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I am calm and strong! I face up to things courageously. I stay calm. I was conceived to accomplish, built for success, and gifted with the seeds of greatness. I will do things that will make me live longer... live better. I will act immediately. I act constructively. I do what my conscience dictates. I flow with my energy - all the time. I act in a positive way. I cease all actions which work against me. Then the right actions are revealed to me. I dont want to remain passive in the face of life any longer, nor allow myself to be carried along by circumstances. I want to act. I want to attain my goals. I now know that to overcome fear I have to act without hesitation and my doubts will disappear. I now know that action transforms

fear into serenity. I will live this day as if it were my last. Action is the spark that gives life to my dreams, my plans, my goals, and transforms them into reality. I am capable of action. I am in the process of changing my life through my actions. This is a choice that belongs to me. I am completely ready. I simplify my life. I get rid of disorder and actions which are not fruitful. I continue asking myself questions, at least once a week: I am happy to encounter a certain form of opposition. It offers me an opportunity to test my strength and my ideas. Adversity always contains the seed of a new opportunity. I can do it, if I believe I can! Once I start playing a game I always do my best to hit the ball back and defeat my opponent. My subconscious becomes a more and more important part of myself... I can ask it questions... it answers... it advises me and guides me. I adapt to the ups and downs of life by maintaining my sense of humor. I keep the child alive and awake within me. The spirit in me is my shield. The spirit in me is my saviour. I

have nothing to fear - the power of the spirit protects me. I have the right to be open with other people. I always take other peoples feelings into consideration. I am aware of their feelings, sensitive to their attitudes and opinions. I know how to listen. I show a sincere interest in the convictions, thoughts and ideas of others. And since my interest is sincere, other people recognize that and start counting on me. I am full of ambition, and there is nothing wrong with that. I want to succeed in my work, as well as in my personal development. I master my emotions. I never get angry for no reason, nor do I react violently to any situation whatsoever. I am very careful not to get angry. I have a good character, I demonstrate patience, and I always think before I act. I avoid complaining. I am completely calm... completely calm... A marvelous feeling of peace and harmony spreads through my body... I am happy... my circulation is regular and my digestion is perfect. I am learning to interpret my anxiety as a state of excitement instead of nervousness. I feel less tense and anxious. I am in the process of becoming a much more self confident person.

Everything is fine. I dont allow anyone to influence me. I have the courage to ASK. Im getting stronger day by day. I assimilate information more and more rapidly and precisely, and my willpower is getting stronger. The universe is always there to help me. My time and energy are precious. I choose to surround myself with positive associates who are focused on possibilities, learning, improving and taking responsibility for results. I guard my mental life against negative influences. I feel strong and calm no matter what happens. I am happy, self assured and strong. I am confident. I Can, I Want, I Dare, I Act. I am always available for people whom I consider important, and for things which I consider important. I take care of my physical balance, since it plays such an important role in my ability to work well, and remain emotionally stable. I am a balanced person.

My body is balanced, in perfect harmony with the universe. I am always deeply relaxed and balanced. I am a strong, affectionate and creative being. I count my blessings. I thank God for the gift of life. I feel calm and in control of myself under all circumstances. stay calm, no matter what happens! I am cool, calm and collected. I am eager to face new challenges! I have the courage and strength to make the changes that need to be made. I create my own future circumstances. I change myself today, and tomorrows circumstances will be as I wish them to be. I honor my commitments. I always communicate clearly and effectively. I speak with ease, anywhere and to anyone. Theres no mystery about communicating. I know how to listen,and I always listen with a clear and receptive mind. I have confidence in my competence. I am competent.

I am strong and competent. I want to develop my skills to their highest level, and acquire superior competence and ability in my fields of expertise. My confidence is growing, and as my confidence grows so does my competence. Im in control of my thoughts and my imagination. I develop and improve my powers of concentration. I can control my thoughts. I have a powerful ability to concentrate. I am calm. I feel good. I feel very good. Nothing can disturb my mind. I think about my conflict situations. I try to find solutions. But I also now live joyously, as if my problems were already resolved. I live with this confidence, which never leaves me. If Im in conflict with someone, I imagine that I am both myself and that other person. If I have to deal with a delicate or a conflict situation I make sure to create a positive atmosphere of respect for the persons opposing me at the moment. I give myself the consideration and respect I deserve. I feel courageous, full of energy and enthusiasm. My aim is to understand an idea with maximum clarity. I am becoming more and more creative every day.

