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To, The Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court of Pakistan, Constitution Avenue Islamabad.

Sub: National Interest Petition against the treacherous role of South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) and its associates, members and supporters for waging a sinister war against the sacred State and the ideology of Pakistan.

Honorable Chief Justice sahib, I, as a concerned Muslim citizen of Pakistan, would urgently draw your attention towards the treacherous, criminal and seditious role of a media group SAFMA against the State of Pakistan and its sacred Islamic ideology on behalf of our arch enemies especially the Indian Zionist Hindus. Under the faade of free media and freedom of expression, the SAFMA and its allied traitors in media and legal community are demolishing the very foundations of the sacred Islamic republic of Pakistan, acting as the fifth column for the enemy in these times of war and crisis for the country. SAFMA is waging a war against the State and ideology of Pakistan and we would urge the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take most strict action against this gang of media terrorists. SAFMA is a traitor organization which has exploited the moment to wage an information and media war against the Islamic republic of Pakistan. According to the national laws, constitution and the Pemra rules, SAFMA and its members should be tried for treason against the state, for attacking and violating the Islamic character of the nation and for extending the agenda of a hostile state against Pakistans national security interests and armed forces and must be banned from operating in Pakistan under any new name, either in individual capacity or as an organization. Severe punishment should be awarded to the SAFMA and its members for acting as fifth columns against the Islamic republic of Pakistan in these times of war and unrest. 1. Pakistan is ideological Islamic state created on the basis of two nation theory to be made a homeland for Muslims to live their lives on Quran and Sunnah. Five millions Muslims sacrificed their lives and over 10 million left their homes to migrate to Pakistan to create this sacred Islamic state for Muslims. Quaid e Azam wished Pakistan to be an Islamic state and Allama Iqbal is the visionary philosopher and the spiritual mentor of Quaid to envision this sacred land for Islam and Muslims.

2. Our elders passed the Objectives resolution to set the ideological bearings of this state and to make the future constitution and laws according to the Quran and Sunnah. Objectives resolution is now part of our Constitution. There are Islamic provisions in our Constitution which make it clear that no law in Pakistan can be made in violation to the Quran and Sunnah. Articles 62,63 give clear directions for appointments of members of parliament and rulers and all non practicing Muslims cannot even enter the parliament or state offices. 3. It is against Pakistans Constitution and a crime in Criminal procedure code as well as in Pemra laws to attack and humiliate the Islamic ideology of Pakistan. Attacking the two nation theory, Objectives resolution and Islamic character of the state and attacking and humiliating the armed forces of Pakistan is an offence severely punishable by law. 4. Our enemies, especially India, have always been waging a war against the state of Pakistan. In 1971, they attacked East Pakistan, supported insurgencies, spread lies and disinformation and worked hard to dilute the two nation theory by promoting provincial hatred resulting in breakup of Pakistan. Indira Gandhi took pride not in the military victory but in the fact that they have defeated the Ideological Piller of Pakistan, the two nation theory. She said in her victory celebrations that today, the Indians have drowned the two nation theory into the Bay of Bengal. Our enemies know that if the ideology of Pakistan is destroyed, the entire state of Pakistan will then automatically cease to exist. Hence, the ideology, Islamic character and Islamic clauses of the constitution of Pakistan are always most vehemently attacked by the Indians and their paid agents. 5. Today, Pakistan is passing through the most critical phase of his history after the 1971 crisis. The country is already in a state of war and Pak army and the people have already given over 100,000 people shaheed and wounded in this imposed war. The American presence in Afghanistan has allowed the Indians to support multiple insurgencies and wars in Pakistani tribal areas, Baluchistan and in urban areas. Pakistan army and government are on record saying that these insurgencies are getting covert and clandestine support from foreign powers and India. US government is preparing grounds for an intervention in Baluchistan and great national security threats like Memo scandal have come to surface which has created a grave and unprecedented clash within the state organs weakening the state tremendously. Pakistan is being softened up for an invasion under US led Af-Pak and Indian led Cold Start military doctrine and a 4th generation war is already upon Pakistan where urban gangs, economic collapse and insurgencies are tearing the very fabric of the state and the nation.

6. In these most critical and dangerous critical times of national crisis and war, SAFMA is acting as the fifth column of the enemies within Pakistan media. SAFMA are ideological terrorists whose responsibility is to attack and destroy the Islamic ideology and Islamic clauses of the Objectives resolution and Constitution on behalf of the Indian intelligence and establishment and to Hinduize Pakistani society under its soft war through media and information warfare. SAFMA are the traitors, and hostile media assets within the Pakistani media responsible for

destroying Pakistan from within through massive information warfare against the ideology and the state security apparatus even the attacking the army and the ISI. 7. SAFMA is also responsible for promoting the political, diplomatic and security agenda of Indian government in Pakistan particularly. The stance of SAFMA on all security issues promote and extend the agenda of Indian government. Kashmir, Baluchistan, Terrorism, Pakistan army and ISI and secularism just to name a few where SAFMAs stance severely damages Pakistan, Pakistan army and the national security apparatus and interests. 8. None of the actions of SAFMA have ever created a crisis for the Indian government, RAW or the Indian army. All those incidents and events where Muslims are being suppressed or Indian state or Hindu extremists are involved in terrorism in Pakistan, SAFMA remains silent or takes the side of the Indian government. Kashmir, TTP and BLA violence, Samjhota express, Mumbai attacks to name a few. 9. Many most senior and patriotic analysts of Pakistan have raised serious objections over the objectives and agenda of SAFMA in Pakistan, also exposing their sinister agenda against the state and ideology of Pakistan. Pakistans national security apparatus also treat SAFMA as hostile enemy entity.

I, as a concerned citizen of Pakistan, would strongly urge the honorable Chief Justice to take immediate and urgent notice of this seditious role of SAFMA and its managers and deal with them according to the law and Constitution.

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