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Phone : +94 (0)11 2946077 Mobile : +94 (0)77 2368590 Email : chandika_20@yahoo.com

B.Sc. IT/CS (University of Ruhuna) 187/1,Wanawasala, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Job Objective & Career Goals

To obtain a rewarding, challenging long-term career with a reputable company as a Software Engineer - PHP. I thrive in a work environment where the commitment and excitement to technology is paramount and presents the opportunities to utilize my technical and creative expertise in creating and managing top-of-the-line web applications.

Three years extensive industry experience covering all most of all areas of the web development Software development, such as requirement gathering, documentation, user interface, system designing, developing, deploying, and performance tuning as a Team Leader, software engineer - php & IT coordinator, web developer.

Carrier History
DotCom Outsource (Pvt.) Ltd. Sri Lanka (Subsidiary of Grant Advertising) Software Engineer - PHP & Team Leader o 2010 , June - Present Galle District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Galle IT coordinator & web Developer o 2008 December - 2010 June Ruhunu Development Bank, Weeraketiya - Accountant & Computer Operator o 2004 - 2005

Technical Skills Set

Programming Languages Markup language Scripting Languages JavaScript Library Query Languages RDBMS Modeling Languages Web Services Web Server Code Editor Application Application Software E-Commerce Tool CMS Tools PHP Frameworks Operating Systems Statistics Tools : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : PHP 5, PHP 4, JAVA, C HTML 5, HTML 4, XML, CSS Ajax, Java Script jQuery SQL MySQL php Myadmin, MSSQL Server 2005 UML Apache LAMP, WAMP, XAMPP NetBeans, Eclipse, PHP Designer 7, Dreamweaver CS Adobe Photoshop cs3, open cart Word press, Buddy Press , Joomla Zend Frameworks Windows(XP,vista,7) and Linux Google analytics

HSBC Payment gateway Configuration BOC Payment gateway Configuration Web Hosting,Domain and email configuration over Godaddy.com Web Hosting and configuration over Cpanel Domain configuration over LK Domain Registry

Carrier Highlights
1. DotCom Outsource (Pvt.) Ltd. 2010 , June - Present

Coded web pages utilizing CSS and HTML and programming languages including JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP 5 and a combination of languages for instance AJAX Developing the programming code from scratch or adapting existing website graphics packages and software to meet business requirements, Personal requirements. Web sites up to the server, Domain Registration. Domain forwarding, Tested websites and identified any technical problems and hitches Interacted with servers using FTP ( FileZilla ) and Go daddy file Upload Interface. Assisted in the planning of overall company policy regarding search engine optimization and web development Determined any functionality that sites must support and developed PHP content based on practical approved layout Identified the content type the site would host and ensured compatibility with the PHP programming requirements Gave guidance on colors, layout and styles for client websites

Team leader i. Project Name: www.aluminium.lk Lanka Aluminium Industry official web site Technology : php 5, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, SEO Description : work as team leader in this project. Involved to requirement gathering, documentation, user interface, system designing, guiding for coding, hosting part. ii. Project Name: Accounting system Technology : C#, SQL Server 2005 Description : work as a team leader in this project. Involved to requirement gathering, documentation, user interface, system designing.


Project Name: Property Management System Technology : C#, SQL Server 2005 Description : work as a team leader in this project. Involved to requirement gathering, documentation, user interface, system designing.

Software Engineer-php i. Project Name: http://divyaa.com Divyaa Resorts Official web site (Developing) Technology : php 5, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, SEO Description : This site provides divyaa resorts information, include Payment Gateway to book & pay online hotel. ii. Project Name: http://blueholidays-srilanka.com Travel & tourism web site Technology : php 5, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, SEO Description : This site provides Travel packages, Tourism Guideless & promotes Sri Lanka to the world. Include Payment Gateway is also provided to pay online. iii. Project Name: http://exploresrilanka.co/ Travel & tourism web site Technology : php 5, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, Description : This site provides Sri Lankan Hotel Detail, Tourism Guideless & promotes Sri Lanka to the world. With backend iv. Project Name: http://srilankanhotels.co Hotels Online Booking Engine Technology : php 5, MSSQL Server 2005, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, Google Maps. Description : Hotels Online Booking Engine where Hotels can be Publish all hotel information, room rates with registration in site. Site Visits can be search hotels according to their requirement (Locations, Beach, Priceetc.) and see all information, room availability, Online Booking, HSBC payment. With backend. Project Name: http://www.rakiya.lk/ Technology : php 5, MySQL, Photoshop CS3, Description vi. : I have work as project coordinator in this project


Project Name: www.marikkar.com (Family web site) Technology : php 5, MySQL, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, Description : This site Consist Marikars Family Details & photo gallery. Family member has their profile with wall, event, photos, Businessetc.


Project Name: www.marikkar.com/activity/ (Social network with blog creator) Technology : Word press MU, Buddy press, Word press plug-in, Description : This is a social net work like Facebook.com & user can be created Blog like www.blogspot.com . This is only Family members. So used Sign up code to register.


