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Physical Testing Instruments at a glance as exhibited at ITMA-2011

1) Universal Tensile Testing Machine - SDL ATLAS

Preloaded with Tinius Oslen Software for the different tests Unique Grip selection for the various tests

2) Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester - SDL ATLAS

9- Position Head with Touch screen controller Light weight motion plate

3) Dry Rating Tester SDL ATLAS

For Measuring time required for a fabric to dry

4) Shrinkage Tester (MK5) Testrite ;UK

For measuring Shrinkage of tyre cord yarns at closely controlled temperature from 20 to 250 C. Control Pannel consists of 16 character alphanumerical display and 20 Key touch pad Also useful for measurement of shrinkage and shrinkage force of industrial / technical yarn , plastic , tapes , filament and spun yarn

5 ) Medical Stocking Tester(MST)SALZMANN AG switzerland

For Measuring pressure imposed by the stocking on the different parts of the leg .

6 ) WIRA cotton Fineness & Maturity meter

Redesigned , featuring coloured touch-screen and simple fast operation , this well established instrument is now even more easier to operate , allowing quicker calibrations and tests

7) Carpet Static & Dynamic Load Tester

Carpet Static Load Tester as per ISO 3416 to simulate indentations caused by furniture and the ability of the floor covering to recover from them. Simulates the compression and shearing effect of the edge of the shoe during walking on a carpet

8) Bursting Strength & Fatigue Tester-James Heal

Pneumatic , Non-contact laser distension measurement, Automatic diaphragm correction , auto burst detection system, Cyclic loading up to 500 times up to a pressure/distension suitable for Textiles /nonwoven/paper /plastics and medical textiles Capacity -10.2 Kg per cm2 Distension Max 70 mm

9) Y Tester Mobile Yarn Lab -INVESTA

Portable equipment based on optical principle Designed for a direct and frequent quality control of yarn process. Offers a quick fault detection and yarn analysis of every place where the yarn is running . Determines yarn count , strength & elongation , yarn analysis & fault indicator

10) Martindale Abrasion Tester cum Pilling Tester

With 9 work stations digital display and Versatile control panel, complies with all known stds for testing

11) Elmatear for Tearing Strengh- James Heal

User friendly software for statistical analysis of test results Auto calibration check Titanium nitride coated blades Full proof operation Quick & easy clamping

12) Count Analyser- MESDAN

To determine count of sliver , roving , yarn and GSM Out Put : Single Result, Minimum , Maximum , Average , CV % , Range , Sigma with different units of choice such as Dtex , Nec , Tex , Denier , Nm etc Electronic Balance : Sartorius balance of capacity 150 Gm with least count 0.001gm Ref standard : ASTM D 1907 , D3776 , ISO 3374 ,ISO 2070

13) Automatic Wrap Reel-MESDAN

For Preparing yarn skin of a definite and preset length , that will then undergo testing for the determination of related count and lea strength. Equipped with electronic pre-selector for the automatic stop at the preset length . Supplied with 7 Position creel support . Adjustable double bar yarn tensioner Reel Circumference 1.5 yard

14) Digital Micrometer -MESDAN

Electronic Hand operated micrometer with linear encoder to test thickness of woven / non woven fabrics. Measuring Range 0-10mm Resolution -0.01mm Accuracy-0.002 Head Diameter -56.43 mm Head surface : 2500 mm Lower Plate diameter -108mm Test Pressure -0.5 kpa Printer with connecting cable , software complete with connecting cable Ref Std : EDANA 30.5-99 , EN ISO 9073-2

15) Thickness Lab -MESDAN

Thickness Tester , with digital reading , suitable for woven and knitted fabrics , non-woven , Geo textiles and leather Reading Capacity : 0 to 10 mm Accuracy : 0.01 mm RS 232 Port Accomplishing EN ISO 5084 , EN ISO 964-1 and EN ISO 53855 Optional weights and pressure plates as required for testing of leather , rubber , paper etc as per different stds . Software for data acquisition and storage

16) Impact Abrasion Lab for protective textiles -MESDAN

Used for determining quality of protective suits like motor-rider suits , gloves etc made to protect motor bikers from injuries caused by impact against the road surface. Used for determination of resistance to abrasion of wrist , knee , elbow and hand protectors. Supplied with timer in seconds , meter counter for abrasion device to apply a pressure of 49 N onto specimens , waste suction device and safety device for the operator . Ref Std : ISO EN 13595-2 , ISO EN 14120, UNI EN 13594

17) Static Lab -MESDAN

Equipment suitable for checking the static electricity properties of clothes , protective fabrics , shoe fabrics , and leather material It is composed by electronic control panel for the digital reading of the static electricity values ( Ohms ) Measuring heads for the static electricity reading in both the surface and vertical methods Built in accordance with the ISO EN 1149-1 and ISO EN 1149-2 international standard

18) Yarn Board winder

Electrical instrument to assess yarn irregularity . Endowed with electronic speed adjustment. Equipped with 2 black anodized aluminum trapezoidal tables ( dimension 255x600x155mm) For very coarse / bulky woollen / blended yarns , to be equipped with a set of special pulleys with wider separation of coils. For regular cotton yarns , the pulley is built in accordance with ASTM D 2255 .

