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Electric Drives and Controls


Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies



World-class automation with linear motion and assembly technologies from Bosch Rexroth
Reliability and Performance for Increased Productivity


A single, trusted source for all your linear motion and assembly needs
Diverse industry know-how. ISO-certified quality. Application engineering excellence. Fast shipping. Full-time support, worldwide. Not to mention a full line of best-in-class products to help you increase productivity, improve quality, cut costs, and increase profits. What you need, when you need it. That's Bosch Rexroth.

Linear motion systems and components

Aluminum framing and guarding

Ergonomic workstations

Modular assembly and chain conveyors

Fitting the workplace to the worker is a Rexroth specialty.

World-class service means experts on site when you need them.

Ready today for the innovation of tomorrow

Todays high-pressure manufacturing environment demands flexibility and reliability. But most of all, it requires that things happen fast that your manufacturing and assembly systems install or adapt quickly so your products get to market on time. That everything from manual workstations to fully automated machinery be flexible enough to move, merge, or expand, and to handle the markets need for constant innovation. Faced with these shrinking time-tomarket windows and hundreds of technology choices, manufacturing and design engineers need as much help as they can get to shorten both the planning and implementation cycles. They need a comprehensive, integrated approach to manufacturing and design across linear motion and assembly technologies. Were here to help save you time and money and get the most out of your manufacturing system.

World-class automation requires a world-class partner

Bosch Rexroths Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies group is the industrys only resource designed specifically to address manufacturing processes, from simple ergonomic workstations to complex Cartesian robotic cells with integrated conveyors. If you need to get more out of your manufacturing system, more speed, more flexibility, or more efficiency, you want to talk to someone with years of experience helping companies do just that.
Faster payback and backwards compatibility

you require until you actually need it. Plus, all our new products and systems are backwards compatible so your investment is never wasted. And our world-class service organization makes sure you have the product or the assistance you need, when you need it. That may mean you want cut-to-length linear motion components, with next-day shipping. Or the convenience of ordering aluminum framing online, complete with local support. Or an expert at your site to help you determine your best alternatives. No matter what you need, or where you need it, we can help. Linear motion and assembly products are not simply structures, frames, bearings, or ways to convey or move things. They are integral parts of a manufacturing environment that need to be designed with engineering goals and business objectives firmly in mind. Only one company has such a global, integrated view of manufacturing processes. And that company is Bosch Rexroth.

All our products are designed to be modular and easy to expand. Our use of high-strength t-slotted aluminum, as the core structural element in all our assembly products for instance, lets you easily replace fixed, welded-steel structures that are difficult and costly to move or change. Start small and add capabilities as you need to theres no reason to buy more than


The technology to solve difficult manufacturing problems, even in the most demanding environments
Bosch Rexroth provides you with the right solutions for your manufacturing needs from the cleanroom to the factory floor.

A market leader in enhancing manufacturing productivity

In todays fast-changing manufacturing environment, you need a partner who understands your industry as well as you do. One who can help you stay competitive with assembly technology and linear motion solutions designed to meet your needs. We not only offer the best-in-class products, components, and devices that you need, but also the engineering expertise to help you design a system that improves machine productivity, performance, precision, and reliability no matter the industry or application. Our engineers carefully consider your industrys requirements in each design, whether theyre load, orientation, and speed, or travel, precision, and environmental sensitivities. Because of our extensive ergonomics and timeand-motion research, our engineers apply their machine knowledge to help you create the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your industry, every time.
Creating cost-effective solutions for traditional and specialty markets.

Appliances, automotive, semiconductor, medicalwe help you manufacture faster and better

We know that youre always under pressure to produce a better, more reliable product and do it more quickly. You have to change production to meet the consumers needs and rapidly changing market demands. All that, while reducing costs.

From the smallest automotive subassemblies, like fuel injectors and relays, to the heaviest drive trains and transmissions, weve helped the automotive industry produce safe, high-quality products, improve reliability, increase throughput, and reduce cost. When it comes to appliances, weve moved and assembled everything from microwaves and vacuum cleaners to commercial freezers and refrigerators. And, for the varied control needs of the machine tool

Cupholder assembliesone of many automotive applications.

Profiled rail products bring precision to the printing industry, even with the heaviest load.

