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Joy Comes
to Myanmar
EE field workers continue outreach
to victims of Cyclone Nargis.
dear friends The Office of the President

The Natural World?

yclone Nargis hits the country of Myanmar, ministering there. The report I received from our
and suddenly, unexpectedly, thousands are Myanmar Director, Rev. U. Toe Toe, indicates
dead, millions are missing. that 20 EE-trained people responded quickly and
An earthquake ravages an area in China have had wonderful results in just four months of
with the same devastating results. ministry. Now, they see the extensive needs and
Even in the states, whether it’s hurricane desire to remain there at great cost to them and
Katrina or tornadoes that wreak havoc in the their families.
midwest and southeast, we see the results of an My urgent plea to you is to help them. Rev.
earth that is anything but natural. Toe Toe says that for $120, each field worker can
Dr. Kennedy used to say that this is not the remain in these areas for one month. Consider
natural world, but rather the unnatural world giving $1,440 and sponsoring a field worker for
with all of its disease, death, storms, and sin—far one year. The article on page 12 will give you
removed from the earth God created before Adam information on how to give.
and Eve’s fall. Thank you so much for considering this
As an evangelism ministry, we try to respond urgent need.
as best as we can to bring hope in these situations
that seem so hopeless. But limited resources and
manpower handicap us. Yet, we press on.
EE teams from churches across the southeast
ministered in the areas hit hard by hurricane Rev. John B. Sorensen
Katrina. Like I said, we try to minister where we President, Evangelism Explosion International
I am especially encouraged by our efforts
in Myanmar. Currently, EE field workers are

Evangelism Explosion International
12 Every Nation Equipping Every
People Group and Every Age
Group to Witness to Every Person.

Joy Comes to Editor in Chief:

John B. Sorensen
Content Development:
Gerry Kumpf
Mike Ferraguti
Mike Ferraguti

Important Update Joy Levins

Graphic Design:
Lance W. Mericle

Urgent Appeal


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2007 Accomplishments
ee answerman Number of leadership training clinics
Life After Death
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Number of believers equipped
More than 225,000

Number of professions in Christ

everywhere 5.1 million
Chicago Club for Kids
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
15-year Estimates 2000 to 2015
Number of leadership training clinics
More than 20,000

church profile Number of believers equipped

More than 4.5 million
Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Number of professions in Christ
More than 100 million

in the field
Grass Roots News From the Front Lines
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

encompassing the globe

Ken Silva George Verzea Nickolay Revtov Tom Mangham

VP North America VP Europe VP Eurasia VP Asia

Woody Lajara Ron Tyler Rod Story

VP Latin America Sr.VP Global Ministries Sr.VP Global Innovations
Acting VP Africa Acting VP Oceania

Covering every corner of the world

EE continental vice presidents have vast regions to cover with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, following Dr. Kennedy’s
challenge for them to plant EE in every nation on earth, they accomplished that mission in 1996. They continue to press on,
taking the Gospel farther and farther.

