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Pastors Letter...
If there is any encouragement in Christ, any incentive of love, any participation in

March 2012

the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. Philippians 2:1f.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! May the joy of this Easter Season fill you with much hope and peace. May you be encouraged as we witness the good things that are taking place in Tremont Temple! We have much to rejoice about and much to be encouraged about this past church year: Increase in baptisms

Sunday, March 4th **SUNDAY SCHOOL GENERAL ASSEMBLY 9:00am ~ Myers Hall,6th fl SUNDAY MORNING 8:15 am Adult Prayer Friendship House, 7th flr. 9:30 am Sunday Bible Hour Students/Young Adults ~ Quiet Rm., 5th floor Adults 7th floor Men 1st floor Children/Youth 5th floor 11:00 am Morning Worship Converse Hall WEDNESDAY 5:30 pm Fellowship Chipman Hall, 6th floor 6:30 pm Prayer Gathering & Bible Study Chapel Contemporary Worship (Last Weds.) Lorimer Hall (lower level)

Increase in church membership Increase in Bible Study attendance Exceeding our Pledge campaign goal ...A New Spirit of unity ...700 in attendance at Messiah Sing ...Fantastic growth of our Wednesday Evening Prayer Meetings ...Growth of our Student and Young Professional Ministry ...Successful Wednesday Evening Fellowship Dinners ...Major painting of hallways and rundown class rooms ...Growing Womens Ministry, and Health network ...Positive attitude towards TTBC among Boston Churches ...A united Deacon Body ...A united Church Council ...After Worship Coffees and Dinners, a great Black History Month Luncheon ...Positive Response to the Invitation for prayer and membership after sermon ...And many more positive signs of Gods presence amongst us.

As Resurrection People, we rejoice at the new things God is doing amongst us. Therefore, do not be discouraged. The Holy Spirit has brought unity. Isnt it amazing that it has been almost a year since our last Annual Business Meeting? Soon you will be receiving a letter from the Chair of the Deacons, Vantha Bun, asking you to recommend members for our various Ministry teams. Pray that God will continue to raise up leaders amongst us who can assume spiritual leadership with Biblical grounding and Godly lives. Dont forget the special services of: Maundy Thursday (April 5th), Good Friday (April 6th) and Easter Sunday (April 8th). Let us rejoice in the good things God is doing amongst us! In the Joy of Christ, Denton Lotz, Pastor




Christian Education News

I would like to remind the adults in our church family who do not presently attend Sunday School, that it is very helpful to become a student of the Word. Wont you give it a try? You might like it. I hope you can attend one of the three classes which run on Sunday morning (beginning at 9:30am) - Adult , Mens or Young Adult Bible study. I hope we can see an increase in our Sunday School attendance.

Mens Ministry News Calling ALL MEN of Tremont Temple Baptist Church! Our Men's Bible Study continued to grow in our understanding of the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy during the month of February. We have started a Men's Saturday Morning Breakfast (every FIRST SATURDAY MORNING) at the church as a way of continuing to nuture the spiritual fellowship of the Men's Bible Study. I hope that you might consider joining us on the seventh floor on Saturday, March 3rd , at 9:00 am, for Breakfast, Bible Study, and Fellowship with your brothers in Christ, at Tremont Temple. During the month of March, we will be studying in the New Testament in the book of Luke. We look forward to seeing YOU. Blessings, Rev. Geoff Hicks

If you need any information, please contact :

Rev. Lucrecia Rodriguez, our Christian Education Director, : (617) 5237320 x 15 or email: mrodriguez1@gordonconwell.edu

Pastor Effies Corner. Dear Friends ! Just a reminder that the Boston Christian Counseling Center Banquet will be upon us in a couple of weeks - Sunday, March 18th ! Would those who have not yet responded, please let us know if you will attend and if you will be inviting any one else to come with you? I would greatly appreciate your response by Friday, March 16th. You may call the Counseling Center: (617) 523 - 1543. Please remember the Silent Auction. This is always fun to attend! Looking forward to hearing from you. Blessings and thank you!