Cleanroom-certified linear motion systems bring fast performance to contaminant-sensitive environments.

market, our profiled rail product and ball screws provide precision feed motion and exact positioning when loading workpieces, resulting in smoother machine operation, ease of use, and reduced maintenance costs.
Highly specialized products for contaminant-sensitive applications

Clean, safe, and secure. Even when its as important as a persons health, we are ready to meet unique production challenges and the

strict government and international standards that medical and semiconductor assembly often require. Our linear motion components and modules, aluminum framing, and conveyors are designed for contaminant control and gentle handling of your sensitive products. Only Bosch Rexroth lets you tap into the varied and global engineering reach of Robert Bosch GmbH for tested and certified manufacturing products for cleanrooms. And we dont skimp

on the details. Even our miniature Ball Rail products feature ball retention rare in these sizes to bring the ultimate in linear motion performance to the smallest applications. From traditional to specialty markets, we have the knowledge, experience, and best-in-class products to keep you moving faster and better than your competitors.


Maximum machine performance for cutting-edge applications, with best-in-class products

We can help streamline processes in your factory with our broad range of linear motion and assembly technologies for the most effective system possible.

Cleanroom Solutions Improve productivity in contaminantsensitive environments, too. Cleanroom tested and certified CKK and PSK linear modules and aluminum framing add flexibility to cleanrooms. A complete line of miniature linear motion components provides new options in small applications. Perfect for medical, optical, laboratories, and electronics.

When you need to increase productivity, cut costs, or adapt quickly to change, choose Bosch Rexroth. Our products work together from Cartesian robotics and conveyor systems to linear motion components, aluminum framing, and lean manufacturing cellsto optimize your manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our engineers have worked with, and in, your industry for years, and know your productivity challenges as well as you do. More importantly, these engineers can help you deploy the broadest range of linear motion and assembly technologies for the most effective system possible.

Linear Motion Components Add precision motion to any machine with Ball Rail and Roller Rail components, ball screws, bushings, and shafts. Innovative designs mean high load capacities, quiet performance, and longer service life.

Linear Modules Heavy payloads, long travel lengths, fast pick-and-place? Our linear modules can handle virtually any task and feature Ball Rail or cam roller linear guides, precision ball screw or timing belt drives, and patented sealing strips. Build complex, multi-axis Cartesian systems or simple X-Y tables for semiconductor, medical, packaging, or assembly applications.

Aluminum Framing Why weld? With a wide array of high-strength, t-slotted aluminum extrusions and the industrys largest collection of connectors and accessories, Bosch Rexroth carries the framing solution you need to build custom machine bases, parts trolleys, workstations, and guardingwithout the effort and expense of welding. Buy it online at www.boschrexroth-us.com/framingshop.

TS-Series Conveyors The world standard in flexible assembly conveyors. Preengineered modules optimize your layout to your needs: Mix manual and automatic operations, make multiple products on a single line, add and subtract cells as your processes change. Bosch Rexroth offers more options for routing, lifting, stopping, and transferring products small or large; thats why more companies use TS-series conveyors than any other.

VarioFlow Modular Conveyor Systems VarioFlow systems feature an exceptionally stable chain, offering greater flexibility with heavier loads, longer conveyors, and more accumulation while using fewer drives. Ideal for packaging, handling, and parts feeding, VarioFlow can be combined with existing Rexroth palletized assembly systems for a more complete assembly solution.

Ergonomic Workstations Our easily-customized workstations bring you the benefits of years of ergonomics research. Available in standard and electrically height-adjustable versions with dozens of accessories: parts bins, information boards, tool balancers, monitor arms, and adjustable footrests are just a few. And since theyre built from our t-slotted aluminum, you can expand, change, or upgrade at any time.


VarioFlow and TS-Series conveyors for assembly, packaging, and material handling
Increase productivity with our broad range of power-and-free and modular chain conveyors proven technology from the industry leader.

Our latest innovation the VarioFlow modular conveyor system.

The right conveyor, fast

Thousands of Rexroth modular and chain conveyors are used every day to carry everything from bottles and boxes to microelectronics and sensitive medical componentsto large appliances and automobile transmissions. In fact, more products are moved worldwide on Rexroth conveyors than on any other brand. Why? In todays ever-changing economic environment, smart companies are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity

and product quality while allowing for maximum flexibility. Theyre looking for conveyors that can change as their processes change or can be completely reconfigured for new applications. Theyre looking for products that are delivered fast, install fast, and return their investment fastand keep paying them back for years to come. And theyve decided on Rexroths broad line of modular conveyors, which offer not only a wider payload range, but also more standard options for routing, handling, lifting, stopping, and postioning your products than any other brand.