news around the world

Exciting Reports From Around the World

Show Lifestyle Evangelism Works
opportunity to present the activities. Result: Through the
Gospel. This confused young Kids’ EE methods of teaching
woman made a profession of and materials, children are able
Rev. Tom Mangham faith in Christ with tears in her to learn and retain the Gospel
EE is now taking part in eyes. presentation.
God’s redemptive plan among Our meeting also A Kids’ EE clinic was held
a tribal group that escaped presented a great opportunity in April in Rio de Janeiro at the
from a restricted access nation to challenge her to be trained in New Life Pentecostal Church.
in Southeast Asia. Recently, an Evangelism Explosion as well, Two are scheduled in the near
EE clinic was conducted with so that she too could share her future for São Paulo, one in the
the tribe. faith in Christ. large capital city and another
Spreading out over five This new Christian in a small interior city.
villages, teams shared the contacted me later to express Hospital chaplains
Gospel with 74 individuals and her strong desire to be baptized and volunteers dealing
35 of them made professions of as soon as possible. with terminally ill children
faith in Christ. have been equipped in a
Please pray for the 35 new workshop in late July.
believers and that the Holy Like other EE ministries,
Spirit will continue to work in Dr. Cecilio N. Lajara (Woody) Kids’ EE in Brazil works!
the hearts of the others who In Brazil, children are Children are being reached,
heard the Good News. sharing with their parents and and increasing numbers
grandparents using Kids’ EE! will be on a path to become
Most Brazilian children lifelong lifestyle evangelists!
learn easily through visual
Rev. George Verzea materials. Therefore, EE-Brazil
After I preached in a has adapted the complete set of
church in Holland, a young Kids’ EE materials. A life-sized Dr. Ron Tyler
woman approached me and doll named “Longinho” comes A clinic was conducted
introduced me to her friend. to life, connecting everything in Mali including six pastors
She told me that her friend through a common thread and 26 laymen. The goal was
attended this church for a year, evident to the children. to train these individuals in
but didn’t understand any of The utilization of objects how to share their faith in
the teaching. She asked me, such as a slime egg (Rotten difficult areas. More than
“Can you help her?” Egg illustration showing man’s half of the clinicians made
I made an appointment sinfulness) appeals to children a verbal commitment to
with her and had the who prefer hands-on learning multiply their ministry

and train others. This was to-remember tool for sharing the Gospel and the man also
very encouraging to the one’s faith with others. asked Christ into his heart.
leadership of the clinic. Coordinating this Another individual,
During the clinic, two clinic was Will Rodriguez, Adi, was led to faith in
teams went out for on-the- EE Regional Director for Christ at the Fiji Center by
job training in a village the Hispanic Ministries in two American interns. Less
called Tiediana Seguere. North America. There were than a year later, she joined
The people of this village 176 participants from eight an EE team as an intern
are very involved in cult churches new to EE. herself. In less than a year,
and idol worship. These she went from not having
village people have accused a relationship with God
the church and its people, to teaching, training, and
before the government Rev. Rod Story sharing with others just how
courts, of trying to destroy The Lord continues they could have that same
their culture. This was an to bless the work being relationship.
ongoing threat. done at the D. James and
We praise God Anne Kennedy International
that in this very hostile Training Center for World
environment, 22 people Evangelism—Fiji Campus. Dr. Nickolay Revtov
made professions of faith in Tevita was trained in As of the printing of
Jesus. Our hope is that this Evangelism Explosion during this fall issue of Multiply,
will begin to transform this a 2007 clinic in Fiji at the the conflict in the Eurasian
village for the Lord! Center. Since then, he was country of Georgia, which has
a part of a church plant in been hit hard by the Russian
the Highlands. Tevita is a military in August, continues.
wonderful example of a Many missionaries have been
Dr. Ken Silva young person sold out to evacuated.
Statistically the Hispanic Christ, living out his faith on Our EE Director for
population continues its a daily basis. Georgia has moved from
growth in the States. And Recently, Tevita visited his home and is staying in the
EE is reaching them with the a homeless Indian woman. capital city during the conflict.
Gospel and equipping them First, he gave her all of his He will be assisting several
to be faithful witnesses. money. Then he shared the Christian organizations in the
Recently, Evangelism Gospel with her. The Indian distribution of humanitarian
Explosion conducted a woman made a profession aid.
Spanish Share Your Faith of faith in Christ. A few Reports indicate that 2,000
Workshop in Houston, weeks later, Tevita was civilians have been killed. Please
Texas. Share Your Faith talking with a friend. In mid- pray for the people of Georgia
Workshops are intended to conversation he stopped a and South Ossetia, our Director
provide an opportunity for man who was passing by. in Georgia, and his team of EE
local churches or Christian Tevita quickly learned that representatives as they seek to
organizations to equip every this man was contemplating assist with humanitarian aid
member with a simple, easy- suicide. Again, Tevita shared and share the love of Jesus.


