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Orlando Magic/Dwight Howard Social Analysis

Social Media Snapshot 2.25.12

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The following is analysis of the social conversation around the Orlando Magic, specifically looking at fan sentiment towards the possible Dwight Howard trade. Fizziology looked at two points over the last 10 weeks to understand how the social conversation and fan sentiment has changed towards the Magic and the trading of their all-star, Dwight Howard. The three dates in which Fizziology analyzed the social conversation around the Orlando Magic were: December 10: Dwight Howard confirms trade request January 9th: Rumors of Dwight Howard re-thinking trade, also a mid-point for this longitudinal analysis.

Social Media Conversation December 10th

Of the scored social media feeds related directly to the Orlando Magic on 12/10/11, 95% of the total conversation mentioned Dwight Howard. The charts below provide the conversation trends in December 2011 when Dwight Howard confirmed his trade request from the Orlando Magic.

Orlando Magic Social Buzz

25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 0

22570 17063 8812 4152 3949 1949 10118 5274 9280 14399 7187 8132 7084

Dwight Howard Trade Partners

New Orleans Hornets New Jersey Nets Miami Heat Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Lakers 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%

Sentiment Analysis December 10th

The following provides analysis on fan sentiment towards Dwight Howard on the date in which he confirmed his trade request from the Orlando Magic.

Orlando Magic SenLment Analysis Dwight Howard Trade - December

PosiLve 5% NegaLve 20%

Neutral 75%

The conversation towards Dwight Howards trade question was considerably negative towards the Orlando Magic. Fans communicated their discontent by blaming ownership (Sample: Otis Smith... this is all on your shoulders. Should have surrounded Howard with legit players Not Hedos) . With the thought of losing their star player, and questionably, the franchises best player since Shaquille ONeal, many fans began to question their allegiance to the franchise (Sample: dwight howard of my orlando magic formally asked for a trade. i now find myself wanting to switch teams). Casual NBA fans also chimed in towards the trade request, expressing their opinion on the Magic and their current sitatuaion (Sample: Damn sad case for orlando magic. No ppl like that team.) However, positive fan sentiment wasnt completely absent in the conversation. Diehard Orlando Magic fans advocated for their city and team (Sample: Players come and go but I will always be here as an #Orlando #magicfan @DwightHoward), while other Magic fans showed their distaste for the star player (Sample: Congrats to having no loyalty to the town of Orlando or to any of the Magic fans @DwightHoward. What a joke. #MAGIC)

Social Media Conversation January 9th

Of the scored social media feeds related directly to the Orlando Magic on 1/9/12, 53% of the total conversation mentioned Dwight Howard. The charts below provide the conversation trends in early January 2012.

Orlando Magic Social Buzz - January

14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 1/1/12 1/2/12 1/3/12 1/4/12 1/5/12 1/6/12 1/7/12 1/8/12 1/9/12 1/10/12 1/11/12 1/12/12

11208 9328 6607 4359 3062 3746 5043


10218 7051



Dwight Howard Trade Partner ConversaLon


Dallas Mavericks 22%

New Jersey Nets

Los Angeles Lakers

0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%


Sentiment Analysis January 9th

The following provides analysis on fan sentiment towards Dwight Howard and the rumors of him reconsidering his trade request. In addition, this data provided a mid-point for this longitudinal snapshot of fan sentiment towards the Magic and the conversation around the possible Dwight Howard trade.

Orlando Magic SenLment Analysis Dwight Howard Trade - January

PosiLve 16% NegaLve 21%

Neutral 63%

At this point in the season, the conversation surrounding Dwight Howard and a possible trade is beginning to annoy fans who are tired of the same headlines (Sample: Hey @Orlando_Magic can you just trade Dwight and get it over with tried of the story!). With the NBA All-Star game in Orlando this year, many understand the negative effect of a non-Magic Dwight Howard returning to the city for the event, but are communicating more maturely on the situation. (Sample: Magic can't allow sight of Dwight in another jersey at Orlando's All-Star Game stop them from make a deal). This sentiment was shared in the social conversation, and provides evidence at this point that Magic fans, although tired of the situation, have made strides in accepting the departure of the All-Star and now want fair and equal value for Howard. Positive sentiment towards the Magic has increased, but at this time of analysis it can be attributed to the teams current play, as the Magic had a record of 10-3 (Sample: my boys did work tonight! #orlandomagic).

The Bottom Line

When looking at the two analysis points, both negative and positive sentiment increased in the social conversation surrounding Dwight Howard. This signifies that fans are beginning to create more directed conversation towards the All-Star, this information will be important for the team to understand. With March just around the corner, and a decision about the future of Dwight Howard in Orlando forthcoming; it will be interesting to see how the sentiment towards the player (and team) changes if Howard chooses to depart the franchise. From the information in this report, if Howard reconfirms his trade request in the days to come, fan loyalty will take a significant hit. Since Howard has been a staple on the Magic roster since the day he was drafted and a core reason why casual fans follow the team, the Magic will need to respond quickly with a positive, re-confirming position that this franchise is committed to building a championship team without Dwight Howard. Analyzing the fan conversation trends in social media will help the Magic strategically combat the biggest fan issues with the departure of Howard, while consoling a fan base who soon will lose their best player. Currently with the All-Star Weekend in Orlando, we took a quick look at the current conversation surrounding the Magic and Dwight Howard. From the below chart, you can see neutrals increased (primarily due to the All-Star related buzz created by industry sources surrounding the team). In the next two weeks, we anticipate the conversation around the Magic to increase. With that, the conversation surrounding Dwight Howard to be filled with directed conversation towards Howard on and his pending decision.

Orlando Magic Fan SenLment Analysis - February 24

Posi2ve Nega2ve Neutral




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