Project Name: www.electricpeacockfestival.com Technology : php 5, MySQL, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3,, Description : Online Tickets Booking & Back end Ticket sales Management system

o o o

HTML, Ajax, jQuery Sites

http://rotarylanka.com/ , http://rotarylanka.com/test2( Developing) , http://www.Kalpitiyaresorts.info

CMS Projects - wordpress I. Project Name: http://www.fcssrilanka.org Technology : Word press, Word press plug-in, Description : Ngo Projects, Project Name : http://www.educate.lk Technology : Word press, Word press plug-in, Description : Online Education information distributor based various education Categories,Pools..etc.


2. Galle District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Galle 2008 December to 2010 June Developed, Hosted, and maintained of Chamber web site. www.gallechamber.com (include data base) Coordinated & helped to develop women entrepreneur information Data based Software using VB 6 Planed & implemented of Software Development School Projects handle the all activities with two main courses Java Based Software Development & E commerce Applications Development. Handled & Coordinated IT Project for SMEs Funded by IFC (International Finance Co-orations ) & helped to develop Project Proposals, Time Frame Works in the Chamber Coordinated & Negotiated with professional bodies to get required Information to Chamber (representative of IFC, Banks, web hosting company ,IT company ) Worked as a CIMA Web Based Exam Administrator at Galle Business Academy of Galle District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Galle since 2009 September to 2010 June Planed, Established & Maintained Fully equipped Galle Chamber IT Lab under IFC fund. Planed & Designed Chamber News letter Developing & Implementing marketing strategies to attract new customers to the Chamber Institutional representative for industry events , PR & Communication Programmers Monitoring works of IT Instructors, All Visiting Lecturers & Handling all IT Classes & Workshops Staff recruitment conducting interviews & selections reporting to Managing Director

IT coordinator & web developer (individual projects) i. Project Name: www.gallechamber.com Technology : php 4, jQuery, MySQL, Photoshop CS3, Description : Chamber information with Data base. Project Name: www.pagomagalle.com. Technology : php 4, MySQL, Photoshop CS3, Description : include all shopping cart function with backend. Project Name: www.eproplink.com Technology : php 4, MySQL, Ajax. jQuery, Photoshop CS3, Description : Real Estate, Vehicles, hotels Portal with backend.




HTML, Ajax, jQuery Sites

o o o o www.sahanagalle.com www.hoteloceanhill.com www.helptosrilanka.com www.hikkaduexplore.com

B.Sc. Degree in Physical Science with Computer Science University of Ruhuna (English medium)

Subject learned under Computer Science Java, C, Java Script, PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, SQL (Oracle ), Apache, Windows(XP) and Linux Advanced Software Engineering, E- Commerce and Professional Practice in IT, Programming Techniques (using Java ), Data Structures and Algorithms (using Java), Object Oriented System Development (using Java ), Internet Services And Web Development (using HTML & Java Script), File Organization and DBMS (Data manipulation using SQL(Oracle), Basic Concepts of Information Technology, Operating Systems(Windows(XP),Linux (Fedora 6)), Computer Architecture Data Communication and Computer Networks, Adobe Photoshop cs2, Adobe Premium, Flash 8, 3-D programming. Undergraduate Computer Project Theory Based Computer Project to Ceylon Electricity Board Use Apache web server Dynamical Web Application (Electricity Billing System (EBS Matara))

Optional Courses Followed Two years Advanced English course Level 1,Level 2, conducted by English Unit of University of Ruhuna Followed Management (FSC 3112) & Accounting (FSC 3122) Courses conducted by Faculty of Management & Finance-University of Ruhuna Followed a Marketing (FSC 3212) Course conducted by Faculty of ManagementUniversity of Ruhuna Followed a Natural Disaster (FSC 3222) Course conducted by Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences-University of Ruhuna

GCE A/L Examination year 2004 (Exam no-4908996) (Combined Mathematics- B, Chemistry - C, Physics - C, Common General Test - 68%, Z-Score - 1.4887, District Rank - 74) GCE O/L Examination year 1999 (Exam no-91908841) (Mathematics 1 - D, Sinhala - D, Mathematics 2 - D, Buddhism - C, Science 1 - C, Agriculture - C, Science 2 - C, Social Studies - C, English - S, Music C)

Skills and Competencies

Very competent of using New technology of computer application & software development Strong technical influencing interpersonal skills & analytical skills Organizational & effective leadership skills Fluent in Sinhala & English Languages, Excellent communication abilities together with presentation skills Fast Learner & Team Player

Other Relevant Details

I was a Senior Prefect of Rajapaksha Central College ,Weeraketiya Participated Seminars in Internet held by Main Library, University of Ruhuna Member of School Cadetting Platoon

Personal Details
Name: Kankanam Gamage Chandika Chathura Kumara Name with Initials: K.G.C.C.Kumara Date of Birth: 18.03.1983 Age: 27 years NIC No: 830780556V Civil Status: Married Name of School: H/Rajapaksha Central College, Weeraketiya.

Non-Related Refrees
Mr. Leelananda Gunarathne Dahanayake Coordinator Southern Region International Finance Corporation Dasaka Labuduwa , Galle. Phone Office: 091 2234389 Tel: 0772368616 Email: dahanayakelg@yahoo.com Ms. J.A.Jeewanie Lecturer Department of Computer Science Faculty of Science University of Ruhuna Sri Lanka. Phone Office: +94(0)412227019 Ext 4801/2, Email: jeewanie@cc.ruh.ac.lk

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