I feel more and more inspired every day. I feel more creative in dealing with life situations, full of new and original ideas. I am wise. I am intelligent and creative. I accept that a positive mental attitude is an important part of creating my reality. I do what is necessary to make each day a creative day. My Real Me can understand and resolve each crisis. I do my best. Then I open my old umbrella and walk tranquilly through the storm of criticism, which no longer gets under my skin. I laugh at critics... at bad reviews... which cannot disturb my erenity... nor destroy my confidence. I never forget that unjust criticism is often a compliment in disguise. I tell myself that criticism is often just a form of jealousy. In case of danger I dont panic... I summon all my energy. I create a hierarchy of my priorities in order to develop clear criteria upon which to base my decisions. I will not allow anyone to influence my decisions... to make me do what I dont want to do. I have the courage and strength to defend myself. I am regaining confidence in myself. I am learning to organize, to delegate a portion of my powers, to direct and to survey.

I can create my life with my thoughts. I am responsible for everything that happens to me. Change my thoughts, and I change my life. I am the Master of my Destiny, I am the Captain of my Soul. I want to do the right thing at the right time, despite any obstacles or warnings which may try to prevent me. When a difficulty arises I dont ask, Whos to blame? Instead I ask, Whats to be done? I always stay calm when Im driving. All my tension and nervousness disappears. I think before I react. I will do todays duty today. I never spend my money stupidly. I know the value of wise spending. All my financial decisions are based on the principles of economy and moderation. I understand the difference between punishment, discipline and teaching, and I always try to consider these elements from their proper perspective. Every day I am improving, Im improving more and more in all ways. I use my time well. I do everything I have to do quickly and assionately. I do my best.

I always do my best according to my awareness at the moment. I am an organized and efficient person. I am mastering the art of doing more in less time. Im doing my job better. My performance is improving. Today I will be the master of my emotions. I dominate my emotions. I am able to control my emotions. When a problem arises I avoid becoming emotional. I Stay Calm. The power of self awareness allows me to reject negative emotions whenever they try to influence me. I destroy unhealthy thoughts and harmful emotions as soon as I start becoming aware of them. I am able to control my emotions perfectly in all situations. I am gaining complete mastery of my reactions. I am more and more positive and fulfilled in all situations. I am going to keep my negative emotions under control. I will destroy the negative images my enemies have tried to inject into my mind, and replace them with joyful images that encourage me and increase my energy. I do not waste my emotional energy.

My mind is clear, alert and ready to meet any challenge. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I have the right to develop, to learn and to evolve. I will pass my exam. I am going to pass the exam. I am calm and my mind is clear. I have to exercise every day so that I wont get sick... and stay in top shape. By exercising every day... never missing a single day... even if only for a few minutes if Im pressed for time... I will live at least ten healthy years longer. Every time I exercise I have a better opinion of myself. Im really proud of the extraordinary work Im accomplishing. I set objectives for myself and then I achieve them. Im on a regular exercise program, I eat healthy food and I get enough sleep. I spend a part of each day staying in shape. I have faith, faith in my ideas, in my destiny, and faith in God. I am free of all fear, I am firm in my faith. I accept my weaknesses and my faults so that I feel all right even when I fail.

I confront my fears with a positive state of mind and positive behavior. I do what frightens me. Every day I overcome my fears, worries and any other destructive thoughts. I confront my fears and I accept them. I smile and my fears evaporate. I am strong. I am powerful. I have confidence in myself. I know how to say No without being aggressive or timid. Every night I forgive all my enemies for everything. I create close links of friendship around me, in which the principle attractions are not problems or needs, but values and goals. I remind myself that frustration is a waste of time. This is a great opportunity. I am constructive and positive, and I am starting to work on my future. I never play. NEVER. I am strong. I am courageous. I pursue my choices with focus and confidence. My prayers are powerful, and I know they will help me attain my

goal. Every morning I try to wake up in a good mood, ready for action! I have the right not to feel responsible for other peoples feelings. Today is the best day ever. I have the power to heal myself. I will always live with a positive frame of mind, and that will keep my body healthy. Day by day my health is improving. I will keep my body and mind clean because I want to live longer and stay young. I am going to develop habits that are conducive to making me think and feel better. I am going to cultivate healthy living habits. I have a positive influence on other people. I am wise. I am intelligent and creative. I accept that a positive mental attitude is an important part of creating my reality.