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Scientific Research Shows Benefits of AFA

Christian Drapeau, a foremost scientist in the study of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, holds a
Masters of Science degree in Neurology and Neurosurgery from the Montreal Neurological
Institute, an affiliate of McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and has been extensively involved in
the study of nutrition, naturopathy and various natural therapies.

Most significantly, Mr. Drapeau collaborated with many scientists affiliated with Harvard University,
McGill University, the University of Illinois, Oregon State University, the University of New Mexico
and the University of Mississippi in the study of the effects of blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon
flos-aquae) on human health. Mr. Drapeau continues his involvement in the clinical study of AFA.

According to Mr. Drapeau, "The health benefits of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) have been
reported for more than two decades, yet it is only recently that science has revealed the
mechanisms by which AFA acts on the body, and the astonishing health benefits of AFA. AFA
contains a wide variety of phytonutrients that promote health, such as chlorophyll, carotenoids and
polyunsaturated fatty acids. AFA contains unique molecules that modulate various aspects of
human health. Phenylethylamine (PEA), known as the "molecule of love," enhances
concentration and attention. PEA is also a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant.
Phycocyanin, the blue pigment in AFA, is a natural selective COX-2 inhibitor with strong anti-
inflammatory properties. PEA stimulates the migration of immune cells in the body; the only
natural compound known to do so.

But the most extraordinary discovery is the ability of AFA to stimulate stem cell release and
migration, making AFA the first natural compound known to stimulate the natural innate
phenomenon of healing, regeneration and repair in the human body."

Nutrition & AFA

The discovery of this ancient strain of cyanophyta Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) has led to a
new Super Food that contains more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source. Primitive
as cyanophyta may appear, most are highly efficient photo synthesizers, even more so than
plants. AFA utilize light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and hydrogen from the
water to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. AFA grows only in the wild and is far
superior to any other cyanophyta on the planet. It is nature's perfect food.

AFA is unique among all food nutritional cyanophytas in that it also metabolizes molecular
nitrogen from the air to produce its proteins and other nitrogen containing bio-molecules. The AFA
cell is truly awe inspiring. Although hundreds of times smaller than the cells of the plant or animal
kingdoms, its wide range of sixty-four micro-nutrients is remarkable and unsurpassed by any
known food. It should be no surprise that the nucleic acids of AFA also bio-stimulate the immune

Role of Nutrients
Without proper nutrients, our bodies become nutritionally deficient. Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
(AFA) provides these missing nutrients. People tell us this product helps them function at higher
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. While growing wild in nature, AFA's simple
metabolism enables it to synthesize and store more nutrients from the air, water, and sunlight than
land-based plants. Below is a partial list of nutrients in AFA and their role in our nutrition:


AFA contains more chlorophyll than any other natural food, 3 to 5 times more than even
wheatgrass! Chlorophyll detoxifies the body from internally generated poisons and the waste
products of general metabolism. Chlorophyll also protects us from external environmental
pollutants we come in contact with each day.


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids build muscle, repair cells and are the
raw materials from which the essential brain neuro-hormones serotonin and dopamine are
synthesized. The brain hormones feed the brain's pleasure and mood control centers which
influence how we feel on a moment-to-moment basis.


Enzymes are the spark of life behind every metabolic reaction in the body. Without enzymes, even
vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed. They are vital to digestion. Only living, uncooked
foods contain enzymes. AFA is a high-enzyme, living food.


AFA is an abundant source of phycocyanin, the blue pigment found in the AFA. Similar to
chlorophyll, phycocyanin protects the body against various toxic substances found in our food, air
and water. Recent research has revealed that phycocyanin is an effective antioxidant and
promotes healthy joint functioning.


Beta-carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A. The U.S. Center for Disease Control states Vitamin A
helps prevent cancer. Like Vitamin C, beta-carotene is also a powerful antioxidant which protects
cells from free-radical damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals and the effects of
consuming too much processed foods.


Minerals, especially trace minerals, are increasingly hard to find in the typical modern diet.
Vitamins cannot be utilized without minerals being present. AFA contains every mineral known to
science, in an easily absorbed "chelated" form.


AFA is a source of almost every known vitamin. The vitamins found in AFA are absorbed much
more easily and completely than artificial, poorly assimilated man-made vitamins.


AFA provides a plant-based source of B12 without the potential health risks associated with
animal-based B12 sources which contain unwanted cholesterol, artificial chemicals and
hormones. B12 promotes vitality, stimulates libido, and is an essential nutrient for our nervous

Each of the trillion cell walls in our bodies are made from Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).
Researchers tell us most people are deficient in EFAs. AFA is rich in EFAs, especially the
Omega-3 form (the hardest to find, even in natural foods). Omega-3 helps to maintain healthy
cholesterol levels. Research shows Omega-3 is beneficial to the cardiovascular, immune and
nervous systems.

