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Renewal of the Current Supplemental Levy for Plant/Facilities at $1.

2 Million Dollars Each Year

No dollar increase and no impact on local school tax levy. Funds are used for approved plant/facilities projects and not for salaries, benefits or general operations. The districts 10 year plant facility plan calculates our actual need at $1.6 million per year to maintain current status, but we are holding the line at the current funding level. The Parent/Patron Advisory Committee provides input for developing our plant/facilities plan. The School Board makes the final decisions on project approval and funding. Our focus is on preventative maintenance and upkeep which is more cost effective than postponing regular maintenance/repair. The district is one of the largest employers in the county. The first $300,000 is put directly into student technology each year. Polling Places: Minidoka County 1-- Acequia 2 Emerson 3-- Heyburn 1 4-- Heyburn 2 5 Paul 6-- Pioneer 7-- Rupert 1 8-- Rupert 2 9-- Rupert 3 10-- Rupert 4 11-- Rupert 5 Cassia County Lola Nelson Residence Jerome County Hazelton City Hall

MARCH 13, 2012

Minidoka County Joint School District # 331

Renewal of the Current Two-Year Supplemental Levy for Plant/Facilities at $1.2 Million Dollars Each Year ($2.4 Million Total)

Interesting Facts & Figures Maintenance We have over 20 acres of roofs in the district Approx. 360 acres of district property are maintained We mow over 290 acres of lawn We maintain over 750,000 square feet of buildings There are 270 classrooms in the district We have over 18 acres of hard surface parking lots Technology We support over 1800 computers We have 3972 student users and 604 staff users We upkeep 300 printers and 105 servers Over 30 gigabytes of data run through the district daily We average 55,876 visitors to our website monthly There are over 80,000 emails in/out each day Transportation We have a fleet of 42 route buses with 10 sub buses Our average miles driven per day exceeds 3577 93,566 gallons of fuel are used yearly 426 gallons of oil are used each year Annually, we need 46 new tires & 48 recaps to run We operate in the black under the state funding cap Our bus routes are now digitized and available online We have eliminated routes and the Friday Early Release in response to patron input

Acequia Elementary School Burley Inn (Rear Entrance) Heyburn Fire Station Heyburn City Office Paul City Office Rupert Elementary School Rupert Civic Building Rupert Civic Building Rupert Civic Building Rupert Civic Building Rupert Elementary School 720 N 1150 E, Jackson 246 Main St, Hazelton 111 W B St, Shoshone

with No Increase in Taxes


Lincoln County Lincoln County Courthouse

*Absentee ballots will be available on Monday, February 13, 2012 at the courthouses in each county. Early voting will also begin on February 13, 2012. FOR QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT:
DAN LLOYD, Parent/Patron Advisory Committee Chair 436-2265 JEFF HEINS, Parent/Patron Advisory Committee 436-9818 JOE & JANE FREIBURGER, Parent/Patron Advisory Committee 436-1276 JOHN & KAY WEBSTER, Parent/Patron Advisory Committee 436-9744 DR. SCOTT ROGERS, Superintendent 436-4727, Mobile 430-0800 JOHN FENNELL, Assistant Superintendent 436-4727, Mobile 430-0801 SANDRA MILLER, Federal Programs/District Testing Director 430-0810 GRACE CAMPOS, Family Liaison (Spanish Speaking) 436-0264 BRIAN DUNCAN, Board Chairman 679-0077 TAMMY STEVENSON, Board Member 532-4502 MICHELLE DELUNA, Board Treasurer/Business Manager 436-4727, Mobile 430-0848

Our Mission Statement: "We will increase INSTRUCTIONAL INTENSITY to significantly improve academic Election Day achievement for all students." 9, 2010 March

Election Day March 13, 2012

Projects Completed with 2010-2012 Levy:

Replacement of gymnasium barrel roof at Minico Locker refurbishment at East Minico Technology- replacement of at least one computer lab all schools, infastructure upgrades (servers, routers, switches) in all schools, teacher and student computers Replacement of hallway flooring at East Minico & West Minico Hydraulic lift/engine hoist for Transportation Roofing at Rupert Elementary Repair of tracks at East Minico & West Minico Outdoor furniture upgrades for student use Service truck Drainage system for bus compound Purchase of new buses Gravel on parking lot at soccer/tennis/softball complex at Minico Remodel of District Service Center (Memorial) Wrestling mats Carpet & paint district-wide HVAC repairs district-wide Roofing at Transportation

2012-2014 Plant/Facility Projects: Expenses By Category $2,400,000

Minidoka County Schools...kids are our business!

