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Simplified Physical Exercise:

Many people in the world do not do any form of Physical exercise and live a sedentary life. They are contented with their present life style when they are young. But this kind of life style often lead to many illness at old age and people end up spending large portion of earning on medication at later part of their life. This condition can be seen many homes in the human civilization. Many other people in the world do variety of Physical exercises to burn Calories, to look fit and to be healthy. But most of these exercises expend energy and a person become tired after doing. A perfect physical exercise should have the following characteristics: 1. The exercise must activate and cleanse important internal body parts. The circulation of blood, heat , air , bio-magnetism in all parts of the body is done well. 2. Due to gravity of Earth the solids and liquids in the body are pulled downwards. By doing exercise regularly the circulation of blood should be maintained well and the solid parts of the body should be evenly stretched for optimum function. 3. All people from age 8 - 80 should be able to do the physical exercise. 4. After doing physical exercise a person should feel fresh, relaxed and energized. 5. The physical exercise should not take more than 30-45 mins and interfere in the other works of the people. 6. The physical exercise should be able to do in solo without the aid of other people and instruments. 7. The physical exercise must have simple gentle movements as much as possible. 8. By doing the physical exercise regularly the person should look fit and lead a healthy life till death.

The Simplified Physical Exercise researched & developed by Vethathiri Maharishi meets all the above characteristics and more. The following web pages give more information about this excellent Simple Physical Exercise: http://www.vethathiri.in/english/skyexercise.htm


The Simplified Exercise for : Hand Leg Lung Eyes Spinal Chord Nervous System Physical & Mental body relaxation Bloodpress ure -heals Heart ailments -Goodrest Regulatem enstrualcyc le -cures Diabetes -Arthritics -Sciatica Bloodpress ure -Spinal cord pain -Reduce obesity -improve Youthfulne ss -Reduce tensionActivategla nds -Corrects shortcircuit s Streamline Nervoussy stem -heals Sleeplessn ess

Arthritis -Removes Numbnessi n upper limbs -Lungs improve Regulates Blood, Air &Nervouss ystems Strengthen hands &shoulders -Activates Brain &Nerves

-Arthritis -Improves BloodCircu lation in abdomen -Activates heart, lungs intestines& brain Strengthen s legs;

ActivatesE ndocrinegl ands,organ s -Activates LungsVitalEnerg y - removes Headache - Avoids Sleeplessn ess -Cures AsthmaBronchitis -Activates abdomen -cures sinus Improvesm emory

Sightimpro ve -Toning up of optical muscles Soothense ye strain KapalaPat hi- cures Sinusremoves Head ache due to cold

Regulate Endocrine system Bloodcircul ation

-cures Heart ailments -cures Sleeplessn ess

Strengthen sabdomen & legs

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