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We have entered a bold new era of gadgetry and electronic marvels that have become part of every day modern society. As a result, these products have made every facet of life easier. It is now time for this ingenious breakthrough in power production (MEI system) to make a paradigm shift in technology and help the world leap past the 21 century. Imagine a power system that allows us to power any spacecraft in the most efficient way without the need of dangerous chemical nuclear power. The MEI system makes this a reality today. Using electricity to power the MEI system increasing rotations can achieve to be the engine of a spacecraft that I will present here, Lugares Machine (LM), this procedure allow us possible grandiose projects like interstellar space travel by providing an engine that meets and exceeds the power to do so efficiently. Advanced commercial/government applications, anti-gravity centrifugal forces propulsion system and astronomical amounts of energy can be generated from the MEI system to theoretically accelerate to speeds above and beyond the speed of light. Earth needs an easy way to deliver spacecraft ,cargo and people into space to take advantage of the Earths orbit, also make space tourism and exploration of the Universe possible! This spacecraft makes the dream a reality. The spacecraft that will be presented is electrical, uses rotational velocity to increases rotations to accelerate and create centrifugal forces, the faster it rotates, more power escape force adds to it. On a balanced rotating system, like a spacecraft , the centrifugal forces takes control transporting the spacecraft from point A to point B. Outward momentum depends on the amount of mass that is being moved, to the radius that this mass is being rotated and to its angular rotation, the result acts as a propulsion system and it does not require energy to be achieved.

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INTRODUCTION Most self-respecting starships in science fiction stories use antimatter as fuel for a good reason its the most potent fuel known. While tons of chemical fuel are needed to propel a human mission to Mars, just tens of milligrams of antimatter will do (a milligram is about one-thousandth the weight of a piece of the original M&M candy). However, in reality this power comes with a price. Some antimatter reactions produce blasts of high energy gamma rays . Gamma rays are like X-rays on steroids. They penetrate matter and break apart molecules in cells, so they are not healthy to be around. High-energy gamma rays can also make the engines radioactive by fragmenting atoms of the engine material. If a rocket carrying a nuclear reactor explodes, it could release radioactive particles into the atmosphere. " positron spacecraft would release a flash of gamma-rays if it exploded,The danger zone would be about a half-mile around the spacecraft. An ordinary large chemically-powered rocket has a danger zone of about the same size, due to the big fireball that would result from its explosion," The Reference Mission spacecraft would take astronauts to Mars in about 180 days. "positron spacecraft, could take astronauts to Mars in half that time, and perhaps even in as little as 45 days," said Kirby Meyer, an engineer with Positronics Research on the study. Let us eliminate the thought of a chemical/or nuclear reaction altogether. If a Spacecraft operates electrically and does not require a fuel storage chamber, then it is not anywhere near as dangerous to operate. This system of electrical motors are connected to increase rotations. The production of the centrifugal forces increases within this system and these forces can be used as a powerful, ultra-efficient method of propulsion. By changing the center of mass, with its internal moving parts and shifting weight, this effect provokes the momentum to head in a precisely controlled direction (created from the centrifugal force) This allows the machine to move in any direction instantly. Imagine while in flight making a 90 degree turn then another 90 degree turn in the other direction seamlessly, flawlessly executed. This is the maneuverability that is achievable with this system. The Reference Mission spacecraft would take astronauts to Mars in about half an hour. The system of electrical connected motors can rotate to create an acceleration that can travel from low Earth orbit to half the distance of Mars in 13 minutes and then another 17 minutes to decrease the acceleration for the remaining distance to Mars. I have confirmed my calculations. The mid-center control chamber solves our G-force issue. In this area lies the cockpit, the control system and the passenger loading zone. It is the stationary part of this spacecraft. All corresponding space in the mid-center control chamber extending to the artificial gravity chamber are in essence the center of mass itself. In this part of the craft, Zero G-forces will change, will always remain constant, This zone of the spacecraft will act as an inertial-canceling device for humans and logistics.


