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Effective Capsule-Resolution of ASEAN Cause and Effect in RP #2

Balancing Emotion and Reason For Form and Consciousness In Space, Time, Growth and RP History
Hi Folks, And ATTENTION Rey, Marites, Norma, Joypitipam et al in all Peace Efforts... This is the continuation of the Proof Section with the No. 3 Model Artist Interviewee. The No. 4 Models copy is lost but I found the draft and I decided to have it retyped to fit into the scan because I think it makes a very important point about the richness of the Filipino situation and even its soul in its current entropy of church and state. I know youll love all 4 attachments because they are all about making music by Musicians Filipino and Foreign artists. If I

could enlarge the fonts before sending I would but I do not know how yet. Re the ranking of 2001 religion census (in rank order), I want to define the 3rd Catholic world population below from the total 2B CHRISTIAN WORLD POPULATION since I do not know what the world Roman population is. 1st Hinduism 2nd Islam 3rd - Catholicsm 4th- Buddhism With that clarification, let me reiterate why I am presenting the section of Proof and the nature of my four exhibits of creative thinking (i.e. not technological and methodology logic or dogma). Why? I had been defining orthodox joining and unorthodox (leadership) intention and dynamism as the difference between a Loyola and all the Jesuits, Jesus and all Christians including bishops and pontiffs, and Mary and the Marian faithful heresy scoffers. i.e. ABOUT CONSCIOUSNESS, FORM AND EFFECTIVITY From my past religion lessons, the teaching was that thinking is ungodly, free-reading is a sin, and being fallible outside the INFALLIBILITY of the murderous crusades, inquisition, excommunication, book burnings, morality, consciousness and truth tampering etc in Roman catholic church history is wrong. But I remember that John Paul II apologized for all that very tongue in cheekly. And we non Romans got the message, so all

that apology is accepted and hailed. Of course the victims await maana red tape restitution in history by the cardinals, bishops, laity and flock obedience in Pope John Pauls glorious pontifical intention! And it is expected karmically in the next lifespans of earth history with the higher dimensions of soul and spirit God teachings. Let me reform the How of that messy contradiction between some Popes and the Roman establishment. (I am explaining what most Romans cannot explain.) y I propose that Feelings are the raw human energies of pure spirit in the space-time-consciousness-history dimension from Genesis- Gods will for mortal forms of living and intending, in the limited dimensions of consciousness and life. y And so the moment God talked to Adam, Eve and the Serpent, He was addressing the first Pure Impulse and Effects of the SOUL BREATH HE GAVE THE TWO NAKED MORTAL PARENT ARCHETYPES. y And He expelled them from the PERPETUAL VACATION OF SOULS IN THE GENESIS i.e. to toil, think and moderate or EVEN PLAN (use your head). y Who am I to explain that? My life and consciousness which is the I AM PARTICLE from Gods Will for me as soul traveler back to His Graduation of Ascended Souls (which cannot be diverted by any one in the Universe- not even by the second brightest light). This is my way. Nobody can divert me unless I allow it. And you have the same Soul Right and Integrity as I have. The Bishops too can answer for themselves come end of the time. It would be a surprise if some of them become

another Mary or an San Lorenzo Ruiz to me. But God is not shockable as Romans, the bulk of the pontiffs and emperors. THE POINT? Soul is my source of feelings, receptive sense, pure (immaculate concepts), Will with cause and effect from the I AM Genesis. Getz? So as a thinking soul with that Bible (I read it cover to cover 4 times when I was age 39) with a living mind). And I realizee that there was no way PURE SOUL EMOTION can evolve and rebirth in ages (not in an 80 year lifetime!) without the use of God given I AM creative soul (with its Brain appendage) in growth. Especially if the I AM snake had a clearer tip to share over the Ironic Do not eat from this tree logic. After all Gods Laws are optional- you can divert today because there are many tomorrows to get it for the dumbest duh. Unconditional love, even the 10 commandments can be trampled as most bishops, statesmen and petty wheel dealers do. And no Idol nor temple has a right to disbar any I AM SOUL for heresy and sin! The challenge to learn the above was How to manifest Form of life and consciousness so it could enflesh productively with talent and latent creatives i.e. from cause to effect with balance (reason) of karmas and resolution of conflicts, wills, acts and results. If each culture has its own scripture, loving others means we must learn something all about other brethren scriptures, including harmful ones. Theres a gospel and parable for it. Mind must polish the raw emotion, since thought refines raw emotions into FORM. That is why life grows into form with resolution of conflicts, cause and effect for universal balance.

The christians before Rome II Bishops started Romanizing christians into an exclusive Roman catholic universe knew this and died for it. And after that even non christians got persecuted along with the original flock of Jesus in Constantines empire with the deviant bishops. None of them were scientists, just lawyers, idol makers and moralists PROOF OF THE DEVIANT WORLD AND COSMIC VIEW, AND FRUITS Until 1521 the view of earth (as the center of the Roman universe in Europe) was the established form, but even Magellan changed all that. Nothing was the same once the Flat World and Mind became a minor ball (earth!) in orbit. And even those that the church inquisitioned and murdered for post flat world scientism is now vindicated. That is why armageddon is here to clear some of that too. On earth our temples are all mortal idolatry centers. You are not Christs, just Christians dressed for a Roman appointment. And the Genesis was not created 7,000 year ago because earth alone is 450 billion years old if our mathematicians are up to date with the Transcendent Unborn Immortal. THINKING But let me show how thinking works among our better kind. y Attached is a curt, clean, musical mind dealing with my Maria Egelhoff interview for Times Journal in March 1984 or 5 (yata), and y Our own Cecile Licad scowling over her fingers as a topic of our interview, and

y A young Malaysian violinst (named Yip Syn Yee), showing her oriental tigerine mind, and y Our tapestry artist Paz Abad Santos talking of how she turns fibers into visions of emotional remedy i.e. peace through fabrication of strands into diversifying visions. If you want a kick out of stasis and entropy, their music would show what they said to me. So heres how to think with the yin and yang of (reason over emotion) in the functioning consciousness, for art and productivity. Attachment pages 1 to 7. The last interview is just being retyped now. See ya again guys. To be concluded.