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1. Scope of the Study

This study was made to know the effectiveness of induction training at todays writing product limited. The study would to know on which area where the induction programme lacks in firm. To know the viewpoint of the employee toward the working in the firm.

2. Rationale of the study

I have selected this topic after knowing importance of induction training in industry. And knowing the fact that human resource can give a competitive edge to the industry. And this study would help management to know the induction training importance.

3. Objective of the Study

To check the effectiveness of induction training at Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt.,

Ltd. Naroli. Secondary: To study the actual functioning of various department of the organization. To study about induction training provided by Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli.

To check the effectiveness of induction training. To suggest improvement in induction training.

4. Research Design

Research method:- Descriptive research Sample unit: - sample unit take it as a: Employees ( Functional operators and Workers) of Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli.

Sample Size: - 25

Data Collection: a) Primary data source: -

Primary data is collected from Questionnaire. b) Secondary data source: Secondary data will be collected from Internet and HRD. 5. Statistical Tool Used: The various statistical tools for the analysis and interpretation of data are simple percentage method and Pie charts. Percentage was calculated for each factor as per the below shown formula Number of respondents in favor of * 100 Percentage = ---------------------------------------------------------------------Total number of respondents The statistical tool CHI-SQUARE TEST is used for analysis of the data pertaining to different dimensions of employees. Simple statistical data like % are used in interpretation of data results are illustrated by means of pie chart. 6. Limitation of the study. Time was major limitation for undertaking a detailed study for the topic. Lack of knowledge and experience of such research.


INDUCTION AT CMPSN Induction training is given utmost importance at Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli procuct ltd. New recruits and the fresher selected from the campus are inducted and trained for 1 year before handling them major responsibilities. INDUCTION PROCESS: On the very first day of the joining after completion of the joining formalities the trainees are given formal induction training.

Induction is given by: Site President HODs of all department Functional heads In this session general information of company is given including summary profile, history, values, mission/vision, major products etc. Each session is allotted one and half hour where in senior management interacts with the new recruits on the first of their company. Further the trainees are also given induction kit including -----------------------********* ---

The trainees from technical background are also given PPE Personalized Protective Equipments which includes safety shoes, safety gloves, glasses, helmet etc. For the first week trainees are given class room trainings on various topics by different faculties on: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Self development Decision Making Behavioral Skills Effective Skill Application Managing Interpersonal Relations Problem Solving Creativity and Innovation

First three months the trainees are sent to different departments to have interaction with HODs of the respective departments. Further they are sent to departments of their own discipline. For the next nine months the trainees are given cross functional training to both technical and non technical trainees. They are also given plant orientation and plant visit. Apart from this trainees are given on the job training in their respective discipline. During this phase the trainees have to undertake a project and prepare a project report on the same in their respective discipline. On completion of 1 year the trainees are given their final posting. At the end of each phase validation sessions are conducted to receive a feedback.

HRM is a management function concerned hiring, motivating and maintaining people in this organization. It focuses on people in the organization. The primary objective of the HRM is to ensure the availability of the competent and willing workforce to an organization. HRM is not a standalone department, but rather a means to assist the organization with its primary objective. Whereas HRD is a function more concerned with training and development, career planning and development and organization development. Therefore, HRD is a part of HRM. At Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli , the HRM activities includes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. HR Planning Recruitment and selection Training and development (proposed) Job evaluation and Performance appraisal Personnel Department Activities.


At Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli, Human resource planning is done according to below mentioned Flow Charts.

Identification of deficiency of manpower

Source of supply through reference

Matching the supply with the requirement

Recruiting the personnel at a particular post as per its qualification Giving them targets and furnishing timely reporting to measure the standards against the actual achievements.

At, Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli, the requirement is assessed separately for the Different Departments. Different person shoulders the responsibility of understanding their additional manpower requirement and is ultimately reported to HR Assistant he then reports to HR Department and the manager regarding the requirement ( vacancy ), specifying the Job analysis, Pay Scale etc then the HR Department in order to match demand by supply searches appropriate sources from the labour markets, Employment Exchange, Newspaper and giving Advertisement on Internet on Many Recruitment Sites.


1. TRAINING:At Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli, workers are provided training for the period of 15-25 days regarding the working and operations on machines, specifically training is provided on the job and how to operate Injection Moulding Machines, Safety Measures, and the engineering related details are given by the companys senior production operators, in charge and Production Engineer. 2. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL:At, Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli, there is no performance appraisal system which evaluates the performance of the employees on the basis of knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Etc. of course the performance is evaluated on the following variables.

Job Knowledge Attendance Punctuality Target Achievement

3. ACTIVITIES OF PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT:1. Time Keeping: It is important to avoid irregulation of staff as well as workers on the job. At, Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions, Pvt., Ltd. Naroli, there are 3 shifts of 8 hours each. There is weekly off on Monday.

2. Salary, Wages & Compensation:Salaries is finalized by the top management of the company. Method of paying is time wage system, PF, Gratuity etc are provided at the company. Payment to staff is done by Cheque and to workers by Cash.

3. Employee Welfare Activities: Company provides Subsidized Food, Tea and other snacks to its employee. It has made compulsory for its entire employee to take insurance irrespective of its line or staff, where company for the 1st year pays the premium entirely for the employees after which the premium amount is deducted from the salary.