EE Reaches Out to Capitol Hill Staffers

Reaching those in every area of our country, inluding our nation’s capital, is
first and foremost with EE trainers

The D. James Kennedy kicked the week off with several others.
Center for Christian States- Share Your Faith training. There was plenty of
manship became a ministry It was an action- interaction with the Hill
of EE International in packed week, indeed! staff; and the young people
2007. A large part of the Monday included a Bible had a mini-internship in
Center’s focus is reaching study for interns at the congressional offices for half
out to congressional staff new Center’s Hospitality a day. They also delivered
and interns, most of whom
are in their early twenties.
Therefore, we invited some
college students to spend
a week joining in the
outreach ministry.

he weeks’ participants
included: Cameron
Hughes, a student
at the University of
Wisconsin; Christalyn
Steers, a student at
Seattle Pacific University;
and Kim Pennington, who
works at Southwest Baptist
Theological Seminary and
is in pre-doctoral studies
Mrs. Shirley Beattie,
EE’s North America
administrator, joined Dr.
George Roller, Executive House followed by on-the- copies of the book, “Sacred
Director of the Center, and job training at the National Fire,” which details the
his wife, Linda, to chaperone Mall. The group was excited Christian faith of George
the group and direct the to be able to use their Share Washington, to various
activities. Rev. Fred Kress, Your Faith training to lead Members.
Continental Director for the two people to Christ and Rep. Todd Akin
East Region, came along and to share the Gospel with (R-MO) held a special session

in his office to talk about awarded the 13th annual Kennedy was greeted with a
“The Bible as a Blueprint for “Dr. D. James Kennedy standing ovation and many
Government;” Rep. Randy Distinguished Christian in the crowd expressed their
Forbes (R-VA) addressed Statesman Award” to Rep. delight in her presence.
the Center’s annual Politics Mike Pence of Indiana at a Last year’s winner
and Principles luncheon, special dinner on Capitol of the award, Rep. Todd
with over 100 interns in Hill on June 25, 2008. Akin of Missouri, spoke of
attendance, and shared with Mrs. Anne Kennedy how he had listened to Dr.
them the importance of the joined Dr. George Roller, the Kennedy’s preaching for
many years and had quite a
collection of his sermons.
Mike Pence has
always taken a strong
stand for family values and
is currently fighting the
“fairness in broadcasting”
issue, which would
effectively silence Christian
and conservative talk radio.
In accepting the award, he
said he was deeply moved
to be honored in such a way
Christian heritage in our Center’s Executive Director, and to be in the company of
government. Later, Rep. and Rev. John Sorensen, EE some great people who had
Mike Pence (R-IN) shared President, in presenting the received the award in past
with an overflow crowd how award. She told the audience years. Referring to the story
his faith had given him such that Dr. Kennedy would of Daniel’s companions in
peace on 9/11. The group have been delighted to the fiery furnace, he spoke
also attended the weekly know the work of the Center of how his faith sustained
luncheon and Bible study of was continuing as a ministry him in the often-turbulent
Senate Chaplain Barry Black. of EE International. Mrs. climate of Washington, D.C.
Chaplain Black graciously About 150
introduced Mrs. Anne people attended the
Kennedy and daughter, event, including
Jennifer, and expressed his many congressmen
admiration and affection for and their staff, and
Dr. D. James Kennedy. supporters of the
Center for Christian
Distinguished Christian Statesmanship.3
Statesman of 2008

The Center for

Christian Statesmanship

ee answerman

Life After Death

How to answer when someone says–
“I don’t believe in life after death.”

