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Alyssa Colleen McKillip

Current: Shanghai Community International School Permanent: 7100 S. W. Shady Court online: www.atomikey.com
800 XiuYan Road, Kangqiao, Pudong Tigard, OR 97223 USA alyssahen@gmail.com
Shanghai, China 201315 Phone: 503.245.4672 skype: alyssahen
Phone: 8621 5812 9888
Cell: 1376 499 3524

• Excellent communicator both verbal and written
• A confirmed team player
• Proven ability to prioritise and effectively manage a demanding workload
• Quick learner with demonstrated aptitude for adapting to new challenges
• Keenly aware of confidentiality and privacy issues

Oregon Teaching License Authorizations Washington Teaching License Authorizations
Early Childhood Elementary
Elementary Special Education: K-12
Special Education: K-12

June 2003 Master of Science, Special Education Portland State University - Portland, Oregon
June 2000 Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance Lawrence University - Appleton, Wisconsin

Professional Teaching Experience

August 2008-Present General Education, Grade 3
Shanghai Commuinity International School, Shanghai China
August 2005-2008 General Education, Grade 5
Shanghai Community International School, Shanghai, China
August 2003-Present Special Education Teacher, Resource Room, K-6
Karshner Elementary School, Puyallup School District
Winter 2003 Special Education Student Teaching, Educational Resource Center
Bridgeport Elementary, Tigard-Tualatin School District
Fall 2002 General Education Student Teaching, 1st Grade
Bridgeport Elementary, Tigard-Tualatin School District
Spring 2002 General Education Student Teaching, 3rd / 4th Grade
Lake Grove Elementary School, Lake Oswego School District
Winter 2002 Special Education Student Teaching, Educational Resource Center
Lake Grove Elementary School, Lake Oswego School District
Fall 2001 General Education Student Teaching, 3rd / 4th Grade
Lake Grove Elementary School, Lake Oswego School District

Professional Development (Shanghai Community International School August 2005 - Present)

Success with ELL by Virginia Rojas - This workshop outline many useful strategies for working with studenst that do not speak or are
learning to speak English. I have used many of the strategies in my classroom, including jigsawing and scaffolding. It's imperative that
teachers be able to teach all students, including the non-speakers.
EARCOS - I have had the opportunity to attend EARCOS twice in the last three years. This is a 3-day weekend full of workshops on many
topics pertinent to all areas of study in the classroom.
International Society for Teachers in Education - The ISTE/NCEE conference in San Antonio was an excellent opportunity to learn about
what's new in technology for the classroom, different ideas for integrating technology and how to design units that incorporate technology
WASC Accreditation 2006-2007 academic year - I was part of the WASC self study
Learning 2.008 Technology Confernce - A weekend of topics in technnology

District and Building Involvement (August 2005-Present)

WASC Accreditation Team - I was asked to be part of a team that supported the Curriculum Coordinator in researching, information
gathering, analyzing data, designing topics for focus on for the self-study.
Building Curriculum Coordinator - I acted as the Lower School liason with the system-wide Curriculumm Coordinator. I fielded curriclum
questions from colleages, assisted with the annual order, helpded prepare for the WASC self-study.
Master Scheduling Committee - I created drafts of the lower school master calendar based on grade level wishes and criteria outlines by
Field Day Committee - I was part of a team that designed a fun Field Day for students in grades PK-5.
Cultural Exchange Committee - The purpose of this team was to build a relationship with a local migrant school. I helped to design a tour
and lessons combining similar aged migrant students at both campuses.
FOSS Ordering Represenative - I collected orders from lower school teachers, compiled the order and sorted it after it arrived.

Extra-Curriculuar Activities (August 2005-Present)

Musical Theatre Madness - I taught students in grades 3-5 to sing and dance to numerous musical theatre songs. We performed for their
parents and an assembly.
Arts and Crafts Activities - I taught students in grades 3-5 several art strategies included paper mache and printing.
Save Endangered Sea Mammals - I worked with a group of student in grades 3-5 to research an endangered sea mammal and design a
power point presentation to persuade people to save those species.
Assistant Director of School House Rock (musical) - I worked with a group of high school students to learn songs and choreography to
selections from the musical "School House Rock".
Accompanist for School Productions - I occasionally accompanied lower school concerts and productions.

Professional Development (Puyallup School District August 2003 – June 2005)

Topics in Special Education
REWARDS with Anita Archer - This is an outstanding reading program for upper elementary students to quickly improve their reading
fluency and comprehension. It is geared towards special needs or ELL students that are already reading at a grade 2 level.
Administration of the WJIII - The Woodcock-Johnson III assessment was used in the Puyallup School District as a tool to evaluate students
for special education. The school psychologist and I shared the testing at our school.
Sensory Processing Course - This course was offered by one of the main hospitals in Puyallup, Washington. The purspose of this course was
to teach about Sensory Processing Disorder and strategies to working with students with SPD.
Autism / PPD Overview - Autism, Aspergers and PPD are evident in all school settings. It's important for all teachers to stay on top of the
latest research being conducted in the area of autism.
Applied Behavioral Analysis - How to analyze behavior and design appropriate behavior plans
Practical Behaviors for Managing Problem Behaviors in the Classroom

Topics in Technology
ICS Training - Uses of the document camera, project and a laptop in the classroom
Excent Training - Special Education specific data management program

Topics in Assessment
Interpreting WASL Data - How to read data from Washington State benchmark testing
Closing the Achievement Gap - Differentiating Instruciton to meet all learners

Topics in Curriculum
Developing Math Investigations - Hands-on, critical thinking math skills
Kindergarten Read-Well
Reading Institute with Phyllis Hunter - Differentiated reading strategies
Step Up To Writing

Topics to Benefit the School Community

Professional Learning Communities - Weekend workshop in Denver, Colorado
Issues in Abuse

District and Building Involvement (August 2003-Present)

Safety Committee - I worked with a team to design safe passage out of the school in case of emergency and to develop evacuation plans for
special needs students.
Paraeducator Observation and Evaluation - I was responsible for formal observations of the paraeducators that worked in my resource
room and to evaluate their success as paraeducators.
Student Response Team - I was part of a team that met to discuss strategies for struggling students. Strategies could be for classroom needs,
behavior needs or to test for special education.

Other Work / Volunteer Experiences

Fall 2004 Care Team Volunteer working with people diagnosed with AIDS
Fall 2001-Winter 2002 Oregon Children’s Theatre Company, accompanist
Summer 1997 - Fall 2002 Oregon Health & Sciences University, administrative assistant in various departments
Spring 2000 - Spring 2001 Tigard Medical and Rehab Center - recreational therapist in a secured dementia unit