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The Martinsburg Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Lt Col Robert V. Mills, Commander Capt Russell G. Voelker, Publisher & Editor Vol. 4 No. 3 ~~~~~~~~~ June - Sept.2009


Camp Dawson, the West Virginia National Guard Training Base, located near Kingwood, WV, once again played host to the annual West Virginia Wing Cadet Summer Encampment. This year, a total of 90 West Virginia Wing cadets and 21 out-of-state cadets representing 7 different wings, along with 12 senior members, attended the week long encampment. The encampment was commanded by Lt Col Dennis Barron, a veteran of many past encampments, and Lt Col David Caudill, Deputy Commander. Throughout the week, the cadets enjoyed a full schedule of activities and classes that were both educational and lots of fun. The cadets built and launched their own model rockets, attempted to master a 60 foot climbing wall, fired various weapons in an electronic simulator, plus fired actual weapons on the firing range, and participated in sports and drill competition. The cadets also made good use of the base swimming pool and attempted to conquer a new Leadership Reaction Course that was just completed at Camp Dawson. In between all these activities, the cadets honed their skills in drill and ceremonies, learned how to make a bed the military way, practiced their leadership skills, and made lots of new friends around the Wing and in neighboring Wings. One of the highlights of this years encampment was a whole day devoted to learning land and water survival skills. Instructors from the 167th Air Wing of the WV Air National Guard, in Martinsburg, spent one morning teaching the cadets how to build shelters, obtain food, and water from the wild, and how to navigate through the woods. In the afternoon, the instructors took the cadets to the base pool for water survival training. As part of the WV National Guards Drug Demand Reduction program, the cadets were taken to the Guards new rappel tower. There the DDR instructors led the cadets down the brand new 60 foot rappel tower. Stepping over the edge of the tower was no small feat, and rappelling down the 60 wall was the thrill of a life time for many of the cadets. In addition, the cadets drove golf carts through an obstacle course while visually impaired from wearing Fatal Vision Goggles. All the while, the DDR instructors reminded the cadets how important it was to maintain a drug free life style. The encampment was capped off on the last day with a formal Pass and Review Parade, which was witnessed by many parents, guests, friends, and CAP members. This was followed by a standing room only graduation ceremony. During the graduation ceremonies, the following awards were handed out to some of the C/SMSgt Daniel Reitz - Distinguished Graduate (Morgantown Squadron) C/CMSgt Joel Graham - Distinguished Graduate (Wheeling Squadron) into three squadrons and six flights of cadets. Martinsburg Members attending Cadets: C/CMSgt Matt Behrmann, C/MSgt David-Michael Buckman, C/SSgt Logan Crowley, C/SRA Tim Dye, C/MSgt John Dye, C/SSgt Tiffany Staggs - DistinC/Capt Chris Frey, C/1st Lt Adam guished Graduate (Morgantown Goswick, C/Col Mark Guiney, Squadron) C/B Shaun Hagerthey, C/Col C/SMSgt Ryan Childers - Distin- David Hill, C/CMSgt Nick Keefe, C/AMN Justin Leaton, C/B David guished Graduate (Parkersburg Lee, C/Amn Spencer Lunsford, Squadron) C/2 Lt Joel Lyons, C/A1C NathanC/MSgt David-Michael Buckman ael Main, C/Amn Emily Metzbower, C/MSgt Brandon Might, - Most Improved Cadet C/CMSgt Ryan Miller, C/2 Lt An(Martinsburg Squadron) drew Mitchell, C/A1C Samantha Pate, C/2 Lt Jonah Rock and C/CMSgt Ryan Miller - First C/SRA Ty Stansbury and Place in Individual Drill CompetiC/SSgt Caleb Sullivan. tion (Martinsburg Squadron) C/AMN Mitchell Winkie - Second Seniors: Lt Col Dennis Barron, Lt Col Robert Mills, 1st Lt Adam Place in Individual Drill Comp. Sanders, 1st Lt Dirk Stansbury (Clarksburg Squadron) and 2d Lt Chris Shields, C/AMN Andrew Rogers - Best Out of State Cadet (GA Wing) "B" Flight - Honor Flight Commanded by C/2Lt Joel Lyons (Martinsburg Squadron) The encampment was extremely successful. According to Lt Col Barron, the cadet officers put their leadership skills to good use teaching the younger cadets basic leadership, discipline, and teamwork. The National Guard and DDR instructors were top notch and everyone had a great time. C/Col David Hill, of the Martinsburg Composite Squadron, served as the Cadet Commander of the encampment. He commanded the cadet cadre, which was divided Encampment photos on page 4