Pastor Effie Sidiropoulou





Faith and Reason

Hasnt Science Disproved Christianity?
March 9, 2012 6pm - 7:30pm Chipman Hall, 6th floor, Tremont Temple Baptist Church
Join us for a lively and engaging discussion on whether its possible to be scientifically minded and at the same time hold religious beliefs, or are the two mutually exclusive? The discussion will be moderated by Doug Tunney, Sr. President of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). A light dinner will be served.
88 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02108 Where Faith and Life Intersect www.tremonttemple.org

S T U D E N T S & YO U N G A D U LT S M I N I S T RY N E W S . . .
The Students and Young Adults Ministry started a new year with planning and redefining our mission and vision. It is clear now that our vision is to increase the attendance of young people from age 18 - 35 in our church in the next 2 - 3 years. Our mission is to share the gospel of Christ, to disciple and train for leadership our young people who are coming to our regular meetings and are already members in the church. February 10th was the first big meeting which focused on relationships. Our very own Revs. Denton and Janice Lotz and John and Amanda Caton of YWAM Boston, were the two couple panelists that shared how they met their life partners and how God brought them together. It was evident from what they shared, that as they followed God individually, that God had planned all along to give each of them the life partner that complimented their personalities the most and shared the same burden of serving Him . In summary, we learned that if we remain obedient and prayerfully follow the Lords call of service, as He sees fit, He will provide a partner to walk with us through life. We look forward to the next big meeting on March 9th, which will tackle the difficult questions between Science and Christianity. Are they against each other? Or are they complimenting? The purpose of these meetings are evangelistic in nature. We want to share the Gospel of Christ. We also meet on the fourth Fridays of every month for discipleship and leadership training. We are currently studying: Spiritual Disciplines by Adele Calhoun. The purpose of these training meetings is to encourage one another to grow deeper in the knowledge of Christ, to spur one another in good works, and to be better servants for Christ. Ernie & Vangie Jimenez, Ministry Leaders




Womens Round-table Report~ Missionary Letters

This will be Report # 7 from our Missionary Letters.. We will be reporting on two of our long term missionaries and one newly supported by our church. 1) Peter An whose ministry is Cambodian Fellowship in Lynn, MA. Peter is a member of Tremont Temple, but of course, his ministry keeps him involved in Lynn. He reports taking youth there to the White Mountains in New Hampshire and knows many were amazed at Gods beautiful creation there. Please pray for Peter as his recent letter said he is currently looking for work. 2) Dan & Sue Bisbee in Senegal. Dan responded to an inquiry from our Outreach Missions Chair giving a report on their (Dan and Sues) background and a Mission statement. They are working with Muslims in Dakar, trying to introduce Christ to them through English classes. Sue is home-schooling their seven children and also conducts a Bible study with some women in their church. Their oldest son, David, is preparing to come back to the USA for further post high school study. He will be living in Rhode Island. Pray for this entire family as they live for Christ in Senegal. 3) Wendy Ryan of Evangeline Ministries , serving in Cape Town, South Africa. Wendy is new to us and we eagerly look forward to learning more of her ministry. The headline on her newsletter is: Helping Women She speaks of Nosiphiwo who graduated in July and now has a growing business for African print place mats and bagsall as a result of a sewing machine given to her by Evangeline Ministries. She (Wendy) closes with a quote from: Psalm 25: 8 - 10. Look it up - youll be blessed! We,ve just received word that Sara Wetmore , currently ministering in Florida, plans to be at Tremont Temple for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Plan to give her a warm welcome home! Please look at the back of our Sunday bulletin and PRAY for each person listed. The devil is always seeking whom he can destroy. It is our privilege and obligation to pray and support those who are representing Christ in their particular location. PRAY without ceasing! Lois Crosby, Missions Letter Writing leader

With HIV and Aids Find New Hope in Jesus Christ.

March 4th - Alex Costa March 9th - John Shaughnessy March 15th - Helen Smith Lacy Hendren Barry Bassett March 16th - Robert Jordan March 17th - Ishmael Williams March 21st - Judy MacLaren March 22nd - Robert Monroe Katie Little March 24th - Dagny DiBona March 25th - Elcinha Costa