either in Heaven or in Hell. a perfect Judge to ensure the

In addition, there are five verdict (Hebrews 9:27).
extra-biblical evidences. When 3. The first law of thermo-
woven together like threads, dynamics: Set forth by Albert
they can form an exceedingly Einstein, it states that energy
strong cord: and matter cannot be created
1. An analogy from or destroyed. For example, if
nature: For a seed to bring something is burned, it simply
forth a living plant, a beautiful changes form. 1 Corinthians
blossom, or a delicious fruit, 15:49-51 describes for us how
it first has to go through the the Christian’s body will, in
process of disintegrating and fact, change form at death.
dying. The philosopher, Plato 4. The last words of dying
concluded that, likewise, the people: There are books
human body must ultimately quoting the last words of
decay and die before it will dying people. “All is dark!”
emerge in another world and said noted infidel Edward
another life. Gibbon on his deathbed. In
2. The necessity of justice: contrast, Augustus Toplady,
All humans have a sense author of the hymn, “Rock of
of right and wrong, some Ages” cried out, “All is light,
sense of moral duty. For that light, light!” before he was
moral duty to make sense gone.
there must be justice, for 5. The recollections of
why do right if justice does resuscitated people: Careful
not prevail? Unfortunately, interviews were conducted
in our world, justice does with hundreds of people
not always prevail. Too often who were pronounced

here are two fundamental the good do suffer and the clinically dead and have later
reasons for our believing wicked prosper. Practical been revived. They told of a
in life after death: The reasoning concludes that foretaste of either Heaven or
resurrection of Jesus justice will ultimately prevail Hell. From their testimonies,
Christ from the dead; and at another place and time. many scientists concluded
the declarations of Scripture Therefore, justice demands that life does indeed go on
that man has been made for life beyond the grave. And beyond the grave. 3
eternity and will live forever, for it to prevail, there must be

Important Update
Urgent Appeal

ollowing a devastating Initial funding for this project is
cyclone named Nargis that hit running low. Please help us to keep our field
the Myanmar coast in May, workers in these areas where much help,
Evangelism Explosion sent in 20 both spiritual and physical, is needed. They
implementation field workers to are making a tremendous sacrifice, yet still
assist with relief efforts and share the love of make great gains for the Kingdom of God.
Jesus. Read the testimonies of five of our
From the beginning, our Director field workers who continue their outreach.
for EE in Myanmar, Rev. U. Toe Toe, had Said Rev. U Toe Toe, “Although they are
planned for this outreach to be long-term. poor in food and accommodations, they
After working in hard-hit areas, these field have a great love for the Lord. There are
workers see the importance of remaining in many areas that need our help, so we have
these areas for one to three years. They have to stand on our own feet. Please continue
made contact with many people who wish praying for us.”
for them to stay, share the Gospel through “They say, ‘We thank God and Jesus
EE, and bring more and more of their people for healing us.’”
to a relationship with Christ.

To support EE field workers in Myanmar and around the world,

visit our website at: http://support.eeworks.org.

Ko Saw Hlaing Aye Aye Thaung
I am Ko Saw Hlaing who has served as an My name is Aye Aye Thaung and I am very
EE Myanmar & Tsunami field worker. When thankful to God for using me as one of the
Nargis hit Myanmar, U Naw Church joined Nargis field workers. While the men are
with EE Myanmar and formed a response building houses, I gather the children who
ministry. I have had a chance to serve as were afraid and they would follow me.
an EE field worker and I’m very grateful to When they followed me, I was able to teach
God. Now I’m serving at Kun Thee Chaung them the Gospel and now they repeat the
where there are no believers. While they Bible verses and sing songs with me.
were helpless and disappointed, I reached
them and with some knowledge that I
have in music, I sang to them the songs
which made them smile. After awhile they
joined singing with me. Then, I prayed for
them, to look up to me with their sad eyes
and pleaded help. I tried to help them as
much as I can and I always tell them I can
help them only by the grace of God and
whenever I mention that, they agree with
me. Now they can also say, “Thank you
Jesus” whenever I finish saying, “this is by
the grace of God.”

