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Magic City Campus Spring 2012

Photo by Flickr user zigazou76 (CC BY 2.0)

Welcome to Composition!
Course Overview
To answer your rst question: yes, we will write. A LOT. Now that weve cleared that up, heres what well actually be doing. This course is designed to give you exposure to many different types of writing experiences, everything from personal memoirs to informal journaling to formal argumentative papers. In this course, you will be writing three major essays in this course: a problem-solution essay, a persuasive essay, and an essay of denition. In addition to those large projects, we will complete a variety of smaller writing and multimedia projects, sentence and grammar workshops, ACT test preparation and Latin vocabulary. Even though most people approach composition as a writing class, its been scientically proven that the most effective way to improve writing skills is through reading. There are a wide variety of famous essayists and excellent studentwritten essays that well examine to get a feel for how structure, tone, and voice play into how a reader interprets your writing. It might be best if you think of this class like athletics and a foreign language course combined: an athletic sport because in order to become procient at something you must practice, frequently and intensely; a foreign language course because the way you write in a formal paper will be much different from the way you write a Facebook status. What this class will really teach you is how to identify which voice to use in a given situation, as well as how to make that voice more effective and informed. This will be fun, I swear. MCC Grading Scale A: 92-100% B: 82-91% C: 72-81% D: 62-71% F: 61% and lower Your semester exam will be worth 20% of your final grade.


Essential Learnings By the completion of this course, you will be able to:
Gather, evaluate and verify the quality and validity of research information. Synthesize information from multiple sources into logical sequence. Demonstrate academic integrity throughout the research process. Apply knowledge of Latin roots to understand vocabulary. Analyze information on multiple sides of an issue. Organize the ideas and details of a composition according to purpose. Edit and revise compositions for standard writing conventions and transitional devices. Use appropriate technology to incorporate visual elements into written work to enhance meaning. Use effective tone and style. Compose sentences which vary in structure, language, and length. Develop test taking strategies and skills.

Instructor Info Jacob Thomas

Phone #: (701) 203-1146 E-mail: jthomas@mymps.us or jacob.a.thomas@me.com Twitter: @jakeathomas

Off Hours
4th Hour off M-F 6th Hour off MWF

Intervention will meet in the Humanities Resource Area, Tues-Fri at 7:30 AM. result in a failing grade on the assignment, with the option to go back and properly cite your sources in order to The Minot State University Student make up some (but not all) of the points. Handbook refers to plagiarism as, We will spend a large portion of our academic dishonesty, a term which I time learning and perfecting the art of rather like. Academic dishonesty can giving credit where credit is due through mean a number of things, including: MLA citations, so I dont expect this to Passing off another persons writing be a problem. If you use somebody elses as your own. writing to enhance your own (which you Submitting the same papers to should do), you absolutely must give more than one class. them credit. Copying answers or information from another student for a grade. Rule of Thumb: Whenever in doubt, Simply put, this will not be tolerated. use a citation. Academically dishonest assignments will

Plagiarism & Cheating

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Homework & Late Assignments

The ultra-important bits: All assignments must be handed in at the beginning of class on the day it is due. Late assignments will receive a 10% deduction each day it is late, up to ve days. After 5 days, it stays a zero. Every assignment we get in this class helps you work toward your longer essays, so its important that you stay on top of them. Im generally very accommodating so long as you speak to

Course Calendar
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me before the beginning of the class period where something is due. Use my contact information if you have any questions. If you know that you are going to be absent, or if youre coming back from a period of absence, it is your responsibility to nd out what you missed and if it can be made up. Every piece of homework will be listed on the course calendar and CourseKit, so if youre stuck at home, be proactive and try those rst.

I allow everything except cellphones, unless it becomes a distraction.