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Toronto / Gothenburg, | Phone +1 647 923 7877 | Toll Free: +1 877 996 4663 | www.angellamackey.


Press Advisory
Contact: Interviews/Info Ian McCallum Phone: +1 (647) 923 7877 ian@angellamackey.com FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 20, 2012 2 A.M. EDT / 08:00 GMT FEBRUARY 20, 2011


TORONTO, CANADA/GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN FEBRUARY 20, 2012: Internationally renowned Canadian/Swedish designer Angella Mackey introduces her expanded line of illuminated garments for Fall/Winter 2012/13 as well as All Season garments. The line, called Vega, includes womens coats, capes, shawls and accessories, all available with her much noticed LED lights. In her first year, consumers and global media paid Angella Mackey attention that would have been exceptional for designers many years her senior. Media attention was as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan (SA), Martha Stewarts Whole Living magazine and Globo (Brazil) promoted her womens winter coat, Vega One. Responding to consumer requests, Mackey has added accessories with LEDs in a variety of colours and intensities. Several neckwear accessories are unisex. The lightweight, easy-topocket neck warmers and demi-shawl also contain wearer-activated LED lights so that walkers or cyclists can be warm and visible in darkness or inclement weather year round.

Toronto / Gothenburg, | Phone +1 647 923 7877 | Toll Free: +1 877 996 4663 | www.angellamackey.com

An innovative marketing campaign has been initiated for participating retailers to attract the public to their stores. For those stores which carry lit up garments from the Vega line in their store windows, Angella Mackey will implement a local promotion campaign.

For consumers, the line can be purchased online, immediately, and from April 2012 increasingly from retail outlets. Those outlets will be listed on www.angellamackey.ca. Fall and Winter fashions will be available from retail outlets in Scandinavia and North America as of September 2012. Women in the southern hemisphere can purchase these garments online. Also available both online and from select retailers are bespoke, made-to-order, garments which can factor in the buyers local season and climate. All full garments can be purchased without lights or with lights in several colour options. BACKGROUND Retail Sweden In Sweden, interested retailers should contact Caroline Troberg, the Vega line Sales Representative. Of particular value to retailers is that Caroline has 15-years of expertise as a stylist. She can work with retailers to make maximum advantage of these attention grabbing garments. Caroline has worked globally in fashion including in Paris, Milan and New York. She has worked with Armani and Hugo Boss brands. Carolines contact information is: +46 (0)709 84 1690 / caroline@angellamackey.com BACKGROUND - ANGELLAMACKEY Mackeys design guarantees that all women will grab attention in her classic womans coat, which emphasizes both form and movement - using stylishly and tastefully hidden miniature lights. Women can feel fashionable and safe at the same time. Whereas increasing darkness swallows both woman and their coats, no matter how stylish, the woman wearing Angella Mackeys coat increasingly commands attention the darker it gets unless the wearer turns the lights off. The miniature lights on this coat are white (front) and either red or white at the back. The wearer chooses either to have the lights blink or remain solidly On or Off; to have them shine brightly or faintly glow. 2

Toronto / Gothenburg, | Phone +1 647 923 7877 | Toll Free: +1 877 996 4663 | www.angellamackey.com

Originally, Angella Mackey designed a stylish coat that she could wear comfortably when riding her bicycle. The addition of tiny lights was her why not Eureka moment. Angella Mackey said, As I realized how todays smaller and softer electronic parts could blend with fabrics, they started to merge with my love of fashion. I began to see them as a new elegant design material with endless possibilities. I conceived fashion clothing that incorporates technology but still make us feel human not like cyborgs. The fact that the coats literally stop traffic has increased the enthusiasm of women of all ages, recognizing that the enhanced night time visibility also makes the wearer safer, whether walking or riding a bicycle. Angella Mackey now splits her time between Toronto, and Gothenburg, Sweden and its nearby fashion industry city of Bors. Angella Mackey is a graduate of George Brown Colleges Fashion Program, a Multi-Media graduate of Ryerson Universitys New Media program and was also a resident in the of the Canadian Film Centres Media Lab IAEP program. She grew up in St. Johns, Newfoundland. --END--