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Permanent Preserves

These properties were donated to The Land Trust to be managed in perpetuity for their ecological health. Foote Botanical Preserve at Mt. George ~ Si and June Foote (645 acres donated in 1977 and 1995) ~ Austin Hills and Scott Bergren (77-acre bargain purchase 1998) ~ Yajome/UCC Vineyards Addition (47 acre donation 2000) 767 acres of rare chaparral and wildflower species on Mt. George, the most prominent peak east of downtown Napa. Wantrup Wildlife Sanctuary (1982) ~ Professor S. V. Wantrup A 730-acre oak woodland preserve in Pope Valley where oak reforestation studies and graduate research takes place. Connolly Ranch Environmental Education Center (1991) ~ Peggy Connolly A 12-acre urban farm adjoining Westwood Hills Park in Napa that houses environmental and agricultural educational programs for over 3,000 Napa students per year. Archer Taylor Preserve (1993, 1996, and 1998) ~ Ann Taylor Schwing, Charlie Schwing, Connie Taylor Ultimately, this Preserve will encompass 380 acres, including a century-old redwood forest in the Redwood Creek watershed west of Napa. Missimer Snell Valley Wildflower Preserve (2003) ~ Dale and Sue Missimer 273 acres of this Snell Valley Preserve protects some of the most outstanding and rarest native wildflowers in Napa County. An additional 254 acres were donated by Stella Ferandes preserves Snell Peak at the other end of the valley, protecting native chaparral shrublands and wildlife habitat. Linda Falls (1998, 2008) ~ Edward Van Egri A total 140 acres of scenic open space and riparian habitat near Angwin, forested with a mix of native Douglas Fir and mixed Manzanita chaparral. This donated property, including Linda Falls and a segment of Conn Creek, is slated to become a Land Trust permanent preserve. A conservation easement over 39 acres of this property is now held by the Napa County Regional Parks and Open Space District.

Other Protected Lands

These properties are also owned by The Land Trust and are awaiting establishment as a permanent preserve, or transfer to an appropriate conservation agency or other conservation non-profit organization. Audubon Cheyney Preserve (1992) ~ National Audubon Society 120 acres of open space and old-growth Douglas fir in the City of St. Helenas Bell Canyon watershed open space. Dunn-Wildlake Ranch (2006) ~ Wildlake Ranch Hunting Club 3,030 acres of land encompassing stunning visual rocky outcrops, pine and Douglas fir forests, oak woodland, and chaparral with four miles of ridgeline in the Howell Mountains between Calistoga and Angwin. Property includes headwaters of Bell Canyon Creek, City of St. Helenas water supply. Wildlake was purchased with money raised by The Land Trusts Napa Valley Wild Campaign. Duff Ranch (2008) ~ David Duff 1,000 pristine, forever wild acres abutting the Wildlake property. Funded by our Napa Valley Wild Campaign, this purchase of the Duff Ranch to connect Wildlake Ranch with Robert Louis Stevenson Stake Park.