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JPT Review Center Building Technology and Materials (January 2007 – Archt. Arnel Ramos)

Pre-board examination. Multiple choice. Each of the incomplete statements below is followed by three (3) suggested choices. Choose the best answer to each statement.

1. In a building frame, a structural element that is shorter than usual, as stud above a door opening or

below a window sill is called

a. cripple stud


b. vertical stud

c. mullion

2. A system used for securing the formwork on wall concreting

a. coil ties system

b. bracing system

c. wall system

3. Alternative way of providing a 90 degree hook bend on a 36mm bar without the use of a machine


a. heating the bar for easy bending

b. cutting a piece of bar and welding it 90 deg. on vertical bar

c. bending two smaller diameter bars which are equivalent to 36mm bar manually

4. A massive concrete wall that resists overturning by virtue of its own weight

a. gravity wall

b. block wall

c. shear wall

5. Number of days to remove formworks after concreting

a. 28 days

b. 14 days

c. 1 day

6. A type of half-lapped joint that resists tension


lock splice

b. scarf splice

c. square splice

7. Used to install laminated flooring


liquid nail

b. glue gun

c. casein glue

8. procedure of mixing concrete manually

a. mix proportion of sand and cement, then put gravel on top, water it, then mix

b. mix cement, sand and gravel, then put water and mix

c. mix proportion of sand and gravel, then put cement on top, water it, then mix

9. The vertical joint between two wythe

a. collar joint

b. head joint

c. soldier joint

10. Cutting of concrete pouring on a beam should be-

a. perpendicular to the span

b. parallel to the span

c. diagonally across the span

11. Refer to the portion of a beam where bending moment changes from positive to negative is-

a. inflection point

b. mid point

c. top beam

12. Support used in steel decking

a. scaffolding

b. bracing system

c. props

13. A short flat piece of lumber which is bolted, nailed, or screwed to two butting pieces in order to splice them together

a. fish plate

b. splice plate

c. scab

14. Paint used to protect galvanized sheet is-

a. red oxide

b. red lead

c. redmanizer

15. A bar used to hold the reinforcement on a beam is-

a. tie bar

b. web

c. lateral ties

16. If the riser is 18cm, find the tread width using riser / tread proportion formula (R) (T) = 75

a. 26.88 cm

b. 28.66 cm

c. 32.68 cm

17. Specification of wide flange as W-12x24 means

a. width and height

b. weight and height

c. thickness and height

18. For 20 cu.m. of concrete using “class A” mixture and 40kg bag of cement, we need-

a. 200 bags of cement, 10 cu. m. of sand and 20 cu.m. of gravel

b. 180 bags of cement, 10 cu. m. of sand and 20 cu.m. of gravel

19. This is used for extending 32mm reinforcing bars

a. coupler

b. splicing

c. plate

20. Using 12 feet G.I. Corrugated roofing sheet, what is the distance of the purlins?

a. 600 mm

b. 660 mm

c. 700 mm

21. Using 1/2” thk. Plywood and 2” x3” formworks, what is the economical section of a column?

a. 500x500 mm

b. 600x600 mm

c. 700x700 mm

22. Glass panel used for glass curtain wall

c. insulating glass

23. Inclined structural member that supports the steps of a stair is called-

a. 25mm thk. Solid glass

b. tinted glass

a. flight of step

b. curtain step

c. carriage

24. Rigid connection or anchorage at support of a beam

a. restraint

b. prestressed

c. tied beam

25. what is the thickness of a two way slab with a dimension of 5000x6000 mm?

a. 100mm

b. 122mm

c. 150mm

26. Width of prestressed beam with a span of 8.0 m on light loadings



b. 500mm

c. 400mm

27. device used as a guide of the hand saw, in cutting objects to form a miter joint is-




b. miter board

c. miter box

28. Street line elevation is +10.00m, the reference point is 2.00m above street line, the natural grade line is

3.00 below the reference point. Column footing depth is 2.00m from the natural grade line. What is the elevation of the foundation bed?



b. +5.00m

c. +7.00m

29. the water content of the soil is high, it is better to make the footing -




b. wider

c. thicker

30. Total board feet of 10 pcs. Of 2”x2”x12” is-



b. 50

c. 60

31. Which among the structural bond have alternate header and stretcher in a course?

a. flemish bond

b. english bond

32. Xyladecor is a product of-

a. dutchboy

b. davies

c. james bond

c. boysen

33. In masonry, a hard stone or brick used to reinforce an external corner of a wall



b. coin

c. peso

34. the column section is 400x400mm, the main bar is 22mm with 10mm ties, what is the distance of the


lateral ties?