I prayed with them, visited their places,

taught them about eternal life and now
they can sleep when they go to bed. I have
been very attached to them now. I am now
serving near Bogalay district at Tha Pyan

Naw Bah Blut Htoo

I am called Naw Bah Blut Htoo. My group
has been appointed to serve at Tha Zin
Gone village. I am a nurse so I serve in the
healing ministry. There are a lot of needs

Kyaw Swa Win Maung
My name is Kyaw Swa Win Maung. I am an
EE Nargis field worker serving at Kalah Gyi
village. I am staying with the villagers and
helping for three months. I live with them,
eat with them, work with them, and now I
have become one of their family members.
I report their needs for food, shelter, and
clothing, to Rev. Toe Toe (EE Myanmar
Director) and he announces the needs
during church services. The villagers want
me to stay with them permanently, but I
have my wife and two daughters in Yangon.
However, God has given me compassion
for them, so I committed to stay with them
for three years. There are no Christians in
this village. So I serve my Savior and share
the Gospel with them until God opens
for the villagers’ health. The cuts, hurts, and their hearts and they profess Christ as
dysentery are everywhere. Before curing their Savior. Only when I get the fruits/the
them or giving them medications, I pray believers, I will leave the Kalah Gyi. 3
for them first. I told them that because God
loves us, He sent His Son Jesus. He sent
me to help them. After telling them about
eternal life, whenever I finish giving them
treatment, they say “We thank God and
Jesus for healing us.”

U Saw Thein Hti

My name is U Saw Thein Hti. I am 63
years old. I can’t help the Nargis victims
with money, but I still have my health and
strength. So I volunteer to help rebuild
their lives as one of the EE Myanmar
field workers. When they thanked me for
building houses for them, I shared with
them about our Savior and told them that
God has planned for them more beautiful
houses for them in Heaven. They responded
with professions of faith in the Lord! In the
Thazin Gon village where I serve, 16 people
have accepted Christ.


Chicago Club for Kids Seeing God

at Work Through Kids’ EE
By the Hand Club For Kids Helping Troubled Kids

By The Hand is an after- “All of our kids are “Donita and three other ladies
school program with an recommended by school from Moody stayed at our
emphasis on academics and principals as kids in critical home during the clinic,” recalls
a commitment to nurturing need of intervention,” says Suzy. “After the clinic, Donita
the whole child—mind, Donita Travis, By The Hand told us, ‘I want to do this,’ and
body, and soul. Founded in Director. “So we are very we told her that we wanted
Cabrini-Green, it is located closely connected to the city.” to help her.” They began a
strategically throughout relationship that
some of Chicago’s most continues today.
impoverished inner The Warrens
city communities, make an annual
where overcrowded and trip to Chicago
underfunded schools to help train the
abound. By The Hand
Club for Kids

hey are taking kids by staff in Kids’ EE.
the hand and walking “When we
alongside them from the return, we see
early years until they are ex-students
walking as responsible, who are now
well-adjusted adults. in leadership
The By The Hand Club there,” Susy
For Kids began in the Chicago says. “To see the
area in 2001 with 16 children. It maturity and
started as a ministry of Moody The program is filling fruit develop from what God is
Church. It has become so a special need with great doing is exciting.”
successful that it now partners success. Kids are saying no to In the beginning, Donita
with the Chicago public schools drugs, gang violence, and teen recalls using the Kids’ EE
and the Chicago Housing pregnancy. They are rejecting cadences to get the first 16
Authority. illiteracy and poverty as a way kids from the parking lot into
Some of Chicago’s most of life. the building. “We have stories
impoverished inner city And Kids’ EE was with By of kids not only hearing and
communities benefit from the The Hand from its inception in learning the Gospel, but going
program. Today, By The Hand 2001. Don and Suzy Warren, to their homes and sharing
Club For Kids ministers to Kids’ EE Trainers, met Donita with their brothers and sisters,
more than 600 children. during an EE clinic in 2000. kneeling and praying with