More flexibility with VarioFlow

The latest modular conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth, VarioFlow brings new flexibility to packaging, optical processing, automotive, and machine tool applications. VarioFlows Adaptive Modularity lets the system adapt to a wide variety of packaging or manufacturing environments, and change easily as your needs change. Additionally, our patented UltraCurve technology and industry-leading chain design provide smooth, package-

Automatic vacuum cleaner test stand on our TSplus conveyor.

protecting cornering; and the resulting low-friction operation means fewer drives, less maintenance, and longer service lifeall helping to minimize total cost of ownership.
Expand. Reconfigure. Get the most out of your floor space with the worlds leading transfer systems

Complete support: before, during, and after installation

Rexroths TS-Series of conveyors are the cost-saving, workpiecepallet-based, non-synchronous assembly conveyors, which use power-and-free technology to carry pallets on twin strands of belt, flattop chain, or roller chain. The open center design gives you access to the workpiece from all sides and allows easy mixing of manual and automatic operations on the same line. Twenty-six different pallet sizes and an extensive range of modules for stopping, positioning, and transferring workpieces provide maximum layout flexibility for optimum workflow and space utilization. TS1, TSplus, and TS4plus conveyors permit the construction of cycleindependent stations or loops to accommodate fluctuating production quantities and to balance cycle times between workstations. This same flexibility lets companies assemble multiple product models on a single conveyor system.

We partner with the worlds leading system integrators to provide you with total support right in your facility from complete project management and engineering, to installation and debugging. Or if you have your own in-house experts, let our applications engineers be your design partners. Theyll work with you to review your requirements carefully cycle time, payload, floor space, process flow and devise the best conveyor layout to meet them. No matter the application, industry, or the complexity of your work process, we have the conveyor products you need to exceed your customers expectations again and again.

Flexible routing allows assembly of multiple product models on a single conveyor system.

The TS family can accommodate anything from small space requirements to payloads of up to 550 pounds (250 kg). TS4plus Pallet sizes: 443 x 443 mm to 1243 x 1243 mm TSplus Pallet sizes: 160 x 160 mm to 1040 x 1040 mm TS1 Pallet sizes: 80 x 80 mm to 160 x 160 mm


Linear Components/Modules

Thoughtful details yield better performance, from the broadest range of linear components
The finest components for precision in motionfor high-speed, precise transport and positioning.

Ball Rail and Roller Rail: making light work of any load

Suited for almost any task that demands accurate linear motion, Ball Rail and Roller Rail systems, available in a broad range of accuracy classes, feature high load capacities and high rigidity. Our new eLINE Ball Rail System leads the industry in combining performance and value for light automation. So whether youre moving small components or multi-ton assemblies, youll find the profiled rail products you need for accurate, dependable movement. Our rail products are designed with time-saving detailssuch as a unique one-piece RailSeal cover strip, an integrated measuring system for continuous and precise measuring of movement and location, interchangeable runner blocks to minimize inventory, and ball chain technology to reduce noise and enhance smoothness.
Rexroth ball screws provide best-in-class performance even in harsh environments.

Our standard Ball Rails are prelubricated to travel up to 10 million meters before relubrication and feature optional ball chains for the quietest, smoothest operation available.
Precision ball screw assemblies: up to twice the speed, with no loss of precision

Precision ball screw assemblies work with high accuracy and speedup to twice as fast as industry-standard screws: our 150,000 Dn rating is twice the industry norm. Youll find a wide range of precision screws in the accuracy class you need, with preloaded or adjustable single nuts as well as double nuts. They are available for fast delivery: typically half the industry norm. For harsh application environments, like wood- or metalworking, you get best-in-class sealing to ensure long-term reliability and productivity.
Linear bushings and shafts: over 1000 variations

High-speed, high-precision, affordable, cleanroom certified the right linear components for your application.

With the widest range of linear motion components available from one supplier, Bosch Rexroth offers superior performance, better life-cycle value, and greater reliability in meeting application needsfrom the high precision of semiconductor fabrication to the heavy loads of automotive assembly. Whether you need speed, precision, or capacity, or all three, well help you select and configure the best solution.

Bosch Rexroth pioneered metric linear bushings and shafts and is still the global leader. Today, we offer over 1000 inch and metric designs and variations to meet all demands and operating parameters.