INTRODUCING LUGARES MACHINE ( LM ) Lugares Machine (LM) is a electrical Spacecraft that can be used for a variety of purposes, including communication, earth observation,meteorology, navigation, planetary exploration and transportation of humans and cargo. LM is technology to solve problems, drive transformation, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. Through applied innovation and by integrating with the existing infrastructure. This technology is one Imperative technology for today`s modern society. In order to meet all purposes, LM requires The MEI System, an apparatus for increasing induction motor revolutions. The result that the MEI system produces is the opportunity to allow the LM the technology it requires to operate proficiently. The figure 1 represent a stator of a electrical motor, it`s the stationary part of this system, it has a ring around it figure 2, and this ring rotate, i will call this rotor-stator, this fit as the first rotor. And it has a ring around it, figure 3, this ring rotate also, it`s the second rotor. The ensemble system represented here is the MEI system, figure 4. and this rotor has a bigger ring followed by more rings increasing in size. figure 5. as the result these rings rotate increasing rotations, more rings as rotors adds to it. the faster it rotates.

THE MEI SYSTEM This represent a stator of a electrical motor, it`s the stationary part of this system. Figure 1

Figure 1 stator


The stator has a ring around it and this ring rotate, i will call this rotor-stator, this fit as the first rotor. Figure 2



Figure 2 rotor-stator first rotor

The first rotor , rotor-stator, it has a ring around it, this ring rotate also, it`s the second rotor to increase the rotation. Figure 3

3 rotor-stator second rotor

1 stator

2 rotor-stator first rotor

Figure 3 rotor-stator second rotor

The MEI system. This method can be used to increase circular motion to apply circular acceleration. Figure 4

Figure 4 The MEI System conjoined ring


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The ensemble system represented here is the MEI system, rotors has a bigger ring followed by more rings increasing in size. as the result these rings rotate increasing rotations, more rings as rotors adds to it. the faster it rotates. Figure 5.

Figure 5 The MEI system

MEI Power Supply The MEI system. This method also can be used to increase circular motion and accelerate a mass to create momentum that in-turn can create the power to produce electricity. In order to create an electrical source of energy in this scenario we do not use another electrical source of energy, as can be from any regular electric power plant or solar energy. Figure 6



Figure 6 rotating system

Rotor-stators are connect in specific configuration to be used to increase rotations. a physical field produced by moving electrically charge. Figure 7

rotor coil stator coil

Figure. 7 rotor-stators


The system will be sliding beside and inside each other. Figure 8

Sliding system

Figure 8 conjoined rotor-sliding system


The MEI system can increase the amount of rotations require for a advantage creating the kinetic energy require for the torque needed to drive an electric generator. Figure 9

mass in rotation

MEI increasing rotations

Figure 9




Rotations require for a system can be achieve with the weight and radius needed, to drive the torque as the power to drive a Electrical Generator, electrical source of energy if we do not use another electrical source of energy. Figure 10

MEI System showed that very small amounts of mass can be accelerate consuming same amount of energy and with the acceleration, converter into a very large amount of energy.

MEI system driving torque

Figure 10

energy_equivalence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torque http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-inertial_reference_frame


LM MEI Rotating Engine The MEI System, integrated as the engine of LM, with once putting the MEI System to increase rotations ,the production of the centrifugal forces increases also, and this is one of the MEI System purposes, LM take advantage of the centrifugal forces using it as the propulsion system, this graphic show 24 propulsion piston. Figure 11 By changing the center of mass of the spacecraft a propulsion system can be generated because of centrifugal force. Rotating objects naturally want to stay centered, by changing the mass of an object in rotation, a momentum can be created by adding or decreasing mass in any location. After this act takes place centrifugal force comes into play a rotating round object with an added mass at one extreme will naturally pull itself in that direction instantly, if mass is decreased at one extreme the exact opposite point will be the point of direction in that instant. Although the spacecrafts rotation is powered electrically the propulsion system in all reality is a law of nature itself, Centrifugal force.