them on bedroom floors,” In 2009, CBK will minister to EE donates materials
Donita recalls. kids in grades 9-12. Currently, it
Freida Howard Ivy, a By includes kids in grade 8. On June 24, EE
The Hand staffer for six years, Bethany Arvan directs
knows personally the impact the 80 students of CBK with donated a pallet of
of Kids’ EE upon the students. a holistic approach. “There is Kids’ EE materials to
“Kids are able to understand an academic component and
exactly what happened on spiritual component, too. So By The Hand Club
the cross, why it happened, hopefully, as they have given
and God’s whole purpose for their lives to Christ, they are For Kids.Weighing
sending His Son,” she says.
One of the kids whose life
almost 1,300 pounds,
was changed through By The the materials were
Hand and Kids’ EE is 11-year-
old Jonte Durr. “I was a bad kid, unloaded at the club’s
getting F’s in school, and being
a bully,” he recalls. “I came here main Chicago office.
and learned that I don’t deserve
to go to Heaven, but God
By The Club For
sent Jesus to save us.” Jonte’s Kids will distribute
grades are much improved
and he shares his faith in Jesus the materials among
Freida was emphatic about four impoverished
EE’s impact in their community.
South Chicago
“We have used EE during some having an impact in their
of the roughest times in our schools,” she says. neighborhoods where
community and introduced it Since the high school kids
to some of our most notorious have learned EE early on, CBK it ministers.
gang leaders, drug users, teaches an EE refresher course
and other offenders in the once a year. “They are sharing
community,” Freida exclaims. their faith and encouraging their
“It is an amazing tool.” friends,” Bethany says. 3
A “sister ministry” of By
The Hand is called Club for Big
Kids, otherwise known as CBK.

church profile

Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit

Sees EE Working
postmodern culture, a lot of
the theology is not sound. EE
has served as a tool that creates
a really sound theology. It has
solidified people’s theology
and, more importantly, their
During an EE clinic May
19-23, Second Ebenezer trained
15 clinicians. During on-the-
job training, there were 47
professions of faith in Christ in
three days.

econd Ebenezer is a large strength.
metropolitan urban One member, a
church. Some members doctor of psychiatry,
travel from 90-minutes grew up in a church.
away to attend. Rev. Keith She signed up for
Hutchings, Chief Operating EE and realized she did not EE clinics at Second
Officer and Minister of have a personal relationship Ebenezer are ethnically
Evangelism and Discipleship with Jesus Christ. She made diverse with past attendees
calls the membership diverse. a profession of faith in Christ. including Canadians, Chinese,
“We have people that represent She has since led 18 of her African-Americans, European-
every walk of life in terms of family members to the Lord. Americans, and from all across
the socio-economic ladder. Many of them are active in the the United States as well.
Everyone comes with their EE ministry. “EE has helped “As soon as we get the
differing backgrounds, yet people have a perspective that names of the clinicians, we
everyone finds their spiritual is outward-focused and not begin praying for them, says
needs being met. Our true self-focused,” Keith says. Keith. “We get together every
strength is to help individuals “EE has changed my night ‘en masse’ and pray.”
develop a real and authentic personal life and how I They also make sure
relationship with Jesus Christ. approach ministry,” Keith that their worship is in order.
EE helps us exercise that explains. “Today, in our “And we try to love on each