The nutrients found in AFA are perfectly combined by nature, and work so synergistically, that
AFA delivers a wide range of nutritional health benefits for the regular user.

About the Brain

The brain is the most undernourished organ in the body. Although it comprises only 2% of the
total body weight, it uses 20% of the body's available energy resources. Each of its estimated 10
billion neurons has an insatiable appetite which must be satisfied every minute of every day of our
lives. AFA metabolizes molecular nitrogen directly from the air. This growth pattern allows for the
bio-synthesis of Low Molecular Weight Peptide Groups. These low molecular weight peptides are
the precursors of neurotransmitters, which are used by various regions of the brain and body to
initiate the secretion of other substances (such as hormones) that influence metabolic functions.

Neurotransmitters can be seen as the chemical link whereby neurons communicate with one
another. The ability of the brain neurons to manufacture and utilize neurotransmitters is
dependent upon the concentration of amino acids in the bloodstream. This largely depends upon
the food consumption of the previous meal.

The Importance of Proteins & Amino Acids

All of the body's basic biochemical processes require energy to occur. It is from the ingestion of
various food substances that the required amount of energy is obtained. The central part of the
body's energy package that provides for the replication and repair of cells, organs and organ
systems is protein. Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in a healthy human
body. It comprises a major portion of the blood and lymph and creates a natural immunity by
giving the body a means of recognizing invading foreign cells and viruses.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body. Proteins
comprise 90% of the hemoglobin and form the backbone of the body's immune system. The algae
contains more protein than any other organism (plant or animal). There are 22 amino acids; 8 of
these are essential and must be obtained from our foods. Without proper quantities of all the
amino acids, health cannot be maintained. When improper amounts of amino acids are
consumed, the less important body tissues are "cannibalized" causing premature aging and
possible severe deficiencies, such as lack of motivation, loss of memory, low mental alertness,
poor intellectual performance and depression. What is truly unique about the algae is that its
amino acid profile is almost identical to that found in our body, making AFA one of nature's perfect

AFA as a Foundation Food

Research has shown it's not only what you eat, but what your body absorbs and assimilates that is
important. AFA, existing at the beginning of the food chain, provides nutrition in its simplest form,
balanced whole food nutrition that is easily digested and absorbed. AFA has a soft cell wall that is
easily digested by the body. This allows rapid absorption of vital nutrients with 97% assimilation.
AFA, harvested from the wild in its 100% organic natural state, comes to you directly from
southern Oregon's extraordinary Upper Klamath Lake. Located at 4100 feet in elevation, the lake
is far removed from any large cities that might pollute the air and water, and is entirely surrounded
by the Cascade Mountains. This unique ecosystem of mineral-rich water, clean air and high
intensity sunlight makes Upper Klamath Lake the perfect ecosystem for this nutrient-dense whole

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) from Klamath Lake exhibits the nutritional characteristics that
make it great. It is the most fundamental food on the planet; there is simply nothing that
compares. Cyanophyta has been harvested and consumed for centuries and yet, until recently, its
immense nutritional value has mostly gone unrecognized. Science is now focusing their attention
on AFA due to current research that has shown AFA's unique photochemistry link to controlling
many disorders affecting the body. The results of this research and testing have been impressive
enough for UC Irvine Scientists to call it a "Super Food, capable of contributing to the
achievement and maintenance of wellness".

The Importance of Vitamins

Typical Nutrient Composition (%Dry Weight)

* Protein 60%
* Lipids 4%
* Carbohydrate 22%
* Chlorophyll 3%
* Fiber 1.5%
* Minerals 7%
* Moisture 5%

It's only what your body will use (absorb) that counts! AFA is 97% usable by the body, compared
to synthesized vitamins which are 5-25% usable. Vitamins are essential to human life. They are
organic compounds necessary in small amounts to promote growth and maintenance of life. They
do not provide energy, nor do they construct or build any part of the body. They are needed to
transform food into energy for the body. AFA contains a complete balance of vitamins except for
vitamins "D" and "E".