High-performance modules begin with the finest components

Precision motion from the widest range of modules and the engineering expertise you need.

Engineering is the art of managing tradeoffs. Compare our linear modules with competitors. We give you fewer tradeoffs and more performance: higher speeds, higher capacities, and higher precision and we lead the industry in achieving more performance in every category of linear actuator.
Linear Modules (MKR, MLR, MKK): workhorse of industries

Precision Modules (PSK): small, precise, fast

Rexroth linear modules get the job done faster, better, and for less.

Inside our linear modules and systems are the same best-in-class components machine designers depend on daily for speed, precision, and reliability. This means that for pick-and-place, parts transport, or parts positioning, our modules can do it better, faster, and for less. From semiconductor fabrication to automotive assembly to packaging, well help you add flexibility and performance to optimize your application.

The modules that started it all nearly 20 years ago, the Linear Module family goes the distance in performance and durability with a Ball Rail guide system for long lengths and high load capacities. The linear modules line includes the belt-driven MKR and MLR Modules and, for additional accuracy, the ball screw-driven MKK Module.
Compact Modules (CKR, CKK): compact and capable

PSK Precision Modules combine small size with advanced technologies to achieve high accuracies and increased throughput. For cleanroom and contamination-sensitive applications in semiconductor and life science industries, the modules are available with cleanroom Class 10 certification. With a machined steel frame, the Precision Modules are ideal for applications requiring high stiffness and low deflection.

Compact Modules are an ideal solution for applications with heavy moment loads. Rather than adding a separate outboard guide to carry a heavy moment load, Compact Modules use two internal Ball Rail systems and either a belt (CKR) or ball screw (CKK) drive. These modules offer unmatched combinations of speed, precision, and load capacityanother way we eliminate tradeoffs so you can do more.

CKR and CKK Compact Modules accelerate multi-point welding applications.


Linear Components/Framing

Cost-saving performance for standard- and heavy-duty applications

From TKK Ball Rail Tables for heavy loads to pre-engineered Cartesian Motion Systems, we bring precision to motion.

and dual Ball Rail system with four long runner blocks per carriage, TKK Systems are heavy-duty units offering exceptional precision.
Cartesian motion made easy

Our Cartesian Motion System (CMS) offers 17 different configurations with a variety of sizes and orientations to make it fast and easy to create high-performance multi-axis Cartesian systems. The CMS combines Compact Modules with mounting brackets, servo motors, drives, cables, cable management, and other necessary components to form a complete, ready-to-install system with a variety of communication interfaces. The system is pre-parameterized, so it is ready to plug and play into

Rexroth linear modules bring high performance to Cartesian robot cells.

your application, resulting in considerable reductions in installation and debugging times. Selecting a prebuilt CMS can significantly simplify the task of achieving a multi-axis solution, slashing the time required to design, spec, buy, assemble, and test a Cartesian system. This results in cost savings of up to 87% over custom-built systems.

The CMS offers configured, ready-to-install, multi-axis performance.

Ball Rail Tables (TKK): heavy duty for heavy loads

For extremely demanding applications such as those in the automotive industry, TKK Ball Rail Tables handle loads up to 132,500 N. Using a ball screw drive

Rexroth linear actuators cover the widest range of application needs, giving superb combinations of speed, travel distance, and load capacity.

Rexroth handles big and small with our TKK Ball Rail Tables and PSK Precision Modules.


Everything to Build Anything: high-performance aluminum framing

Forget the hassles and inflexibility of steelthe welding, grinding, and waiting. Rexroth aluminum framing gives you fast assembly, easy reconfiguration, and unlimited flexibility. Bolt together extrusions, connectors, and accessories into whatever configuration you need. Reconfigure a simple workstation into a mixed-use workstation; then convert that into a lean cell. Rexroth aluminum framing saves time and money with its fast, easy flexibility. Superb fit and finish, the largest selection of cross sections, and hundreds of parts let you build anything from the simplest to the most complex structures.
Online or offthe tools to fast-track success

files in every common format. We also provide MGEsoft AutoCADbased software to create 3D views,

generate parts lists, calculate loads, and even order online at boschrexroth-us.com/framingshop. Delivery will be automatically routed through a local distributor. Whether you need bulk, a kit, or a fully assembled structure, our framing will be delivered fast. The Rexroth Framing Application Support Team (FAST), stocking dealers throughout the U.S., puts full-time product expertise and complete inventories in your backyard.