23 22 21 20


3 4 5 6

19 18 17 16 15 14 12 11 10 13

7 8 9

Figure 11


LM Technological operations LM is a system that being ensemble of 5 main operations systems, 1The mid-center control chamber, 2 Coriolis Transporter System, 3 Artificial gravity chamber, 4 MEI System and 5 Propulsion Piston System. Figure 12

2 Coriolis Transporter System 5 Propulsion Piston System

4 MEI System

3 Artificial gravity chamber

1 The mid-center control chamber

Figure 12


Interior Coriolis transport crew transporter to a artificial gravity chamber. Figure 13


Coriolis transport

The MEI system engine Rotor-artificial gravity chamber

Figure 13



Interior Artificial gravity Chamber This process could be used to simulate gravity. Figure 14

Coriolis transporter

Articial gravity chamber

ME I system engine

Figure 14



The MEI system engine These system rotate increasing rotations, Figure 15

ME I system engine

Propulsion piston Rotor artificial gravity chamber

Figure 15


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Propulsion Piston

propulsion system of the spacecraft . Figure 16


propulsion piston system

Figure 16




Figure 17



LM 5 main functions operations

The 5 main functions operations work in conjunction in order to achieve the objective of the human goal from our ancestors, travel to the stars, de-

velopment a operation of vehicles capable of carrying instruments, equipment, supplies and living organisms through space is the most effective utilization of the scientific and engineering resources to create the purpose of space travel. Function 1 Mid-center control chamber includes the cockpit control system contain a safety passenger loading zone, efficiency usefulness operational chamber accomplishable to the crew members,capable to transport dozens of passenger, such as other activities as may be required for the exploration of space. Function 2 Coriolis transporter is the mechanism to transport crew from the mid-center control chamber in vertical position to a horizontal position which facilitates transition to artificial gravity chamber,designated for the direction of major aeronautical and space activities In the future,industrialization of space and exploration of inner and outer planets will require humans to endure longer and longer periods in space, this mechanism use the centrifugal forces to be operating, rotating around the mid-center control chamber. Function 3 Artificial gravity chamber to avoid the adverse long-term health effects of weightlessness,It can be practically achieved by the use of some different forces, particularly the centrifugal forces, creation of artificial gravity is considered imperative for long-term space travel or habitat, for ease of mobility, a rotating spacecraft will produce the feeling of gravity on its inside hull,a rate of spin of 2 rpm or less would be needed. To produce 1g, the radius of rotation would have to be 224 m (735 ft). rotating around the coriolis transporter. Function 4 MEI system increasing rotations rotating around the artificial gravity chamber.

The present system overcomes the shortcomings of the state of the art by providing a method of increasing a motors revolutions by connecting quantities of motors in a specific configuration that will result in an increase in rotations, incorporating this system in a rotating spacecraft will al-

low as to achieve an engine to produce high amount of centrifugal forces that will be used as the propulsion system, allowing the machine approaches maneuverabilities to move in any direction.

The state of the art of this spacecraft can achieve

a growing interest in commercial approaches to space transportation In addition to the logistical advantages. Researchers have begun to notice economic benefits, these benefits include providing demand for launch services that can help drive down launch costs by creating a robust and competitive marketplace, providing launch demand sufficient enough to encourage the development of commercial spacecrafts, enabling the reuse of in-space assets, and greatly increasing the utility of future project efforts.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Articial_gravity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centrifugal_force


The mid-center control chamber Includes the cockpit, control system, passenger loading zone, cargo bay areas, space for equipment, operations chamber, power supply chamber. Figure 18

Figure 18 The mid-center control chamber


Coriolis Transporter System rotor To transport the passengers or logistics from the mid-center control chamber in vertical position to a horizontal position which facilitates transition to artificial gravity chamber. Figures 19

Figures 19 Coriolis Transporter System rotor


Artificial gravity chamber A chamber that when rotates, the centrifugal forces produces artificial gravity. Figure 20

Figure 20 Artificial gravity chamber


MEI Rotating Engine System THe MEI system as an engine to be used to increase circular motion, and the momentum created from the centrifugal forces from the rotating system as the propulsion trust system. Figure 21