19) Uster Quantum 3- yarn clearers

Full Yarn body display Single Button clearing limit proposal and forecast of expected cuts for selected clearing limits Foreign Matter sensor with multi coloured light sources Foreign matter clearing concept with separate classification & clearing of foreign fibres and vegetable matter Polypropylene detection Splice Clearing and diagnostic possibility Continuous count of multiple length from 2 to 12 m.

21) Uster Tester 5 S800/A Automatic Yarn Inspecting

Determination of the mass unevenness at increased speed up to 800 m /min 800 Determination of the unevenness for cut lengths of 1 ,3,10,50, or 100 m or Deviation rate DR % Maximum & Minimum mass variation at different cut length Index of Irregularity & Imperfections ( Thin , Thick , Neps ) and Relative Count and Number of foreign Matter dark Hairiness and standard deviation of Hairiness Trash & Dust particle Mean diameter over the test length , cross sectional variation , roundness of the yarn body and yarn density Knowledge based software module for detecting the cause of periodic faults in the spectrogram , periodic Connection to uster lab expert , Uster Qualiprofile etc Determination of count of yarn , roving & sliver Comparative report of measured values with uster statistics Graphical output in terms of Diagram , Spectrogram , Variance-Length curve ,Frequency Variancedistribution diagram etc

22) Yarn Abrasion Tester : MAG-SITRA

Evaluation of Yarn abrasion property in terms of Relative Resistance Index (RRI) Useful for comparison of different type of yarns & determination of weakness of yarn after dyeing

23) Yarn Count Analyser from MAG

Determination of and yarn count through software Yarn count analysis in terms of statistical and graphical reports Determination of GSM of the fabric Electronic balance- Capacity 210 gm , Accuracy -0.001 gm

24) Static Lab Tester-MESDAN

Suitable for testing of static electricity properties of clothes , protective textiles , Leather materials, shoe fabrics etc. Electronic control panel for the digital reading of static electricity values (ohms) Measuring heads for the static electricity reading in both the surface and vertical methods Built in accordance with the EN ISO 1149 -1 & EN ISO 1149-2

25) Lab Knitter From MESDAN

High Precision single cylinder laboratory knitting m/c for the production of tubular knitted fabric and checking dyeing uniformity and evaluate dye affinity . Equipped with one cylinder 3, inch diameter selectable needles and fineness Endowed with fabric fineness regulation mechanism

26) Melting Point Tester -MESDAN

For Determination of melting point of fibres & synthetic yarns and classify them Measuring Range: + 30 C to + 300 C ;Accuracy : 0.1 C As per Standard ASTM D 789 , ASTM D 2117

27) Splice Scanner 3- MESDAN

Portable electronic strength tester built in accordance with ISO standard for testing strength & Elongation of splice & Yarn Endowed with printer & USB port Electromagnetic clamp with automatic closure Clamp Distance 250 mm speed adjustable up to 1000 mm /min Pretension adjustable & automatically applied Measure : Force 0-60 N , Elongation 0.5 to 45% , Out Put : Force & Elongation results ,Statistics( Min , Max , Range , Average & CV % etc

28) OFDA-5000 for diameter & curvature analysis of ultra fine micro man made , glass and ceramic fibres From Hornik Fibretech
Rapid Image Analysis system to measure mean & distribution of fibre diameter from 0.5 to 60 micron. The percentage of below a chosen threshold can be easily known. Spreadsheet output with 0.2 micron resolution diameter histogram Up to 20 000 fibres can be measured per min No operator bias from measurement Much faster to electron microscope Fibre image can be saved to be included in report Fibre measurement points can be seen on the video screen

29) OFDA-4000 for wool fibre characteristic -Hornik Fibretech

Fully automatic based on optical image processing technology .Fibre sample unit accept long staple fibre. In a gentle process , a sample beard is produced which can be processed directly by OFDA 4000 measuring system. A length of top is fed into one end of the instrument which is moved and drawn until the end aligned fibres are pulled out by a clamp from the needle field. The fibre beard is then scanned by a microscope and video camera. Fibre length hauteur ,barbe distribution & fibre diameter distribution is then calculated by the computer. Measuring Results : Length , Hauteur and barbe cumulative curves ( Staple Diagram) Length and Hauteur histogram , unbiased fro technical use ( By number) Barbe histogram biased for commercial use ( By weight) Short Fibre content by weight measured by length and by Hauteur for calculation of combing losses Long Fibre content for determination of spinning parameters Fibre curvature as well as the distribution of curvature % of fibres more than 30 micron and coarse fibres

30) Uster Zwigle HL400 for Hairiness of yarn

Optical measurement of number of protruding fibres at various lengths in staple yarn in the range of 5 tex 100 tex Measurements :
-Individual count of fibres in length zone of 1,2, 3,4,6,8, and 10 mm normalized to 100 m yarn length. -S3 value , the sum of all fibres which are 3 mm and longer , normalised 100 m yarn length -S1+2 Value : Sum of all fibres with the length of 1 mm and 2 mm ( cumulative) , normalized to 100 m yarn length

31) Uster Zeigle Yarn Friction Tester 5

Specially Designed waxing arm attachment Optimum wax and lubricant levels calculated Impact of chemical additives on yarn performance assessed Special version of uster Zwigle

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