Weekly Uniform Schedule

outstanding cadets of the encampment:

C/B Shaun Hagerthey - Outstanding Cadet (Martinsburg Squadron) C/CMSgt Suveer Shekawhat Outstanding NCO (Morgantown Squadron) C/2Lt Alancea Grant - Outstanding Cadet Officer (Parkersburg Squadron)

Leadership Dress Blues Character Development Dress Blues Aerospace Education BDUs Physical Fitness Civilian PT Clothes

Special Aerospace Education Class

By 1st Lt Dirk Stansbury, A.E. Officer

Photos by Lt Col Dennis Barron

C/SrA Andrew Calo uses the stereoscope lens . C/SSgt Timothy Dye awaits his turn

C/Amn Emily Metzbower and Donald Siler, Jr., Vice-President and chief pilot at Air Photographics, Inc

C/SrA Andrew Calo peers through the camera viewfinder inside the Piper PA 31-310

The topic of the August 18th squadron meeting was aerospace, which was held for the first time at the new unit hanger. The A. E. meeting featured a presentation by Mr. Donald (Don) Siler, Jr., VicePresident and Chief Pilot of Air Photographics, Inc. (API). The cadets, officers, and guests were given a "look and touch" tour of Air Photographics Piper PA 31-310 Navajo twin engine

Aircraft used by API for aerial photography. Mr. Siler, who has been a mapping pilot for over 14 years, explained the nature of aerial photography and who usually uses their services. Mr. Siler went on to explain that air photos are use by government planners and planning commissions for growth studies and development characteristics (and to

check on who has built a structure without a building permit) Topographic mapping is also used by engineers for site development design and development of USGS maps. Some photos are just promotional to give a birds-eye view of a notable place or structure. Examples of APIs work were on display for the member's inspection.
See A.E. Class Page 3

Encampment Appreciation Awards

On Wednesday, August 27th two sections of the 167th Airlift Wing, of the West Virginia Air National Guard, were recognized for their invaluable and outstanding support to the WV Wing of the Civil Air Patrol. Over the past several years, the 167th's Life Support Section and the Security Forces Squadron have generously provided instructors for the West Virginia Wing's Summer Encampment, held Annually at Camp Dawson, Kingwood, WV. The ANG instructors provided training and classes on water and land survival, as well as firearms training. The West Virginia Wing Chief of Staff, Lt Col Dennis D. Barron, who also serves as the Encampment Commander each year, presented plaques to representatives from both Sections of the Air Guard. Joining in the presentations was Cadet Senior Airman Ty Stansbury, who attended the 2008 and 2009 encampments. Lt Col Barron and Cadet Stansbury thanked the 167th personnel for all their assistance to the encampment program.

L-R: SSgt Patrick Judy, TSgt Michael Seavolt, Lt Col Dennis Barron and C/SrA Ty Stansbury

L-R: TSgt Brian Grim, SRA Daniel Risinger, SSgt Daniel Lee Watts, Lt Col Dennis Barron and C/SrA Ty Stansbury

A.E. Class From Page 2

Also, on display was a 3-D photograph of a Maryland stone quarry. Some members were able to use the stereoscope lenses to see the quarry image in the third dimension Don explained the difficulty in keeping a plane on course so that the overlapping photos made the correct coverage. Mr. Siler further compared the old fly to a target method to the present GPS directional control that is now used. Mr. Siler noted that he started his flying career as a CAP cadet in the Martinsburg Squadron many years ago. Mr. Siler finished his presentation by emphasizing the importance of education if one is to succeed in flying as a profession or in any profession. Our thanks to Donald Siler and Air Photographics for an outstanding aerospace education presentation!