Figure 21 MEI Rotating Engine System


Propulsion Piston mechanism By changing the center of mass with its internal moving parts, the effect that provoked the momentum in a certain direction(created from the centrifugal force), allows the machine to move in any direction instantly. Figure 22

Figure 22 Propulsion Piston mechanism



LM space travel LM Satellite LM Telescope LM Warrior LM Earth/Space Automobile


LM space travel A system that can be able to go out in to space using a rotating system. That can fly light-dynamics by exploiting light particles as a matrix to maneuver,similar to the way we currently exploit water and air particles to maneuver terrestrially. Planetary exploration and transportation of humans and logistics. Figure 24

Figure 24


LM Satellite A system can be launched in to earths orbit by itself , can be used as a satellite for communication, including living quarters, water supply station, artificial gravity chamber , communication control chamber, storage areas and equipment chamber. Able to go out into orbit and stay for any amount of time and come back when it requires maintenance. Figure 23

Figure 23


LM Telescope A system that can be sent as a telescope in to space. A system can be launched in to earth orbit by itself, including a artificial gravity chamber , communication control chamber, and equipment chamber. Able to go out in to deep space, for any amount of time, and return when it requires maintenance. Figure 25

Figure 25


LM Warrior A first line of defense, Earth defense device that is capable of protecting our planet from any outside threat such as but not limited to an impending asteroid impact or an alien invasion per say by utilizing a weaponized flying device that can maneuver at speeds that theoretically can exceeds light-speed !!! Asteroids trajectory can be detained using the power created by the momentum provoked by the propriety rotating system. A system can be launched in to earth orbit by itself , including living space quarters, artificial gravity chamber ,communications control chamber, equipment chamber, fitted with weapons grade laser beams Able to go out in to deep or local space, for certain amount of time, and come back when maintenance is required. Figure 26

Figure 26


LM Earth/Space Automobile A system can launch in to Earth orbit by itself , space to house equipment chamber, laser beam. Able to go out in to deed space, for any amount of time, and can come back when it needs to, able to take 3 or 4 passenger to a space station or anywhere in space/time for that matter, automatically by GPS. Figure 27

Figure 27



To meet the objectives of Space Exploration and effectiveness of a program , developing new technologies that will enable to conduct future human exploration missions, while reducing mission risk and cost,to address unprecedented challenges that threaten the health and welfare of all people, as well as the planet on which we live. Our reliable service concept of satellite, able to offer all the tools needed to develop, design, host and market their business. World wide communications providers is one of the most important element for our society. The technology innovations are providing the solutions to the current issues of high cost, high power dissipation, size, weight and system complexity. Our goal is to cause a paradigm shift in transportation and energy production and to propel humanity into the future. So that we can take our rightful place among the stars as it is destined to be not 1000500 or 100 years from now But within a generations time. This can be achieved with the MEI System and Lugares Machine now!!! Progress as we think of it is largely due to inventions. Every new method, machine, device or system invented adds to our collective wealth of knowledge. Inventions are the result of human beings striving to improve their quality of life. Each invention is a building block to achieve greater knowledge of our world and solve difficulties in our day-today lives. From primitive tools to modern day computers, each invention has changed our social structure and way of life. Inventions have stimulated our minds and have given us comfort and convenience. Every invention is a contribution tour society and its progress. With this system can be used as a powerful, ultra-efficient method to increase circular motion, when connecting motor to increase rotations, all motor can ben using sun energy to rotate even though, are in high rotational velocity, and the result of this is acceleration, usefully to travel distances unimaginable in short period of time. with not effect of weightlessness and no near as dangerous to operate.




Centrifugal Force Calculation Centrifugal force can be calculated by the using the following centrifugal force equation as a formula:Fcf = +mv2 / r = +mrw2 where: Fcf = centrifugal force m = mass of the object that is in rotation v = linear velocity of the rotating object r = radius of the curvature w = angular velocity of the moving object Fc = mv2/r, where Fc = centrifugal force, m = mass, v = speed, and r = radius.

