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Unit 1:first meet 1.1. dialogue 1: answer the questions

1. does James know Monique -> no, he doesnt 2. what does James say to Monique -> how do you do? 3. what does he reply -> how do you do?

dialogue 2 : listen and decide whether these statements are true (T) or f alse (f)
1. Monique is an importer(f) (she is a translator) 2. Monique is here with the Vinexpo translation service) (T(hi ch trin lm dch thut) 3. she speaks five languages fluently :spanish , Italian , Russian , French and English ( 4. jame is a wine consultant (T)

dialogue 3:
1. why de James want to meet Monique later ? -> because he has a job for her 2. when do they arrange to meet ? -> 7 oclock this evening

1.2, look at these questions and you listen the conversation then underline the correct answers.
1. what does James do when he do to the wine regions ? - he attends sales conferences / interviews people / give presentations 2. how offen does James travel to Italy? - he travels to Italia one a year / twice a year / two or three times a year 3. where does Monique live ? - she lives in London / Paris / Rome.

4. listen to the question . write a

or b

1. do you travel a lots ? A 2. how often do you come here ? B 3. do you speak French ? A 4. how often do you travel to Italy ?B 5. do you work here every year ? A 6. who do you meet here? B 7. where dose she live ? A B 8. dose Jamse speak Italian ?B 9. what dose Robotter do ? A 10. which languages dose Monique speak?

1.5. listen and fill in the missing gaps:

Languages 1. mandarin chinese 2. English 3. Spanish.. 4. Hindi 5. .Arabic.. 6. Portuguese (bo dao nha) 7. Dengani 8. .Russian.. 9. Japanse. 10. .Germani 1.6.listen

spoken as a first language by ..726m ..377m.. 266m .182m. 181m ..165m. .162m. 158m 124m 121m

and fill in the gaps with the figures

1. more than . people speak it as a second or foreign language 2. over .of the information on the internet in english. 3. ..... of the people who use the internet is in English 4. about . .the population of the European Union speaks English. 5. .....of the people in the European Union who dont speak 6. the estimates number of people in the word are learning English at present is over .

1.7. listen to three conversation and stick the phrase you hear
1. excuse me , are you ?A

hello, how are thing? may I introduce myself ? I m.A how do you do? A 2. Nice to meet you againA how are you? A hows like ? hows the family? A 3 let me introduce you to. Id like to introduce you toA Please to meet youA Good to see you again

1.8. listen to the conversation and tick the pharases you hear
1.nice to meet you again

2. I must go nowA 3. it was very nice meeting you A 4. I look forward to seeing you 5. I really enjoy meeting you , tooA 6. have a good trip backA 7. thank you , and the same to you A 8. I hope see you again



EXTRACT 1: listen to the conversation between an interviewer and Jose Manuel and tick (v) the phrases you hear.
Hes from Portugal He speaks English everyday He live and works in Barcelona He play tennis every Saturday He goes on holiday twice a year Most of the meeting are in spain T F T F F T

EXTRACT 2: listen to the conversation between an interviewer and Genevieve and decide whether these statements are True (T) or False (F)
1.she works for TV production company 2.she doesnt speak English in her office 3. she makes a lot of phone calls 4. she doesnt contact people in different countries 5. it is easy for her to understand when Japanese and American T F

speak english

EXTRACT 3: listen to the conversation between an interviewer and Kensule and answer these questions
1. what s his job? -> 2. dose he travel a lot for work ? -> 3. what dose he travel for ? for meeting with manager and salesmen visit our the most 4. how often dose he go Sweden(thuy dien)? -> 5. dose he speak Japanese in the company ? why ? ->

2.2.listen and fill in the gaps with the words or phrases you hear: Extract 1:
I: interviewer JM: jose Manuel A, I : jose Manuel , are any things changing in Unilever, Spain at the moment? Are there any (1) new development ? JM : yes, in fact there s a very (2) big chang. Were changing our (3) distribution system , from the present system of three distribution centers to just on big centre. So right now Im have (4) a lot of meeting with consultants, to find the best system to use in (5) the new center . its a lot of work, and its very important I make the (6) right decision

Extract 2 :

I : interviewer G :Genevieve I : Genevieve , are any changes (7) taking place in your company or your job? G : well, Teleimages is expanding very quickly, so that means Im making (8) new contacts and working with more people in my job. And in France (9) right now the number of TV channels is increasing. My company (10) want to buy a TV channel so were working hard in order to (11) be successful were hoping the new soon that

Extract 3: I ; interviewer

K : Kensule I : Kensule, there are problems in (12) the economy at present. Are companies like Electrolux having problems, too? K : yes, most companies are having proplems , ut the consumer products Division isnt having this problem, in fact sales are (14) going of a little there. But I expect an (15) improvement my division two three years.

Extract 4. listen to the pronunciation of do and does in the sentences. Tick a or b

1.where do they live? 2. doses she speak English 3.yes, she does 4. what time do we arrive? 5.do you often travel abroad? 6. yes, I do A(weak) .. . .. b(strong) .. . .. . .

1.5. listen to her presentation and complete the company data file.
Nationality : Swedish Head office: ..stock holm.. Started : .1921. Worlds fist vacuum cleaner :.1921. First fridge :..1925 Employs:.81971..people Sells it products in : 150.countries Worldwide turnover :..14,552million

1.6. listen to the call and tick (v) the phrases you hear
1. could I speak to Monique Bresson, please? 2.id like to speak to Monique Bresson, please. 3. whos calling, please? 4. its James Turner 5.hold the line , please 6. Im sorry, shes in the meeting 7. Im araid shes busy at the moment 8. can you take a message 9. can I take a message 10. could you ask her to call me

Unit 3 : challenges 3.1.di qu (b) 3.3.listen and tick the sound you hear
/d/ /t/ /id/ 1.arived. 4. rained. 7. watched..

2. started. 5. increased.. 8. received.. 3.worked. 6. expected 9. needed..


.listen and complete information about Polly Vatchers journey

Age : .57. Traveled in :asmall..oneangineaeoplane..(my bay loi nh) Arrived : at birming ham.ariport (chiu dai hnh trnh)Length of jouney : .46670km Number of dy : ..124.. Problems : tropical thunderstorms (bo nhit i) .engine problem(vn vreef my mc) .running out friel(ht nhin liu) 3.5.listen and answer the questions: 1. who does james want to see? 2. what does the receptionist ask him to do?

3.6. listen to their and tick the questions Wayne asks James
1. how did you get there? 2. did you have any proplems finding us ? 3. what was the wether like in London ? 4. how was your flight? 5. did you have a good journey? 6. is this first visit to Califonia?

3.7. lisen to the conversation and decide these statements are true (T) or (F)
1. he came to San Francisco when he was a child F 2. California wines are discovered nearly fifteen years ago.T 3. he is a wine merchant (NH BUN)Name a lawyer.(LUT S)F 4. he worked for his uncle when he finished universityT *************************************het***************