Vitamins (per 1 gram of AFA)

* Provitamin A (beta carotene) 2400.00 IU

* Thiamine B1 4.80 mcg
* Riboflavin B2 57.40 mcg
* Pyridoxine B6 11.10 mcg
* Cobalamin B12 8.00 mcg
* Ascorbic Acid C 6.70 mg
* Niacin 0.13 mg
* Folic Acid 1.00 mcg
* Choline 2.30 mg
* Pantothenic Acid 6.80 mcg
* Biotin 0.33 mcg
* Vitamin E 0.13 IU mcg
* Inositol 0.35 mg

The Importance of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a very important part of the AFA. Its molecular structure is almost the same as that
of the hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygenated blood throughout the body. AFA
is the prime nutrient, and chlorophyll is the central molecule for increasing the oxygen availability
to your system. Chlorophyll is vital for the body's rapid assimilation of amino acids. AFA is the
highest known source of chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll Content Comparison (per 10 grams)

* AFA 300 mg
* Spirulina 115 mg
* Chlorella 280 mg
* Barley Grass 149 mg
* Wheat Grass 55 mg

The Importance of Organic Minerals

Minerals are important to the overall functioning of the mind and body. They have two general
body functions - building and regulating. Without minerals, vitamins have no function. Minerals
help build the skeleton and all soft tissues, and regulate heartbeat, blood clotting, internal
pressure of body fluids, nerve response and oxygen transport from the lungs to the tissues. AFA
contains almost every organic mineral in trace amounts, which is what the body must have to
function well. Minerals can literally mean the difference between good health and serious disease.
While the minerals only represent about one percent or less of our daily food intake, without them
we cannot metabolize our food, and we would then quickly perish.

Minerals (per 1 gram of AFA)

* Boron 10.00 mg
* Calcium 14.00 mg
* Chlorine 464.00 mcg
* Chromium 0.53 mcg
* Cobalt 2.00 mcg
* Copper 4.00 mcg
* Germanium 38.00 mcg
* Flourine 0.27 mcg
* Iodine 0.53 mcg
* Iron 350.70 mcg
* Magnesium 2.20 mg
* Manganese 32.00 mcg
* Molybdenum 3.30 mcg
* Nickel 5.30 mcg
* Phosphorus 5.10 mg
* Potassium 12.00 mcg
* Selenium 0.67 mcg
* Silicon 186.70 mcg
* Sodium 2.70 mg
* Tin 0.50 mcg
* Titanium 23.30 mcg
* Vanadium 2.70 mcg
* Zinc 18.70 mcg

The Importance of Beta-Carotene

The body uses beta carotene to produce its own vitamin A. Because the body converts beta
carotene into vitamin A only as needed, there is no threat of toxic build up. The beta carotene in
AFA is probably one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known today. It may well be the
single most important factor towards enhancing the immune system (by protecting the thymus
gland) and thus increasing our life span. However, the potential healing properties of beta
carotene are maximized ONLY when other important carotenoids are also present. AFA contains
many carotenoids, to synergistically neutralize the deleterious effects of dangerous free radicals.
In the past 25 years, twenty-four worldwide studies have looked at beta carotene; all findings are
consistent. Leading degenerative disease research authorities have shown that people who
consume higher-than-average amounts of foods rich in beta carotene have lower incidence of
degenerative diseases.

The Importance of Pure Drinking Water

We can go without food for weeks but without water we die of dehydration in a few days. Over two
thirds of our body is water, yet most of us do not clearly understand the importance of drinking
pure water (no chlorine, no chemicals, no bacteria or carcinogens.) Water is the most abundant
compound in the human body and is necessary for:

* Digestion of food
* Regulation of body temperature
* Transport of food to the tissues
* Elimination of toxins and body wastes
* Circulation of body fluids (like blood and lymph)
* Lubricant in the joints and internal organs - keeping them moist
* Permitting the passage of substances between the cells and blood vessels

Water is part of the blood system holding dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium, in
solution and making them available to body tissues where they are required for proper health.
When water consumption is limited, the body robs some areas to protect different tissues and
organs, which results in pain, tissue damage, and a variety of common health problems. All too
frequently we tend to confuse thirst with hunger and instead of drinking water, we eat, leading to
weight gain. Your body needs a minimum of 1/2 ounce of pure water, per pound of body weight,
per day.

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The Bottom Line

America's food supply is highly refined, processed, genetically altered and nutrient deficient. All of
these factors negatively affect our bodies over time. It is very difficult to eat and stay healthy on
the typical American diet. Over production of our farmlands have depleted the soils, causing our
foods to be nutrient deficient. Most of the major degenerative diseases are largely caused by poor
diet and unhealthy foods. Dr. Stanley S. Bass, N.D., D.C., Ph.C. says: The closer the food comes
to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer we come to its raw, unrefined form, the higher
its quality is. In this condition, all the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest
form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and life force are present. This life
force is, in turn, capable of reproducing tissue which is full of life and longer lasting in structure.
Eating organically grown unprocessed foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds provides your
body nutrients that are free of herbicides, pesticides and preservatives.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is nature's most basic food. It exists at the beginning of the food
chain, provides perfect nutrition and contains more protein than other whole foods. This super
nutrition provides rich naturally occurring chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance your
entire health and boosts our immune system. This amazing food can also help to purify the blood,
promote intestinal regularity and naturally help heal the body.

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