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Through its Declaration of Employees Fundamental Rights, Renault is committed to respecting employees worldwide and helping them to progress. It aims to foster a spirit of openness, to ensure the full transparency of information, and to be honest and fair in accordance with the Renault Code of Good Conduct, which commits the entire company to behaving in a responsible way. The human resources policy seeks to draw upon and develop the wealth of employee skills, which are key to Renaults performance. Personnel commitment, Group performance and social strategy are the three cornerstones of Renaults social strategy. Local HR function Human Resources is organized to have strong local presence, providing support for managers and listening closely to employees. Management quality Management quality is crucial to staff performance and commitment. Renault has a Group management system and corresponding training/coaching resources. Clear system for rewarding performance The annual performance review between employee and manager enables an objective measure of performance. For more consistency between results and remuneration, decisions on any changes are made directly after this meeting. At the same time, Renault has a motivating remuneration policy and profit-sharing agreement. Employees can also become shareholders, notably through the Group's savings plan. Collaborative innovation Renault stimulates practical ideas for progress and rewards employees who come up with best suggestions. The Renault Skills Program seeks to develop the skills of the future, which are crucial to the Groups competitive edge, the performance of its functions, and the employability of its staff. The Program uses several levers, including employment, mobility and training. The Group leads an active employment policy to support international growth and pursue gains in productivity. Renault encourages mobility and ensures access to training to respond to Group needs and give each person the opportunity to realize his or her potential. Mobility support is strengthened by forward-looking resource management and the development of career paths.Employees worldwide is guaranteed access to training, regardless of age, status and job position.

Renaults social strategy respect Group employees. The principles of this strategy a strong factor of cohesion in a global group are based on the Declaration of Employees' Fundamental Rights. The Group fosters diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all its employees.

Initiative for diversity Renault also encourages responsible, high-level social dialogue at all levels of the company.
Relations with personnel representatives

The Group looks after the health of its employees at all sites and provides them with motivating work conditions


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