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The consumer behaviour is the study of consumers behaviour when he buys the product. It shows when, how, where and why buy the product. It is the study of buyers decision process. Though it is difficult to predict the behaviour of consumer it is up to an extent predictable. It has various elements like sociology, psychology, social anthropology and economics. It studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioural variables in an attempt to understand people's needs & wants. It also tries to assess influences on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups, and society in general.

The following are the aspects that mould the behavior of audience in specific direction.

1. Motivation It refers to set of forces that cause people to behave in certain ways. Your motivation to do something is the reason why you want to do it. Eg;- If parents promise to give the gift to their children if he performs well, a child is motivated to do well in exams. 2. Perception Perception is the act of seeing what is there to be seen. It is concerned with identifying the processes through which we interpret and organize sensory information to produce our conscious experience of objects and object relationships. 3. Personality It refers to set of traits and behaviour that characterise and individual. It has both internal and external elements. The external traits are the observable behaviour that we notice in individual personality. Eg;- sociability. The internal states represent the thoughts, values and generic characteristics that we infer from the observable behaviour. 4. Attitude It is the beliefs, feelings and action tendencies of an individual or group of individuals towards objects. It defines ones predisposition towards given aspects of world. It is organized and core to individual. 5. Learning It is the change in behaviour acquired through practice and training. It is the modification of behaviour acquired through experience and training.

6. Lifestyle A way of living of individuals and families which they manifest in copying with their physical, social, phonological and economic environment on day to day basis. Referencing:

Organistional Behaviour, K. Aswathappa, Himalaya Publishing House, 8th Edition, 31/1/2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_behaviour

Advertisement 1- Respecting National Anthem.

The advertisement is informative commercial and is given by government of India in order to bring awareness of national anthem in people. Now a day many people dont respect many national anthem and they even dont know what are the sacrifices made to achieve the freedom. It inspired me that if you dont know the value of it at least dont insult it by not respecting it.

1. Motivation. The advertisement enthusiast the feeling of patriotism in me. It shows how in our own busy life we forget the foremost duty of ours that to salute and respect our national anthem and nation. It makes us recall the duties that we are supposed to fulfill without any expectations. 2. Perception. For the first few seconds it seems that advertisement is of regarding busy life. But as that old man switches on the radio and music starts it is perceived that it is something related to national anthem. In fact the advertisements tuning is so powerful that for a moment it even makes us question ourselves are we respecting our national anthem? The old handicapped person even in rain he stands and salutes the anthem by listening it on radio and we not even respecting it when it is in front of us. 3. Personality. The personality of that of old handicapped person id so powerful that it created greater impact on audience. The motive of the message is clearly reflects from that old man that even of his age and physical deficiency he not forgoes his internal trait of personality towards national anthem. 4. Attitude. The attitude of people towards their life is changing which have both positive as well as negative impact. But there should be common approach towards nation that is its growth and respectfulness. Advertisement makes me aware that what a shameful attitude we are having towards our anthem from inner side. 5. Learning. Learning from this advertisement is that whether it is work or any other important thing we should give time to our anthem and nation as its because of its resources we are blessed and respecting nations anthem is best thing we can ever do with proud. Referencing of Advertisement

Advertisement 2- Dhara Vegetable Oil

The advertisement is of Dhara refined oil. The advertisement is so perfectly designed that it attracts the attention every time when it comes. The soft music along with that cute child is perfect blend of perfection. It shows the very natural side of innocence of child that he wants to eat something oily and the product is oil.

1. Perception. One can clearly perceive that the product that is advertise is oil as it is showed in commercial itself only that how that jalebi is fried in pan. The thing that I like the most in this advertisement is the music. It was so touchy and soft that one can easily re call its tune and the name dhara too. 2. Motivation. The product in advertisement is so mouth watery i.e. jalebi that one cannot control its emotion by watching this add. The oil is with low absorb technology and hence it is necessary that one should have healthy food that too with low cholesterol. 3. Personality. The personal factor in this advertisement that influenced me is the perfection and innocence of child that they used for advertisement of their product. Behaviour of child in beginning is sad as he is not given the food he expects for and in later when he gets the smile was worth million dollars. 4. Life style. As day by day our schedule is getting busier and there is less time for workout one should have control on its eating habits. The oil with low cholesterol and absorb technology is demanding due to heart problems and so this is the perfect advertisement.

Referencing of Advertisement

Advertisement 3- Vodafone
This is the advertisement of Vodafone cellular. It is the promotion of their Happy to Help service. The advertisement shows how their customer care is ready to help and deal with every problem without any failure. It is the mixture of their old cute dog which was their in Hutch (now known as Vodafone). 1. Perception The perceived value in the beginning of advertisement is that product is Vodafone because of its music. But as slowly the advertisement runs ahead the old dog is helping that girl every now and then. Initially in fishing, then in sticking postal and finally when she forget her tie and goes in bus again dog brings it for her. The advertisement shows that how service center of Vodafone is ready to deal with immediate problem and how its staff is eager to help its customer in making them aware of services as well as to solve their query. 2. Learning The learning from this is that they are making aware of their Happy to Help services. It shows the 24*7 customer care services. The promotional campaign of it shows that how various problems are easily dealt with ease compared to other customer care service center where grievances are not solved. 3 Motivation The advertisement motivates us that if you buy their product i.e. Vodafone cellular service they promise you, that you will never face any problem and even if you face their customer care is ready to help. Referencing of Advertisement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqsjXh5yNLQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player