placed his gun against the president s forehead and shot him. There you re mission is complete now it s just you and me. Smith put the gun in his pocket. Come on Jones shoot me. I shot him in the chest. He fell down but got back up, slowly but surely. He pulled off his jacket to uncover a bulletproof vest.


That kind of hurt but this will hurt more. He grabbed the gun off me and punched me in the face and I went down like a tree falling in a forest. He put his foot on my neck to hold me on the ground. You would have never won. I have been doing this a lot longer then you boy. Screw you I gurgled out barely. As I looked at him memories of Isabel flowed through my head and my blood begun boiling again and my heart pounded faster than ever. I grabbed his foot and threw him off. I then grabbed him by the collar and punched him in the face five times and grabbed his gun out of his pocket. You will pay for betraying me I yelled. Do it but I guarantee Enigma will betray you I pushed the gun into his forehead like he had just done with the president. My finger felt the smoothness of the trigger and I started to


regret but I decided he needed to die. I pulled the trigger and it caused a hole in Smith s head the size of my finger. All of it was finally over. I left the building to see a chopper waiting for me right by where I parked the bike. Sam was waiting for me on the chopper. Welcome back Max and welcome to Enigma!! Written by Max Jacob Greenberg