Vote on March 13, 2012

Polls are open from 8 am - 8 pm on election day. Please be sure to bring a picture ID. REGISTERING TO VOTE: If you have not registered to vote, you may register at the polls. Picture ID and proof of residence required. You must: Be a U.S. Citizen Have resided in Idaho and in the district for 30 days prior to the election Be at least 18 years old


Minidoka School District has one of the lowest levy rates in the State of Idaho. In 2008, we experienced the lowest levy rate in the history of Minidoka School District. The slight increase in levy rate for the past two years is mainly a reflection of decrease in market value appraisal. There are several reasons for the low levy rates in spite of two outstanding bond debts and an ongoing supplemental levy for plant/facilities. One reason is due to legislation that was passed in 2002 for bond equalization monies (Idaho Code 33-906). Bond equalization revenue is a system by which the state provides subsidies of the principal and interest for school bonds passed after September 15th, 2002. Minidoka County Schools received $417,000 in bond equalization money from the State for 2011. Another bill that was passed in 2006 was an amendment of Idaho Code 63-602G, which increased property tax relief allowing a homeowners exemption of 50% to include up to one acre of land in the value up to $150,000 of property value. The most recent legislation was HB 1 that was passed on August 20, 2007. HB 1 eliminated the M & O levy and provided replacement funding for the educational support program by increasing the statewide sales tax by one percent. Due to these legislation bills, local tax payers paid $158.00 less in 2006 an additional $50.00 less in 2007 and an additional $18.00 less in 2008 in taxes for school district levies for every $100,000 home value. The graph to the right shows the actual trend in school district levies and the amount paid for a $100,000 home for the past 12 years.

To determine your polling place or for more information on absentee or early voting, please visit www.idahovotes.gov or call your county courthouse. Minidoka County Joint School District Historical Levy Rate per $1K Homeowner
0.010000 0.009000

Projects Proposed with 2012-2014 Levy:

Technology equipment, labs & workstations, wireless access district-wide Roofing Minico auditorium Roofing Minico 9th grade building New playground big toy Rupert Elementary New playground big toy Paul Elementary DSC enhancement for increased internet speeds Additional computer lab at East Minico HVAC (Heating & Cooling) repair and replacement district-wide Protective surface for tennis courts Pre-engineering classroom student computer chairs Electrical upgrades for student mobile devices (battery charging) Auditorium lighting project Minico Parking lot pavement Playground impact area fill Concrete retaining walls at Acequia & Heyburn Metal siding/caps above gym wall at Heyburn Replacement and repair of security cameras and DVRs Replace steam piping and add AC at Mt. Harrison








2000 Levy Rat e T ax pmt Non home 0. 005064846 $ 303. 90 $ 506. 50 2001 2002 2003 0. 005074083 $ 304. 44 $ 507. 40 2004 2005 2006 0. 003318805 $ 165. 94 $ 331. 90 2007 0. 0023 $ 116. 29 $ 232. 60 2008 0. 001959 $ 97. 95 $ 195. 90 2009 0. 002487 $ 124. 35 $ 248. 70 2010 2011 0. 004973298 0. 004704767 $ 298. 38 $ 497. 30 $ 282. 30 $ 470. 50 0. 005220467 0. 005401402 $ 313. 20 $ 522. 00 $ 324. 08 $ 540. 10 0. 002956657 0. 002887787 $ 147. 83 $ 295. 66 $ 144. 43 $ 288. 87