clinician,” Keith exclaims. We is woven into the fabric of their communities.
understand that this is more most of their other outreach Second Ebenezer also
than an opportunity for them opportunities. One of them encourages individuals each
to pick up this great tool. This includes networking with year to attend an EE clinic.
is an opportunity for them to other churches. Second “They get a much better
receive a vision, get rejuvenated Ebenezer decided to reach out understanding of what we’re
spiritually, and set a standard to other fellowships around trying to accomplish in ministry
for worship and service to the them, introduce these pastors and they become stronger
Lord that will ignite them and to the EE training, first get them trainers, stronger leaders
give them a passion to reach trained, then encourage them throughout the ministry,” says
the lost.” to attend an EE clinic. “This Keith.
way you have the pastoral According to Keith’s
World Class Outreach leadership attending clinics,” experiences, those engaged with
Rev. Keith Hutchings Keith says, “which makes for EE become the most spiritually
had a vision for evangelism more effective implementation. mature leaders in the church.
when he first arrived at Second We continue to network with “EE takes the methods of Christ
Ebenezer Church in Detroit, these churches and it helps and teaches people how to be
MI. He was trained in EE. But them absorb the small details spiritually disciplined.”
it wasn’t until Keith attended
an EE clinic, that God gave him
a vision that aligned with his
pastor’s vision to have a truly
world class outreach.
Keith is now Chief
Operating Officer and Minister
of Evangelism and Discipleship
at Second Ebenezer. He
conducted the first EE clinic
there in 2003. Since then, they
have been an EE clinic-base. involved in implementation Keith sees EE as not just
“Since being here,” says and maintaining a solid an evangelism tool, but also a
Keith, “we have stabilized ministry.” discipleship tool. “EE equips
this neighborhood through It also creates a strong people how to share their
things like life skill programs, base for community outreach. faith,” he says, “brings people
economic programs, and With Second Ebenezer’s inner to Christ, and teaches people
building new housing.” For city setting in Detroit, a strong how to be disciplined in the
Second Ebenezer, the goal is base is critical in reaching such Lord. We’ve never approached
building relationships and then a diverse community. it just as an evangelism tool.
truly connecting with people Second Ebenezer Church’s Pastors have multiple needs.
that transform lives. With that connection with pastors is the Witnessing to people is critical,
mindset, their EE ministry has basis for EE’s new Leadership but having a tool that creates
truly become first class. Training Cell that brings discipleship in the leadership is
Also, the EE ministry pastors together to better reach vitally important.”3

in the field

Grass Roots News From the Front Lines

Toronto, Canada everybody prayed the these unreached villages.
In Toronto, Canada, prayer of commitment. We A pastor from
people are taking the Gospel know that the Gospel was Maharshtra recently wrote,
to their communities. preached and it will not “We’re implementing EE
EE teams decided to return to Him empty.” in our village church. As a
share the Gospel with a result, last Sunday, 30 new
friend who lived at a nearby India souls attended our morning
nursing home. The resident India has a population service. Our vision for this
was recovering from a of 1.1 billion people, but year is to see at least 500 new
massive stroke. only 20 million of them are souls added to our church.
Upon arrival, the team Christians. There remain We thank God for EE!”
noticed a big crowd of 20 more than a half million The Lord continues to
people who had gathered for villages where no evangelist open doors to areas never
the resident’s birthday party. has ever stepped. touched by the Gospel. For
The EE leader approached The India Missions more information on EE
a nursing home attendant Association from Chennai for People Groups, visit:
and asked for permission reports that there are 27,145 rev79.org.
to share the Gospel with the zip code areas in India.
large group. Permission was From these zip codes, 18,677 Trinidad
granted. of them do not have a single Art Hallett, Director
Christian missionary. for Prison EE, traveled
One zip code area to Trinidad in March to
represents about 30 villages respond to a personal
and a population of 35,000.
In order to bring the Gospel
to these people, EE field
workers must be equipped.
From 2005 through
2007, EE South Asia has
equipped more than 3,000
EE trainers and empowered
The resident and his niece them to return to their home
made public professions villages to share the Gospel
of faith in Christ. Said the in their native tongues. This
EE leader, “They were all multiplying effect allows the
so attentive and, actually, Gospel to reach farther into