b. 400mm

c. 480mm

35. small finishing nail is called-




b. thin nail

c. headless

36. Structural steel T-section is composed of-

a. flange and stem

b. flange and web

c. flange and fillet

37. Important component to determine the strength of concrete

a. cement mixture

b. water/cement ratio c. amount of cement

38. In precast construction, bearing pad used for joint that rely on gravity by placing a beam on a corbel of

a column?

a. synthetic rubber

b. high density plastic c. padding foam

39. The face or front of a building

a. facade

b. frontal approach

c. facelift

40. Manufactured board used for laminated cabinets

a. hardboard

b. particle board

c. plyboard

41. Form used for precast fabrication

a. cast iron

b. casting bed

c. cushion bed

42. Providing bolts on two girders within the span should have-

a. concrete spacer

b. slipper

c. wood block

43. Jack rafter between the hip and the valley rafters are called-

a. hip jack rafter

b. cripple jack rafter

c. valley jack rafter

44. The distance between two structural supports

a. span

b. bay

c. point to point

45. Stone placed on a slope to prevent erosion

a. rip rap

b. flag stone

c. border stone

46. Tool used for tile adhesive application

a. spoon trowel

b. notch trowel

c. tin plate

47. Used to hold horizontal batten on top of corrugated sheathing

a. Corrugated G.I. sheet

b. batten nail

c. vertical batten

48. The process of removing concete form works

a. stripping

b. clearing

49. Raw material of glass

a. crystal

b. sand

c. deforming work

c. silica

50. In precast concrete beam with a span of 10.00m carrying light load, depth is-

a. 62 cm

b. 100 cm

c. 83 cm

51. Ceiling frame that carries the furring channel

a. carrying channel

b. rod hanger

c. wall angle

52. Hardware used to apply tension on cross bracing

a. turnbuckle

b. tie rod

c. hinges

53. A rejected building material because of its below standard grade is called-

a. cull

b. out lumber

c. run-of-mill

54. If a particle of soil is too large to lift by hand, it is a-

a. cobble

b. boulder

c. fine grained soil

55. Lumber that still contains moisture is-

a. rough lumber

b. green lumber

c. S4S

56. In waterproofing, if the horizontal meets the vertical,

a. cant is provided

b. sealer is applied

c. dry packed grout is used

57. Distributes the load of the column equally among the piles

b. pile cap

58. Composition of paint that provides the hiding power

a. footing

c. pile foundation

a. pigment

b. vehicle

c. solvent

59. What is the scientific name of wood

a. xylem

b. palochina

c. victour

60. Reinforcing bars provided within the span of two columns on combined footing is

a. top bar

b. web bars

c. temperature bars

61. A piece of lumber used to dress up the edge of the joists

a. draftstop plate

b. bridging

c. trimmer

62. A joint between adjacent parts of a structure which permits movement between them

a. control joint

b. construction joint

c. contraction joint

63. The horizontal distance from the face of a lock of latch to the center of the knob or lock cylinder is-

a. lockstile

b. backset

c. centerpoint

64. In a suspended acoustical ceiling, a groove is cut into the edges of an acoustical tile to receive splines or supporting members of the ceiling suspension system is-

a. rabbet

b. plough

c. kerf

65. The angle, with one surface of a body makes with another surface when they are not at right angles

a. bevel

b. ogee

c. pencil edge

66. The distance between inflection point in the column when it breaks

a. developed length

b. effective length

c. equivalent length

67. Stiffener provided between a span of two bottom chords

a. cross bracing

b. box strut

c. bridging

68. A nailer strip incorporated in rough concrete wall to be plastered to act as guide and support for finish trim around opening and near the base of the wall

a. gravel stop

b. plaster ground

c. trimming guard

69. Joint between the concrete column and CHB wall

a. construction joint

b. cold joint

c. control joint

70. Technical term referring to earthquakes

a. forces

b. seismic

c. forensic

71. Rubber washer on tekscrew used for steel purlins

a. neoprene

b. rubber band

c. gasket

72. Extended bars provided on slab on fill for concrete stairs


starter bars

b. dowel

c. diagonal bars

73. Pipe used for ground floor drain


3” pipe

b. 2” pipe

c. 4” pipe

74. Reinforcement on column footing

a. traverse bars

b. main bars

c. temperature bars

75. Surface provided by a zocalo and drop wall

a. spandrel

b. curtain wall

c. facade

76. Space provided on a water tank above water level

a. free board

b. air space

77. Grouting is necessary for-

a. cold joint

b. construction joint

c. overflow

c. block out

78. Jack rafters spanning from hip rafter to valley rafter

a. cripple jack rafter

b. valley jack rafter

c. hip jack rafter

79. A brick laid vertically with the broad face exposed

a. sailor

b. soldier

c. stretcher

80. A thin sheet of wood rotary cut, sliced or sawn from a log and used as a superior facing to inferior wood to form plywood

a. veneer

b. core

c. crossbond

81. Number of self drilling screws used in one gypsum board

a. 27

b. 20

c. 36

82. Which is not part of the truss system?

a. girder

b. top chord

c. girt

83. The horizontal brace between two queen posts

a. sag rod

b. collar plate

c. strut

84. A brick laid horizontally on the longer edge with the broad face exposed

a. header

b. rowlock

c. shiner

85. Type of footing for a structural column within a property line

a. combined

b. isolated

86. Class “A” mixture

a. 1:1 ½ :3

b. 1: 2: 4

c. continuous

c. 1: 2 ½ : 5

87. Hardiflex board is commercially available in what size?

a. 24” x 48”

b. 48” x 96”

c. 36” x 72”

