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After an in-depth scanning of the restaurants market, Phonid Holdings decides to launch a unique and franchisable concept, bringing together under the same roof a fine foods restaurant and a playground for children aged 4 to 14 to tap on their interests while their parents enjoy their meals.

What the other restaurant brands on the market lacked substantially was supposed to become the cornerstone of this new brand defining a clear and seductive brand personality to appeal to two different age groups, parents with children or teenagers and the perfect alignment between the brand identity and the environmental branding.

The branding process started with an extensive exploratory workshop with the shareholders, meant for defining the concept restaurant. As a result, BrandTailors team of consultants defined the brand as the reinventor of the culinary experiences for the entire family, based on three pillars: the international cuisine, the environment as comfortable as a home while being exquisite at the same time and the mindset keen on continuous evolution, reflected in the permanent changes in menu and the creation of a dedicated space for children and teenagers.

In essence, it is the perfect place for parents and their children, where adults can indulge with the selected courses, while children can entertain themselves and make new friends.

Andreea Florea Brand Strategy Coordinator

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The verbal and visual identity had to help deliver this brand concept, therefore it was only natural to create a character to appeal to all the family members an elephant and give it a name Phill. The elephant was designed to become a brand mnemonic, by means of recreating it in a butaforic manner at its real size. The brands visual territory, created by BrandTailors designers, is embodied by bubbles as windows towards the world of Phill and comes to complete ones experience with the brand, be it an adult or a child.

Brand audit - Andreea Florea, Beatrice Dani Brand strategy - Andreea Florea Logo design - Lehel Mako Mor Brand design - Lehel Mako Mor, Ovidiu Pop Brand rhetoric - Andreea Florea Brand communication concept - Andreea Florea, Ovidiu Pop Project management - Alina Crang Image retouching and preproduction processing - Mihai Prplea
Project implementation started in September 201 1. Follow us on LinkedIn Download our credentials

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