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Guidelines for the Project Report.

(Valid for Batch 2010 11)

The Final project should contain both primary and secondary data. Mention the sources of data in the synopsis and final project. Literature Review should include at least 10 sources of data and help in identifying the research gap. The Bibliography should be in correct order and should include Authors Name etc. in

ALPHABETIC ORDER and should be written in APA format

The Final project report should contain 150 pages or more and should have 1.5 line spacing and around 1 margins on all the sides.

Please add around 0.2

margin extra for binding purposes.

Each student has to submit 2 copies of the final project report. Both the copies should be submitted to the office. Additional copies for the faculties as desired. The faculties if he/she so desires can ask for the project report on a CD. He should maintain one CD for each batch of students that he guides.

One copy

of the CD in PDF format as a continuous running material should be submitted along with the project report
The field survey, if any should contain sample size of minimum 30 respondents. Faculties are supposed to maintain a register for their personal reference which would include the name of the student who approached the faculty with project related issues and when. This is a must because of RTI.

All faculties must

maintain a register showing the date/ time/ what was discussed and signature of both of the student as well as the guide. Please do not sign the project report in case the student has not met you. Also please ensure that the acknowledgements, logo etc are all there. In case it is not there and the faculty signs the report, the faculty will be held responsible and action will be taken against the concerned faculty.

The company may or may not be involved in the final project report, but the primary data has to be collected.

Summer project cannot be converted into the final project. The date of the Viva will be announced shortly. Tentatively it would be in the month of End March / Beginning April.

All faculties should prepare an excel sheet indicating the area in which the student is working and also fix the title of the project. Signature of the faculty and the student is required. (Annexure A). The deadline for submitting this will be say end Nov. 2009 1st week of December. will not be accepted.

Jan 2011 for the student and for the faculty to the office (XXXXXXXXX) Please note that delays in submission

A short 3 to 4 page proposal needs to be submitted along with Annexure A. The Marking for the project report will be as follows: o o Dissertation Viva voce 50 marks 50 marks

The marking for the dissertation would be as given in Annexure 2. The examination coordinator along with the office will ensure marking in the above format.

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