invitation from the Trinidad favor and blessings!” pastor in Khao Lak.
Commissioner of Prisons At the completion of EE’s work in the
and Prison Fellowship (PF). the seminar and workshop, tsunami-stricken areas
The Commissioner learned Art received very thorough continues as field workers
of Prison EE’s impact on the post-evaluations from each commit to full-time work in
prison system in the states participant, and the overall these areas. Pray for more
and extended the invitation. response was enthusiastic workers for this much-
Before Art’s arrival, and supportive. needed harvest.
PF and the Commissioner
considered a plan to Thailand Malaysia
implement Prison EE in Recently, the EE Tsunami One hundred leaders
every prison on the Island. Field Workers in Khao Lak, gathered for the two-day
In an effort to ensure the Thailand, hosted a missions launch of the new XEE
success of the program, the trip for EE trainers from the training. Attendees included
Commissioner decided to
first train his officers and
prepare them for their part
in the implementation of
the plan. Consequently,
after arriving in Trinidad,
Art trained 55 officers and
several of the Commissioner’s
executive staff along with
PF leadership.
“During the seminar,
I shared with the group
how Trinidad will make
history through their honest
and unselfish effort to see
inmates lives transformed,”
Art says. “Prison EE has an
unprecedented 2.3 percent
recidivism rate on record
which indicates that almost
all prisoners who take our Philippines. The team paid Pastor Voon Yuen Woh,
course and are released do all expenses to participate National Chairman for EE
not go back to prison.” in a Kids Camp for children in Malaysia; EE Malaysia
Trinidad officials intend of tsunami survivors along board members; and other
to put Prison EE to the with kids from three local key EE Malaysia leaders.
ultimate test. “We welcome churches where EE has been Rev. Rod Story, EE Acting
the challenge,” Art exclaims, implemented. Vice President for Oceania,
“because we know that The Kids Camp was shared the vision and history
Prison EE is bathed in God’s hosted by Pastor Sam, a local of the development of XEE

and then passed the torch to X leaders not only wanted Vietnam
Steve Hanlon, who is helping to launch XEE in their own From tribal clinics in
to coordinate XEE in Asia, churches, but also expressed the Vietnam highlands
and Frank Alexander, an EE interest in becoming a part to city parks, Vietnamese
short-term Mission Director of an XEE team who would leaders are equipping more
for Asia. help to launch it in other and more believers with the
Also in attendance churches as well. Gospel and are seeing many
and lending support were people make professions of
Tom Mangham, EE Vice faith in Christ.
President for Asia, and Some of the teams are
his wife, Barb. It was an preparing to take the Gospel
energy-filled two days to their fellow H’mong in
where existing connections North Vietnam. EE materials
were strengthened between have already been translated
leaders in Malaysia and a into the H’mong language.
new connection to XEE was In a province very
forged. resistant to the Gospel,
EE teams shared with 116
Singapore We are praying that people and 16 of them
An XEE launch also took in the next months XEE professed Jesus as Savior!
place in Singapore, a day will prove effective and At the new training center
before the Malaysia launch, successful in reaching young in Vietnam, team members
where XEE was also received Asians for Christ in these are preparing to translate
with much excitement. two countries. Please pray EE into 11 different tribal
The younger Generation with us. languages. 3

Dr. Tom Stebbins to help North America team

EE Global Ambassador, and Vietnamese people. Tom
Dr. Thomas H. Stebbins, has will add others as God gives
offered his assistance in the area direction and opens new doors
of language group ministries for of opportunity. Please pray for
North America.Tom will come Tom, his leadership, and vision
alongside directors who work that God will use him in this
with EE’s intercultural new position.
ministry in the U.S. Tom served EE as
Tom also has a vision to Executive Vice President
Tom Stebbins & Ken Silva attract and train new language before being named as Global
groups to further develop EE. Ambassador. He, and his wife,
Initially, Tom will focus Donna, serve as missionaries to
his assistance and leadership the Vietnamese people.
to Hispanic, Chinese, Filipino,

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