88. Type of formwork used to provide horizontal whaler

a. perpendicular

b. wall form

c. longitudinal

89. Size of measuring box for a 50kg bag of cement

a. 30 x 30 x 30

b. 32 x 32 x 32

c. 32 x 32 x 33

90. In building layouting, the reference point is established in-

a. natural grade line

b. ground line

c. street line

91. Traverse member that supports the cut off joist

a. trimmer

b. header

c. tail beam

92. Adhesive used to install vinyl tiles

a. rugby

b. solvent

c. casein

93. A central post from which the winders of a spiral stair radiate

a. center post

b. newel post

c. spiral post

94. Any of a series of winders so arranged that they are nearly as wide at the inside of the stair as the adjacent fliers

a. balanced step

b. elliptical stair

c. geometrical stair

95. Vertical strip at the edge of the inactive door in a two-panel door

a. fillet

b. astragal

c. rabbet

96. An opening in the side of the building, as in a parapet, for draining off rainwater

a. scupper

b. roof drain

c. gutter

97. A semicircular or semi-elliptical window over a doorway or another window

a. fanlight

b. transom

c. overdoor

98. A vertical window set below the line of a sloped roof

a. internal dormer

b. dormer window

c. skylight

99. A hinge that closes automatically by means of gravity

a. spring hinge

b. gravity hinge

100.Filipino term for fillet

a. batidura

b. ika-ika

c. piano hinge

c. paleta

Matching type choose two words which relate to each other and put the same number on it from 1 to 20. 1 to 3 are given as examples.


Shear connector

Tile adhesive





Notch trowel


Red oxide





Paneled door


Truss brace



Cross brace







Steel decking
















Ogee edge


Gypsum board










Glass top


Tile roofing



Hook and eye


Red lead

Lag screw





True or False



1. construction logbook is required for occupancy application



2. wooden floor joist can rest on top of a concrete beam



3. add up the total perimeter dimensions of a slab area, divided by 1.80 to get the minimum

thickness of concrete slab



4. as built plan for occupancy permit should be signed and sealed by the principal architect



5. floor flange is used to mount water closet



6. sometimes column footing could be without reinforcing bars



7. dimension lumber can be used for a wooden post



8. concrete spacer should always be used to maintain the 3cm concrete covering



9. base form of beam should be removed after 24 hours of concreting




after removal of formwork, scratch coat is applied to the concrete surface for better plastering




11. 32mm bars are used for road concreting to reduce thickness of concrete



12. principal architect can be the contractor at the same time in one project



13. basement level can be higher than the street elevation



14. in plastering work, add more water for better adhesion



15. G.I. Wire can be used as string in building layout instead of plastic chord



16. in using ready mixed concrete, if the period of arrival extends, it is better to use pumpcrete



17. use 10cm thickness of suspended slab at all times



18. wide flange is used for column and beam for steel frame construction



19. concrete pipe is commercially available in 6.00 m length



20. membrane type of waterproofing is best used in lacquer paint



21. tile spacer is used for tile installation



22. tinting color as admixture can be used in lacquer paint



23. master plumber can sign sanitary plans



24. ogee edge is used for glass table top



25. job captain can decide on behalf of the architect



26. depth of steel structural beam section can be at same height with different loads



27. sand and gravel should be well mixed before putting up the cement in manual mixture of





28. ground floor of a building should always be higher than the road access



29. in a modular system, series of columns should have one call-out only



30. concreting of suspended slab cannot be done in extreme weather



31. tinted glass is used for overhead window opening, such as skylights



32. 12mm diameter bar ties for 20mm diameter main bar for column



33. notch trowel is used for applying tile adhesive on wall surface



34. back hoe is used for excavation work



35. expansion or contraction joint is required for an 8-storey structure with an L-shaped form



36. girder is a wooden beam, while beam is a concrete beam



37. coil ties system is used for concrete wall and large concrete column with more than 60cm in

cross dimension



38. combined footing can be used for column within the property line



39. slump test is needed for job site mix of concrete mixture



40. concrete class mixture provides the number of boxes of sand and gravel for equivalent of one

bag of cement