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From:Albertin, MartinL.

SenLTueMar0907:11:31 2010 To: Bodek, RobertPaine,Kate(QuaDrilEnergy LT) Subject RE:Macondo kick lmportarce:Normal

Kate, picks made Feweyeball I wasrunning to seismic showsonic slow above 13000', cameback theseismic but to 13000. yousendmeyour below Can latest filewithallthesonic, insite notcooperating. .bil My is MarV

From: Bodek, Robert Sent! Tuesday, Mardt09, 201012:28AM To: Bdlow,Jonathan Bondurant, M; H; Bryan; Charles Ritchie, Skipnikova, Galina; lohnsbn,Paul l (Houston); Depre.t, Piene-AndreAlbertin, MartinL. ; BreU W Cq Lacy,StuartC (Q0 Inc.); Cocales, Subjech RE:Maondokick Thero's something be workedout, however.Going to froman estimated 1.6ppgPP at he sands-1 1,100' I (Mostlikely) an 12.9ppgat 13,250 (Yumud) seerrsprsttystepfor a normal, non-cenboidal, to pore-prossure trnd...Thoughb?

Frcm: Bdlow,Jonatran M Mardr 201012:12 Senh Tuesday, 09, AM Bondurant, Charles RitchigBryan; H; Skipnikora, Galina; Johnston, PaulJ(Houston); To: Bodek, Robert; lt4artin L. Depret, Pierre-Andre Albertin, ; BrettW Cr: Lacy, SfuartC lqq lnc.); Cocales, Subjecb RE:Maondokick All: VERYPRELIM.In talking the rig. There to wasno evidence sonicandresistivity Kate'splots on showa estimated shalepressure 12.1ppS.The ECDwas 12.4ppgwhenwe cul the mnd, Backgrcund ot gaswascorsfanlwitha couple peakson cornections lagto siltyintervals.OnlyC-1wasobsenred, that of gas event-Veryearlynumber thecasingpressures cannot (we no heaver wasseenas in lhe previous on gel a Shutin drillp[re pressure we appear be packed to as off) is 360psiwhichb about0.5ppg. the offset Thereforo thereis a possibility sandcpuldbe as highas 12.9ppg,wellaborre Yumari the pressureo. Onceagain, veryearlynumbers, subject change wanledto puta few thingson paperto to but are on worksheets thewdl. l'll be for startourwork. Malkand drllling geflingbetternumberc the formal heading theoffce shorfiy inio Jon

Exhibit No. Worldwide Court rters, Inc.


BP-HZN-21 TsMD 100005606

From:Bode(Robert pM Sent:Mon 3l8l21l0 11:09 To: Bellow, Jonaftan Bondurant paulJ M; Charles RihhieBryan; H; Skripnikova, Johnston, Galina; (Houston); Derct, Ptsne.Arrdre I'Grtin L ; Albertin, Subjecf Fwd: Macondo kick Subzurface meeting 0700hrstomorrow please at morning.Currently shut-in.Took a kick at 13,250. see below.

Begin fbnvarded messago : X'rcm: ul-acy,Stuart C (QO Inc.)" < Stuart.Lacy@bp,corn) Date March8,2010 10:50:23 CST PM To: "Bellow, Jonathan < Jonathan.Bellow@bp.com>, M" "Bodek, Robertu< Robert.Bodek@bp.com Cc: "Paine,Kate (QuaDril EnergyLT)" < Kate.paine@bp.conp Subjert: Macondo kick

A sumrnary whatwe knowso far aboutthekick: of ' we cut a thin(<Sft) sandwith2.s ohmmresisjtivity 13,2s0' at 21:40hrs at md ECDwentfom 12.4O to 12.30 over30 mins ppg ppg Theaclivepit systemgained bblsin 30 mins 30 Theflowout wentfrom 1300gpmto 1485 gpmin 30 mins we had2 pmsible connection gases 118/ s0 units@ 12,93g' & 12gls0 md units@ 13,070' md although boththesedepths haveassociated sands gas Thercwas rrcbackgratnd increase (though washigher thesection sander) gas as is Therewasno indication fromsonicor resistivity suddenly of pore increasing pressure

Thelikelyculpitis the thin Hc sand@ 13,250'as theevents all started occuning soonas thisdepth as was drilled all lhis is quiteclearftomthe tirnelog. Frate fonrvard shulin pressrrres will the whenwe get them. StuartLacy Wellsite Geologist MacondoMC252#1 Deepwater Horizon 281-W6-7744


BP-HZN-;217 9MDL000 0S607