There are many people who helped to make this this possible. ...... Some of these people are Dr. David L. Goodstein, PH.D., is Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Caltech .Dr. Marc Rayman, of NASAs New Millennium Program Deep Space 1. Stephen Pacheco,Senior Advisor Carlos Joel Ayala, Juan Ayala, Giulliano Martinez.

A pound of mass heavy on the floor is one pound heavy a Kilometer altitude. But a pound of mass at the height of a kilometer. tends to be stored power, if you let fall the power when it comes to the floor will be more than the power that it contains a pound on the floor. Force is equal to mass times acceleration.the force like the acceleration are vectors, better said, they have determined directions. Remember, the acceleration is not the position of something, neither is it the fastness with which something changes its position, acceleration is the fastness with which something fast varies.

* *


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_acceleration http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitation


This way the acceleration is a derivative of the derivative, and the simple equation of Newton, Force = m x a , is a vector equation over the derivative of a derivative. When a body or a mass falls, gravity exerts a force , force in a downward direction, of course, and the result is the acceleration. Here it`s, Force = m x a force and acceleration in the same direction. Now in the case of the fall of a body, what is known as acceleration? Is constant for one thing and for another, it is the same for all bodies that fall and we call it G, better said never change or increase the amount of force. Let imagine the G force as the electromagnetism force, this case the electromagnetism force are also constant, and a circular direction. So this way also the acceleration is a derivative of the derivative in circular direction. also never change or increase the amount of force. The MEI system is an technological system that achieve work with same amount of force throughout a time , work with the same amount of energy and produce an acceleration in circular rotation. A small work is the force between a short distance, but in all this is accumulated. in other words, in the language of calculus it is integrated. If a work is carried out without an existing opposite force the work will continue being the integrated force among the distance, but now the result of the work is that the block will accelerate, In other words will gain velocity. What happens if we consider the interval in terms of velocity? In terms of velocity the work is the change in the quantity, a half of Mass times velocity squared. This is a new type of energy, the energy of movement, Kinetic Energy. and if all is integrate With it, the center of mass can be change in every singular rotation on different occasions every time when it `s require and the total distance moved of the a spacecraft in every rotation is equal to the total sums of change of center of mass.

MEI System showed that very small amounts of mass can be converted into a very large amount of energy. The equations of motion in a non-inertial system differ from the equations in an inertial system by additional terms called inertial forces. This allows us to detect experimentally the non-inertial nature of a system. Bodies in non-inertial reference frames are subject to so-called fictitious forces (pseudoforces); that is, forces that result from the acceleration of the reference frame itself and not from any physical force acting on the body. Examples of fictitious forces are the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force in rotating reference frames.

Using one amount of energy to stared a system in rotation, can be rotating any period of time and also to a very high rotational speed, it can be used to transport it self from point A to point B and for it does no`t require extra source of energy to do it. The centrifugal forces provoke the propulsion needed. All amount of mass of it system in rotation can be moved from point A to point B , because putting the centrifugal forces to take some amount of the mass that is in rotation, to



change from position one with direction outward of center of mass to another specifically position two, the result is, the remaining of the mass also changed in direction require. Now imagine a round body rotating 1000 rpm (rotations per minutes) ,the centrifugal forces can interact in difference 5 specifically point when it`s require, to give a name to this point, piston 1,piston 2,piston 3,piston 4,piston 5. Figure 28

rotating system

2 3 4

piston 3

5 piston rotating system balanced

Figure 28 The result changing from point A to B depend of what piston and when one of a pistons moved in direction require, per example centrifugal force moved the piston 3 in one direction, every single rotation, as you can see in figure 29 suppose that the distance travel is = 1 inch, if the system rotate 1000 rotations per minutes than, the result will be 1000 inches per minutes, that the spacecraft traveled. integrating remaining pistons increase distance travelled in same time, and also increasing acceleration between point A and point B, it acceleration can be optional to requirement.



Figure 29

Two different advantages of accelerations , 1 acceleration in circular motion and 2 acceleration in lineal motion,and the consume of energy always remain constant.


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rotating system

1000 rpm

1 5 4

piston 3
3 Fcf = +mv2 / r = +mrw2

5 piston rotating system unbalanced

Figure 30