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Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Regular carry. Standard fanny packs with room for a wallet, keys, maybe glasses, and already containing the following, intended to be with you all the time. . The contents are subject to change, including by your personal additions, for example I have a spare pair of prescription glasses in my bag. (Further person specific notes below.) The packs are not intended to be aimed at running for the wilderness, rather to provide the minimum sustenance for the typical 72 hours pushed by the powers that be, and the tools to access such extras as may be presented by the presence of modern infrastructure. Cash, in green nylon zipper pencil cases, containing in coins two rolls each dollar ($25), quarter ($10), dime ($10), nickel ($2), for a total of $84, and in paper: two each $10 & $5, 10 ones. Stuff, in zip shut clear plastic bag or loose in the backpack: Folding knife Multitool/"Swiss Army Knife" Matches or lighter LED Flashlight N-95 mask Nitrile gloves Earplugs Whistle Tweezers Cough drops Aspirin Toothache gel 72 Hour Kit. Something you can grab as you run out the door. New Testament Bible - Pocket Size Tyvek coverall, disposable Vest, blaze orange, plastic Poncho, green plastic & clear plastic Pocket Space Blanket N95 mask Head covering mosquito net Handkerchief, three, white in bag with family portrait Magnifying glass Notebook, 3x5 Lead pencil .5 mm Head strap light Flashlight, AAA, LED chip enhanced AAA batteries (4) wire bound Solar charger, USB port Water disinfect tablets Multitool Folding knife

We each have a loaded backpack containing the below items. Please note, it may be a significant "safety" aspect that the backpacks NOT look similar, and in particular that they NOT in any manner appear military or police in nature. Even though the contents may be relatively uniform, and "well thought out", there in no need to "advertise" to those who may see you that you are "survivalist", rather it could be an advantage to be seen as not important.

Votive candle (2) Stick candle (3) Tea candle (3) Lighter (2) Over glasses eye impact protection Magnesium fire bar Compass P38 can opener S/S 8 oz. flask Whistle & LED, plastic Laser pointer Bosun pipe Chapstick (3) Earplugs Eating utensil set (camp) Knife, chef-kitchen Matches, waterproof Wire saw & hacksaw blade DVD data disk, 944 files on survival & long term sustainability LED Blinker LED Gooseneck Dosimeter Toilet paper roll Swim goggles 10x monocular Towel Water, 3 liter 80 lb. test line, 175 ft. Solid stainless wire 10+ ft. Playing cards Calculator First aid:

Caffiene tabs (30) Aspirin (100) Hydrocortisone 1% cream (1 oz) Triple antibiotic cream (1 oz) Ace bandage 3" Sterile wrap 4" wide roll Snake bite kit Orasol gel (.25 oz) Waterless hand sanitizer (2 oz) Eye drops (.5 oz) X-acto knife Tweezers Super glue Needle-thread Oral medication plunger Dipropionate Cream (Foot fungus) Aluminum "pill bottle" w/3 ammonia inhalant ampuls Yeast packet Two silver coins, find wire with clips, DC voltage from 9 to 27 volts. Only silver enters the water. Or, suck on the silver coin and let salvia doe work. J - Vitamin E Oil 1.75 oz. N - Olbas 1.75 oz. F - Tea Tree Oil 2 oz. Water 3 liter (Needs to be 6 liters1 if you do NOT expect physical exertion or heat. ) Food: While most could go 3 days without food, it's not fun. Dense food examples: CALORIES

Many cases of serious heat illness are brought on by drinking too much water and eating too little food. By drinking great quantities of water hikers deplete their reserves of electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, which aid the transmission of electrical signals from the brain to the body. The resulting hyponatremia, or water intoxication, leads to confusion, disorientation and fatigue. - Dr. Howard Backer For each liter of water be prepared to add: Morton Lite Salt 3.2 grams (0.62 teaspoons) Baking Soda 2.5 grams (0.52 teaspoons) Table salt 1.8 grams (0.29 teaspoons) Dextrose (corn sugar) 20 grams (~4.5 teaspoons) If this less common sugar is not at hand, regular sugar can be substituted, but I have no info on equivalency. It is reasonable to suppose that a little of this mixture (say, one or two spoonfulls instead of 6) added to your canteen at the outset would keep you from ever needing it full strength. Once this mixture, not dissimilar to agar without the gelatin, gets wet it needs to be consumed within a few hours, lest it ferment.

Pepto tablet (9) Loperamide (8) Diarrhea control Diphenhydramine (8) allergic reaction Bandaid, large, big and medium, (3) ea Gauze pad, 3x3 (3)

2,660 - 16 oz jar (plastic) of peanut butter. 1,280 - 16 oz of "Velveeta" cheese product. (F) 1,000 Five Fig Newton bars 1,500 Pack of 100 honey cough drops 555 Three packs of tuna 780 Six boxes raisin 300 Three granola/chocolate bars 280 Two fruit bar 500 -- Dried mixed fruit (Sun Maid) 960 -- Lipton extra noodle soup powder (2 pkt)

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