Our latest innovation is the industry-first wall and ceiling system: the easiest way to create partitions, training rooms, offices, or any enclosed workspace in your factory.

Designing and configuring a framing system is easy with comprehensive 2D and 3D CAD

Complex guarding and machine frames bolt together quickly and look great.

With the widest range of cross sectionsavailable in both metric and inch dimensionRexroth high-strength aluminum framing meets every application and load requirement. And with a rich assortment of companion hardware and accessories, you have the ability to build anything anywhereand change it into anything else anytime.



Fast, local support from a global company, 24 hours a day

On-call service, 24-hour access via the Web everything you need before, during, and after your installation from the industry experts.

Most manufacturing facilities operate 24 hours a day. Downtime and waiting for service are natural enemies of the fast-paced world of production and assemblyand will ultimately erode your profits. Thats why Bosch Rexroth has a commitment to your productivity that extends well beyond providing you with high-quality, best-in-class products. We want to be sure that you have access to our unsurpassed customer support network anytime, anywhere. From our authorized integrators and FAST Network to our own dedicated team of service technicians, we have the support youll need before you purchase our products until well after theyre working hard in your plant. We provide: On-call services, when you need them Extensive parts inventory

Experienced application engineering 24-hour Web access Comprehensive training at your site or ours Cost-effective preventive maintenance programs Detailed, easy-to-use manuals, in various languages Easy to use, 3D AutoCADcompatible software (available on CD or downloadable) Your challenging manufacturing situations deserve local attention when you need it. Even if you operate in several countries, were there our support network spans the globe and is available wherever you are. Call us today at 1-800-REXROTH.

Detailed, easy-to-use catalogs, manuals, and training materials.

Time-saving design software and online ordering.

On-site support for your challenging manufacturing situations.


Rexroth is the global supplier with comprehensive solutions spanning all relevant technologies for drive, control, and motion.

Electric Drives and Controls

In electric drives and controls, Rexroth offers industry-specific systems for the efficient automation of production processes. With a comprehensive, perfectly matched modular system of highly dynamic drives, open control systems and intelligent software packages, we offer you comprehensive and scalable system solutions. Universally applicable frequency converters, modular bolting and insertion systems, as well as complete system solutions for resistance welding round out the extensive portfolio of products.

Industrial Hydraulics

Rexroth is the technology and market leader in industrial hydraulics with an extensive range of products and in-depth application knowledge. Here, you receive the worlds most extensive range of standard products, application related systems and high-quality custom solutions in hydraulics. Complete systems are planned and handed over in a turnkey condition by globally operating teams. Rexroth is the ideal development partner for you for highly efficient machines and production facilities from the first contact to commissioning and throughout the entire service life of the system.

Mobile Hydraulics

Rexroth develops and produces mobile hydraulic systems for the largest machine manufacturers in the world. You profit from the expertise and experience of the world leader for all drive and control solutions for every aspect of mobile machines. With a portfolio of products containing hydraulic drives and controls, planetary transmission, our own electronics expertise and global mobile service unique to the market, we increase the success of our customers. Rexroth has bundled comprehensive system knowledge into application centers for a wide variety of industries for you.

Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies

Reliable guiding and precise positioningthis is the comprehensive expertise of Rexroth in linear motion and assembly technologies. For example, rail guides, ball screw drives, linear modules and other components act as an interface between stationary and moving machine parts. In addition, we offer aluminum profile systems, complete assembly workstations, and modular conveyor systems for assembly and packaging. All components, modules and systems offer best-in-class performance worldwide.


In pneumatics, Rexroth provides motion with air. With pneumatic, electronic and electro-pneumatic components and systems for the automation of machines and production facilities, we offer a broad range of standard products and application-specific solutions. From food processing to foundries, were involved in all of the industrial sectors, and in addition, we serve the oilfield, mobile/construction and marine markets. As a full-line supplier, with more than just valves and cylinders, we have automation components, FRLs, accessories and more to complete your installation from one source.

Service Automation

Rexroth unites the customer service and training activities of the technology areas Industrial Hydraulics, Electric Drives and Controls, Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies as well as Pneumatics under a single roof. Thus, all services required for the entire product range of industrial and factory automation worldwide are bundled in a single organization. Our globally active teams and experts are there for you in more than 80 countries.

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