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Krizzia Dale A.

Villaflor 4jrn2 Pop Culture Pornography: An Easy Access Cyber Crime Pornographyimages of children, abusive videos, and gratifying videos for sexual pleasure that are constantly brought to the public have outlasted a moral panic and concern. Internet is a new form of media that gives exposure and accessibility at a high risk. In most cases, the youth are considered to be the most active internet users that are closer to the dangers that are offered in the cyberspace. This kind of medium that can be used by anyone who can access the internet and they fall on the predator and prey kind of setting. The internet holds no bars over any certain kind of person that would want to use the internet for his gratification and does not have any given protocols. Its ease of use is spread worldwide and could even tap even the most isolated parts of the world. Children who are below the age of 18 are able to come to this new type of innovation as long as an internet connection is usable and as it is not labeled illegal. Also, a person whose ages are above 18 may use the internet that is suited to their likening. However, online pornography is a factor that is developing widely over the internet as a medium for service. The internet availability to everyone created a

possibility for active internet users to be able to transact virtually and market their products online. In that huge market, virtual-sex-trade became available that pioneered internet as a business community. Most form of violence on websites came from images, film, and literature. Images and films proved to be the most popular because it represents visual realism which people can witness their desires. But erotic stories were also written and posted online can be viewed by the people simply by using their imagination and found sexual pleasure in the given story. Pedophile activity online received the most media attention since. This type of crime does not need to be a pornographic internet site; they can be done in many ways. Although there are pornographic sites that cater an individuals lust by seeing children doing sensual activities. Anyone in his home could victimize his suited type of prey. They are able to use any available social networking site with a child by simply luring that child into getting his or her trust and ask for something that is illicit. The organization Victims of Violence had a research study about Crimes on the Internet. They cited one instance of a high school football coach who was charged with 26 offences. He deceived high school boys for as long as four years with a total of 100 boys victimized. This guy pulled a ploy over making this high school boys send sexual images and videos of themselves directly to him. Not only that, he even introduced to his players this online character which they find really investigators found disturbing. His act was to disguise himself as a teenage girl and by using his unreal persona who sent

nude images of her in exchange of the boys sexual images as well. After receiving the images, he would send it to thousands of people on the internet. A study about the Commodification of Violence on the Internet: An Analysis of 166 Websites Containing Commodified Violence by Samuel Slater stated types of violence that are present on the internet. There were seven types of violence that was included in his study; Humorous violence, hateful violence, animal violence, anarchist violence, horrific violence, sexual violence, and combat violence. The majority of sites that had violent content in his study fell on the sexual violence category. Surprisingly, all websites that were in Slaters samples have some means of making money. In the internet, an e-commerce is considered as the market that provided trading of physical goods and information that had profit from commodified violence that is unavailable offline. In his study, the United States 46% of the violent internet sites are made and available in that country, followed by United Kingdom that accumulated 12% of the internet sites, and Germany with 5% internet sites that has violence presence. But the blow was that the Philippines was also included, with 0.6% of an internet site that have showed availability of violence online. Sexual violence in his study indicated sites that had authentic content of violence that features real rape, asphyxia, and necrophilia. With this type of site, it was made to see that there is a type of market that has this kind of desire to have an authentic content in nature.

According to Donovan, this kind of films that creates real kind of murders that are sex-related only circulates in underground social networks and markets. Attached to these recordings were the profit motive and the violent actions of the film makers. The violence that are made available online cannot be controlled easily by anyone if the experts admitted that they cannot easily solve and investigate an internet or online type of case for it may take them months or years. Since the sifting of photos, videos or any story that has sexual content on the internet cannot be controlled even by the internet corporations themselves the only fitting solution according to the Victims of Violence organization is to remind their children what are the dangers that any online activity has. Also, since the most active users online are the youth, the parents should make a stand to at least help prevent this type of victimization by controlling the use of their internet connections in their homes and continuously remind their children how dangerous the internet could be. The imposing problem on cyber pornography is that once an image or video is uploaded there is no way of getting it back. With that, violence could just keep continuing if one person remains to be a victim.