Milestones Cadet Colonel

C/Col Mark Guiney

Wright Brothers Award

C/SSgt Logan Crowley C/SSgt Timothy Dye C/SSgt Caleb Sullivan

C/2Lt Jonah Rock has entered the U.S. Army. Heres his (basic training) mailing address, if anyone would like to write him.

PFC Rock Jonah F Co. 701st MPBN, 1st PLT. 840 Colorado Avenue Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Training Welcome New Members

WV Wing SAREX W99, Petersburg, WV July 25,2009 Those participating: Lt Col Shelton Davis, Capt Larry Dean and Capt Russ Voelker Cadets: Quinn A. Kahsay, Corey A. Miller and Antonio A. Sanchez Senior: Brian Miller

Safety Corner by Capt B.J. Davis, Safety Officer

WV Wing SAREX W99, Petersburg, WV August 15, 2009 Those participating: Lt Col Dennis Barron, Lt Col Robert Mills, Maj. Brad Williams, Maj Jim Cramer, Capt Larry Dean, Capt Gary Gourley, Capt Russ Voelker, 1st Lt Pudge Forrester, SM Jeannine Korte, C/Col David Hill and C/2d Lt Andrew Mitchell. As we enter the fall months, the usual summertime swimming activities and other outdoor things we do for fun traditionally slow down. One could then get very complacent about everyday safety issues that frequently occur. Those who have lived around this area for any length of time know that deer have a tendency to come into conflict while driving your vehicle, especially during hunting season. Recently, I've noticed a lot of dead wildlife along side of the road where a motor vehicle has struck a deer or other animal. Thankfully, in most cases where a motor vehicle hits a deer, there usually isn't any . bodily injury but there is a lot of substantial damage to the vehicle. In the WV Wing, there have been several mishaps where motor vehicles and aircraft have come into conflict with deer. I know at the Martinsburg Airport there are many deer that roam around the area, both inside and outside of the perimeter fence, that could very easily cause a mishap with an aircraft or vehicle. So during this fall season, please be extra vigilant about deer while driving and flying. In addition to deer being a potential fall hazard to our pilots, inflight icing is another seasonal hazard that we will start contending within the coming months. To all pilots, please be sure to get a good weather briefing and be on the lookout for AIRMETS regarding icing. Although the airplane assigned to our squadron has great avionics to assist in making our situational awareness very simple, our aircraft is NOT approved for known icing. So if you get a weather briefing and there are the typical AIRMETS for icing and you're not 100% confident you will be able to stay out of IMC, please don't fly. As always, let's keep safety our utmost priority in our squadron operations.

Hangar Project Update

The final electrical inspection has been passed. Things left to be done include: painting, landscaping, cleaning, install floor coverings, obtain furniture/appliances for the office and ready room.

Upcoming Events
October 24 WV Wing Conference and Banquet, Charleston, WV November 21 & 22 WV Wing Cadet Competition FYI: Always check the squadron activities calendar, on the members page of our website, for updates.

2009 WV Wing Summer Encampment, July 11-18, 2009

Preparing for departure New 60 Climbing Wall

Water Survival Training

New 60 Rappel Tower Land Survival Training Ready To Rappel Mark Guiney promoted to C/Colonel
C/2 Lt Rock

C/Capt Frey

Staff Officer Planning Session Planning

L-R: Lt Col Mills, C/Col Guiney & Lt Col Barron

C/2 Lt Lyons (on right) in a water survival suit

M109A6 Paladin (155mm self-propelled artillery)

Pass & Review

Special appearance by two V-22 Ospreys V-

C/CMSgt Behrmann and C/2 Lt Rock 4

Encampment Cadet Commander, C/Col Hill leads the troops during Graduation Pass and Review

Photos courtesy of 1st Lt Adam Sanders, 2d Lt Chris Shields and the WV Wing PAO Page. 4